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    THE BEEt OVATTA. SATUSlDr. MAT 3. 1511
1 You Can't Afford to Miss Saturday's Sales
Exceptional Saving Opportunities all Depts
Saurday KMiLy Saturday
A big special factory purchase of 1,500 doien mea's
Summer Shirts on sale Saturday and .Monday in
Two Great Lois
Men's Shirts, worth from $1.50 to $3.50, all new
spring and summer styles; come in pongees, madras,
chambrayg, white linens, etc.; plain or pleated bosoms,
made with' or without collars attached all guaranteed
69c and 49c
Other Interesting Furnishing Items
Men's Undershirts or Draw
ers, 75c to $1.25 values, in
white, ecru or colors, fine
balbriggan, lisle or mer
cerized; "on sale Saturday,
at garment 35c and 25c
Men's $1 and $1.50 Union
Suits, all styles, all guar
anteed perfect; on sale,
at 69c and 49a
Men's $2.00 Union Suits,
in fine lisle, at. 98c
Men's $3.50 Union Suits, in
silk lisle, at. ....... .$1.98
Saturday Specials
Women's Underwear, Hosiery, Gloves,
Parasols, Etc.
Kait federal ear -
IUUan Bilk Vesta, worth to
$4.50. hand embroidered yokes,
oo tale at 81.98
611k and Uale I'nion Suits, lace
trimmed or tlgbt knee, to fl
values, choice J 1.50. 98
tiadies Lisle I'nion Suits, regular
and extra sixes, fancy yokes,
t 49
Fine Cotton I'nion Suits on sale
Saturday 35
Ladies' Gauze Vesta, values to
25c, at ....9Vx od 12
57Ar Cloves and Parasols
Kaiser's 12 and 10-buttoa
length Silk Gloves la all colors,
t 75t to 81.50
10-button length Silk Gloves. In
black, white and pongee, regu
lar II values, Saturday 59j
Parasols, Parasols Ladles' and
Children's, veritable confec
tions In coloring! and designs.
Popular Sheet Music
in Saturday's
per copy
Hundreds of popular .songs arid instrumental num
bers to ?lect from. Come early.
H? dware Cut Price Specials
Re,. igerators Special Sale Refrigerators
II Famous White Mountain Refrigerator, oak cm, IS lb. capacity,
fit White Mountain Refrigerator, quarter sawed oak flntro, ro lb. capa
city, at : 8.e
t: White Mountain whMe tinea. le
zen cms nzEssB 1-ot. Ice Cream Kreeeer. .fl-
2.e I-qt Ire Cream rreeitr.
IX.59 -qt Icecream Kroner ..!
U 4-qt ico Cream Frouor. -tl-SS
nenzaa wia-now rx-aatzg
Any slxe green hardwood Snor. ass
Any alio ti t fancy oiled door
One alio only, 1-14x6-10. fancy o-n
door m
Screen Wire, beat double strength.
lc: per roll SUIH
Adjustable Beraen at special re
duced prices:
li!.i. le; :iSJ- 3e; SOxJT. SSs
XOan. ion ZS,0 feet of "Vel
vet ' 4t and H-inc highest grade
high" pressure hose: our regular
Men's Sterling Union Suits,
great values, Saturday on
sale at . . . .$1.98 to $3.50
Men's Muslin Night Gowns,
$1.00 values, oil sizes, 15 to
20, at choice 49c
Men's Silk Lisle Hose, 25c
to 50c values, iu all colors,
guaranteed, 25o and 12VjC
Men's Pajamas, Universal
brand, samples in white
and colors; to $3.00 values,
at i 69e and 08c
The tw things
you're always cor
tain of In buying
Head then specials
In MuaUa aad Kait
L'nderwear, then
come In and ex
amine the quality;
the result will bo
mosf satisfactory.
Muslin Underwear.
Skirts worth to $6,
exquisitely trimmed,
have 32-ln. flounce,
great bargain Sat
urday ... -S2.98
" 81.98
Skirts worth tu S3,
also Princess Slips,
all beautifully trim-
med 81.45
Gowns worth to
11.10. fin quality
Nainsooks, Cambric
and Rep cloths, all
are cut full and
long, special 98
Ctuwet Covers worth
to Sl.OO. all sixes,
many styles, all
daintily trimmed,
at 450
black and white effects. Per
sians, white embroidered and
plain linens and all colors.
price 8 to 87.50
Children's Parasols, In all col
ors and plain linens, on sale
from 19 to 81.25
Hosiery Specials
Kayser aad Esco Silk Hose,
fl.iO values. In black, white
and colon, at 98
Ladies' Silk Boot and Silk Lisle
Hose, In all colors, special,
at ; 49
Bilk Embroidered Hose, lace boot
gauxe and silk lisle, values up
to l.0ft pair, at 35
Ladies' Me quality Hose, black,
white, tan and split foot, at,
pair 25
MikseV SOr Silk Lisle Hoee. all
colors and black --25
Ladies' Black. Tan or White
Foot Hose, 60c values, pr. 25
lb. capacity ..; is.a
Ho grade goes on sale Saturday.
at m late
Tie Brass Fountain Lawn Spray
t 4ee
Plain bearing Laws Mowers, up
Ball bearicf .Lawn slower. ui
from S4.9S
!5c Ena.-!il Vah Baain So
ISc 4 quart nan el Pudding Pao Be
le Enamel He Pans bo
lSe Enamel trtppers ae
Sc Enamel Pudding Pans
tie Heavy Tin flour Pleve So
Je set Jelly MonUls So
24c gink Ptralnors ao
JSc Dust Pans So
lie Potato fUcer ae
lec ghlnola .-. as
New Veilings .
Taney Shetland Veiling! are
the thing for this season and
we're showing the most com
plete line in Omaha, at per
yard v 25c to $1.50
Ribbon Sale
Both Plain and Fancy Ribbons,
in a tremendous assortment
marvelous values
yard lc to 10c
If you've ribboni to buy, see
these Saturday.
60c Box Handker
chiefs 35c
A new line of fine Shamrock
linen Initial Handkerchiefs,
6 in box, 60c value, at. . 35c
Panama Hats
Straw Hats
The best line shown in the
city at most reasonable pricings
Panama Hats
Telescopes, Optiinos and all
newest shapes, at $4.50.
$5.00 and $6.00
Straw Hats
Every imaginable style in sail
ors or soft straws, all widths
of brim, at $1.00, $1.50
$2.00 to .........,..$5.00
Boys' and Children's.
In Domestic Room
Bleached Pattern Table Cloths, food.
heavy quality, very handsome de-
. signs, regular 11.10 value, Satuts
. -98
Extra Bargains in
Extra long skirts, medium and
low bust, four hose supporters,
batiste and netting, worth up
to $1; Saturday at 49c, 75c
Extra long Corsets, batiste and net
tinge, embroidered and lac trim,
med, six heavy hose supporters,
worth up to 33.10. Saturday fgg and 5.00 High Grade Corsets,
high and low bust, tlx heavy Hale
hoee supporters, draw strings, fancy
lace trimmings, special (or Satur
y 82.45
Boys' $1.00 Blouse Waists at Ste
in white madras, ehaabrays, neat
stripes and figures, also plain blue
and tan, all sixes fro at t to is yean,
made with or without eollara at
tached, special for Saturday 35
Boys' 50c Blouse waists at . . 25
Big Shoe Sale Saturday
Manufacturers' surnlusi utino r1a
white and colored shoes women's $3.5tf
and $4.00 white and colored shoes, oxfords
and pumps, at : .$2.50
Women's White Shoes, oxfords and pumps,
also gun metal and patent leather in one,
two and three straps and buttons, worth
up to $3.00, at $1.98
Misses' and children's shoes, oxfords and
pumps in white canvas, black velvet and
leathers of air kinds, black or tan, go on
sale at np from $1.00
Men's $4.00 shoes in tan or black, button or
blucher, the last word iu style, at. .$2.50
it's Hay den's Grocery Prices That
and Keep Down the High Cost of Living
18 lbs. bgt granulated sugar $1.00
48-lb. sacks best high grade Dia
mond H faallr flour, aothln- Ilka
It for f LSI a sack, per sack. $..
10 bar Beat 'En AU, Diamona C
or Leaoi soap tit
10 lba. beat mixed eblck feed.
10 Iba. oystar abeU lis
7 lbs. beat bulk laundry starch. .S5o
Ltl La scouring soap, It beats the
'Dutch, per can So
IC-oa. eaaa eoodepeed milk .
2 lb. caa Mascaf (rapes 15o
2 1-1. eaaa Booth baked beana IDe
lib. eaaa asaorted aoupa ....THo
3-lb. cans fancy table pears, peaches
or aprteota la keary ay nip . . . . lie
S can Star lye ...,.t0c
3 1-lb. east aolid packed tomatoea.
t Joe
McLarea'a peanut butter, lb-..He
Peter's breakfast cocoa, lb tic
Coldea Saatoa coffee, lb. ...... !5c
The best tea siftlngs, lb. ....11 He
'h'f .(Mil
f Millinery I
The most beautiful, most
attractive price showing of
ever offered in Omaha.
Are their pride at $3.00.
They're worth $10.00.
50 new ones shown for
Saturday's selling.
New white "Wash Rag" and
Duck Hals in 10 styles', Sat
urday at 1
88c, $1.25 to $1.08
We are Headquarters for
Panama Hats,
and quarautee a prie e savmg
or 23fe or refund- your
Unf rimmed Hats
Milans, chip and Leghorns,
values up to $2.00, on sale,
choice ....39c
500 Sunbonnets will be closed
out in Saturday's sale, at
only ........ 5c and 10c
We guarantee willow plumes
and all other millinery.
KarnrYisiv n
Men's elk outing
ana iau can, values up to $i.U0 fl.Og
Boys', youths' and little gents' shoes, values
up to $2.50 a pair, in this sale $1.50, $1
Men's white canvas shoes and oxfords, white
kid tipped, values up to $2.00 . $1.35
Women 's kid Juliets, rubber heels and patent
tips;;a fine house shoe ..$1.00
Children's 1-strap kid slippers, all sizes up to
" misses' jiize 2. .$1.25, $1, 75c and 50c
Crover and Queen Quality shoes for women.
Stetson and Crossett shoes for men.
5H-lb. boxes best select soda
crackers 40c
Batter Drops Three Casts Pound.
The butter trust was compelled to
come doers. The supply wag getting
to much for them to hold up tba
high price. Br trading at Hay den a
yoa fight trust prices.
Beat No.1 Creamery butter, carton
or bulk, ib 2e
Tbe bast No. 1 dairy butter . . . . 35c
Oood Uble butter, lb 13c
Tbe beat country creamery . , . . J7c
Tbe Greatest Market In Otnatia) for
Fresh Vegetables. Cheaper than em.
Fresh spinach, pack 5c
S bunches fresh radishes 6c
( bunches fresh onions Se
4 bunches fresh turnips Se
t bunches fresh ' asparagus 5c
t bunches fresh parsley ,5c
Fresh cabbage, lb. 3e
t large cucumbers 10c
Fancy wai or green beans, Ib...l0e
The new Fichu U the latest
hot weather novelty in neck
wear. A big special counter of these
goods, on sale Sat
urday, at yard . . .
New Macrame and Ratine Col-
lar and Cuff Sets, big assort
ment for selection, A y jr
at from... JI D
Corsage Bouquets and Roses,
regular '2oo to 50c values, go
at 10can4 25c
Trunks and.S'uit
$15.00 Basswood Trunks, fibre
or canvas covered, heavy
brass bumpers aud oak sluts;
sole leather straps; all sizes,
at $10.00"
Others.... $2.50 to $32.50
75 Leather Bags and Suit Cases
left from our big purchase,
will be closed Saturday, $5.00
to $40.00 values at prices,
from $3.45 to $27.50
In Domestic Room
Belvedere Bod Spread, 7ixll site,
good weight, assarted patterna, .
ft. SI value, special --T5
Sptclat Salt
Base Ball Goods
Croquet Sets tfammscks
4 ball Croquet Sets.....,..59o
6-ball Croquet Sets, tegular
$1.25 values.,.' M85o
4-ball Croquet Sets," long mal
lets, $2.50 kind.. $1.98
Boys' Bast Ball Masks, values
up to $1.00, to closo put, at
choice , . .15o
75c Catchers' Mitti.
$1.25 League Balls, at. . '. . .95c
$1.25 Hammocks, at ..98c
$2.00 Hammocks, at $1.50
$2.50 Hammocks, at $1.98
$3.00 Hammocks, at $2.50
$6.00 Hammocks, at $4 98
shoes, patent colt, gun metal
Break the Prices
Fancy ripe tomatoes, lb ,'.l0c
3 heads fresh leaf lettuce 5c
3 heads fresh hesd lettuce :...10e
3 lbs. new potatoes io0
4 bunches pieplant
Quart boxee fancy ripe- atrawberrlea
t ' 10c
Watch tba papers for our first big
annual pineapple sals.
' Beautiful Blooming Gerani
ums. Plant npw so they will
be looking well for Decoration
These are extra fine plants, in 4
inch pots, and retail regular for 15c
esch. , .
We have S.flOO for Saturday that
ws will aell for, each 0
Nothing blooms longer or looks .
prettier than Geraniums.
Crockery Departmeat.
mm First
&M w$ MS
Women's Ready4o-)Near Gar
ment Bargains for Saturday
Nothing Short of. Marvelous
Our New York Resident Buyer has certainly out
classed all previous efforts in the splendid new lots of
Suits and Dresses sent us for this Saturday's Special
selling. Seldom In a lifetime do equal opportunities for
profitable buying offer.
$20.00 and $25.00 Tailored Suita $9.75-200 of them
clnsay new spring styles in
rios and colors, including a fine showing of the popular
cream serge suits.
$30.00 to $40.00 Tailored Suits $17.50 Elegant designs
iu the choicest of the season's new materials and color
ings, snappy distinctiveness in every graceful line. 100
of them for selection.
Women's Silk Dresses, values up to $25.00, t choice $8.95
Silk Pongees, Mescalines, Foulards, etc., in both plain
and fancy colors. We've shown many tempting drew
bargains this season, but these are surprisingly beauti
ful and good. Don't miss seeing them.
$i5i $18 Long Silk Coals $10
" Something that every woman wants and ought to
have and here's your opportunity. They come in all the
newest spring models, loose, semi and fitted effects;
make a special effort to see
Lingerie and Lawn Waists,
lace, insertion and em
broidery trimmed, all s'uea
high or low neck, regular
$1.50 values, choice of 25
dozen 69f
Long Challie Kimonos, made to sell at $1.50, great enep,
at t r '....09c
Children's Waah Dresses, in lawns, ginghams, chambrayg,
etc., all sizes 2 to 14, splendid assortment of drinty
styles, at D5c
Little Miss Dainty Will find Her Desire in the jnomense
showing we're making of pretty white dres
up from $1.95. $2.95.. $3.45, $5.00
Why Pay More For Drugs
Prices for
1 00 six Pure Hyareeea FaroxWie.
extra slat, for See
;tc alia of Pure Hydrogen PeroiMe
at Ihrae holt Ira for Me
2&? alse Bay Hum, In sealed bottle,
for Oe
1 5- ran Violet or Lllao Talcum
Powdar for ae
see box ef Java Wee or Pexaonl'a
Face Cuwaar for He
lie site largo Wool Powder Puffs
go at, each lea
lc boa Khlnnla (thee Pollah for so
One big lot ef te a bar Tollat
Koep. (lightly solleo, par rake tte
10.- Jap Kae or fain) Olive 8ol
at two tara for lae
I0- and "' ie Tollrt Waters, as
sorted, big snap at 8o
:f,- alte Peroxide or b'anltol K'
Cream lor .... lie
Bed Spread Special
Linen Department
Imported Marseilles Bed Spreads,
knotted fringe, worth 38.00
each 34.83
High grade scalloped and fringed
BC4 Spreads, worth 34.00 eeeh
at ., $2.50
Hemmed, fringed or scalloped
Bed Spreads, worth 33 25
sack 81.08
Scalloped crochet Bed Spreads,
full else, worth 33.00 each
at $1.75
Full site hemmed crochet Bed
Spreads, assorted, worth 3! SO
each 81.59
Hemmed and fringed Bed Spreads,
heavy aad durable, worth 33.00
sach 81.25
Liquor Dept. Specials
6 year-old Maryland Rye Whisky, ppr full quart. .... ,75c
Per Gallon ." ...-...$2.50
Gu' kenheimer, Schenly, Cedar Brook and Weldon Springs
Whiskies, all 8 years old, per full qt, SI; per gal, $3.50
Sunkist California Wines, all varieties, per full qt.. .50c
2 quart bottles high grade Beer ......25c
a wealth of most wanted fab'
them Saturday; they pleas.
Lawn Dresses. Lingerie
Dresses, Linen Dresses,
most complete and attrac
tive showing in Omaha,
up from $2.95, $3.9!?
and Toilet
I0e alas Message Crcaiu. for. . . S5e
Large Jar Poroptlen Maavage Ciiaam
lie Sanltel or Dr. E. L. araevgr
Tsetk Peadar or Paste far. . latie Dr. Hlnkle's Cascara TabiMa,
sealed boll lea for , .ass
II iS values ID large WaahgUa
(hamola for aotoa, ge at....saM
SOe valtMe In laraw asiaagea al aas
0 Uuaranteed Rator and tilts
Kaxor titrop. both for ....V-S140
II 00 Peerleea ShouJSer Brae te, aala
price I.
II. OS rountaia Springe er tvttie ase
It it Comblnattea Syrtsge utid Bot.
tie for T. .gLSO
1100 Wellington Syringe InA Hot-
l If. guaranteed far I yetra, (3410
Parle tireen W la. lac; J lb. IJc
or. per lb. ......aas
Wash Goods Dept.
45-ln. Drmwnwork bordecwd voiles.
a beautiful range of colors,
sold regular for 35c yard, on
lu-inch plain Voiles. SOc grade.
:;.:.:; v-S
ii-mco piam vones, zac grade,
at IK
The popular black: and white
stripe Voiles. 0o grade, 40-ia.
l" S5e
Beautiful striped Voiles with
Dresden borders, 40-tn. wide,
75c grade ; 50
Tryon Corda for oas-piece
dresses ana salts, eon grade,
at 39
Extra Specials In Ginghama
and Shirting Madras for Satsr-