Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, May 20, 1912, Page 7, Image 7

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Massage. Mrs. Rnteuouee, 306 Bo too Bl CITY PROPERTY it) a tl.E.
J2S2?j.MPs, srui; commission saved
StSSS" . By Buying of Owner
where thsy wlU U directed lo suitable Benson, strictly modern (-room home;
boarding place or otnarwlas assist sd. built by owner; Waving state, mini eil.
Look far our travelers aid at ths liaio 'Phone Be neon U. P. O Box 404. '
J A NEW house Is better thu an eld
MASSAGE 6wedlaneemen. Aw. " I have eome money and will buy
WlUKWin r ma ftnm, p, ttm. you a lot and tet yoa order the plana to
VTa fiVVTIP treatment E.- Brott 714 Ei" you- ,p,r. ra t down aad
AlAUrviLilXU girf;,, 7, "ontA. I-arjer and smaller bouses
1 r-x. " rwT- In aune proportion. Ernest L. Squire, 74f
. ,i?f'T ? SOPO ? U0 or Omaha National Bank Bldg. Established
"""ifS-.i??; ASv"18 mPhona Douglas 4419.
Ikk and Barney Sta 0NB sere ot good land. fenced; espara-
- - . - sua hed, ffft, good well witter, nice, new
ANN A H- M ARKS, acB " 4-roora house, cellar; close to psved
nJw.J ww !? JM Jtar- nreet. oar tine, school, church, etc. Call
nam. Pnvldge Bit, Apt Red 7ia. on owner. Dr. Parsons, or phones Benson
MASSAGE Prt treatment. Mrs. y OT m
BODY MASSAGE, 83-1 Nsvllls. D. 771 JOHN W. IU18MNt Mat FARNAM T.
FIVE-ROOM house. 424 S. 84th Ave. . NEW home In. best ot West Fxrnara
vapitm sim a.' JftfU room- 001 m',r : beautl-
VACLLM ilAbSAGE. 0s so. 13th St., fu shads trees; price reasonable. Phone
K. dally. Sunday; open evenings; Harney 3S93.
hours 10 to 10.
I HEREBY give notice to the publto FOB SALE BY OWNER
that 1 will not be responsible for debts Ntra, -room houee modern except heat
;l?,.'?in.SC,? my J"? UJ- F- . ". and cement walks, cistern.
Lund, after this date. J. M. Lund. lot 44x18; feed nelchborhood; near car.
' " ' ' 3 Phone Red .
POULTRY AM) PET STOCK. FIVE room cottage. tttb and Larl-
BoreeolngVtljapwlWL Wagner 801 K. 14.' Ave. Only W.4U4. Phone Webster 7S2.
FINE female Boston terrier, reasonable; JmSS!r
weU marked aad pedigreed. . Tyler ICS, m ' ' ' sr3 E"r"- Hr"y.
liai Douglas. - FOR Q'OICK SALS Owner has reduce
WHITS Leghorn cocks, 4 nans and little Tjv-r n..
chicks. 0M Charles. FOB SALE
lW.QK.wEENatfBnEBu Jjj Koun'r.KP"h!r T V
something good at the right price. Call
MONEY to loan on busiiess or real- Douglsa 1703 or Call at EOT Wirt St.
dence properties, tLKO to IMtkOOt. W. H. uma iWm.nV ' 1
THOMAS. MO First Nat l Bank Bldg. , M5AR LON SCHOOL.
WANTED City loans and warrants, I"L .
W. Farnam Smith a Co.. 1U0 Farnam be J"?." o . B nr M-room i house.
. - modern. Rents for tai psr month. Two
Hon to Jlfl.OOO made promptly. F. D- blocks from car Una. Paved streets, ce-
Wead. Wead Bldg- lth and Farnam. , ment walka Take a look at this placa
WANTED City loans. Petere Trust Co. Key at HM Franklin St.
cc CITY LOANS. Bemis-Carlberg Co, I.M,AKJ!.?fter' i"1 'ok , Kyadicata
6Oao-U Brandei. Theater Bid,. Hj". wascceptrnsbl.ffer. M.
GARVIN BROS. BAROAlN-MUt be .ld at once. Good
" , " ' " lot In Bemls Park district. Ready to
LOANS-Farm and city property. 1. upon. Block to car. I'avod street.
H. Dumont- Son., ltttt Farnam St. Owner. 12M N. Mth Street.
WILL take Omaha bouse or clear lot Modern except heat, rial down. Terms
on my haU-seotion; I miles to U. P. main to Located Mil Taylor 8t.. near
line, western Nebraska; black soil, no school and car. Come out and set It.
sand: requires 111 St per acre cash. In Phona Webster KM.
t annual installments; describe yeur i' 1 -
house of lot. Address F 861. care Bee. REAL KSTATK
"TO EXCHANOR-Good. smooth land In FAM UAXCH i.aiwds FOR
Colorado (er furniture and undertaking r
business. Address Lock Box L. Slabert, T -
GOOD Improved property, close In, I8PECIALLT ATTRACTTVIS
?mahW 'Ut- Aiin" U '? VSSSZ met,
omana num. m tumtn. and all who have that
yartng for a piece to retire, now or
later. Is bearing now. Why wait? Fruit
T? T) 1 s and almonda Pays for itself. Only I
rarra Kancii Lr'wW'rt'-.r'JS"
Highly Improved: all fixed . only t- By best town of north SacrTmento!You
mile of town on main line of a R. F'or deal with owners. Fare paid. Go with us
further Information addrass owner, KM , M9 wbll. th ta wril
Glenwood Ava. Omaha, Nsb. at once for attractive llteratura
IMPROVED FARM. (Bsnk and bueiness houw refn-neee
Close to town; no waste land; not far ' if TOO are Interested in r.iif..-
from Omaha; good terms; ran. for tl?" T&7lriPi
selling; no agents. Address owner, K Fixa A Weetberg. HO Bee Bldg" Omaha.
SM, OnTkAhft' DCti SBssbp , M BSisssssisBHexssase pve w
t .1. .ii i s lij-s it i ii, i i ii ill Caaada.
THE ALLAN LINE . m .cr Dlac lom " mils
. AA1A mil mi auiu from town ot Bruce on Orand Trunk Pa.
ROYAL MAIL STEAMER clflo railway In Alberta; Si acres under
MQNTRluAL, LIVaVHPUOLs liLASOOW. crop. A beautiful farm, well located, at s
Montreal. Havre. Plymouth. London, bargain. The Phllllpe-Itlmer Co., SO
The Picturesque Bb Lawrence Route. Whyte Ava, Edmonton. South Alberta.
Four days on Ihe ecaaa. three days Canada.
In river aad gulf, splendid new Turbine 1
bteamera 8aleon. aeuond-cabia and thud , Calwrawa,
eiaas. Superior eae-ciass cabin service .
Culalne uaeaoelled. Courteous attention. ACRES good farm land nearOrsver,
bend for circulars, rates, plaas. sta Weld bounty, at 17 an acre. Tims on tl.los.
AUan e Co, mi ,N, Dear born m... cnloaao Box Wi. Denver. Colo.
Anchor Lin. btaam-Jup. f? wX iVyi S!SSf. t1
New York, Londonderry and Olaagow settle an estate Will contract to retail
New York, Palermo and Naples. In one year for IT an acre net. er buy all
Attractive rates for tickets between T4ew land pot sold. Box W, Denver, Colo.
York and all Hootch. English. Lisa, ' "
Continental and Mediterranean points, . . , tJearajla. '
btuBerlor accommodaUous. eaosUent . . 1
realr1 aat'ora GREAT SOUTH GEORGIA
Line or Henderson Brothers, Ueaeral Traversed by the
KLAL UtttATE VOH KENT Jtf?H iitf ' U ""
i, .. .i .mi i i. Crops. All the money crops ot the south
FOR RENT A very nice suburban Plentifully produced. For literature treat
home and garden farm, three-fourths of big with this coming country. Its soli.
mil from town. Oood broom house, cltmave, enureb and wheat advantages,
barn, chicken' house and out-bulldings. write
ttome fruit trees and a small patch of ' W. B. LEAHY, DBPT K,
berrtea. About two acres In pasture and ' General Passenger Agsnt,
tha balance In cultivation. Not too late ATDANTA, OA- "
to put In a crop. Very pleasant place to
live. Let me show you the place. Rent i
1101 for the season ending March 1, 111. a osstret war ta find a aM hi
S?.7 ? Cn Pf"' S- Council rlarm UtoVrt iTnill U
Bluffa la. Telephone 174. hi the Des Moines Capital. Largest eb
' '- i ''' ' i i ii'i eulatlea la the state ot lows, 9,ut dally.
WE have buyers for all classes of prop, refuae te permit any other paper la Uielr
erty. If you are anxious to sell and homes. Rates, 1 osat a worg a eayt La1
your price Is right, list your property per Una per month; eeuat six ordinary
with O'Nell'e Real Estate and Insurance words to the una. Address Les M tunes
Agency. Phones Tyler 1024. A-HIS. Capital, Dee Motaee, ia.
WANTED To trade tor aqulty In f er IIssmih
(-room residence a 4-cylinder l-passenger - - j
auto in good condition, hi til. Bee. je SOUTHERN JMIKNKaOTA FARMS
11 FOR BALE If you Want to buy an Ira-
WAJITKD TO BUT proved farm is aWhern Mlnnssota writs
for catalog. Southern Minnesota Land
Household gas, clothes A shoes. DiaTI BIKS Co.. Blue Earth, Faribault Co.. Minn.
M-hand gooda Ksiser. M30 Center. D-teO. . saaejsa, "
WE pay most for old clothing. Natbaa's . "7T.
Ixn Office. M So. lith. - TE,.yorf ws Per acre
iJ ... for Montana's choicest Irrigated farm
Chicago buyers, M-hand clothes, shoes, lands; 70, u acres now open under the
tats; beet prices; will call. Tyler 110 Carey act at Valler, Mont.; 60 bushels of
1 ' ' "hsat. US busheis of oats, bushels of
WASTED TO REST Write today. Clinton,
Hunt , Co., Boa A VeJter, Mont
WANTED To rent lease or buy, hotel HAvrHirjrAu tinf,nm Z '.
furnished c unfurnished. In good live ..FTl !2',W0'. Bfn', ,or
town No agents seed apply. Address JP?" Co- Hsnch Dealers,
It wfttt, , j . . lew -ii im ee si ease.
WANTED Room with board tor two :n - . ' Manwwesm,
ZTtZ'vJL"' FOR SALE-KafTpah. county. Ne-
jgSi-" i . - ,. braska, N rea M miles N, W. of Spring. I
Shrp stoak to South Omana. sieve MtT sacrifice fine ranch In Nebraska
mileage and shrinkage. Your ocaaiga, only 1M miles from Omaha. Thickly set
menu receive srwnpt and careful attaa tied neighborhood, near good town and
tloa- ' near school: 7 acres deeded and have
Live Stack CeeiMlaalea Merck aars. long-tlm school land leass on adjoining
.1. .. section. Total, l.jeo aorea. Some timothy,
Bvers Wrfa A Co. String and responsible 1 acres fine bottom nay land. Pasture
' Wiinn Kim ru-iHT.t,.. Rid. tmB Srassed. four acres will support
WOOP BROS., tM-m h.xchange Bids. m .nimaL Good bulidlnge. Corn and po.
Oreat Wcet Com. Co.. Omaha A Denver, tatoes do well. Land values around there
Clay. Ronson a Co., m Kxuuue uiog. '"criui tast lrmnedleie boseeeslon.
7 -r r Address Box . Council Bluffs. Ia.
CLIFTON Com. Co, ta exchange Bldg. -- . r-rr
; r ' ., HOMK8TKAJ-J acres rich fans land
Cox Jones Cum Co.. bunch of hut:ra. fa, tUif fees and alt Kg sand
U at KuBfcKTS Co.. ta Eicb. Bmg. hills. J. A. Tracy. KlmbeiU Neb.
Siarua bro. Si Co., MM Exch. Bide MS-ACRE RANCH with good Improve-
i ..i. menu, some timber aad running water;
iauQ BROS, handle cattia hogs, sneea. im .frM under cuitlvtlon snd m,
Depostt i.ueus of shipments in w-l all good farm land. A good rancb for ln-
Yaros v-fl ieux. Jniy bank at yarda vestment or a home: a bargain at til per
" 1 1 acre. Ray W. Hitghcock. Cody. Xeb.
REAL ESTATE - " .Ta4a. .
aS'ssLaa,i uv TesXfi.
US-ACRB north Arkansas Improved
Read Abstract Co.. sweat abstract a- farm, -near town; about LMS bearing
ftce In Kebreaka. M Brandeia Theater, trees, tmoa. . John L. Maurar, Omaha.
NEALE CAMPBELL, int F araam M. yb-' ,A wuaaAilu. NsthDakets.
Elertrtc gas Bxturea Omaha Silver Ca M BUYS S relinquishment la Mellette
; county. South Dakota, Is the famous
m 1 el Cement Co- and Cuming sm. Rosebud county, located near White
Faena. Soa A BUnd. pamting. decorating. River, the county seat Jacksoa Bros..
bCREENS SZ-TVX bIST " ai """
Wetrlch Flxtnre Ca- MI N. Sith ex. ! Texaa.
H. Gross, turn, wreck'g. pis U A Paul ,
(sttlgmiUI Fverytahru'lng wh.,?
.r-vicj. . j, , . . L..-. RaWng erope sll the year around and
f)rtiStL?l.?-?R reeltilnx from tSS to tl. eer sr. But
'Oris S. Mrrllt UU City Nat Bank B.dg. yoa kav, ts W In Ban Benito. Join our
CITY ykOfw;aT fur salk excareion Tuesday aad m this great
country. Write ue or ealt et our office.
ROOM? Modern House. In deetrams GULF COAST I'SYELXiPMENT CO,
oration m Pine St, across BrewneU Tit Brandels B'rlldtng
Halt Tcpirta to suit. . . The Persistent and Judkkms Lse of
UCNDSE CbeapeH lot in Dundee: ecu- Newspaper AaVertkring Is the Road to
sral location, on car line; U). Phooe niirlnesi finrrosl
Harsey fciiJ. - , a s. , --
Wtet Shows Fsirry Good Edcotery
from the Bottom Price t.
However, Kewelsta Are ReaalaS
Lighter, Owing ts the Fsa that
, Fanners Are Tea Ssay
Seeding to Deliver.
, OMAHA. May IS, mt
Wheat has acted wen. enawing s fairly
good recovery from bottom prices made
by the nervous liquidation of holders.
Well informed traders are of the opinion
that etnwtdersble buving by the leadiag
bull houses has been going as anSer
cover of the recent aacUemeni.
Nothing really new has developed In
crop conditions the last few darn Re
ports from now on from tha Buna wed
1U have considerable influence.
Bright, clear weather over Kia eern
belt ta a vary bearish feature, but re
ceipts are running lighter awing to the
fast that farmers are too busy seeding to
make deliveries. With a little Improve
ment in the cash situation futures sbouia
firm up after this decline.
There was little change in wheat values
today. The market firmed up and held
steady. Cash wheat was firm at tee ad
anoa News on corn was bearish, hut buyers
were supporting values throughout ths
session. Seeding Is progressing rapidly
and rerelpta at primary points are light
as a result Cash sore, was steady to 1c
Primary wheat receipts Were JM.MA be,
and shipments were 4W.OJ0 bu, against
receipts laet year ot 4M.0UO bu. and ship
ments of 1&.0U0 bu.
Primary corn receipts were 41. oe) b4.
nnd shipments were 4S9 0UB u:.. against re
ceipts lt year of T8,0u bub and anlp
ments of 176,000 bu
Clearances were 14, bu. of corn, 1.0O0
bu. of osts and wheat and flour equal
to 47.os bu. ' '
Liverpool closed unchanged to t higher
on wheat and td lower on corn.
The following cash sales were reported:
Wheat: No. t hard, I car, 17; No.
hard. 1 ear. ,1.0s; 1 car, 1 07; 1 car, tl.OMt;
No. I mixed, I car. ll.OSt. Corn: No. t
white, 1 car, 5o; No. whits, 1 ear, Tie,
No. i yellow, 1 car, HAe; No. yellow, I
cars, 7S(ic; No. 4 yellow, t oar. IK: 1 car.
Tlo; No, I mixed, 1 car, T6c; No. I mixed,
1 car, 74lio; 1 car, 74c; 1 car, 73c; No.
mixed. 1 cars. 71c: 1 csr. TOSc: no grade,
1 car, tie. Oats: No. I white, I cars, Uo;
no grade, i car, 4c
Omaha Cash Pncas.
WMKAT No. i hard. Xl.OTWnl.lOl: No.
I hard, ll.W1.0H; No. 4 bard, i.Wr9
!-. .
t'OHN NO. I wnite, YHJFIMtc. no, i
whMe, 7s;77r; N. color, wnoi.c; no.
1 yellow, eVt7Uo; No yellow, IM
TSWc; No. yellow, 71B?3o; No. i, Wkd
Tic: No. I, It;c; No. 4, lutnc) so
grade. SSti7c
OATS-No. I Whits, 81SSr; Msndard,
ltH61c; No. I white. l'trl'c; No. 4
white, WMHici no. I yellow, eiMreito,
No. 4 yellow, Railc.
BA RLEY Msttlng,; No. I teed
TtotSc; heavy teed, tetanic
Rl ENo. t, HHSci Na I 7c,
carlot Recetste,
Wheat Corn. Oats.
Chicago SUM
Minneapolis M
Omaha fJ 11 It
Luluth It
Features sf the Tsadlag aad Cloelag
Prices on Beard at Trade,
CHICAGO, May W.-Aotlons of the
wheat market today Indicated that re
cent liquidation by holders had been
thorough and that prices hsd developed
a tendency to recover. The eloae was
steady at a net advenoe ot Setjvc to Vwc,
The close left corn the same as test night
to 3rV below, osts unchanged to fee
down and provisions on so to tc.
Wheat irede wsa mainly a sealing af
fair. The tone appeared nervous and
dealers were disposed to keep then- com
mittments Haht At first the market
sagged sa a result of railroad reports
that seemed to point ts s bumper yield Is
Nebraska Later there was considerable
buying under the leadership of some of
?ne larger nrms. i ne result was an up
turn wmcn neia xeiny wen wui we iui
The mere friendly feeling for the buy-
Ing side ot wheat received Impetus in
pert from cable dispatches that Canadian
snd Argentina offerings were of miser
sole quality snd that world's shipments
proved to be small. July fluctuated be
tween si.sfwtri.i a si.wTiwi.i" s. clos
ing barely steady taGKo sal higher st
Corn prices swung unesjrily backward
and forward within a narrow range. July
rsnaea trora ittiw: to iwc ana sioeea
nervous 14c nst lower at 74tc. Cash
grades were slow. no. i yeiiow, nw.
tniiormiy gooa crop aavirvs weaaeneo
the osts market. July ranged from 4k'c
and 4Wc, with the close t0, s lose of
Provlilone slid down srsde on sccount
of receipts of hogs showing s decided
gain as compared with last week. Sep
tember delivery of pork dropped the most,
SSc. Otherwise the declines svsraged
about lot: sn arounev
t;asn quotations were as lonows:
Artlclel Open. I High.i Low. I ClosaTes jr,
May.l 1 llil 1 IN
July.l Mts4il m
1 11V 1 1J.
l 7't 1 Otrt,
Sept. 1 aTs
1 4
1 tBVt I UJ
1 W.I IMIi;
I w:,
torn I
Msy.l Tl
T7 W
, sl MHl
SSI a?4j
Msr. 5
48', Ms
4174 41 '4
II 5
14 40
II 44
14 44
14 7244
18 oa-57
M 5TVtj
IS 40
If N
IS s
14 1
W It
11 49
14 75
14 46
11 W
u e
I I4 42U.
14 fJ-ll
11 w
14 44
Ribs I
Msy.l 14
July. MS
MM t 1410
14 4341 14 4
Sept. I 10 tfil
Cash auotatlons were as follows:
FLOUR Easy: winter patents. 41 lift
144: winter straights. M.S&4J 10; spring
aatenta s&.ioq.a; spring stnugnts, sawu
4. IS: bakers, et jh 4. ,
RuRl.KT-Feed or mixing. eMMc fkir
o choice malting. IX1WJ1
BEEng-Timothy, hmwiios: - ciover,
PKUviaiuss-sssss norm. sis.s
Lard (In tierces), 41U42H- Short ribs
rlooee). 414.34. I
Total clearsnces of wheat sad flour were
equal to 474.004 bu. Primary receipts were bu.. compared with 461.004 bu. the
corresponding osv a year ago. estimates
receipts for tomorrow; W heat 54 cars;
corn. IM cars; tats. 14 cars; hogs. 47,4m)
Chicago cash rnees wneat: no. l
Jt SI 1?U41.14' Ka. 3 red. XI laftl 19U-
N. 2 hard. 41.Ur81.14; No. I hard, tl
LLI: No. 1 northern. 41.174J1.; No. !
northern. tl.uriiLlt: No. X northern. 41 4441; co. z spnng. si.iityi.ii; ro. spring.
H.OHrf l.K; No. 4 spring.; vel
vet ensrt. si.v3i.i4; curum, w.wjrri us.
Corn: No. 1, 'WlVrtc; No. 1 white, iVf
7c; No. t yellow, it'-riv,: o. a, 74V
TtXc: No, 1 white. T71.0TTVWC: Ns. t yel
low, Tstrn'sc; r.e. , wKj.ibcj no. t
WOllB. I tl --T" . . trnuw, ttvnc
Osts: No. I white. WiOcAc: No. X white.
44.ffi4c; No. 4 white, 5SWi&4e; stand
ard. 4tj4tV4C ,
K-e- No. x, tjc. rmriey. sicaa.w.
Tlmcthy seed. 4S.iOeil.4S. clover seeA
111 fi3..
B1TT1.K v, sax: creamenes, zttrnc:
dairies. CDSc.
EOOS Kasy; receipts. s,zz esses; at
mark, cases included. 17W: ordinary
ftrets, flrsta Uc
CHEEE-Steady: osiaiea, l0141.c:
twins, IMrSisc: young Americas. MS)
lc: long nurns. leiVc
POTATOES weax: receipts, tz ears:
Wisconsin. IliSfLS; Michigan and Mhv
eeota. ll.:ael.2S. .
POI'LTRT Lri'e, steady; turkeys. He;
chickens, mwc
VEAU-Bteaay; imuc. y .
Cattaa Market.
tares closed essy. Cloelng bids: May.
11 tic: June. 1111c; July. UI4r; August,
11.17c; September,; October. ll,2Xo;
November, t!.V: lcember. UJ4c; Jan
uary. lUfc; Februsry, U.Mc; March,
11 41c. Spot closed quiet at U polnu
lower; middling uplands, ll.iuci middling
gulf, 11 71c. 8alea 104 bales.
LIVERPOOL. May 18. - COTTON -Spot,
quiet; prices 1 point higher; Ameri
can middling, fair. 7.rM; good middling.
4.7M; middling, 14M; low middling. .ld:
good ordinary. A7fcd ordinary, 4.SM. The
sales ot ths day were eAS) bales.
wjaatattaas at the Day aw Various
NEW TORIL Mav -FLOl'R-Qulet;
spring patents. to.a54f4.i; winter straights.
14 ttt4.M: winter patents. 14.4(dr4.M spring
clears. Kssj4.44; winter sxtras No. t
KS44-S0; winter extras No.. I. KK4 ,
Kansas straights. tr. lS4j4.44. Re flour,
steady: fair to good. 4.M0; choirs ts
fancy. U lSmt eX
CORNMKAL-Easy; tine white and yel
low. II 7HH.S0, coarse, , tl TtlJl Ji; kiln
dried. 44.94.
RYB-4dulat; Ns. A-tl.4 a t f Buf
falo. BARLEY Steady; malting, U17tl.
C. I. f . Buffs la
WHEAT Spot market, firm: Na 1 red,
tl.Sls c 1, f.. domestic basis to arrive;
sxport. tl IIH c. L t., afloat to arrive,
(No. 1 northern Durulh, n to, f. a. b.,
afloat Futures market closed unchanged
ta H nat higher; May wheat closed II. U).
July closed 4L14. September closed II OSV
CORN Spot market firm: export 4c
f . a h. sfleat. Futures market, nominal.
Receipts, A MS bushels, shipments, 4.404
OATS Spot market stesdy: standard
white. 41c In elevator; No. I, 1V; No.
4. tlo; No. 4, 4Hc: natural white and
white clipped. 40SflMtrc on trscka Fu
tures market, nominal. Receipts, 44,744
bushels; shipments, x.644 bushels.
HAT-teady; prime, r ; No. t .;
No. i. Il.444ll.44: No. 4, 41.4Hlt.lS.
HIDES Steady: Central America, 24c;
BogoU. rlH42Mt.
LEATHER Firm hemlock firsts, a
I7c; seconds, IteMc; thirds, IKjSc; re
jected 14c,
PROVISIONS-Portt stesdy; mess. I7t
81160: family, 24.Sa21.04; short clears,
I14 2S4JI0.SS. Beef, stesdy; mess. llSilnt
IS. SO: family, IKOOtylllA: sect hsms. tn.00
4 Cut meets, quiet: pickled bellies.
M to 14 pounds, Il!.0ril4.l, pickled hsms.
41144. Lard, stesdy; middle west prime.
tl0.464fl4.7a; refined, stesdy; continent.
411 F: South America, 111.44; compound.
TALLOW Quiet; prims city, hhds..
4Hc; special. 4V: country. 4SV.
Bl'TTER Weak; receipts, 4441 tubs:
creamery, extras. tefflOHc: firsts. ttj
teSc: thirds, .twAvtyfiWc: stats dairy, fin
est lMac; good to prime, jav.
CHEESE Steady and unchanged; rs
oelpts. i,S44 hoses.
EOGS-Week; reoslpta. tt,T7l cases;
fresh gatherad. sxtras, Mc; fresh gath
ered, extra first storage packed, lie;
fresh gathered regular packed. Sj424A4c;
western gathered, whites. II Ml 75c,
POULTRY-Allve. firm: western fowls,
I4a; turkeys, lis. Dreased, easy; western
fowls, ltlso ; turkeys, 13442)0,
St. Laals Oeaeral Market. v
ST. LOUIS. May I4-WHRAT-F1rmer;
track. No. i red.; No. I hard.
tl.l44yl.14H. Futures, close, steady; May,
l.l,; July. sl.07; September. 41H.
CpRN-Flrtner: track. No. 1 tte: No.
I while. 820. Futures, close, weak; May,
tliio; July, T4Hc; September, 74a,
OATS-Lower; track. No. t 4ic Ns. I
white, 47c. Futures, close, weak; Ma)',
styjc; July, 44c; September, 4lVjC
FLOUR-Dull; red winter pstenu, SS SO
4)4.74: extra fancy snd straights, M-t
140: hard winter clears. 14.74414.14.
SEED-Tlmothy. 114.04.
CO RNMEAL 14.40.
BRAN Weak; aacksd east track, 11.17
4)1 .
HAY-Weak; timothy, n4.00S28.00; prai
rie. 4300424 04.
PROVISIONS Pork, unchanged; Job
bing, 114.4a Lard, unchanged; prime
steam W.t0W.O4. Dry salt meals, un
changed; boxed extra shorts, 414.74: clear
ribs, 114.74; short clears, 111.04. Bacon,
unchanged; boxed extrs shorts. 111.74;
clear ribs. Ml. 75: short clesrs. II! 00.
POULTRY Steady chickens, lie;
springs. 4(tXc; turkeys, llttc; ducks, lie;
geese. Sc.
BI TTER Dull; creamery, 144J04C.
EGOS-Stsady; 17Hc
Kecelnts. Shipments.
Vtour hills. 7.404 .W0
Wheat, tra . 3. lift)
Corn. ha. ' 44 000
Osts. bu 44.044 4,004
Kansas City Oral a aad Prsvlelsas.
Cash unchanged; No. I hard,;
No. I. 4l.4wt4l.11; No. 4, ll.lHfl IS.
CORN-rnchanged: No. I mixed, 7Ho:
No. A T&f 74c; No. I white, 1te;. No. 4,
OATS-1'nchsnred; No. I white, Mtyfl;
No. I mixed, 4tttc.
riosina nrlees of futures: Wheat. July,
I1.40i4eii.4uw: Setitember. rtiOTIUe. Corn:
May, jsujc; Juiy, iiinei oememeer,
ciutwc: psremner. ii(io. usts,
July. tTHc September, 41S-
HAY-1nehanged; Choice timothy. Co 04
H3tt: ennice prairie, oz.jjqx.'n.
rll I 1 r.n ..reemerr, jeij, nnu, siu.
Seconds, So: packing stock, 10c.
EUGS-Extras, lrVscu firsts. 1 7 Sc.
Receipts. Shipments
Whsat, bu 14.000 44.404
Corn, bu..., 34.0W
Oats, hu 4.444 . 4,004
MlaaeepellS Grain Market.
14b.. XI tiudtl 1 IU ' Mentem.
her. il.04H4tl.04. Cash': No. 1 hard. II. lots!
No. 1 norlhern. ro. I nona
em.; No. 4, U.lOHwl.UT.
RARLEY-77cOtl.IT. '
CORN-No. I yellow, 7441 77o.
OATS-No. t whits, etc.
RYE No. t. Mc
HBN-tn WO-lb. sacks, msntmo.
FLOUR First patents. I4.4uais.4l; sec
onds, 44.10Cj6.4i.
sYllwsakes Oralaj Market.
1 northern,; 9io. I northern,
tl.loUAl.H; No. I hard winter, 11.114,1.12;
Julv. ll.ftMt: Seotember. II 03'4.
CORN-No. 4 yellow, 77Wj478Ho; No. I
white, 7tvtc: no. a, i4mH4c; juiy, nc;
September, Jjic.
ua i a rnanoaro. ewec.
BARLEY Malting. tlOttjlM.
Omaha Hay Market.
OMAHA. May 14- HA Y No. 1, 121004
22.54 No. 2, WO.toen .44: No. I, 41l.0u
No. 1 middling. 4.iufr22.4; No. 1 low
land. 139.403,21.04; slfalfa. cholcs third and
fourth euttlmrs. I22 00!2i.u4: first snd
second cuttings E00tii3.0l; No. I, tlS.00s
I24.90; No. A 4l4.0Bal4.0B.
. Pearls Market.
PEORIA. III.. Mar 1l.-COr:N-irregu-
fcxr. He lower; No. t yellow, 74tc; No. I
yellow, 7Mtc: No. 4 yellow, tjc; No. I
mixed. 74c; sample, mrsn
OATS-Stsady; standard. OHo; No. I
whits, 44c. .
Cveporated Apslee ssl Dried Fralta.
APPLES Inactive but stesdy. owing to
small offerings: an the spot, fancy, lull
WVr-: choice. 'e9c: prime, iesc.
DRIED FRUITS-Prunes, steady, with
a quiet Jobbing trade, quotations ranging
from 4jNVc for tlfornlaa up to 3-
snd 7?'ic for Oregons. Apricota quiet
and steady; choice. i:yuc; extra cnoice.
124I2c; fincy, Uttltc. Peaches. Inactive
but steady, with light offerings; choice,
4H!9Vwc; extra choice. MiKVf fancy.
U914r. Raisins, tnacilva and easy: loose
mueceteto. choice to fsncy seeded,
CSV: ssediees, 4c; London Isyers,
ii.ia. -
C.ffee Market
tures market closed dull, net 1 point
lower. I points higher. Sales. 7.400 bag.
May, 14.44c; June. 14.44c: July, Uidc; Au
gust. IMue; September snd October, HTur;
November, 14.44c; December and January,
tlSIc; February. llOc; March sad April.
11.7SC. Spot coffee, quiet: Rio No. . 14V;
Hen toe No. 4. ISV. MU4, quiet; Cordms,
la144e, nominal.
Dry Gaoels Market.
Tha Jobbers are doing a Utile more active
trade ta wash fabrics and white goods.
Primary cot 'on markets rule oulet and
firm. I Jnena rule very firm snd burlaps
for quirk shipments srs scares In first
hands here.
Segar Market.
quiet; muscovado. 44 test, ttte: cen
trifugal. M teat 4.41c: moiassea. 14 last
1.17c. Refined, steady; crushed. AIGc;
grsnustad. awe powdered. 4.40c ,
Cattle for Week Are Steady to
Quarter Higher.
Few Sheep sad Ns Wsete.
Case leg, Balk at Reoelpte Cow
elating at Shara lam be
wearier 1 far Week,
Receipts were. Cattle. He- Sheep.
Official Wonder LNI 7.144 143
in im i 4imi ....... o,wv .. w. .,
i . . -. - . , .... ...... . j. .
v.ntciei nranewiiy,.,, t.. iv,.. --
Official Thursday IM 11 .M A
'inciai rnoay. ........ si e-ois
ibsumata baturoay .... s, kss
Six days this wek..Ue4 tTS W.t4
Ssm days ksat week. .14 JK 42.474 KK
Same days 2 weeks ar ii.M 71, iM K.SH
Same davs I weeks am 14.7S4 CMM r .
Same days 4 weeks ago 40. t7.1U
Same days last year. ...10.471 44,170 UM4
The following table snows the reoelnts
of cattle, hogs snd sheep st south Omaha
tor Ins year to date as compared with
last year: l-l i I lac, Dec
Cattle 1S4.IS1 14C..) 40.I4I
Hog Levitt l.iis.W7 t'T.Ml
Cheep 7I7.1&4 wJ.01;!
Ths following table i.howt the range ot
prices psid for hog st South Omnna tor
the last few days, with comparisons:
Date. UU 1HI.II. Ho.,ia..ill07.l
May A,
May I..
May 14
May U.
T S 4 .si 1
t 4ai I 17, 1 14
T i& I To' I S
4 17 , 4 44 4 t5 4 tl
I i j 4 Rl 4 II
I 94i 4 33 4 !4
I if! I 41) I HI I 14
T 41 4 47 ( I 0
7 04: 4 til I 44
X 44: f Ml 4 M I n
11 4 121 4 14) 4 14
e Mi 4 14 4
J 041 J I 111 4 It
7 04144241444
May 11.
4 St I 3J
4 44! I 0i
May i;.
Msy 14
May 14.
May 14.
Mav 17.
7 44
I 41U 4 4 4 M,
May It.!
Receipts and dlspoaltlon of llvs slock at
llnlAB OtivW XmeAm Bltlh DmlllL fnT
twsnty-four hours sndtng at I p. m,
Cattia Hogs. 8heep.
C. M. A St. P 4
Wsbash 4
Missouri Pacific 4 1
I'slon Psclfio t .. II ..
C. A N. W.. east 4 ..
C. N. W., west ,.. ,. ,.
r. at o u a ri ' s
Ci R. A' t,.; east.; I 4 ..
t. B. e U.. west ., is ..
C. R. I A P..
Illinois Central .
Total receipts 1 44 I
Cattle, Hogs. Sheep.
Omsha Parking Co.
Swift and Company ,
Cudahy Packing t o.
Cudahy from K. ,C.
Other Buyers .......
it t,m
CATTLE There were ns fresh receipts
ot cattle this morning, at lesst none of
snv conreotienos. snd ths total for the
week, as will be noted from ths tsbls of
receipts, has been very light as compared
with previous weeks snd very much
lighter than a year ago. In oonsequence
of the moderate runs ths market has
been In a good healthy condition through
out this weak.
Ths best grades of beef steers have
sold during tne week ss high as 4.74, ths
htgneol price ever paid an this market.
At ihe close of Ihe week It I safe to
quote the beat rattle as fully 2oO higher
snd In good demand at that. It is safe
to assunis that s prime bunch ot bssves
would bring ss much as 1444. On ths
si her hand the short fed and half fat
steers hsve bscn very uneven sellers sll
the week, snd while Some (lesny gtsers
of good quality on ths yearling order
havs shown sbeut as much advance as
have heavy steers, others have shewn
little or no advance.
Th beat sows snd halters hsve been
strong sellers -throughout ths week snd
are st ths eloss Just snout st nign ss
they have been at any time. Medium to
common graoes nave oeen uncertain ssu
ers and the tone ta ths market lis bean
very weak owing to the fact that cattle
of this latter class come into direct com
petition with the cheap Texas grasses
thsl srs beginning ta srrlvs st southern
market In sufficient quantities to make
their Influence fait, veal calves are avrjooc
hlghsr than hut week's oloss with mixed
stock such as hulls, stags, sta, steady
to strong.
Ths trsd in stockers snd feeders has
been very light nil the week, supplies
being limited and barely surriclent to meet
the requirements of Ihe moderate demand.
Prices havs been steady ts strong
throughout th wsek.
Quotations on csttls: Good to choice
beef steers, 4t09jX: fslr to good heef
steers, H.4it)400; common to fslr best
Steers, st.40j;.eo; good to cnoice neuers,
M 764Jf.74; good to choice rows, 44T4y4.;i,
fair to good cows, 4 1444.74; summon to
fslr cows, tl.0oe.J4; good ts choice stock
ers snd feeders, I4.susr7.45; faints good
stackers snd feeder a, H 244.40; common
to fair slockere end feeders, Uti.ii.
stock cows snd heifers. M.0USM.J4: vsal
calves, t4.4dt4.4; bulls, stags, sic, 14.44
HOOS-L'nfavtrsble advices from east
ern boa marketa exerted a besiish InflU'
ence upon the locsl trsds snd bulk ot s
moderate supply had to sell st prices a
ntcxel lower. BO me Business, largely in
shipping grades, waa transsotsd early In
ths session at firm figures, but ss soon
ss outside support was withdrawn vslues
weakened. Demand larseo me loitowing
first rounds snd movement was generally
Slow, with clearance rather 1st.
Receipts were posted at 4.600 head, and
qusllty of offerings, while seaeonsbly
good, was nothing to brag sbeut.. Ship
per favorer! the batter kind ot 23itjioi
poutid weights and bought about one
tvth of the entire crop on orders.
Bnreeds remained normal, good heavies
and common lights selling sbout 44 cents
Best lard offerings changed hands at
17.75, th sam as yrstsrdsy high price,
white bulk of receipts landed wlihln ths
r.sWI.44 sales. Bacon hogs usual ly sold
at t,.ls and less, but titers was practi
cally no buslnsss dons below th 17.40
Compared with s Seek ago, current
prices for hogs sversge sbout a dims
higher, th msrket opening a Hills lower
on Monday, but scoring prompt recovery
on ths following dsy. Packing demand
has been reasonably active tnrougnout
and nothing esseclelly new has developed
in chan ire tha xenersl situation, althouxh
supplies nsve eeea zairiy ssrg tor corn
planting urns. '
SHEEP-Only two loads of sheep snd
lam be ware received today and they were
consumed direct to packer, leaving the
open market empty and nominally steady.
ins msin leeiure ot iih, uu, ita in,
week has been its uncertsinty because
of ths very light receipts. Mines s week
ago less than lz.mi nesa nsvs arrived,
moatlr shorn ism he. Wooled stuff has
practically quit coming and matured mut
tons bav oeen oeciaeoiy scarce at Sll
times. On Monday Ihe crop wa limited
to ten toads and sellers were enabled to
force large savance. uunng tne re
mainder of the week packers bouerht
slowly and medium lambs, la pellicular,
were neglected. These kinds are selling
in unreliable faehlon at present while the
good, shorn lambs show a net gsln of
about A quartsr as sompared with value
at last week's close. Strictly hlgh-grad
lambs are now quotable around IV So.
Cheep shipments were usually mixed
and la most Instsncus ewes and wethers
told in small bunches. Prime ewes minus
fleece reached te.. an! good clipped
wethers also landed In the same notch.
There nave been ns yearlings sf oonse
quence on sale.
Country outlet no longer exist for
stork selling In full loads snd nothing
much has been purchased on outside ac
count The week's buy of shesrsrs snd
feeder, according to packers' tab,
amount to less than 4o4 hesd.
Shorn sheep and lambs: Lamb, good te
choice. R ae4.; lambs, fair to good.
17.7444.; yearling. 4H.464J7.S; wethers,
R7.4Hil6.4s; ewes, li.25.g.Mi
Kansas City Mra stawk Market. ,
Reoelpte. 404 head. Including 404 south
ern; market steady; native steers, 47.00?
4.40) suuthern steers, 4i4"iSS; southern
cows snd heifers, 4.2i4.4; native cows
snd heifers. 44 .!: stocker and feed
er. ..& 7 26: bulla. 4.;:.ti7; calves. IV
tl Ur. western steer. tu.S984.7i: western
cows. I44.74
HOOS Receipts z.tBS head: market
steady to 4e lower: bulk sf salra 17.141)
7A4; heavy, f7.iotjr7.IS; Backer and butch
ers. 17 4087.44; lights, 47 V7Si. pigs, 44.54
SHEEP AND tJl! US-Receipts t.SM
head: market steady; muttons. 44. 2304. 71:
lambs. Kotss? fS; rang wethers and
yearling. T: tang swea, P Vki
tit; Texas goat. t3.04C4.44.
Demand far Cattle Steady Hears
aad Sheep Slave.
CHICAGO. May 14- CATTLE Receipt.
904 head: market stesdy: beeves, SSOnft
4 A: Texas steers. M-47.T4: western
stsera. KW47 74; stockers sad feeders.
R!n;.0fi. cows and hellers, tti.0.
cslvea. "W7
HOGS Kecetpta. K.dW had; msrket
slow and 4c lower: tight. 47 347 Ii; mixed.
7,l.-eJ7. heavy. 17.4447 m; rough. 7 4,4
7 . pig, to iof7 l. Aulk sf sales. F J5
head; market alow snd unchanged; na
tive. IS .TStig SS: western. Ii00i XI. year
line. 44.5r7z4: native lambs. til.;
western, k ;tv.9.
St. I.oala live Slock Market,
ST. LOna, Mo.. May 14. CATTLE
Receipt 104 head, no Texn; market
strong; native beef steers. g.0O: sows
and betters. UK 40. sto.kers and feed
er. tt7&e7 07l; Texae and Indian steers.
t4 44Cr7.4; row sr.! heifers. JJotf7.3.
calves In car load lots. 16 OaV7 .
IKHlft.HecriiHs 4.404 hesd: market
Steady; pigs and 1!h. 4f.M7; mixed
and buuitrs, . u;.s; good Iiesvy, 7g
hetid: market steady: nalivs muttons,
rlbB.3t; lamb. K4S7"4,
St. Joseph Llvs Staak Marks.
1 head; market stesdy; steers.
C40(il7i: cows snd heifers, 44.titJ4.i4;
cahes. tSS.0ii.
HOGS-Rccclpu. 4.444 hesd; mrkei
Weak; top, 17.. bulk of aalea. r :.
SHEEP AND ttMBS-Recelpta, 04
head; market unchanged; lambs, r.tOft
Stark ta Sight.
Receipts ot live slock i th five prin
cipal westers market yesterday:
Cattle. Horn. Sheen.
South Omaha 74 t.ift 4.V4
St. Joseph L 4 jm
Kansas City , Ml two S.Mt.
Si. Louis loo two as
Chicago 404 12,000 1.444
..1,171 41.404 AM
Rl'TTFR No. 1. Mb. fartnns. tie; No.
Jln 4-lb; tub, tic; Ns, 2, V; packing.
CHEEIBS-lmported Iwlss, tSci AmsrU
rsu m, u.wa cuts, 4u; ivtius,
te; ds Isles 84c; triplets, tsxi young
A merles s, Uu; blus Isbel Rrtoh. lie; Urn
berger, J-lb, Re; Hb. Ue.
Ffsh (frsh fitjsen) Picksrel, sc: whlt
He; pike. 14c; trout, 14c; large crepplea,
llio; Spanish markarel, Uo: eel, llcj
haddocks, lie; flounders, 14c; green cat
fish, 14c; roe shad, sue each; shad roe, per
pair, BH; salmon, 14ci halibut. 4 Sect yel
low perch, 4e; buffalo, 4c; bullheala. Ho.
POlXTRr-Brollers, R 00-4.04 per doe,:
spring, flle: hens. It lie: cocks, lie;
docks HtJjks eass. He; turkeys zJBTtc:
Irneons. per doai Ilia Alive: liens, 11(4
Hmc; old rooaters, 4u; old ducka full
fssthered, ltttc; geees, full feathered, tc
turaeya, uvisci pigeons, psr dos., 74c;
homeis, per dUK tt.M; sqeaee. No. i, Si AO;
No. t MM.
Isr; Ns, I, I4ci No. A 14c. Chucka: No.
t, 4Hel No, A to No. t, tic Lstns: No.
I. He; No. A 17ia; No, 4, litis. Rounds
No. 1. Illkf; No. I, lie; No. J. llWo.
plates: No. I, 1c; Ns. I 7 He; No. t, 7c,
VEGETABLES-lleeis, erop, psr Is,
IVio, Cakoass, Wlacensis, per IbT 4H
new Csllfornls. psr Jb., Ta Celery. cl
Itornta Jumbo, per dba. 41.00; Florida, is
lbs rough, terse dss., per case. tajTCu.
fumsars hot houee, per boa. Hub. Kgg
'lent tsncy Florida, par dos, una. ui.
Ic extra fsncy. white, per doa, lie.
Lettuce, saw taewy leaf, per nos., tic.
Onions. California, whit, soiling, per ii,
Ic; Wlsoonsla yellow Globs, per lb.. 4o;
est) Gieb, psr lb.. 41 Spanish, per orate
ii.tV I'srslsy, fancy southern, per ds
hunch, 40tf?i. Parsnips, tanoy souUb
srs, per des benches, 4u4J74ai tarsnipa
gr lb., tssu, Potatoes, Minaeseu Red
vsr isrly Obi, ttsed. Per biiT tU
lnnsots Early Hose seed, psr bu . IT to
bus Triumph seed, par bu.. 41.40; Wis.
consis wblts slock, per bu., 11. iu. Rule,
hagoa In seeks, per lb, lk Tomatoes,
Florida. Pr t-bsk. orals, 44,71; Cubai
4-bek. ssrlsr, R44, Turnips, per II?;
IRUITS, ETC.-Apowi' Sstra fancy
Bra Dsvl. per bbl.. 4.a; Winaaaas, per
ksl.; 14; fancy Missouri Pippins, per hbT
KM; Ideas extra mnoy, par
sir bunch, U I4&U.1 Jumbo, per bus!
Ia.7itrl.7l, Dstes: Aochor brand, mtw.
S 1-lbTpkgs. is boa. par box. M 44? l'Zl
euary brsna, Bsw, 44 1.1b. pig. n
u. Lo. U. Flaa: Cailtereu, ZTZ
Of It No. II pkgs.. 1 par Ar - j,,.
Spas.. , v e "0. kgSH
'bulk, in 44 asm SMS, bsxea, per la.
Km; new Turkish. -srsws Is W-ib. boxaa
nsr lba lioi 4-rows in Ae-lb. box S
b., Wei 7-srsws la lo-lb. boxes, par fiT
ITe. Grape trull; Florida, 4k else? jwr
sraie, r ee.ev, su S4 S4
44. utuui u .
ux hbut, 7.8' i0. Lsnunt; UnhMtisrs
Ask tenants who have been
in the building five, ten, fifteen
even twenty years ask them why
. ' .- t1- -
V -- V' hi i,
:iel )" V-
;!' ,ff i
f !! w
' ;VB 'A V. !
tt.--". e: 0"!., i.-7..,.i
'.' - e-t...
j ?r. - ,v -
., I .-. I, ,,r f a. it f .Ai- ...
service and the janitor service is just a little better
than anywhere else; the building is always warm in ,
winter; always cool in summer, and that everybody
knows where the bnilding is, and that there is a beauty ,
and cheerfulness about the building which they could ,
find nowhere else. If you want a permanent office,
it would be well to see what the building has to offer.
Rooms II0-U-14 A lsrgs suits of offices on the second floor,
having a total of 1201 squsr feet Ports of thess of fleas havs
' . been partitioned so as to make a suits of sbout flvs rooms
This spec will be rented either in slngls sfflcss or In mute.
' Fries per month for all .Sso-00 (
stoem i;i Reception room, private office, tws lsrgs closet, tsrrs
workroom with two north windows Ideal for engineer, archi
tect, doctor or other professional msn. Rental psr n-onth. 944,00
naotn 142 This Is s south front of firs facing sn Farnam street, does)
t0 ths Isvators. It is partitioned so as to afford s privste of
flee snd reception room. Very desirable. Rent par month. 30.00 -
Room 414 Ha a south snd west exposure snd is slwsy a very cool
room la sununsr tinia Size. UHx2vV snd rents for. per
month - - SlaVOft "
Boom 422 Is lSViHIH feet in else: hss two north windows snd a
priests ottlcs partitioned off Inside this spsca This room ;
. would be particularly wall suited for an architect sr stuGlo.
Rental - .184.08
Room 444 Thl Is s wslt located office facing Farnam street on tha .
fifth floor, near tha elevators. ixe or of firs, itxus, having
a partition dividing this room Into three offices This v euid
be particularly desirable ss sn sttomey's office, on acecount of
other attorneys bail. located on this floor and having larga '
libraries Just Ihs placs tor, two young, ambitious attorneys
' Rental pries psr n-unttt... .....S30.0f)
Bee Business Office, ;
i 'HI, I
Selected brssA extra fancy. j44-M sues.'
per box. 4. Loma Umoaeira, taney, at. -
rises, per box. 45.54. MV2 sixes. is Z
per box less; California lemons. JCD-lnr
eiaea par box. t4 JWji Ju. Oranges: Cali
toraia Camellia brsno, Navais, axuw
fancy, M-l2S-b0-174-a04-tl4-2i alaea. per
box, 42 2i: eaua ehotca. all sisea, par hog, .
Ii. Elephant brand. lM-140-17i-4s-il4 sisas, :
per box. U.44; 4o4-24t-t sua, per box,
ttJA Pineapples 44-M-M sues, per arats,
Ii. Strawberries: Louisiana, per case X
)4 pints. W is i
MiSCEl.INEOUS-Aienond, saree
gona. per Ilk. istsc; la sack tots, la less .
Cocosauta. per sack. 44 04. Filberts, pes
lb, lie; la seek lots, la lass. Peanuts,
toasted, in neck lot, psr la, SSsc; roasted
lass thsn sack lota, per lb., ic; raw, per
lb., 4c Fecaus, larga per lb., lie; ia sack
iota. Ic teas Walnuts, new crop, uu.
California, per lb, lio; In sack lots is
less Oder, new Nehawska. per li-gai.
e bhl., ; per N-gal bb., .; Nsey
'srk Mott s. per tvau H bhL, 44-iS; pas
Wkgal. bbi-, 14.44 Howy, saw. St trsjaes,
A&. Krsut per li-gai. Sag: li, pat
igal hag. JlJk. f
Wwl Markrt. , i
FT. LOV1S. May lt.-WOOL-teady
territory and western mediums, Mtwvilc;.
fine mediums, lis 17c; tine. HSUc . .
World's Records
Broken in. Coast " t
Olympic Tryouts
Three world's record were broken snd
one world's snd one Olympic record tied
today st tha Psclfio coast Olympis trials
on ths Stanford oval.
Hortns of the Olympic club of Ssn '
Francisco, with s wonderful new merit sf
I test, seven Inches In tha running high
Jump, et sn Inch better thsn his swn
world's record, sad Rslph Rose, Olym--"
Pie club, with s new Olympic snd world's--
record ta ths shot put sr t feet. 4
inches, right snd left hand, sggrsgste,
wers ths tws psrtlculsr stars.
Forest Bmtthson (unsttschsd) was
surprise sf ths trials. Ths world's record
holder of ths 114-meter hurdles finished
third. Fred Kelly. Unlvsrsity sf Sooth- "'.,
em California, won, In :I5i. three-fifths,
ot a second slower thsn Smith son's beet
lime, Irs Curtney, Seattle Athletlo
cluh, lied the Olympiad record of : i
In ths 10-meter dash. In ths 204-meter
hi llm wss Aati. one-fifth sf sso-5
snd slowsr thsn ths Olympiad record, 'i
NEW YORK. Msy 14. -J Ira Thorps, ths
Cirllsls Indlsn school alt around ath1
1st, won three and wss second In two1
ot ths flvs track and field avsnt In ths'"'
eastern trysuU for ths Psntsthlsn com-' -T
petition at Csltlo park todsy, Ths of-"'
tlclsls wrs ssllsfled with ths howlng ' .
snd said h would b one of ths American
competitors for Olympic honors st Stock-
LAWRENCE. Kan, Msy B.-Csntrsl "
High of Ksnsss llty. Mo., won the Mt-,
souri valley high school Invitation meet
St tne i noenuj in ne -""fT
s score of 3KVt points Wentport, Ksnsas
7. . , I . k HI, ...I.I. aM4 '
V.iy, WOB pw.h wnn k""." -
Uwrence. Ken., third with M points.
A new record for the meet In the mils ,
run wee m , -...-....,-...
relay, with Wetport second snd Central ,
tnira. , M
Msy 14. Hit. Sealed proposals In trip-
Urate will be received hers until I p. m, "
Juns 44, 1411. snd then publicly opened, , ,
tor furnishing labor snd maiertala for .
oonstructlnaT Annex to Hospital, Includ
ing plumbing, besting, electric wiling and 1
fixture, st Fort Yellowstone, Wyo, In- -formstlon
furnished on sppllcstloa. En
velopes conlslnlng proposal to b in, "
doraed "Proposal for Annex to Hospl- ..
Ul" and addressed to Constructing guar- ,
lermaeler. MiO-ll-22-M-llJI -. .
May It. lilt Sealed prPsal In .trip
Heats will be received here until I p. m
Juns . 1414. snd then puhlloly opened.
for furnishing snd Installing Pews snd ;.
Other furniture In Chapel at Fort Tel- .
Inwsions. Wyoming. Informstlon fur- -nlshed
on sppllcstlon. Envelopes eon-
taming proposals to be Indorsed "Pro- ,.
Snsals for Furniture Jn Chapel" snd ad
red to Constructrhg Quartermasyr.
MJO-ll-ii-a-JlJl .
they office in The Bee
Building. They will
tell you that the
building is never al- -lowed
to be out of re
pair; a window Vord'
broken is repaired at
once; a broken win-;
dow pane is. taken
care of immediately;
the owners are more
anxious to re-deco-'
rate a room than the
tenant; the elevator
; 17th and Farnam Sts.