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Council Bluffs
Minor Mention
-The Council nierfs Office of
At Omaha ee li at II
com Street, Telephone
Dsvls. drug. -
Vlctrola. tie- A. Hospe Co.
R. feorwlclt tor vail paver.
Woedring Undertaking Co.. TaL M.
Corrtgans. undertakers. 'Phonos Mi.
NEW IORK Plumbing Co. Phone mk.
High standard printing. Morehouse Co.
Lewis Cutler, funeral director. -Phone ft.
airtd lor lie lite a specialty.
Graduation csrds. folders and appro
priate gilts. Faubi Art shop.
Blufr City 'laundry. Dry Cleantng and
Dye work. New 'puune No. KM.
Mutual Bldg. Loan Ass a., m Pearl.
ICK tjood service. Wagons tu all parts
of ths atr. Droge Elevator Q. Tel. AM.
St. Albanl Mi No, 17 Knights of
Pythias, work in third rank Monday
venm'. , j
Ivarir.oe rommandery No. 17. Knight
Templjr. will meet In regular eonciav
at Masonic temple Tuesday night.
Bl'TjWEIPElt oa draught The brand
Anheuser oa draught & Adreln. Bud
welter la bottles at all flret claae bars.
Cleaa your house with a Santo Vacuum
cleaner; twenty different attachment.
for rent. U a day, by Peteraen Bcboen
lng Co.
W. A. WhttUer. a local newspaper man.
was called to bia former borne at Brook
field, alo.. yeaterday by a telegram an
Bouncing the death of his father.
household foods, horses, cattle and all
chattel securities at a big discount of the
usual rates. Office over u W. B'way.
FOR SALE A highest grade piano; a
good typewriter; a line toned violin; en
organ; owner leaving town; will sell very
cheap. Enuulr at tit test Washington
Mr. and Mra Fianrle J. Pierce an
noune the engattainent of their niece.
Mia Georgia Dsrlem Bond, to Frank
Oscar Vincent. The wedding to lake place
Attention Grand Army of the Republic
and old soldier. All old soldiers are re
quested to report at Woodbury chapel at
4 a. m. sharp Sunday. May a to attend
the funeral of Comrad George T. Miller.
Mornlngslde chapter of St. Paul's girild
will have a picnic In Mornlngslde st the
Kdmnndann chapter meeting Tuesday.
All Intending to so will meet at the home
or Mra. A. H. Reed at l o'clock. Re
freshments will be provided. Visitor are
Invited. -
remnves the soil, tits stains and the
wrinkles. It does not shrink or full the
material. affe-t the color or leaves any
odor Id the garment. We do the work
right. Bluff City Laundry. Dry Cleaning
ad Dye Works. - Phone fl.
The Odd Fellow of the elty are re
uueaied to meet at their temple promptly
at 1 odor. thl afternoon for the pur
pos of attending the funeral of Past
(-rand O. Tounkarman, which will take
pla from the family residence, m Ben
ton street, at t o clock, Funeral service
will he conducted by the Elka and Odd
fellow Jointly.
Th regular May meeting of the
Daughters of the American Revolution
will be held at the home pf Mrs. E. P.
Schoentgen. 407 Glen avenue, on Friday
afternoon. At thl meeting will occur the
annual election of officers. The hostesses
will he Mr. William Keelln. Mra. J. O
Wsdaworth, Mrs. George Wick ham and
Mr. H H. Plnney.
Ktie M Blegel has he run a divorce In
the dlatrlct court sgalnat John J. Segal,
asking annulment of the marriage tie on
the ground of cruelty. They were mar
ried In Council Bluff on August 1. VW7.
and separated the first of ths present
month. She aaka for the custody of their
minor child and for a restraining order
preventing her husband molesting her.
W. A. HUMS, who was special bailiff
In the Marks case, and Bert Sanborn, In
charge of the local men engaged In the
Harrimau strtks, havs been appointed
deputy sheriffs to serve at Manawa dur
ing the present season. Manager Barnet
pava their aalarlea and they ara merely
deputised to act by Sheriff McOartery.
Hi Hie will fee on duty during the day and
Sanborn at night.
According to a circular letter received
here yssterdey by several men the Iowa
Stat Automobile association baa Joined
In the effort to carry the republican
primary elect Ion for Senator Lefs Young.
The letter mimeographed on the sta
tionery of 'the association and signed by
tv E. Mover a president, anthulastlcally
boosts Senator Young, and makes a ring
ing appeal to all automobllist for his
nomination and election on account of hi
activity aa a maker of good road senti
ment. Some of the letter fell Into the
hand of Kenyon supporters yesterday
and created considerable of a flutter.
Walter Atwood, Olen Mortenesn. Jens
Jensen. Main us Chnsteneen. Eugene
I a vie and Harry Budata, all young men
from 1 to yeere old. were arraigned
before Justice Joseph yeaterday after they
were brought Into court upon warrant
charging them with asaault to do great
bodily Injury- Th complainant Is Oeorgs
Hughe, another young man of about the
asm ax and son of the former manager
of the Independent Telephone company.
They are accused of assaulting and beat
ing Sim oa th night of May 17, and a
th story now goes be wsa an Innocent
victim and not the young man upon
whom the attack wae Intended. All of
the boys were held under Hot bonds for
hearing on Tuesday, but they ware per
mitted to alga their owa bond.
J. J. Kiel, who recently closed out all
of his Interest after many years of suc
cessful biwinees life In Council Bluffa.
)a likewise sold out his interests In
Omaha and win leave In fwo weeks for
the 1st of Pine, with th Intention of
locating there If th sltustlon appeal to
him after a careful Investigation. C. B.
V'aehtngtou of Omaha, witn whom he
wss associated la business, has also made
similar arrangements and will accompany
Mr. Klein. Mr. Klein will kavs in a
lew day for Syracuss. N. T when ah
will spend the summer visiting her
mother. Wbsq Mr. Klein return from
the Cuban isle he will land in New Xotk
and will Join hie wife at Syracua. If
he makes th Investments now content
pate4 they will then return to Council
Fluffs for a brief visit with relatives and
g direct from here to their new home.
Mr Klein s health Is not aa sure aa It
one wss snd hit phyuclana have ad
vieod a change of climate and many
Interesting stories and wonslderable re
liant Information have turned h' at
tention In the direction of th beautiful
Island that lie south of Cuba.
M f. Rearer, candidal far th nomi
nation of county treasurer oa th demo
cratic ticket, ha been aa acUv demo
crat during th torty-oa year that ha
has been a resident of Pottawattamie
Ha rote aver the entire eownty aa horse
bark la rvary direction before It was
fenced lata farms, at which time you
could buy the very beat farm of today at
g. to tl" rr acre. He served the city of
Council Bluffs two terms aa mayor, and
baa served th city continuously for
twenty-five year without pay aa a
trusts of th fro public library. and
served the board many year a It press-
dent, daring which time the gift of r.ang
sis received from Andrew Carnegie to
construct the present library building.
H solicit the vote of an fellow demo
crat and ll be thankful to all who turn
out at tii primary election oa Monday.
June X. mi. and rot for him, ,
big nn cl tneat stoves, rrvw range
up from IH tv connect all gas ranges
free of charge. P. C. D Vet Hardware
compear. W Broadway. . . .
Council Bluffs.
Doubt Exist u to Legality of Using
Bayliu Park as Site.
Tbasaaa ft. Harrison. Waa t eesacted
Plant Oae Before, Has Been Re
talaed ta Insist Granada B
Hot Thss t'sedl Again.
After an affirmative vote, representing
about K per cent of th membership of
the Commercial club, expressed at the
annual election last March, there has
arisen a grav question whether th street
carnival then determined upon will be
given. This will not be duo to any change
of heart of ths dub member or weaken
ing of the public approval that ha been
accorded all of the carnival that have
been held and which have made Council
Bluff famoua The trouble that may
become a preventive la th aftermath
of the successful effort ta prevent By-
llsa park being sed as th sit for a
huge tar-paper tabernacle by the Minis
terial association . for th Hart-Magana
revival meetings. Th assertion Is made
that If the park cannot be legally used
aa the location for a temporary church
It must be equally Illegal to uss it aa the
sit for a tsmporary show.
It Is declared that thl opposition does
not com from th local clergymen or
thos interested ta getting th park tor
revival masting, but from other who
hava not yet disclosed their Identity. It
Is said they have employed Thomas Q.
Harrison, th asms attorney who repre
sented the plaintiffs "n th Injunction
proceedings, and havs Instructed him to
appeal to th court for a restraining
order to prevent th oa of the park
for carnival purposes- If denied the us
of th park It la certain that no carnival
wtu be held, for It ha beta th location
In th heart of the city, th brilliant
setting mads possible only by ths beaut!
ful park, that hss made the carnivals
th great successes that bav character
ised thanv
Attorney Harrison waa questioned yes
terday and admitted that he would bav
lo act In th matter, both from a pro
fessional and a moral standpoint
Harrison Will stab Fight.
"I waa sincere when I prosecuted th
ult of my client tn th district court.
and I would bs rscreant to vrythlng If
I refused to set now," said Mr. Harrison.
"It la tru Judg Arthur disaolvsd th
temporary Injunction and granted the
pi sachem th privilege of erecting their
tabarnacla there, but I am surs bs would
not do so again, for thers ta not a par.
tlrla of doubt that the supreme court
would not sustain aim. for there la a
tack of decisions against him. If the
Commercial club or tn Mlntattrtal club
attempt ta use ths park for a carnival
or any other purpose I will b obliged
to atop them by aa Injunction. It will
bs fought out la th courts with th cer
tain ty that there will be but en nosslbls
decision thai ths re will bs no carnival.
la accordance with th original plan
the Commercial oiub baa gone ahead with
tha arrangement and baa planned the
greatest carnival yec the revenue ta be
used exclusively far th purpose at pro
viding th dub with funds to protnots
th commercial Interests of tha city In
th way of samirtng; sites for faotorta
and locating ssmilar enterprise. The
tub baa appstnted B. M. argent, T. D.
Metrmif. J. B. Long. M. W. Binder. H. A.
Qulna and Mayor Maioney to sot u I
general flrmmmrt of arrangements, with
Mr. Sargent aa It chairman. Th first
duty of this commit lea will be ta secure
th aonaent of all of th property owner
around th park tor the temporary dos
ing of the street. Th member are alao
to secure to raqulslta order from tn
park board. It has already bean ascer
tained that not mors than one person
living near tha park la liable to object.
and ho I a pretty good fallow and never
a kicksr and It Is believed hi objections
can bs easily overcome. Th park board
will also grant psrtclsslon. but th legal
tangle or sunt a Oordlaa knot that may
reelst all of th attack of th knlvss
and hatchets that may be directed
against It
New Liberal League
to Meet on Friday
Th recently formed Liberal league,
which now baa a membership of UM
voters la th county, has planned to
hold It second funeral matting next Fr
day. Th first meeting was bald at
A voce several weeks ago and resulted
la aa organltattpa fully ooverlng tha
county. The next meeting will b held
m Council Bluffs next Friday. Dele
gates from all parts of th county ta th
number at tW have been provided for.
and It M expected that mora tbaa MM at
th members will be present
A special trala will tear Walnut Fri
day morning at I o'clock, and will nop at
all mtermodlat points, returning at any
boar that may be deemed upon after
the close of th ooaventtoa.
Speeches h both Oermea and English
win be mad by wad known man Includ
ing Colo Del Joseph Elboack of Dm
Moras, president of the Iowa Stat
liberal Uatrue; Max Rsthbtrger of Du
buque, the league atat organiser, and
other. Th speech of - wetcom will bs
msd by Mayor Maioney. Tn Council
Bluffs branch of th leagu has full
charge of th entertainment program.
Followilng Is th program:
M A. M. -Reception of th county dele
gates. I P. M.-Meetin called to order. Ad
dress of welcome. Business.
4 P. M. Meeting of the delegates.
t P. M Auto rids through th city.
P. VI.- Banquet at the Danish hall,
only tor member at th league.
Real Ksvate Traaefera.
Real Estate transfers reported to The
Be May S by th Pottawattamie County
Abstract company ot Covad! Bluff:
O. J. Harding and wife to Horace - -O.
Barker, ew of lot I la blk. It
In Hail s add. I CauacU Bluffa.
w. d t MM
B. O Enstan and wife to Jama F.
Shaft part of lot 1 of Auditor
ubd. of Mk. S In tha town of
Neola. la w. d. ajg)
The Peregoy dt Moore Company to
Ltwe Mitchell, lot la blk.
Cunt and Hamsey'e add. to
Council Bluffa w. d pa
Delia McLeea to Ida Ever, lots T
and t la blk ta Cochran add. '
to Council Bluffa w. d. w
Four transfer, total..
...4 MM
See our Una ot tent hat pins and
haady pine, til Broadway.
Expert Watva Bepairtaa.
Being railroad tim Inspector for Coun
cil Bluffs, we can employ only the moat
skilled workmaa la this department Bring
your watch her and receive satis factory
work.. Lefferts". Jewelers. Sign of th
Council Bluffs
There win be no vesper service at th
Young Woman Christian association
today on account of the baccalaureate
services of th high achooL Th vesper
services win be discontinued during the
summer months.
Early In June th association Is plan
ning for a musical evening to be In charge
of Mrs. a B. Town and the orchestra.
Th tennis court are In splendid snap
and are proving ta be on of the moot
popular spots ta th elty for girls. At
the does of th season the different sat
will play tn tha tennl tournament which
la planned to bo held In September and
for which th girla ara aow practicing.
Why take chance If you are having
trouble with your ore. Be our experi
enced optician. Letferta'
Friendship Bracelets All styles and
prices, cents to (1. Garner. Jeweler, ill
Mesh bags at reduced prices. Garner,
Jeweler, til Broadway.
Exceptional Piano Bargains this weak
at A- Hospa Co.. W W. Broadway.
Eaay payment.
Gold La Valuers for graduation gifts.
14 to VI). George Gamer. Jeweler, ill
Tha Famous Vacuum cleaner. I12S ma.
chin, with complete equipment of tool
for twenty different usee. This tnachlns
will clean th average slsa house la a
day easily and thoroughly. For rent.
U a day by Peteresa Schosnlng Co.
Psrslatent Advertising Is th Road to
Big Returns.
LOG AX. la,, May Sl-tSpsrlaD-Th
can of Logan sgalnat th Chicago dt
Northwestern railroad cam up befor
th state railroad eommtsetooert here to
day and resulted favorably for tha town
of Logsn. For a number of year th
Northwestern ha maintained a barbed
wire fane between It passenger. station
snd that of tha Illinois Central. The
distance between th two sutlons Is a
little over 10 feet, but because r ths
barbed wlr fence 1,134. feet Th North-
western has agreed Id cut out six feet
of th fence and let th traveling public
cross between ths stations Instead of
going around aa formerly.
Th Fsrsistent and Judldoua I'M ot
Newspaper Advertising I th Rosd t
Business Success.
Iowa Neves Mates.
FORT DODOB-Whlls leading a hers
to a oiacKsmitn anop rtasmu peteraoa
or ucier dropped dead rrom heart trou
ble. Just before he fell he remarked
jokingly to a bystander, "It's mighty
hot; I'm all In." Mr. Peterson' wss
yesrs old, a pioneer farmer of weostsr
county and well-to-do.
FORT DO DOB Because he became con
fused when trying lo get away from the
path of aa automobtls snd turned di
rectly Into Its path ths 7-year-old son
of L A. Pollard of this city lies with
both hips broken snd Internal Injuries
l hat may cause bis drslh. Ths front
wheels of the automobile passed over his
body. The child waa on his wsy to reboot
Bullets Fired at
;PoKce Chief Since
Reitman's Tarring
BAN DIBOO, Csl., May X -Developments
today In the Industrial Workers
ot ths World sltustlon her Included th
assertion of Chief of Polio Wllaon that
attempt had been made recently to
aesaaslnet hlra and one of his officer!
sine th declaration by alleged "vigi
lantes" that If Emma Qoldman and Dr.
Reltman attempted to com bark ta San
Diego they "would be shewn a good tlm"
and th Investigation by Attorney Gen
eral U. S. Webb and his chief deputy.
Raymond Benjamin, of the disturbances
Chief Wllaon said that abort ly after
two policemen had been ambushed here
by alleged members ot the Industrial
Workers of the World he waa shot at
ens night aa ha was retiring.
He said he had heard two bullets as
they passed hi window, but ksd heard
na report, presumably because Maxim
lencers bad been need.
When men aaid to be vigilantes" were
told of th prospective visit of Miss Gold
man and Dr. Reltman tha declaration
wag made that they would be met at the
depot by several thousand cltlssns and
that they never would "get oft th train."
SAN FRANCISCO. May M. -Colonel
Harris Welnatock. Governor Johnson
eommtastonsr to Ban Diego, sect te In
vestigate th Industrial Workers of the
World situation, read at the luncheon of
the Commonwealth club a letter which
warned dim "that he might get a taste
of th Ben Reltman episode"
Miss Keen and Party
Climb Mt. Blackburn
SEATTLE, May kV-A telegram from
Kennaoou, Alaska, anaounee tha sale
return of Miss Dora Keea at Philadelphia
and party from a successful ascent ot
Mount Blsckbuin. ,
Miss Keen and her party of six man
attained the summit of Mount Blackburn,
Hie) feet, last Sunday morning. They
arrived at Kannerott oa the Copper River
railroad today, all welt Thl 1 th
first ascent cf th great Copper river
Mis Keen, with her Instruments and
tent, sailed from Seattle aa Aprs M for
Cordova and opoa her arrival at Ken
eeccu bar chief ot start. Jobs E- Bar
rett superintendent of lb Blackburn
mine, waa ready with hie five. me and
twe teams of dog. They started up
Mount Blackburn but August and war
obliged to turn bark.
Faaarbt la th Art
and arrested by Dr. King' New Life
Pill. bUloua heeds cbe awft and Bver.
stomach and bowel act tight Only Mc
For sal by Beaton Drug Co.
The Pertinent and JudKtou L'aa cf
Newspaper Advertising Is th Road 'a
I 0 j
! .
Legislature Matt Fast Law Permit
ting Higher Bate of Interest
Flfteea Tawnaaad Men la District
e. 13 Will Rawaaso Operation
at Early Date Eight Tear
far Whit Slaver.
(From a Staff Correspondent)
DES MOINES. May .-Speclal Tele
gram.1 Until the legislature take action
that will permit the organisation of loaa
bureau conducted by public compute
or th municipal authorities, no loan bu
reau will b established tn Des Moines,
The Commerdsl elub her appointed a
committee to organise and open a lean
bureau for th purpose of heading off
the loan sharks, but the committee after
full investigation decided It could not bs
don legally.' Th regular loan offices
really get high rates 'of Interest and
commissions, and any loan bureau would
have to charge mors than tha legal rate
to be self-supporting. A commute will
be named to go to ths 'egialatur and get
a apsclal act to pcim.t el tie and towns
to open loan bureaua
Miners Will Besaaae.
President William H. 'Rogers of the
Iowa Mine Workers this evening an
nounced that he hoped the wag question
could be finally disposed of so that work
In th coal ml nee could be resumed by th
IS. one miner befor th cloee of next
week. Th vol shows a clear maturity
for resumption of work.
White Slaver Sentenced.
George J. Wilson, Indicted and convicted
on two white slave counts, was sentenced
by Judge McPherson to serve eight years
In prison. Wilson waa convicted oa tha
testimony of hi wif. whom. It wa
charged by th government, he brought
from Lincoln t Iowa- Th ag of th
girl, she being, lea than M years old,
added three year to the maximum five
the court could have passed la rtslmpl
whit slave count
New Dirigible
Balloon Torn to
Pieces by Stt
LEIPSIO. Germany, May X.-TV dirig
ible ballon Parseval VI waa destroyed
this morning, by being torn from It
anchor by a squall. One of the soldier
on guard near the balloon waa Injured by
th flying tackle. Tha Parseval VI had
arrived only thl morning, and had been
anchored In an open field.
The flexible dirigible ballon ot th
Pareecal type have been almost as un
lucky aa th rigid Zeppelin dlrlglbls.
Parseval VI, destroyed today, had al
ready mat with severs! accidents. It wsa
severely damaged oa March It, UU, by
being dashed again the balloon ahed at
Johaaniathal. near Berlin, and again
near Brunswick, en April 8. JML Parseval
II waa totally wrecked at Bltterfeld en
May ?. U. Parseval in was badly
damaged during a forced landing In a
snow storm, near Bltterfeld on Novem
ber IS, IX. and Parssval V wsa destroyed
by fir at Hsnnovarscb-Muendea on Jun
NEWARK. K. J., May L-Wllllam C.
Martin, a small lad from St Louis, fin
ished tint In th KB-mllo blcycl race
over rugged hills and roads held here
today aa an elimination tryout for th
Olympic championships to be decided ta
Stockholm thl summer.
Western riders carried aft the Hon'
ah are of. the honor, for a Grand Rapid
boy, Fred M earner, wsa second over th
Hn whll Cart O. Schutt ot Kansas
City cam In third. Schutt mad the
it time, ooverlng th century in I
hour and IT mlnutss seconds. Mar
tin' tiro was I hour M minute 4
sseonda. Ot th eastern competitor th
beat showing was mad by Walter Pofhal
of thla city, whs covered th court In t
hour minute IS seconds.
A field ot twenty-five amateur cyclists
started and eighteen reached the finish
mark. Ninety-one mile of the course
wa over hilly dirt roads, whll th last
aln mllea war over th velodrome board
track. Th contest waa held to enable
the Olympic committee of the National
Cycling aasoelstlon ta select twelve riders
to represent the United State at Stock-
If your business takes you to
the court house and city hall fre
quently, you should have your of
. ,. '.,
'j ..V A;
' f""" t '
- 1 V
.!; - .' i
The Bee
Room 110-11-14 A Isr re suit of offloss oa tb second floor,
, hsvtng a total of 121 auuare feet Son. of these office have
been partitioned so sa to make a suits of about five rooms
- Thl a pace will be rented either la alngle office or la suite
Price per month for ail , (aft-OB
Room Ml Reception room, private office, twd large elooeta, largo
workroom with two north windows Ideal for engineer, archi
tect doctor or other professions! men. Rental per a.onth. StadO
earn gel This Is a south front office facing oa Farnam atreet close
to th elevator. It la partitioned se aa to afford a private of
fice aad reception room. Very desirable. Rent par month. gaO-OO
Room 414 lias a south and west exposure and la always a vary coot
mm ta summer Urn 814. Wax, wa rents for, per
month Sla.00
s li la llHxlt feet ta mm: na two north windows and a
private office partitioned off Inaide thl apace. Thla room
would be particularly wall aultad for aa architect or atuulo.
Rental ....
Room n This Is a well located office facing rarasa street oa th
fifth fleer, near tb ivatora, bias of office. 14X11 . having
a partition dividing tnia room hi to thro office. Thla vould
be narticuiarly desirable aa an attorney's office, oa ecccount of
ether attorney being located
libraries Just toe pia
lace for
Rental price par avonth.
Bee Business Office,
holm. The commit to Is not pledged to
nam th twelve who finished today, for
tiro troubles and ether mishaps put some
good riders out of the running, but the ;
result will naturally be the chltf point of '
consideration in making the final telec- ;
(rain a Lead at Home that Will Help
Them in the Jungles.
While Sana. Game WU1 Be Dropped,
tt to Baaed that the Home Team
Will at Least Break
Even Abroad.
After having played some of th best
ase ball seen In Omaha In the last five
or six years and pulling themselves from
seventh place to the aooond place In the
average column during the last sixteen
day at bom th Rourke will leave
Omaha Wednesday morning for Sioux
City, where they will play a four-game
aerie and Mart a nineteen-day trip
abroad, during which time they will meet
five of the Western league clubs.
The Rourkes will leave Omaha snugly
settled In second place and within strik
ing distance of the top ot the league. No
one expect th Rourkes to Jump into first
place during the trip abroad, all the
local tan will be entirely satisfied If the
Rourkes will break even on the games
awsy bom home or In other words uke
ten of the twenty games while on the
V1 pane with Arbeaast.
Manager Arbogast I highly pleased
with his team thla year and all. the Omaha
fan are with him. All Omaha Is figur
ing on th Rourke being hi th race all
season. At present It looks like th race
would be between St Joseph. Omaha and
Dos Molnea But Denver must be figured
In this fight also. The Grlsxlles go home
Wednesday to open' up a twenty-four-gam
etay at home. During thl tlm the
Bear ought to get up near first place
again as It I bard tor a team to go ln,
that country and beat Denver. The
Qjisille ax always winner on their own
v, rswc uua juai " x M
kid as ths visiting team vSh) be In
th mountainous country but fourfUys t
a tlm snd will not begin to feel thetraln
until th last day and will then leave be
fore It ha affected their playing. Pa
Rourke la confident that hi team will
take at least half of ths" game while In
Denver and Is hoping by om manner
to cat three game a Th Rourke when
thy leavp will go to Sioux City for four
rxt msaJI '
avnm there thav will lump direct to
Denver for four games After taavtng
Denver th team goes to Wichita, then
Lincoln and finish at Topska. They will
then come back home for twelve games
and leave again on an eight-day trip.
SHORT HIL1 N. J., May MTor the
fourth time tn hts career Jerome D. Trdv
r of Upper Montclalr won th Metro
politan Golf championship today, defeat
ing Oswald Klrkby of Englswood in the
thlrty-tlx-hole round over the link of
th Baltuerot Golf club. up and I to
play. Travara wa champion ta IMS. 1S07
and 111. v '
A feature today wa th great Improve
ment tn the driving of Travara. If than
waa svsr any particular weakness in
Trevors' gam noted by th experts It
wa off th tee, but there waa no trouble
with hi driving today. He got as much
distance. K not mora, than hi opponent,
who I admittedly on cf th longest hit
tor In th country. Klrkby, being tin
abl to rain anything In driving, was at
a disadvantage, for Trevors was unap
proachable with th Iron dub.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy ha won
1U great reputation and extensive salt
by It remarkable cores ot coughs, colds
and croup. It can bs depended upon. Try
It. Sold by all dealers.
fice in the building
closest to these pub
lic structures. Whrn'
so much attention is
beingpaid to "busi
ness efficiency" the
professional man
should likewise con
sider the number of
steps from his office
to the court rooms.
' This is only one of the
advantages offered
aa thl floor aad having largo
two young, ambition attorneys.
17th and raniani Sts.
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Mutt and Jeff
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Nell Brinkley, originatoXof the beautiful pen draw
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Another of Tad's great
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The Katzen-
" gV'f
sr -usjar -egga,. -JB
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fVi m J The captain -did
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, He is aTjainted with the Katzenjammer kids-as you
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