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    ihe.-BEE: Omaha, TVEDNTgPAT, may ft 1912.
The Judge is Caught With the Goods Again
Copyright Mil Natloaal Kwi Aeea,
Drawn ior. The Bee by Tad
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Married life the Third Year
Helen' Sfilf-Coosciousaeia Is a Cause of Mach Irritation
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'Try place of breads-some of til
Helta broks off Uny piece end nibblsd
at R plnf ully. v.
"fake enough to da sows food. Her,"
an4 Wvrtn broks .-,'
off- larger piece
and banded It to
ker, "That's tee
trouble with shad
It's full of those In
tend bones," -
Helen obediently
wallowed the crust,
ee beet she could.
She ' theo bar
0ftf -st;r' J
8fce tnlpva down
another kaU laaa
of water.-'
"Jiow atop thtglf
Inc about It Jtuat
to . and and eat
yon ur it'll . ( dowa Iteett. .
But U la dUfleult eat 1U a. I
bone, however' Uny, lylnf obstinately
one's throat. ' ' '
Whenever anything;, happened to Was
rtn, fca always took N moet serlousty. He
nursed all hie little 111! with alraeet ludio
reua ravlt) But wha anything; haopan
to Helen his attitude was. "Oh. that
notMnft Juat don't think snoot tt-tt ll ba
all ytfht." ' ' '
Am a ryle (he tried hard te keep from
him aU her sllcht eomptalnte, knoednc ah
would only ba hurt, by hie lack of alm-
. u a n .v.. trtMA Hard A fOraet
HUI7. " M ' '
tie untaUon In. her threat -
But Instead ef paasln It away ft be
eame mora painful and mora difficult te
swallow. After dhiaer eke went to bar
owq room, eloedd the door and with the
am ef a hand mirror and a buttonhook
wrted with absorbent cotton Uled to
dislodge to bone. But It waa too far
down to be reached. Just aa ah wee
holdtnf her mouth open at the widest
and.' Warrea aaddealy appeared at h
Flush hie. ah haatfly u down th
hand mirror ad ts buttonhook. Helen
was always painfully aeU-isciu and
enuld neW bear for Warren to sea her
In an 'awkward or ykUculou position.
with this eU-consclouenees not only
d he never srkpwtllse. bat for some
reason U aJwav hrltated bus. And now
he growled aa he saw her rary evident
"That bone still there?"
"Here, com over to the window and
lets sad,,
"Oh. no. no," drawing back hastily.
Com here. 1 aayr taklaa her by the
ana and drawing her to the window.
"Wow even your mouth! Let's see tf I
can't get that evtr
"Oh. no. naWWarrra I can't r turning
bar head and trying to draw away.
"Why can't r! Open your mouth I
ten yon:" . . .
:VTarr I eaa't-I cant stand there
with aar snmith open! Tou know I can
never, do anything Use thae-I always
feel so rMteulons,"'
But Warm forced bar none to (catty
t the wtadw. - "Now Pa your njouthi
That s about enough of tMa tomfoolery r
But a h released her arm to tura her
face urwarda the fight, aba Jerked away
with aa Indignant:
"I won't I'd rather hove ten wanes la
my throat! Barely yon woa't as force:
Purioaai at' bar reetetanoe, with asaut-
tend oath Warren flew eat ef the room.
slammln the .door a hard thai
whole flook shook. And In a few mo-
iptme sha heard hint. gtMfnd into his
coat la the halL Then th outer door
Helen Hood f tMtrihaw liar CUM
out with reddened eyas. Oh. why should
Warren never raspect her self-con sctea
tkHiancssr? Why did it alwaya Irritate
HlmT o doubt she waa foollab-4f It
waa a- aenalttvasKs that ah could , not
Vpway stiauld he rsssnt at so?
Ther war sneer Itttl tbtnge tha
hrnw th waa absurdly atnarttv and self
eenedoas about. She coald awvar bear
for lm ta aee her la a dental chair with
her mouth sti etched open, aor would she
curt aar hair he tore him. bar let him
au per to curt, papers, or with cold cream
an her face.
It was an ef Helen's most leep-reoted
Instate that Warren must have
tal pictures of Or which wen rtdlcnlow
sr ScpeUef.
If taer arlvas had ones ot king -ef that
tastlnct the" proportloa of nnhappy mar-
riaces. would be hnm .As a ruM nwet
women are whwlly mdlfferaat as la what
mental pictures thdr hurhands may have
ttfCTB BTsel H'Sl'Mk' "CaaTrtaSfBl 'gafCgT '
tivtsss to this to th extreme
It was after U when Warren came
home. He took hit bath and went to bed
In aullen silence. And Helen was far
mora distressed by Ma diapleaaure than
by any aaassty about the hone which waa
not yet dislodged. Bh thought, or
oourea. It would ha ton by morning.
But In th morning It waa atlll there.
and Just to swallow waa difficult War
ren shaved and dressed In the aama
aullen alienee. But at breakfast whan
It was very evident that Helen could not
cat and that sh waa merely sipping her
coffee. h naked curtly:
"Boot tnr ?"
She nodded.
"Serves you . right. Jove! There may
be ether women with aa little- sease as
ran, i hut I've never met on!"
And ha hurried oft without eft ring
her th altsMest symsatby or sdvloe.
His whole altitude waa that bavins re
fused ta 1st him take It out she could
now get It out th bast way aha coald.
At. luncheon It waa even mot difficult
to swallow and ah could hardly drink a
glass at milk. By avealnc Helen many
heaaa to grow uneasy. - When Warren
eaaw-aha waited, anilnuely tor him to
ask about her threat so she might tell
Mm K wa wan and something; should
ba daeta. After-all that has) happened
ah heal bt d to brtna hyus herself- .
BUI Wasraa did . not . speak t her
throat He mad only a few nsr re
mark! asout mer things. - Had ha for
gotten or. did. hf lntaaa lnr It com
pletely r Wa be trying ta pamah her
still forthar?'
At svssl though she mad
hardly, a. .nratenee. .of . eailng. stui he
seemed sot aorios. And than aha knew
that h' Had hot forgotten but that he
was chooatpc I deUberaMy IdDore the
jot before sh left th table sh said
"W arren., that bona i stui I my
throat, rm afraid something wul hsvs
to fee done."
Huh. so. you had to com to It, well.
what'a your Msa what should be
"II don't know, dear. I'll stave that
to roa.'" . -
This waa Intended to be conciliatory,
bat Warm ealy sniffed.
"If you'd left It to ma In the first place,
ri hsvs had it oat hut night Now eom
over to'th window.-:
Helen flushed, but she followed him
meekly to the window and as meekly
opened bee mutb- . ..
How do you expect me to see like
that?" Thafa better." as sha opened
still wider. "Now take your handker-
"ShJl?f najlJal TWiaf BWIsW - v -
At this Helen looked up Imploringly.
"Take year hanVrehlet and draw ant
your tonamer" ha reared. "Here," tailtur
a fresh handkerchief from his pocket as
Helen fait vainly lor here. "Now hold It
out and nay 'Ah." Again again! Hum,
your throats all Inflamed. What ve you
been dolnc to HT"
Wttfe her mouth open and her tonghe
held oat. It was somewhat difficult ta an
swer, and her -Nothing" was oniy
suttural aaaad.
"WsU, yea've fixed youreelf up for
doctor, all right" releasing? her. "That
throat's too Irritated for ma to do aar
thiol with. Now you get on your thing.
We're gain- to aa Dr. ataadford."
Evidently tha reddened throat bad made
him somewhat anxious, for his manner
was leas harsh, and ha even inquired
with aosaa solicitude It It hurt her.
Whtl Helen tressed be phoned to the
doctor. In half an hour they were there.
Asd Dr. Standford, after several
swot's painful arebing la Helen.' throat
biesMal out th Uay bone. -.
'There s th brick that's caused all the
trouble!" a he held oat th almost In
visible Silver oa a piece of cotton. "ow,
rn give yoa a preecriptlon to sprsy that
Uiiuat and erfcowH tayhf- -
To cause for anxiety removed, Wr
rea d seHcttnde peomptly vanished, and
as thay came nom be aaid graffly.
Hope thts'H be a lesson. Tod lee now,
don't yoa. that all Oils .trouble and, ex
ponas could have, been saved far you
bada't been auch a little fool last nicht
la her heart .Helen, doubted If he cpnld
hav gotten It out last B'sht avea It she
had let him art. at bad beea neast dif-
ecutt for tha doctor to"' reach- -wKh Us
Inatruanerus-aad what could ' Warren
haw dowe wtthoat them? - -
Huseru. sre waa SBacb-toa
express tMa doubt, ' Irissead she sok
refoga la that stronghold which had so
often shVslded bar frwav Waevea e arrtta-
t a
0U5 OrV-MO CTOfry teV$
JNnnd ArTAlptf
rwn BeVIN Owwan) U TO
tHOM4IAPat MvHet
wtstvaa oo WrtUES Of ft at
AiO ucoVOVMThtv f&ts
UCdMridl TAjBHr
Tnatr mmo MMcS
TWs? IHMATgJ Kiflwdr?
off THE XXlTlC CHAIf, -
Dx or TH7 JJtip uth Mri :
HAi HUttta TJTC frVvVaJi
ArO JttaBMAr WMty
TvC-pNtC.CAMtJ 10?.
Of J rM?AatfCrr Cr. V&i tNGZdt
Hrn0 TO VrVitC Al TO
fw Atou iwt of thnsr .
VCXU rta-LflVf TVf6 GCN ZtAL
wfrSHEUPot' HArtCb -WATHFutXr
COeWadero .
WlvOWt ITarO-Tt) Cw Goel'
vTme ?-vict HG
. esBsaaaanwsasaBnasaaisWawg a
THXfot 110 ter
rec o-ueojt.'
1KH t ViAidC AfLOtHft
TWeUr- f?rVt ntaT" . ,
efPCW ANO r!- s
E . m a.
Vm AM) ViO e.;Tltt.
IQ THQt t (irbHOrAC. A HO
UAtt MWtC fit A WCtJ
twr rrtu fcEM UK jo
iCW AevHtCO ! 0W. .
htaUd tKn" asVlaTA CHOCCp A .
(yifcAFf VatMJN COreWKrtT70t
eSUCrABUO AT fVTfl f0.
fViftAOfU TMC w-7 tHOeH
trtfUrCD A9MrrCH0stfsfd
meiK Aneai
At.0Cr45K.lf. tVia lEXtl ,
CHOfW HifsxSBdV 9f hft-t(r
BARk oh iovtaV&!ll&
OOtS ) 1 rCTM'rr
i T
My Old Friend's 8on
. I saw him at the theater tha other day
-my old friend' oej..- i . . a
Ha had ealy a few liaes say In the
play, but there waa foBelhtn la kl
voice and the way ' '
he carried Ma head
that attraoted my
attention. I looked
n th hllnv-yee. l
waa the same name
-let'e see, lea, fif
teen, ilitaen, sev.
entsen, )uet about
that .by now. my
friend a - eon tha
mts ; tykw ' wha
d re led ate te the
nursery to) aee kl
aesr iwcsdnt horse
-January he called
him, I remember, j
the last tint I w
him. What bright
sye he -wad. and "What
looked da It there never wsl going ta as
snrthtni for him In the world awl music
and laoghtsr. And now hla fathac la dead
and hla mot her Has ta her low crave, too,
and ha'a n In th warld atom Oghtiag
hi awn flaiM. "Bhad I task hhw up." I
thought "No, hs'U think ata a bore
he looks happy and prosperous. I'll lust
asnd him a lvtn thought over th foot.
By WIMFKF-D BLACK. - .. ' -1
hghOr aw M It aw at that-
But la tha aet sot tha hay steed stlaat.
for awhll and watcbtd Hat star and haw r
troublrtt aa bar pas bade him de, and'
therewas somethias; tststful end strained.
about, hla faoe that callad to ma. Ilka B
well-loved and wetl-reaesataerad Tatoe,"
nd I changed my ml a , -
I went back and hunted a th aar.v;
and he looked at sn with sye fun at
unshed tears when 'I satliaiil Ma
mother's nam,- sod all aha saat atC the ,
week wa vac frteada. tha bay aad IV.
And new we Shalt ba friend s anaar.-
aa era Hva, the twe at aa. And h
neod m that very day. tea. Ha waa
trying t make up hla mind aaeot aaaaa
thing, and wa talked th whole tatayiad.
fnoiuh. complicated- affair all aver, thl'
boy sud I. and t helped hi at la aeotde to
da tha atjuara utaa. eve tf It did twrrt .
aut to be a little troublesome, an
almost heard my old friend's vole aatl -.
Inc to tt In th atarea wind,' and It s
never sounded sweeter la all tha ttata
Seve heard Mi
Very fw women hrvath properly. That
I the reason why wemtn ( .asratty eonv
plain of bwtfy , eirfetepeil chMta and it
I for thit.and a tsw other rtesni thai
cerUla women find W. almost Imaasilbl
te reduce th sis of their bust sseaawrw
Deep breathma la bit fundanveatal prin
ciple of good health and looks. Unless
you breathe- properly, all the other exer
cise will be of little or no una to you. -
Many peosie think .that aeep area thing
aotutet e m an soeeaionai imssewee
breath, that tills the lungs to bursting
aapadty. send alt th Wood rushlna te
th heed ana when It la axpane from
th luKrs leaves a person panting dod
sxhauated. . .
Deeo breathing should bo a habit, act
an aaenion. i.pon ia m.. - .
general ahaaUeeaa of the figure, eabe-
dally th- oeoks dhoaldsra and bast Th
Color ef the ssmglssirn r-i T
rawsrlt rtetlea. .. -
7 Tote for Boggles, the people's Candl
date.' -
The Bsedsewosm Is WwO and Favor.
ably Knoera Here, and the Bride Is On
of th Loveliest and Most Popular Young
Ladies ta Our CM
to Health
a:D$P Breathing end What it
- Wi!l to for th4 Sickly C!rl
.V.-'-.'.- .
MDa braU '
lrW I. tha ttmAm.- "y
mrntal yrln'(ilo,
vt 'mx aytattk '
w m ,.' a. w '.w .i r t j i
v.' " 'mwMU
' x. j ! , vl y .
X X J I 1 1 ft l - aad. with area
j ".'..I' I I told of ta bar
' 'jni 'l 1 article, will, If
rYlfv.' l-K . I snake woadcr.
II '' I 11 I tal rXovcmeat '
" " (J .'".' U "A 1 1 II I ta wo""' f
; ' )V -V Si ' ahonld ba a
.Vl ' f i hH, not a
., -, '"N?" exertloa.
Graduailr rata
tha arms aad
In halo deeply
ant 11 tha limp '
raa tautd ao
eontour of the cheks. which, nine ne j
out of ten, can oe niiea out sy umus v
systematic and habitual dee breathing.
Ther are a great many d. Iterant avetn--
sda of deep breathing, th yogi eemg
Bcssiblr th moat temowa, alaca tt
as front- th cast, and be beea ex
pounded. by the plplureeque Srtrets of th
Orient Bat yogi breathing, which con
sist of rythmic breathing. 1 tremeo-
Sous concentration of the mi ad, and ably
should be practiced by adopt wh axe
deeply versed la tale sdaaca ot breath.
aad who are under peraoaal eupervtstoo
oa ins wacner.
For ordinary anrpoaea a few siupk) ex-
erdaea are enough, and they cannot make
so dissy sr bring about a taas of com.
as tha yogi ssetsjod- caa tf practised bp
the Inexperienced.
The reason weasea breaths auparfleially.
using oaly th top of thdr nine. Is very
often because of their "otofhlag. I aa
aot reerrlng to corsets alone, but to tight
waists, bodice that an too narrow
across th shoulders. sJeave that Mod
on at th armhole, and more especially
te very heavy hats. ' ,
Ton do not. think that a heavy hat
could poasfbty Merfcre with tha actlea
of your tung but I secure yoa that N
dees, because of the pi-secure It exerts
ea tha spinal ocd at tha hack ef the
aedr. which pwasnis ommwsciatcs Itself
ta the rest of the spine, and from ther
te the nerve j ef the body. '
'how, th nerves hav a great deal to
4pw, begin to fill your lungs, bseethtag
through tha BoatrUa. UM .your mouth
closed.. IP) bree,the la U th ir yo r
abt to held, but ertthoat rfhe eeje of
suffecatloo which eeetee at attaining. v
- Hold thl breath wlJle v count four,
and very slowly expel It through the noes.
counting seven thl time, whs' you to
hat, free tic thla at leat tea time.
New stand upright, with your head up,
shoulders throws back, and arm hang
ing by th. de. . Oraduallr raise the
arm until they are high ahovi the head.
Whll you are performing thl movement.
Inhale deeply through the nostril until
the lungs can hold so more. Batala tea
breath, then gradually .lower th arm
and expel the brsath at tha aama tlraa,
. Tou can hold a staff, a Vewei t a piers
ef material about a yard long, while per
forming this sx arc lee. yroid th tee-el at
either end, awing t ahov tap' bead, aad
forward and downward as on exhale
' ' ihh'alf . 's wing ihs toe si up, exhale at
you bend tha body to. the side, letting
th arms awing down, first to tha right
side; and theh to the left' with th mo
tion, at tha body. Each- wiovwwaht call
for special deep breath, hold tha breath
when the arm sre e hove the bead.
To till aut hollows la the shocks, on
of the very, best esarslsss is thl lung
filler: tand erect and exhale, puffing
vary Mt ef breath Mi your tuafa. Cloat
the mouth, aad aaatf the air In little
puffs almost at If yoil were Ia&ajlng
water Instead of aid. Put your salad oa
filling the veny bottom of your lungs
and feel with every puff that yoa ai
not only filling th hinge but aasrctslpg
Thl, Mis Kel thr, mahlag thea move.,"-
Tou should feel a distinct sense tica
with each sniff of air. th sensation be
ing down at the bottom ef th hing. a
sort of a Jerk. When you have Inhaled
all The brsath yob can 'possibly hold, ex.
hale la a steady stream.- 'Now mi yeur
month full of air, puff out your cheeks
and give yourself s fiack. tight rub ever
the cheeks and (ace with th ringers of
Swing tha body
front glda to aMa
a ahowa above.
haling with each
both hands.
Thia will bring the -blood up Into th
cheeks snd' If yoa repeat thl ten of
twenty time a. day you. .wtn find, a
wonderful Improvement In a short space
at time, ? .... , ,
What s heosms of th tkttdrta at our.
old friends? ,
Soma of them are little yet and aaata,;
rw at seheet- aoaaewhers away from-
horn, perhaps In th very elsy when , ',
are. , - . 1 . ' i
What hecom af lb flii that was the"
Met of tha horn we used t . Won. '
derfully clover We aU thawght ber-whe.
bored na sometlm wtb her oasrieaa.i
and her Utile spoiled war, but w.J
Mvar eared art her melher think so,
Poor child, shs'e spoiled no knuTMV - !
Bh I making her own way sew alo'
-and nobody marvels at her olevwrnesa ,
or thinks the gray old- world aot good
enough for her now. , ' ' "
The little hsrlds that were a' whltT
and eo ne.lsss.. what heavy work they da :
now, and how well and courageously they i
do It tew.' ' ,''"'
XM as look bar. up snd 111 bar about
the good times we used to haw wttb her '
mother, when all th world wa fuli of
love aonga and tha only thing Ih moon ,
waa tor was to leak pretty far and-'
torn an ordinary walk Into a romaatio 1
svvotdr.: " . , -- i - ;,
Who I that hobbledehoy ever there! :
Cocao ta isnva to aa to soal, thdy aay.
t eesaa to baaw many seepta, arrd .
hara always sa the porch waltlag fa the
poatman every morning. Bomo ef'th
era lw hi claaa aaU Mat Hhe Jay." ' si-
wonder If he s se very homesick ret .
. vhy. kht (ether asd a drag ye aa
bla aied arbta yau were aot half aa big
aa bhla boy ef kla. Why not Mr the awe .
slad aw scout It aad aaH him anaa a
flaw fliw bla father waa, and fcv toot
He la a little worried about It now, ha I
so different ftosa the, seat tf the kiad.
la hla etas. , ' . .
Who l aa lew. some ea earth aa a bwy
away from horn among, strangers? . ,' '
Kelt Ago. UUia mot her, la your low i
grave I knew you eeo aad loved you.
aad fhr your sake that boy bf youra shall ,
never want for a friend as long aa I shaft'
live. Olvt ma your bond, dear boy. with
your mother's eyes Wo, t won't nM
mentallt ever yoa. I won't lectur yarn.''
rn Just love you and sever say a Word
about It-boy faahton. ; Hark' Whose
eras that th the March wtnd tha voice
that used to sing so dear aad gayT .
Ctrl Hen. keep In oV mWdls of de row,
Oh. den chillen, keep in d mlddld at dt'
road i . . . .
ton I yoa look to (M right
Pont you look to hrft. - 5
lews keep In de mUMle of ds read.
arhet awl at darky eoamt she aaulet
asake en new w uesd to love ta bom,
bar slag the std labatee aong. "Des Ksep '
te do t taste ef ale Road-" ' ,
- Bear friend, year Bxtle dsssntag foot
waihsd dow ahaskrwed reads before yoa'
earn to the end. chea t they? ,- . i
Bat yoa tana ell tha way, they toil axe, '
"Keen a O rattdie ef de read.'' Well'
that boy of years shall keep there, toot '
il ihes te any virtue la leva aad earnest 4
effort to help him to reeaecaer. ; -
in Over Production of Qold
. . . . M1S9 ASSETTB KBIiLKRMASJr. - - -- - - -
(Other pose In sllhonett by. Isabella Jason of Tha Winter Garden.)
do with breathing, aa yoa notice whoa
yoa "yoa get a nervous shock at any,
. To lmasediatsly aegia ta peat or yoa
loos your breath entirely for an InstanL
Consequently. Is order to breaths prop
erly, we want ta keep our nerves In
a peaceful, eutet state, h? passible, and
aa th mind has a great deal to do with
the serves, deep treat Mug may be saat
to begin with mind culUvatiot
So you want to do your breathing ex
orctae when yoa pre feeling eontsat and
placid, vatll yoa get the habit After
that tt yoa ft upset aervouely. or It
you Worry rory much, yea will find that
tea minutes practice in rythmic breath
tog will restore your mental and physical
bxlanc. -
On s ruing, whils you sre still clad In
year nishlrirsss, staad aft with your back
to the wail, and quite near aa open wln.
As v walk on the aveau day bf day ' ' " "
Or amble Bios' tha greet "Whit. Way,"
Tn uesUon, when vtawtug tha a4Ub tfW, U,
- - W br do thay get tha Broaey? . t . :'- -
- - f ; I
rroni'tha "topi of Uelr keade t tha tfpw as? tbatf tsea,
Th richest fur aad tha autartest ar elotneg -:
With locJtg peers abundant than -atura beatowa '
Ob wbera do they gt U aaoaayt
Their wonderful batg whit aar not admrra-s.
And tha very eholee flower that adorn their attire
Speak mutely of bills moanUag higher aad higher, .
But where do they get toe atonayT
Tha veils, the frlDa and th furbelow. ' . " ,
The- ranity bag and tha chid IttU bewa
. Asa oaatly; as tell aa U any eaa kASwa,
y,yx do they get th money?.