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An The News An The Time
She Bee gives its mto a daO?
paanreTna of the happenlage
af the whole world. - ,
'Generally Fair
VOL. XLI-NO. '291.
x Early Eetnraj Give the Preiiiient
lead of Three Hundred Orer
Xooterelt .
Thirty-One Precinct in Home City
60 Against Governor. 5
Two Diitricti Conceded to Colonel
by Taft Manager.
President Taft and Gwveraor Har
aoi Caat Their Vatea la Cla
elaaatl Palla Cloee at .
. FtveVTblrty.
COLUMBUS. O.. May Il.-0mplete r
publican returns from forty-nine ecat-
terlng precincta of a toul of 5,MS In tha
tats cave Taft 1.935 and Rooeevelt l.Cn.
COLl'MBt'S. O.. May 21.-The tint five
precincts out of S.19X In the atate ta make
a complete count in the republican pri
mary today enow that Taft delegatee
received 304 and Rooeevelt M. At Rod'
way the Taft manager In the Twentieth
and Twenty-first district, comprising
Cleveland and Cuyhago county conceded
the election of Rooaevelt delegatee In the
. two districts by ovte of J to L
Seventeen precinct out of 467 In Hamll
ton county (Cincinnati) gave Taft LUA
and Rooeevelt fit. .
Complete democratic ' returna from
seventy -etx precincta out of pro
elm. t In tlie elate cave Wilion ion and
Harmon STt.
Complete -returns from thirty-one pre
cincta la Cincinnati, Governor Harmon'a
homp, cave Wllaoa 4M and Harmon 4
I'noffkial return from thirty Cleveland
preclncu ahowed Wllaon leading Harmon
t to I. j
Flret two prerlncta la Dayton gave
Vlleoo S. Harmon .
Returna from the Flret precinct la Can
ton. President McKlnley's oM home, gave
Rooaevelt better than two to one over
, Flrat returna from the tour Urges t
cltlea la the atate ah wed:
In Columbus Harmon, four to one ever
W llson: Rooeevelt, two to on over Taft.
In Toledo Taft two to one over Rooae
velt jn Cincinnati Tatt fifty to one ever
In Cleveland Wllaon. three to two over
Harmon and one republican precinct
counted cave Taft S3. Rooaevelt II. La
Foilett a
. Taft manacera ' early ' ' declared
tlial . . the ' . brlf ht ' eunaMnt with
, which ; primary dawned wag Indicative
of a aure victory foe.-, skew preel
dent Many of the farmer they aald who
were ui porting Colonel Rooaevelt war
far behind Hi their aprlng work and would
not leave their field ta caat a vote. . ;
Rooaevelt , aupporter atnek to their
former claim that a majority of the dele
gate elected would be Rooeevelt men.
Almoat all of tha approximately S.M
voting precincta la tha etate opened at
t:M o'clock and In tha cltlea a large early
vote waa caat. The poll will oloae at
6: O'clock tonight In tha clue, but In
aom of the country dlatrlcta will remain
open until o'clock.
CINCINNATI. May a.-Preclnct Q of
the Sixth ward, the flrat precinct to be
heard from gave Taft delegate to the
national republican convention M vote
while no ballot wa caat for Rooaavelt
COLUMBUS, Neb.. May .- Special.)
Chairman J. C. Byrne of the. democratic
atate central committee ha called a
meeting at the Lincoln hotel In Lincoln
on Tueaday, May a at I o'clock p. m.
The meeting will name alternate dele
gatea to the democratic national conven
tion wherever vacandea exlat apportion
delegatee to the democratic atata cop.
ventlon and aelect a place for holding
aame, and .to transact any other bualneaa
that may properly come before the oom
mittcc. All democratic candidate awl
delegetea to the national convention are
Invited by Chairman Byrne to meet wltb
the committee.
DAVENPORT. la.. May a. -Rev. H. i.
Lonaiey of Evsnstosj. III.. ,waa elected
suffragan bishop of the Eplsoopal dloeeae
of Iowa at today's session of the church
sixtieth annual convention. H waa choeea
oa tha sixth ballot, with twenty-one
. clerical and fifty-five lay votes. The
number neceeaary to elect waa nineteen
clerical and forty-six lea) votes. The new
bishop's place of residence mill be desig
nated by Bishop Morrison and a commit
tee cloaca tor that purpose.
Osrste Bank twepead.
DURANOO. Cola. May a.-The La
Plata, county bank of Durango uependrd
buelneee today. Liabilities of fl0t.eS.
capital W.j and deposits itjm were
announced. Director aatd 1 depositors
would be paid dollar for dollar.
Pfwweer Banker Drepa Dead.
ST JOSEPH. Mo.. May n.-Jamee Hull,
pioneer KL Joeph banker and prominent
it politic, dropped deeM today of heart
Ilseaae. aged 71 year.
The Weather
- FOR NEBrMSKA-tfhower. wuicer in
outh portioa.
FOR IOWA L'ueUletj weather. vHh
Icasperatar at Oeeaaa Yeaeerdap.
. ., Hours. De,(.
- m : -
U V Ta. m ...
' -...
, IJk ,E . at
C ! Jjt ,m. am ?
Q'iia. ( L m- -...'
CJfZSs ' ir P- m si I
Vial D -i
- .. JfXTi g ' m M
' 5. H."in!""!lSr
Baer is Witness
in the Archbald
Impeachment Case
WASHINGTON. May It-George F.
Baer, president of the Philadelphia a
Reading Railroad company, t rati fled to
dar ra the house Inquiry Into charge
against Judga Robert W. Archbald of
the commerce court.
He said the railroad company wa not
connected with the Pk ladelphla Read
Ing Coat and Iron company, of which he
la also president The policy of the com
pany, he said, waa not to lease its culm
banks. ,
The examination of Mr. Baer wa brief.
He denied having any conversation with
Judge Archbald In regard to a culm
property. .
"DM Judge "Archbald. to your knowl
edge. Intercede with you or your com
pany to lease culm bank to Fred
Wnrneke of Scran ton r' asked Chairman
Clayton. '
"Not with me."
Vice President Richards of tha same
coal company testified that on November
X or XI. 181V Judge Archbald called on
him at Pottsvtlle and naked for the alt
uatloa In regard to tha proposed Warn eke
"I told him the matter had been consid
ered and waa practically closed and that
tha culm bank would not be leased,"
ealfl Mr. Richards.
A letter written from Scranton by Judge
Archbald arranging the interview fas
read. It was written on a letterheaPof
tha commerce court
Mr. Rleharda waa asked If hie brother
waa offered 15.000 to get him to change
his mind so Warneke could get the lease.
My. brother had nothing to do with
It. Waroeke wrote him about three year
ago to uh hi Influence with me."
Truthfulness in
Advertising is
Made the Keynote
DALLAS, Tex., May fL-The necessity
for absolute truthfulne In advertising
waa the keynote of today's discussion In
tha eighth annual convention of the As
sociated Advertising Club of America,
Tha demand for high moral and ethical
character In advertising la one of tha
rapidly developing feature of the meet
Ing. There were scores of addressee on
today'! program, the busiest of the con
vention. The day closed wtlh a formal
reception to President George W. Cole-
lan of tha Associated Advertising Clubs.
Tha ad men are playing as hard aa
they are working. Some of the southern
delegations have demonstrated novel
methods of advertising during the enter
tainments. At a "battle royal" the At
lanta delegation ' ptaatered Ita huge
streamer upon the back of bna of the
negro boxers participating In tha event.
Ban Francisco, Baltimore, and Toronto
man continue ta spring surprises In their
campaigns for the next convention. Bal
timore last nlghl put an a moving picture
Show one of tha downtown streets. -hlbltlnf
Batllmore attractions. The To
ronto kilties,' unaccustomed to the power
t a southern sun at thia. time at 'the
year, carelessly left their bare knees
cocked up during the otng automobile
rides yesterday afternoon and today they
are wishing tor' longer kilts to hide tha
German Policeman
and Bandits Killed
in Running Fight
NAUEN, Germany, May St Tha exam
ple of tha Apaches, who recently terror
ised Paris and Its environs, haa been
followed by criminate here. Two of them,
detected last night while committing
burglaries, dashed to their bicycles.,
which had been left outalde the bouse. On
tha way they were confronted by a
policeman, whom they shot dead.
They then rode rapidly away, but pur
suers wounded one of the bandits. His
oomrada then deliberately killed the
wounded man to prevent his capture and
possible betrayal. . The surviving burglar
continued the battle againat some hun
dreds of armed pollee and countrymen
until be waa finally abot dead.
Prendergast Will
Present Roosevelt's
Name at Chicago
WASHINGTON. . May L -William A.
Prendergast, comptroller of the city of
New York be been picked by Colonel
Rooaevelt to make tha apeech placing him
In neenlnattoa for the presidency before
tha Chicago convention next month. This
tact waa made public hero today by
Ludua N. LHtMeauer. former congress-
and one of the Roosevelt delegates
from New York to tha national conven
tion. Mr. Prendergast baa been aa active
figure In Colonel Rooaevelt' compelga- ,
FORT DO DOE. la.. May iL-Ppedal.)
-C Jacques of Duncomba. a wealthy eat-
phyxlated In tha Prince, hotel In tbt I
Ch tease loop district while Be waa la the
.... v Mhw MtAa a I-a,t L Urn
waa aver at years of age. but well and
floutei The hotel marmgement advance'' Cttr " "
w. a-u-r k. i (longer, ao tbe police escorted them out-
' 4fc. , ... "T,
got up Is) the dark to aea that no jeta I
.ere turned on. and In a eotng turned J
aa full Ha waa found dead in the
morning by hotel employee. The funeral
win be tomorrow. H leaves a widow
and five chOdrea besides several brother
and staters.
8T. LOUIS. May a. -One aegr waa
killed, six ether were tnjared. aoene at
there aertowsly, when a three-atory brick
building collapaed her thia moralng.
About twentr-rlve persowe were te the
building, which had been eeaadeuaiod a
week ago, when it collapsed
Sidney Buxton, President of British
oy nouse or. tommon. -
Sayi Executive Did Not Carry Out
Order of Own Committee.
Little Attempt Hide to Enforce
Kulei Until Ship Sank.
Admiral Raya Watertight Ceasii.
Berate with Bmaller Doers A re
Needed Life boa ta I'eelees
In Dtreea ea.v
LONDON. May a.-The attack on
Sydney Buxton, president of tha board
of trade. In connection with Titanic dis
aster waa renewed In the House of Com
mons this afternoon, when the sleekness
of the board of trade waa severely
handled. Major Martin Archer-Shee. a
London unionist member, started the at
tack by moving the reduction of
salary of Mr. Buxton, who. he declared
had been convicted by the "damning fact
that ha had neglected to carry out the
recommendation of hi own committee."
Chargea of slumbering dllatortness, ab
solute negleot and unconcern were hurled
at the board of trade by various speakers
Lord Charles Berestord bitterly com
plained that tha board of trad had not
attempted to carry out Ita own regula
tions until after the Tltanle tragedy. He
demanded the appointment of a new ad
visory committee to roe board, whose
object should be to render ships able
to float after they had received. a bad
wound.. He Indicated that water tight
comportments with smaller doors In the
bulkhead, which would be more easily
closed were a mora Important question
than lifeboats, aa there were many days
at aea, when It waa Impossible to launch
lifeboats with safety.
This waa also ths view' of Richard
Holt, who declared "boats are a rotten
reed, almost certain to fall In the hour
of need." He suggested the provision
of bulkheads without any door at all.
Convict Davis on
: Trial for Murder,
of John Strong
LINCOLN, Neb., May It With the Jury
empaneled and tha opening statements
of counsel completed tha Introduction of
evidence wa begun this morning In the
trial pi Tom Uarla, 4 ooavtci at the
atate) peatlrrur1r.ior the-.seaeeer, f
fellow convict. John 'Irene, at the1 break,
fast table of the institution eg March V,
last. '
Tha list of witnesses Is not long and
It Is believed that the evidence will be all
in within two days. It Is -Indicated by
counsel that Davis' plea will be that
Strong had threatened hla life, and that
ha cut the other's throat In astt-dsfenee.
None- of the witnesses who testified
this morning would state that they had
seen Davis drive the knife Into Strong's
body. They had observed the eonvlct
lung at his fellow prisoner, they, said,
but had seen no knife. " -
The state rested at II o'clock this
morning and two witnesses for the de
fense were -examined before the noon
recce waa taken. Fifteen more were
called to appear at tha afternoon ses
sion. .
Proposed Increase
m Western Freight
Rates is Suspended
WABHlNOTONMay-a.-Pendlng fut-
ther Investigation tha Interstate Com
merce commission today continued In sue
pension until December 14 next the pro
posed new classification of freight rale
in western territory. This new ctasslfv
ration, known at No. tL' through a re
rating of hundreds of articles, would pro
vide for a material Increase In practically
all freight chargea In the west
NEBRASKA CITT. Neb . May fl.-8pe-ciel
) William Warner and family were
going home and when In the southern
part of the city they were , struck by aa
automobile and the vehicle In which they
were riding overturned. Mra. Warner
waa seriously Injured and It will . be
several days before It eaa be told how
Lsertoua her Injuries may be. The ma
chine waa driven by Mr. Bchlndler.
young farmer. The collision took place
on a dark street.
M tee Bess Burford of thia etty and Mr.
D. Blaine McVey, a telegraph operator
for the Missouri Pacific at Falls City,
ere united m wiarrlaa'e at Fulton, Ky.
The young people will make their future
borne at Falls City. '
Mrs, By tie Irts has filed a suit In the
district court praying for a divorce from
I her husband. Joha Lewis, alleging the
aj"""1' ."U.?xr,"f CTUltJ'
eldest child Is 1 and the youngest T
, rears of age. and she sake for the cue-
In the city Jell were four prison ere and
- ioe the city limit and told lhen to
. , . . . .
" LL "J"0 !u "44
" TZ.. '7. .
twrmvf vuiuc-n m mioiKasil ana svatea
they rather liked the town and would
stay. The police win try the rack pile
an omer way, awving tnea every other
GRINNBLU I . May lL-(Cpec4aI Tele
gram. )-C art A. Schalts. aged years, a
farmer six mllea northeaac of Otiaae't
fell last night from a scaffold hi hla bam
And broke bis neck. He leave a widow
and savea children, i'
W Hi1- If '
From the Baltimore American.
Fred J. Southard of Minneapolis
Falli from Car at Oabore, 0.
Me Wee Making Flret Flight Alan
Aftap Msrlag Been Tte r the .
.r... ;tarbt Brothers) Mat
".. Attempt it.-' .. ... f,
XENIA. O.: May fL-Fred J. Southard
of Minneapolis. Minn, an aviator. fell
MO feet at the Wright aviation field near
Oebdrn early today and was Instantly
killed. Houtbard. who waa forty years
old, had Just bought tha aeroplane from
the Wright brothers.
He obtained admission to enter the
hangar after he had been refused per
mission to take the aeroplane out without
further experience He fell Just six min
utes after he had begun the first flight
alone His hoay was badly crushed.
Raaad Trip Arreas Channel,
DOVER, England, May Xl.-H. Cr em
bers, well known Belgian aviator, crossed
tha Kngllah channel from Nleuport, Bel
glum, today, drafting over the Utti fish
ing: port of Ht. X rgaret'g. In a Mde,
graceful sweep., and without landing.
started to return across the channel, tak
ing tha direction at Calais, France. ,
When the aviator appeared over St.
Margaret'! he dropped from his' mono-
plan a -visiting card ea which waa writ
ten: "I 'regret to be obliged to return to
Nleuport, Belgium without breaking my
Journey." . -t - , .
Clvlllaa Beats Army. Officer.
CONSTANCE. Baden.' May .-Thre
of the eight officer and the only civilian
who started on May II from Btrasburg on
reliability flight, each carrying a pas
senger In his aeroplane, completed tha
task set them by arriving here today.!
The civilian, whoa aame Is Hirth. uni
formly accomplished tha beet perform
ance every day. Tbe bulk of the com
petitors were eliminated on the flret day
of the competition.- while crossing -the
Voage mountains In the far of a gale.
A Zeppelin dirigible balloon accompanied
the airman along most of the stagee,
Tha route from Mtraeburg waa by way
of Met. Mayence, Darmstadt, Frankfort.
Karlsruhe and Frefburg. over the Black
Forest to thia elty.
NORTH PLATTE. Neb., May JL -Kpe-ctatjj.
1. Morgan, a ateeplejark. fell
from tha electric light amokratack today.
where be and hla partner were engaged tru
painting, and barely escaped what ap
peared to be certain death. Mr. Morgan
waa working about thirty feet from the
roof of the building, when a defective
rope ht the tackle broke and ha fell
heavily to the roof, striking on hla- back.
Hla partner, who was engaged en tbe roof
below, nearxed blm Just aa be was Bbout
to ran off the edge of tha building to the
ground, forty feet below. He waa taken
to tha hospruti aad an examination dis
closed that other than a badly sprained
back he was no worse from tha expert-
The National. Capital
Taeedey, Map II, 101S. "
. .. ' The Senate.
Met at noon.
eaaita dtone. m speech, aitlrteed tbe
met bode of the republican presidential
nomination aspirant. .
The Home.
Met at U a. m. and resumed considera
tion of tbe Paiiama canal admlnietrattoa
btIL .
Jadk-tal committee continued Its In
vestigation lata charges -gs'nel J edge
Arcbbatd of cenjraefoe court. j
Democratic Delirium
r J.ts -js'a .... ticv-.-'7V,,NYiei
ponkey 8eet It Shadow Every Four
How Havemeyer
- Took Over: Greeley
' Beet Sugar Plant
NEW fORKMay tl.-Copy of a tel
grkm sent by, Henry O. Havemeyer i ' ' '
Oamuel C. Woekevhls personal agent ' ."! ie)
Dnver,' was fntreduead ! tha govera I immm Favare 1 Tble Baate
rent s dtssolutmii . ut agatnat the . VAgalat tb alilaols T
called nufsr trust by Aishtjant District
Attorney Knspp today- fa support the
charge that ' Mr, Havemeyer had at'
tempted to crugh by eompetttMn the to'
dependent beet sugar plant at the Oreelev
Sugar company; then building. , Tha tele
gram read : '
"Oo to Oreeley and secure a good site
on aptlona."- a. '
Cheater 8. Moray af Denver, rhl-f
agentVpt HavemeVr la acquiring control
of .Colorado Vnmpanlsa, testified that the
site, wa pntctfred and gat long after
this- Mr. Havemeyer bought an Interest
I the Oreeley company.
. A letter from Hooker to Havemeyer.
written November H, INt. waa then to.
traduced. It suggested thst Mr. Have
meyer rent tha site for pasturage for a
year and aaid that 4 per cent net return
could be realised if. this waa dona.
,"It Is probably. a favorbls an oppor
tunity aa can be.obtahted at tha present
time," the letter concluded.
Wealthy Furrier '
" Pleads.Guilty to
' Wolf Bounty Fraud
RAPID CITT D., May a.-F. R
K.n Hewlett. wealthy hide and fur
dealer here, in tha presence of 'his law
vera and Attorney General Johnson bf
(tout It Dakota, today pleaded to ' being a
party"to the ' wholesale bounty frauds
la Pennington county, by which tha etAte
was swindled opt' of thousands of dol
lars.' Hs agreed to plead guilty. The
grand Jury Is In' session and sensational
developments are exported.
Hundreda of Police
' . Are Guarding Polls
, DENVER. Colo.. May al-After a can,
petgn marked by fierce denunciation,
exceedingly frank persons criticism be
tween local news neper proprietors, in
cpndldatee, including seven mayoralty aa
plrant for fortpvetty and county office
are being voted upon here today.
. Two hundred policemen. CI special
policemen! frfty-eeven deputy sheriff,
two rhallrogersWnd watchers tor ear
party at each poll and about MS member
of the Cltlsen a . party In rack .vetlng
precinct are; guarding ths purity of tha
ballot . -
Tbe con teat la mainly between Mayor
Ppcer'a democratic organisation and the
Cltlsen s party, with the republican or.
sanitation leaning toward the latter, la
which Juvenile Court Judge- Benjamin
Llndary la running with the additional
endorsement af the sjrohlbttlonlsta.
BROKEN BOW, Nab, May H-gpcctel
Telegraatr-gome tlan during the early
morning hours the hardware store of
Oeorge W. Apple was broken Into by
uurglars and currency and rare coin?
were takes from the aafe to tbe amount
af about CO. The collection of coins
consisted af ninety half dollars, worth a
premiums over IN. Mr. Apple haa of
tared a reward of M for the return of
the colas and a Mae s mount for the ar
rest aad 'eoavwtjoa af the thieves. The
officere have o due, but think tha Job
waa dose by local talent, as they oeemce.
to be well acquainted with the ground.
Chicago FrortMor Sayi "Aldrioh"
'; ' ! Title ii MoitTfortwat.,
(From a Btaff Correspondent.)' $
; LINCOLN, Neb.. May a.-irfectal
egrame-Prof. d. Lawrence Laug!Un o(
Chicago university addressed the district
bankers' eoneenlloa todaV oh the un
called Aldrlch currency and banking bill.
At the outset he said It was unfortunate
that tha bill should have been called tit
Aldrioh bill, as tha prejudice aaalnst the
mas had reacted agllnaf what was tin
really his Mil and which the profesanr
considered really a merit orlou measure.
He earned that Instead of gtvlng tin
aig bankers the complete control o'
monetary affair, it would prevent Jus;
this very thing end g(ve the smaller!
country bank the same, opportunity fo;
relief aa that pour seed by the big bnm.
Delegates Take Barllactoa.
A referendum vote of tha delegetea and
alternate to tha Baltimore convention
resulted In all but one vote being 'cast
for tha Burlington-Baltlsnere a Ohio
combination aa againat the Illinois Ten-tral-Pennsylvanla
route.. The ; principal
booster for the losing rout wl Henry
Richmond, democratic candidate for at at
auditor, and Mayor Jim of Omaha wa
tredlted with being sponsor for the Bur
llngton combination. 0
. t'eavlrta Fall tei Remember,
nl the trial of Tom Davis, a convict
In the penitentiary, for tha fatal subbing
of John Wrong, the most notable efature
was 4m lack of memory of con vice wo
were -present at the time. They did not
remember when It came to giving an ac
count of what occurred at thet lint of
the: tragdy. None Would 'ay that he
saw tha actual ssbbtng. It la expected
fhe trial will last until Thursday. '
Miller t ear IWemleard.
The case of the I'nlted ittates against
I N". Miller ot Wymote, accused of fraud
la obtaining government lends ag Cherry
county. 'was dismissed In federal court
on motion of tha I'nlted X tales attorney.
Recent rullnga of the land of flee have
made It Impossible to get a conviction.
In tbe opinion of the attorney.
Aaaradsarata Coaar Mich.
Harry Thomas of the state printing
board haa figured out. that ft will' coat
the state VM to print the. five proposed
constitutional amend men ta In each of tha
ninety-two counties fil tha, state, -or a
total of F.SJ for the entire bllL , The
Initiative and referendum, belna the
longest, will be the most expensive, east
ing ths legislative selary Inereaae
amendment, FT: 'the board of control
amendment, tn aad the biennial election
amendment, get. , I'nder- the law the
a mend men ta must be printed la each
county la tha atate tor thirteen weeks
preceding tbe November election and
publication probably will commence about
August I.
80LTH ACBrRN, Neb May a.-
(fpectal Pern Therms a. a laborer, aame
near loalng his Ufe Monday aooa while
digging to a sewer ditch near the Avenue
hotel. Ha waa malrmg aa excavation far
sewer emnaetlon and k order to farthv
tata HI work tunnelled aader one side
to mora easily reach the point of eon-
nertJon. The earth caved fa epoa
Mm and only atrenuoua effort ea tha
part of the an enxned with Km saved
htm from euf rocs tlon. ' Aa tt was. be sue
taiaed sever strains to cheat, anna sid
"a W .
Ninth Ballot at General Conference
Beiulta Without Choice of
Bishop. :
New York Divine Secure 451 Vote
of Necenary 816. . . J
Women'! Miuionary Societies Tote
in Diitiiot Conference.
.Night peestoas Are Being; Began fo
the Parpoea'of selecting Blebep
Hope af Adjwsuraaaeat by
' Mag W.
MINNEAPOLIS, Maa -With mo elec
tion declrrvd. Dr. T. 8. Henderson of
New York. Eaet conference, waa high
man on the ninth ballot la the tight for
4 place oa the board of blthopa of tha
Methodist Epltoopal church. Dr. Bender-,
son received ttl votes, Mt being neces
sary to elect. W O. Rhepard of Chicago
was second with ett and R J. Cooke. New
Tork. third with SB.
Another ballot waa taken Immediately
and an adjourned session was called for
tate thia afternoon to hear tha teller
Among the high men en the ninth bal
lot were: F. J. McConnell, Green ceetle.
Ind , Ml; F. D. LtcteV Detroit. Mich., tG;
N. Luccock, Kansas City. Mo., XM; W.
II. Crawford. MeadvlUe, Pa., JO. Seventy
three persona received ' votes on thlf
Practlrallr all af tha aesxtoa of the
conference today waa glxen over to g
discussion ot reports of committees. Tha
conference agreed to an change In tha
church rulea, whereby the presidents of
one woman' home and one woman's for
eign missionary society ware permitted
yoke la the district conferences,
roaeaaealea t ap Dlarwewrd.
Tha committee recommended that a
foot note to the discipline be Inserted,
whereby each church be permitted to dee
elde whether Individual ar alngla conv
munlon cupa should be used. Peveral
years aga thia question waa agitated la
tha church.
Indications that tha conference will at
tempt to keep It resolution of reaching
an adjournment an May 9 ar evidenced
In the night sessions which were begun
last night for the purpose ot casting a
ballot tor bishops. l
It la probable that even with tbe slec
tlon of one of two rru.a today, which
hardly la expected by the delegates, that
another atght segskm win be held tonight
In order that three Instead Ot two bal
let may be taken In a day.
Vm tbe WisPsSallLit on which' Dr."
Hume C. Utunti wna elected, aumereue
mea have headed the no-etectloa ballot
far a time, only to give way when H.
seemed tbst tbei neceerary two-thlrda
vote of the delegetea present aould are.
be obtained. . ,.
I.radere'rhaa Often.
Pr. D. O. Downey ot New Tork waa
well to 'the tore on the second ballot,
but ) gav way to Dr. W. O. ghepard
of Chicago, -who In turn later dropped
tt aecond place, ceding flmt poeltlon to
Dr. T. . Henderson of Brooklyn. N. T.
Candidates eonstanly are dropping put,
although on tha eighth ballot there were
about twenty who received only two or
three vote The total number af candi
dates voted on in tha eighth waa anventy
nine, but by 'tha end of tha week thia
number la expected to b considerably
smaller, aa those who have bean casting
Complimentary ballota awing . to thoee
whom tb delegates CO Balder leaders ot
the race.
Among the candidate la W. F. Old
ham, who now hold tha distinction of
being a bishop In tha church. Hla title,
however, ts that ot mlaaioaary bishop,
which la not synonymous with that af
"general superintendent." and hla power
la restricted to hla owa field, which s
Malaysia. .As a missionary bishop be also
lacka power to preeMa at a evasion of tha .
general confertnea.
avrsasa by Bishop leeleea.
MINNEAPOLIS. Minn.. May 3.-8pe-dal
Correspondence.) No business sea.
slons of the Methodist conference war
held on Hunday, but delegates pretty
grnerally attended tha eerrtcea af local
churches. Many of the purplta were
filled with visiting ministers and btshope.
Bishop John L. Nuelren of Omaha I
aiurh In demand by tha German churches;
He preached Sunday morning at tha
Northeast German Methodist Episcopal
church In thia elty. Several of tha
prominent ministers supplying pulpita
are looked apon aa candidal ae for tbe
episcopacy. In view of that fact the
hpve been greeted with flee audteaeeev
Moat, If not all. acquitted thamaelve
ably, and In a few Instance tha apiece"
pal stork of some has risen peroaptably:
peaking of candidate, the air Is be
sinning to. clear a little. Hent Invent tg
beginning to erylH se and sever el aame
are sure to lead on tha flrat ballot. At
the present time thti following ere strong
leaders: Dn Homer C. Slants, Dr. David .
jo. Downey, Dr. Matt B. Hnghea, Dr.
i nomas rttcnoisoe, tar. rseary t. mea
nings. Dr. T. a Henderson. Dr. F. J.
McConnell and Dr. R- J. Cooke. It aa-
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