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Men and Eeligion Isnrtrd Mere
ment Want Support of Labor.
af Lab- eewpr
th Pulpit of LlMrii Cbwevbee
: eacT MmM Bellalem Fa-
iFrem Siaff ''orreepooderit.l
LIXCOUi. Neb, May BV-tSpeelaLV-As
n Incident of tb Man end flellgton
movement on of the eetlvttlaA 1 ef
fort to get th chunk aad the laboring
roes in eloeer touch and more he
many. Churchmen isv recognised that
In su) Instance at least the laboring
man wa drifting away from tha church
and that each iw it m teeming mora
difficult to reuh.Mm. Two plana to
solve the problem were suggested sad
adopted. One ra t have toe mlnlateni
of it. eity spun at the labor tample
and to Bend mtntatsrleJ dctasate he the
Central Labor unlet- Teals Ut the ether
waa tried and errentean. repiweenlatlves
of labor occupied the pullpts of ae mear
Lincoln churches. Tba attends at
practical It all of the churches waa tare
' and much Interest was shown hi the
laboring man's Idea of the eegaoleed
church and Ita attitude toward the man
who tolls, and the reason why so many
of thia clsss. If not Indifferent to rell
gloa, hava beoom oWinri with tha Idea
that the church too often waa the Inatru.
ment, or at toast under the control of the
oppreeaora of labor.
Clarence B. Patne ef Lincoln, haa heaa
re alerted esrtsry-treaurer of tha hHes
isstppi Valley Historical aeeocletioa.
which recently hell Ma meeting at Bloom
Ington. lad. Nut year's meetlnf win he
In Omah. '
; Telephone Physical Valultea.
Tha physical valuation depart meat ef
tit State- Railway centmlaatea) haa aa
pitted the valuation af rM ol the tela
pace plant, la tha stats, hut haa not
teaa able to let tha larger concerns aa
yet railroad, valuation bavins; abaaraed
moat of Its energies up to data. As tba
hearings an railroad valuations are aet
concluded and tha Burlington net yet
undertaken. It la difficult to tell Just
when the end nee re '"I be able to let at
tba Omah and Uacolo telephone ay
tram . , i,
The Board of Public Unas and lund.
Inn. la touting: up ita attia ftnda that the
hoys at the Kearney Industrial school, are
the heartiest eaters ef any Inmates af
state Institutions, though, the little one
at the Orthopedic' hospital run then t
cloaa second fln aome Mm of edibles.
The little onaa are essectelly streets on
consumption er bread and tha matron at
i tlBMS desnalra of heme able te fill them
us The most expenslvB food, measured
an the percspita basil, is tha Tuhersalealt
hotpltaJ at Kearney. The Inmates ef this
Insutuuosi eat leas te quantity than any
others, aut from the nature ef thlacs the
food If axpeneJv. The larfast total feed
consumption la aa the hospital for the In
sane at Haatlngfc pwnlns to tha larft
number of Inmaieai . Hem It requires; for
Instance, fttteea btiKels af potatoes per
1 day as) tha aaraa-., . '
Kearney Bar Meartr K eat pa,
The avpresne aeurt la preparing la take
Ita summer vacation, the sua altuai at
tha etust eag aeeeduled as nismmtnnt
Jus a Thoutrh there wlU he aa hearings
after that weak astttt gtsmhsr. tha court
has a Urea number of eases under ats
alderatlea which- have beea argued and
submitted, skirt win besurtlcleot ta keep
the luatleas out of misciitet mast of the
time ar least. Judas teamen has aaaa
shewing symptom sf unseat, hew-
ever, for tease time seer time sayeae
Indicate the sondlttoo' war rWht for
Commencdment Time
for Nebraska Sobools
AUBOBA. Neb.. May BBaealal Tele
iram.) The twentyeenth aaaual eam-
meneement af the Aurora hi scheel was
sires rrtdny iftlt m tba oaar
Twenry-foor rradustaa i aearead dial
eight boy and sixteen gtrta Tha earn
Heats eljsHohsrehlp for highest rank In
rises. Issued by the eeilogee af Nebraska;
was awarded to Miss Alma Qreeahena
Commencement week beams mat Bund?
evening with the hacoalaureate semna
by Rev. Ft P. Reeves ef tha Ongreea-
tmnal church. On Tuesday alght the
cleat gave the play, "Aa You Line It"
to a terse audience, Tha etsag address
was given by Rev. J. D. M. Buckaer of
the. Methodist church and. last night the
Slumnl banquet was glvaa ta Ulgsmadtr
WteriMO WATBR, Meek. May PL-(fOMeJalr-Mre.
W. A. Roes, Uvtsg three
miles north i act at A visa, waej seriously
Injured aetiardap. tier tittle daughter
bold the whip aad struck aa af tha
harass, tha team started, aad Mrs. Rase
la aa effort- te stop them we uaj aver.
Mar rhrht hip waa alalacataa.
the tart side was IreK ure, wi
l relied a tbe bach, and suatalaid m
tarnaj mjurlee. Mr. aad Mra. Ross bev
ftv small children and bad planned
motoring te Colored at aa early data.
I The Elkhorn Life &
Aceideit Insonnci
oifers tka Boat aUracUvs aad
equitably pqUclaa, .' aad want
tB Bkor tfests (wha er wlth
t cxperieBce) to la trod uc
thtlr 1, II aad IB yap- par
cotahlaaUoa Ut Axcldant
poUclaa to the public. Thar ar
winners. For full parttealara.
writ txa home oftloa at
i::fcu, nrj.ui
(Continued from First Pa-5
tor popular rule We are Bred o( fw
rule ef the aeasea.'
President Taft'a eipreaalon of belief
that h will wra the issentBatieai waa r
!rrd ta by Colonel Roosevelt here tonight-
"I aaa that Mr. Taft ssye hs Is gotnc
ta win." the colonel hesraa. "Wall, due
lac his Ohio aampalcn ha aanouaeed that
the derlaion of Ohio would eettle It. Ohio
has decided and haa glvaa ma forty out
of its forty-elsht delefUea. U Mr. Taft
ta contented with the deomion then surely
no human bains In the United Btatee haa
a right to be discontented."
Most at tha afternoon Colonel Koosev
rslt spent In an automobile, leaving ha)
train at New Brunawtca. Colonel Roeee
velt said several times that ha was sure
of victory.
"We have got them going." be said at
Oranford. "and we ar golnf to put It
through. I believe that wa are going to
aweap New Jersey as wa haves t swept
any other atate."
"Our opponent any they're Boraa to
win." he said In another apeaoa. aoa t
believe It We'll hammer these through
the ropes. "
Tbreateawal Aetlaav Asearted leseeml
aB Bstraardlaary,
CHICAGO, May JS.-Colonel Harry I.
New of Indiana pea, chairman ef the
subcommittee on arrangements- tor tha
rspubllaaa national eonventlon, today ls
aued a statement In reply to Ormsby
McHarg ef New Tor, who yesterday de
clared that tha Roosevelt forcea would
refuse to abM by the selection of
United Btataa senator Ellhu Root as
temporary chatrmaa of the national asm.
The atatement follows:
'it la dlffloult ta behave that such a
threat aa tMa should be made. The re
publican national committee Is the recog
nised authorttr-rthe effloUl aady of the
party-charged with certain duties
among which hi the making of neeeasary
praparatlona tor an orderly conducted,
"Incident te this la the selection by the
eammltte of temporary afflcers, warn
duty It shall he ta preside ever the
earlier dellberaBoae at the aonvsntlea and
until the convention ttaelf la the regular
way can. provide for Its awa permanent
at Well sjaaU'lod.
"The naoM at senator Hoot ooourred te
aiy mind wttheut previous aoasultatlnn
with an rose aa that of a republican
whoss great talents and eminent poajtMr.
made hiss oonieicuoualy and pra-eml-aantly
qualified to perform the duties
attaching te the temporary ahalrmanahlp
- "Tha members sf the subcommittee on
arrangementa unanimously approved defl
ator Rant's selection and pot the least
objection to him had some ta my ears
from any member of tha republican na
tion si eommltteav
"An, open declaration at this time aa
behalf of any aandldat ta h affect that
his follow era propose ta defy all party
authority, as, repudiate the aeMoa of Ita
highest official body, and the further
threat to sat all regular and established
order at defiance, Is. unusual and aa
traordlnary to my the least
I hava aa further raaaoa for believing
It has solid touadattos) than tha state-
it attributed ta Mr. McHarg hi tha
frees this morning. .. ,
The nailoaai orntoittseS has prooaeded
with' tts cemanUsa preparstioaa In its
estahllabed. BsM-fcaaored maaaer and It
will ah Irk do duty davolvlnf upaa It,"
Deft frem Taft Haaaera,
WA8HINOTON. fclay hV-The sUta-
menta stada la Chtcaaxi yesterday by
Ormsby McHarg. contest attorney for
the Reoaevelt aattonal committee, , that
tha Roosevelt leaders would andouktedly
try ta substitute Sena tec Clasp, Governor
Hartley or Ooverner Johnson for Senator
it aa ssmparay ohslrmsa af the i
awblleaa aalleaal aeaveatloa arsught a
set af detlaaee frea the Taft managers
"Be far aa My RosawraM's eMermlaatwa
ta contest- sweater Rao aa tampatary
Irmaa kt eoaocraad.1 said Mr. Mo
Klnley. "the frlenda af President Taft
welcome tha contest. It will nature a teat
of strength right at tin outset af the
vaatlan, which will plainly demonstrate
ta the peopt that Mr. Roosevelt la
minority la tba Chicago convention.
furthermore the frlenda of the president
wfll welcome any further ' testa of
strength aa roll calls or otherwise which
Mr. Roosevelt will see fit to demand la
the convention. It te tba Intention of tha
Mends at the president to glv Mr.
aVooatvalt all the tight he wants at Chi
Mb MeKialey said la hi statemeat, Mr.
Roosevelt waa bow nulatlng that tha
laaMstrarp ehalrmaa of tba republican
committee "reeressut him aad Bot tbe re
publican party,"
Another stsiement from the Taft bureau
today sharped tha Rooaevelt forces were
at work aa a phut to bev newly endorsed
ittenel aammltteemaa aome ha Chicago
far tba epealaf of the ceanmlttao's seasloa
June C and attempt ta take tha places
at tba maa now holding aommttteaehtps
for tbatr reapectrr state, la thla way,
would attempt ta central tba oesspxMtea
during tha bearing at eonteete.
It was delated, tlx
Bewvwlt VPrtar ta
Cemnty Cemveatlaaa,
COLVMBUB, a. May PV -Rename frees
thlrtp-thre counties which held county
conveatlona yesterday snd eh
te the state omrenttoa ta be heal ht June.
Indicate that the struggle ai
dent Taft and Colonel RooaevaH for the
ats eicates-s.t-tare is
eravantloa will act Bnally be settled un
til threshed est on the floor of the stats
Ooverner Hannoa vrlll be practically
aura to go to tne xsxjnmor eonvana
with the BBdlvtded state delegatloa, aa
staOcfeat ceustles were bound by tbe
unit rule te Insure him a fun
Rs gained PB delegates today bound ky
tltisN rule. Governor wnaoa
1U I est rooted delegates aad
Harmoa about M fchagates whs) are act
Roosevelt was tha victor m
eoavaaOeas, gaining UP delegates, aeuerB-
Ing te reports toaigM. Three ocavea
ttoas Isatructed far Piaalseut Taft-
supporters of the pre
however, that ha wtll centres tb auavaa
ttoa by a small majority. Stxty-eifht
coca ties have aew named delegates Com
putlng fbe resBtnlnT countlee
lie all ef the leturB of tbe primary, they
say Pi i eld eat Taft still bev
gataa, Rooaevelt V with seveatf-eU ua
. Cotonei Roosevelt carried the majority
of eountle today. Hie grcatoat vlctary
was ta Mahealng county, which bad beea
expected ta scad a ddagatloB af tbirteea
for Tsft. Instead It Instructed, for
"A large aumber of the anlnstrueted
delegates selected today are on the doubt
ful list, not being pledged either to Taft
or Roosevelt," said Walter Brown. Roose
velt! Ohio manager. "There are Roose
velt men on the Cuyahoga delegation
of fifty-three."
speaker Sweeps Slat la Pemsaratle
Ceaatr raaveatleaa.
LOUISYILibj. Ky.. May -Clark
swept Kentucky In the denestfatle.eoa
ventton In Hi of the U eounUes today.
Returns from about half tha counties
save him mora thaa the U lnstructad
votea necessary ta control the atate oon
ventlea her May One county In
structed for Harmon, grrlng him eight
votes, and aaa aad part ef another for
WHsoa, grrlng him sixteen votes.
This, the Fifth district, comprising Jef
ferson county. Which held precinct con
ventions today, was earned for Clark.
The victory today will give Clark tha
entire delegation sf twenty-ell votes
from Kentucky to tha national demo
cratic convention. A lively fight Is being
waged for control of tha state between,
the adminlalraUea and: forces headed by
Senator -elect James.
Haydea Broi. to Commemorate aar
ter Century la umaaa.
Waaderfal Grawth af Thla Kater-
prlalag Ftraa ta Be lhwa tw
tha Pablte DarlaaT Fire
Week ta Juae.
On week from today Raydea Bros.
gigantic stars will start a week s eie
brstloa af Its twsnty-flfth anntvarsary ef
business la Omaha. This oalabratloa will
take a unique form In that startling bar
gains ta every department will be of
fered as aa Induce ment ta tha public of
Omaha te visit the tore te aaa what
wonderful changes hav eeen wrought
la this great aetabllshment
Te properly put the announcement e
the great anniversary before tha pubUo
this section of the country Haydeo
Bras, will hava the largeet sdvertUemest
aver sat forth In the west era country,
ft will occupy tweaty-four pages et The
Omaha Sunday Bee June I
For twenty-five years tba firm of Hay.
dea Bros, has beea doing bust sees la
Omaha and during that time It has built
up a reputation for Itself for square deal
ing and bottom prices that has made IU
founders the envy of other merchants
all over the wcat The firm of Hayden
Bros, succeeded the firm of John Hayden
at Columbus. Wis, la 1171 Four years
later they moved ta Chicago, where they
oadueted a modern stars from U7I until
lafl, when the call at the west seised
Jeeeph Hayden and be Induced his
brsthara te epea the Omaha sstahHsh
meat. Here they hav mads their home
and bar they have prospered and built
up eas hi tha greatest mercantile esub-
Uahments la tta west. .
Is honor of the coming anniversary int
entire pwat with .! five and one-ttilro
acres of floor space and sixty -seven com
plete depart menta baa beea entirely re
modeled. o tbsA many surprises await
those who eater, ta take part ta the cam
bratloe, ... . ,
Waaderral fans are WraaaMi
Ona-ef thw-greatest chance will be
soied la th music department which has
larsed to aenamnvwate tne me-
muala dapartment. la whuh
daily caacarts on the Vlotrola are given
largs crowds Tba floors bev beea
strengthened Jo carry tba weight af the
huae etook af tha husat saodeht at
ptaaes aa plaao ptaysra, A mad era ce
ment fleer haa beam Installed and the en
tire room decorated. On the walla at this
up-to-date room ar to be see Ute-elsed
oil portraits of tha old music masters
and here alas la carried tha vary latest
muelo of all kinds. -
Manager Crawford Is proud of hi en
larged rurnitur department, which has
beta moving forward by giant stride
during the aut' year. Some of th big
ooatrects secured by this department
wet that for furnishing tits Douglas
county courthouse, at a' cost of TT,ow;
some at tha ether large establishment
fitted aut from thia department wore th
Wellington hotel, the Plata hotel, the
Flamor hotel, tbe new wing to St. Jo
seph's hospital and Bt. Catherine's hos
pital. seven of the leading buyers at tha lira
save recently returned from, tha east
where they hava been buying th very
latest ataranandlae especially for thla
anniversary ante. Pat Johnson, has a
stock dt la ess and aUka which, wtll be
tha envy ef every good beuaewifa .wbea
ah visits th store asxt week. Ha. has
bought heavily, relying on tha ack
nowledged eplendld reputation of Hayden
Bros, to hava the very -latest at this
class at goods for the dressmaker and tba
women wha make their awa. cloth si.
Try Hereon First. .
"Try Hardens Crst M tba motto at
thla star. Printed with all tta advar
ttaameais end it b the pride ef tba store
that kt makes good oa Its motto, tbe Idea
being that whan an laspecttoB at ta
marcbaadiaa attend ay Kaydaa Bros, bat
beta mad, there la no seed for further
aearcb. Another object at tba motte la
that tha barer wtll be to latpnaaaf with
what hs eaas that no matter It ha does
ae a Utile -shopping" be wlH return.
Twenty-flv rear age Haydea Brat.
spaaed up tor Virlaats ta a small etore
oa Sixteenth street, between Douglas aad
Ddga streets, with a tblity-thr-toot
front aad a depth si Mt Uec. "It h dif
ferent now," say Joseph Haydea. "Tims
snd Omaha have dealt kindly wltk at at
this monster estabUahment at over fir
acres sf fleet apace, every part Riled
with ap-te data poods. wUT testify.'
, Makaa BUa Own Ptloea.
Oae ef tha bshblat et Jeeapk Hajdea
that ka will aet est any cava
ta aha tha prtea at whiab ba a
bM goeee. and as a eoosocaccKC
had many aammerrlal battlea wlU msnu
taoturera who try ta aame tba prtea at
walcb geoda wtU sett. But sir. Haydea
a) flna aad as a, aeasaqimnnt many
are tannd here at a -leas prtea thaa ta
ether plaaat: He says he will aet be eio
tated to by any treat er eamhtnatloa aad
that be win sell hie msrehandias at his
Of Haydea Bros, R has beea eaM I
they are real public aeaetactora because
sf tba fresh vegetable department which
they eeerata th year rawed. Si distance
la tee great ter A. Xing, me neper ef this
eeaartmeu to aetxf tor treeb gardea
truck when tt ta eat et aeasea la this
sertloa and. aa a conseuueor. gsaat b
roads hava been made m the buylag ef
canaed geoda, ter the ho sac Ira
laaraad bew sauch aattar kt la ht hava tbe
freef ,
tOoetinued from First Page.)
asrvlca asamlaaltea W as U you
the ttamlardT "
la Pssasie President Taft paid a tribute
to Victor U Mason, presldsot of the
Board of Trade or that city, who was
recently killed In an aeroplane accident
in England. In the campaign In tm Mr.
Mason was assistant secretary of the
lepuMlcaa national committee and he and
Praatdent Taft became very etos friends
Just before the president reached Pas-
sate Thomas MeCram, - speaker af the
New Jersey sous af assembly, fell from
his automobile, which waa tba fifth, car
behind the president's much la, aad was
slightly Injured. Tba automobiles dial
ralaed a denae stand ef dust aad the
obeuffeur at Mr. MeCram'e automobile
res tha ear rat aa embank meat- .
ThraVar Bill Will
ALLIANCE, Neb., May BWBpeelal.V-
Homeateaders la this county have been
anxiously awaiting the outcome of' the
Three Tear Homestead Bill." which
haa beea before congress, gives, a hope
ful "word" today ta a telegram from
Hob. M. P. Kmkald that "Ceaa-resr
agreed on trill and wtU likely be rati
CHICAGO, May MOUs Webb ef F.
Wayne, Ind., shot three esea earl; today
when Detective Croneoa. aad Torpy of
the Twenty-seooad street police station
tried ta arrest him. Ons at Webb's
victims probably will die. Wsbh fired
at th detectives, but they dodged and
the bullets struck ether men. Th fight
occurred cat the south std. Wahb wet
arrested after he had fired until his
revolver was saTpty.
PIvasenta at Oeeaa Steamers.
Pert. Awtve. telle.
Maw TOSK AAristle K Tors.
MW ToRK ...... .k. A. Vletaata kerlle.
paw TURK ,
prw topk......
per Qrtwa
tee Pseets. '
paw tokb
. CleetaseU.
.... CaaWeela
... VeMnt
... ralleeelskav .
.keea. albert.' "
Keeelsis bate. :
. at Wasuaawa.
.1 JA
........... rknsasls.
MeseMM. ' 1
UVERmni... ......
Th Perstatwt and Jn4K3u Vs of
Newipsper Advartittna kt tba Road ta
Bum nee Mucosa
ScKKt is o3 (rur) wKcn turci into your, glass u wKea it
left tKa trrwery. , It tKt Brown Bottla. . It kaf Out tli
ligKt. Laglit dcvclojifi in'beer Jcculiar tast. aad dasa-tw-'
DX4 odor. n ri...
. ' THis is not a tKaory. It if fact Ivy' tentist8.
. .' !; ScKKta is J)roi)crly aged befortj leaving tK. brewery. . ;
"It will not cause biliousness, nor ferment in your macK.'
' ScKlitt in Brown Bottla coota you no more tiah cotrt
rnon beer in ligKt bottW, ,', i .'' ' .
af ........ f
- '-V V
VeteraKs M tM&dsi
Fort KemDen and Belief Corp At
tend JSnaorial Scrriea.
f First Ceasra-atasJ !
Urini Addreaa ta Ceaeiaenllea
t Brav Her Waa Faagbt -ter
Their Ceaatrr.
: Memorial services of the Qrand Army
sf tba P public and tbe Womaa's sUUaf
eorpa waa bald at tba First Congreg a
tioosj church Sunday "morning. U. S.
Grant Poet Ka. 11 attended by the eorpa
attended la a' body. The church was'
decorated with large flags and bis aad
bridal wreaths.
Sped! musts waa rendered by tha choir
with solos by Dr. Freeman tel and Mr.
Heaa. The stalwart company of old sol
diers enjoyed "Crossing the Bar." a
tenor sole; "Tha Spotless, Flag,' by Mra
Hess, and other selections of a patriotic
pod rsrnlnlaratit nature that brought tears
to the eyes of the young and old.
Rev. Frederick T. Rouse, pastor of the
church, spoke from the words of Da.vid
p be received from tbe priest, th old
sward of Holiath: ."There Is Bona ilk
that, give It ta me." "Make triead with
your memory." was bis .theme, . and he
spohe of the "slender cord oa which hang
all the richest sf the Wh chord of
memory." . . ...
Trarh Cnlldrea Heroic Seeds. "
"This cord' msy" h broken by accident
an that at anas fa effaced all the' treas
ures ef sac's history; or H mar be
atrophied ky neglect. It will brfnf th
greatest loss te our narfon if bur aehool
ehU4a are not taught tha heroid 'deds
et tba past, that they msy knew who
feu need and who austsmed ear country.
"The richest treesura that a maa laya
up la not the treasura of property, but
th treasura et memory of nobis deeds.
"Although It haa been nearly Kt years
tinea ws bavs had war with England;
although It baa beea aver. a generation.
duo our great ejvtt war;' although we
may hope that tha aaa af war with arms
m passing yet there wilt stilt be need
sf brav men and sound hearts tod. the
fighting tdg. . , . .
- Slavery ef tb Vr Waa.' - -
" 'Does It not demand, brav men to rid
aur land et tha white slave traffic
wait as It did tba black slave traffic!
Shall w aet ned a courage ta alba lasts
the alavery af tha lew wage and tb
slave-drtvtns af unjust fiuaaeial power?
Oar aaatest may pot be with tha sword,
hut It will require th sans euraga aad
the asm sacrifice." y . ,
Commander W. Ft. Russell, U. S. Grant
Post Mo. US. IhajnJnd the oongregalloa
and the ahold tor tha courtesy of tha
aervtca. All remained standing while
th vstsraaa end their relief corps
a fl d -. v n . 1
tt bp em g ii aur
sgaaw - -
Schlitx Bottled Beef Depot'
713 S. fftl St, Omaha, Nebr,;
f he Beer
V ,i - Oh ft)
out. preceded ' by ' the color
Spaatsk Wer-'TMemsa Hav Ma-
BBOrtal at Wewt Uvi Cemetery.
Impressive memorial services for tb
soldier wha met death Ta the, Bpeniso
American war was held at tbe grave of
Charles Hsason aa tha Camp Lee Forhy
lot at West Lawa cametery by CFamp
Ue Forhy No. I t nltcd Bpanlsb War
Veterans and (Jeeneral Henry "VT. Lewton
Ladles' auxiliary yesterday afternoon.
The high wtad marred the beauty of th
day, hut despite th breea and the clouds
ef dust that ooeaslonsJly swept aver
the burial around more thaa let persons
attended the atrvtceev - - -
CKy Commissi oner John J. Ryder pave
tbe address ef tb day. 'He euiosised the
men who left their home and went forth
t fight sxamst the Bnantsh appreaser
at a helpless people and dwelt apea the
thought thai- the United State ht the
nation that Is known as being as ready
ta take up arrow ra detente of the 'op
pressed outsMc ltg borders aa to take up
arms In defense of Its own people agaMat
a foreign foe. Mr. Ryder praised th
women of tha country, who defend th
homt and maks it a home that snakat
men who will flfht hi a tuat cause when
ever cajled upon,' forgetting salt and
shrinking from lie sacrifice. They art
the maker and defenders. of tha bom.
Mr Ryder said, and, after all,, the home
tt the aaaaslt of the nation,
" Veteaaas lav Cbarg el Bevvies.
Com kiander Jerry W. Vance. Chaplain
K B-- Porter, and' Marshal of tha Day
Howard B. Hsviai. who ht commander af
tha department - et Kehreska af the
United Spanish War Veterans, were m
ehrge ef tha service. They read the
ritual tor m mortal service while email
boys and girls stood aver tha grave with
flags. Tha frara had bean covered with
Hower by members of the auxiliary.
Following the rtual reading and the
address by Mr. Ryder member of tlit
auxllllary softly sang, "Nearer, Ky God.
t That," and a squad of Nebraska Na
tional (utrdimaa tired a revolver aalutt
avar the grave. Tba squad, was fa charts
at Corporal Parkin and was compottd
of Privates atmjsoaa, Orr, Speei. Wyman
and Rota, Th aervtca' closed wtth the
toundinc ef "tape" by C. B, Maps, of
Mapef fife and. drum corps,
Tha, veterans marched ta tha oeroeterj-
trsta rtty-eUth aad Leavenworth streatt,
tha fife and drum eorpa- accompanying
them. Members et tba auxiliary followed
tot carriages. Th auxiliary under the
leadership at Mra. W. a Blackest. Xrs.
Howard BV Havens, .Mrs, Jeery W
Vane aad Mra, Maeoa ksld Its memorlel
ritual ' service and severed the grave
with flower. Tfeea renewed tba veterans
service. Wtthla the year Camp tee Forby v
peett to Improve the let and make It ant
or tha most beautiful ta tba erty. It It
to be the burial place of th Spanish
Set that
is branded "IkkTitz.''
war soldiers' whose relatives wish them
b cried there- A bags shell tram the
battleship Maine ass been procured and
will be eat upon the lot.
ST OCX FALLS, 8. .. May M.-Spe-
dal-r-On of the tew case la tbe his
tory of the r.ata or northwest la which
a Sioux Indian sued another Sioux IndUa
tor tba alienation ef bis wire s affections
has Just been disposed of by a jury la -tha
state circuit court of Tripp county.
The" plaintiff la the action was Brave
Bird, a Bmux warrior belonging en the-:
Roeebua reservation, while tbe defendant
was one of his brethren, named Curtis.
Brav Bird sought ta recover damages
m tba sum of IS.0M because Curtis Is al
leged to save won his (Brave sBlrd's)
wife's affections. A great deal of testi
mony waa Introduced by both the plain
tiff and the defendant, and after wrest
ling wtth the .testimony tar some Jwurs
the Jury awarded Brav Bird damages
in the sum of ,,
Woaaaa Pells From Load at Hay.
ALLIANCE. Neb.. May J8.-Speelt -Mrs.
Peter Krsjcj living north of Ken
tell from a load st hay sustaining- a
broken cellar bene end two broken ribs,
brought to this city and surgical atten
tion given. At this writing tha aged lady
It resting essy snd chances are good tor
a speedy recovery.
Many Delightful Ways of ,
.SerTiiig Spaghetti
Th houeew'f who Nets upon spa.
ghsttl aa msrely a aids dish should learn
mora about it, both for economy's asks
and tha saving af her reputation as a
provider ef good things to eat A little
booklet, publish by th' makers of
Faust Spaghetti, will glv her a new
Ught aa th subject, It tails aaeay ways
et serving this delectable dish.
Many families tow make Faost Spa
ghattt th 'kief dlah for Sinner case a
weak. Aad .key get freew It food elf
menta far In excess uf those contained In
tneata. sgga, fish, etc. Ask your doctor
about thia He will tell you that Fauat
Spaghetti aot only contains more pour- .
lahiog power than the food so often
considered necessary, but that It eon-
taina these elemanta In a mors easily L
digeeted form. T
- Ail seed grocera Ball Pauat ipsghtttl I
te and IPs s packag. Wrlta for tha
free Booklet et Recipes,
ltti Bt. SMia Aveaua, Bt. fceni. ate.
' More beautiful than ever
tefor''; r"': j
1. A- First C3ass Eestau
rant entirely enclosed,
with screen. . -
Dancing in the Grand
Ball Room. Fine Music
Many other attractions.
Admli.ion to Puk Free
Brandeiw Theater
One jrifhl Only, Vrtday. Msy 31,
yrlaasi SO ts . Bansa. S1.S0 aad tl.
The Senior Class ef tha Omasa Bigs.
BcAool. Ftessats Bohevt Marshall's
TiBguag Comedy TJrama. .
"A Royal F-nily"
BAberatt Preduetioa. Cast ef Forty,
IsclBdingfersoaJIcAkA at
" Beats at Braaeete oa Offioa
Base Ball
oiU2Aii wicami
Bbvy Bs-ttvay-aa
Itoaday, May 7, tsAise Bay. '
Cars leave llth ana Farnam, 1:1a.
j0emoa sailed 1:1.
Tiesdar iTenlut Kij 28, 1912
Asswte by .. .'
Itme. aVmlss Ormsby, atoprtao,
' htae. Borglam. anoowpesvrt. -
Ttlctt, 50c, 7k 1100 iBi USO
Mow Oa Bast At Ben Offtak
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siBtUB,) AaTa Muatri
Matin 8aturdsy and Sunday After.
Boons. Open Every Bvenlag. -.
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Every LT
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sttsibt a tag is a
liBlsslBa-l Osata
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vkskvaet-via UaM.V.m.n. Uaela.Jaa
VWens Le- leee t t,ertss-.,-Jea i
taiu-cuttss a at Carts neasstset, '
eyirat Cskla ailr.
Tssaabeaw Bmeiwaa taa, Mat wvst juav
aalpav B Caesago,. SX. B.taaU ageas)