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    THE BJEEr (IX A HA, MONDAY, MAY 27, lifil
Mrs. Rumhanser is So Suspicious
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Drawn for The Bee by Tad
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I .An Appeal to Spirit Land: . 1
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SiHDHttiug t&s Sea Llaui Boils Itae
Saved from Dsstracfeo by the Use
Oil on the Turbulent Waters
Th growing us of motor WU has
given renewed Interest to the queatkm at
the usefulness o the method, which has
beea known from remote antiquity, of
smoothness the
waves by means of
oil oread upon
then. It la a mat
ter of common ob
servation that a
thin film of oil
resting upon a
surface of water
prevent the latter
from rippling un
der the action, of
a brink wind. The
popular ex plana-1
tton is that the oil
bold tbe ' water
down. But thla Is not tbs true explana
tion, (or the ell Is lighter than the water
If tt were not Itwotrfd float on - tbe sm
face. Tba notion "of the etl U flu to the
fact that Its surface tension Is less than
that otlh water. 'iB.cfasegueno of thle
difference the oft' epresde rapidly wr
the water, -and vTherever It erceads .tt
presents surface wboe teesloa is less
then (hat of water and which has' a less
tendency to break tats combine crests.
It protects the water beneath from tbe
combine fore of Ui wind driving across
the summits of the waves. '
In a series of letter published fai tb
May number of tbs mafaiin Motor
Boatlns the eotperleBees of tavarator
with tbs usa of oil on stormy waves are
Interestingly stummed up. Tbe oil oan
aot "bold the ass, down,", Tbs wasea
continue to rise and tall, whether they
are covered with oil-or not, but tba Uy
film prevent tba break ins of tbs upper
sdsss of tba wavea, which la tba great
source of danger to ahlpa and boats. It
waves do not . '"break- tbs boat . will
simply ride smoothly upon them, run
ning over tba crests and down through
tbs hollows like a bird riding and dipping
la the air. - -
It has been ! suggested that $e use. of
ell In this way was first called to the' at-
1 ten tton of navigators by' obeervatlen of
' the "slick" which forma tt tba wake of
,a whale. It mcy alas have beea eue
( tested by tba affect of eal accidentally
. spread upon tbs surtaos of wtnd-drtvsn
water. At snv eats. It was known as long
1 ago as tbs Urns of the early Phoenicia
navigators, and yet It Is only la modern
Eves no, there are sen men who express
little confidence In ltprobably because
In their experience It had been Improperly
, applied, or because la great storms tt baa
not proved effective. When a ship is
, driven through a heavy aea tbe applica
tion of tbe oil must be continuous In
order to afford any protection.
mut be found, tt practicable." to make
th oil spresd to winward m order that
. the erect of the wave may be smoothed
at tbe moment when they m anon th
ship. . , .
Undoubtedly the affect of tot en Is
mors pronounced bt the case) jf a small
boat than in that of a large vessel. The
Impact of tbe wave agalnat Use bow or
slds of th latter Is sufturieat cause
them to brsak m pk ot the sit, but the
small boat after less resistance, end
tf tbe surface of the waves he sntflatentb
mtoothed to prevent til wind from eomb.
Ing theni th . beat rtdea- triumphantly
over th stormy water. Stilt, there art
many on record where Marie ves
sel. In the opinion, of the aevlgstors,
have ba avd from dantsesst If not
from abstraction, fay tbs fresv as f oil.
The affect sonetlmee been de
scribed 'a almost miraculous, and, there
Is,' I believe, a rule prescribed by- ths
condition at merino buamnoat requhint
ths use of oil at sea, and thht rale hunres
the u of eH eten by sen septs Ins who,
personalty, base but Btfle- fait b It
One of them la Quoted a sayttig:.. "t as
oil aeoardlng s piaa.ilhid rams heoHiae
I hata TaJuabkt Bveasnd eargd) ta cttarge.
Suppose my vneso) abauel be lee sad the
snsestigatlso elaMMet fbsftI ldt use
oil. I'd be censured, probably loss my
certificate, and have a ue' ef a wait
before getting aratker eeramamd."
Bu thl old aalt, whs sgmarsntly
personally prefers w fight at ens wit
old Neptune with bus Seta, mafeaa this
statement, ormtamlni a stgniftcant con
floBi "On big sea genscnily doe tbe
damage tn burrtcanea. A sen aa big as
a mountain, that may not nave another
anywhere aa buss m fonts' Poor baaim
OS might smooth that particular sea
enough In enable a boat ta hrrev provided
that yea hadn't wasted all-your oil be
fore It happened aloagi"
In other word, K 1 a jnaetinn either
ot bsvtag eaoeH all t eetlast s, storm,
or-sf hssbaadlng am store, nasi rightly
Judging the proper moment t as It
Various kind of dl star be- employea
nb oil appears te b a f rite) wttb
many; ofaera prefer hvrd t se sosst hind
of vacetable ott; atlU ethers, erlhider ed
or mlnerai on. In fact, any kdasV of oil
Is efl retire, although sot ail are aejaally
so. The general method ef application
la to put the ed kwssly wwvest been
ucb s gunny ascks or apedatly piepaied
canvas bags, together wfth eakum, and
then to pteroe the sacks with
through which the sll may slowly
When at anchor the bag may be bent
te ths cable ahead ot the boat. From
a ablp rsinsng before a sale the, esV may
be dropped from th quarters. Ths bag
may alio be snspsnded1 over the bow er
skmg tbe ewartera,, er felanail t. the
forward oatheeda, or aBneraK to drip
through th forwartf water aioeess. .
Whatever ths narmac of application,
th chief antll is that the oil shall,
as far aa possible, be made to spread
over the surface In me direction tram
which the wave advance,
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(Ov AMD tiUHfMPffK P
FoTMO t JVJr K'axep a
W fa TrsVrTMwv ueucs
urneeiimrMU CtMasedn
AairvVCaitis f
OOU-Ak. VHArw4OUI0Ttw?.
nartsr ver ne CHUttto
0 VVS tG wT-
ft Tvrc piAur
'Aw &6.6h wou
GOL VPiflf HlKBfZ.
uttJtwe fvt7
Uir THSh I LM'
sm rvw tT nc Mttii
come cVA(V ArvOJaUi.
BOteTO, CaX:
ma twm3j
rM 6SVAewS.'f JOOM JMr
m. JAr wm -A4W om th
f fvor Acop.'eat sVAxui -
MAACdT. wMM yov 1SV
ftMC MAIu-arr-w..
Maiwneiav Maxra pwr-
pErwMT I CW ltVdem.
smfwTO mmytog!
mapsa euetcED upv pa. a,.
vlBfT our OM, A,- tAfttc
NHrrrtS ?
AMitwea. rMel Ptenssf Thj 1
rafAssottiw- y gee
i weii meet, ma.
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yoypt . Hamits
i V
. The Casabiancas of 1912 -
Beautifully has beea haul tn assay
by nnuvy writers the story of ths "nobis
band" of the Titanic, whoa melody ear
ned oure te the hearers and shrived
the about ta die.
Prophet! med the nam of th great
vessel, for everything oonsectod wtta aar
fearfal end esnssd an tbe Mease see
glsentw eoursce. naaelflahnas. self-eanr
trsl, sn the ana head; glgaMla csretesw
neas te th pets ef tltaaa) ertma, aa the
But ef the great and beautiful happen
ings en the ship wHeh Meed as brief a
period ta reality, but wtrt lire in history
ss remains the language la which- ts
story hi tsM. aea was flasr than tbe
i courage and obedience of the faithful
little chaps, "tbe merino bwttons,' th
ben-hope of tbe sea. Thee Isds were told
1 to att still," te eep eat of the way."
I They knew boats war scarce; probably
? with the kesa cyen at boyhood, they knew
rmsee of conditions than tbe owners ot
) tn ahip; also these lads .must have
E gusssst that If
tas .aMuatlea with, sjrlm sat m
pretended enjoyment of tna usually de
nied el ks ret tea.
For bait tbs time nmslalng to the
; sinking ship ail th soya ant at attrn-
tton. but wha told b save, themastv
ftf they could they cstterad without an
f Detest s deley. snowtns; near truly they
understood ths situation. mr rest was
their apsrecisiloo of th danger they
ware too obedient to attempt tn escape.
Under the feet ef Casablanca, th fltes
raged. He stood bravely at his post be
cause ha fattier had Ordered aim to, sad
he trusted and loved his fader. But
these atodera Casabiancas wsse paid ssr-
vantsi there was no tUtal tncentlv to
otiedlence. only loyalty tn duty, faith
fulness to the firm that paid, their ttay
the esa ssmale wtta the
1 possesses they woes sreenaty be seamed
'.Into the koala wtta the seas and chil
drea, tsr they were hot emierea in saany
Wba tk sreat light mare Ma head to
throw helpful sesm over th dark
in isemorlal of those wko died
r.netr. eosse part of Htat memnrUI
with paJe, drawn, frtghtcaed faces, bat. should tell of th Bttl eBrwaajts ef tk
wtth asexactsrtsuo Ang!o-3exDa grit j who ebeyed ts tHe deetti. v.
Knowtag cma: the brave yuuagtrs
stuck ta taew pest, obeyed esders to the
Surely tt Is doubly true, aa Mil ten
wrote. They also serve who only stand
and wait.- aa much, esster h tt ts do
sad to dare. Those who fust "waited.
under orders, bad the hardest part ef ail
the swsuwhtpe fast ts that swfissl sMp 1
mania tee every en of the twstafut little
lade snunded th Maasar'a gavnailea.
"Well dona, thou good and fatthfr. ser-
Ask the Man Who Owns One By Nell Brinkley
My old friend of many rear la deed.
The: wreaths . that made- a.sad splendor
St bis coffin, are turning brows, and (1111
I tee In print itorte of him aad ot hi
; Great man have
(topped In- their
busy lives to-- tell .
each other what a
marvel of a man
he wae, and all over
this great country
ulogle have been
tpoken of tbe msa
who lies asleep, la
his narrow, grave,
and doesn't even
mils to hear ths
things men eay of
him, now that ha
la rone.
I read la the pa.
pars long accounts
of hie funeral, and one whom I knew he
thought hie bitter enemy eent hrm a
beautiful wreath, with a tender message
to the. family, he left behind. And th
on wh made him misery , whenj be lived
mothered his cof (In with roes and wept
aloud all through th senrtae.i, end (he
on wb loved him best of all sent not a
Ingl ftowei, and" sat alone .and ' vary
aulet In the beck of the dsrkeaed church.
In ths little village where he was bom
sod Talsed." aa hs always called it, 1
suppose long bearda wagged on ths diy
ths coffin came- ts t eent alone, he wh
nsvsr lived one hour alone, solitary) he
whs never spent on ml Bute away from
hi kind; and the wiseacres iof the village
ssked esooj oust with, sknpls- wsnder
what la th world th people out titer
hv the- dtt .could have- beea thlnkma
of to msks- suetr foes last - bee use
on of th good old Blank, family had
died, ilk everybody eiaev i
And I sm wondering, too,- for sit thet
was beet tn th raasr who is dead cam
from the little vtlltg on ths outskirts
ot ths world: all that was almele end
homely and great, and noble and friendly
and kind cam from tbe old farm, where
he lived when he went te school, bare
foot, with a tm pail fall of milk .and a
artist ot home -mad bread for, his lunch,
OS. i
All that he had that-was cruel and
forgetful and carelew and hard.-If ther
wis say of that In hhnand in whom of
us. Is, there, netr earns fiem the' cltvt
ths great, eaewleas crwsb selftsb, raven.
lag vanity-mad chy. that praised him
and flocked arsund him, whan hs wss
merry, and sat at hat feet when his gnat
art compile them, and ran away when.
he was to tired to msk them lsugej
or cry any more.
I keep thinking of 1ha day I knew my?
friend when h first cams to the gres.
city. A day when ths chalice ws call suev- '
ore wss first held ungrudgingly to hit
thirsty Hp, and he was trying ts drink ;
It and could not on account of th yearn.
Ing homestckness tor th plain lit hs
had known ,
The dag t remember, he bad gone bom .
for luncheon with a goatraoi tn hit pocket. )
for more mensy a. year than . h, ever.
had hoped to msks In his whole life.,"
Wbea hsweams .bank from, luncheon.,
went ta.hl desk to .coagraUiUts JiUns,)
What was thla ths vlctorlua hero., this
disiwoaslatsvfigursr his hat, on the bck
of hie Jiesd ,asd .hls-Jnsd dowa.oe
desk llkt aensoiboy,ij:rj(lnal ., ...
The mss whs was a cuee,llfted 1)1,
head . sad. emlle. . wkst f u Uy .
"Let m get my breath." he saWL-'Tm.
kaooksd out" Aad then he toad me about
"Why,- It's like, thts," ha said. "bU,
months sg I had a- little, hesse o
west, and there wss a Ins plane to keeps
cnicsens, no a nan ires pretense-www,.
In town end a baby boy I wouldn't swap-,
for all ths millions on earth. One lgst;
lust about alg months ago, I went home
and weka my wife..
" 'Honey,' I aaad.' Tvs-loet my Job.',
"My wife eat up ss straight aa a suing., -,
Never mind.- dear sbs.ssid, ThsyTf be'
sorry they let-yeu g Don't y cap,
en -bit' --.-
'That 'wasn't quit els months age
Till morning I went homeevlth my con- '
trsst and these letters-and there wasn't;
a soul on the train I tmaid talk to them
at th flat about it. bat n siarea so i
guess hs thought I was -e rosy , and when,-,
I went In I kept thinking there waes-t,
any place tor tht-chloken, And there
sat my wife. In a flat,- and there wae?
th baby aahnp In a flat- ' '
, "I started to tell the good news W.i
aid my wtta. 'Don't talk so load. Tt
wemsn shore us Is- a- regular- rubber
plsnt TVs found that out already, and. ,
say, there Isn't a bH of -air In this hole-1
The baby will never live a week her'
and that' all there wss to ths wbo!
thing. -:!
"When yon came over to m Just now1
I was alttlng aad thtnklng. 'What's th ,
user so load yeu oeuld ' have beard m
downatalrs4f you hd-lleaed.i '
What Is the. use.- old frieadt I wondj
how -many times Irs thought-of tba..,
nce wSea-1 - waa , wearing i myself -oue
trying to get something 4bM amounted -tw
sothrng when I got It. "it
Alas, the Poor- Fachelor'
The world aeem t have conspired
against the pacof mind of baolisior
both kinds. A Bosun , women wsnta
them te wear lsbM- "Sot Tskta." or
wsrds to that effeet, like the To Lef'slgB
n a vacant house.
Another sayf she .
ts quits wlllisg te
see ths rulet sn
forced.' wHh both
ft "
' -'S
" , '
"maid" being bias
onsd In a cocapjee
ou places on ths.
e pears) of tbe wo
man who la with
out a husband, ,
A famous wosaan
dealer that ws.
awa who will , not.
wed should be fined;
that a bachslor
eex-Ux should, be
Un posed upon, th
skirted aa well u
the freusen
And now come from a pulpit th sweep
ing statement that all bachelors, regard
less of sea, are uailtal beings and-should
be banished te aa Island, there to
along as wsll as-they can. but ta finish
their work out of sight of useui cltuwna.
Be Jans Ad deans, who founded Hull
House, and Clara Leughna, who has
guided ths destinies of so many maidens
by her tender pea that she Is known ss
"The Girl's Friend," and Mary (Jarre tt
Hay, who Is ghe president of the Feder
ation of Women'e clubs in ths Empire
stmts and Miss Mary Dreler, who directs
tbe Women's. Trade unions, and Get
trade Barnum. who Is similarly saliva,
sad Florence Guernsey, who Is arranging
the transcontinental excursion of wo
men's clubs to San Franciaeo, and Ada
ftehao. who never married because she
was too busy Immortalizing the- char
acters of Bhakespeara'a women.. Maud
Adam. Idolised by ths young girl ot
this country, to whom ah la an example
of the studious lite, ot tie gospel of
elf-development, of quiet : charity, aae
unless.. ; ,
And Hsrrlson Fischer, who draws tbe
new. beauty in- bar perfection of health '
aad charaster setting a new-etajidard f of
wsmanhood; tba Wright brothenv, who
biased, some of th first, paths., ts task
kles; George. Ade, whe baa- fursisheir
th tenia for dispirited Uvea -r ''"gtt
laughter, and. James- Wbitcoab RUsjet'
who ha sunk his plummet to- th very
depth of - feeling by hta homely -vemi'"
tsr Island 1 1nt the Atlantlo- or Psaf!. "
Harrison F.echsr would cease bis sketches ;
of splendid. longlimbed young women '
aad peevishly set about crayon drawings ''
of landscapes without, allure or promiiel.
Th W right brotharsi would dabble, as,
longer in aeronautics, and, would auddnly
try their eonttructive power at plows.V
Oeorga Ade, with no manses of humanity
to Inspire- him te Jest would compose .
dirge for tbe funerals on ths Island, and
James Wbltcomb Riley would loss big.
Interest In humanity and write about,,
squirrel. Brand. Whitlock baylcg no
scope for his organising pewets and' no.'
Inspiration for hla novels, would turn
sullen mlssnthrope. ". '
Jane Adds me could build ns mere BU
Houses except for the bachelors., wtut:
would probably ungraciously rafus ta.i.
llv in, them. Miss Laughnn might peaii
essays en "Suggestions tor the Orset ,
Amiablllty of Men." which would sot b
appreciated and certainly not toOowedV
Miss Dreler. Mlm Hay aaeVMist Guera--sy
would grow fretful he reuse they haeV
nothing to do, except for themselves, aad
Ada Rsban and Maude Adams would
play for each other, and each; mutima-
lated by large eudieaees, would turn
acid critic. --"v-
Better not banish them, Mr. Preacher.''
Th world 1 not ot your, opinion ot their. -oseleasness.
And. doubtless, each of three
distinguished, ladlvlduslsg and ail the
lssser .company of bachelors, by cheiea'
knew better than yea. whether they
would make good susbaads er wires, '