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Psychological ' Effect of the Unex
pected in Trial Cagei. -
Dramatic Episode ta(l.mi
Clever Lawscr la Deer
ate Cam Taklac Bis
Chance. ,
me who nsv read "A Tale of Two
Cities" Kill cully remember the episode
01 Sydney Carton tossing across th
tabl to hit co-counsel. 8tryver. who was
cross-examining the crown's a Hum.
Iltp of paper on which Canon suggested
th similarity between . nisoelf -an the
man on trial Charles Darney. It wm so
marked that the crown's witness became
confused, and finally admitted that He
might be mistaken as to the Identity to
which ho had previously sworn in such
positive lerotuage. The resemblance be
tween Carton, the dissolute lawyer, and
Darn, husband of the heroine, produces
ll.a-treat drams tic event near the elose
of the book. It was the dissolute law
yer's discovery at a critical tege of the
lame .that saved the defendant from be.
Inf quartered (or treason, the prescrip
tion provided . for so near by the physi
cian of the Old Bailer at that period.
The man who has won a reputation
as a criminal lawyer knows the psycho
logical effect of the critical moment, and
prepares for It with as much care as a
genera! marshaling his forces for battle.
Then he has to 117 It out on the Jury,
hit or miss. He knows that If he falls
flat H will place In jeopardy the liberty
or the life of hit client, but he must take
the risk. The law books contain no guide
for playing the "critical moment." All Is
left to the discretion of the lawyer.
Convicted Himself.
There was a man on trial far murder
In a second nutrlct court In Missouri.
He had armed himself with a double
barreled shotgun, walked soma distance
to a neighbor's flsld and emptied both
charges In his enemy's body. The slayer
surrendered himself and at ths trial
pleaded the unwritten law and that
he had acted In the heat of passion. As
hi daughter was Involved In. the case the
defendant took the stand, told of ths be
trayal and how angry It made him: said
he seised bis old shotgun and hurrying
to the field . where hit victim was at
work, shot, him. The man (ell so -the
ground, raised .himself up .on hit arm
snd the defendant shot again. , "V
On crces-examlnelbn the state's attor
ney let him repeat his story In dtt'ell,
and then quietly asked:
"Mr. , why did you fire the second
shotr .......
The defendant nervously passed his
hands over -each ether, roughed and
made this helpJeM reply: "Mr. B . I
ion't know."'
He was convicted on that answer. The
state's Attorney had worked until long
aftsr midnight figuring out a way by
which such an answer would come as a
natural sequence of his Una of question'
tag, and when he got what he wanted
he Immediately excused ths defendant
tram the stand. ,
, ,-' . Working the Jury.
somewhat more elaborate was the
"critical' moment" arranged by J. H
Whttecot'-on. an attorney, who was In
charge of the defense of a man who was
Indicted for. the killing of a prominent
an highly respected eitlten of Shelby
county. . In ths course of ths trial ths de
fendant's mothef-m-taw brought
Into ths court room on a' cot. She was
wilts ss snow, and . the features bore
that unmistakable writing that means
death. Mr. Whltscotton hovered about
her, gently placing the cot where the
Jury and stenographers might hear the
feeble words of the Invalid. It was a sad
scans and affected all at If they were In
the preeeno of death, as In ths truth
they were. But the dying woman felt
thst ail ths trouble used In taking hsr
from hsr comfortable homo In Bhelby
county to the trial Indicated ths gravity
o( her son-ln-lsw i situation, snd she
gave her testimony under the Inspiration
of Hern duty. Some said that what shs
told was not very material, but perhaps
they did not understand ths matter as
well as Mr. Whltecottoa did. In his
doting argument for the defense Mr.
Wfllteootton spoke as follows:
"Ah. gentlemen, I may be wrong la my
figures ' and my deductions from this
evidence. I may have made mistakes, for
which I trust you will pardon ma But
there is ens persorr who testified hers
and whs most be believed If anything on
earth It true. You saw Iter as she was
carried la hers In ths arms of her hue
band. Today, gentlemen, she lies upon
her deathbed. The angel of heaven
fluttering across the great vaults above
are preparing to receive her. Her mother
long el ore gone with yours and mlna
Is there with arms outstretched for poor
Mrs. Swift. Tu wondered how ehe was
abls to reach the court room from her
home far aff In ths country. Why didn't
the. die? What great unseen .' power
tanned the ebbing tide of life 'in her
bosom-until this .session came onf AH!
will tell yon what ktpt the dying spark
alive It was because the Great Father
of ths universe who always standi by
poor, unfortunatt humanity, decreed
otherwise and Issued the flat that the
should live to save her boy to save her
boy! Thanks ha to the merciful Ood of
heaven for It! Take her now from her
misery: take her away to her heavenly
home for the has said before a Jury of
her countrymen: 'My boy was assaulted
there, and what he did was tn ths law
ful defense of his life!' "
The speech wrought i greater effect
than did ths appearance of ths dying
woman on ths day before. The court
room was crowded, many women being
present, and they wept to bitterly that
the atmosphere of grief was communi
cated to the. jury, and eiglit beM out
so stubbornly for ths defendant that a
mistrial occurred. It was a surprising
circumstance considering tue nature of
the case, and was si must entirely due to
the portions of the trial given. Not long
afterward the case was retried, and the
Jury's ending was so mild as to practi
cally amount to an acquittal. 1
Effect of a Stery.
Aa Iowa school teacher shot a man
who had. as hs thought, traduced hi
wife.. He had read Lyton's story of
"Eugene Aram." and was so Impressed
with It that be discharged his lawyers
and tried his own case. When be came
to sum up ha related a great deal of
the story and dwelt specially - upon
Aram's speech la hit own defense.
The Jury went out sad after some de
bate they cams in to. ask a question.
That was ths "critical moment" in the
school teacher's trial. The Jury wanted
to know what nsd happened te Eugene
Aram. The court ruled that at the de
fendant had Introduced part of ths stery
the Jury was entitled to know ths result.
"They hung him.' rephed the defendant
The school teacher's Jury wasn't quit
as harsh; they only sent aim to the) pea.
One hundred thowsaad dollar worth 4t
business property, comprising practically
ail ths stores of Ethel, Mow was the
stake before Jury--In the federal -eeurt
at Hannibal The plaintiffs claimed that
sparks from the locomotive pulling the
California limited westward aa ths
Santa Fa railroad set out the fire on the
roof of an old frame building near ths
track, and that from this structure the
blase was communicated to all the stores
In town. There was scarcely any insur
ance, because of the nature of the build
ings, and a failure to recover from the
railroad meant ruin to a great many
of the Ethel merchants. There was evi
dence by the railroad that la five min
utes sfter the limited passsd the old
buCdlng by ths track was a mass of
flames, the point being that the toccmor
tlva could not have set out a firs that
had made such headway la five minutes.
So (hat period of time became a control
ling matter la the case. Bert D. Nor
ton!, a voting village sawyer, who had ths
case for the plaintiffs, met the lesas this
way in ths course -of his argument: Hs
handed his watch to a member of the
Jury, told him to nets the minute hand's
position and make aa announcement
whan five miautet were up. There wss
a strsnga silence In the court room
while the Jurymen leaned over and
scanned the face of the watch. The
pleader grew weary standing inactive
and took a chair. Ths Judge tapped,
absent-mindedly with a pencil, looked
at his swn watch and then at the Jury.
A court marshal stepped In from the
lobby and (lanced around to ascertain
ths meaning of the sudden suspension. A
man in the audience aroas and slowty
paced back and forth In ths rear of the
seats. Aa Impatient expresstoa crossed
the face of the Judge. It seemed like a
thousand things might have happened
In that endless five minutes. At last ths
Juryman snapped the watch, 'Ths five
mluutee are up,", he said.
To everyone whs endured ths suspense
It appeared nearly half an hour. It con
vinced the Jury that five minutes was
ample time for ths Limited to have fired
the old frame bunding and to probably
burn It to ths ground, so long did that
period seem during Inaction. There was
a recovery by ths plaintiffs for ths full;
amount la suit and the United States
court of appeals sustained the verdict
A AeeaawkaWe Battle,
A man named Niblick stabbed tu
death on Townsman during a celebra
tion m Ceatsville. a small town en the
Iowa-Missouri Una Townsman was a
well thoera farmer and had many In
fluential friends In ths section Indicated.
Ths feeling, was Intensely strong against
Niblick, who was. arrested and hurried
to . Jail " at Lancaster. In order to
strengthen the prosecution. Townsman's
friends employed one of ths best known
ai.d most successful criminal lawyers la
northern Missouri to assist the county
attorney. Niblick was Indicted for mur
der in the first degree. Ha was a poor
but somsbow h found means to
employ a couple of young lawyers to de
fend him. There lived In Bioomfleld. Is.,
a lawyer. Colonel H: H. Trimble! who,
on learning of the case, cam down Into
Missouri and volunteered his service to
aid In the defense. The you tig attorneys
welcomed him gratefully, as a murder
trial of this character was something un
usual for them. Ths older attorney sat
at ths Ubls with the young fellows, now
and then modestly tendering them a sug
tcstlon. but letting them conduct the ex
amination. When an Intricate law pelts)
cams up, however. Mr. Trimble by rea
eon of his superior expert en oe, took
charge of the argument. At ths olose of
evidence ths prevailing Impression wai
that convicted, al
though. he had stoutly maintained that
hs bad acted In self-defense. There wss
soms fine speech-making ' on that
Ths greybeards of southern Iowa
northern Missouri still talk about this
remarkable court battle of thirty years
laflaeae of a Speech.
Colonel Trimble wag a fin looking
man, with the vole of a great actor,
Besidsd b wss A profound student of
human nature. , H Closed the ergu
ment for the detents, snd tn the course
of his talk drew a graph to picture of
ths bsttls of Pea Ridge, which occurred
near Bentonvllle, Ark., in WO. He told
of tba charge, ths fierce fire of the enemy,
the repulse, the reforming of the lines.
th second charge. The hand-to-hand
fight and the earthworks.
"Th captain with powder-blackened
face, with hair and whiskers all awry.
sabre flashing, treads down ths path for
his men to follow. Over ths corpse
strewn field they sweat on to meet the
red, withering blast of guns uncountable.
and all worked with deadly still. The
line waver. A few turn and look at
trlghtedly bask.
" 'Steady hoy, snd forward r
"Ths color of th enemy's fierce eyes
eyes of men whs neve tasted human
Mood) and like It can almost be distin
guished as th smoke lifts and gives, for
toe Instant, the -charging squadrons s
better view. Then bayonet are poised
for ths death grapple. At the very mo
ment of victory ' ' .'
" G en boyt! Don't mind ma
Th captain hard hit, I down and out,
but th soldiers, with Clubbed muskets,
rush on and beat down the southern
tattle st!
"Gentlemen! I get that from no his
tory of ths war! I saw It! What I tell
you comes not by word of mouth or
tram ths reeding of hooka That gallant
officer, striken down In bis hour of tri
umph, was Captain Niblick of my rst
meht, ths prisoner at th hsr. the man
you are ssked to send to ths gallows!"
Th special attorney; employed to assist
the stato tried to counteract the In
fluence of that speech, but he couldn't
convince th Jury that the defendant was
th sort of a man who would commit a
murder snd the gallant captain left th
court room In triumph.
Extensive aretes of Aerial Cessnas
seatlaa PlaaaeA hy Aavy
Ths United Stales Navy department 1
now planning ths construction of a chain
of wireless s tattoos mors extenslv than
any elm tier system In existence, or con
templated by any other nation.
Two oceans snd two continuent will
be embrsnced within the ranee of this
chain. 'aral vessels, whether near the
African coast or. la Chines water) will
be ander direct control from Washington
by aerial communication- Aa appropria
tion of tl.S6S.0e Is wsnted to complete the
project already be arm.
Th first station Is now tn course of
erection at Arlington. Vs., across the
Potomae ' from 'Washington. Th other
stations win be built at th Panama canal
son: San Francisco, CaL; Peart harbor,
HasiaA; Tutulla Island. In the Samoa;
Guam, and Lotaa. Pbllllpin Istsnes.
Each of these stations la to have a send
ing radius of at least Z.00S mile.. Bear
Admiral Hutch L. CMC. . chief, of the
boreal of stesm engineering, expects the
lending radios will prove to be coasideT-;
ably mors, but ha Insists en conservatism1
la making predictions. ' ' ' I
At eves the arinmom estimate of Ad I
mh-al Cons, however, each station wtn be
able t eacaant niessages with the next
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adjoining ' station, thus completing ths
ohsla of -transmission bstweeo east and
west "
. Ths design adopted for th Arlington
station will hs followed In the construction
of th ethers. Th Arlington station, now
building, consists of three steel towers.
arranged In ths form of an laoscles
triangle. At the apes of the triangle Is
a tower at fset high ninety-five (est
higher than the tip' of th Washington
monument. At the heme ar two tower.
each 430 feet In height. The antennae are
t be strung from the tallest tower to the
other two. This- arrangement gives the
maximum spread, and takes the fullest
advents of ths height of the tallest
tower. Oily ths limitation of an appro-
prlaUsn deterred th Navy department
tsevn making all thro tower feet
high. The tower of th other station will
soon b st least & test la heigh, and
higher If enough money m forthcoming
to pay th sdded expense. One hundred
kilowstt wireless sett will be installed' In
esch station, Th height of the towers
promises to mak these naval wireless
tstlons striking and distinctive festurcs
of ths landscape at each point where one
I erected. Already th towers of ths sta
tion at Arlington sre visible from th
streets ft Washington, rising (ar above
th outline of the Virginia hills, opposite
the capital. .
Th points selected ss sites for these
giant station are already centers el
naval activity or strateglcslly Importsnt
In the operations of ths fleet At most
of them there are already small wireless
ststlon la operation, which have come
Into constant use with, th development of
wireless tslegrsphy by ths navy.
Ths station at Washington was dsdded
upon first. As th seat ef naval au
thority, from which ths movement of sll
naval vessels ar directed. It is th logical
place for the location of the most power
ful mean 'of communication with tbe
fleet which can be devised. Th military
reservation at Fort Myer offered a con
venient site for ths station, and th tele
phone will bring H as close to the Navy
department In effect as If the towers
were being erected on the roof of the
department building Itself.
Ths construction by the Navy depart
ment or this chain of wireless stations
will mak ths United Ststes the pro
prietor of a system of communication
girdling more than hslf the grob. The
government will then bo Independent of
th commercial telegraph and cable
companies. In war and la peace. The
advantage of th system can hardly be
overestimated. . For example. Read Ad
miral Murdock. commanding tbe Asiatic
fleet now on duty In Chinese ports,
send to Washington by commercial
cable dally reports on the develop
ments In the Chinees revolution and th
steps hs It taking to protect Americana
This method Is both expensive snd slow.
Were the chain of wireless statinons In
operation Admiral Murdock could send
bts dally reports without any expense,
and with greater speed. The advantages
to ths Navy department are equally ap
parent It Is not proposed to abolish the
less powerful station now In operation
ander the Navy . department control on
the United States coast and In th Pa
cific with the establishment of tin
giant stations. Th ships of the fleet,
though capable ef receiving messages at
a ttst-mll radius, have a maximum
sending range of about LM. Therefore.
In many case, th warship will be
obliged te relay messages through the
nearest small sstion. or through one so
other. The low altitude of the highest
point on even ths largest ships seems to
aara put a permanent limitation trpon
the srnalng power of wireless station on
shJpsoareV-flctrntillc Americas
Ye also carry a complete line of
bicycle and do all klnda of repairing.
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This Label on Every Loaf of
- atalssd Milk ArssA Is Asked VvasA Avery Bay by
What Eswryaetdy Kaessa easterly
AfflroaeA by Hasina!
. sfeaaarer.
Cat" sing. Tes, svsrybody knows that
thty mak a neisa; that wasn't meant
Thsy really and truly slug, giving voir
to arias, chansons, duet and quartets,
aocordlng to Carlo Fischer, associate
manager of tbe Minneapolis Bymub.ony
orchestra. Mr. Ktsrher also sold recently
that everybody musically inclined, by
listening patiently to th nightly out
bursts on tba backyard fence, can easily
trsos ths furtivs melodies ef ths blend
ing voices, even snatches from ths works
of the master composers of th day that
ar (on can be picked out of the mys
terious fellns harmonica
Mr. Fischer said he never realised Ihst
cats really sang until recently, when the
first balmy weather forerunner of the
spring-struck Minneapolis. Fischer, It
must be known, has become a fresh-air
faddist and all winter has slept each
night la a coffin box on ths rear of his
porch at bis honit. Through th csld
west her there wss no music Tn neigh
borhood cats were too busy keeping
warm. But ths springlike breeses of late
have brought eut th songsters. Fischer
never noticed them last spring, for h
wasn't Bleeping on th perch. But now,
with hi ears dose to nature, ths sym
phony manager has had a chance to snake
a careful study ef song of the back
tens choristers.
I bars seen making a itudy of cat
must and have learned to asperate the
melodies and harmonies Into rhapsodies.
symphonies, symphonic vsriatlona, tons
poems, genre pieces, lyrics, srlss. fugues
snd - 'St immune Bllder,' " said Mr
Fischer, "Juet now ths era eon of rlisu-
sodli-s Is at It height Only last Bight
I listened for aa hour to ths most won
derful duet between s lyric rat soprano
and a heroic t'-nor, whll in the distance
could be heard, sotto voce, an operatic
naemble that for finesse, mellifluous
tonal charm and sympathetic nuaadng
compared favorably with standard road
-Cats hsvs a penchant for staccato ef
fects. The tenor, however, ere given to
gilssendo and nissieatos. Minnesota cat
tenors art among the beet In the world.
becatu the severe winters give their I
voices a peculiar firmness snd penetrative
euallty. That ss why they may be beer!
warbling tbe "Bird tiong" from "I Pag
Used" or "O Don Fatale" .from "Dos
Csrloa" Ths long winter has been rather
severe on the baritone snd bassos, no
tably the basse profundos, whoss chsr
9q iH.
Hot only its proven abflity to cure,
made 8. S. 8. the most extenaivelr
znant of OontAcriona Blood Poison.
whicb temporarily raso-re ths outward gymptoma and shut the disease np
to tbe ivgtom, thr to carrv oa tu dettructivs worx on ths delicate and
JJtal organs, 8. 8. S. strikse directly at the root, aad by purifTlag the blood
J T!ry ttnoe) of the rims, completely and permanently caret the trouble.
8. 8. 8. la Nature! blood purifier, harmless la Its action and certain in ita
good results. It la made from a combine tinn of rnnta anrt v-k. .i, .i
which Hag a definite and specifio action In purifying ths blood. Years were
afo Jectin nd proportioning the diSereot lupwdieota, but when
B. 8. 8. was perfected it goon demonstrated iu rjpexiorlty over all other
Mood nsfxUcinea, and now. after 40 Tear, it k atill the rm. ..h nnt.
lor Oontagtoua Blood Poison. While driving out the poison from the
escalation 8. 8. 8. buttda np and atrenfrthena the system by Its fine weeeuble
tonlo affacta. If you are suffsring with Contagious Blood Poison S. 8. 8. is
your moat certain reliance, and because of lot freedom from mercury,
potash or any other mlneiat it is absolutely sets for every one. Borne
treatment book with, ysiuable stiMestions and any msdical advice sent free
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acteiiatia croaking hoarseness dis
tinguishes ihem from the rest of the
feline singers.
"The bassos sxcel .In Wagnerian
vorsplsls' and Tschalkowsky andsnt
cantablles. con amor nd delicinnta
Th baritones may be counted on to sup
ply the sforsanilo and crescendo effects.
Con splrlto and con furtsco passage are
sdmlrsbly suited to th sopranos, whs al
this time of year sre la excellent vole,
after a long rest of th vocal organs A
Llastlan CQCenia or a Ktrauss Intermeiso,
requiring keen sppreclstlon of th rhap
sodic in mialr, is Hi kind of heavenly
harmouy which just now Is being Impro
vlred by feline sopranos. Contraltos, who
seem to considerable trouble
with their threats. Just Ilk their human
sisters, preler th sad snd dolorous.
Molto con dolorosa the melting csnso
nelta, soars through th night and fall
upon ths ears of the resiles deeper
within range. If he I musical llks ma
hs will enjoy It, hut If he not, he
phobably will shy a shoe at th offending
minstrel." Minneapolis Journal.
Th Persistent end Judicious I ft
Newspaper Advertising Is the Itoad
Business Success.
Vo saore rrowTlne ins store sever words e
ssore vl thine thst you dldo't hare to wear
oood-Br toot misery! baaatitk aoe
th tries yes, Basatiti that rrmsrksblt
rnos rrttei insi nns eiinmj
pbrsldsos snd brought liberty
to tnoqssBos of sore-footed,
eors-tcoleii ilsve. fcANATITr!
WUWg OCT TfiX Pal sad
sores sort beats yuat
wounded, bwrntrf, tire i,ef
huttnttv. SIMPLY PC ST IT
OX f OUR Tl ET Is the morn
ing, sod the sua will loins
HI ijsv lor yoo. rxVT
A'r Vuasma
trust powders that mere
ly suss sour fset slip
pery. HAVATITC Is so
LlFFTRENT different
from an others. It's a
weisiwtful psio-Vnitag, hesllng. soot.linr neoV
etus io s THT sntiieptie nl isoitsrr-
relief thst proiiOR'tn to-i nrrRiBi's
s re f that CrnR BI'BNS. INt-EfT EI7T8.
It soothes, cools ssd d.l.'iht msees you feet
Bte doing highland Fi r.j, rou teal so vw:ng
sgsis. People eho vsltt or stirt eooeiov-iMy
ho fet penpirs, ns.n or b:rn fSouH bb
WABK! They era court nf pr-mawot btxlilr
mjury thst wtn eene v of tcte-rr. Try
fAHATITE roiir I)KL'iIljT wiB sjnolr yoa
eitb s tne or soe psetece. It not, eFND s
for Isrrs nsckage, post-ea'd. direct to The
f. KAMiUSB CU. sum seta bus I, DBver,
T T IT er sswwakwej
bat its absolute s&ietr aa a remedy,
tiasd of all naxlicinee in k. M.e.
Unlika the nrrnnff mineml mi,)nM.
Try for sUets. OlTlShis'S BfiSt , pwtrv w kill l
riualile kai hail t ewewsry we
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The Coal Man
Business property oa Lcavoa
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8312 laveawotth Street.
Phone Douglas
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Absolutely Purr and Reliable
Insist on Having It
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umaua mercnanu. a lie teaspoons are given by The Bee, one
for every five consecutively numbered coupons, like No. 13
below. The other pieces are given with certificates and eoupona"'
issued free by Omaha merchants.
Bring all coupons and certificates to The Bee 10 cent?;
with five Bee coupons no money with merchants' coupons,!
The ten cents pays for all cost of handling the entire set "'
Are you saying the coupons?;
Your spoons are here - FREE!
and. certificates
with purchases;
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The Hot
Sunnier Days
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has moved from 707 South Mth street
sa4 Is now looated In tne new (tor
A oowtnlet line of F RAM Eh and
Lowest prices ss all kinds of framing.
Phons Pouglaa MM.
cad be the bestthere' no ex
Koirara & Snn ' uileVrfin hnn.l-.
in your home by The Bee and!
Clip This Coupon m
Omaha Bee Dally Coupon
NO. 14. Saturday, May 15, 111
This coupon when presented with tbe four others
consecutively numbered, aad 10 cents to cover the
cost of haadliag, entitles the holder to one Wat.
Rogers A Soa guaranteed Teaspoon of Le Kecee
aair pattern. Out-of-towa readers will add lc aztr
(or postage.
If yew tree ss th
sisy krisg rear
aae ts ths
The Aee
Clip This Coupon
Yearly Subscription Coupon Omaha Bee
Thls coupon rreeerty sigsee an) presented at
th office of Toe Omaha be (or nailed by toe rseio
Ing ut of town) will bring to the balder full informa
tion how every hor.e can secure a full aosta Wat. Aug
rs A Sea guaraateed Teaeaoeo at once.
Aio, th eender will receive a free catalogu et
ail pssces or tai sec lageuivr wim in number ex eoe
peas aa4 certificates required for each place and ths
aanea el Omaha farm tsauug thera I the buMm.
Tela offer aspUee
te everyeae,
whaahee a Bxeaeat
suhsarther to Tae
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