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    THE BEE: OMAHA, MONDAY, -MAY 27, 1912.
Uv im Wat it.
X. ML Clark. Agra. lath and Douila
Xlaetrla Warming Pads, Burgess-Gran-
VoatOT Write from Com Polk
Judge Charles E. Foster la bainc beard
from by picture postal from Seattle, on
which he declares, however, that he
hasn't seen anything yet better thaa
Chief Improves Opportunity While
'William Hemphill, foreman at the A!a
mito dairy, was out to lunch In bis sh'n
sleeves someone went through the
pockets of his coat much he had let
hlnrtnr n natl An iiiilmlof ,il ohecb-
for MS and some small bills were takes.
Old Soldiers Oo to Church Custer
Post No. ? of the Grand Army of the
Republic and relief corps will meet at
It o'clock Sunday morning at Twenty
ninth and Leavenworth streets and et
tend Westminster church In a body. The
call has been Issued by Commander E
W. Johnson,
Ueben Makes a Sit It will be worth
the gate money to hear Oscar Ueben t
Kor Ko sing the local verses In "Th
Mikado" Monday and Tuesday nights at
the Orpheum for the Elks. He hits off
local statesmen and things about towe
In a parody on "He's got 'em on the
Ust; They'll none of them be missed."
Towl ,17111 array Omaha "A Com
prehensive Survey of Omaha" Is the sub
ject that will be presented Tuesday nonr
at the Henshaw hotel by Roy N. Towl
before the weekly gathering of the
, Omaha Ad dub. Mr. Towl fat a civil en
gineer of ability and has a message on
the scientific building of future Omaha.
McKeen Defendant
By Order of Court
Objections to C. W. Hull's amended pe
tition against his former wife. Mrs. Will
lam R. McKeen. bringing her present
husband into the case as a co-defendant,
were overruled by Judge A. C Troup In
the equity division of the district court
t Mrs. McKeen several weeks ago objected
' to Hull's petition to set aside the 1.000
alimony contract, on the ground that It
cnargea tier with conspiring with sic
Keen to force Hull Into the contract and
aba could not be accused of conspiracy
unless a co-consplrator should be named.
The court suatalned this objection and
Hull Immediately gave notice he would
file a new petition, making McKeen a
The suit- now Is almost rary to be
tried on Its merits. The bringing of Mc
Keen Into the case raises a question
whether the divorce suit itself was
. brought In good faith, and the trial
finally may result In setting aside of the
entire divorce decree, though thts Is not
likely. Should the decree be set aside
the marriage of McKeen and the former
Mrs. Hull would be nullified.
Peruvian Family ,
Meets in Reunion
Of the UP or more graduates of the
Peru State normal residing In Omaha
fifty or more met In Elmwood park yes
terday, where they lived their echo.-.:
days over. There were young and old,
the graduates of last year and the grad
uates of many years ago.
Everything was strictly informal. Tt
was like a family reunion. There were
no set speeches or oratory, but there
were numerous school songs and tales of
pranks played on the teachers. At s
. o'clock a basket dinner was spread. It
being the concluding feature of the gath
ering. Among those attending were both
men and women, a large number of whom
have given up teaching, the women to
become wives and mothers and the men
to engage In other lines of business.
Thieves broke Into the University of
Omaha soma time yesterday morning, and
after throwing books and school para
phernalia about the building, made off
with twenty-five small electric light
globes The polios believe that It Is the
work of mischievous boys
.... rrla-htfml Pat
In the stomach, torpid liver, lame back
and weak kidneys are soon relieved by
1 Electric Bitter. Guaranteed. 60c For
J sal by Beaton Drag Co. .
ALSO agWILsnr-ssyl
All Work GuaraurleeA
Prices Hsssonabla,
i Who doe not know the value of Bag
and Sulphur tor keeping the. hair dark,
oft and glossy and In good condition?
As a matter of fact Sol pour la a natural
element of hair, and a deficiency of it is
the hair I held by many scalp specialists
to be connected with losa of color and
vitality of ths hair. Unqissstionahly
there I no better "remedy for hair and
scalp troubles, especially prematura gray,
nass. than Sage and Sulphur. If properly
Tb Wyeth Chemical Company of New
Tork put out an Meal preparation of this
kind, called Wyeth Sag and Sulphur
Hair Remedy. In which Sag and Sulphur
are combined with other valuable rem
edies for keeping the hair an scalp la
clean, healthy conditio.
It your hair I loosing rts eater or con
stantly coming out. or If you are troubled
with dandruff or dry. Itchy scalp, gst a
fifty cant bottle of Wyeth' Sag and Sul
phur from your druggist, use It according
to the simple directions, and see what
A differenas a tew days' treatment will
make In the appears nee ef your hair.
- An druggist sell tt. trader guarantee
that the money will be refunded If the
remedy at not exactly a terjrss anted.
.Agent, Sherman MoCotmell Drag Cox
Feature of the General Catalog of
Kebraika UniTenity.
Joys wad 8 trees ef Frepaunatle for
Gradauatlew Exerelsee dlappea- .
tags in the Edaeatloaal
The general catalogue of the Nebraska
State university containing the record of
academic year 111-113 and announce
ments for Wi-mx are being distributed
from tbe registrar's office.
By reference to the summary of students
in th catalogue a total attendance of
MS? I recorded. A comparison of this
total with that of the academic year lu
111 shows an apparent loss of mors than
90 students This, however. Is almost
entirely due to the severing of the af
filiated relations with th conservatory of
music, and the reclassification of students
In ths department of university extension
to Include only those registered for uni
versity credit The total 'number of
student registered In the colleges I ITT.
This la a decrease of sixty-nine, ss com
pared with the same total of last year.
However, taking Into account the change
In the classiflcstlon of the university ex
tension and summer session students, an
accural computation ahows that a gain
of in bona fide university students has
been made. This very nearly approaches
the gain of last year. Consequently while
th totals show a decrease in numbers the
general quality of scholarship haa been
A comparison of colleges shows an In
crease ef fifty-four In th graduate col
lege. Th apparent loss tn th teacher
college I due to the fact that the ftrst
two year in this college have been
abolished and these students are now
registered In the College of Art and
Science. Th Teachers' college now re
ceive student of Junior and senior rank
only. Th total number registered In the
two college shows a gain of twenty-five
over last year. Th engineering college
suffered a loss of twentyelght. while the
agricultural college records a gain of
eighty-five. The college of law shows a
loss of twenty-three. This Is probably due
to th raising of th standard to Include
on year of college work tn addition to
regular entrance requirement for admis
sion. The oollegs of medicine records the
loss of three. The school of agriculture
made a gain of seventeen In the regular
four-year course, but lost forty-five
student In the six weeks' winter course.
By ths reclassification th university ex
tension sustained a lor of Bi,
Exercise of Caaeaaeawosseat Week
ad ths Oredmatee.
Th work of the school for th regular
school year will close at noon Tuesday.
May 38. A special program ha been ar
ranged tor the last chapel exercises
of th year. The summer term open on
June .
Th annual commencement exercises of
the school began last Wednesday with a
program by th Crescent Literary society.
presenting the play "Captain Racket"
On Saturday ths Phllomathean society
gav a public program In th chapel.
On Sunday th baccalaureate servic-i
were held at the First Baptlsct church,
th sermon being preached by Dr. I. F
Roach, pastor of St. Paul M. E. church.
Lincoln. On Monday, under the direction
of Elsie Ford Plpper, th senior class
will present th play "An American
Cltlsen." Tuesday I alumni day. In th
afternoon at the close of th field due
events a bass ball game will be played
between the member of th slumnl and
th present normal team. A large num
ber have accepted Invitations to be pres
ent at the banquet to be held at :M
Tuesday evening. Deputy Btste- Superin
tendent Robert I. Elliott will set a
toast master. Wednesday Is commence
ment day. The exercise will be held tn
th chapel of the normal school and Hon.
Richard L. Metcalfe of Lincoln will give
the clam oration.
Th following have completed the ad
vanced course of the school, which leads
to a professional Ufa certificate: Edith
E. BeecheU Helen J. Blair. James E.
Brltton. Edward L, Coleman, Gerald E
Cress, Charles L. Culler. Genevra Don
aldson. Jennie Oaertner, Beva B. Harris.
Ruby M. Hughes. Ida M. Jeep, Ells M
Leahy, Mllo J. MoOee. Bessie J. Mar
stellar. Alio H. PhlUeo, Elvira P.
Roberts, Alio Everett Scace, Clemle C
Smith, Ruth E. Sterling. Nellie Strick
land, N. Antha Taylor, Jesse H. Wlcb.
man, Charlotte C. Zlegler.
Peatwre ef the Program for Oewj
saeaceaarat Week.
Commencement week of Grand Island
college opened June I. and classes on
June 12. Th program follows:
Saturday, June I :00 a- m., examina
tion; 2:3 p. m.. field day exercises; 100
p. m.. literary society.
Sunday, June . 11 :0 a. nv Baccalau
reate sermon by President L. A. Gsrrt
soa; I p. ra., farewell gospel meeting.
Joint meeting of th Young Men's and
Young Women' Christian associations;
14 p. m., address before christian asso
ciation. Monday. June 10. -W a. m., examina
tion; 1:1 p... ra.. laying of gymnasium
corner stone; 1:01 p. m., graduation exer
cises of th academy. J
Tuesday, Jun 11. t a. m., exam me
rlons; I. a. ., annual meeting of th
board of trusteee; 11 00 a. m., farewell
chapel; 11 p. m., cuts day exercises;
IM p. ol, reception.
Wednesday, Jun II :! a. m., alumni
meeting; : a. ra.. address before gradu
ating das by Richard L. Metcalfe.
"Twentieth Century Ideals;' 1 ol p. m.
commcucetnent dinner.
Past mad Coaaleug HreaH la School
Prist dent Clemmons returned from Excel
sior Springs last Sunday after being under
treatment three week. He t better and
ha taken op hi work again.
Mis Ruth, daughter of Prof. Mohler.
will return from Mead villa. Pa., la a
short time. . t .
Th school of expression woi give a re
cital under Miss Kaaaa Lama Forba next
Thursday. Thar will be reading and a
sketch entitled "A Case of Suspension."
Pi cat dent Clemmen win deliver com
menoernenl addresses at Walthill and
Broke Bow.. Mrs. Gilbert at Scrlboer.
and Edisoa; Fref. Softley at HoiuarvUle
and Euthom. Mis Forbes at Herman,
and Pros. Ray at Crookstoa.
A astral festival win be gtroa at
th kagTnhig ef aext tan la tl
of a series of recitals furnished from the
different departments of music.
The cabinet tor next year was elected
by the Young Men's Chtistlsa association
last Sunday a follows: Miss Bvm Ens
mtnger, president: Miss Vsrna Huffman,
vice president; Miss Nellie Rollsttn. secre
tary, and Musi Jennie Painter, treasurer.
Clyde Whitemaa. who will receive his
Ph. D. degree) this week, ha decided
to go to Gordon. Keh, to embark In tbe
drug business. He was one of the finest
students In th department and bo win
be missed by all who knew him.
Ederatleaal Notes.
Commencement exercises at the college
of St. Teresa. Winona, Minn., opened
May i, and closes June i. Ru Rev. Pat
rick Richard Heffron. D. D-. bishop of
Minnesota, wtll preside st the grsduatlng
exercises June 4; and Rev. John A. Cum
mlnaky of Slayton, Minn., wtll deliver th
addres to the graduates.
Mis Alice Walmsley of Wellesley,
class of IMS. who worked her wsy
through college, declares that 900 wtll
enable a girl to take a college course
under fsirly comfortabls conditions. Miss
Walmsley thinks that girls receiving help
from the college may spend less than IMS,
Announcement ha been made that th
University of Chicago mill extend dor
tnltoryp rlvileges to Its married students.
For ths accomodation of those who bring
their wives to college a building on East
Sixty-first stret has ben remodeled to
provide twelve apartments of from two
to five rom each. They are so fitted up
that the large room may be used tor a
study or parlor and the smsller for bed
rooms snd kitchenettes. Rents will be
reasonable from alt to I27.S a month.
Employes Most Work or Ceaie to
Draw Fay the Order.
Falters Once, bat Commissioner Mae
Has Habit He Believes His Est
ploy Oasjht to Follow a
Fattaral tervaat.
Thomas McQovera. head of lha depart
ment of public Improvement, haa aet a
pace his employes are finding It difficult
to follow. Sine he was a newsboy on
the streets of Omaha way back In ths
days before Fortune smiled on hi earn
est endeavor Mao haa had a habit. Thla
habit Is to get up at an early hour In the
morning. He begins work at T o'clock.
And he Is on th Job all day.
This habit has forced employe to th
conclusion that their Uvea hav been east
along bard line. They have worked un
der other chiefs, but when they were
weary of work they could Hough a little,
anoos for a few quiet minute or repair
to th shade of some nearby place and
soliloquise on th live of political heeler
and the chronic lav era of labor.
All the softness of th old day Is
gone, Mao has preached hi eermon. Ha
practice what h preaches and he ha
pronounced the ultimatum. "Get off thts
Job," he told in tnapector of sewer yes
terday, "this work 1 not up to specifica
tions. Ton must be on th Job. No ma
terial ef an Inferior quality go In bore."
Th Inspector got off. Msc I Investi
gating. It I Commlaaioner McGovern's firm
conviction thst every man In his employ
ought to earn his pay. "I'v always tried
to asm mine," he said. "I'v always
worked hard. I've never had such au
thority before, but now that I am re
sponslbl for this department my men
must work or they must cess to draw
pay. I hav told them a much."
This announcement ha created mild
consternation In tbe department of public
Improvement. It struck first on dum
foundsd disbelief. But Mao 1 an Irish
man who give th Impression thst he
will do a lot more than ha says. Hence
there is a new atmosphere In th depart
ment. Employe are on ths Jump. They
are getting enthusiastic. Thay are cul
tivating th acquaintance of a full day'
work. It I coming a little hard, accord
ing to some of them, but there Is appar
ently no unwillingness, for th commis
sioner of public works has let it be
known that certain Jobs hang on th
Dr. Coulter Undergoes
Serious Operation
Dr. F. E. Coulter underwent an opera
tion yesterday afternoon at St. Joseph'
hospital to relieve him ef suffering from
append IcHls. Dr. Allison and Dr. Dunn
performed th operation, which 1 be
lieved to hav bean a successful one.
Dr. Coulter was stricken shortly after
eating dinner Thursday evening, and ha
diagnosed his own case. He mad prep
arations to go to th hospital and gar
directions to hi car after he got there.
Hopaltal attendants said lata hut night
thst H was practically certain that the
physician would recover.
Omaha Post Cards
Ready for Mails
Th 100.010 postcards bearing a birds ye
view of Omaha and facts about th city
were taken off the press yesterday after
noon sad are now ready for distribution.
Manager Fairish of th publicity bureau
of the Commercial club I tilling orders
for them of Omaha manufacturer, who
are buying them by the thousand for
distribution over th trad outside of
Omaha and th state .,
They will be given away at the Com
mercial club room to person who will
promise to send them out of th city.
' W. P. Hardy, C year old. of Belma,
Ala., who travel about th country every
year for bia health. Is la Omaha today,
having arrived yesterday afternoon with
Ms chauffeur, J. R. Day, In a Chalmers
" " Hsrdy left Selma on April 1 and is
bound for Minneapolis To data he has
traveled 1 70S mile and still has Alabama
air in three of hi Urea. He waa cor
ralled for some time at Birmingham,
during th high water and five hours
waa required for him to make three miles.
He will stsy tn Omaha today and leave
tomorrow for Minneapolis at which point
he will wheel about and make for his
horn town.
WHh Polio Commissioner Ryder, di
rector of th Omaha Auto Motor dub. In
formally discussed th road, speed and
muffler regnlaflona at the Coxnmeretal
ejus yesterday noon. Suggest! owa aa to
present law and regarding the better
eaforceraent of the regulation war sub
mitted to the oaiimlssimiw.
The Piaslstint aad Judicious Fsw of
Newspaper Advertasssg Is th Road as
Hanniactnred Product Will Be Dis
played in Omaha in June,
Daring Show Week Maaafaetwrers
WIU Haw Opportunity ta Dis
play Bverythlasi that Is
Made ta Osaaha.
Exhibitor of th Manufacturers'
elation have been allotted pac In th
show window of th downtown retsil
store tor th special window display to
be made th week of June I to g
During that week Omaha will have a
chance to aee nearly everything that Is
made In the city and there la no doubt
but that many wonder will be unveiled
to the Innocent public. In connection
with the displays- th manufacturers each
will conduct a g easing contest, some of
which will be unusually unique.
Such Incongruities as display of shirts
tn a Jewelry store window and machinery
in clothing store windows will be seen.
The manufacturers who will dtsplay
thelr product snd the retailers who have
donated the use of their windows tor the
shows follow:
Armour Packing company. Adams ei
Kelley company. Alamito Sanitary Dairy
cutnpany. Baker Bros. Engraving com
pany. Baker Ice Machine company, Bern
hart Bros. A Spindler. Bemis Omaha Bag
company, H. Beselln A Son, Burgess
Oranden company. Byrne-Hammer Dry
Goods company. Albert Cehn, Carter
tmeet Metal works, crown Pipe Manu
facturing company, L. G. Doup company.
Ltmei'M-o Kb ng company. Karrell A Co.,
Gate City Malt company. Henry R. Gor
ing company, Goodrich Drug company,
Leo Grotte Manufacturing company. Gor
don Lawless company, Howard Stove
works. Hydraulic Press Brick company,
Iten Biscuit company. Loose-Wiles Hts
cuit company. Midland Glass and Paint
company, Maney Milling company, Marks
Bros.. Midwest Cigar company. National
Fidelity and Casualty company. National
Printing company. Nebraska-Iowa Steel
Tank company. D. J. O'Brien, Omaha
Redding comnanv. Omaha Box comnanv.
Omaha Cooperage company. Omaha
Mirror and Art Glass company, Omaha
muting company, umaha Hat factory,
Omaha Furniture Manufacturing com
pany, M. E. timlth A Co., Scott Tent and
Awning company, A. L Stonacypher,
Store Brewing company. Standard Stock.
Food company, Skinner Manufacturing
company, Stroud Manufacturing com
pany, Sunderland Machinery company,
swift and Company, Paxton A Vlerling
Iron works. F. D. Parmer company.
Rstallers who have given apace:
Aaron a Jewelry company. American
Electric company, the Bennett company,
Berg Clothing company, Benson A
Thorne, C. E. Blsck, J. U Brandels A
Sons, George Brooks, C. B Brown,
Browning. King A Co.. Burgess-Granden
company, Chicago Greet Western rail
road, T. L. Combs (mechanical!, Dundee
Woolen mllla, E. a Dyball. Fry Shoe
company. Crown Pipe Manufacturing
company, Gettea Wlrkham, Merchants
Drug company, Kuenne, Pray, Borahelm,
Dacy, Grand Union Tea company iDlffi.
Gate City Dye worka, Rome hotel UltxJ.
south end), Foley A Llnderma.V Her
Grand hotel, Her Grand drug store. Guar,
antes Clothing company, Hsyden Bros.,
Hartmaa Furniture company, Klng
Swanaon company, Thomas Kllpatrlck A
Co., Megesth Ststlonery company, Mvera
Dlllon Drug company, Miller, Stewart A
Beaton. Milton Rogers A Sons Co.. Ne
braska Clothing company. Orcnard A
WllhiTm, Pease Rros.. eVhadell A Co.,
Hart-Schaefer Drug company, Twin Cily
Dye works. Owl Drug company, Sperry
A Hutchinson, Shoe Market, Luclen Hte
poena, Stryker Mhos company. Subway
Clothing company, Thompson, Belden A
Co., A, L, t'ndelsnd, L'nderwood Type
writer company, Williams A Smith,
Union Outfitting company, Walkovsr
Boot shop, Wetnlander A Smith, Wom
en a toggery and J. C. Wood A Co.
Fort Omaha Soldiers
" Beaten by 'Armours
The Armours defeated the Fort Omaha's
In a loosely played gams, replete with
hits and errors Mason and O'NIall ware
forced to retire early In th game 1
Only features were home runs by Graves
and Pike and three-baa hits by Williams.
Hyatt and O'Neill, Ths Armour will play
ths Shamrock Sunday at th old Duffy
grounds in South Omaha, which ha been
newly christened Armour park Score:
aRarrpRS port omahs.
Jales, si.... i I I OMnrahead. 114 1
Milieu, Ik., t I t OHoear. t.... 4 I I
Pike, Ik- .. 4 I t IBerU, lb ... 4 I t 1 1
Orana. lb.. 4 14 lOiMme. at... Ill
Hritt U-lb. 4 111 eTompkla aa t I
Bailara. f . 4 I 1 O NI.M. p .. 111
HXtork. rt It I I eMoraa. Ik ... 411
Williams .. 4 til PSrhalta. Ik.. I 1 S -1 I
Maun, p ... I 1 armmea. it.. I I I
ueauaaa, it l a e e trailer. ...,! l s
i is ii n 4 Tot.ii n im i
Amours 1 1 I I 1 A 0-1
Fort Omaha Illtll i-W
Horn run. Graves. Pike. Three-base
hits- UL'tlllBma . t , U , . -, t T
baas hit: Boyle. Hits: Oft Mason. ;
oft O'Nlell, A Base on halls: Off O'NIall,
4; off Mason. 1; off Pike. !; off Fuller, 1
Struck out: By Mason. I: by Pike. 4: by
O'Nlell. t: by Fuller. 1 Time: J:0. Um
pire: Murphy.
The Americans' Saturday team, com
posed of most of th Luxus player,
started th season yesterday by defeat
ing th McKeen motor car nliA at Miller
park by th ecore of II to 1 Th Ameri
can had oa their batting clothes snd
batted Erlcksoa and Carmody from th
mound, th latter being relieved by
Denny, who finished up the gams tn fin
style. Melsdy pitched for th American
snd did good, striking out seven and al
lowing but seven hits The feature of
th game waa th batting ot ths Ameri
can and th pitching of Malady. Scot:
American 1 t t 4 a II It 1
McKeens 1 S J- 4 1 t
Batteries: Americana. Meiady snd Ve
nous: McKeens. Erickson, Carmody,
Denny and Dsns.
Jewell college won the flrat annual track
meet ot the Missouri Intercollegiate Ath
letic association her today with tl point
Tarklo was second with M point and
Central college of Fayette. Me., third
with II points. Six Missouri colleges were
represented tn th meet and about seventy-five
athlete wer oa th field. No
record wer broken.
f olic ae Base Ball tosses.
, CAMBRIDGE, Mass., May K,-Good
pucnin oy imt witn perrect fielding and
timely hitting gave Princeton the victory
over Harvard. Score: R H E
Princeton .... ItlMHIMM
Harvard I 1 I I M H I I
Batteries: Lear and Sterret. Bertholen
and You rig. Time: ! . Umpire: Katins
and Stafford.
ITHACA, N. T . May M.Tal defeated
Cornell, although the local men outhlt
Tale. Score: RH.E.
Cornell ....... !
Tsl I - I 1
Batteries: Higher snd Rreek. Brow
and Bordett-
University of Michigan base bell team
was defeated by the University of Peaa
syhrstua her this aitemeon. I tn i
Score: R.R.E.
Michigan .... llI-t
Pennsylvania I I I 1 1 I I M I I
Batteries: Corbhl snd Rodger. Imlas
sad UAwka. Umpire: Adauasv
Story of The Bee's
Photo of Mark Hanna
Retold in Biography
Omaha and Th Be flgurayfn a newly
publlahed biography of Mark Hanna,
which comes from the pen ot Herbert
Croty. and the pre of th Macmillaa
company. In th account of Chairman
Henna's western speaking tour during
th campaign ot 1900, this la recalled:
"Just outside of Weeping Water a stop
waa mad by th engineer tor the purpose
of permltlng Mr. Hanna to shave before
hi meeting In Omaha. Th ptaitogrspbsr
of Th Bee took advantage of th oppor
tunity to aecure a picture ot 8onator
Hanna and his party. Just as th sena
tor was about to be photographed alone,
th engineer, grimy with coal and grease,
sauntered up to see what waa going on
'Her. you are Just th man 1 want.'
said Mr. Hanna, grasping th engineer
by th arm and drawing him Into th
field ot th lens. 'W are both engineer.
I run the republican party and you run
me.' 'Well! I guess I'v got you faded
then, senator.' said th engineer, with a
grin, aa the camera clicked. The picture
of the two engineer' was reproduced
extensively at the time and certainly
enabled a good many people to under
setand one of them better."
Largeit Order of Kind in History of
the Railroad Indostrj.
New steel Will Heed la Coasplet.
las Doable Traek Mala Lis
. aad th Medlclae Bow
Th Harrlman lines have placed n
order for 114,000,000 worth of steel and
equipment to be furnished and delivered
during UU-lt. Thla la said to be the
largest order of It kind la th history
of railroading. It provide for th de
livery ot 1J, ton ot seventy-five-pound
snd 48,761 ton of ninety-pound steel rail:
Th order ta distributed between the
Colorado Fuel and Iron company, th
Illinota Steel company, th Tennessee
Coal and Iron company and th Penn
sylvania Steel company.
The equipment ordered consist of 1TI
locomotives. Of these flfty-flv are to
be Mikado freight, tan Mikado passenger,
twenty heavy Paclfle type, twenty-five
light Pacific, fifteen ten-wheel Moguls,
fifteen Mallet consolidated and twenty-
eight will be switch engine.
In th order there ere t.700 box ear,
1.0M rfrlgrator car. Too cattle andi
Mock ear, fifty oabooeea, Its flat car.
m gondola and n ballast car. Th
equipment for th passenger train wtll
sll be of steel, ss follows: Coaches,
thirty-five; baggage cars, thlrty-ttfn;
msil cars, tan: cat and observation rsr.
two; bsggsgs and buffet car, aim; mall
and baggage ears combined, two.
At Union Pacific hesdqusrtars It I
not known, what distribution will be mad
nf ths new rolling Mock. However, the
main Una between Omaha snd Ogden will
receive Its proportionate share.
So far as th new steal is concerned a
considerable portion will be uead In com
pleting th doubt tracking on th main
Una an mora will be used on th Medi
cine Bow cut-off, which. It ll expected,
will be completed next sesson. '
Catkelle Abstainers Meet.
CLEAR LAKE, la.. May aV- Special
Telegrara.)-Th Roman Catholic Total
Abstinence society of Iowa wtll meet la
Mason City Jun A Vary Rev. p. j,
O'Csllsghsn ot Chicago and National
President and Archbishop-J. J, Keen of
Dubuqu are among th moat noted
speakers. Daiegatea to lha national con
vention are to be chosen at thl time,
Th Paraisteot and Judicious Us of
Newspaper Advertising I th Road t
SOW A Hotel Food ' VVJ
Ik H I For Home Tables I m
A housewife likes to serve something out of the ordinary, and
both home folks and fuests appreciate the compliment.
Post Tavern Special
a ntw food
was served at the Post Tavern in Battle Creek before it was put up in
cartons for home use. - " '
It is made of the best parts f the Natural food grains wheat,
corn aad rice skilfully blended to produce a new distinctive flavor.
Let your family enj'ty this hotel dish easy to prepare, economi
cal and full f substantial nourishment
Sold by (Lrexsr in 18c pks.
- i - -
ItU hj Partus Cere U LttL, "ran Food" FtctuiM, Bttk Crek. ffkh.
F. M. Cox easily made tbe beat score
In tbe elghteen-hoie handicap medal play
on th Happy Hollow link yesterday,
making the course In 1 with a handicap
of 22. Th player were divided . Into
thre flights with hndlcp tn th first
from scratch to I. In th second, s to M:
In tbe third. M and up Prises for win
ner ot each flight were pair ot golf
Th winners were:
First Flight E. A. Nordstrom snd J
S. Weppner tied st SI; Nordntrom, ft, A
SI: Weppner. , 4, H.
Second Flight-Guy I.icrett. js, 14, u
Third Fllght-F. M. Cox, :. &. 7S,
Greet number played tennis. The
courts were nearly full all day.
Win Championship Over Doane Col
lege by Kotow Margin.
(.lllllsa of Weslejsw Lewers Record
Made ta Klawteea llaety-Elgkt
by Twe-riftka ef a
HASTINGS. Neb., May X -Special TM
sgram.) Wesleysn won the championship
by a narrow margin over Doane yester
day tn the annual field and track meet et
the Nebraska Intercollegiate aaaoclatloa.
which waa featured by the breaking of
two stat records.
Th result between th two leader was
not determined until th last event
Beltevu flnlahed fourth; Hastings fifth;
Grsnd Island, sixth, and Kearney, seventh.
In the on ml la run GHIIIan ot Wssleyan
lowered by two-fifths of a second th
record of 4 minute seconds mads by
Noye of. Doane In. MM. Johnson ot
Bellevu made th BO-yard hurdle In 9
seconds, breaking th Mat record of 17
seconds mad by Renneker ot Nebraska
Central college In 1R and Since tied by
Mead ot Tork and BlnssI ot Bellevu.
Over, sixty athlete competed. Th eon
test was held under the auspices ot
Hastings col leg. Athletlo Director Holat
la charge. Summary:
IW-yard dash: Hill. WesIoyanT first;
Fowler, Bellevu. second: Warren, Grand
Island, third. Tim: 0:IOV -
130-yard hurdlee, Dunlap. Hastings,
first: Rlos. Doane. second: Springer,
Grand Island, third. Tims:
Mils run: Oilman. Weeleyan. flrat:
Mlckl. Doane, second: Miller, Bellevu.
third. Time: 4 el
440-yard dash: Nuts man, rans, first;
Chamberlain. Weeleyan. second; Ohman.
Bellevue, third. Time:
!30-yard hurdlee: Johnson, Bellevu,
flrat; Rlc Doane. second; Vlfqualn.
Weeleyan, third. Tlmo: OiJMi. '
tJO-jrard daah: Hill, Weeleyan. first:
Mary, Kearney, and Warren. Grand
Island, tied lor second. Time, Jr
O-yard run: Hlgby. Doane, flrat,
Dnwdon, Bellevue, second; . Dally. Wss
leysn, third. Ttms, I Os,.
Pole vault: Dunlap, Hastlnss, first;
Dickinson, Doane. and Van Allen. Wee
leyan, tied for second Height. M test.
Dlaoua throw: Ooble, Dosjie, first;
Hull, Wesleysn, second: Fowler, Bellevue,
third, instance, lot feet.
Sixteen-pound hammer throw: 81 me,
Haatinga, first; Ooble. Doane. second.
Kavnolds, Weslsyan. third. Distance, laj
Running broad Jump: Hawsrth, Wee
leyan. first; Wilson, Wssleysn, second;
Dickinson, Dosn. third. Distance, a feet
I inch. . . .
Sixteen-pound shot put: Quackenbush,
Bellevu. flrat; Ooble, Doane, eecond :
Curtis, Bellevue, third. Distance, M feet
4 Inches
Half-mile relay: Chamberlain. Hill,
Wright, Weeleyan. first; Fowler, Jones.
Ohman, Bellevue. Moond: Nuismsa, inrk
Inson, Rlos. Ooble, Doane, third. Time,
Running high jump: Reuben Dunlap,
Haatinga first: Wilson. Wesleysn, aeo
ond; P. Quackenbush. Dickinson, Doane.
and Springer, Grand Island, tied tor
third. Haunt, s feet 1 Inches.
You judge a man not by what h prom
ises to do, but by what h has don. That
la th only true teat. Chamberlain s
Cough Remedy. Judged by thl standard,
ha no superior. Pwopl everywhere
peak of It tn th highest term ot praise
For sal by all dealers.
Th Persistant na Judicious tjas at
Newapapsr Advertising Is th Road . to
Business fuccsaa.
Gorenior Frees Joseph E. Edmond
on, Convicted of Embezzlement
Two Convicts Are Take to First
. Christian rhareh aad lasssersed
" -eFllaert Get Parole for
Operation. -
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
USCOLS. Msy M. (Special Telegram.,
The pardon board was busy yester
day and dealt out clemency to three
Joseph H. Edmondson of Aurora, who
earn to the prison In February to serve
a three-year term for embesalement from
aa estste of which he was administrator,
was pardoned. Judge Travis, who tried
th case, and many prominent cltlsens
Joined In the petition for a pardon, alleg
ing that he had already been oualshed
enough nd that there were many ex
tenuating circumstances in thq rase, one
of which was that there was uncertainty
whether he hsd embesxled anything.
It waa shown st ths trial that he had
kept no accounts, but had depended on
hla check stubs to make up his statements
from and that he had psld out money
to the girts, who were the heirs, to keep
them In school and pay other expenses.
Th check and stubs were tost, h
claimed, when In moving hi office hi
desk tumbled from a wagon and brok
open, th papers being carried sway by
the wind. There waa a difference of
opinion aa to how much of th estate's
money he was responsible for and h had
nothing to show for what hsd been ex
pended. -. . 1
Frank Hansen, sent up from Omaha tor
bigamy, . waa paroled. He era divorced
and married again before th statutory
limit hsd expired.
' He la III with appendicitis and has hsd
oo operation and need another.
f ' Operation for Filbert.'
Charles Filbert ot Omaha, sent up for
from three to fifteen year for robbery
In November, wss granted thirty day1
parol to go to hospital and be operated
on. . His relative want to take him to
Omaha, but, his condition I such that h
cannot stand th trip. He will not sub
mit to an operstlon In the prison hospital
and tt Is probable he will be taken to a
hospital In Uncoln. . -
Many Sen Ante) Tear".
This est a record day tor new auto
mobile licenses, 114 being recorded m th
office ef the secretary of stat. Thurs
day ther wer lghty-ven ordered and
th highest previous record wss ninety,
aevan on day last year.
Tea t'eevler. Itaptlaed.
Two convicts In th penitentiary who
hav . expressed conversion to reltgloa
war taken out today and baptised In th
Flrat Christian church. They ar John
Ell and Jess Chsppsll. the latter a
negro. Both ar from Douglas county
and hav been tn the prison for som
time, John Ell for breaking and entwine
and C happen for forgery.
Tom Davie, the convict Just acquitted
t murder for th killing of John Strong,
haa bean put to work on th prison farm.
Hs ha a good record as a convict out
aid ot the killing epteod.
fharrh Bedr Haa reaeere.
The classes ot the English branch of
th Reformed church this morning passed
a resolution condemning (resident Taft
tor revoking th order ot th Indian com
missioner forbidding th wearing of any
dlatlnetiv religious garb by teacher In
Indian schools. Ths order was directed
gainst th Cathollo slaisrs.
lalared la Fir
or bruised by a fall; apply Bueklsn
Arnica Baiv. Cure bum, cuts, wounds,
boll, sore, arsuna, piles. Guaranteed, leo.
For l by Beaton Drug Co.
Th Psrsistsnt aad Judicious Ua of
Nswapapar Advertising ta th Road ta
Busincee fluecee.
H. P. Peters, proprietor of th Mer
chants, haa gone tn his auto t Or and
Island to visit hi mother.