Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, May 27, 1912, Page 7, Image 7

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Sherlocko the
Mf cow t SrxeN
- 'r, nui '
TIED Tom mi iti-
TH K BALVATlUV V anltclt. ae-
off clothing: lu fact. ani-thlna- you da not
need. We collect, repair and Ml at 1M
N. 11th 8t, for coat el collection, w tbs
wormy poor, rnone Dousies tub aiid
imi win mil
Vital massage, hatha, electric vibratory
and radiator treatments. ir. Anna u.
Flatter. 401 Ware btk. S S. 15th. D. 17Se.
alaeeage, Mra lm, a Boston Bid
YOUNG womea soniing Omaha aa
gtraxigere are invited to visit the Young
Wamea e Christian aeeociau building
at (seventeenth and 8t Manr'e Are.
where they wiU be directed i a ul table
boarding piecea, or otnerwiss aaaiateo,
Leak for ear travelers aid at the luaia
f A S A (iV. Bwedlsn movement, Apt.
lam rarcam. D.
l A 13 VITTin treatment, fi. Brott, 111 s. 14th. Id floor.
WJC KENT and repair alt kinds of tew.
DC Machines, lnd. Altai. Douglas ist.
lath and Harney Ste.
A MM A H f APTvS Bclantilic me-
AiAifcn ! i aaeto. law r sr.
nam. Pavldae Blk.. Apt. rled am
Kl ASK Ai ft JiPrt IreatBient. Mra.
JiXAOC-AUrj Steele, a b. U St.
BOPY MASSAOK. -1 Neville. I. mi.
WANTEO-Address of Mra. Lena fcliler.
Address Box 264. Douglas, Wyo.
VACUUM MAOoAuli. JU bo. Utb St.,
R. dally, bundayi open eveolnfa;
hours W tn 19.
Peraistent Advertialtui la the Kuad lo
Bit Returna.
Screeolnci U per 1W. Waiaar. ail N. Is.
FOK bALG-Buft UrpttKtun rak for
hatching, al.o nine hena and cocks. Web
ster lui.
OMAHA property and Nebraska lands.
MM Nw Omaha Nafl Bank Building.
HON hi Y to loan on bust es or rear
dtoco properties. 1.0 to W. U.
THOMA8. W Klrst Nat l Bank Bld.
WANTED City loans and wer rents.
W. rarnam Bmith 4. Co. U faroani !
Utn to HO.OW made promptly, r. U.
Wead. Weed Bld.. Wth and Farnam.
WANTED City loana Peters Trust Co.
If L I I X IrUAWB. ptllliraiiinn w
' 3.0-1 HrnnO-lp Thw Bldg.
U AliVIN BEOS. ,!rtJ!S
LOANS-rarm and city property, i.
K. bumont 4 Son.. MM Farnam 8t-
Farm Ranch
Highly Improved; all fixed up, only 1
mlle of town on main line of R. K. For
further information address owner, 1DU
Otanwood Ave. Omaha. Neb.
For Sale or Exchange Complete outfit
for running country newspaper. Two
presses, cutter, ate. Address a, care
Omaha Bee.
EQUITY In 1W acres Nebraska land
tor good automobile. i Brandels Theater.
Household gds. clothes ahoes. D3W1 B1M
Id-band goods. Kelaer. 1020 Center. D-Mbi
WE pay most fur old clotmng. Nathan
Ian Office, W So. Uth
Chicago buyers. Id-hand eloihaa, shoea,
bats; best prices; will cell. Tyler UOO.
WANTED room with or without Board.
West Famam district. Private family
preferred. Reference. C. W car of Bee.
HONTKbJiU Ututfuuu tiiSOOW.
Montreal, davie. Flymoutn. Loadon.
Tbe Picturesque SL Lawrenoe itoute.
Four days on Lbs ocean, three days
IB river and gulf. Splenaid new Turbine
tt earners. tfihTi aecood-cabin and tnud
ciaaa. Itupsrlor one-ciasa easts eerviee
Ceuelna unexcaUao. Courteous attention,
baud for urcuuera, rataa, plana, ate,
jiUas Co.. li N. Uearovrw BU Cnlcaae
Anchor iaiua bteamaiupa
Hmw York, londonderry and Glasgow
Kew York. Palermo ano NP"aa
Atuacuva ratee) tar tickets between New
Sork and all scotch. ngusn, lrua.
Continental and aiediterraaeaa potsta,
fcuiierlar accommodaueua. eaeelteat eu
sua efflotent aervloe. Apply pramptlf
toe reservation to local ast at Aacaer
Una or Henderson Brouaere. tieaaia!
Agents. Chicago. 111.
bbip .- st oca to eouta umaaa. sav t
mileage and aarlnaaga. Your ocnsiga
naauu receive piutfliA and careful ettea
Un gtselt Caasasl sales ateecbeale,
Byere Bros, at Co. titrng and reaponalbla,
WOuD BRoa.. -!- t-xenange B.dg.
Oreat West. Com. Co. Omaha e Denver.
Clay, llpoinsoa at to., aw'ange mug.
CUFTON Com Co., tu aUcnange Blag.
Cox Jonea Com Co.. buncb of nust-era.
U . RObt-ttTd at Co.. t Exca. bw
aisrun Mroa. at co. Ast Exch. U.dg.
1 Auci DkUB. handle cattle, nogs, tiieep.
Depeatt i as or sbipmentg tn block
lara. N-t'l ank. Only bank at yard
latliutls us ItiLa,
Reed Abstract Cow sldeet abstract o
glee la Nebraska. isH Brandeia T Dealer.
NEALB A CA-atPBELi. 17M a'arnaas ac
atbkLAlk.lts' sAbuttatAilu
Electric gas Brturee. Omaha Stiver Ca.
laeal Cement Cec lltb and Ceasing sta.
Kuchs. B.'n a avanet. painting, deceraur.g,
H. Gross, lum- wreck g. pin H a; Paul
AtktAhk b'Oet Ai.a
Crm s. ilerrlU. City Bank Bid
r J UrtURtOUS -JiHUCKS.' HovTl AVM Jl U -SOON 66 Trtft.-Hjfcet irTL. S
Monk- The Adventure of the Cow that
I -et us lcss L she J I just wNtEftEt) I f H VIATSOl Dees not this ) I i CoMt, wa hukt up I ah mr. NtRVO, an AunsricJ S' x
1 uMATCv J I -rv,,, .-rar- V V I ' v" ' V I U APwr nee. a .,. I TOO. 6CND COW IN, r1
, . i
acre;b rod iai.c
Two miles of court house. In the beau
tiful Moeuulto valley, rl. h new land,
every foot of It good, fine building sites,
nice grove of elm. oak and linn trees,
small orchard on ana tract, good vineyard
on other; theee are exceptionally fine
tracts and well located: they wont be on
the market long; If Interested better eee
ue at once; .tw0 buya either tract; So0
cash, be l a nee long time at par cent; If
you build at once will reduce cash pay
ment to a nominal amount. McOee Real
Estate Co.. lis Pearl St., Council Bluff.
FOR RENT A very Bice suburban borne
and gmraen farm, three-fourths of mile
from town; good 4-room bouse, barn,
chicken house and out buildings; eome
fruit treea and a email paten or Berries:
about two acres In pasture and the bal
anoa In cultivation; not too late to put
In a crop; very pleasant place to live;
let me show you the place; rent flit for
the season ending March I. IsIL (ieorge
G. Clerk. 11 Pearl Sc. Council Bluffs, la.
Telephone 174.
muntty In Omaha, no sheds, chickens, al
leys, tin cans or dead cata. Has publle
garage and aoclal center club house.
Houses and lots, ROTO to 6.ono. Four
new bouses now being finished. Easy
terms. Cheapest property of Its claaa In
Omaha. The Paxton Real Estate oom
Deny. M War Block or 2701 Fowler Ave.
Phone Webster HIL
room modern house and I lota, or one
or two vacant lots, Znd and Wtrt St. Best
location In Kountaa Place. If you want
something good at the right price. Call
Douglas 1701 or Call at C07 Wirt St.
IT'S FOR SALE That high, sightly
east front, beautiful and well built seven
room modern bungalow on Mth St., near
Hamilton street.
W hv 80 acre. I mllt from Grvtna,
all under tat of cultivation. Has four
room houM, barn, well and windmill, and
other out-houives, all fnnced. The 'price
la right and will b flad to quota aamt
and show farm upon raqutst.
43 BrandaH Bldf. OmaTia. .Neb.
I a .T -A s.g n i n If TiIklTVir"T
II Ail rV J . I nitrx aaa s bl s.
at . n. .. la.a. Ia. uAuiKanal fVnrit
f rvuui nuuw, gjo
I. .a. mania rugt An feeA all flsSH lat,VM
strvat. permanent waitii, email payment
down; your own time on paymenta. Tel.
rnont rt rwiw t.
u -. a.m kt Ilia ine. Terms
simnu c ' 1'. , .. , . - - . . .
to suit. Located SS.'l Taylor St.. near
school and car. Come out and sea It
Phone yyensier ikx.
tmn sil.r-4.rMm modern cottage.
ins p. en. nei wh.
f,-i r, CAT V Qw an eleesnt ft-
room house, hard wood, oak finish,
strictly modern; fine location. MM Har
ney. Tel. Harney 1143.
All modern 7-room house, bath, recep
tion ball, den and aleeping porch in Nor
wood addition, fronting boulevard, 30
feet from main entrance of Miller Park.
Price. M.OOO. Sinsll rash payment down,
balance Ilka rent. Interest on money
per cent. Also have a nice vacant lot in
same addition. Pt.oaea Harney J9T1 or
Harney III".
TWO lote In Ralston. Both bargains.
Phone Douelaa
rum at ch lamps roa ai.
n TOD are Interested In California
land for fruit or chicken raising, call en
Ftxa Weetberg, (it Bee Bldg.. Omaha,
FREE! literature will be sent to anyone
interacted In the wonderful Sacramento
valley, the richest valley In the world.
Unlimited opportunities Tnousaada of
scree available at right prices. The place
for the men wanting a home In the fioeet
climate on earth. Write to a public or
ganisation that gives reliable Informa
tion. Secretary, Sacramento Valley lie
veloproent Association, Sacramento. Cal."
F ACRES good farm land near Grover.
Weld county, at I" an acre. Tims on
Box zs. Denver coio.
Farms. Stock Ranches, Fruit Lands.
11.4s) acre stock ranch. 4M acres deeded.
13.1DU acres leased, plenty of water, wlnd-
mtlla, tank a Improvements tor stock. This
la an extra good stock rancn. nice p. (no.
IsM acre stock ranch, two good S-r.
hnueea. SDrlns house, bunk bouse barn.
corrals, etc. sll fenced. Spring on about
every quarter. Cut over ijD tone bay and
can be made to cut three times aa much.
Extra, good stock proposition. Price M.MD.
COO down, balance on terms to suit.
ita acres, two miles south of Straus burs.
36 miles east of Denver, J-r. bouse, bam.
good well, pump, fenced and cross renced.
acres In wheat, good toll. Price 3t
per sere.
Ma acres, ltt miles south of Bennett.
fenced. IM acres in wheat; fine soli; lays
well. Price $M per acre.
We have very large net or lands
imiiar to the above to pick from. Price
per sera and up. Write ue for par
207 Temple Court Bldg. Denver. Con.
Traversed by the
Lands adapted to tbe widest range of
crops. All tbe money crops of the south
plentifully produced. For literature treat
lug with this coming ct'ntry. Its sou,
climate, church and school advantages,
Ueneral Passenger Agent.
4 quarter sections In one township.
Stanton county. Kansas; gt an acre
wholesale: agents' commission. SJuA, Bog
tti, Denver, Colo.
atasaaa. t
quarter sections western Kansas:
i , i. n,t ti un . will ... fct ana
agents' commission. Box ati. Denver, Colo,
THE ee sleet way to find t barer for
your farm le to Insert a email want ad
m the Dea afotnea Capital. Largest alr
filiation in tbe stats of Iowa. UOu) dally.
Tbe Capital Is read by and believed It
by the standpatters of Iowa, was etrnsiy
refuse to permit any other paper in tbelr
homes. Ratee, I cent a word a day; ti-M
per line per month; csuu au srdissry
words to tns Una, Adareee ilea ateiaea
Capital. Dee aiocuee, la.
"aflNNVeOTA Fa1T1
jB want td'bse'rrb-1
in sooTgmv
for sAue if j
van etat lis . hue
nmvmA n in SU,uthrn U naSIJ c
(or catalog Southern ailnaeea i J-- jkL
Op . Blue rarth. Faribault Co.. aflat, TTi
Big land boom starting In northwestern
Minnesota. Get In the game buy soma
cheap land on sssy terms Cheap ex
cursion rates. We have our own salesmen
and offices at Thief Klver Falls allnn.:
Broadview. Mont ; Gooding, Idaho, and
Seattle. Wash. Write for rales and par
ticulars. Our reputation ami financial
responsibility are ungueetloned. Good
agenis wanted In every locality. Write
now today.
El. WOOD LAND CO.. (Inserporated .)
xT-tui Asdrua Bldg. Minneapolis, Minn.
FIFTEEN years to pay igiM per acre
for Montana's choicest Irrigated farm
lands: 70.4IO acres now open under the
Carey act at Valier, Mont.; W bushels sf
wheat, lit bushels of oats. It bushels of
flsx per acrt. Writs today. Clinton.
Hum at Co.. Box I Valier, Mont
RANCH ES $2,0w) to 1100.000. Send for
list. Shorten A Co., Ranch Dealers,
Omaha, Neb.
I own quarter sections Nebraska
land, scattered; will take V an acre, net.
Carry two per quarter h years, 4 per cent.
SUA JSB. nan v n. rv, .viw.
vn sun, neuiivi wuii.x, - i '
acre, all caab. Must act quick. George at.
nawaine, ova law, en..
I-Jwr ri DU
vated; KW worth of modern Improve
ments A bargain at 14 per acre: rea
sonable terms, as trade. Clauds A, Davla,
Ord. Neb.
( sections good land, Lincoln county,
Nebraska, at ID an acre; half cash, bal
ance 4 years, 4 per oent. Commission to
stents, I1.SJ0. Box tai, Denver, Colo.
FOR SALE Improved Howard county
farm: lMI acres; good Improvements lii
per acre. Write L. S. Moore. Grand
Island. Neb. .
l.ttti-ACRE ranch, Improved; au) acres
cultivated; 7 miles from railroad, Cuater
county. PricA, te. Korduulst, 13 Neville
Nsrth Dakota.
8NAP 4.000 acres from one to seven
miles 1 1 cm uiviaiuu iu . m oi v.,v o.
Chicago, Milwaukee A St. Paul railrcad
in Dlltinga gvuniti nnn isamvim.
able for colonisation or ranch. Greatest
Snap in ins neat cwuu.j in tna a,avn.
Price, 17 per acre. Act quick If you want
It. Call on G. H. Suit, Marmarth, N. D.
Everybody's doing It, Doing what?
Raising crops all the year around and
realising from Ivot to tl.Ou) per ears. But
you have to be In San Benito. Join our
excursion Tuesday and tee this groat
country. Write us or call at our office
TU Brandelt Building.
D. 119L (91 City National Bank Bldg.
Farm land and ranches.
Kaaaaa City Grain and Provisions.
-Unchanged; No. : bard. 1 WVjOl.15; No.
J, litHaiu; No. 1 red, tl.lbai.17; No. a,
ll.isril 15.
CORN Market IQlc lower; No. 1 mixed,
SStc; No. S, l3Slc; No. I white, c; No,
a Mc
OATS Unchanged: No. t white. 549
ieVrC; NO. 1 mixed, ilVjfi 52c
WHEAT-July. tla. September, !
RYE 4"-i9lc.
HAY Weak: choice timothy. ULtOO
25.09; eholce prairie. t30.Su3n.00.
BUTTER Creamery, ate; firsts. 24c.
Seconds, ae: packing stock. lHc.
OATS-JiAy. bo; Sepumber, 41"4
tlSc. . ' .
KGOS-Extras, lie; firsts. 17c; seconds.
Receipts. Shipments.
Wheat, bu. U.m js oco
Corn. bu. 71 ) JSOuO
Oats. bu. 10.0U0 4.400
Vbllarlelpbla Protiuce Market.
Oeadv: western creamery, special, &c:
western creamery, extra. Tic; nearby
prints, extra. S0c.
O r I r tu , renna. irenia ana otner
nearby firsts tree cases. It. 00 per esse;
current receipts, free csars. 45 56 per
esse; western firsts, free cases, M M per
case; current receipts, free cases, is.
per case.
CHEESE Steady; New Terk full
creams, new. lHc; part tklms, Mfl4c.
Pesria Market.
PEORIA. I. ly .-CORN-tea4y;
No. 2 yellow. 41c; No. 4 yellow, 7e; No.
I yellow, 74Vc; No. 4 mixed, Hfltno; No.
4 mixed. 71,0; sample, 08ic.
OATS Quiet; No. 1 erhite 44a; Ms I
white. 444& -
Mllveasks Orala Markst.
t northern. 11 leHffl.ieH. No. t northern.
B 171l IH; No. f bard winter, p.lfrffl 14;
July. U U4b91-UH; September, tLOsa.0
CORM-No. I yellow. 9le: No. t
white. lc: No. a, 7et0c; Jury, 7H;
September. HTlt1mC.
OATS-Standard. 56fl"c
BARLEY Malting. B WClg.
Mlaaeapolle Urals Market.
Mav $i U; July. September, tl.ta.
Cash: No. 1 hard a.lS; No 1 northern.
tl Wil.leA,; Nr. I BOTtnem, f4.lltjl.a4S4;
No. I wheat, tl.U81.UVe, .
Copyright. 1512, National Newa Atn.
Bavinr Support Comet Oat on All
Breki in Wheat
cosi como FBOM COnHTET
Trade to Fairly n allies keeaeae st
af the rasa plal ate sf tbe Peer
beraslaatloa at the
OMAHA. Msy . lilt
It It vary noticeable that on all breaks
'-'heet vaiuea buying support comet
TO V,Ofll offerlnga are absorbed, quickly
wci a the market.
TWflliad.. la Maala a aulh..
IVTl 'itlon and with any signs of lain
aa and Nebraska buyers are In
dwelt to run away from the market.
Crops at the present time are In good
shape, but rain Is needed In several
More corn la being bought from country
holders, which tends to relieve tbe strain
In the cash situation.
The trade la fairly bullish because of
the complaints of poor germlntlton, scar
city of seed corn, together with the late
ness o fthe season. Fine weather over the
belt le favorable to planting.
Wheat opened ateady and ruled dull
until lust befoie I he close, when shorts
covered on dry weather reports Cash
wheat wee Vsu lower.
Corn was week early on reported heav
ier country offerings, but short telling
waa short-lived and values firmed up
and closed higher. Cash, corn Wat 'sj&M
Primary wheat receipts were tm.OnO
bushels and shipments eSI.OTO bushels
against receipts Isat year of t;l.0M) bush
els and tbipmenui of 474WI0 bushels.
Primary corn receipts were fTt.OVO bush
ale and thlpmentt Hw.iOe bushels, against
receipts last year of I7X. bushels and
shipments of iMo.0t bushels.
Clearances were l,0tO bushels of corn,
none of oate. and wheat and flour equal
to bushels.
Liverpool closed. No markst. Holiday.
The following cash aalee sre reported:
Wheat-No. i hard: 1 cars. 11 04; No. t
hard: 1 oar,, 1 oar, ll.uSVs, No. i
mixed: 1 ear. 41.04. No. 1 mixed: 1 oar,
tl.OTU. Corn-No. t white: J cart, c; 1
car. 7SV; No. I white: I ear, tut; 4 cart,
7SV: 1 car. TWic; 1 car, 7c. No. 4 white:
1 car, 75c. No. I color: I car, 77tc. No 4
oolor: 1 ear, 75c. No. I yellow: t cars. T4c;
1 oars. ;tea; No. 4 yellow: I oars, Tie; 1
car, llc No. 1 mixed. : cars. 77c; t cart,
7V; t cars. 74c. No. t mixed: I rare.
74c; I cart, 74Hc; U cars. 74c; 4 cart, 74Vto;
No. 4 mlsed: 4 cars, 7Jo, I oars, ;ivc. No
grsde: 1 car, 4Jc. 1 car, He; I car, 47W.
Oats: No. t white: I care, 51c; No. 4
white: t cars, HVc; 1 car, lie. No. 4
yellow; I oar, 41 'c.
Oasaka Caen rrtese.
WHEAT No. 1 bard. tl.allat tW- Nn
t hard, tl daULOSt,; No. 4 hard. II 08Vrl .07.
iun-w wnite, T.svn'sir'; no. a
white, 7lF7Hc: No. 4 white 74074t:: No.
t yellow, 77W-77V4C; No. I yellow, 74ifi7ilo;
No. 4 yellow TlOTlc: No. t corn, 74ya77o;
No. t corn. 74t!e; So. 4 corn, 7Hf73c; no
grade, S?0r.
OATS-No. I white. iiefi52Hc: ttandard,
Sitf5!ic: No. a white. IlV.S3c, No. 4
white tOvrQilc.
BAitLKY Mailing, lc41.14; No. 1
feed, Tuotuc; heavier than feed. Ttejiuc.
RYE No. t, attrc; No. 1 raise.
Carlo! Recelpta.
Wheat. Corn. Ottt
, 17
.... U
.... 11
rest ares si the Tradlag and Ctssiauj
Prices en Board of Trade.
r'uif a n" 111 . r- . . .
- ' ' . " " J, a,aj ' 'ii eocount 01
complsints from Nebraska that rain waa
needed and because the drouth In western
Kaniai nag only been broken In part,
wheat today showed unexpected strenxth.
Wheat closed firm, 4c to 13 IV" above
last night. Lateat trading leu corn vary
ing from Vc decline to c advance, oata
up Hd'-tc sod provisions unchanged to
e increase.
Wheat speculators at first believe, that
tha rainfall In Kancaa waa confined to
eastern and central Kansas, where mois
ture was not required and that dryness
still plagued tbe western plains, where
the crops bad bean parching brswn. A
nuying movement nere received much
Impetus before word was received that
the downpour had extended a considerable
distance In northwest Kansas. The break
that ensues earned tns market s little
below last night s level, but prices soon
rallied, helped by ttsttments that many
thousands of acres In Nebraska were In
danger If rain did not came quick.
atuslneaa In tbe latter part of tha ses
sion so far as the wheat pit was con
earned, appeared ts be largely to keep
near to short, owing to the uncertain out-
loot regarding crop eonaitiona In the
west. July ranged from tl u to IMO',
dosing firm at It lev a gsln of 44c net.
Corn closed at Intermediate priest, after
having been ewayed alternately by the
wheat strength and by a forecast of fine
weather and of laiger receipts. July fluct
usted between 7rrliii74ec and 75a$i5c,
with the close firm. Ve up at TSHe. Cash
grsdes were In fair demand. No. 1 yel
low, S3c
Cash houses led the buying In oats.
July ranged between eChtc and alt. The
close waa strong. although the
top tlgurea of the day snowed a rite of
4c over last night.
Provt stone averaged firmer. In the end
September lord waa 7Vc us, bul the added
expense for the rest of the list did not
exceed s nickel.
Article! Open. 1 Hlgn. I Lew. I Cloee.lTes y.
leat, 1 1
lav.) 1 USi 1 14; 1 UHl I
uly. 1 10SW 1 !, 1 ' 1
(Pt.iiOtW 115'a IMS 1
ec..I t,VSj 14M. 1H 1
itm 1 14
im.: 1 la
1,i 1
12 I IBH! 1H
11 m,' u rwi it lrtai i is
: 1
U 42441 It 8 I It CV, 14 ei'Vs
vl U I It CSI
I W S2H1 r I
10 jru
Bept'.ilt2'-e U M
I It e
tict.i rv 1 1 iv es
10 771 It
AlKa 1 1
Juiv innru-ai w X I M w 1 M mai id 14
Sept.! 10 rcv 11 b I 10 24 ( 10 ttV, li27uit
FLOUR Steady ; winter -patents. 42-10.
iSlK; winter ttraigata, 14-6oaa.iv, spring
pttentt. t4 00fjIO: spring tualthts. tUO
.: bakers. 14 toert.ts.
RYE Nn. t. lf:o. !
BARLEY Feed or nrlxlng. 76flJc. fair
lo choice, malting. 111441 21.
SEEDS-Timothy. 7.utj.80. Clover.
PROVISIONS Pork. mess. Ill I7y
1S.50. Lard tin tlercesl, 110.50. Short
ribs (loose). I10.1JV
Total clearances of wheat and flour
were equal to St.u bu. Primary re
ceipts were 903.O0U bu., compared with
sTtxOUw bu. tha corresponding day a year
ago. Estimated receipte tomorrow:
Wheat, 14 cars: corn. 104 cart; oata. 111
ears; hogs. 44.0DO head.
Chicago Cash Prlcrs-Whest: No. 1 red.
tl.livtOI II, No. I red, tl l1.14i No. I
hard. I1UW1 14: No. I hard. 111101.14:
No. 1 northern. Il.lt1.21: No. 3 northern,
I1WII, No t nor 1 hern. II .1101.17-. No.
2 spring. II No I spring, tl l9
Ml: No. 4 spring. C oeffl 11; vslvel chaff,; durum. H Corn: No. A
&-; No. white, 13c; No. 2 yellow, tic;
No. I. 7j7ie: No. t white, u"1Ic; No.
1 yellow. TJtituc. No. I, 74r;; No. 4
white. '74kV".7o; No. I yellow. 74tfy:He.
Oats: No. 1 white, o4WY"' No. t while,
nu,ti,-',c; No, white. e-Vdjltc- stand
ard. ttoHe.
Rye: No. & llOBo. Barley. TbrOtl 24.
Tlnvoihy aeed, I'..luu.i0. Clover aeed.
BI'TTER Weak; creameries. IXMic,
dairies. 2utr24e.
KtUJS-titeady: recelpta, 11.401 rases; at
mark, rasee Included. ihl7e; ordinary
firsts, ldulec. firsts, 17ibUH.
CilEEt-E - Easy; daisies. USflif.Sc
twins. IMlMHkc; ysuna A merlcas. It WO
Uc; long horns. lic, I54c.
POTATOES Steady; receipts 27 cars;
Wisconsin. H.ObeiLlI; Michigan and MI11
neeota, l.Uu.a.
POULTRY -Alive, steady; turkeys, 12c;
chickens, Ulve.
VEAL-Steady at tt12s.
aslatleaa sf tha ttar Varlsse
Coat asodlttes.
NEW YORK. May 24,-FLOUR-Qulet;
spring patenta. U aOaAIO. winter straights.
It leal., winter patents, .lf.s. spring
clears. I4.t0v4.l0; winter extraa, No. 1.
It.tuat.W; No. A tUOat.W; Kansas
straights, tAloal tl. Buckwheat flour firm.
Rye flour, quiet; fair lu good. IbObaMO;
choice lo fancy, U !6u6.aV
t'ORNM E A L steady; whltt and ytllaw,
tl.74ul 40: kiln dried, It S.
BARLEY Steady; malting. 1J.10C1. a
I. f Buffalo.
WHtAT-Spot market steady; No. t
red, tl.aiVi. e. I. f. aomceuo basis, to ar
rive; No. 1 northern Dulutb, U MVs ' o.
b. afloat Futurea market closed un
changed to V net higher. May closed,
tl SN: July. I1.14H; Sepumber, I1.00H.
CORN Spot ansrkst steady; export,
45lc tab. gfloat. Futures markst
OATS-Spot market quiet: tttndtrd
white, aliee In elevators; No. t. 41c; No.
A 41 Van ; No. 4. lis; natural white and white
clipped. alwdlMc en track; futurea market
nominal. Recelpta, 2.twl bushels
HAY-Uulet: prime, tl 10; No. 1, JIB;
No t I14MII W: No. 1. 11160114
HIDES-Steady; Central America, Ho;
Bogoia. M-eHBc.
LEATHEK Firm: hemlock firsts. 240
27c; seconds. Kejlec; tblrda, HC. re
le: is. lie.
PROVISlONs-Pork. tletdy; mest. I3I.40
74: ftmlly. nOboen W; short clears,
tVLOOtflAsl. Beef, steady; meea, liW)ti
lik). family. UIUOSIAUI; beef hams, I-IOO
61109. Cut meats, quiet: pickled bellies
10 to 14 pounds, Ill.OfttjlZOO; pickled hams.
I12.MOU00. l.erd, steady, middle weet
prime. IlleOeiOa): refined, steady; con
tinent, tli-ui; South America, ell.00; com
pound, fr.(ili.2e.
TALLOW Steady; prime city. 54c; apa
clal, f. country. 4Wv?f"4C.
CHEESE Weak; receipts. I.4 boxes:
state whole milk, while averaga fancy.
14J4414bc; stale whole milk corored.
average fancy. 15c; whole milk, under
grades. lSfllty-! tklms. 7JUWc.
EJ-rlteay. recelpta. 14.0 casee;
fresh gsthered extras. 21OUV1: sxus
first storage packed. mXifi: Ilrst stor
age packed. lVauVtc; extra first regular
racked.; first regular packed. Wa
lH4c; western gsthered wbitae.lM21VsO.
BITTtR Firmer; receipts i.sw tubs-,
creamery extraa. -fTarrVrc: lactory current
make, firsts. MSftc: factory, current
make, seconds, 2.'Jlc: packing etock.
current make. No. i. 21c; factory slock,
current make. No. a, ls'stf'.arttc.
POl'LTRY-Allve. steady: ctilekent.
broilers, aue; western fowls, 17c; turkeys,
12r dressed. Irregular; chlckent. broilers.
iMjJe; western fowls. IMtwlllAc; turkey.
Sf. tala (isnssml Market.
ST. 1XIUIS. Mo.. May 2 WHEAT
Cash, steady; track, No. 1 red, No.
2 bard. I1.144J1 17SI. ,...
COR.V-Steady; track, Kb. I, etc; No. I
white, 7HC.
OATS Finn; track, No. I 4f4Hc; N
2 white. loVaOboVtc.
Closing prices of futures:
WHEAT Higher; May, 11 14'4; July.
ILolSftl ulH; September, tl i,l -.
COrtN-Lower; May. 444c. Juiy. 77c;
September. 74Vc.
(5ATS-HIgher; May. MHc; July. tOSe:
RYE Nominal; 44c.
FIXUR-lulet; red winter patents. K SI
66 75. extra fancy end sirtignt. t4.7uo
i : hard winter clears, D 7te 1A
HAY-Firmer; timothy, WiJB40; prai
rie, 420 lff24 U0.
PROV!-IONS-Pora, unchanged; Job
bing. i4 Lard, nncbanged; prime
steam, tvb'iiot". Dry salt meets (boxed 1.
unchaned. extra shorts, lli42S; clear
ribs tiOSlS: short eleere. Bacon
(boxed), unchanged; extra snorts, in c,;
clear ribs. IlLelvs; short cleara, tll.rv.
POULTRY-Dull; chickens. 12c; springs.
BjjSe; turkeys. 12V; ducks, lie. geese, 5c
BITTER Dull: creamery. 221J?;c.
EGGS steady; UV
Receipts. Shipments
Flour bble 7. !
Wheat, bu .' J."
Corn, tiu 2 ' WW
oats, bu 44.W. M.OItt
Kaaaae City Live Stack Market.
. . -n . n I V ... aZ riTTl E Va
RAllMDClll, a. av " ' '
ceipta, 1,104 head. Including tm south
erns; market steady: native steers t4"9
1 25; southern steers. I. 2531 2a. southern
cows ano neiiaia, e.-t.v-w. . .....
snd heifers, tlaftS'S: stockers and feed
ers, Xtt.aei,.a; OUIIS, I. caw,aa. a.av
tfsi; weetern tteere. tt.09lot; western
COWS, 4.2A7e.
HOOS Receipts, it& heed: market
steady to 4c lower; bulk of tales 17.449i.70:
r io:.70: lights. 17.7.m; pigs. li SSu
47l. .
SHEEP AND lei9, none:
.- -. SI IWii Oft- lamKa
naiftri ,Kur, . . v - . ..
tb.aO&I.IO; range wethers and yearlings.
It Zc-'K1; range ' ewca, 13 OO-jjo a, Texas
. , . a, mvmI -7.
gaca, aa.vw.
Drawn for The Bee by Gus Mager
Beef Steers Eig-her, Feeders Lower
for the Week.
Shorn l.essbs, Ceastltatlag Balk st
Week's Receipte, Sell at Clsss ts
Ten ts Fifteen Isveee
Than W eek Ago.
SOUTH OMAHA. May 24. lilt
Receipts were: Csttle. tlogs. Sheep.
Oftlc'sl Monday IJM WO 4..04
official Tueaday 4.M4 17,
Official Wednesday.... 17W 14.01)
tifficiat Thursday l.Jl U 3
Official Friday tM I.J7S
Kaliniatt Saturday.... 17 4. 44
Six days this week..U,Mt
Same davt last week. .11. 44
San.e dayt I w ks ago li A-A
lame dayt I w'ka. ate 15.4M
Same dayt 4 w'kt age 14. n
sauit aaya last
Tbe following table shows tns recelpta
of cattle, bogs and sheep at South Omaha
for tbe year to date, as compared with
Isat year: 111:. mil Inc. Dec
t altie 247 ,4; 411 401 4s,lsk
Hogs J,.;i l.OItl.tbl 417.111
Sheep i;,U7 ..JU1 14.S5I
The following table thowt the range af
prices paid for hogs at south Omaha for
the last few days, with comparisons-
Date. I I'll. 1I1.I1H0.:1.1WS 17.1M4.
May 1
7 el'tl IKII1UI
1 1 mi m a
04 f All SS
May 17.
Uay It.
May U.
May 90.
May B.
May a.
T 111 IOI I M 7
I 44i I 441 7 .'f 4 K 4 ( 4 at
4 i t at I al 4 Mt ' lit
I 72 I 4 ssj I Ml I ! '
t 4I 7 tl I gi I 24 4 X4
I 441 I 44 I t I l. I 1SI 4 K
I ti I - I ill I a. I III 1 111
1 t Mi I Jl 4 17 t IH 2.
1 1 I TOi I II 7 1' t 14) m, u
Hay ii.
May 34
Msy 1
Recelpta and disposition of live slock at
the Union stuck Yards, South Omaha, for
tweniy-lour hours ending I p. m. yes
Cauls Hois H'rA
C. M A. St. F 4
Wabash 1
Missouri Perlflc I
Union Pacific JJ
C. A N. W., eaat 13
C. N. W . weet 1 1
(.., Mt. P., If. gt O I
C, B. g .saat I
C., B Q . weet 11 ..
C , n I. A- P.. east t
Illinois Csntral I ..
c. a w
Total receipts 1 111 1
Cattle. Unas
Omaha Packing Co 4M
Swift and Company 1.771
Cudahy Packing Cft AMI
Armour at Co i.ev
Wlr A fn lal
Other buyers I
Totals 1 AM
CATTLE There were no freeh recelpta
of cattle, or at least none ot any conse
quence, and the market wat absolutely
bare of supplies. For the week receipts
have shown a little gain over lest week'e
smsll run and a heavy falling oil, as
compared with a year agu. Under the In
fluence of light receipte and a good buy
ing demand, the market baa been In a,
good, healthy and generally aatlsfactory
condition, so far aa moat kinds of cattle
are concerned.
Tha big bulk of the recelpti this week
consisted of eornfed steers, most of them
on the tslr to medium order, but with
sprinkling of right good killers. Under
the Influence of liee buying on the part
of packets, the market during the week
has advanced It Ike . the best cattle hav
ing sold up to gilO, the highest price
ever paid at thia point.
Cows and hentis of the better grade
have been In good demand all the week
and have commanded strong prices, the
trade as a wbule being very satl.iectory
to the sellers The less desirable grades
have not been quite such free tr active
sellers, but still ihey have sommandeu
relatively good prices, and for toe week
are not far fr.,m steady.
Stackers and feedere have been In light
receipt all week, which baa been fortu
nate for the in view of
the fact that the country demand hat
been quite smsll. Owing to the lack of
buying support, even lite few cattle ar
riving ahowed a tendency to accumulate
in tha hands of yard traders to such an
extent that prices eased off and at lbs
close of ma week are as much aa IsitaUu
Quotations on csttle: flond-'fo choice
beef steers, t 1.000110; fair le good beef
steers, cuys.o, common to lair beei
sceers, 4v.'si1u7.'aj; good to Choice heifers,
f 7t2.7o; good to choice cowt. 7504.71;
fair to good rows, tt.alia474; common to
fair coat, ta.0ct4.K; good to choice slock
eis and feeders. tVlu7.2e. fair to good
lockers and foedns. 14 143121; stock
cowt and heifers. 14 0071125; veal calves,
M0u0s 24; buila. sua:, etc.. R5o97
HiniS-llogs opened with buyers bid
ding ic tnd In some csaas possibly 510.
lower than yesterday and It looked for a
time as If the general market would t
lower The trade, however, speedily
firmed up becoming fully steady with
yeeierdav en which basis meet ot the
hogs sold. Toward lha close some little
strength developed and a few sales
looked. If anything, a Utile better tnait
yesterday. Taking the market as a whole
It could hardly be quoted otherwise than
steady with yesterday. The trade whea
once under way wae fairly active and
everything In eight had changed hands
before 10 o'clock In tha morning. The
quality of tbe bogs waa not so good a
yesterday and for that reason the sales
do not show up to well on paper at they
would otherwise.
Receipte for the week font up tf ofci
head, being the largest tince three weeks
ago and larger than a year ago by al
most 7.004 head. In spite of the large
run the market at t uliole has been in
fair thape so far aa tha demand hat been
concerned. Buyert naturally took ad
vantage ot the large rune on tome days
and prices were sharply lower, especially
during tha early part of the week. Part
of tbe loss waa recovered on Thursday,
but lost again on Friday, to that at the
close ot the week tbe general market la
around ISVl'-So lower than at the cloje
of in- wee.
SHEEP There were no fresh recelpta
of sheep today and none on sale to make
a market. For the week receipts have
been very llbersf for this season of the
year, showing a large gala over last week
and only a s:ight falling off aa com
psred with the corresponding week a year
ago. As has been noted from day te day
tea recti! ts have consisted aimust entirely
All! I
tour 1
41.417 I.Kfi
17.HH 1J,I4
43.174 KiCfl
11 wU
ai,XH i;.
a.,se4 U:M
of shorn Ismbs. with light sprinkling
of wnoled lambs. There have been no
wethers, yearlings or ewee of any eon
sequence received during the week. An w
rational etrav bunch bee arrived, but all
told not enough have put In aa appear
ance to make a market.
Shorn lambs, which, aa noted above,
have constituted the btg bulk of the re
celpta have told 10 fairly good advantage.
On Monday and Tuesday there were sev
eral bunches good enough to bring 14.60.
Iur1ng the letter psrt of the week there
wna a falling off both In quality and In
price, so that on Thursday the beet Ismbs
here were only good enough ts bring
lt and on Friday there wat nothing
sravl enough to bring over x H. Taking
the quality Into consideration (he market
could hardly be quoted over 10A150 lower
than last week. The feeling It that a
strictly eholce bunch of shorn lambs
would bring aa much aa 14.50.
A few scattering loads of sheep and
awes received during the week sold rela
tively high because of the scarcity, but
tna demand at init season or tne year ia
not very brisk for that kind of tttitt
and the feeling la that It would not takn
vary many to overstock the msrket Still
supplies a the country are so small that
thrie la not much danger ot too many
The wooled lambs received during tha
week have til been from the same feed
lot and hava told at la.3 and tsV
Desaaad tat t stile Dall Hega
l.e wee Mhee p klwe r.
CHICAGO, May sV-CATTLS-Recelpta,
Kb. head; market dull; beeves, t.l0.4il;
Tales steers. 4nj?lB, western Hears,
t4 .(4i7IO: stockers and feedere, M4f:
cowa and bsllsia. C.wa;.si: oalvaa. a,.sud
HOGS-Receipts, 11.01 head: market
wenk. fo lower; light. I7.IUD7 41; mixed,
!7 2o7.; heavy. . 47. 75, rough. 17 24
, so. pigs, 4".s.. bulk at sales, f,.M
811 EE AND LAMBS Receipts. I.Ont
hetd; market slow; natives, fJ;
westerns. oWi yearlings VbU7l;
native lambs, MiAvglM; western lambs,
St. I.eele Live bisek Market. '
Receipts, l.Mt heed: no Texsns; market
steady, native beef sleert, tt.oni.a; eowg
and heifers, 13 Soul 50, stockers and feed
era. H 75O7.0O: Tcxat and Indian steers,
t..KJr7 cowa and heifers, tl BJ-,.r4;
calves In carload lots. tSfitW.
HOUS-Receipts, A 500 head: market
tleady: pls tnd lights. lio7l0: mixed
and butchers, I'.OOfl ;.a; good heavy, 17.74
St. Joseph live Stock Market. -
Receipte 100 bead; market steady; steers,
MiauAM-O; cons and belters, tlSJlOO:
calves, M 504JS 40.
IKHiS-Recelptt 4.w1 bead: market,
weak to ts lower; top, 17.75; bulk of tales,
'VllKEP AND LAMBS No theep; mar
ket ttetdy; Ismbs. 7.i0AW,
Stock la Sight. -
Recelpta of live slock at the flvt princi
pal western markets yesterday:
Cattle. Hogs. Sheep.
South Omaha ) , . ....
St. Joaepb 100 4 0 ....
Kansas City l.lno f.n) .1..
St. Louis 1.0 t.w
Chicago im U.0M l.los
Total recelpta l ie) M.S00 1.40s
Notice la hereby given thet In compli
ance with in order of sale made bv the
District Court in and for Woodbury
eouiitv. Iowa, In suit of Joseph T. Ryer.
ton A Son, a corporation, plaintiff,
against Sioux City Foundry Mfg. Co.,
a corporation., defendant. Equity No.
21A, now pending, the undersigned Ra
ce1 vers will sell at public auction, at ths
office of the said defendant at East
Eighth and Division streets. In tbs city
of Sioux City, Woodbury County, Iowa,
on ths 17th day of June, IS It, at the hour
of two o clock p. m. ot said day, lha fol
lowing real and personal property ot ths
aald Sioux City Foundry si Mfg. Co.. to
wn: Krai Property, consisting ot ths
plant site at East Eighth and Division
Streets, 2t feet by eisi feet tleas a strip
Mild to Stlckley-Hunter Co. of 71 feet by'
M) feet), including all buildings, side
tracks and appurtenances, together wtik
all machinery Installed therein. '
- Personal Property, consisting ot kit
office furniture and fixtures, and all ma
chinery, toels, patterns, drawings, blue
prints, and all equipments and appliances
not a part of the really above mentioned,
contained on said premises, or used icj
the management and operation of said)
Foundry Company'a business.
Also all Stork of 11 ere hand lee hand
at sale of sale, consisting of furnace s.
tractors, and other goods snd commodi
ties heretofore kept for sale In regular
course of trade by said Foundry Com
pany. Aire til Stock of Coke and Coal. Ima,
and Steel, and other rsw msterisit used,
hi manufacture by said Foundry Com
pany. 7
For a complete description of said real
pioperty, and eech and every of tbs ar
ticles of personal property above referred
to. reference Is hereby made to a full,
true, complete and accurate Inventory ofj
aucb property which will be on file snd)
subject to public inspection In the riffles
of e-iid Foundry Company st sll -es
during bust nest hours on and attar . va
7th. mt.
Tha said real and persona! property
comprises the whole of the pisnt, prop
erty end stock of said Foundry Coma
pany heretofore used by M In the opera
tion of Ita business and will be ottered)
for sale and sold In gross In order thai
such purchaser msv assume tbe imme
diate charge, poeseeaton and control .-if?
said plant on consummation of sale, mm
going concern; except that the tractors.
rur nai-es and otner goons and eotcmosi
tles kept for sale In the regular ooureo
of trade. Including tbe Iron, steal, repairs,
coke and oca I. which necesaanly fluctuat
ss tu uuantity from day to day. will be
offered and told In aucb manner as that
bide may be made thereon by ths piece,
ton. or pound weight er la such manner
ss such articles are usually sold, an In
ventory of such property snd stock to b
made up and tiled In tha office of tlw
company, subject to public Inspection as
axoreeatd. three days before the sale. so
sa to epprlss bidders of the approximate
quantity on band at date of aale. ,
The terme of such aale 111 be cash.
Dated at Sioux City. Ia.. May 27th, J913.
D. C. Ilil'U
Receivers of Sioux City Foundry A Mfg.
Co.. Sioux City. Ia.
Shull. Karnsworth. Sammls At Stillwelt,
Sioux City, lit. Attorneys tor Revetvere.