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    THE BEE: OMAHA, FRIDAY, MAY 31, 1912.
- - ii
Men's Summer Fixings
or '6oaf tAe chibon the links
th clay court or indoors; special
ties in cool outing apparel for both
athletic and social sides of clubdom.
Outing- Shirts of aolsette, madras or xephyr,
with collar of tame, S2.SO, S3 and 1.50
Flannel Shirt la cream, blue, gray or white,
at 93-30. S3.80 and 2.00
Club Trousers, cream serge.
elao black atrip aerge and
flaanela, aa, as and (4.50
While Be, at 93 and $1.25
Washable Than, Imported mad
rat and percale, la many col
or scheme.... aoe and 25t
Fcmr-ia-Haecla. Cheney allka la
moat all colore of the rain
bow I UK) down to 501
Silk Box, many eolora, few
arte 1JW and 50
irk list.. 50M
Athletic I'Bdenrear, made aa
men like It. . VbIoo tulta and
two-pioee auita, $2M, 93 00,
1JM and $1.00
Or Bests are the beat we
haow of at.. 50 to $1.50
OoU Cap, Teanl Hata, Classy
Straws bad Panama.
Tmww rnnn
151S-20 fmm Street
Federatioa of HnaioUni Totei
$1,000 lot BoTTiTiaf Kinsmen. .
asmourn taxi back seat
Besides Election arMeer. All l
tM Are ( Itaadpet Element,
Tcewat la Cheats ae Itlt
NMlif Place.
Selecting Toronto aa the meeting place
far mi aa dlepostag of routine mature
the Amertcen Psderatloa ef Musicians
cleared the deck yesterday afternoon
for a memorial te the talatlvM o( musl
ctaae wbe want down aa the Titanic. .
Resolution of condolence and sym
pathies te the families ef the musicians
aha ware loot the Titanic an eulo
liaa te thos wha ware hrethar In their
a roof, ware extended at the afternoon
Mem M.
"Nearer, My Ood, te That." was sung
by Mrs. A. A. Covalt, accomjitnled an the
plane by F. A. Strewn. ' Th delegate
remained standing during th staging.
The resoHiiton. reported by a Special
coin ml Use. favored the subscription of
U,sm, te be raised and used as a fund
to be seat te the relative et the de
ceased aed recommended tha atndlng out
of letters te tha different locals of the
country seeuestlag them te give eencerta
end musessls te relae a larger eum lor
the state cause. ..
Secretary Own Miliar dallvarad tha
principal agarose la commemoration of
the Tussle's dead and was followed In
hart tpieebii by George w. Bop.
Charles A Derlln and a. L. Bagtey. Upon
the saejiplstlea ef the astceiss the coa
veatlea proceeded te the regular busi
es at the eseeiea.
Waste msuiery Ka sxleted bare
latere among the gsleeetes te the see
vaatJe was shndaated. The Hew Terk
defegeuea. which eneeeedad M putting
forth Wllllaiw Kerageed's heme for elec
tion against Secret si y Owen Millar, was
th only evidence left ef the prespaetlve
fight Oh the etectiea ef the entire ticket
Pretlseot Wahar m tha chair state that
the ouavcntUm had ssTtirty-tiee reeeiu
tions te pete epen And that te complete
th burtons before the assembly the
dsekgste ainet iH theroeelvee te a
shert tnna whew the eeevpy the flaer.
A aiettoa aeolyhtf the three-minute rule
we woattfntowsry sarrted.
tBMUttttB wMfolt tie) 0a
vemto arid srhleh eecegtet at least alf
ef 4M nasrtwg Susslsn was a debate en a
preeeesd amin tineas, at article 1 ef the
UM JeWaUrVg Baaeres
All Work QusranUed,
Pi lose Reeeenable.
eoastltutloa, referring te a modlflceUoe
of tha Initiation fees required: of mem
bers treniferred from ana local to an
other. Several delet atea cried for recogni
tion on the subject, but the chairman's
gavel had full control of the situation,
and ene dslacate waa heard at a 0 me.
... (Continued from First Fega.) - .
Tall campaign- Tha work la a ountln
eetlea of the Inquiry started a few da
sge by Chstrman William Bernee, Jr. ,,
la the malorlty ef catas the poll Is
being made through the national rem
mltteafnea of the respective stataet'-er
thro ash the chairman ef tha atete dele
gations, wha are asked to report exactly
be Wlhe IndlvWuel delegates stand. As
betweaa Senator Root, who le the choice
ef the national committee ea arrange
ments, and any eubetltuts who may he
proposed by the Reoeevelt leadere. It Is
claimed at the Tart national headquarters
that replies Ihua received Indicate a gen
eral support ef the former. ,
Wow Verk Daleaataa far Tail.
KBW TORK, May Reports that the
Kings sounty delagetas te the. Chlcegs
eeeiventloa are wavering In their eupport
te President Tail are denied togay b.
County Chairman Ttmolhy U WoodrufC,
who ssya
"I have Interviewed fourteen ef the six
teen delegates la KMtga county and they
have all assured me they are for TaR
1 can say positively that there will ha
ae wavering. I am for the nomination
et President Teft and will be se te the
Mistaken rereaaldehrde far Whlehy.
SIOUJC FALLS. , D- May -(Special.
Wtcoh Isote, employed en the farm
f Jehh P. Maiaon, near the vlllasa ef
H or on. 1M as the result ef drinking
formaldehyde, which ha le believed te
kev mistaken tor whisky. He had been
drinking hard fnr aeverel day and had
a eupply of whleky In bottle, evidently
getting th bottle rostalning formalde
hyde mixed with these.
The Remarkable
of th
Automatic Mail Appliance
in the window !
Jltfler, Stewart & Beaton Co
il attracting considerable attention and arous
ing great interest in the device and iU ex
ploitation. ,
If you have not already seen thia miniature ,
model in actual suocessfnl operation, do not fail
to set aside a few minctes and avail yourself of
the opportunity of viewing the ONLY mail
catcher that absolutely
Catches Both Ways1
also enter the $100 prize contest
You May Win
This is the only ypublic demonstration we
hare made ia this city.
Aritaa Aetcaatic Mail Catcher Mf. Co.
Stock Dow selling at $10 per share. Buy while you
- can get it at this price. -
9343 Off National Bank Boildifif
Decoration Day Pageant it
Elaborate for Yean.
I'aiteg itates Caialrr. Satlaeal
Gearg sag Ctrle Orcaelaatleaa
March with Vetcraae ef
Two Win.
(FYom e Staff Correnpondcnt.
DES MOINES. Ia.. May ML-ISpadal
Teicram.The Memorial day parade in
Dee Moines waa said to be the most im
posing given for msny years. It was par
tlcipaud in by the etvtl war veterarw.
the Philippine war veterans, members ef
the Sixth cavalry. Called States army.
end two tsmponlce of Iowa National
Ouarda. In addition there were the hoy
scouts and various civic organisations.
Ex-Oovarnof tnnk. D. Jack eon was pres
ident of the day and J. C Hllllman of
Logan, former lieutenant governor, was
the speaker.
Mines Open Today.
Official notice was received todey by
the heeds of local mine unions of the
signing of the contract for two years for
wages In ths district No.. 11 mines, end
work will bs resumed tomorrow or Mon
day. The mines all had beca closed sine
April t and some et them will be slow
In resuming work. I -
Want Markers far Mormea Trail.
ins state legislature will be asked to
make an appropriation to help purchase
the marble marker for the old Mormon
trail across the etate from Keoetuqua to
Council Blurts. The state Deuxhtere of
the American Revolution I In charge et
the ererk. each daughter In the stste will
bs asked to give II to the causa.
Bar Aiaociation Hears Address by
Victor Eotewster.
' tai
Changes eevsaaeeageg la
'reevdere la Benefit Llti-
a Uwrer Alike Are
Frrsaatag te Bed?.
Either the Best Cure or Tooa
Vita Will Build Yon
Up Again.
- B ywa are aeiuiis. deWlltated. and run
down) la health, there are two things 70
Pioneer. Road Builder
Is Dead at Kearney
SIOUX crrr. Ia, May T.
Kennedy, u years eld, builder of the
nret rallMad lute .Uou diy, a4
reaiaent or Sergeant Bluffs sines m.
died at the home ef hi daughter, Mrs.
T. A. Packard, at Kearney, Nth., last
night. When the Sleue city A Pacific
railroad waa started from Missouri Val
ley. Mr. Kennedy took ti.e contract for
laying the el eel. It waa completed into
Sioux city la net. ...
Cadahr lakeret. ml.
SlOfX CITt. Ia.. May S9.-Tha atrike
pf nearly IN laborer at th cftidahy
plant ended today, the company grant
ing tha men' demands for cents an
hour. The Armour compear granted a
similar incrasse te Ite laborers,
lewa ftewe Notes,
IMA OROVE-. Hlrr MSlr, aM .-l....
v. ..." n-i ui iu,m nero or etmpenn et
von Dohren. haa been granted a patent
on a new pips coupllns. The couDllr,. !
wriat might be termed a slip Joint and la
ua on wsets pipee of sinks snd wh
oowis in so-called modern plumbing. No
7 !? rlu,r r the Joint and It is
IDA OROVB lira nan tL. .,..., 4.
uddenly el rick. n with spoi.lejy st her
home on the big Chicago ranch In ihe
" pan ot ma emintr. and died
without resalnlng coneolouenew. atie
vve nueoenu ana seven children. -
IDA OROVB Albert McKv ,A .
narrow esrsis from desih wrien a belt
; ie enxine short and drew a
lead irinder toward the enefne. MrKsy
waa standlns between the anM,. ni th.
engine and coeid rM get out of ike way.
aiesKins 111a grimier over bis
wes eerneiip cut and erlussd.
An October tay-OoHen '
In Memory of
Lucy A. Klcock.
This I the inscription on a brass Mate
beneath a beautiful sect lira which ha
Just been preeentsd to the Loth roe sehool
ky the listen ot Mia Laoy Eicock. wha
for twelve yeare waa a devoted teacher
In that school and Wh a little more
tnaa a year el nee responded to tha
rail ef the great teacher. Hundreds ef
children who hays had her earnest teach,
lng and have coma under her sweet and
womanly Influence stand before the pic
ture enjoying Its quiet beauty and radl
aaoa with. a feeling ef reverent tender-
a- And as tons a the tenure shall
have a place among the beautiful art
eolleetloa la Lethrop s balls ths memory
et Lucy A. Klcock shall endure.
r"rd U Smith, a colored attorney, Waa
found dead In his rooms In the Cretgh
Ion block yesterday afternoon by Robert
rdrd, colored, of I1M Capital avtnua, wbe
waa aeeklng legal advice. Indication are
mat Bmltb strangled te death from aa
Internal affection, eay two doctors
sxaminea his body. Coroner Willie C.
Crosby took charge of the body. Smith
nae rsaioea in uman fifteen years. He
waa et years of ag and a graduate et
wiiberrorce college, Wllberforce. O.
Mrs. Nellie Tinker alleges that her hue
band la over fond of Mrs. Longton. end
the latter malmiatee that Mr. London
Dkee Mr. Tinker tea well. Wedneeday
signt at the Longton room, m North
Eighteenth street. Mrs. Tinker found her
husband In the company ef Mrs. Long
ton. A Quarrel ensued la which Mr,
Longton Is said te have need a revolver
with euch force that Mrs. Tinker had to
have a gaah sewed up. A warrant waa
Issued yeeteraay and served for- tha ar
rest ef Mrs. Lengtoa. The marital
troubles of (he Tinkers and Leeiatone
will he aired this morale la ponce court.
MOOSE LAKE. Msy K.-One maa waa
burned to deetb, six persona Injured, ene
of whom may ale. and damage amounting
le CS.ete dune la a fire teday in a
building occupied as a restaurant Mary
Llndakng and Clara Travta Jumped from
the second story with three children it,
their arma. They ware badly lafured.
The dead maa a Arthur Blooatquist.
Erich Greebarg may die frees bursa
Little Bas'a Week Broke.
8IOVX FALLS, a. D..May sVKSpe
da!. Lester Watson, axed t years, re
stdtng with hie parents est a farm la
Beadle county, was tnstaatly killed ae
the result ef a fail. Himself, la eesspany
with hie grandfather and
brother, were tiding aa a
with reck whoa the elder ebiM. aged
years, jumped frees the wagoa while It
was mevtagi In ettametlng te follow
his brother Lester fen with his bead
betweea the spokes ef the wheel, his
neck being arc
Some of the Intricate problems confront
ing the governor commission which Is
framing ths workmen compensation and
employers' liability act were presented to
the Omaha Bar association last night by
Victor Kosewater, a member of the com
mission. There followed the addree aa Informal
discussion of the points by members of
the association. Question a tratha scons
ij ,k. HMM. kill .L . I L . . A. . . - . I
various features and what I being done ' -r .
under elmllar bills la stales which hays
adopted It, were answered by the speaker.
eaa do to bring beak year strength and
wttaltty. Toa eaa go to a aanitarium aad
take the rest cure or sou can eecura the
great modern tonle "Tone vita" and let
at build 70a op and furnish new aourish
aaant far year shattered nerVes.
If you knew what, wonderful reouMa
hava k-a accomplished by Tena Vita"
since phTSteUoe first retrod need R Is this
country yoa would much rather take this
tonle than to ga to aay eaaUartusa ea
earth. Hera Is a statement from Mr. J,
K House, of Ml Twentieth Ave.. Mil-
who haa triad "Tone
Vita." 1 waa all raw down. In tenser
nervous and suffered with the most
A rssolutlon thanking Mr. Hoeewatsr
violent headaehea.
for placing the work of the commlestoi 1 day. my body
before the association waa unanimous!
adopted, as was also a motion placing tha
association en record as favoring an em'
ploy ere" liability aad workmen's cempen
setioa bill. The latter with recommends
Hons ss ts features of the bill went ever
as unfinished business to tbe next regu
lar meeting of the Bar association In Oc
tober. -.
After ths discussion or the proposed
bill a report of tbe legislative commit
tee wss mads in which proposals to
amend certain laws pertaining te tech
aicalitlee of court procedure precipitated
sums lively argument, resulting in ths
adoption of seme sod rejection of others.
h'attce of Eseegtleaa
A motion to adopt an amendment to
the present law concerning serving bills
of exception "OB opposing counsel was
adopted. Tha motion proposes the filing
of tha bill of exception with the clerk
ot the court, while notice of the filing
shsll bs msllsd te opposing counsel. This,
It wss sxplslned. Is for ths purpose ef
doing away with .th necessity of going
long distances to reive the opposing
counts! it hs la away.
Another motion, that to limit th time
In Which appeal can be taken. Was
adopted by .the association. Where
six months hs bean the limit of time
It Is propossd to shorts th period to
sixty day.
A motion M abolish exception te court
rulings. In which it waa aet forth that
there le no nee leas waste of time In
recording exceptions, .was also adopted.
, J. W. Wooteugh and Stanley M. Itsse
Water, as minority members of ths legis
lative committee, had their report made
out In printed namphlet and copies were
retributed among the BMmhtrs of ths
ssoclstlon. -.w--
Seme ef the - reeommeodatloao they
make arei To urge the eukiMSsioa st aa
amendment to the cooelltuticei to repeal
kertloa Mt Article i. wble mokes It see
sleie "te dreg every civil suit through all
the courts te tbe supreme court.
Second-Te shorten Ihe time to
and make up leaves m all eivll
tea day la answer summons, thirty day
to lodge transcript est appeal in the su
preme court and slaty ears s ledge
ef exceptions. :
Tblro-To provide that ssotiono for aew
I rial should be heard by at least l die.
trict Judges within ten days ed th trial
And that Unless they giwat aaw trial
(hla tea dsys after Mhmieelea of the
moiisn, ins renin or eoereo snail stand.
Time te be extended only because et Ul-
asss et ceuneel, or engagement for brief
gerlod la trial of snot her oaae. Ales te
require the Judges en bearing motions lor
Sew trial, te enter Short nasaieraadusi
ef the facts found by them and their eon
elusions of low thereon aad to. preside
for publication of seme, ......
Tbe Judges thus sitting upon motioni
for new trial could perform ail th rune
tlens at a reviewing tribunal, hut with
out th unavoidable deity incident to an
appeal from on court ts another,
roortn Te advocate ae a temperaer
expedient, wntil constitutional amendment
sen be made, tha withdrawal of tbe fight
of eupereedess In sM rtvU cases.
Fifth To limit th appellees - Jwrledld-
tlon of the supreme court tor (a) Crlm
Inal cases. (b Case Invohrtftg nutations
of publls Interest and of grave lavpert
and serious argeney. - c) Cases In which
tbe court of the several Judicial d,e-
trfcts are deciding qussTtone-ef general
law In conflict with each other.1
Slxth-To allow any tars of the seven
Judges of the soprem eort to determine
any cess in sent court, thereby mere
than doubling the number of epinhmi
possible m the same time ag under pres
ent condltlona .
Announcement waa made at th meet.
lng that the annual sods! tethering of
th association ts set for Thursday after
aoon, June 11 The Judge of the su
preme coort have accepted urvtuthm to
At the Theaters
Weber and fields and their big Jubilee
company of M players wtll vlatt this
eity for ene performanc only eat Tues
day night, June t, at Boyd's theater.
It le the largest and most dieting Wood
eompany of players ever gathered Baser
ene nutaagement la that peruHs atykr
ef entertaiameat, and throughout the
country there le the hvellest surtoalty as
sse sush playera as Wsber and rteids
thsmserrss, Lllllaa fcmssll. ray Tempe-
ton, William Collier. George fetes. Br.
Me Clayton, John T. aUUy, Ada Lewis
Helena Collier Oarrlch aad Prankis
Bailey. The -company wtll present that
potpourri ot Wsbsr-Flelds resnlaJaorncet
called "Hokey Pokey."- and a miniature
burlesque known as "Bunty Bulki . the
Strings." which closed ea May 11 aa rk
gagemeat ef Iht per lorsia noes M tbe
Broadway theater. New Tork. witnessed
by nearly ls,t person. Aha receipts
exceeding tMs,sm The Weber aad PleMs
eompany Is, ths most expenetTe that ever
ded togstkes-.. Neasiy sH ef the grta-
dpeia have starred at the heed of the'r
a eoa ponies, while sssne of the per
sons playing tha amallar part are stx.
weU known to tame.
The aienagimsnt of the aVaadess the
ater aaaeuace the engsgesssat far two
Bights only ea aeat Sunday aaaV MooCay
ef Largmaa' big Yiddish Comedy com
pany hi two plays. Oa Sunday eight
David's Violin." a musical comedy m
three sets, will he offered, aast- far the
Moadsy sight bill "Tb Broken Means"
will be the offering, trarmg this ea
gssTmat Bepeiar arlcee wul prwvwU.
I felt tired and dull
susnill benumbed at
times, and t did no sleep well My al-
twstioa waa Imperfect and I was contln
olbj constipsted. As aooa aa I ate any
thing my stomach fiiad with gaa aad I
Was dsrtressed tor a half hear or more.
My mind wss dun and my memory eery
poor. I contracted a cold easily aat suf
fered with severe coughs. Sometime ago
I talked with a physician who advised mo
te take Tone Vita.' I did It load am
glad f did for the medicine was wonder- t
fa! In my am. I feel as thoegh I had
a new leas oh Ufa. My ambition baa re
turned aa well aa my strength aad
"I new sleep well and get up in the
morning feeling cheerful and ready for
"My wife was alee run down and nerv
oas. She started taxing the medicine
when It began to help me. Bet Improve.
ment baa been fine and eh st now la
good health."
If you are run down and ha vest soeuih
strength R ts your own fault K yon feel
misers Me a day longer, when yew eaat
get ssich a preparation as "Too ttat"
Sherman A Mecenneil Drag Co.. ktth
and Dodge; Owl Drug Co.. Nth and Har
ney; Harvard Pharmacy. Mth aad Par
aont Suv. and Loyal pharmaey.
North Nth St, ts the agent tor Toon
Vita la Omaha and will refund the war.
etiaee price If ft I not entirety earlo
faetery.' The Approved Form ela Go,
Dortoa, a
Koying Picture Mei Will Reproduce
Mechanism ia Action. .
fioreeasaeat aad Ballraad OffleUU
' Marvel al Bfffcslaaiey of Device --
- that - to AttrwettBg to
Maeh Atteatlca.
WASHINOTOIf. May M.-TBU country
ha made many strides ht the but quar
ter ef a century.' Probably no singl
feature In American development has
played so tm portent a pert la It dp
baudiat aa th growth of the railway
mall eemee, aad wtth th advent of
the Hup system th railway mall ser
vice of th world erlM he Immeasurably
benefited. As h th eaa tn all Innova
tions, th world n inclined to b (kep
ileal, but skepticism ha vanished and
the Hug mechanism is receiving praise
from the government official who have
Witnessed Hs Braetieal workings. Th
praste at government- efftdets apptte
wtth soual fa to the score of promt
seat eft lets IS repreeentlng nearly all th
railroad of this country who hav
viswed the Hupp systern tn action.
These eUntonetradon are given at rhd
argent request of many public mm whs
realise the atssaslty for each an Improve
ment ia th moll semes.
It hao been ouggcoled thnt arrtngs
awnts be mad whereby these demonstra
tions be rtprodtioed In sll the leading
moving picture bouses ef the country
and the Path rrer Moving Picture com
pany a rspreeentauve arc aew on th
old. former sea captain on the Atlan
tic water, far many years a wall known
resident ot this city, died very suddenly
t o'clock from heart failure.
All Is now in readiness foV "A Royal
Family," Robert Marshall's three-act
drama, which will be presenttd at ths
BrandM theater this evening by mem
ber of th Omaha High school senior
elass under ths direction of Mis Lillian
Fitch. Forty Students are Included in the
csst. which Includes an array of fifty
four selected costumes
Final drees rehearsals with all scenic
effect tn order were held yesterdsy at
th Braadeia, the first practice lasting
from t e clock la th morning until t
In th afternoon and the second in the
evening treat T until O'clock.
Prodcstcht M. C rwaeaaeyer.
. Croaemeyer, R years old.
died Wednesday or old ag at th home
t hla granddaughter, Mr. H. M. Mua
aeras. SM Lefaystte avenue. Me wss
bs Boost health natll shout a month be
tas his death. - .
He waa born tn W9 at Haotburg.jOer
many, and earn vy Chicago at th age
ef la. He merrwt la Chicago I mi
and cam Nebraoei with his family
And 'settled en a farm In Jeffersog pre
cinct la 1MT. He retired from tn (arm In
m and else lived la Osnaha.
He wsa a prominent mernbsr of the Ne
braska Pioneers and was Identified with
early Dcugia twenty eoHthnx -
The funeral will be held from the rest-
deaoe of Mr. Munneek at I p. at Tn-
day. Interment at Mount Hope
He kt survived by hie Acugbior. Mrs.
1. H. rVlnsnear, and th tallowing grand-
hlMrcn: Mrs. H. bL Msmneebe, Arthur
ft. Bchreiber. A Ilea Wlnapear, Mr.
Tbemss Canus, Arthur. Bobert gag I read
Croaemeyer, all of Orrasha, aad Mr. Fred
M. Hunter of ldncoia. ,
roptaln B. W. Icrfe. .
ORINNELL. Is- May at-lperal.-
Captain Rodaey W. Clark, scoot revs
Begins Monday, June 3d
Showings will repraaent months
of careful aolectiaf and buying
by our various manager.
Profit hav not been eonsld
cred la oar effort to giv you
th btggeat nonjs worth of
aaliifaetlon you vr knw, .
Toa aaver boforg had sav
in f opportunity equal to this
sale's offering.
a-bJJayden Broi---i
1 sT.r.i iCaVaiiti
I if .-..:.'l' ir Wu 11
I Outiigs
Do you enjoy
Gj ClimW mountains
II HiiiTiin Kg game
Camping out
Two weeks, or longer, in
tht cool, invigorating air
of the Colorado Rockies
will give you a new lease
Low-fare Excursion on
the Santa Fe all summer.
Fast trains, Fred Harvey
meals. Double tracks.
One hundred miles' view
of the Rockies. -
After teems Colorado, go down
to the old city of Santa Ft, New
Mexico, snd then on to the I
Grand Canyon of Arizona.
Ask lot ear Summer outing folders '
"A Colorado Summer." "Old-New
Sent U," and "Tnaa of Cbauns.'i
temari Lsihbff. Om. Aft.,
tli Itli Si- TMe Him ion.
Those, Wslsui 111.
afT V .
Core JPinples
A Wovdeeral Vanlahiag IAquM Called
Zrmo That Bid Farewell to All
Pimples aad Facial Eruptloaa.
ta a Bay ot Two They ).
Sxcay a Pretty trst la Beetle by a
Tecs Oemplesloai
Although well kowa throughout tbe
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tee that the money will he refunded If
yoa are not Battened after fair trial.
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Visit Th Old law, us Big
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