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Thiinigs 4 Eat for Symidlay imnnieir
Dinner Menu
and Tested Recipes
Slewed Apricots. Lamb Chop.
Cincinnati Coffee Bread. Coffee.
Coniomme Japonalee.
Fricasseed Chicken.
; Rice Croquettes with Jelly.
Mashed Potatoee. Agpaxafua Salad.
Charlotte Rugae.
Tomato Rarebit. Graham Toast
Lettuce Sandwiches.
Chocolate Cream Pie.
Russian Tea.
Rice Omelet fteearee
Three SQuares are ales for luncheon
Te make this novel dish, btat thro eggs,
whiles and yolks together, until verv
llgkt. season to usta with salt end sap-
par, and fold In lifhtly a scant cupful of
cold boiled ries.' The rioa must flret ha
. well broken up with a fork, so that sac!i
grata is loots. Poor Into a hot, buttered
omelet paa and cook, sat Una It la tha
even for a moment to brown en top. With
a sharp knlfs cut It Into squares snd
Ira rufr these quickly to a hot platter
Oernith with crtsp lettuce leaves and
squares of tart currant Jtlly and serve
Immediately or It will loss Its crtapneea.
' rtlat of Beat aa Casserole.
Cut a three-pound filet la slices ens
asd a Jialf laches thick. Tie sack with
cord; dust with sslt and pepper. Put In
aa earthen casserole two tablespooafuls
of butter; when It is hot put In the (lists
and cook five minutes on each side. Re
mevs and cut off twine. Put In. the cas
serole two tahlespoonfula of browned
bread crumbs and two of chopped pickles
and parsley. Stir and add butter. Put
the Diets back for a minute. Serve at
' Strtagbeae Salad.
Cook string-beans until under la boil
ing salted water. Drals and dry thor
oughly on a soft cloth. Lot them stand
sq les for hours. Mix well with a pood
, Flench dressing snd arranfs ea lettuce
leaves. Garnish with hard-Soiled age
cut la quartan and serve.
Cereaaat fie.
, Put two svea UMsspeonruls af (rated
cogaenut into a tnt of milk. Add three
even tablsspoonfuls of sugar, the yolks of
two stall hastes sua and Iwe even table
spoenfuls ef eernetsrch stirred to a pasta
wHh a Utile cold milk. Add butter the
alas of a wslnut aad cook until thickened
erid smooth. Line a pis plate wtlh crust,
prlrk In several places aad bake la a hot
oweu. Then fill the cruet with the toooa
nii mlxturs and spread with msrlncue
mads from ths whites ef the eats beatsa
to. a stiff froth with two tableeDoonfuls
of suasr. Sprinkle won esooanut, set la
en oven and brows slightly.
theoelete rial PI.
Boat ths yolks of four efts, add one
full cup of sugar and stir well together.
Add eight heaping taelsspsonfsle ef
(rated choceiata and beat again. Put late
a saucepan and as It beets stir la slowly
two tablespoon rule of flour dissolved In
a quarter cupful ef cold milk. Aa It begins
te thicken tsks from tha fire aad add en
Urge cupful of chopped tigs. Lias two pie
tins with pastry aad bake. Then put la
the filling aad return to the even a few
momwuts te "sst."-. Boat the whites of
ths four sggs with (our scant tablsspooa
luis of sugar and a tablstpoenful ef
vanilla. Spread lightly ever ths plea. Bat
back In a ooolish even te puff and brown.
Either frssh or canned pieplant may be
used. Take enough stowed pieplant for
one pis. about a half plat, and stir Inte
It while boiling a hasping teaspoon fui ef
cornstarch mixed with ths yolks of two
eggs, a cupful of sugar and ens table
spoonful ef butter. Have ready a pis
tin-lined with a aloe crust already baked.
Bfreed this with tha pieplant mixture and
cover with a meringue nude of the
white ef the eggs, beetea stiff, with two
tablespoentule of sugar. Set la tha even
until alosly browned 'and serve sold.
- Rice Bella. '
Heat one cupful ef cooked rlca and the
same of milk, and press through a sieve,
"baa lukewarm add ens yeast cake Soft
ened la one-fourth cupful ef warm water,
one tablespoon ful of sugar, ens tea
spoonful of salt, aad one cupful of flour,
bet la a warm place to rise. When
doubled la bulk add one egg well beaten
and flour to kneed. Whan smooth and
elaetic allow te rlae once more, then
snaps Inte bslla. Put lots a greased pan.
brush tops with melted butter, and cover
Ull almost doubts la bulk, bake fifteen
or ' twenty minutes, according te alas.
Brush lightly with melted butter wbea
' . Plain Baas.
Bell a plat of bread dough Into a sheet
and piece 'n lie center a wetl-ncetea
egg. four tahlespoonfula ef suiter melted
after measuring, half a cupful af sugar,
half a taaspoonful ef grated nutmeg or
cinnamon snd one cupful ef sultana rais
ing or currants, fold ever the edges aad
knead till thoroughly mixed. Form bails
toll provced ss for roils. ....
J. wet-t route Halls.'
"To one pint of lukewarm sails add eae
fcalf taaspoonful of melted butter. Stir
well and add six goed-slsed sweet po
taioea cooked and pressed through a
ie e. Add dour te kacad and est te rise.
Proceed as for oilier rolls.
s-relt salad.
Soak ha.f a Sox of gelatine la a gsa
ei eus pint st water, add ths Juice ef two
lemons and tee cups of sugar. Bring te
a poll aad strata. Whoa cool poor over
tee sliced oranges, two bananas, ha'f
sua of elurrise. naif cup of English wal
nut tmeses' sa nearly whole as peeeib'.e.
Visa on the Ice till R seta. Serve with
skipped cream;
" Peach Caaapwte..
Ote-half cup rice, one caa of peaches,
boiling water. Blanch rice, thea boil la
lightly salted boiling water till tender:
fcain, form Into molds; make a sauce of
one cup e( peach jmee. twa tabltspouot
, sugar, two teaspoons butter, one table
ieoa lemea Juice, one tablespoon corn
starch. Cook peach juice, sugar and corn
starch together tin thick, remove from
tire, add lemon Juice snd butter and poor
aver peaches and rice.
Sweet Preset Rote.
Cream, one-fourth of a cupful ef bwt'e
arid one-fourth cupful ef sugar together
and gradually hast late a pint of Ugh'
sponge. . Add two eggs, whites and o.k
states separately, and fleur enough t.
Biake of the same thickness as before.
Caver snd stand In a warm place until
it begins to rise: than add fleur te make
a soft dough and knead we. I. Bet aside
like Parker house rolls When light anas?
three parallel creases scroas tha tap of
each. Brush with the beaten white of
egg. la cold water and a little rani!' a.
Sprinkle granulated sugar thickly ev-r
e ton. Bake fifteen minutes. When
'-re lay a napkin ever the roils In t-:e
ran for five minutes, which makes a ten
der crust.
Steered Leal lie.
One and a half cups tentlla one tea
spoon sugar, twa tablespoons butter, one
snd one-half teaspoon sslt. one-quarter
teaspoon pepper. Soak lentils over ntgtt,
drain, rinse and cover with belling wate
and cook slowly for one sad one-half
houra brain again, return to kettle, add
seasonings, let become very hot and
selasea (sawder. ,
One can salmon, three potatoes, three
tablespoons butter or drippings ,two slsees
onion, one-half teaspoon sslt. one-eighth
teaspoon pepper, three cups milk, three
tables poona flour, two crackers apht
Open salmon, remove bones scald and
flake fine; para petetoea and slice tren;
fry onion la fat, add flour, cook three
minutes; add two cups boiling water and
potatoes; oooe until tender-about fifteen
minutes; sdd seasoning, salmon and mill-.
Boll up ones and serve garnished witn
minced parsley and split crackers dipped
la hot milk.
Cnirwte with Saaar laece.
Three cups chopped or dried carrots
two lebleepoons butter, two snd a bait
cupa boiling water, on teaspoon sugar.
and one-half teaspoons salt, two
tablespoons flour, few grains pepper. Fry
narrow tn butter till a little soft; ado
flour, seasonings and water; 1st boll, then
simmer till the carrot are tender about
a hour.
Orwasa ef Potato Sea. '
Three large potatoes, twe tablespoons
flour, four cups milk, two tablespoon!
drippings or butter, one small anion, twe
tablespoons salt, little pepper. Boll pa
tatoae until soft, the drain and mash
them; cook the onion la the milk; when
the potatoes are mashed, add ths scalded
milk, salt and pepper; rub It through
strainer; melt drippings la small sauce
pan, add the flour aad a little of the
soup; add this te the soup and let boll
up once.
Oaaked Wheat.
Two eupa cracked wheat, one and ens-
half tsaspoona salt, boiling water; rtnss
wheat la eold water, then put to soak !a
cold water te cover for a few hours; add
alt and boiling water te cover again.
aad simmer oa back of range, in even or
the fire less cooker till soft- bout five
heurs-re plenishing water as needed.
Baeallaewel t'heewe.
. Pour eups soft bread-crumbs, one and
eae-htlf teaspoon pepper, three eups
milk, ens egg. Beak crumbs fifteen min
utes In milk Add cheese, seasoning egg
(Slightly -beaten!, add salt and pepper.
and bake la a moderate eves until firm.
Th leaser Teseateea.
On quart, can. tomatoes, one teaspoon
salt, twejabletjwjorie sugar, one-quarter
teaspoon pepper,two tablespoons butter
wr bwjgvw ewe, one siap aneu ersaoemmoa.
Put toaafHSf- sunt- eaak till thmkanil
taking care aoVtstetra H.
; Ba'feta Bill Peddlaa.
Two ' cues bread ' flour, ens-half tea-
spooa sal. wp tablespoons drippings, one
tableesoos sugar, four teaspoons baking
powder, about oae-half sup milk, one-half
t chopped raislna, two tablespoons
sugar, one tsaepooa slnaamon. Mia to
gether flour, salt, sugar and baking pow
der. Work ta drippings with fingertips
and moisten dough with milk, turn on
slightly Poured board, pat ta halt Inch
thickness and eprinkle with ths sugsr,
raisins and cinnamon mixed together.
Roll up Uk a Jelly roll, out la slice one
inch thick and bake la a quick oven.
Serve with lemon er ratals sauce.
' Batata Saaee.
One and a half oupe water, eh and
one-half tablespoons cornstarch, one
quarter sup raisins, dash ef salt, one-
quarter cup sugar, one-half tableepoon
vinegar or Veovoa Juice. Soek raisins
thirty minute la water and bring te a
boiling point; mix cornstarch, sugar and
salt together, add to boiling mixture and
let cook thirty minute, (timng eon-
Know Omaha Better
Omaha's Parka aad Boulevards.
Omaha's park aad boulevard syetem.
while yet la aa uncompleted condition.
has sssumsd such proportions that Omaiua
ranks wall up with other western dtles
In ths matter of parks aad boulevards.
Omaha I fortunately situated for a
comprehensive system of parks and
boulevards, which soma day will be the
standard tor cities of far greater popu
lation. Nature has contributed much In
laying the foundation for a system.
Natural ooodttlone have but te be Im
proved here aad there.
The gentlemen, who have been In charge
ef Omaha's parka and boulevards for the
a ten years, have realised this end
have beta working; with one aim In view
that of completing a systsai thst will
tacit ths envy and admiration of other
The members ef the various park boards
hare been ecmewhat handicapped by a
scarcity of money. Funds for Improve
ments and main tans nee have been qui
inwfricieat but with ths money avail
able, much has been eeeomplishea. Had
It not been for generous contribution
from publls spirited cltlssna, Omaha's
present excellence would have bees Im
possible. Omaha's parks and boulevards at the
present time consist ef fourteen parti
with a total of 3 scree, and about
twenty-five miles ef beulsvsrds and park
drives. , The parka, with acres a e, are:
Jetfersoa -equare, 1.T acres; Hanscom
park. B.t acres Elawood park, 3 1 acre;
F on tenet le park. JsTA acres: Bern park.
Si acres; Miller park. 71 acres: Htntw
beugh park. LI acres: Bivereisw park.
11. acres; Deer park. Hi acres; Kotmtse
park, le.7 acres; Cart 1st Turner park, !J
acres; Bluffs View perk. I sere: Levi
Carter park.' MM scree, and Carolyn
Mercer park, about acres.
The park system as outlined canters
about the larger Parks, with Riverv lew
la the southeast part ef the dty. Miller
park ea tha north. Levi Carter pain on
the sorts east. Elm wood park ea the west
fonts Belle park ' en the northwest, and
Hanscom park on the eouth central as
the objectives. .
Ths boulevards are piaaaed te connect
these various parks and when the systesr. ' retiring beard, which was compoasd ef
Is completed all will he connected by ' E. 4. Cornish. Rome Miller. W. R. Wet
bouievard drives. Ths existing oeuie- i eoa, Joha NeMe. and Omaha haa one
tarda arc Florence. Chicago and Kine-1 acre of parks far every IS et Its Inhabl
iaaeuh. alrast M aUief JaVk. 1.3 aslias iailsala,
"fi'v ' Vf J
Makes Plump and Rosy Cheeks
Children love BBUCXA I0B OBBAht its delicious sweetness
and coolness And II Is sasy to see why their natural appetite craves
for Just such food.
Food? Tea for Irs cream Is not. ss many think, a n.wre delicacy,
but contains everything that goes to make healthy, robust glrle and
stantly. Add vinegar and serve hot
A a sSasjlMk Omelet.'
Break six eggs, ths whltss and yolks
inte asperate bow la Best the yolks thick
and smooth. Add a ealtspoonful of salt
te the whites and whip to a standing
froth. With a few quick strokes fold ths
whltss Into the yolks. Havs a tablespoon
ful of butter hissing hot, but not
soorched. la a frying pan. Turn ths
beaten eggs Into this. Keep the omelet
from sticking to ths sides ef the pan by
running a knlfs blade around It wow and
then. A the omelet thickens, shake the
pan gsntly from elds to aids to keep It
olear ef ths bottom. Whsa the omelet Is
est" (old It ever upon Itself with a
broad spatula; turn upon a hot dish and
sprlnkls lightly with sslt and pappsr.
Serve at ence.
Spider Cera Breed.
Beat one egg till light add twe table
snoonfuls of sugsr, one-belf taaspoonful
of salt, one-half cupful of thick sour
milk, and ths same of sweet milk. Dis
solve half a teaspoonful of soda In a
little hot water and add te the mixture,
stirring till fosmy. Add tws tabisepoon
fuls of melted Isrd. three-fourths cupful
of com meal, one-fourth cupful of whit
flour and beat well. , Turn Into a hot
frying paa containing one tableepoonful
ef melted lard. Pour one cupful of
sweet milk ever the top, being careful
not to stir ths batter. Bake la a hot
even about half aa hour. This bread
will havs a soft custard ea top. If prop
erly msda
length; South Omaha's parka and boule
vard. Central, Bivervlew park te Hanacom
park, t.t miles; West Central. Hanscom
park to Twenty-seventh and Burt streets
I t miles; Southsast, Mason snd Eleventh
etreets te Riverv lew perk. II miles.
Northwest. Grant and Forty -fifth etreets
te Pontaaslls park, 1 mile, and the pro
jected Orsnd avsnue boulevard connect
ing Twentieth street and Levi Carter
park. Drives through the various park-
ways, Elmwood having (our and one-half
miles ef excellent drives.
All along these drives and boulevards
the scenic effect Is ths most beautiful
Imaginable. Nowhere caa be found pret
tier drives. A trip over the routes will at
once impress with the grandeur ef the
scenery. -
Omaha's parks and boulevards repre
sent a cash outlay ef H.N.. ef which
about feat, toe has been expended la ac
quiring the sites. About tUS,Ss ha been
expended for improvement, while main
tenance has cast the remainder.
For the last twenty-three year, aa an
nual average of SM.en has been expanded
for park acquleitiens. Improvements and
maintenance. Fart e fthla money wss
rslssd by direst taxation, the remainder
through donations. At present, the an
nual park funds amount te about MOM.
Other dtles. notably Kaaeaa City,
spend shout ten times aa muck.
From WTt te IMS, the park were under
the control ef the mayor and dty coun
cil. In ISK a park board was created by
legislative enactment la its the act
was amended, providing for the appoint
ment ef five cemmiestoners. to be as lived
by the mayor and a park fund created,
tha levy for which could not exceed i
mills nor be less than IS mill la aay one
The Park board mads possible the pres
ent system and through uie untiring en
ergies and effurte ef business men. the
present system wss evolved aad carried
to Its present excellence.
The new commission form ef govern
ment recently eaeptcd. eliminated tbc
Park board and tha whale direction Is
now under one man, Joseph B. Hummel,
she proposes to develop the syetem
under the general scheme outlined by the
3 V.VT'
Is good at any hour of ths day. It Is aa pure
aa ths blossoms of spring.
And. valus considered. It Is ons of the least
expenslvs foode you can eat
Order a quart from your druggist for Pun
day dinner. All the family will be pleased.
At all leadlug drug stores.
Fairmont Creamery Co.
12th and Jones Streets
Thrllllao; Bspertewce af Sea ear a
When the t aeiperted
A chapter In "Prosen Mountains of the '
Sea" recounts an sxperlenre of a ship cap
tain among ths Icebergs of the north At
lantic, aa follows:
By M o'clock I had counted nearly )o
berg. Several of us watched with ab-
sorblng interest a Isrge. square mass off
les ruiiy an reet long and from eighty to
lot feet high, which lay directly In our
path. It whit tides gleamed and sparkled
In the sun. as though set with ceuntleat
diamonds, small, but of purest water. At
our steamer lumed to pass It a large
mass ef lea, weighing, according to tha
captain's ssttmste, fully seventy-five tons,
broks away near the top. and with a loud
report crashed Inte the sea. In an Instant
a still larger mesa wss hurled downward.
and the berg, with a notes like thunder,
spilt Into three pieces. The crashing and
grinding of these hugs masses, tossed
about by these sudden risen waves, Wat
swesome. yet It was ss nothing compared
with the mountain of Ice thst wss slowly
turning over In the wster. Grasping an
Iron support and holding to ssch ether,
we waited, with that huge solid wall of
les resting directly under our eteemer.
A grinding Jar, a stop, and we lay ever
to one side aa ths fro ten leviathan lifted
us up and up until ths steamer was out of
wster! Would the berg turn completely
over and hurt us down amid the grinding
Ice? It seemed almost Inevitable. So
curtoua ta the working of the mind that In
this moment of suspense, though fully
realising our danger, -we moot carefully
noted the noises of crashing dishes, (sit
ing chairs .as wdl aa heavier things, the
sngl at which we lay upon the Ice and
the maaslveness. If I can so express It of
ths motion of ths berg.
One feels power in ths dashing waves,
but thle we as If ths whole were being
slowly swayed to snd fro. At this crisis
fortunately, the Ice beneath oa sank down
a little In the water, ss though tired of
Its burden, and before It bad time to rise
sgsln we were struck by a heavy wave.
With a shudder ths et earner started, slid
a little on the Ice, then plunged Into the
seething waters, going down, never. It
seemed to me, te come up again. But.
thanks te Its stanch timbers. It did
come up. though with ke from the berg
upon ita decks "A moment Is a great
thing wbea crowded full." snd this lasted
two momenta
The lifeboats on ths port side were
quickly got ready, the officers and crew
working quietly snd rapidly.
When It wee found, however, after ra
pes ted soundings. It wss not tasking, ws
turned back for a last look apoa the
wreckage ef the berg that covered the
water for yards around tn all directions
The great xaaas of ice ever which we slid
was now stationary, the streak of rust
and paint aeroes Its face, ths mark mads
by the steamer ss It took Its plunge, was
yet plainly -vlstbls and wa were filled
anew with astonishment at our marvel
ous escape.
tnrrleis Srveapaavr Mew Have
Plewaaat Mesaartea ef the Sreat
. aaltreaaer.
The American ptess humorist who
stteaded the enuual gathering of the
ergtnisatloa In Montreal in 11 will
recall with pleasure the brief visit they
msda st tha Grand Trunk offices la that
city and the little speech thst the presi
dent ef the great railway. 8lr Charles
M. Hers, msde en that eccasslon.
And the remembrance will wmttn a
pleasure even though it cannot help re
calling the president's tract: death en
the Titan!.
The visitors were escorted to the dl
reetor'e room by Cy Wsrmaa. the newly
elected president of the organisation,
and were Introduced, one by one. te
President HJs, gad that toUirtat of-
- .
' - '
Eitter Groceries for Less Money
If you want clean, fresh xroceriss st
prices lower than you pay elsewhere,
'phone us your orders.
IS lbs. Best Sugar SIM
Beat 'Em All or Swift's Pride Soap. 1
bare for S5s
ftubnomors Soap Pewder, t pegs.... 10a
Argo Starch, : pkgs. for 10s
Searchlight Matches, three boxes 10a
Good Corn. ie grade, for... So
I cans June Peas for Soa
4 cans !c Mark's Milk SSa
Seven ie cane Pet Milk Sso
.'ampbell's Tomato Soup, t cans les
Silted Peaches, large can... 18c
ih redded Wheat pkg 10c
Fancy Queen Olives, quart Jar SSe
Largs Braaee. per lb lOe I
B. C. Fiskes. two pkgs lse
Rumford or Calumet Baking Powder,
one-pound can SOc
1 pkgs. Mscsrani for l&o
Sine Baa Saaktst er World'e Bride
a-loar, at 1.40
tX Clear, saek S1.H
Tuberoses, per dozen 25c
Sow Green Pod String
less Beans Now for a late
planting, also Lettuce and
don't forget abiut Golden
Bantam' Corn.
Sprays, all sizes ' and
prices. Slug Shot, Bug
Death, Hillebore Bordeaux
Mixture and Nikoteen.
"'Nebraska Seed Co,
' Phone Doug. 1261. , "
1613 Howard Street,
21 lbs. Best Sugar .. .$1.00
1 lb. Best Coffee 40c
Ys lb. Tea, any kind. . , ,35c
1 bottle Pure Extract. .25
Quality combination, $2.00
Sugar sold only with $1 order
other goods.
Phones, Doug. 244D; B.2446.
T.loyune Tea Co.
404 North 16th 8t. .
Sitordiy Bvfaias
Our choice hon.e dressed Chickens.
per lb lie
Lamb Legs lae
Pot Rotate, littc tec and Sa
Pork Hneet lHa
Spare Ribs Sve
Sugar Cured Hams 13HS
Sugar cured Lean Baron lSt
Home made Pork Sausage ISSs
home Rendered Lard 16a
1921 Farnam Street.
flOal extended a special word of greet
ing with every handshake.
A little later he made a brief speech.
Hers It at, tn substance, at least:
"Oentlemea ef the press, I fed certain
thst you already know yea are welcome
In Canada, welcome In Montreal. Let
me add that you are especially welcome
at this time. Our read la emerging
from the unpleasantness of n serious dis
agreement with certain of Its employee
This hsa been a time ef trouble and
distress, and ws feet sure we have beta
largely sustained through many trying
boars by sn active sense of humor a
blessing which you gentlemen are sup
posed to represent In Its concrete form.
Need t call attention te the pleasing
fact thst you snd ths sunshine of peace
mads your Joint appearance at almost
ths same moment. Wherefore, gentle
men ef the press, I claim that you are
doubly welcome."
The simple dignity aad fine cordiality
of thia great captain of Industry was
highly attractive, and no sua who had
the good fortune to be one ef the group
la the Orsnd Trunk director's room will
over forget it Cleveland Plain Dealer.
A Baeaeler'e tterieetlaaa.
If you don't spend your own money
somebody etsc will for you.
A hat temper coole off long before the
disguec It causes In others.
Teu could put e good resolution la cold
storage and It wouldn't keep any better.
Anybody wao'o very human is s bur
den to hie family, but If be ten t he's a
brute te them.
Tha reason a man criticises people le
he gets madder than a hornet when any
body crilicieee b ire, New York Press,
- No our Is a hero to hie wife's mother, j
en ana women woo are owe migut get.
even by wfeamrlag.
Don't set yowr esters mixed whsa yaex
art out te paint tha town.
Bat the early bachelor le saver bagged
V we Usiid ieae year girt.
' Omaha's Pare Peed Caster
Saturday's specials
crates Fresh pineapples, eacu Sc per duxen, 95c per crate
Fresh Apricots, per duseu, lc per basket Tie
Fresh Erg Plant: each ISs to SSe
esli Radishes or onions; per dozen bunches too
Xew Potatoes: per peck ; .- .'..Sso
Fresh Mushrooms. Cauliflower, Cherries, Head Lettuce,4 Celery.
mives. Apples, etc.
I Dole's Hawaiian Pineapple Julc.
I pkgs. Kagle Macaroni
"Brown Daisy" Dustless Dusters,
Evaporated cranberries, per pkx.
i,uiua cairacteu rtoney m gtaiia jars
KsIlogga Bran, per package '.
Largest assortment Sardines lii city up from
5c can "Galllard's" Imported Olive Oil, 40c: --gallon
' Quart Jar Queen Olives, ;0c. Quart isr .Ma.ita-illla Olives..
lie Jar "Lotus'' Olive Relish
Heine Health Biscuit, per pkg.
Kellogg'a Laxative Health rilscuit
Strictly Ktesh Kgg from Rrsndeis farm per dozen
4-ox. can "Hnow-Diift" ths new sliortsntng i....,
Imported Csmeinbert Cheeso
Fancy Full t'ream Brick Cheese,
t'ottage Cheese, per lb.
uomeetlc Hwisn Cheese, per lb.
Chow-chow. Celery Relish or Sweet Pickles, per qt
Stuffed Melon Msngoes, per dozen
Claret for Lemonade per bottle.
I finger .nie ueiau' jr per nor.e.1
dinger Ale Imported per dozen
tlinger Ale Msnitou qusrte. Ii'.id: pints
Grape Juice quarts. 45c: pints
Grspe Juice wUte Isrge
Club Sods pints II. SO: splits
A complete line of all " Drinks" carried in stock.
10:30 A.M.
tod S P. M.
Right in the beginning the Increase of our business proves so great
that we have been compelled to add two additional telephones Douglas
27t,and A-SMT, lnd. We hsve also added a new auto delivery service.
Fresh Dressed Spring Chickens .
Pig Pork Loin
Steer Pot Roast '.,
Steer Steak . .-.'. . ........
Pig Pork "Roast ...............
Pork Butts
Lamb Chops ..... ..
Lamb Legs .v... f.
No. 1 HaniB
No. 1 Bacon ............ ....
a raw of OTftt mastt nuoxs nr tkb mostst sUtTnret oxoobbt
utmuiuw SUSS'i IV pOUUUe
pur own brand of flour that can't
Public Pride," 4-lb. sack
10c Dutch Cleanser', i for ...,
54c Gold Duet at
Best ursnulstsa-Sugar, is pounda
jv oars Beat 'era ait soap ror
loo corn lor so
16c Karly June Peaa for .' ; 100
10c Peas, t for .. 15e
I to large can Tomatoes, I for -. .,......... 'sse
10c Mustard Sardines, 4 for aso
e Oil Bsrdlnes, 4 for , ' .....SSO
lac csn Pet or Carnation milk, t for .' lse
4c csn Pet or Carnation milk, 7 for , ., ste
5c Tooth Picks, Ideal. I for so
4o Hafety Tip Matchea. 3 for:.. ao
lc Toilet I'spar, lose sheets, 4 for ase
c Toilet Paper. 400 aheets, 7 for see
15c Dried Peaches, per pound too
ll'tc Prunes, 3 lbs. for ,., gee
Bulk Osts, 4 lbs. for aso
10c package Heedless Raisins, 4 for See
8c Argo Btaroh, 4 for ,,, loo
IS tie Rice, per lb , fHo
Oood Jap Rice, 4 lbs. for ' ase
Jsll-O, sll flavors, 1 for Ma
Corn Klakea. per package ..go
lilpe Imported Ollvea ' age
Ma.on Jar Olives or Pickles, per Jar : .....lse
Fresh Country lifts, the bast thst money can buy. per dozen ISO
l'uck Eggs, for setting, per dosen ,.v , ase
Beet brands of Creamery Butter, per lb :....SOo
Oood Dairy Buttsr, per lb. aaa
An.erlran Cheese, per lb. ige
We carry a full line of fruits and vegetables at the lowest prices.
The Finest Bread fresh twlcet dally, baked in tha moat sani
tary bakery, la the most modern wsy the best loaf for it. Cakes
and Cookies fresb every day. ...
lUwepse route
' Attractive and comprehensive vacation tours of the East
to Boston and New York, liave been announced going and re
luring by different routes that include the standard, differen
tial and indirect routes, also the coast journey between Old
Point Comfort, New York and Boston, or by Sound steamer,
between New York and Boston; the rontes include the St
Lawrence region via Montreal, Quebec, or Lake Champlain
or through New York state, Pennsylvania or the Virginias. ,
This scheme of diverse route tours should stimulat
Eastern vacation travel; it opens up routes on one complete
ticket that permit travelers to make about any kind of an
eastern tour. It is impossible here" to describe the various
routes, or publish the rates applicable, but I shall be glad to
explain their scope.
sixty day limits, going and returning same routes, to New York
New Jersey resorts. Boston, Portland. Me, Montreal, Buffalo
Detroit, Canada and various Eastern destinations. ' '
At 4:20 P. M., connecting with morning trains from Chicairo
I Jf" WDnef ng w.?.h fT,oon tra f"m Chicago!
At 7115 A. BL, connecting with night trains from Chicago.
lse, gas
aad 60
loo, aso
aad 3So
. .Sao '
. ..aoe
par lb
Sou; per gallon.
... .TSe
. .Sl.Tb
. Si. 50
a So
Ci. QjsJRiA
1S10 HAB
Phone :
Douglas 2147
Douglas 2708
Intl. A-2144
lnd. A-214T
.....9VcC and
v.. dVtc
....... ...,:.ii!Ac
........... v-.12Vi;C
14 lie
, .. ,, 4 . ... g
be beat In price and quality
'.'.:... "
, ....,.. . .'
. ...'. .flM
1 JO
per bottle .
each ,,
. . . ,
Call, wnte or telephone: let m, beIp ,
yoarlnp and secure your aleep,,,, e
of Ckicao. during U. early rJS?
J. B. Reynolds, City Passenger Agent,"
1502 Farnam St, CTriaha,
lad. A-3323. Bell D. 1238.