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Save Mat MM It
sf clack. stna, 1ft sua DeucUa
L. Taesna. Reese 411 Bw Bide
am official Muki tor apptioauon tor
x-rmm of pension under lot tew ,MJ
n. ml
Crete aea la Hw4-r. J. Pnlerty.
motorcyclist, eras fined IS and costs la
police court. Traffic Officer Emery says
be arov hla machine forty-five mile as
hour, i
raster Tears Was Ossst fudge
Pester, who went to Im Ana-ele to at
tend the Shrlner eatnartnc la making aa
extensive tour of the Pacific enact. He
baa visit. Baa Werai Euenede, Lower
California; Saa Fraaetseo. Portland and
Seattle. Ha la expected back next week.
Mver Strikes Bay Joa alamo. acd
V. an Italian living at Fourth and Wool
worth, waa arrack by aa automobile
while crossing the Sixteenth street via
duct oa bicycle. Hla machine was oe
'moltshed and hla1 leas lacerated. The
driver did not atop, bat speeded away.
Macno aaya the car bora the number
"Warn Nebraska." . ,
Te ZawewUgaa Taesaea" Death An In
quest will be held Wednesday to deter
mine the real cauaa of Myron E. Thomas'
leaui. He died Sunday afternoon while
rated on a bench la Jefferson Square
,-uik. .
Camaraa Join tttaelslr Kenneth B-
Cemeron police' reporter oa the World-
Herald, baa resigned to become business
manager of the Sheridan. Wye., Enter
Srtse. Ha wtU be associated with Burk
H. Sinclair, formerly city editor of the
World-Herald, and now editor of the
Felloe te be Xmspeote Tuesday. May
8, Police Commlasionar Ryder, Chief of
Police Donahue and other city officials
will make a thorough Inspection of the
police department. All shifts will
before their scrutinising eye. The officers
have been advised to procure whit vests
gnd white gloves for the eocaatoa.
Leslie Orders the
Roads to Build the
V,' Nicholas Viaduct
Mandamus writ cotmnandlng the Illi
nois Central. Missouri Padfla and North
western railroads to; build ths Nicholas
street viaduct waa Issued by Judge
Charles Leslie of the acuity division ?'
district court Tuesday, marking the dls-
trlct court and of th city's fight with
tl railroads over this viaduct.
The roada contended that because of
ths narrowness ef the viaduct asked by
the city and th presence of many small
commercial plants In the affected tern
tory th viaduct would be of aa valu
to anyone and a great expense to tha
roada . ''
Should tha viaduct be constructed as
ordered. It waa contended, there still
would be a grade crossing oa Nicholas
street and M par cent of th traffic wouij
contlnu to us thla crossing. Th ottv
has refused to vacate and cloae th street
under th proposed viaduct because It
would work Injury to affectsd plant an
either side of th strait.
Judge Leelie held th railroads' show
In- did not warrant th dental ef the
mandamus writ prayed for by tha city.
John Carney Denis. Statements Said
to Hart Been. Made Before.
Trias' at rial as. Aseat Grees aa th
Charare of Jary Brtblaaj Strike '
a Staaafc-Uaa Black la It
.' "Witneea.
John Carney, a wnang witneea for th
prosecution tn th Grose-Kemmerlln-
jury briber contempt cans la th fall
of 19H. proved an unwilling witneea when
placed upon th stand by th state In th
trial of Arthur W. Grose, farmer claim
agent for the street railway company,
for offering a bribe to Jobs) A- Kara
marling. Couaty Attorney James p. Eng
lish waa taken by curorts when Carney
denied having heard Omaa tell, someone
over tha telephone that he had "thrown
up his Insldoe." Carney stuck to hit de
nial even when the county attorney read
th statement from a transcript of th
Carney testimony In th Kemmarllng con
tempt case- 1
Camay's surprising attitude and testi
mony of Jamas Allan, private detective,
that he took Kemmerllng t Council
Bluffs and kept him then-for five days
while tha sheriff was hunting him with
capias war th features of the Gross
trial yesterday morning. Allan testified he
did the work under direction of "Cap
tain" T. Cormack, another private de
tective. .
John Carney and hla mother, who. at
th contempt trial of Kemmerllng. testi
fied that they were m Gross' offlo when
ha received a telephone call from some
one regarding th Kara marl tnr case, were
subpoenaed by tha stats. The Carney
had a damage claim against th railway
company and war visiting Gross to talk
over a settlement.
Carney's testimony today was vague
and failed te strengthen tha state's case
materially. Mrs. ' Carney failed to ap
pear and sent a certificate from Or. J. P.
Langdoa that the waa Ul.
Tour mothar Is sick In bed. Isn't h?"
asked Mr. English of Carney.
My mother has been sick In bed for
mora than a year," was ths answer.
"WslU'la she sick In bed now?"
"She's been up around th house a lit.
lie," -
Wasn't she out walking this morn-
ll" . .
'No, atr.- '
It you war told that th sheriff want
out to subpoena her and cam back and
reported that she waa out walking would
you still say ahs wesn'tr" -
A sheriffs deputy had nought Mrs. Car
ney with a subpoena and brought back
th report that ah waa out walking and
h could net find bar.
Senior Class Plat I -
Has Fine Rehearsal
' Th first stags rehearsal of "A Royal
Family." th three-act drama which will
be presented by members of ths Omaha
High school senior class on Friday even.
!ng. May XL at tha Brand els theater, was
hsld at that theater yesterday afternoon
under th direction ef Mia Ulllan Fitch.
All of th thirty-nine atudenta who
are Included la th cast took part, going
through th entire three acta and four
scenes In creditable fashion. Lines have
already been mastered and all that re
mains for the youthful thesptana until
th presentation of tha piece la an
qualntanco with th footlights and stag
eettlnga At least one dree rehearsal
wlU be held next week.
Miss Ulan Renner and Everest Chi Ids
have tha leading parts. . .
Treasurer Issues
: ; pistress Warrants
First distress -warrants for th collee
Dob of personal taxes were Issued tram
th office of the county and city treas
urer Tuesday and placed la th hand of
Sheriff stcShane for service. .
There are from IHMMO'to S3M0 In par.
. sonal taxes for each ef th last fifteen
years te be collected, and Treasurer Ur
will issue warrants for all who can
reached and who have refused to pay.
Among th warrant Issued Tuesday
wss a Mil for IX uncollected t
against one ef Sheriff . Mcghane a per
sonal friends and snthusiastle boosters.
Vans to haul away persons property
have been placed at th eenrtee of th
treasurer aa well aa th sheriff. Other
warrants will be forthcoming within 'the
next few days.
Constable Seizes
.Furniture of an '
' - Omaha Attorney
Andrew E. Walkca, well known Omaha
attorney, waa made defendant In two
suits for tm and' tie la county and Jus
tin courts Tuesday and hla office furni
ture and fixtures were attached to protect
the claimant. Mra Sopkl Payne. Walkup
la barred from, hla oan office by Con
stable Hansel and tha property is in the
custody of W.' H. Swift, appointed cus
todian by the constable
Mrs Payne started suit against Walkup
for tic la Justice Ebon K. Long's court
and m county court Instituted suit for
USX iR both petitions she alleges that
she employed Walkup to make collections
for her In Ia. that th collection were
made, but ah has been unable to Ittijce
the attorney te pay her the money.
Attach men te were asked In both case.
One attachment waa made la the morning
and la the afternoon aa attachment was
made la the fan) suit.
Learning that the attachment had
been Issued Eetelle Marquette. South
Thirteenth street, telephoned to Henry
Oenau. attorney tor Mra. Payne, and
demanded to know where Walkup waa.
Oenau aald he did not know. According
te QenauMiss Marquette excitedly as
serted that she held a mortgage against
all Walkup'a office and personal effects,
but no such mortgage Is on record at th
court house.
Efforts ef reporters to find Walkup to
day were unsuccessful. The contable as
cured service upon him through his at
torney, M. O. Cunningham.
The cases are set tor hearing Thursday.
Water Hearing Off ;
While Judge Goes
-to Son's Wedding
Judge W.. H. Mungar left Monday far
North PUtts. where be will, be present
at the marriage of hla eon, M. Horton
Munger, te Miss Oeraldine Beehr ot
North Platte. H ( expected to return
late Wednesday and be ready to hear
arguments la th amount of supersedes
bend to be tiled by the Omaha Water
company Thursday. .
Armour Packing -
Company Heads at
Banquet for O'Hern
Maada ef the office departments of
the Armour Packing; company gave a
farewell banquet te John A. O'Hern, th
new general superintendent of the Ar
mour plant, last night at the Millard
hotel. Speeches were made by several
of the men who have been closely asso
ciated with Mr, O'Hern tn the past, and
an expressed deepest regret of hla leav
ing the local plant, whle haa thrived
and become one of the largest ef th
Armour houses under his careful supervision.
Mr. Harris of the Armour company was
toastmaster and under hla gutdaar lb
evening waa full of lite and pleasure. ;e
which all of the fifty, mea present en
tered Into with heartiness. James Urtttln
and A. E. Casey expressed the earn
sentiments, as did manr others . .
Armour A Co. knew just where and
how to pick th best man for thla posi
tion when they chose Mr. , O'Hern." asld
General Manager Howe. "He ha de
served everything he haa received In the
A Permanent Cure For
Chronic Constipation
Argue for a Change
Arguments were mad at Pa pillion yes
terday afternoon for a change ot venue In
th casta against Sheriff Hyers of Lin
cola and Chief Brigga of South Omaha,
who are held te account for tha death
of Roy Blunt, who waa killed In the pur
suit of murderers ef prison official. Ar
guments for the change are based on tbe
feet that prejudice against the defendants
is so Intense In Sarpy county that a fair
and Impartial trial cannot, be bad at
PaptlUon. -'
General G.M. Dodee
Speaks Here Flag Day
The Elka have secured General Gran
ville M. Dodge, the civil war veteran
commander, to' deliver an address st th
flag day celebration at tb Orphsum
theater, June 14, which will be held under
th auspices ot tha Omaha lodge.
The campaign fund of th Muslkvria
Society for the erection of a new concert
hall at Twenty-second and St. Mary s
avenue haa new reached K3.0M. Phillip
Handschuh subscribed am, Monday
which la th latest donations received
by the committee la charge of tha cam
paign. -
Whea th Boyer-Vaa Kuraa Lumbar
company office at Twenty-fourth an
Boyd street waa closed Monday night
asm on forgot to knk th safe A bur
glar brake Into the place afterward and
without any 'difficulty removed Wot
from the safe. No clues were left by
the Intruder. .. : .
Burglars broke Into' the Grocers' Spe
cialty company's warehouse early Moo
day morning and after taking three cases
of matches lit out Th loss wsa reported
last night. -
'For rheumatism you will find nothing
better than Chamberlain Liniment. Try
It and aea bow. quickly It ogives relief.
For sal by all dealer. ,
Omaha is Selected
as Convention City
Omaha baa been thnsia as the place for
th BU eoarventloB of th Nebraska State
Medical aseoelstlee, Mere thaa dess
gatca wlU he entertained by tha Oowglsa
County Medical society la May next
rear. . . ' . . , .
Army Notes -
There are a number of guests st Fort
Crook and la their honor many Social
; a' fairs will be given.
Miss Foster of Fort Warn Is the guest
ef Chaplain and Mrs. Chenoweth; Mrs.
D. C. Whitehead of Denver Is a sister
and gucet of Mra. William Allaire, and
Mra Dille. mother ot Mra. Keller, ta also
' visiting st the post Mrs. Toungtof enter
tained at bridge Monday afternoon tor
them. Mra. Allaire will give aa evening
. bridge Tuesday la their honor. Wed nee
tar Mra Keller will aotertala at luncheon.
Friday Mrs. Allaire win entertain at
luncheon, and Saturday evening Captala
Howell will entertain at dinner, followed
by a theater party.
Dane In Omaha, through Mr. I Srb
b eras iib.. as dstsl by oasis a. barge floral
deal re ta be placed oa (he beer of lata
King PTuaejrV . and awe sent mlegrsms
ef mudulsma t tbe royal family. . :
Quick Detachable
1 STRONG ''til
k. DURABLE - Jfy J
past and ever will receive, because h
has been equal to the occaeloa."
Colonel W.- C. Pipe said there were
very few mea In the world who are good
enough to have a position mad for
them and few who deserve It so well at
Mr. O'Hera.
"My success was greatly due to the co
operation of the men working under ma
you men gathered her tonight et thla
farewell reception to me," said Mr.
O'Hera ; "No matter where I will go or
where I will be, I will alway look back
with prid to th boy of South Omaha"
Music songs and various other enter
tainment brought to a dose the happy
Schveous Services
Held at Synagogue
Schveous services will be held at tbe
Chevra Bnai Israel Synagogue, Eight
eenth and Chicago streets. Msy 3 and
3. Services will be held Tuesday even
ing, Wednesday morning and evening enl
Thursday morning. Rabbi Fleiaher will
officiate assisted by the synagogue choir
directed by Mr. Ronkln. A special pro
gram has been arranged for these serv-
Icea . .
Although those may dispute' It who
hare hot tried It, yet thousands of
others, who speak from personal experi
ence, assert that there ta a permanent
cure for chronic constipation. 80 me
testify they were cured for as little sa
fifty cents, years ago. and that the
trouM never came dock on tnem, -wniie
others admit they took several bottles
before a ateady cure was brought about.
Th remedy referred to is I'r. raid-
well's Syrup Peps la. It haa been on
the market -for over a quarter - ot a
century and has been popularised on lis
menta, ny one person leinng simmer.
The fact that Ma etrongeet supporters
are women and elderly people the ones
most persistently constlpaled-mske It
certain that the claims regarding It as
oermanent cure for constipation have
not been exaggerated.
It la not violent use eatnanir puis,
salts or water, but operate gently,
without griping and without shock toj
the .system. It contains tonic proper-'
ties that strengthen tha stomach and
bowel muscles so that In time medicines
of all kinds can be dispensed-with and
nam 1 Is assln solely relied on.
Among the legions who testify to these
fact ar Mr. U. V. Palmer. a Peven
port et., Dinahs. Neb., and Miss Rachel
Bar ha, Trov. Iowa, and they always
have a bottle of It In the house, tor It
la a reliable laxative for all ihe family
from Infancy to eld age.
Anyone wishing to make a trial of this
remedy before buying it In the regular
way ot a druggist at fifty cents or one
dollar a large bottle (family else can
have a sample bottle sent tn tha home
free of charge by simply addressing IT
W. B. Caldwell. o Washington St..
Month-ello. 111. Tour name and address
on a postal card will do.
810 $15
Young Men's and Men's Suits
Most clothing stores sell suits at above prices, bat we
know that at these prices we offer you the best! values,
and you will agree with us when yon examine our clothes.
Many who have bought agree with us. ' You will find
great difference between our suits at $10, $15 and $20
and the ordinary suits offered at that price and that dif
ference is in our favor. You won't find any outlawed
styles in these suits of ours. Our styles are all new, smart
and up-to-date, hence our suits for young men are up to
the minute, bristling with distinctive points.
aoseseor to
' Kxpert dentistry st modsrst
prices all work In charge of ex
perts t Only sterilised Instru
ments used. Porcelain fillings
Just like the teeth. Moet mod
ern ly equipped office In Omaha.
Comer Ifltb snd Parnate Sts,
Easily Fits Any Quick Detachable Rim
;v; No Tools Required
The superiority of Michelin Tires
is retgnized all over the World
-" , if --,' -
Nebraska Buick Auto Oo.
" " ' ' ""-a-
i 191M4-16 Faraan SL
-Tel. 721.
T '
and the
: . ' , - " ." -
Ycu can find out if you
want to know and,
of course you d
what Pri My, .' '
what a gret dressmaker has'.
' done ,
and what Mis Gould thinks,
not only about the Pannier
skirt, but also the other
new ideas in spring and
' summer clothes.
The Pannier skirt is still scant
There will be the kimono
, sleeve and the sleeve bouf-
fant. 1 " '
There will be sash drapings,
. flouncings and pleating.
It will be a silk season in Paris
and here.
OTHER things
collected and ( I
translated for you
out of the original
French about clothes
and dress accessories,
include - ' -
The Right Clothes for a
' Short European Trip"
"The Lingerie Blouse of To-
day" - - ..- ;
"Embroideries for Littler
Girls" v
"An Embroidered Pongee
Costume" " ,
'Dress for a Girl Graduate"
"Two Stenciled Dresses"
and many other helpful hints
for every woman who wears
clothes and cares what she
wears and how she wears it
Ealing in Summer
Of coune, you must eat, but this
is the time to abandon, the heavy,
hotdiahe. Mki Fanner describe
some exceilent vegrtanan diihe
god ureet a whole month of
menus for June.
for JUNE
All steWMtsUKsS IsOtaT
PanraerW r
o i. vwj.-.y J, .
v M
i r v y
Freaca I A J .
res isksr. I 1 V? V-i
ides e Use I I Xvk
Pisnsar J ' I &y??
The Biazar
of Barg
f . n
How rnany tfiings
you want that
will buy
ANY things pu wit to do but don't
liUV TW I IW" ' 'SMI
thouehtof doing you will
rou wul appreciate and car
know how. Many things you never
Things you wul appreciate and can use to help you
dress better and less expensrvejy, ro neip vou Keep
house better and more economically, to help you
educate.entertain, bring up and dress your children.
Special ankles for mother of daughter, and daughter
of mothers, for husband and wive , thort ttorie and
long ttorie! a delightful vi'rt with "Prince Pat,"
the loveliest of English princeuetj editoriaU and ar
ticle about book and ait just th ort of reading
for June 15 cent. - J ."
Wexldlngt, .
In June mother's fancy turn to thoughttof a ft
daughter wedding. 1 he June Home wed
ding" will be just u helpful to tuch a mother
a'TVJuivBrrde'LinenChet." "The
Vanishing Husband," however, i for wives
whose wedding occurred several June ago. .
Luncheons and Parties .
Each month has hi own social functions. For Tuna
there are suggestion ranging all the way from '.'Some
Appetising Strawberry Uesaert by ran
nie Merntt Farmer, to tome special June
narties. including "A Goinv Abroad
Luncheon," which work in well with
Mia GouliT t article on 1 ne Right
Clothe for a Short European Trip."
The Summer Vautfots
If you cannot go abroad why not ipend the vacation out
door in a portable home, tuch a .it described in "A
Portable Vacation House?" Another"vacadon idea is
"A Backyard Experience Camp." A third Mggettioa
m m "The Fresh Air CJub." L -
Any one of these suggestion VY
cairiedout will be worth many' t issLSe.
tune fifteen cent for ijrour
ummer enjoyment ;.
The Fall of the Eiffel Tower
It might be caQcd the "Awful " Tower because die
Tower represents die great percentage of infant
mortality in the past which ha been reduced by the
method described methods you can employ. It
will interest aft mother because summer t) a hard
time for the baby. , . "
And then the Children"
There arc more Kewpies, more Jack-and-Betty Advm
ture, Prizes for Young People, and a two-part story for
girls, called Martha, by Eunice
Farlind. There it also a fine picture
ready for framing, by a tpecial new
German process the equivalent
of a ccwdy engraving. , '
Tka Crewefl rVsbfisassf Casssany
Ml Fearta Avaaaa, Maw Yera
Ideas for clothea, coolrJas;, boosev
.ftinushrnt, childTeri, estertaunrrMBt,
TacatiotM 1500 ideas for 15 cents
'.' ' .'A." --' ;