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    THE BEE: OMAHA. FRIDAY, JUNE 14, 1912.
Either the Rest Cure or Tona1
Vita Will Build You
Up Again.
It you are nervous, debilitated, and run
down In health, there are two things you
can do to bring back your strength and
vitality. Tou can go to a sanitarium and
take the rest cure or you can secure the
great modern tonic 'Tona Vita" and let
It build you up and furnish new nourish
ment for your shattered nerves.
If you knew what wonderful results
have accomplished by "Tona Vita"
since physicians first Introduced it la this
country you would much rather take this
tonic than to go to any sanitarium on
earth. Here Is a statement from Mr. J.
B. House, of 3S1 Twentieth Ave., Mil
waukee, Wis., who has tried "Tona
Vita." "I was all run down, intensely
nervous and suffered with the most
violent headaches. I felt tired and dull
all day, my body seemed benumbed at
times, and I did not sleep well. My di
gestion was Imperfect and I was contin
ually constipated. As soon as I ate any
thing my stomach filed with gas and I
Was distressed for a half hour or more.
Sutton Man Elected President of
State Association.
Efforts of Government to Protect
Public Are Aarrated Lew Etter
of Sonth Omaha Reads Paper
on Pay of Substitutes.
. (From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN', Neb., June 13. (Special.)
Joe P. Johnston, inspector of this postal
district, located at Kansas City, addressed
the convention of postmasters today.
Officers elected were:
President J. H. Tower of Sutton.
' Secretary L. F. Etter of South Omaha.
Treasurer A. F. Beuchler of Grand
First Vice President-B. R. Sizer of Lin
coln. Second Vice President Lon Cone of Mc
Third Vice President To be elected by
third-class postmasters.
Fourth Vice President John Lett of
Delegate to National Convention W. J.
Cook of Blair.
Many Precautions Taken.
In his address Inspector Johnston said,
In part:
! Promoters of schemes to defraud by
use of the mails have been quite active
In this state for some time past and vig
orous steps have been taken to suppress
them. There have been more arrests and
prosecutions of -promoters of fraud
schemes in Nebraska during this fiscal
year than at any time in its history. The
vigorous prosecutions of United States
Attorney Howell and Assistant United
States Attorney Lane are showing re
sults, and unless I am very much mis
taken Nebraska will soon be recognized
as an unhealthy zone for schemers of
this class.
Few Defalcation in State.
The number of defalcations chargeable
to postmasters or their employes during
the" last year has beep very small. in
every case the full amount due 4h gov
ernment has been recovered, -I regret
that we still find evidence occasionally
of rendering of false returns of cancella
tions by postmasters at fourth-class
offices, with a view to improperlv in
creasing their compensation. The sums
thus improperly secured are small as a
rule and ultimate detection is almost
an absolute certainty, to be followed by
the reimbursement of the government, the
loss of position and reputation by the
postmaster nd prosecution in the courts.
The postmaster general has recom
mended that the entire postal service be
taken out of politics, stating that "the
full measure of efficiency in the con
duct of the postal service cannot be ex
1 pected so long as the postmasters are
. subject to political control." The presi
; dent has sent three messages to con-
gress urging that postmasters be in
' eluded In the classified service and that
they be appointed under the civil service
! rules. The postmaster general has fol
i lowed the policy of recommending the
reappointment of competent postmasters.
' The records of the department show that
I during the last fiscal year 77 per cent
of the postmasters whose commissions
j expired were reappointed.
Etter Reads Paper.
Postmaster L. F. Etter of South Omaha
read a paper on "Pay of Substitute
Clerks and Carriers." He urged that
; some means bo ferreted out whereby
i such occasional employes, wherever it
1 was found that they are worthy and 11a
I ble later to make competent regular ma
; terial, be placed upon an, all year basis
! Instead of being held to the meager com
pensation as at present
"Second Class Matter and News
papers" was the subject assigned to,
Lon Cone of McCook.
The principal address of the afternoon
was by Dr. Murray S. Wlldman of Chi
cago Northwestern university, his subject
being, "Measures for the Promotion of a
: Sound Banking System."
During the later part of the afternoon,
between showers, the women were Invited
to a garden party given by Mrs. F. M.
A boat ride and other pleasures at
Capital Beach closed the tenth annual
One Rnn on Postal Bank.
John R. Hayes of Norfolk read a paper
on the "Postal Savings System," which
was discussed at some length. Postmaster
: Ira E. Tash of Alliance leading.
That the banks in the country had been
somewhaHn evidence in the fixing up of
the postal savings bank law was the con
tention of Mr. Hayes, in his talk. One
objection he had to the system was that
no depositor could be under 10 years
of age.. Another thing he thought was
) wrong was that no depositor could
have more than $500 at one time.
Postmaster Henry Schneider of Platts
niouth said he had discovered a weak
ness In that his bank had experienced
a run, which, though not serious, might
sometime amount to considerable and
that a larger and more accessible emer
gency fund should be provided.
Postal Chiefs Leave.
Fourth Assistant Postmaster General
P. W. Degraw and Chief Clerk Thom
son, who have been in Lincoln att:d
Ing the postmaster's convention; left
this afternoon for Omaha where they
will stop before returning to Washing
ton. Mr. Degraw said: "I am well
pleased with the meeting. One thing
I like here in Nebraska is the social
1 feature which. Is so strong in your state
Both denied that they would stop in
A Cruel Mistake
is to neglect a cold or cough. Dr. King's
New Discovery cures them and may
prevent consumption. 60c and $1.00. For
ale by Beaton Drug Co.
Mr mind was dull and my memory very
poor. I contracted a cold easily a4 suf
fered wKh ssrere coughs. Sometime agoi
I talked with a physician who advised raai
to take Tona Vita.1 I did It and am
glad I did for the medicine was- wonder
ful in my rase. I feel as though I ha,
a new lease on life. My ambition baa ra-j
turned as wall as my strength an
"I now sleep well and get up In th
morning feeling cheerful and ready for
"H wife waa also run down and nerv
ous. She started taking the medicine
when it began to help me. H Improve
ment haa been fine and sh Is now In
good health."
If you are run down and ha van t eneuja
strength It la your own fault If you feel
miserable a day longer, when you can
get auch a preparation as 'Ton VI tax"
Sherman McConnell Drug Co., IStA,
and Dodge; Owl Drug Co., 16th and Har
ney; Harvard Pharmacy. 24th and Far
nam Sts., and Loyal Pharmacy, W7-9
North 16th St. Is the agent for Tona
Vita In Omaha and will refund the pur
chase prica If It la not entirely satis
factory. The , Approved Formula Co.,
Dayton, O.
Governor Aldrich
Addresses Druggists
BEATRICE. Neb., June 13.-(Special.)-At
the morning session of the state
druggists' meeting Governor C. H. Al
drich gave an address. He spoke of the
good work the association was accom
plishing over the state both for the drug
gist and the customer, and complimented
them upon It. Prof. Vardman followed
with an interesting address on "Sales
manship." In the afternoon the delegates were
driven about the city in automobiles and
early In the evening they were given a
boat ride up the Blue river. A bluerock
shoot was also held at which prizes were
awarded to the winners. In the ten
bluerock contest F. A. Fricke was given
first prize and S. W. Ewlng, second. In
the thirteen-bluerock shoot E. Anderson
was first and Dr. W. M. Thomas, second.
D. D. Adams was first in the twenty
bluerock contest, Alfred Rawlin, second,
and Harry Harley, third.
A, grand ball was given In the evening
which was attended by about 200 dele
gates and their friends.
BEATRICE, Neb., June 13. (Speclal.)
Clarence G. Colburn of Randolph and Miss
Frances L. Lynch of Lincoln were mar
ried yesterday by Rev. Roy M. ' Badger.
They will make iheir home at Randolph,
where the groom is engaged in busi
ness. "W'llmer Johnson and Miss Vera Mc
Ginnls were married last evening at
8 o'clock at the home of the bride's
parent, Mr. and Mrs. Del McGinnlng,
Rev. U. G. Brown officiating. About
fifty guests witnessed the ceremony,
which was followed by a wedding sup
per. The young couple will leave soon
for Los Angeles, Cal., to make their
home. '
Mrs. J. M. Wardlaw, one of the early
settlers of Gage county, died last night
at her home at Pickrell, aged 72 years.
She is survived by six children, her hus
band having passed away years ago. He
represented Gage county In the legisla
ture in an early day.
The body of the late Francis Leonard,
who passed away at Evanston, III a
few days ago, was brought here yester
day for interment.
Wew Dru? That Quickly Ksmovts Tnesa
Homely Spots.
felllne 1,1. JP". the 8Shtest need of
- "iiiHio uuuoie strength ham
fetirr M
.t?S& VeTon VTS
and apply a little of it at night and
the morning you will see that even th
while hf. h4Ve to dE?pJ2E
2."fi KTdoVarmo oen
ntxinnnd ain b"Uful clear
othlnfT. tM?S.1 '", M. strength
money back if it f.u- r aer """-rantee of
money Dack if it falls to remove freckles.
I - ,
iW. C. Wilson, Pres.
Old Line Bankers Life,
Lincoln, Neb.
Dear Sir:
On December 15th, 1891, 1 bought policy No. 2063. I paid
a premium of $107.25 each year for twenty full years. I paid
$2,145.00 gross premiums.
On December 15th, 1911, the surplus allotted to my policy
$1,728.21 was paid to me in cash and a fully paid up participat
ing policy for $3,000.00. This made me a profit of $2,583.21
besides twenty years protection without cost.
I want to thank all the officers of the company on their
conservative business management which produced such unex
pected results and made it a pleasure to carry my policy.
Sincerely yours,
Ask the man who
Supreme Court Decides for Bequest
for Working Girls' Home.
Will Admitted to Probate In 1907
and Was Contested by Heirs
Widow of John Zitnik Sustains
Reversal of Judcment.
(From a Staff 'Correspondent)
LINCOLN, Neb.. June 13.-Speclal.)-The
supreme court of Nebraska has de
cided that the terms of the will of John
A. Crelghton of Omaha will stand wheroln
he provided that $o0,000 should be sot
aside for a home for poor working gir's.
This bequest was made under section 10
of the will, while section 13 provided,
after all other bequests were made, that
the residue and remainder of the estati
should be added to those already named,
proportioned according to their bequests.
This will give the home about JlfiO.OM
The will was admitted to probate Marh
16, 1907, and on October 1 following sev
eral nephews and nieces,, designated as
the unnamed heirs, asked foe a construc
tion on sections 10 and 13 and made the
executors and legatees under the will de
fendants. The county court held that
clause No. 10 was void and incapable of
execution and the executor appealed to
the district court of Douglas county.
The unnamed heirs then filed In dis
trict court a petition for the construction
of clauses 10 and 13 of the will. A peti
tion of intervention In the name of tlx
attorney general of the state was then
filed alleging that section 10 came under
the charity and trust proposition and
was, therefore, of a public nature and
was the right and duty of the attorney
general to appear In the matter.
The case is remanded with direction
to enter a decree distributing the whole
estate to the same legatees and in the
proportion that the specified bequests
were distributed to the beneficiaries
specified in the will, giving to the trus
tees of the charity named In the tenth
clause the one-twenty-third part of the
whole estate.
Judges Barnes and Fawcett do not
concur in the opinion, while Chief
Justice Reese concurs in the dissent.
Judgment Reversed.
The court also reversed a Judgment for
t9,m obtained by the widow of John,
Zitnik, a locomotive engineer, who was
killed in the Union Pacific yards In
Omaha. Zitnik was operating a switch
lengine and was cleaning snow from
switches when he was struck by a switch
ei.lne and killed. The district court
found the engineer In no way negligent,
and as the evidence did not show the
company or Its agents negligent the ver
dict Is set aside by the higher court.
Governor Aldrich has gone to Palmyra
today, where he delivered an address at
the old settlers' picnic.
Two Weddings at Lexington.
LEXINGTON, Neb., June 13.-(Special.)
The marriage of Dr. Justice Olssen and
May Tipton was celebrated at the Meth
odist Episcopal church last night. Rev.
B. F. Galther performed the ceremony.
They will go to housekeeping In a cot
tage Dr. Olssen has bought. Dr. Olssen
is a graduate of the Omaha Medical
school and is In partnership with Dr.
Rosenburg in this city. Miss Tipton Is a
graduate of the Lexington High school.
Miss , Lucy Winters was married to
Archie French at the home of the
bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. O. E.
Winters, Wednesday evening. Mr. French
is a young farmer. Miss Winters has
been a successful school teacher in this
The Midwest Life
H. X. Snail Presldant
Dr. B. B. Davis, Omaha ...Vios Prss't
A. J. Sawyer Secretary
0r. X. H. Evsrett Medical Director
O. B. Bastarday Actuary
December 31, 1908 .. $' 659,000
December Si, 1907 1,159,850
December 31, 1908 1,453 218
December 31, 1909 8,013,501
December 31, 1910 8,641,084
December 31, 1911 3,587,519
May 81, 1913 4,174!a44
In every town In the state Liberal
commissions are paid. The Midwest
Life Is a clean, live, progressive Ne
braska life insurance company, with
Its home office on the seventh floor
First National bank building, Lincoln.
ii iui a.n agency,
Lincoln ToK TW1
owns one of these policies.
county. They will live on a farm a few
miles north of Lexington.
CLAT CENTER. Neb.. June -(Special.)
District court has been In session
here since Monday morning. Judge Hurd
presiding. The session closed yesterday.
Judge Hurd going to Hayes county to
hold a term of court for Judge Berry.
The Board of Supervisors Is in session
this week as a Board of Equalization.
The assessment of real estate as returned
by the assessors show an Increase of
about 30 per cent over the value of four
years ago.
Andrew H. Turney of Edsar. this
county, was taken by the sheriff of
Washington county, Kansas, to Hanover
this morning on a warrant charging him
with obtaining prorerty under false pre
tenses. The act Is alleged to have grown
out of Turney buying some horses from
a farmer giving his check therefor and
after the horses were In his possession
notifying the bank on which the check
was drawn to stop payment. William
Wells, sheriff of Logan county, Ne
braska, was here Tuesday with a war
rant alleging the same facts practically,
practiced on a farmer living near Gandy.
Sheriff Sanderson made the arrest on
telegraphic communication from Kansas,
before the Logan county sheriff arrived,
consequently he was taken to Kansas.
OSCEOLA, Neb., June U-Speelal.)-Exerclses
connected with the laying of
the cornerstone of the new Osceola HlRh
school building yesterday afternoon were
In charge of the Masonic grand lodge of
Nebraska, among the grand lodge officers
there being present Hon. James R. Cain
of Stella, the grand master; Samuel S.
Whiting, grand Junior warden, of Lin
coln; Robert E. French, grand custodian.
of Kearney, and Rev. H. H. Harmon of
Lincoln, the grand orator. The last named
was the speaker of the day and gave an
address very much appreciated by all.
Members of neighboring lodges were
present, the lodges represented being
Shelby, David City, Surprise, Ulysses,
fitromsburg, Central City and Gresham.
The new building that is being con
structed Is the finest and most expensive
structure of its kind in this part of Ne
braska. It has a good location In the
city and will be both an ornament and
a source of prtdp to all who reside within
Polk county or take an interest in educa
tional matters. It will cost in the neigh
borhood of $55,000.
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reputation for the past 25 years
Is back of this sale.
Spend a few minutes In our
tore. -
S. W. LINDSAY, Jeweler
221 South 16th Street. Paxton Block.
Old Line Bankers Life Insurance Company
of Lincoln, Nebraska
Name of Insured L. L, Garrison
Residence Lincoln, Neb.
Amount of policy $3,000.00
Total premiums $2,145.00
Surplus in cash $1,728.21
And paid up participating policy $3,000.00
Total ,
Write us for an agency.
Shamefully low prices
wiy be announced
Friday evening
Read Friday evening
ad in this paper
for particulars
BEATRICE, Neb., -une 13. Speclnl
Frank Miller, charged with attacking
the little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. De
lane of Wjmore. was quietly taken to
Wytnore last night between the hours of
lrt and II o'clock by Sheriff Shlek and a
number of deputies, where his victim
identified htm as her assailant. Only
the officers at Wymore knew of Miller's
presence in town, and everything waa
kept as quiet as possible for fear of mob
violence. Miller talks but tittle regarding
the case. He says his home Is at Topeka.
Kan., and that he has been visiting with
relatives at Humboldt, Neb. He Is 38
years of age and his allegfd victim only
8. The Delaney girl was slightly Improved
last night and the attending physician
believes she will recover.
l.onlnvllle to Have Water Plant.
LOUISVILLE, Neb., June 13.-Speclal.)
The Alamo Engine and Supply com
pany of Omaha has been awarded the
contract and will begin construction of
a water plant about July 1.
The village Is looking for a good live
man to put in an electric light plant.
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Pres. Crrant June 29, 10 A. M.
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