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    THE BEE: OMAHA. SATCftADY, MAY 25. 1912.
John Stevenson Canny ScoUman, '
Testifies in Steel Soil
only ' J J)rS
Dahmg L Grape
Powder (gancjTfltt
Hav Boat MB n.
Llfktinf ruwm Burft-OrtadWi
. M. Clark, itans. Htn ud Douflaa,
Cka. noatii Koom 411, Bm BW .
baa m official blank for application (of
lixrrif ot pension under lata law May
II. Uli
StewsU Is Vary Stan T. G. Howell, a
pioneer resident of Omaha, la eerlouely
HI at his home, 171 Lesvanworth. Ha H
S yes old and no hope ara held for
hi recovery because of hla advanced an.
Caaritle Bapor FrUta Kaport ot
the fourteenth annual aaaatos of the Ne
braska Conferenc of Charities and Cor
lection haa been printed and a large
number ar now In the handa of tit
Associated Charltiea tor distribution
among charltjr workara. '
Idnaeai swat to ta aalom Jam T.
Lindsay, acquitted, ot tba murder ot bla
mother on the around ot Insanity and
Inebrlacy. was committed to tba stats
hospital for insane at Lincoln by Judve
Button. Lindsay oei to tha hospital for
an Indefinite period.
Dempster Bays tot Robert Demp
ster, vice president of tb City- Trust
and Safe Deposit company, haa - pur
chased the lot back ot his bom; 9X1
Harney street. Tha property measure
Ox KM feet, faclnc Dewey areola. It
chanced handa at B.600 through . tba
Clover Realty Syndicate.
Veterans Address Ptadenta Captain
W illiam H. Russell and J. A. Dempster
of the local Grand Army of tha Republic
talked to classes of Omaha High school
students in the two assembly noma at
the school yesterday. Captain Rusaall
spoke on "Incidents of the Ctvll War"
and Mr. Dempster talked on Patriotism."
The letter Illustrated hla talk with a
handsome silk national banner.
Do; Ordered Deported Jasper Brown,
colored, was ordered to deport bla shep
herd dog from tha corporate limits ot
Omaha by Judge Altstadt , Tba dog la
said to have bitten tba tittle daughter of
Mr. Anna Elliott of 4601 Burt street.
When Informed of tha court s decision
lira. Elliott said she said she would snoot
the animal, because she believed Brown
would bring It back after a abort time.
Wilson Says Politics
Behind Attack on Him
WASHINGTON, D. C, May X-iuotlng
scripture. James Wilson, secretary ot
agriculture, commented today on tha ac
tion yesterday of the Presbyterian gen
eral assembly In striking hi nam from
the Met of delegates to tba Pan-Preaby
terian council to bo bald in Aberdeen.
Scotland, because be accepted last sum
mer a Ties presidency of the brewer'
congress at Chicago. ,v
- "And when the on of men cam
together before tha Lord Satan cam
also.' be aaid. 'This passage seema to
ily to this Vase, for I have learned
from every dependable source that tbere
has been a whole lot ot politic behind
the attack 'on ma from certain quarter,
because I. as secret err of agrtraltnre at
tended a brewers' conference. It will all
Ola out a soon aa tba next election is
Tb secretary expressed tb opinion
that Job. tba araca aff acted, would hare
nade a fine secretary of agrlcolton. Job.
fen said, knew a lot about larpjsna- and
Choien One of Delegatei-it-Large to
national Convention.
So Far aa Known In Capital City
Paopl' Party Ma Kat Yet
Called Convention to Art
an Political Problem
(Prom a Staff Correspondent.) .
LINCOLN. May H Special.) W. J.
Bryan promise to be on of the busiest
men In the country for between the Jobs
of lecturing and running the democratic
parsy. the paopl at tha recant primary
alo gave him an order to take n hand n
nominating - a populist candidate and
shaping tha policy of tha party. The of.
fir force of tba secretary of state has
Just completed the task of figuring up
the winner among the minor and the
tabulation shows that honor hav come
cheaply to some. In one Instance, that of
socialist national delegatea from the fifth
district, eight men tied for the two places
each getting on vote, and In several
Instances two votes wer enough to get
a man credentials as delegate to the na
tional convention. .
Popnllat Delegate.
Following ar the populist delegates-at-large
W. J. Bryan, KM vote; I. i. Dunn.
Ii vote; George U Loom It, at votes; W.
H. Westover. 71 vote. Third district: W.
H. Green end J. P. Kelly. Fourth district:
Matt Miller and E. O. Weber. Fifth dis
trict: Frank Swanson and Peter W. Uhea.
With district. F. J. Taylor elected and
James W. Flnnecan and J. B. Gibbon
tied on two each, and will hav to pull
straws for the place. No popaltst dele
gate wer voted for in the First and
Second districts.
Socialist delegatea-at-large: F. ?. Beii.
votes. John Canrtght. 11; C. R. Oiler. ;
C 1. Wright, 11 First district. J. S.
Baker, only one voted for. Third district:
J. W. gunhart elected and John R. Kelly
and Lou la Llcbtner tied. Fourth district:
R- F. Walker elected with only on vote
and no other voted fur. Fifth district:
Aba Hubbard. Thomas Chrlswell, Sample
Henry, Grew B. Brainier, a Stuta. Billy
Chaffer, Bob Cole, all tied with one vote
each and two to be chosen. There were
no vote east for delegates in tba Kliat
and Third districts.
Tha credentials of the socialist dele
gatea will come a little bit lata aa the
convention haa already 'been held and
Eugene V. Debs named a the presiden
tial candidate. So far known bare
tb populist convention baa not been
called and there to a strong probability
none will be held.
Leovttt Mr Olv,e Evidence.
At the governor' office It was aaid
today that If Rev. A. I. Leavitt. secre
tary of tha Slat Society for the Friend
leas, which la aaid to be formed to aid
released convicts from tb penitentiary,
know what he la talking about and will
furnish tba evidence, someone will be
prosecuted. In a speech m Omaha In
which ha arraigned the penitentiary man
agement he te quoted as saying among
other thing that when meat to delivered
at the prison tba best of It 1 et aatd
and convicts who have money can get
It by paying for it, and tb one who
are without mean or wbo da not. wish
to pay get what to left. The meat, of
j course 1 paid for Jr tha state. Abeo-
and It la credited at tba ststehouse aa
simply being one of many circulated by
parties who find It to their personal ad
vantage to retail sensational allegations.
Kaon ladlan Problem.
P. H. Peterson, county attorney of Knox
county, haa written tha attorney general,
reciting that considerable portion of
that county to occupied by the Ponce
and Ban tee Indiana, whoa lands ar not
taxed. Ha wants to know whether when
these Indiana Mil heirship lands and In
vest the proceed In Improvements on
lands not taxed under the law the Im
provements ar taxable; also whether
when heirship lands ar sold tha money
Is taxable. Ilk the cash of white men.
The attorney general baa replied that
unless tbe Indiana have received title
to lands In te and tbe government has
ceased to exercise a trusteeship over tbe
Indlsns and their hud tb land to not
taxable, and In case of money derived
from heirship lands similarly conditioned
tha government bold tb fund ar trust
funds and not taxable either; neither
ara Improvement taxable when made
with tha money on lands not taxed.
Teeter Vlalta Capitol.
Colonel Teetef, in' new commandant
at the Mllford Soldiers' home, made bla
first visit to the capltol since taking
charge. May M. He haa appointed Mr.
Dewey adjutant and Mia Campbell, ma
tron at tba home. He reports everything
running along smoothly.
Dr. H. t. Cole. J. W. Ransom and F.
K. Fulton of Norfolk, who ar interested
m the gaa plant at tbat place, tailed on
the railway commissioner today to as
certain how to proceed to capitalise
money they had put Into the plant In ex
tensions and bettertnente. They have
mad no formal application to issue addi
tional capital stock, but probably will
do so' in tha near future.
Reform Chnreh Eleeta.
The claases of th English-speaking
branch of tba Reformed churches of Ne
braska today elected officer for the year.
Rev. E. C. Holyoke of Omaha was named
president; L. 8. Faust. Lincoln, sice presi
dent; and Rev. C. M. Rohrbaugh. Omaha,
stated clerk. Betwaea twenty and thirty
delegatea wer present. This afternoon
waa devoted to tha Sunday school ques
tion and this evening there waa n meet
ing of laymen taking up ttta subject "Men
and Religion." ' '
!. Back From Saotb. .
Rev. Lather P. Ludden of thl city has
Just returned from a trip to El Peso,
)ut this aide of tb Mexican boundar
and says that a deplorable condition of
affairs exists In Mexico and tbat Amer
ican citizens In tbat country ar being
mistreated. He any that whan they
reach J us res they ar la variably robbed
of all their money, generally thrown in
Jail for a few daya and then told to
"hike" serves tbe border. He nay that
newspaper in that section of tb United
State do not print tba news for fear of
hurting the business of that section,
which is largely with Mexico and Me
leans. He aaya tha general rmpresalon
among those In that section wbo ar
faml.ier with Mexican affairs is that no
matter bow th present revolution turn
w viit h sheet time only until
... . - A
mere ie snwim w
former opponents now wteb they bad
IHms back in power again, for be gave
tbe country th only semblance of stabil
ity it ever had. a
Cas Mea Wind I .
Th gaa manufacturers of Nebraska.
Iowa. South Dakota and 111 mole, who had
their annual, convention bare, wound up
tasuant with a Baaonet. Th prepajnieol
gaa meter was discussed at length this
forenoon, some pointing to it aa a solu
tlon of one of the most perplexing prob
lem of the buslnes. via. the collections,
others maintained it had no place In th
modern bom on amount of Its danger
through careless use. Efficiency of em
ploye waa th topic of n paper read by
J. B. Parry of Omaha. . . .
Negroes Under Arms
Rapidly Increasing
in Numbers in Cuba
HAVANA, May II -In spile ot reiter
ated protestatlona by the government
tbat military condition In th province
of Orient are most satisfactory and that
It to only question of a few hours be
fore th negro Insurgent, under Oeneral
F.etonos and Irona. ar scattered, addi
tional troop were rushed to the front
tonight. In addition Prevldent Oomex It
sued a decree authorising the enlistment
of volunteers for active service. .
The new cruiser Patrla Bailed for
Ouantanamo tonight with Infantry
and machine gunner under commend
of Major Pujol. Th presidential decree
directs that all persona desiring to en
list present themselves at A tares Castle,
Havana, where they will receive unl
fry-ma and arm a These troop apparently
ara intended for garrison service, to per
mit th remaining regular to take the
So far there haa been only one smell
aklrmtob between regular and Insurgents
In the vicinity of Santiago, th latter be
ing dispersed with a lose of one man
killed and one wounded. Feeling tnroufV
nt Ortente shows grave fears of the
ability of the government to control th
situation. Th number of armed bands,
according to general report, la rapidly
Increasing and the character ot the
country la such sa greatly to Impede th
movements of the regular troops who ar
likely to find much difficulty in forcing
the insurgent to risk a decisive move
ment. L'p to tbe present ther has txn prae
tlcallv no depredationa committed on
American proper! lee in Orient, but some
cane fields, belonging to Spaniards, ar
reported to hav been burned.
Ad Men .Will Meet
Next in Baltimore
DALLAS. May 34 -Th Associated Ad
vertising Clubs of ' America concluded
their annual convention today with the
selection of Baltimore aa the next place
of meeting', th re-election of George W.
Coleman of Boston as president, P. E.
Florea of Indianapolis aa secretary, C.
D. Mekeel of Minneapolis as treasurer.
Fred E. Johnston of Dense aa vie presi
dent and tba adoption of a eonatttutional
amendment empowering the board ot di
rector hereafter la select tb ptae of
holding tha annual meetings, subject 10
tha ratification of tb general conven
tion. ,
Tha selection of Baltimore' as the tfl3
convention city was by a vote of X to
tot over Toronto. Ban Francisco, a con
tender for the convention, withdrew whan
It waa pointed out that tba JMt meeting
probably would be keld in tb California,
city. -
reel Plaat Paid to Treat tar Thlr-
Mllliawa la Beads Tea
Mach CaaaMlagr Abant Cam.
man Stark, He Saya.
NEW TORK. Alay It. John Stevenson
Jr.. a Scotchman and a rrlaUve of Robert
Louis Stevenson, enlivened tha hearings
In th federal suit to dissolve the United
State Steal corporation today when be
told in a rich Scotch accent of the vart
sua deals by which ha old out halt a
doaen steel properties to the Reld-Moore
syndicate. John W. Gates and tha steel
corporation Itself, each' tiro striking a
profitable bargain.
Mr. Stevenson waa called by the gov
ernment to give evidence to support lis
allegations ot monopollMIr Intent in the
formation of th various subsidiary com-
blnatlona of the "steel trust." in which
all of Stevenson's properties ar pow eon- I
ttltuent parts
Entering the employment of the Carne
gie Steel company in ISTJ. when hla fel
low Scotchman. Andrew Carnegie, was
making hi reputation as an Iron master.
Stevenson in ISM ostabllshed at New
Csstle. Pa., the first successful tin piste
mill In this country, he said. It waa
capitalised at tUa-Wu, Ten year . Uter,
after selling out this and four other steel
plant which he eubaequently built, he
started tha Sharon Steel company.
merged It with tha Union Steel company,
and then sold out to th steel corpora
tion, taking for th Sharon Intercuts $11.-
000.000 in: tba corporation bond, hs
. He had built the Sharon steel plant,
be remarked, "I shake the apple tree
"You did not get shares for your In
tereetr asked H. E. Col ton, attorney for
the government.
"No sir, bonds," said 8tevenson.
That aeems to be a Scotch habit,"
commented R- V. Llndabury. attorney for
tha steel corporation, apparently refer
ring to tha fact that Andrew Carnegie
bad taken bonds when ha sold th Car
negie Steel company to the corporation.
"No, sir," retorted tha witness. "That
a as wisdom. I'd been getting too much
common stocU in other deala and ther
waa too much gambling about that."
Stevenson told how ha sold hi h
nango Valley steel plant
"Let sea," ha aaid. "there' was tOTJO.OOt
lock In th company, SU0,M bonds and
th cash profile brought It up to an
even tl.OM.rro. I waa lying In bed with
g broken leg and my wife and children
wer begging ma to sail It I told W. E.
Rice, my preeident, to go ahead and sell
end 1 give him tb credit tor getting a
Judicious pries. H Bold it to tb aam
old crowd that waa bobbing up every
where about that time for I3.soo.ono i
common and preferred tck of th Na
tion) Steel company."
"Who waa lhat crowd V
"Oh, Judge Moore, Dan Raid and W, B.
HI 'Shenangs Valley tlnplata plant he
old to th American Tlnplata company
for 13S7.00J preferred and th aam amount
of common stock of th latter company,
h aaid.
, "Could you hav got cashf
"If wa had all demanded money from
that crowd ' In those daya I hav my
doubt If could hav got It It waa the
understanding that I could take HJ7.000
oash Instead, but tha understanding waa
not much more than a hops."
"Waa competition keen In those days?"
"it got worse and worse th longer t
waa In tha buslne."
It ss because of their being to many
ire mills in tha business, th witness
aid, that ha (urranderad hi New Castle
wire nd nail plant to John W. Gate,
wbo had organised th Conaolldated
Steel and Wlr company. In IKS there
were forty-six planta and competition
In two or three years had driven all but
eleven out of I he business, h declared.
He ld then had been a meeting of
wire nail manutarturara In Cleveland
where It waa agreed to tlx price at fi.W
"When the meeting waa adjourned for
lunch, Frank Baacke want down and
sold by. wlr hO00 keg at II. to." aaid
Stevenson. "I was going down for th
same purpoaa and th telegraph operator
handed m Base Its' telegram by mistake.
I stuffed It in my pocket and took It
bark io th chairman of tha meeting.
'What hall we do with ulmr I aaid.
" 'Kick him down staira' said the chal-r
" 'I can't,' said I, "he's a bigger man
than I am. "
"Thl wa Frank Baarka, now. vie
president of th American 8tael and
Wire company.'"
"Te, and a very decent fellow."
Mr. Llndabury brought out from th
witnees a statement that demoralised
conditions In the wire and tlnplata trade
during the lata '0a had directly 14 to
th consolidation of numerous planta
Into the National Steel, tha American Tin
Plata and tha American Sheet Steel com
pany and that many of the manufacturers
had gone to Judge Moore and aaked to
be taken Into tha combination.
L . I
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