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Offer Hosts of Tempting Specials for
A month-end clean up of all the remnants, odd pieces
and discontinued patterns in our stock. Every item
points the way to economy.
Friday Basement Bargains
Fancy white goods for -waists, dresses and children's
wear in perfect lengths up to 12 yards Dotted Swisses,
dimities, striped and barred batistes, fancy f
striped and checked lawns, these high cost .. 1 1 If
i f-1 : -t --a w
Ytrd Wide Bleached Muslin Remnants at Yard 5c
Pretty new patterns in
lawns and batistes for sum
mer dresses in three special
The regular JOc grade will
be sold at, yard 6'c
The regular 12Vc grade
' will be sold at, yd. 82C
The regular 15c Batistes
will go at,', yard . . . . .10c
Drummer's sample strips
allover and embroidery
edgings-4 to 6 pieces of
a pattern pinned together
Friday for each match
ed set will be 5c
Hundred! of sample bolta lace
and embroideries, value up to
10c - yard on bis bargain
square at, yard 2ttt:
Tard wide light and dark pat
tern drew percale remnant!
and. bolta on bargain square
at, yard 5
Remnant! of calicoes, lawn!,
eballlei, etc. Imperfect print
ing sale price, per yd. .2H
Unbleached sheeting, the reg
ular f-4 width for making full
lie sheets very good grade
that Is a &o value from the
bolt at, yard 15
Neat checks, stripes and pretty
plaids in ispbyr ginghams
bare Just been received at,
Trd 9
Remnants of 22-lnrb wide fancy
dreas ginghams, 16e values
special bargain for Friday at,
yard 6tt
All the Remnant and Sample Pieces
French and German Valenciennes many to match and
forth up to 15c a yard 2 big lots, ' 01 it
t yard
Fine lace medallions, festoons, appliques, yokes, etc., in
crochet and venise effects; also remnants of
lace and insertions on big bargain square, each,
27-in. fine sheer Swiss and
batiste embroidered
flouncings, allovers and
corset coverings worth
tip to 75c, at, OA
yard OtC
Big Bargains in Embroid
eries Up to 18 inches
wide in flouncings, corset
coverings and wide edges
and insertions, 1fl
at, yard IvC
Imported novelties, exclusive patterns and single dress
lengths, bordered and allover patterns, French printed
voiles and marquisettes , open work embroidered nov
elties, etc; formerly sold from $1 to rn. Aftl
$3, main silk aisle, at yd. OW)yQmVl
50o to 69c summer fabrics,
in beautiful patterns, also
semi-rough silks, sheer
materials, embroidered
novelties, etc, at, r.
I yard
All the wash goods and silk
and cotton fabrics in
lengths from 2Va to 10
yards extra special val-
Any Yoman's Trimmed Hat
This is our annual offer that attracts thousands of
women in Omaha. Your unrestricted choice of all our
' women's trimmed hats at just one-half price.
Sovexaor Ispretftct Himself About
the. City it Iaformal gteetiflj.
tuueree cur ' r" -
rKtiilir te week Omt cass-
leetea Pisa and lie
Will Had lelerfeew.
J"Havia a chaws to tmk away for a
ft bourm from the trouble Incident to
subtle otttc. I went la Uaoola Wednes
.Wy nmu M the gweat'of Oould
JNets. la hw ear," aM John i. Ryder.
-oerl mend sat of pottee.
2 While there we called ea Ooveraor
3 drick at hat efftce aa4 afterward had
Bi wits Ma. The goveraor aerurally
Squired as te the sttnsltna ia Omaha
JMr th new regime. He waa glvea
,. tacts of the srtuaUea a tar aa law
tare awreawed.
Xiatrar AMrlrh , mwil the
. Sought that a goad seal aC ailmppre-
nnes haa arise, from ooe cause
Sicker aa to hie attitude toward Uua
He asssrted, sad I belters him.
fat be deatre to he kaoaa. aot aa aa
mr, Mui frtead, rcr interested
$ seeing: Omaha hold her posttiea ai
-e of tbe treat ones ol toe bmoj,
sand forte ahead ta Uw point where ana
M a know aa one of Use heat gov
Wnt4 it)ea of the nstioa. Ha waa eM
at t?ie hope of tha sew council, from
w e njayor sowrr the floe. aa4 had eome
ft mmraoiooa to otffr tor the etart at
f -4r aiada. .
- . ' iia aarat rtam.
The faveraor lrK!a to aw that,
.-wo be es a ana aareeau of taa
. mmwtoo piaa aa le a tboma ke-.-.r
at tt effifaicy. be aaa aa atapoat
ta ae ha peatioa u ia the attht-
eet decree baraaj or hamper the aew aa-
ailnltt ration. Omaha la entitled ta the
atoral backlRt of the whole Mate, ta the
tOToroor i view, aad to the poelUve ea
eeurateaMBt of thooe la autborlty, while
It la puttlnf the aew plaa la operation
and testing tu BMrtta.
"Ha franklr admitted H will require
time antf the teat af a fair perloil of
ex portent ta show what caa be done In
hrttortni the aiethoda of dolnt public
aeee and handUa the perplealDt
problems that confront us.
I waa (Ud ta leara that Ooveraor
Aldrlch Ukea a broad view of the aew
departure. He aald to me, ia effect-. ,
Will at latorfrra.
Vhaaha ehould have full and frre
oponunliy to wore out Ita awa aalvatlen
and It win have It so far aa my office
coaaarued. Year people are the beat
juacee of the problems they have to
deal with, sad my hope and bet let la they
win dsal with them wisely and la a way
to win approval from the people of the
whole state. I have no dtspoMtloa te
fmd fault or erl actio hastily or harshly
but aa the contrary. I have alwaya de
sired to maintain the very friendliest re
lations with the people of Nebraska's
sjetropoae. la addresses la ether Mates
I save sever failed to point out and t
phsstse the many good potme of Omaha.
and I Intend to omtlnae to da to.'
"Of coarse, this la not a literal ouoia
uoa ex ma toveraera laadvare. bat It
mvea the easenca.' aaid Mr. Rjder. "I
am alaa ta rive saeilcMy to the atttttaV'
of the tovaraor. and I doe't thmk he
will wuarrsl with aw for dome as. because
he waa frank aad hearty la hit erpres-
Tew. wfd leak a foot wane before yoa
find a bettor miiHrtee tor coarha aad
colds tbaa Caamsartsla'a Coarh Bsmiily
h not only sjvea reikef-ll aarea. Try it
whoa yea have a esura or eata. and y
are certain te bs slaaul with the prompt
cure watch it ana eKeeC Tec sale bjr al
oraiera. ;
Shoppers' Light Luncheons Are a Spe
cialty at Our Soda Fountain.
You Can't Always Buy Suits
Just Like
These at...
Ever since
we announc
ed this special purchase of women s $18.00 1
to $25.00 suits to sell at $9.ya interest in tne:
women's srarment store has been at nign
tide. Saleswomen who have been in tne
department for years have pronounced;
them the best bargains mey ever itnew-
time of the year considered.
Principally plain tailored styles in plain
colors and fancy mixtures, serges, worsteds'
and Scotch tweeds? Selling has been quite
heavy so we have added Borne from our regu
lar stock, that are the equal of those that
came In the purchase, in every way, to make the tlte
range for women and mtaaea complete. Only about
160 remain for thlt Frlday t selling.
One lot cravenetted coats in stripes
and plain colors, worth $7.50, $10
and up to $15
day, choice
eeM J? V
1 1
I'M .A
Muslin Wear
Combination tulta
-either cortet cover
and drawera or cor
tet cover and aklrt
wortb to 1126 the
ult, Friday,
House Dresses
One lot of light
tnd medium colored
percale house d ree
led In square neck
tylee; reg. $1.25
value, Friday, ,
11.60 lingerie
aaiaU In 13 differ
ent atylea; beauti
fully trimmed with
I area and ambroid
erlea, Friday,
Two Extra Special Num
bers for Friday's
Some silk brocaded and
model corsets-odd numbers,
discontinued lines, etc.-in
medium lengths, equipped
with good, strong hose sup
porters & elegantly trimmed
$3.50 Values TM r f
rtday . . vPleJw
Lot number two consists
of new, clean corsets direct
from the factory. They are
made of batistes and coutil,
in medium bust styles with
extra long skirts. Boned
with non-rustable boning and
supplied with extra good
hose supporters,
Priced, at tZC
Sheeting FemmflU, 17 it
All of our remnanta of S-4,
1-4 and 10-4 aheetlngi that
regularly aell at 20c to 3 He the
yard. Friday, while f "J t
they laat, at 1 2C
Pillow Cites it 10 le
The best 45i3-lnch linen fin
ished pillow easel regularly
told at He each, are reduced
for Friday a sell
ing to
Curtaia Swisses, lie
St-lnah curtain iwlatea in a
large variety and small dotted
and fancy figured patterni,
worth 12 He and 15c A
the yard, Friday 1UC
Hock Towels it 8 it
lSx3(-lnch white buck towels,
Including a few doien with red
borders; regularly priced at
10c each, Friday C I
tnly, at ....O3C
I0-quart gab
vanlsed water
barketsi per
fect goods of a
goad, heavy
quality, Fri
day's price.
Lawn Mowers. $2.95
Before you purchaes a lawn
mower we want to show you a
new line we now hsvs on sals.
Built on snttrsly new prln
clplee; can be easily adjusted
by anyone: guarantssd for two
yeara The prices on these
ranis fronv It. II te It..
A (od ll-lnrh lawn
mow or. ruarsnteed for
ons year: on SET Q e
ssls Friday at
-quart good
oualllr tin
like the II-luetratlon.
special ly priced
lot Friday at
ie-quart das. dee
No. Eight else tr ket
tles nickel plated over
a copper base: aa extra
good quallty.egularly
sold at 21.26: like the
Illustration; Friday,
Wash Goods Remnants at Half Price I
Every waah goods remnant In our entire stock will be on sale I
Friday at half price. The lengths vary from one to ten yarda. I
Friday Pure Food Store Bargains .
li-lh each "Queen ef the
Pantry" pastry flour
and 4 stamps . .l.a
pint rsn Oalllard's pure
olive oil reduced to oe
Small sweet pli-klea and
1 atamps. quart . .sse
Bennett'e "Cspltol flour
spsclsl offer of s
ark for
Lares ran Bennett'e Cap
itol pears. : st'ps. tas
Flower end veaeteoie
seeda pkf e
Is-ib. sack ysllow corn
meal for sOs
811 cskes Bweetheart
toilet soap, 1 st'ps. ass
Home-made cooklee
crlep end freeh. lb. lis
Butter (Sl Eggs
Wieah Osaahry Sat
sr. direct from tije
farm. Me, tec k SSo
the pound.
BeasetVs OapHol
sisssiai f Batter
the finest butter
made anywhere--In 1
Ib. brtcss of r'r
snteed weight. Fri
day. 26c lb.
Newly laid eeaatrw
19c dozen
Hand eheess. each SVie
Bennett's Beat coffee
and 2 siimpa lb. aaa
I lbs. Bennett's Keel
eorree. s at pa. 1M
Assorted tees and 71
stamps, lb. S8o
Tsa slf tings and 10
slam pa. pound , ... lee
17 lbs. grsnulatea sursr
for 11.00
l-tb. cn Bennett's t api-
tol beJtlnr powder and
let stamps 1100
Full cream cheess and
le atamps. lb. ... sse
Iten's Tejrlet or Ora-
Itan crackers, with Id
stamps, pkg. 10a
Snlder's salsd dressing
and 14 stamps, bot. la
le bars "Beat-'Brn-AII"
soap for Ma
Peanut butter and la
stamps, jar las
Walkers hot tamaleo
A Is stsmaps. can, lis
Three cans Eaais Lys
and 14 stamps ... las
J-lh. roll Premium hut
tertne for eao
I lha to Jap rice ...sse
Snlder's pork and beans
snd 14 stamps, ran 11a
Glass tumbler of mus
tard and 11 stamps, lee
rtiMwisaanwl' (JJ
Extra fancy Missouri atrawberriea. S1.00 the
erat of 24 ouarta or 2 quarts for..,..8Se
Florida pineapple, all slsee, 22.76 a crate;
per dosen, hSc SI. 00, $l.2i and,l.SS;
each, mc 10c lt' and I5e
S large plain lettaea Ac
S large fancy bead lettuce Sc
4 bunches rhubarb.... Sc
bnnche green onions Ac
Large Juicy lemons, worth 30e the doiea.'.aoc
Baby Halibut......:... 10c
Fresh Hexria', 3 lbs. . . .25c
Country Sausage, S lbs. .25c
Boiling Beef, 3 lbs...
Corned Beef, 3 lbs
Hamburger, 3 lbs
Houss Dresses. Besutlful hTVrenchma- Unn Cf- L- Pretty Kitchen Children's
made to sell Dresses in voile, hun, tissue irlnt dte"" and Misses' Apt one arse aa- "ceases, hirh
fronv II to 42.44, sheer linen. Pon- hams. linens. Coats, plain and , - , low neck, llg-ljt
at aaa. BSe. aSo. see. silk, etc white India lln- larxe collars ortmant or pai lni AlTli eolora.
at tsa, ne, aaa, gee sua. eta. () UM terBli worth Ic ,ues t to 14. 48s
48c $4.98 rgjSs TiTgy 15c 39c
Indies' Besuti- ... .
Rere Preeses. In Lsdles and ful Bulta, white Ladle a' and Ladles Trimmed Misses and Chll-
dark colora and Misses' Baits serge, blue. Misses' Serge Hsts and Sailors Irene Hats Ma
white, prettily and Coats, slight brown, gray Ponaee snd Pp- . ase. 41a aad
made, worth to ly damaged and novelty Hn Coats, fug,
14.4 SMI aad g3S, 18-5 aad and
$3.98 51.98 96.95 $3.98 9c j 39c
iWiM tzss&r &&t: sDb SrSy tsvzssn
98c I 25c I 48c I 79c $1.39 98c
Men's Suits, all Men's Suit. In Men's ! Bulta Men's aUtl $S,"I4 8"k To. B?
staple patterns, handsome assort strictly hand Tlr.f "Jl r worth cd-
alsee 14 to 4t mmt "I ty,t tsllored, bin OOJ S OUC IQg O0
worth 11 oft pure wool, worth dark and light ,w 1 W
worm .t), at color fabrics-r Laps, Men s Attractive Men s Snappy
, - - Union tjulta Dress Shirts
$4,85 $8.95 y 11.45 19c 45c aa. 790
22.0 Men's Men's full slit 12. W Men's oflf-bu't'ton 'in ' 2S4 Lsdles; fel"-
fthoe. and 0- Worll ghirta- ?hr0?n,, 0x' whlt. on";. nd 0s" snteod to '
fords fords worth IJ.40 fords ttsfaction
$1.45 1 39c $1.95 $1.85 $1.25$1.35
. 14o Men's 24. 4 Boys' Suits , Boys' 24c Men's - 22.44 Men's Men's 'Wool
Handk.rchl.fs. ITltyll'"1 ' lr' BeU M wo1' 21" W0'
3c IQ1.95 1 19c I 10c $1.18 7gc
You owe it to yourself to wait
until next Saturday and put in
a supply of Muslin Underwear.
The entire stock of beautiful
Undergarments from the Fa
mous stock will go , on sale
Saturday for the first time at
9c, 15c, 25c, 39c,
89c and $1.39
DADUAH DDrn Of! Southwest Gor.
13th and Farnam
Getting the
Dost Out
Ttm ewaHr
tore we
aprU. 111.
Oar slant
tiaa any aftsisiis.
Tea gwt
Jl 1 a tsiu i inu i-iii
ssassssaassassay3ssassSssaBsssswflasss IMtot&l&m6BBmi'mBm0i'lmmmmmM
had as sewswsls ews ' ii eg tx ZZJ''
aaea ma - awssaawaa sham 11 SvVL zjfwB&&. '
ss'aad ? awadl aaltt'? j Myi
swa jar eawe J
panida ef dwa. Bat asd adat. I. yj tSr
rsJsse tha waa aa sashsa tie NXV, f
scoda ssesr fiwab aa-1 fall mt Mi, n aT k
cawt houss thaa It was
saaulsad lim tasassiir I
here t-
TjOOD Glianew and Dyers'
1515-17 JONES ST.'
r "-"
Dew. to'S movie Bietara nroartators
are determUwd ta wut the Atrdorae fra
teralty eat of bustoesa la owe way er
another. They hare already tried the piaa
of Inductac 01m axebances te refuse ser
vice ta opea air theatera la tha restdeaos
districts, hut they haee heea told that
Atrdens money looks Just aa load ta
them as any other eota of tha realm.
Defeated la this wist several dowa
twwa aioorletors aetd a aieettna yee-
uptowa eaeapatltora eat ef buslaess, bat
they win not say what their Mass are.
or What actios has heea takes, it is said
ea reliable authority that the Beat mere
win be a Indue the city council to re
voke the Uoeoaee at the eirdone aro-srtetors.
CoerJe Oeanisas by Sex
8TREATOR. Hi., slay la,-lira
Shales- la dead and her hushaad.
of FrtncerUle. j bettered to he dyiaf
as a result af betiui oietcotiie by (as
hut axht in a local hotel. They wan
eorouta home from Evanatoa. where
hater had attended the coavtotioa of
ay. adr-t. vuuC pJtt- sftrjajfjon
Evans Hotel
Hot Spring, So. Dakota
A deHfhtful place to spend your
summer Taxation. 8 w 1 m m i a g
Pool. Golf Coarse. Tennto and all
other out-door amuse meats, also
Music and Dancing. Tbe beat
waters ia the world for chronic
ailments of the stomsch, liver,
kidney and rheumatic.
A modem hotel, with all tm
BTOTementa. Serrlc and enlain
unexcelled. Ratea 2 er day
and ap Spertal ratea by the week
on application.
Arc you saving the coupons?
:Your spoons are here-FREE!
I You can get them for five consecutively numbered coupons,
I like Xo. 20 below. Cut the coujions every day and get a dozen
I Fpoons. Tuy of the co-operating Oiuaha merchants, get their
I certificate and coupons and you soon will have the entire 65
1 piece et of Wm. Rogers & Son's beautiful silver.
' All coupons must be exchanged at The Bee office. Ten cents must
1 aeoosipcnr The Bee coupon, but no charge la made for merchants' certifi
cates. The, 10 cents pays cost of handling all the silver. 11.20 for the
complete set of Si piece.
. Clip This Coupon .
Omaha Bee Daily Coupon I
SO. 20. Friday, Mar It.
This coupon when presented with tbe four others I
consecutively numbered, and 10 cents to cover the i
coat of handling, entitle the holder to oil Wnv I
Rogers A Sob guaranteed Teaspoon of Le Kecea. I
eaire pattern Out-of-town reader will add 2c extra S
for poeugs.
Wrlte for booklet
Hot Spring. Booth Itahaaa.
and certificates
with purchase:
Cor. 18th sad
Boagiaa Sta.
i.tTxtrs ana
Coassmsis Bts-
srtbasor. Boagla.
strs Btrruia '
Ul Seasiaa,
aa ioj.
Tew ata-taad sk-
ary. aais Mavea
aenk at.
"V "J
I 6e4 No. Vb,?VV I
teesaess as tha J
tHMtoffk fa of The Bes 1
y Clip This Coupon ,
yn nASXA
run. oo.
u aowth ita at.
uqooa oo.
Ywarir SabcriBtioa Cupon Omaha Bat
This eeuoev. whoa properly signed and sneer ud at
tha office of Tha Omaha Bee tor mailed by those reeia-
ssiof wwa wiU onus ta tha holder full laXerme
t?o. bow eryher.e cas secure a fuU doaaa Wm. itog
Irs A Soa guaranteed Teaspoons at aaoe.
Also, the eander will receive s free catalogue at
all sesces at this set toeeww ww
iiad oerttttcates retulred tor aaoh ateca. aad taa
Ksmas e( Oaaaaa xirma issaiaa vmm mm u
gratToaaaT oo.
teat raraam at.
SlOt CO.
L aad
Thai eftea apaass I
Is evoryeao. I
whether a imiil J
sassertbsr te Tha I
Mmm or wee. e