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Juft Before Jumping Into the Bleachers
I. it
Hard-Worked Pitcher Allows Four
teen Eiti to Visitor.
Saattk, Belt aad feagaltoa tmit
Three-Base Hlta Barek III Cea
gallow Get Tvre-Beggere
On tarrlflrc Hit.
LOUISVILLE. May M-Oolumbue de
feated Louisville today. to 1. In lb
third game of lha aeries. Lowlarmllk,
who haa own trytnc to 00 all of the
pitching (or the locals of lata, waa batted
hard by tlx visitors. Scors:
LOvnviLLs. cou.'Mr
At m o a.i. . as h o A t
Borbe, Il l t SI OSfceMtm, ct . t 1 e e 4
Iwl. If. ..4 I t I 4 I I I I
Mrlif, et. 4 4 I I iroassltos.rf I I III
Wri. rf.. 4 I s I sr. mm. s. 4 I t ,i
Hell, la.... I I t I Miller. Ik . I I a I
Heelea. rf I I I t IVIINM. U t I I
Breso 14. lb 4 I I I Sllerber, a . I I I I I
Spmm r.. I I I I ismlth, a.... 4 I t I I
Loaarramt.i lilt lOeob. a I I I I
, a... I I I I i
Tetala ... U I Z7 T I
Tetate ..
t.ounvin. o i
Columbus 1 I 1
..a) M It if I
I o-l
t -2-4)
Two-bese hits. Rurrh.
Three-base him: Smith. Bell. Conmlton.
Sacrifice hit: lllnchman. Sac-rifle fly:
f'errlng. stolen bears: O Bourka m,
Congalton. Miller, Uarbar. Hinchman.
Double plays: Bell to Beaumlller to
Hranafleld. ORonrke ta Miller. Oerher to
illller. Bases on balls: Oft Lowdertullk,
1. Left oo baaea: Louisville, t; Colum
bus, a. Hit by pitched ball: By Cook.
Burke. Struck out: By Lowdermllk. ;
by Cook. 4. Time: 1 lb. limpirss:
Hares and Inrln.
INDIANAPOUH. May M.-TndlantpoHa
played errorless ball and did not allow
a man to paaa second baae todu. taking
th game from Toledo, I lo I Score:
Ml-. II . 1 l I 1 OKalur. cf. . I S A
Hln. hatn.rt 4 S Woodruff. Ift I I S
Bratklt. at.. 4 lit 10'Uaiy, at. 4 I I 4
Chanaus. al I 110 Inftnoa, as 4 1
. el... I I 1 I SHuiMer. lb. i I
k. rf.... 1 ! 1 0M. C.rlx. rf 4 1 S
"' ib. t til lanillasM. 4 IMI
ttrlaet. 1 1 - I IK. UuU, ll I I I I
mi, I t I s uaa, I a 1
Tetala ,M 14 I Tattle ... a II IT I
Toledo 0 a 0 0 0 0-4
lndlanapolla I I H I H I M
Two-baaa hits: Williams, Woodruff.
Clarke. Htruck out: By Link. j by
West. 2. bacrldca hits: Kaiser. I. uble
pla-: O'Laary to Hunter. Bronki to
Woodruff. Hit by pitched ball: Br a t.
Hunter. Baaea on balls: Off W. , 8:
oft Link, I. Left on baaea: Toledo. 7:
lndlanapolla, 4. Time: I K. Umpires
Kergusoa and Handibot.
ST. PAUL. May tl The second game
of the 'series with Milwaukee was won
by Bt. Paul today, s to 1 Hcore:
Butler. If.. 4 I I I OLttboM. ft. I I I I I
Hottaias. cf I I I I Klvlo. a.. I I I I I
EuUtr. rf... 4 IIS SRtadall. if I I I
Hotfroaa. et I S I S Sr. Lewis, a I I I I
J Lewie, SI I I I ICewee. I . I I I I I
MeCerk at I t I 1 IJonet. Ik
Aulrer. Ik., t I It I SCIark. lb.
Klteert, It 1 1 4 oalk. c
9 1111
I t tit
Marrar e... Itll INoel. ..
a a a i a
I I I I a
Bleek. a.... I I I I IKmllt. ..
Ooedaiaa. HI I 1 I ManHall .
Kli-trr. )..( I I I laUrlea ..
eHoearl ... 1 I I I I
Tetsls . ..M T 14 IS 4
Tettls .. . I 37 II 4
Batted . for Noel In seventh.
Batted for Horllk In ninth.
Batted for Murray In aerentli.
Three-base hits: Butler. MC -It.
Home run: Capron. Stolen - jee:
Charles. Butler, H- halk. Baees nn jalla:
Off Karaer. I: off Noel, t: off Hov'tk. 1
81 ruck out: By Karger, t; by Rvwl, 1
Passed ball: By bcbalk, I. Wild pitch:
Karger. sacrifice hlu: Charles.,
Hoffman. Sacrifice fly: slccorni tea
Left on bases: 81, Paul. 10: Milwaukee.
K. Hits: Off Noel. I In six Innings; off
Horllk. g la two Innings. Umpire: Aw
Mlllera Blaak Blaea.
MrXNEAPOLIS. May 24-alinneanoUa
bunched three etngiee with a btfe on
bulla In the seventh Inning of today s
game, rfereatina Kanaaa ( ity. I to a
nnaer, rf.. 4 1 S laarseaa. k. I I I I I
A Miter, as.. I I I I ta-uilet. It. 4 I I I I
Kllllfer. II. I I I 4 SCeelaea. it. I I I t I
yerrle. lb . 4 111 SCarr. Ik.... 4 I I I I
Noumea, rf 1 I I I ICerrMea. se 4 1
0eae. e... lit! lO'Oeeaoe, e I I I I I
Deleaaeu.lf till SDewaer. ta. I I
Olll lb Itll SLen. cf.... I I I f I
Olautaea, pi I I t IPewell. ..l I I I I
-ejeeiea .... I t I I I
Teuls ... J 4 St I (Fleee. p.... I I I I I
Tetala . .. I M I
-Jamee batted for Powell In elshth.
Minneapolis I I I 0 I -
Kansas City I 0 I 0
Two-baae bits: Csrr, Corrtdon. stolen
Vaee: AltKer. Sacrifice bit: Owens. Double
eiay Corrldon ta Downey to Carr. Lett
Hi oases: Minneapolis, ; Kaneaa ( Ity
I. Hits: Off Powell. 4 la seven innings:
rr lene none In one Inning. Baaea on
sll: Off row, 4, struck out by Powell
I: br Olmstead. I. Hit by pitched ball:
' Rv Olmeewd OTonnor: tn- Powell. Olll.
rime, 1 . Umpires: Bierhalter and Con-
Baaalta Haa Swaae" Pitcher.
ROSAUE, Neb.. May Sl-fSpeelal.)
xoeaile dereatea Baneron here yeateraay,
I to 2. in a doaa aame. Score:
iloemlie . I04III-!
sancroft ., 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-2
Batteriea: Bancroft. Baaaenger and Ai
feKhex: BaaaUc. Schaub and MacDonaid.
Today Rosalie defeated Ponca by tha
cora of a to 1. The feature of this gama
ess the pitching of Scnaub for Rosaua.
vita fanned twelve men. Score:
tosalie t t I 11
onca .t I I I I 1 I I i
Batteries: Ponca, Pike and Cornell. Ho
wl ie. Scluuib and MacDonaid. Umpire.
lohn Orenier.
telaeehas Wises at beaaet.
COLUMBUS. Neb.; May J4.-8pe-ral.-I
-Columbus tesm composed mostly tf
fount Men's Clirtstlsn association Way--s
defeated the Genoa Indians Weenes
!ay at Genoa by trie score of 4 to 4- Nee
on earned off batting honors with two
hraa-base hlta. Score: R
.-t!-imtrsa 1 4 I -
feitoa lOJIIOIia-4.7
Batteries: Columbus. Todenboft and
faylof ; Genoa. Joansoa and tpear.
Perstrteot AdvartUina ta tba Road ta
tig secturwav
Falls City Rolls'Up
. Numerous Scores
NEBRASKA CITY. Nab.. May M. -(Spe
cial Teiegram.) Score: R.H.E.
Nebraska City jieei-s a
Falls City... 11S0S001 10 4
Batteries: Khoaes ana uoiawait: ton-
nell and Shestach.
AUBURN. Web.. May re. rpeeiat Tele
gram Auburn handed Beatrice a goose-
egg today on Zonderman a pitching.
Beatrice -
Auburn 0 1 0 I '-4
Batteries: Condermaa ana Musser-. utu
and Darrosr.
HIAWATHA. Kan.. May :i-i Special
Telegram.) The score: R.H.B.
Humnoklt iiinmnii i
Hiawatha i - 4
Batteries: Jarrotl and uieti; oiaitu ana
i -
Two Two-Bafjo-et OiTen by Herrr
Pitche When Reeded.
Cotaaahaa I.eeatea Ball aad Adatla
ietera Defeat ta Tawk -eraad
laUad Laeea, Thaagk Oet.
tiaS Moat Mile.
(Prom a Staff Cerreepcmdent.)
-KEARNET, Nab.. May
Ttlegram-l Joa Lots practically won his
awn gam for Kearney today from Su
perior, 4 to , by a two-bpggar In the
fourth Inning. lalng tha gama, and an
other two-bagger : the p'oth. advancing
a man to third fra- first. In readiness
to score oa Beohtold's hit. .
' -na gama was fast and free from any
objectionable Incidents,
objectionable Incidents. Score:
Superior IIIMIIt-lll
Kearney ...., 111010 1-1 IS
.Two-base hits: Stewart. Miller, Orr.
Jodgee. Beclitotd, Gray. I.! ftnick
out: By Lota. 10: by Irwin. 1 Double
piers. Dorarhto Ward to Miller. Bat
teriea: ISupeiior, Irwin and Prurha: Kear
ney, Lota and Spallmaa. Umpire: Nu
gent. Timet 1:4.
I OUl MHL'b, Neb.. May m ifneuai rcie-
gram.) Colunobua dafaaled York today
by Laary'i hitting and Canines pitching.
Every man en the Columbus team got
from on to three hits. Score:
Tork 0 I 4 I I I 3-1
Oolumbu t I I I 1 I M II I
Batteries: Tark, Jobst. Wllklnr and
Kelly: Columbus. Canine and Harrison.
Htnick out: By Johat. t: by Canine. I.
Karnea rune: coiuranua, 7: tora. a.
Home run: Hill. Umpire: Collins. Time:
FREMONT. Neb., May M.-bteclaJ
Telegram.) Fremont defeated Seward
this gfternoan by heavy hitting In the
tecond and third Innings. Four clean hlta
sacrifice and errors bringing In five
runV. Score: R H E.
Seward MlllttlHIl
Fremont t I I t 1 I Mil I
Batteries: Seward. Wheeler. Fulwlder,
Laflumbolse. Mead and Campfleld; Fre
mont. Holmberg, KInadon and Neff.
GRAND l.SLAND Neb., May 21 r Pe
els! Telegram.) With the locals getting
almost tour times aa many hlta ae the
visitors. Grand Island still lost tha game
to Hastings. Two Juicy errors, coupled
with two hlta. a walk and aacrttice
brought them la five rune In tha fourth.
Another error resulted In a acore for
them In tha fifth and In the sixth Tacke
sent one aver tha fence.
Hartman waa relieved by Manke on tha
mound. ThrallkUl waa knocked out of
the box la tha eeventh and McCullough
got hia bump la tha next two Inning.
Schoononr played with Orand Island to
day: Score; R.H B.
Hastlnti .... I I I I 1 M 4-T II
Or. Island....! I I 1 I I I Mil I
Earned rune: Hsetlnse. I: Grand la-
land, I. Two-baae hits: McLeer and Fire
atone. Three-base hit: Smith. Home run:
Tacke. Baaea on balls: Off Hartman. 1:
oft Manke. ThrallkUl, i Struck out:
Bv Hartman. 6; by Manke. I; by Thrail-
blll A- k lln..k. e tJLMI.t Mllnh'
ThrallkUl. First, base on errors: Heatings.
1; Grand Island. L Umpire: Merrill.
Valley Faculty Body
Puts Over the Choice
of Meet Next Year
DE8 MOINES. Is.; May 51 -(Special
Telegram.) Tha faculty committee of the
Missouri Valley conference decided to
put off choosing the place for next year's
field meet antll after Saturday's meet.
Thla Is considered a victory for Dea
Moines as John U Griffith haa been
fighting to put off the selection until
tha attendance record of Saturday's meet
Is known. If tha attendance Is sufficient
to pay expenses, Drake University wants
the meet next year. Otherwise na right
will be made SeTainat Kansas ta tha ef
fort to take it to Kanaaa City.
Following is a summary of the preA
Umlnary events held this afternoon. Pre
liminaries were held In only part of tha
areata and those named In the summary
are qualified to enter tba meet tomorrow
KD-yard dash, first preliminary. Davla.
Kansas: May. Nebraska: Dvsoa. Drake
W.-lter. Missouri. Time: rdK.
Scond .rllminsr : Wilson. Cot.
Chrtetmas. Ne'rraeka: Tucteey. Kte,es.
3tH. Drake. Time: 10
l-i'-yard hla . bardie. First prelim
inary: N let volenti. Missouri; iHuvkard.
Coe: Perry. Kanaaa: Hyaert, Amea.
Time: &t-
Second terellminary: Haxen. Kansas;
Russell. Nebraska: Bishop. Drake f flen
nlnger. Amea. Time. M flat-
The Persistent and Judicious Cae of
Newspaper Advertising Is the Road ta
Business Success.
Giants Overcome Brooklyn by Score
of Six to Three.
Big Swatkpavr Pitcher Wabbles let
eral Tlaeee, bat Teaeaeestee save
Hleer Tkee Tee-Base Hlta
Jles Doablea.
BROOKLYN, May H.-MArqusrrl rearl st
ared hia ninth victory of the season when
Now Vork beat Brooklyn today. The big
Southpaw wabbled several times but was
saved by sensational fielding. score:
ae4eraM.rt tile eMeraa. rf... I I t I I
Barker, rt., 4 111 elleubert. lb. I I I 1 I
Bmet bill! ISmltti. I I I I I I
Murrer. I' 1 II 1 exonaea. et I I f I I
M.rkla, lb.. I I I I iMbeei. If. . litis
b1rber. at I I 4 ! -ell. lb , 1 I 1 I
Mtvare. ... I I Heeler, aa.. I t I I I
ureb. 4 t I 1 Pbelee. a.... 4 itll
slenaaia. I I I I I ..-, I till!
-. ..... I I I I
TeUIS ... It III I lKowaetr. p. I I I I I
Vsteksw .. I I I I I
Tetala .... I It I I
. eBatted for Rsgon in sixth.
Betted for Knetsar In ninth.
New Vork 0 I I I 1 M M
Brooklyn 0 0 I t -
Two-base hlu: Her sex. Northen. Phelpa.
Three-base hlta: Hersog. Groh. Hummel.
Sacrifice files: Knortgrase. lienor CI.
It.rkle lit Fletcher Wheat. Too ev.
oiibie playa: Murray to Myers. Smith to
Phelpa to rexubert. Baaea on balls: Off
patron, off Knefser. 4: Msrauara. 4.
Struck out: Bv Raron. 4: bv Marnuard
I. Hlta: Off Kagon. 7 In alx InnlnaeJ off
Knetxer. none In three inninas. lime,
Lis. Umpires: Owens and Brennsn.
ST. LOtns, May M.-4'lnrlnnati mixed
hlta with, paarsed balle and stole baees to
suit ineaiaeivei in tna amtn ana wen.
Batted for Oeyer In ninth.
AB R Oi l AB H O.A.I
Besreer. H.. 4 111 SMeses. .l I I I
Meretee. cf I I 1 I tCllie, II till I I It I SUoerer. bill!
Mil. mil. rf 4 t I I I 1 ll I
(aaa, .... 4 111 tbrai rf... I I s I I
Thalae. lb. . I 4 I I Sfeeeer. a.. I I I I I
Baeeeel. ee. 4 1 I I IWleee. e.. Mill
cMa. tht t I I eikever. P ... I I I I I
auasa. ... t f I I'Hvaias ...tills
Beotea. p.. till!
Totelt. ... It 11 IT II I
Tetala ... St 11 17 IT I
Cincinnati ! 1 1 410
St. Louis 0 1 7 1 I 0 0 0-1
Two-baae hits: Kren. uarsans. Threv
baae hit: Phelan. Home run: Oakea.
Secrlflce hits: Hobllisel. Eaemond. Stolen
bases: Bemonrl. Msree (21. Kills, Hsueer. I
Bencher ill. Msrsana. Hntilltiel. i',i.ns3
pUys: Hsuser to Ma tree and Konaf.liv.
Base on balls: Off, Hug (re. r; off Bentrm.
oeyer. 4. mruek out: By ueyer. a ny
Benton. 1 Hits: Off Siura-a I In four and
one-half Innings; oft Benton i In four
ana one-tnira innuiga. nine,
Umpires: Riglrr and Klnneran.
Headrla Playa Ike t.eaae.
PITTSBURGH. May !4.-P1tchlng. Bat
ting and base running of llendrlx feat
ured the Pittsburgh -Chicago game today.
Pittsburgh won in the alxtfi Inning, with
four runs on five hlta. Score:
- AS H. O.A.I. AB H O.A.I,
se, Ib... 4 I t 1 Slbecberl If 4 I I I 4
Oarer. If ... 4 111 W Miller, ell I I I I
Leeb. cf... 4 I II lacbalte. rf. 4 I t I I
lle a I I I I I Im' I t I I I
Miller. 114 II I IHelaeea. lb. 4 I I I I
Wileea. rf.. I I I I ITIeber. ee., 4 I I I I
M.Ctrlbr. 4 111 IKrera. tk... I 1 4 I I
Kellr. ... 1 I 4 I tArrher. c... I 1111
Heeerll. p.. I I S I IHIcble. p ... litis
Ueaaea .... I I I I I
Total! ...till IT II IGoole I I I I I
Cols, p I I I I
Total. ... a I ll u
Batted for Richie In eighth.
Ran for Lennox In eighth.
Pittsburgh 0 0 0 1 1 4 1-7
Chicago 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 1 13
Two-base ntta: Carey. Knerttara. Evere.
Three-ba-e hits: 1. Miller. Hendrtx.
Kvers. Sacrifice hits: Bvrne. Wilson.
Sacrifice fly: Wilson. Stolen base: Leach.
uouoie playa waaner to J. Miner, Mc
Carthy to J. Miller, Evera to H of man.
Left on bassea: rittenursn. : cnicato.
S. First on balls: Off llendrlx. I: off
Richie, X. Struck out by Hendrlx. I First
on errors: Chlcsio, 1. Hits: off Richie
11 in seven innings; off cola, 9 In one
inning. Time, 1 to. Umpires: Kelm and
Bush. ,
Beetes Issrhes Hits.
bunched eight hits off Seaton with two
errors by Philadelphia In the seventh and
eighth inninge today and won, 8 to I.
Moore's right hand was broken when he
tried to atop a hard drtvs by Devlin In
the second Inning. Philadelphia gave
Pitcher Masters and Outfielder Hart un
conditional releases today. Score:
1I I O I t. A H O A I.
McP.aH lb till IPeabert ef.. I I I 1 I
reeeebeil.ef I I 1 I STttee. It ,1 I I I I
leener. Ikl I I I lOeTelh, If.. I I I I I
Miller, rf.. I 1 I I SLuarrae, lb. I till
Jsrbeea. If. I I I I IRsebe. h i I I I I
ueailo. tb.. I I II I inewney. tk 4 I I t I
Ibeaa. as ... 4 111 tboelea. a I I I I I
Kliaa. .... I III Snoots, a..-I I I I I
Ueee. 4 11 I Moore, p.... I I I I I
Seeeea. p .. I I s 1 s
TeUIa ....IT U3U I'll uaa .... I I I I
Tote it ..M a IT M I
Batted for Seaton in ninth.
Boston J -
Philadelphia 0 I 0 1 0 2k
Two-baae hits: McDonald t2l, Ludenrs,
Krtabe, Sweeney. Hesa, Titus. Sacrifice
hlta: Downey. Dooian. Struck out: By
He.?, 1: by Seaton. 4. Double play: fcbean
to "weeney lo Devlin. First on error:
Boi n. I. Left on bases: Boston, t;
Philadelphia, 11. Basea on balls: Off
Hesa, I: off Beaton. I. Hit by pitched
ball: By Hess. Titus and Luderus. Hits:
Off Moore. 1 In one and a third Innings:
off Seaton. 0 la seven and two-thirds in
ninge. Paewed ball: Kllng. Time: Me.
Umpires: Johnstons and Eason.
Missouri Valley
Teams Lining Up
in Drake Stadium
DLS KOINES. Msy 24-The prelimi
naries this afternoon for the Missouri
Valley track and field meet toeeorrow,
brought a long list of contestants ta Das
Moines, early today. The Kansas track
team In charge of Coach Hamilton, aad
thoas of Nebraska and let ware the
first to srtivex By boob (ennnell, Mis
souri. WsaBtEgtan. Mxarseeexslde and Ames
were represented at th prrttailnsrlea
t. " ' '
Difficult Problem to Make Choices
for Stockholm Events.
las Meat Be Taken la Tryaata ta
Nat Overlook Likely Material
ta Repreeeat Aaserlca la
Olyaaple Gaaiee.
NEW TORK. May .-Members of the
team selection committee for the Olympic
games are beginning to realise the diffi
culty of the work ahead of them and are
making plans to smooth the way as much
aa possible. The Immense area tu be
taken In consideration so that no avail
able material may be overlooked Is
whet makes the task of the committee
In order to cover the territory the com
mittee has been subdivided Into three dis
tricts eaeteru. middle west and Pacific
coast and each will supervise the trials
to be held In Its particular district. The
task of selecting th beat men from the
hundreds of good athlete! in the United
States would be hard enough If the men
In charge of this Important detail had a
week In which to weigh up the per
forrnanrea In the different tryouta. but
tha necessity of confirming the entries
by cable within three day! of the laat
trials Is what I worrying tin committee
Pacific Coast Tryaata.
Trysuts on th Paclflo coast an to be
held today, but thoas in New Vork and
Chicsgo had to be deferred until June I
In order to Insure th presence of the
college sthlrtes. who will not be frei from
their Intercollegiate engagements until
tha Saturday previous. If the Pacific
coast men could be actually picked aa
soon as the meet at Leland Stanford
was held the matter would be simpli
fied, but this Is Impossible, aa it Is on
ths card a that tin middle west and east'
era athletes may shins out so brilliantly
as to put the coast winners In eclipse.
In talking over ths matter prominent
members of thl committee suggested the
plan of picking tentative candidates a
noon as the report of the Pacific coast
branch Is received. In many lnatancee
It la figured that they will be able to
make selections of men that gre aun
to be worthy of ths trip to Swedin. Ralph
Rose, the shot-putter, Forrest Bmlthson,
tha hurdler, and Horlne, th high Jumper,
for Instance, only have to show that they
Bra In form to be Included In the team.
Iave After Trials.
It li planned to havi the middle west
members leave Chicago directly after
the trials with full data aa to the doings
of the men out there. The New York
members will return from the Boston
meet and ties real work of selection will
begin on Monday, when a meeting which
baa already been called for 10 o'clock In
tha morning begins. Even should the
committee get through Its work the same
night it would be too lata to notify the
men actually (wanted from the Pacific
coast to corns oo in time to sail with th
team on the Finland, which Is scheduler!
to leave on June 14.
To overcome this obstacle arrangements
have been made to get the results of ths
Chicsgo meet by wlrs In Boston, so that
ths eastern membera may compare them
with th performances at ths eastern and
Paclflo coast tryouts. By this meana It
Is hoped that sufficient Information will
From Morning to Right in B.V. D.
Her are Coat Cut Urtdenhirti and
Suin which oiler conrlort in its fujlest
ofMo-the-iaua fabrics that wash well
7hs Jtesf
I r. I. Cm ot Caan.
skua sat (see Lea rt
Draaess. Mb. Tie. IT. OS
set r It isiaisl
(weak MaW Arr. tt g Pee. Or. eW fbetrs Oef ae)
it ii wad os every B. V, D. L'adcrprmcnt, Take ao urujerrarment eritb
snttlusbbsL .
BUT. International NewsSuvice
Bask ball
be obtained so that the men wanted from
the roast ran be determined. When this
Is done a telegram will be sent to San
Francisco asking the men selected to
pack up and come eaat In time to catch
tha steamer. In case the meeting of the
full committee should bring out evldsnoe
that there are better men hi the middle
west and eaat for any particular event
thin those coming from th coast, the
committee will havi tha alternative of
paying the expenses of these men back
to the coast or taking the extra men
along with the team.
Annual Intercollegiate Track Event
at Hastings College.
N'aaibrr of mate Rrewrds Likely ta
B Bataahecl If Fair Wratker
Prevails tor the Atk
letlo ton tests.
HASTINdS, Nab, May 24.-i8peclal.r-
Tha annual field and track meet of the
Nebraska Intercollegiate Athletic srsu
clstlon In this city Saturday, May 35.
under th auspices of Hastings college,
promises to be one of the most fiercely
contested events of Its kind for a num
ber of years.
Bellevue, Doane, Wealeyaa and Hast
ings, all former competitor! In ths state
meet, an believed by experts ,10 havi
so even chsnos to win thl novated title
Besides these), Omshs university, Kearney
Normal and Grand Island college have
catered teams whlrh include some form
Mable contenders.
If fair weather prevails, a number of
tale records are quite sure to be broken,
for never In the history of th associa
tion baa a meet been pulled off on a
track as fast as the local one Is conceded
ti. be. In ths dual meet with Doane a
week ago two elate records thl 230-yanl
dash and low hurdles-were tied, and la
neither event was the winner pushed to
hi! limit.
A new feature of the meet this year
will b the prises. Rim banners will be
acsaarded to th team winners of the relay
raci and ths greatest total number of
points. Gold medals have been provided
for tha winners of second place and
bronie medals for the winners of fourth
The following sre ths state records of
tha Nebraska Intercollegiate Athlatlo as
sociation, as compiled by Athletlo Direc
tor Holste from ths official reoorda:
100-vard Desh 10 seconds, Andreson,
Nebrsska, 1KM; Anderson, Weslvyan, 111;
Primrose Bellevue. 1IIK
M-ysrd flash-task seconds. Andreson,
Nebraska, 1901; Oguen. Corner, lilt.
440-tard Dash U seconds, Andreson,
Nrbrsake, imi.
M-yard Run 2 minutes. It. seconds,
States, Nebraska, lo.
Mile Run 4 minutes, tmk
Novse, Doane, l&e.
120-yard High Hurdles-Wttj
M.-Candles, Wesieyan, mil.
i.yajn Low hurdles-rH siconda Ren
neker, Nebraska Central, lOTT; alead
York. IPO; Slnsel. Bellevue, imo.
Pole Vault W (eel, Inches, Brandt,
Bllevue. lilt.
High Jump- feet, 11 inches, Fuhrer,
Doane, W1.
Discus Throw-Ill feet, 4! Inches, Prim
rose, Bellevue, '1111.
Broad Jump71 feet. Hi Inches, Mastln,
Bellevue. 1911.
Shot Pul-M feet, 104j Inches. Sutton,
Weslevsn, ml.
Hammer Throw IS feet, S Inches,
Spencer, Doane, 1907.
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..lei A"p, 'life" i
iVi .wii-si;,;;:
Knee Length Drawers and Union
nwasur. Maris from light, ibsrov,
aed wear wtiL
Wooes LabJ
ft V. D. Dales seas fpBL
4-te-r). ti oa. ti. ., ILM as 11 s
peeTT THOSt V I (
Track Athletes
Start for Meet
LINCOLN. May K-t Specie I )-Accem.
panted by Coach Htrlhm and Assistant
Coach Reed, alx members of the Corn-
hunker track team left this aftern.lon to
compete In Uie Missouri valley track and
field meet at Dea Moines, Nine of the
men left Thursdey afternoon to compete
In th tryouts.
For a time It was feared that the In
jury received by Racely In the Kansas
meet would rob the team of his service,
but his leg Is now well enough to warrant
his entry at Dea Molneae Captain Louis
Anderson has been suffering from a sore
muscle, hut It Is not believed by the
coaches that his chances of winning th
mile run ata threatened to any extent
McOowan Is thought to be In better shape
than he haa been at any other time this
year, and all tha olhera are expected to
be In good condition. .
While ths Missouri Tigers are looked
upon as th probable winners of the meet
thl Nebraska team la by as means die-
Crur Badger
A CoHthmtJ Story is sfctarag by ,Ftn"-Nb. 99
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4 T- ry por BuSiuanMiy to co-i oioslto V V J
' I TTLeJ UT IXC HAtff to Hf Pt. v
A fc jP f i''Tg,uT6, e, He, it-v. 1 jjl fj .eu '
O ' f Stip RittnT m cgH
, x iVVittr? JK-" VCIMeM-P4K.ikVAjy
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one of the first threw positions.
Entries for the Purdue meet, to be helej
at Lafayette. Ind., on June I. were marta
by Coach Stelbtn thla atoreslng. Tb Its
lOO-Tarrl Daeh-IUcely. Christmas, Majr.
In.1 Wnerrv.
J.W-Yard Pssh-tUcely, Christmas and)
lea. Yard Daih-Reave and Brannon.
IMO-Ysrd Run-MoGowan aad beaker.
one-Mile Hun-Anderson.
31-Ysrd Hurdles-Usrnsy. J
Hastier Wins ta Eleventh.
WII.COX. Neb.. Msy x-tPpeclal.V-Wilcox
and Huntley played the f.eteet,
lame here for many seasons taking eleven.
Innings In deckle the contest. Scare: . .
Wilcox OJ4)4)l0 J
Huntley ill -
Baitertea: Wilcox.- ettrlrkler and Hill;"
Huntley. Stickler and Sllchmaa.
Mlas Lillian M. Walls, daughter of Jehu
Wells of Oshkosh, Wis., and Mr. Harry
Elerdlng were married by Rev. Chart
W. Savldgs al his residence Thursday
afternoon at M o'clock. Th groom's,
brother, Mr. Uyds Elerdlng. and Mlaaa
Street . ...
Street e .lr