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    T.. THE BEE: OMAHA, MOJfDAT, SAY 20, 1912.
The Omaha Daily Bee
I to' -wl at Omaha peatofflc second-
bias' matter.
Sunday Be, on year. ..... C
tUrtiMtav IW Ml TMT I -43
Dally Bee i without one er.M-
aJeuy Bee ua auneay, otto year ,-
In dejiveey t Mty CircUat'aa 1I.
Remit we rIU etpree er pee.r, etden,
pa' ut U) The Bee Putilhi :npiy.
Only' l-cnt annua received in payment
Ot email rCOU- lv PtWlttl cheCIU,
cent o Outa ud eastern excaiie. a
" Omaha-The Hee g-Jl'ding.
" Souin Omana K Hx.
; counoi niun;i mtt at.
"Lineal a-Jb Utile aluudma. - ,
' Chicago-life Marquette Uil'dl-g.
' Kamae" City Ite ilance'KUli Jing.
: Kew Ynr-4 Wut nitty-third.
V ahlntttn JJ Fuaeeotta lit., .N. W.
Comrnimleetlone raletmg to and
edltenef mi ihoul! be aadreaeed
Onubft Bee, Editorial Department. .- . '
' - APRIL LlKClLATlOS."1 '
- . . . - .
ntata'efVe'broka, County of Dbutm. at;
' Cwifht WMlUm circulating manf
of The Baa l"uihig - ououmbv. bu
fury owarn, aaya that the average dell
Irmlattxn, tar fho month of. Apra, W&
wee 410.. - .- - !v
.'., . - nwtoxf W4U,i .....,..
Circulation Iajieer.
- guberrtbed la my nreernce ana worn
to before me tbto Ins rlv il Mar, liui, .
, Sel.t HutlfcHT Ht'.NTfJUr
- r,. . Kotery t-tc.
. teberrlbe-r' leaving the ally
, temporarily al . fca Taa
i B . talM ,lka. AtMraaa
will ba caaaafa aa afua aa ra-
It U ad longfcr " aimplr Mijr, '
The universe rrolvi about Tj
Cobb just bow.
cait (hem dandelion? Wt
U dandy about them?
, Emma Goldman aad Poo Reltman
Itlck for being take at their word.
Father's day eomea tba first of
very month with bell an M; also
tills; , .. V
: Psrhape, Ct'mp Clark would make
Mr. Hearst maaagfgg editor of kla
cabinet, ' '
in I , , , i.
( Mr. pryaa wll) go to Baltimore
wlta a skeleton kay to ando any
deadlock. .
A base ball strike-breaker should
have no difficulty la finding Interest
4a kla calling
- Mr, Bryan la waging tbta war
"f gainst HarnoB fq the Interest of
yarty peace. " . . .
fit. Pan) could market water bonds
-at 4 par cent: why .couldn't Omaha
do the asm thing? '
.,' Soma atebangea are still complain
,'lng ' about "an overproductkm of
gold." . Where did they notice It?
f. Crop acarwa are all right an Us
beard Of trade, but they cknaot af
fect the Nebraska wheat fields.
. ' ' err-r-rrrz- , .
'. Nothing IB all tha Titanic invest.-
gatloB kaa even, hinted at ah excus
able reason tar lt sppalllpi trafedy,
- Still, It sever occurred to us that
eating diiSetlons on the preU'it that
they were ."(rasaa" wsi gay way to
Ctt evea-wlth tbem7
Tba bravest man In tha world baa
frtt been discovered In Dr. BplUka,
who aaya woman will never ba the
iBtaUeetull equal of man.-
... St faul wf mora careful ot hie
word than anything - else, and If
Ananias bad been tblugs might have
gone differently wilh him.
. .."Mexican federals Expect to Crush
the Rebels Within Three Days," says
a. beadllne.' Tksy kava been at it
only about three year so far.
. . Vth George Ade governor o( l
dlaha and Bevertdxe president of the
United BUtes, , tha Hoosler state
jsouid be getting a pan of Its own. '
! ' "Taft.atands on hla rtcord, say
no -Baa FrsnclMO Chronicle. If
;eome mas werf to- attempt to stand
,oa their record serloua casualties
would aaaat.', ' " ' ,
Ceorge Ade bas been meotiGbed
,Jor governor it thdlaoa. , Oeorge
.probably ow realise t value of
-that agricultural college course he
took at Purdue. ,
J After tba skirmish is evr wlU
Prof. Wilson go bach to teaching
t hose doctrines It political science
wtirh he taught forjffrteta. years aad
epodiated on entering politic? . .-
That-brala specialist wha has dis
covered tit tsivarlaWe' superiority, of
ntsB'a mind overoiaaa's should at
tend tto "acxt ob' club Waves
t:ua tf be cam for a good time.
St. Los is la proud of its moderti,
fi Srjb! i -lssrovs4 Forea ; park, - but
r Vorest park's best aaya were those
' i when barefooted boys "with cheek of
taa" roamed through its forests and
adjoining eorafielda to ths old swim
' hole. sad fiabiag pool, Them
. . good aid day-- .. - "i .
CoBtmiwioft Fonn of Oflvtrvm.
The ommlsiioa form of fity or-
ernmeat continue to f aia la popu
larity. About 22 dtlee of a Jnitad
State bar now adopted u or are
operating under It la eonje phase or
other. The trroneou atatement ha
beea made that Omaha was the larg
est city to adopt the commission plan,
nntll ,St. Paul took It up about the
tin at our lata eMy alert loa. But
the fact' I. three nlher cities larger
tbaa Omaha Oaklandh'.,Cal.; Blr
miBgham. Ala , Hid Wetophia, Teao.
are operating ander this plan. '
On aotable fact abdut 'this ten
dency, re far m city government Is
tha,t bo city aver adopting It baa per-
manently revoked it. Galveston led
the way itl: the commlasloa form
In 1 01. Houston followed In 190B
and Des Jlplnes cam along In 1907,
when the scheme really began to
make progress. Galveston's reform
was Induced as a result of the tidal
wave which nearly destroyed the city
September 1, 1900. It was virtually
wiped out and seeded political, aa
well aa physical, rehabilitation. ; Its
eitlsens thought It wise to change the
fotai f city 'government and so de
vised the commission plan. ' " i
Its popularity-soon begin to spread
as rapidly aa did that appalling hurri
cane which drove the waters of tba
gulf back, over the Texaa city that
day. Tba plan I probably a good
aa the personnel In any city. It is
for the cltlsena to elect the right men
and the men elected to do 4he right
thing or this, plan will not accomplish
the thing expected of K. " The. fact
that Its popularity and growth con
tinue ualdtsrrupted after - eleven
yeajra would Indicate that the plan Is
making good. This Is encouraging,
for most student of government
have admitted .that where' It Is weak
est in this country Is la the munlcl-
palliy. If we have lift upon the proper
method qf - strengthening ourselves,
then w bavs builded wisely
Speaking (or the Middle Conhtry.
Congreaamaa Martla'i oppoaltloa
to tha nst of tha Paoatha sanal by
railroad-owned ships and to tba ad
mission free to the canal of ships en
gaged In coaatwi trade aa the
ground that either. proWelon would
tend to stifle competition and de
prive4, merican ahlppere tf mack ef
tba natural and prime advaatagea the
capaHj desigriad'to afford, la timely
and Important.' tt is a plea especially
for the great, middle section of the
eountry, tb producing entr.
The people of the United Otatee
cannet affor to Ipveit in an enter
prise with an Initial coat of $376,
000,000 ualese tliey are guaranteed
very possible protection against me
aopoiy in every form, one ef the
fundamental purposes of this canal la
beneficial freight rates, that will re
duce the expense ef transportation by
land and thua assist In solving that
great national problem of the klgk
coat of living, No one expects the
eanat to Mpome a panacea In this
or any other relation, bat it will be
itfilghty disappointing S it doee not
Every means aunt be used In plan
ning the operation ot the canal that
will tend t preclude tha possibility
of unfair- discrimination. ; Special
privilege must be given to no inter-
eat or industry. If this la dene, then
we are chested at the very 'outset,
It elmply must not be done.
; . X rr-
; Tk Wfnltering Champ,
The UncolB Starone of tha Champ
Ciark papers, recently said of Ha pre
ferred candidate for president: . -
Whenever a great eueatlon .be artaea
In coat ran involving a claah of intaraate
between the maata end the SBtdeto
vora n in government. Champ Clark
wa found Is a serious moot. and
hi vote and lc hay been untaltartnaty
with (tiem (the maajes) and agalatt the
uvoree ot government. r
This ht Interesting. It bring to
mlaa Champ Clark e moakey-ehlgee
on reciprocity, which, undoubtedly,
was a great issue en one side or the
other, of which the masse and the
classes were) Interested and legiti
mately ao. Did that great Issue find
laamp Clark in a aerioua mood?
How did he meet itt Political ex
pernancy forbade htm to eome eut
and take a man's stand for or against
reciprocity, ao be Joked about It, hel
roared the bogey of annexation and
later admitted that he ae ealr in
fun. Xlke .the miechtevewa hoy who
buna a rock through neighbor's
window and when the neighbor aeiiea
him by the nape ot the neck and de
mand redress, the boy Whines out, "I
was only in fua." , . ;
But Champ Clark's fun taken
seriously by Canada aad ragtaad aad
went tar, undoubtedly, toward de
feating reciprocity, not oely no, bat
1b cheating thto "great lasue" out of
a serious hearing. r , .
AgsiB. the tariff board proportion
oi me prewent was a serious issue.
l tis see how "unfalteringly" this
adamantine Misaouriaa stood en that.
ne nrst dvoctea . t ga "good
meaaure. tnen h attached it and
thea squirmed out of any deceive pe
tition on it On tha subject ef nouse
raca bo sw.tcbed twice. When Us
muter amending the raeiprmlt.
agreement, t) which he wa at first
committed, ca se j la 'ommlttee,
Clark ep posed it on the greund that
any amendment would invalidate the
agresoMat. - This wan early B tba
year of 111, yet ia Jen. iio.
Clark had delivered biffacif of this
speech on the floor of the house: '
I i not knew bear ton w phall s
iter, bti M, long a I pal kera I inUoa
to f'tht for the nght to amend every
eetian ef 4ctr vat kin which cone
tnu tail trcuscv and I do ant rare a
trw waetlter the democrats centre! Ui
houae e Hie republican.
What does It natter what Champ
Clark aaya? Ha if her today, there
tomorrow, with fixed viewa on noth
ing, apparently, except what will
make for hla personal political ex
pediency. Unfaltering, indeed.
coxthols ntTiosai, row SUTTEE
Part eiere rrmHtmt Taft Thirty
Kiaht .f Flftr-ThM.
. New Tot Herald.
A thorough canvas Juat completed
how heyoad eetlae) that freaideitt
Tart win ee In eontrol of the repebNcan
national committee when it meeta in
Chioace en June 4 to make op the tem
porary roll of the , national convention.
Till eanvaae was made by men hlsh In
the coundla of the party, and they are
entirely convinced that Mr. Boaaevelt
eanuot dictate the" action of this im
portant body, '
A matter an atana, thlrty-el(ht
member an friendly ta sir. Tart, alsht
te Mr. Kaoaevelt and five are doubtful,
with leaalas twwerd 'the prealdent.
There are fifty-three men bar ef the
The function at this body I avlwaya
Important, bacsus It deddee In advsace
be are to have seat wken ta conven
tion la called to order. In ether word,
it make up the temporary roll. Tha
work Is especially Important till year,
because at least one-third and possibly
baa-half of the delegate will be con-
The temporary roll t recognised by the
chairman, aad from tt be appoint the
two highly Important oammltteea which
finally decide all contests and draft the
platform, v i ,.-
Realising how important It would be ta
eaiitiat the national committee, asents ot
the Roeeevalt movement atarted out pre.
elytlnc amonf them several month ago
ad Intimated that they would have a
majority of the member. But sow tt caa
be Mated flatly that It I quite tha other
way. .
Breaking all precedent, the national
ommtttee will convene two weeka ahead
ef the Convention to take up the mere
Imaortant eon teats, It b) gkely that It
wilt U eontlaueualy until Jun Is. the
date aet for tns convention. It will have
before It earnests from nearly all the
dlrtrleta In the aeath. : Mreit ef the een
teats will aa taken before the convention.
but they wll) than be referred ta a eam
mittee which will have seen named by
th Taft national commute and which
Will be counted on te Uver the Tft
onteatsnls. '' '
TeopleTalked About
Altheugk Alfred C Keaaedy waa -
laatad la the recent lr eiecUoa for oea-
eikwlaaer he still smiles and goae oa
eallaetlrif eld booka and autasmph,
babky afkis. "; t
One group at ewetara back ht IIHaer)
eeouaa anether areun sf esoaedlna th
peed limit in diapenln( awdleina. That
la a way et sayiag that lacraaiil
Such BMthartna and smethertng Be the
"motbae ef pieaMaete" naa iwealvad
Sarin the week nlaee Mother Ohm la
a ctaa bf aaraaif, Bevea days of atv
deartng aeream uu the eM nuty ra eaadl
two te pared t the 'Taaratna after"
Only five selaoaare ere effMalry ad
mitted te have beea taken la tba Trt-
soUtan wat eg ta data. The flguraa an
belktvabl. A dry CI mate and daeert
aftnd afford uaascelled tacllttMa
putting captives out el riant. Tttrhs an
partieuiarry shy boardtag bouse Br-
Mia Maraares, Smith eg iaawaasaa.
Ma., has the dlatlnetloa ef betn the only
wamaa saaeaber ef ta Mew gnslaad lla-
tall Ceal Ueaien' eaaaetatloB. MM Bmith
beeaa her taalneae t artier a her ttaes
aaatataat es retail eeal
mediately after her e"!jtlea troeit the
h'sh Scheal at ttaV
TH bayaoM aanw-af Mark Twain
Hannibal. Me, baa beea preaented bs the
dty as a memorial te th great hunBiit.
la end arened tb4 bo'ldlns acetamd
meaiy ot the taeMaota walah kla matured
humor faahlened two grrppinat atoeia.
and bare wee dreamed the fanetaa that
have saade the worid happier.
reraver Banter B!ae'a cf Milwaukee,
dareng Ma etuaa ef reat and meditatios
at Leavenworth, eauabt aa W aome wln
in y-anta In ta ttcksr gam, aad I
aid to have reooased tte (mH turtun
nce hla return to tlte actrvttiea pt the
m b- The vtettane ef M Sr. OSS t
fal-atiB have not beea reimbttraed at
laa aammiui
Tba rarity of a winning streak IB ttt
Waabiactoa, base ball etub aed so gratt
a nit an th taaa w eancrvaa a few
ays saw Ctst tha augaM-ateit 'et
m beaa et reprtenuatlve made a raid
on tate eoaada for eaougb tuinn
make a aaorara. - Only a lofty aenee a
doty puaxad th officer oat af the amund
betora the ftalsn ef ttw guaa. ,
Tliis Diay InOialaj
r compuxd r rom (eB rii.i- n
Thirt Years Ago
The Sea print tba new city charter
amendments which have Juat been to-
acted d gone lata effect, the main fea
ture of which i the creatiea of a Hoard
of Public Works aad arortetoiM for pav
ing at the cost Of pawng dletrtct.
The game between the C A it. nine
lr.d the. Council Bluff ball toearr aeraea
the river reaulted la a acore of I to
in favor of the B, A bunch.
Thr Hit pf grand and petit juror drawn
for the term of district court commencing
tn Jun includes among other famHlar
me those af Alfred oreaeen, J. f.
Bron a, Charlee U V'snCamp, II, P. Peva
velon. A. Riley, ullu Meyer, KJchr4
Ttaard. P. V, Barkalow. M. H. Bllu.
Henry Bartliold. Oeorg Jlacoralnl. C, E.
gquire. - '
About I o'clock this evening the hand
(etn plc juat fitted up and opened by
Joe piak Wll th eea of a pleasant
sreeentstlon by the proprietor,! W. K
Hlne. on behalf ef the many friend af
Mr. Blake. In a neat little epeeeh gave
kits a tore and beautiful steal eearvtng,
ntl4 "Preaentatlan de la Marl," ' la
a roatly frame. Tha sealpleM could not
peak a he waa aa aurprieed, but at
th eeneloaloa af tba perfermanaa ha
opened as tae chaaseagn to th bore
wttk a lavlah bead. : . c
M. a Martlnovtch is rejoicing ever the
Urth of a aoa . - .i
The contract for the baaement af the
sew Mabraak National bank btillains;
a been let ta Martin A MaleuM. The
baaement etory will rls is feet abov
the ldewtB. ..
The Uarfield houab at the earner af
Fourteen I h and Jackaea strwt ha
ebsnged beads. Charlee Dougblry, farmer
aunager sf th Carlton house, will con
duct It.
Cllntoa Bennett, Just graduated at the
Boaton Unlveraltv, Sjrrtved in Omaha and
will 'probably locate her permanently.
He Is a bother of Walter Bennett, the
yetthg attorney. " ' -
Captain Marsh aad Ran. Jam gtephae).
en departed lor Chicago together.
Twenty Year Atro - "
general J. c. McBrtde, for many yean
reitdent of Unceln, moved with hi
fml'y to O,lveton, Tea., pytng A
farewell ?IK to Omaha.
MR and Mra. Thomas Kllpatrlck etarted
for Scotland and th European cent!-
an f i
It, A, Whitney of Worcester, Man.,
wa th guat of Will Stash.'-
George Potter, 17-year-old son Of
Clirle g. Potter, ganarai agent ef th
smertcui Eipreaa - comoeny, and Pea
Kinney, a l-yer-old boy, living at Hit
Half Howard tret. were playing with
4 leaded revolver when the thing want
offend ptruek young Kinney In th
heek. Fortune tely medical aid reached
him enon, and then wees iiepee for hi
Wailaea 1. Broetch. aoa of as-Mayar
Breatch, gv a repeVter Par The Be
detailed aeaaunt af the cruertle prae-
ticed upon him at West Point wMoh
formed hi reew for elvfng up' Ms In
tention ef sating a aaMier. Ha- eendemaed
the ytent of hedng bitterly,. -
f 'B Year Agn '
Th city council pd the long de
ferred Ms levy ardineco providing for
S levy of St mtlla asoa taaable property
la tha etty. the amount to be Mixed bstag . . ,
Word was received of the death of
William Corteiyou, eon ef the late John
O. Corteiyou, at tea Pueblo. Ihlllpptn
lilaada Tba young men waa wM known
In Omaha, wrter ha attended erhaatv'
I alas thnugh the hlsh eeboai. ,
Th bleb aehaal faeulty was wvestUng
with . the knotty smbl. "halt eur
young awa be peemltted to sltand eahonl
In hlrtwaltaK . rtrtnalpat WateTnaiea
aaawered H in tne negative, when twenty.
nine of the young sam Mm tnta sehaol
without their eoata. Boat et the yaung
womea teacher Were shocked at (hetr
l.pteianee. t t. - ' - - v ,
Jlai..dla'ahl-iw.S.WMh '
J. a. White nigne a A nwmbaf ef
the ccattve .oominliiaa ef the
merclal etub, and the ieltctloa- af hi
uoMtr wm referred ta a committee,
et which X M. Dumant wa anairman.
Albert Coha. J. H. Van Dueea and C. &
8alUok wen elected to membership.
A Wew - Eenerteaee. -
' Sprtntrflald ftepuMleaa.
f t la B new experience th present awa-
ration la baring la bearing a Aa
president sectars a areatdent of the
United Mates as alt kinds of a line,
Mr, Roeeevelt make a new reesrd In
thai direction wtui each sveeeedlng effort
But hp flrty euiuaaeed hlmattf la
elarmg not only that tba prasldent did
and ee, but that at was Impeaatbl he
ewuht hat forgotten that ha did s and
Mr. RooMvalt, you ea sets up
sa Infallible authority aa the operations
of another man' aitmory. ,
ladtana Are Nat VealehlaaJ.
' . . ' Philadelphia Ledger.
The redakina now living tn th Cnllei
Btstea aumbar Mt,gx, galrut the
W.lSt ot a decada aaa. Tb director ef
the eensvs reports that M, per eeat r
than tr OiU-alaoded Indiana Then an
tt Heat . Indiana la North Aaaer.
lea, aiid their numher kt inureaainai they
n aat "vaalahlatt," ladeed. tbaalofieal
xperta y that th eoiitinent harbon
perhap men aJmrtatne tbaa ta the day
befon the white men . Jo tba bant.
tag nag af etrtlintiea the
aot upport many ladtana.
lang oputa
Planrnoen Fotttlea.
Baltlneon American. , ' ,
Tha effort bs creata seligteua prejudice
tn the preeWentlal eampaiaa I tba moat
eentemstibJ and mteeatevna attempt,
which baa yet been mods by hi cBCmte
te diteredtt Preew'Fnt Taft. Kt baa acted
tn ait ease with jtattta and Impartiality
aad aia wanly retwanoa ef tb
rharaa of favontiaan ta any denaenanay
tloa Witt help hat eaaae with ed fair
Bunded -aennerf Wna bettev la tn
"qun dear aa -m Mttr f prUictple
ss wn aa af won-ammdinn tbaery, .
rerlle of- Arc Kavleratlatt,
Beaton Transcript. ' -..
Four -da tb la an any from awntrtanen.
Aa eroad and auytng power In the etr
tncreaae it woato aewn aa tf tlte bncresa
ef aan'ta aavtamtknt must be eadly dtp,
preportieeiste. Two of tea dlatetar n
porteg eeea emphastae tb . spertal
Sanger ef paearrervcarrylng by alrebty
After . eawerartaai.
; . Cbteago hewa. - , .
Taking out of paHHc ta not
eeatly ee paiarnl aa having Ht eehiac
teeth extneteA. bat when tecomluewd
It win afford aamflar rebeb
' Anarchy.
OMAHA. May W.-Te tae Editor Th
Bee! - Anarchy dnea nst aeaesaaetly aseaa
eppoeltlon t yuetki nor en rtalen oa
aoaittoa ta an anjust government. The
anarchy that at aad for equal freedom,
and that oppose government because tt
areveate the eaerdse at equal freedom, i
the bigneat Imaginable farm- ef human
awe Ration. Tae prophet drwmed af tbi
aa nnee K tns ntineanism. a stem a
board of' swept was need ne fare
vtotenea to naaa tkant do rlehe. If ad
people wen wta and gecd they would
have anarchy tn the tree moaning af
th term. Really, t then aay sen.
from the ideal atmdponrt. ht a part of the
people paying someone u compel them
to do what they knew tbey ought la da
Wht is tha difference between tbl Idea
nd III Ida af Theodore Roosevelt In
heaven. wMh tha ;-big tiek'' fa keep down
octailua and anarchy?
Of pourae. w hava ta hava gevarnmat
re long sf sama, of tha people will not er
eaimot be good. But I wtah te dtlsea
ta enter a Brateet ageisst tba peopla wb
belMera ta avvarnmeat adopting diaorderly
end violent methods to pumsb elld
anaaeblata. Tha so-caUad good ctUsent of
ga Diego. Cat., wha fltndUhly abutsd
Mr. Raiunan. Emms Goldmen's agent, are
bead end shoulders below the maa they
tortured from all etandpeinta ef respert.
sbttlty and honer. They proved that they
an the anarchlata of the most dangerou
kind. They am pot only th moat dan
gerous lean-alata. but th moat dastardly
and eowardiy. The Ian man -who rirs
bis lit In. the misguided fight jnt
ociaty la hare and brsv eltlsen oar,
pared with a mob that will tH advan
has of a lane . individual and act Hk
brut and demons, even tj the Individual
daw beilev In oclJ viofnev a belief
that neither Mr. Reltmea s- Emms
Qoldman uphold. .'.'
The gsn Diego mob w eigno te
elviHaaUoa, a burleetiu on humanity, a
yoke a government, an insult to th
Antaetcsa Hag and a tach In the nostril
ef esanuM eeurteay, ' . ,
W1U4P nyDBrTt. j
' - Mara a4 UreeaTter.
OMAHA. Mas 1AT th Editor ef The
mi Th atatvaring af flewn by Mr
Laetha an tha oeeaA wsters, whsn the
Titanl psnk. in ewmery of her husbwd, ;
Wh "loet his Ufs ". In that dlrsstw, wst
pathetic Incident, viewed from, the
etendpaint ( papular bHt tn tagars
k eh ilata ef tha "" ' ,''
It rem lad m of a woniaB i one
knew bo had 'lost" a baby boy. and
wba the firs anew fQ on ll grave aha
went sad 'Xlawad vto u her wa m-lrraMoa-th
snow off Its grave. Be lit
tle comfort aa aopulsr lehlng give
ta Iboss who dpd upon It for ctmw-
A sreat contrast was the demlea ef
plrltualKt of Indltnapolts, whe requeued
that his v-lts drees in whits- tt hi
funeral and proenUed to give them map
ifaatsUan t hi Intalligenl exlatenee. and.
If we sndit the nawapapar report, bit
Win end can have received vtritlcatlen
of hit proaaiae. fstes ta Ufa the woauva
wha erajMd the snow oft her Boys
grave, with her naked band was B4s
kaaoy by- oomamnnaauoM treas htm.
Muek great aoet sror naw aaea Ben-
toned fee those whs has net beaa e an-
tagamette tknt ahey' wol4 nst tnvestl.
gat facta tn nature, and If all than
wn "lost" leveet en IB tne eawtut dia.
any other way bad .tn aet-
enttfle knowledge that eaabtea an te
ksow th future stats ef esletanoa they
f auk knw that n wb havw paeeed
to th "hareed" knew all thlnga-eweey
thought w have-snd can gupniy the"r
very 'need front nature tooKhaastlbl
tuppll af matter. - s- -,
Ttt every evidence that ha ween gtvsa
ta wrova the unlimited tnbtWgeoea ef
en thr Immortal- aid Is rtdk-uleg
by th pre. Nttnn't ttatt evbltttlenary
proaeat Is a reeled book te tha majority.
Th feet that Henry Wtrd Baeeher knew
the wkaraabont of the widow's mitt
which had b lost fer yean and whlrk
fact ht eaastpunkMtsd frem the aa-cailed
pint aid te mortal aaeana aotblag to
hem. And Wata la but en of tbouaaade
at (ueb heppenng. There r thorn
wh wig net admit -vn 'they knew.
The Byenie tasaarch eoeteUtl bend
tvry aaergy la Invent ay tola sprat
b explain what tbay do net Baderatend-
And It ta amustag is read Itanwl
-0 rials of gpeetee" and at a HUl tire.
ssbm. to P aearreatea se jrequentry
With the phtwae "natural aalectla).1
He M only Interesting (ram a natural
kiatory etandpolnt. One , wonder that
such aa enhauetlre rawer char tnta tb
etytterte of nature did not think ta ac
count tor the origin of type from which
euek wonderful "natural selectla"
sslMA Had ha don that no weald
have had the key to the whole Mtuattan,
the key thst-wnleefcs th doer to th
Origin and destiny af the human race.
1 Prayer at Tatee,
' OMAHA. May 17. -Te the Editor ef
Th Bee: Maybe so, mein Qott, aaw that
e have th honest. un and anode!
men msteavd ef entry and grarty pen.
gtsn t admralvtar attain and gevera
eur eltys tnaybe o. I ssy. the com-
sllan will move tha Iron tamp peats
ami seme but woadaa pole ewt af the
middle of tb Sidewalk, on taaBM
Street, wast of Park.' se that an none
Carina voter en t dark Bight, when tha
lamp tight la out. won't bat let eat
!f than tamp post and kneek bt brains
aad aunwneh eat, aad tan hie bat. when
a aan t s.mi re awwn oe r
th etda af taw walk.
Maya ao, aneaa .Oott. they wW de tlC.
Tean very truly,
Ceweot rfcaataa Newt,
' Brooklyn Eagta,
-Oeveramant Inanetlnn ftad Uu
b) eaed largely ta th
atnmge. Tha not tamest ef Meataa M
atuaily M per seat Johnnycshe and
par cent at ewadty alflgnt bjiaedueta.
Tha mJarepreawtxatleat eoaa not tajwn
tha iwtMnrr. It thee aarVeayea at aa
eukw are won whalcaom weather,
that th pur variety, the seaat trust ta
S benefactor aad It wntrttaatinc
ctoaaly to the adnntlag eaaae of
tarUtttem. We nn not be am at I id nor
grottry asappeiBte to learn that pack'
area of snaA raw an naisaead largoty af
tantuUy gtaded aad aarted
Wha-a tot tb ieawerf
. . PniladSipbab Bew. .
Bar" l not Hareaeo I becatntag more
tatertetlrv ' M k whethwr a i
jeaeioa tf defeats lasttfln a aaan In V
aaanemg a Aeanorrat wha has stvwni
tnwea tad ata paevy ta vtetery even ta a
republican etats.
lulv-lll. Caurter-Journal: "Harvwa
Jolts Bry7 "Taft land oa Eoeaevett.'
Reevett envaah Taft." Oa. bk w
pagtHam.' Jiut politic.
. Bieux City JeuiuaJU Goseraor Haymoa
kt the logical oaipnmi oandidata, bat
logic l tba least of consideration In tP
present weird and woosy campaign.
CMrago Trtbua: Jerimer baa pat lived
wholly en vain. He M katptng aawtmely
to bring abaut th election of Vetted
nates, ratten by direct vet of the.
people. - ' , .....
. Houataa Peat; One thing 1 certain,
gemebedy hen convinced -Champ Clark
that n candidst for prealdeat must avoid
garrality, A maa eaa run batter whea be
eeean't talk as ntucn. -
Chicago Record-Herald: Hon. Champ
Ciark la auppastd ta poaae a Strongly
developed- aenpa ef humor, but It I re
ported that h la ne long able to regvd
Mr. Vaasrwoad esjeAWnvy a yk
gt, Paul Piapaar Pre:. Daanocratlc
pret-neettcator ' at Waafclngteo select
either Clrtt 0r Vvim a end aa certain to
be the eholee af the Baltimore canvea
tton. . Tnta n aha feeling In "the Stmas.
paar g tuas'ee, thauajh tt hi aupsorted
by th fat that aa far the eraaraeeri
beea beea ganting Ben deleaatee them
the governor. ..-
gsrlesfteld RasajbHcaa: At laat the
aecret l out "My gratt sweet," say
the eotonel, la that I bwve aaver keen
eaetted over nay aendldaey. ana way ot the
ether." Ta calm ha tadd beaa elnwat
eppreeeive. A the- Jbdy brvd tn a
aiay by o MaMarUnck's diKlpbta.
VI am calm! V will be eajmt op, sty
Qogi bow cetat I amr' - -,
Direct sevfn-f senators,
; IndlawpoH Nrwa.
By a vote of M to JB th bouw of
representative. J yesterday passed th
oongtttutlonsi smendment provtdlng for
th direct election of utjrted itates en.
tera, As th eerute Am tredy acted
favorably, th amendment will now ge
te the srst legislature for ratification.
It f bettered that tha leaf-talked f
hang In our foundamentil . lew trill
tt last be ansa, stsny yrp ve here
tofore uppastg the mfernt will, ta atir
pinion, now welcome tt a at mail
prfraM te cwneitiona Which have lately
developed, ft tba people an determined
tr elect their senalata, K Is much better
that they thewld aa andar bur rather
thaa ta ranabant trays andtr preferen
tial primary Mevav er by a popular vote,
ehtaa hea and oa aava a trgnl arfecv
We 'hall t laaat aecap suck ridiculoua r
suils aa thefnecag cbuie ef a demeenule
eaatar by a rapubneaa MgtstataM, a la
Oreeon, and tea dleveeerd bf Mr tee-
latere sf the eawreaaed will af tba pae
pl. as la Illinois, .
' Renalltaw name DertainiM. '
Wew 'Tork WorIA
We en eober, phlegmatio people. In-
capable of .rendering snap Judgment er
ml using reci at dectaloos. Tour
rear age a bill to restrict th equity
sower of the federal courts tn th grant
at Injunotlen was heated laeu. plow
it passes the house by t large majority
end nobody eiae seems to can ant "way
or the ether, . , ' .
Elcstrjo tigliling Sp:lls
Danger from the u of matchej
:i avoided 1 -'; , '
. , . .".. p ,v-,
' -V.; ' Explosions frequent with other (1-' .
--.Itimintntttw iropwiible- C .'..'.-:' v k.,.:
; f Burglar fit. in terror below ij;
ratoodolCst released by ptenni
button. ' :
, ' ' J - ' r. .
' ' , !l r ' .
. As rnuch lilht or as little light !
ypu heed any hour or allhour ';
Omaha Electric Light & lowers Co.
Acroca the
When You Go Abroad c
'wmmmmmmmmmmmm ; f
Westcn XJnion Cable
ten Vill keep;youvin';.clo$e '
touch with home. !
Before sailing, inauire -at
; t any Western Union ; office: '
for tie rates ; from your
,t home to foreign countries.
. i FuB Inforwtsfwti gad Beta iy Tdephort
the mm mmmmmmm
wi o't" - - ,
"Human nature Is peculiar." observed
tba theug hti ul loeldag Individual. . "Many
a maa capable of giving P hi at la
a lifeboat -ta a womaut won't give up nn
r " RMtM Trait
iw w a .
"What's the baby crying about?" '.
"Tha nara tpoughttaaly told hint
that ahakeapean plW an wPPoeed
by many to have been written by Ba
eon. Get him hi Sarairrit Jlloeka They
may dtvert hU atteotioo.'-Wartington
ftar.--' . y :-J '
Tbl t a portrait of th Bah '.
Pedhrofc. ana of my ancestor.',
"IJm," '
"tt hat Ae yon thtnk af Wmf"
; a-WSli, my bos-, with eueh a atart. Tu
daaern eredH for tuning out a well
aa ysa hava." luivill Courier-journal,
" . - -.
Bfra. Kartteh-I think I' take , the
bracelet. Tee are eure it it mads re
fined geld? ... .1 .
JeaeJrr-TeA, mdsm. ' "
Mra. Nirtten-BeoauJ I deteat any.
that that ton t raA--Baltimar Am
rtaTaa. . "-'
"I don't Warn young people for' being
nther celf-confldent nd aggresrtva. '
aid tha centervatlv ettta-a.
"Ton think the rtrtng genention to
entitled to ronainer (tie if uperior?" . -
"Beyond queetion. You are constantly
beating parent telling wht mart thing
their children aav. but you never bear
children repurttng aay clever sbaerv
tlerte by ' their , parent. " Washington
Vharlle la an aw'fly loyal chap, don't
you know?" ,, , ;
- "I h? How ao, dean boyt'
-"Why. b nw tt in the papen that
then a etwlke of aH the London tailoce
end n he's wearing ht otd sloth out
ef aympathy for th tendon cbippiea.
don't rou hnow,"--Clpvelnd Plain Deal
er. . , ;. .-.
i. .
. t- M. Uwla In Houeta post. , .
It's ttm fer everhaulln'
; Year flahlo' lina an' things; - 1
It's lima ta bear th eallln'
i Of gwgltn' aaide tprlng!
It a time to hear the lawin'
Of eattl in your dreerne,
lt' tlm you se a-goln' --
. A-tramplo' by the trawa. .
The dream eetri ta a-tlenln' .
Their, eamln' lt the dey, r .
Te when the eap I ellmeiu' ', -.
I p in th tne. en' 'way :
Out aft tons) .the . meadow
you re th ehantim hed
O' green, n' dream $' sbsdwe
An' af a (ere at gid. , . '
If funny about drnmln' '
Them dream tM time a' year, ' '
You tee wide trm e-tietmin
Th air I eooi tnd clear,
Th autlerflle go drlftlp' .
A I ay to an' fro, . : -An'
your two eye pre. Uftin ' v
; Te entile e" tang ago., .. ,
A girl la nitrate glMdn' "
At yeu through all yeur dresms, .
Her pink bn fet are dancin' , . . ' '
, Acroaa the ehallnw atreame.
Her hand sr held eut to you ' .
. Ts help her up th height, . ' '
And alwy then son through Toil'
A thrill ef eM dkght, . .
Work may await your doln '"
1 Tki know no tlm or plr,'
Mut yeu know wind n ttrewlp' .,
. Roe petale, and a face
ghepea In the mlat befen yU
' And eye yeu loved oaoe gleam; ..,
The epeil af aprlng teal e'er you'.
And yoa puat sit sad dream.