Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, May 19, 1912, EDITORIAL, Image 20

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Concert la O minor. Op. Tf (first
movement! Cadens bv Carl Retn-
... Beethoven
Mlas Irma Podotak.
Concerto in B flat. Op. 1 (first
movement) Beethoven
Tgrneet WehL
The Robin Sings In tba Apple Tree.
Midsummer Lullaby.. MarDowell
Wind . In the Treea Goring Thomas
Miea Baldwin.
Etude. Op. S, No. 1 Chopin
Nocturne. C sharp, minor. ..Chopin
Henrr Lots. r.
Consolation. E major ..Ltsst
Valse d'Amour Mosakowskl
Mlas Sybil Nelson.
Barcolle VenUienne Oodard
Valae Chronuuique Oodard
Mlaa Clara Hofmann.
The bread that is light,
palatable and whole
some. Jot made like the
ordinary bread, but put
through extra processes
riaax hr
wast saall ae ears?
Ooa nraeS sad Battsr.
Kotklsa bat "Sl'ND-
H. 4 rsther ksve tj
aa eeelaa't rset
Gavotte. B minor Batb-Sant Ssena
Romance, sharp cnumana
Melodic G flat - Mosakowskl
Mlaa Edith Beckman.
Praeludhim. from Suite. On. M MacDoweH
t miring that gives It better coior.
better flavor, better everything. It is
thoroughly baked and'ta th moat di
gestible bread on the market today.
Look for the label e every loaf. Sold
by all leading; grocers. Baked fresh
every day by
Shadow Dance...'. ..MacDoweH
Romance - blbellua
Mia Bennett.
One Spring Morning Nevln
The Laaa with the Delicate Atr..Dr. Arna
Mlaa Baldwin. ,
Marcha Mlgnonna PokUnl
Mlas Podolsk.
Capricdo Brlllante. B minor. Mendelaaoha
air. uots.
Orchestral accompaniment on second
piano played by Mr. Duffield.
ASTTTT rXTT-S, -M TrrlvTga
. sa-t J S9 -r a
VERITABLK all-alar organ
iaatloa will Tiatt this city aa
Tuesday, Jum t, whea th
Weber Field JubUo com
pany of MO members will give
a psrformsnos ' at Boyd's
tneater. Tbls company Inaugurate a
whirlwind tour at the principal cltie at
Vtha country at Albany, K M., on tha
night ot Monday, May it, and the goae
Hlheet In IU epeciei train ot taa sirs,
Maying no city, no matter what Ha H
jnr Importance, mora than for ona day.
CThlf ta made accessary by tha fact that
St la tha deal re of tha Meeara. Weber and
bleeds' ta vlalt ail cltlaa poaalbla aa far
Weest aa Kansas City, returning to Naw
tVork by tha mtddla of June. Thus, suoh
tare ottles aa Philadelphia, Washington,
Biraaalyn and othera W1U not have mora
fbaa two parfonaancaa. . . .
-Tb aaat of prtncipala Includta auch
Jaraooa playara aa UUlaa KuaaeU, ray
Tanildaton. WllMas ColUar. ' Oaerce
Seban. Ate Lawla, Baaata Clayton, tht
atanora; Helena Collier Qerrlck. Joka T.
Kelly and rrankla Bailey. Tba aatar
teinmant ia tha am ma aa araa (Ivan (or
var 100 perfbnnanoea at tha Broadway
I li eater. New York, to tha larcaat reoelpu
In tha hietory of tha atropolla. It la
called "Uokay Pokey,' with a abort
burleaqua of tha Scotch oomady, "Bunty
Fulla the BtriJiga,' enUtled "Buaty Bulla
amd mrtnea," and la IU sraaanUtloa are
mployad aU of tha prtncipala anumerated
aoovt, baatdaa tha naual quota of charm-
. In girle with which taa naraa of Weber
and FleMa baa aa long beea aeeociated.
M'eber and Flelda themaelrea. aa Mike
and "Meyer, will bead the caet and dur
ing tha prograaa ot "Honey Pokey" there
M Introduced many at tha beat blta ef the
old Weaerfleldlaa akita an affectionately
remembered by a generation of play-
(oera. There la. ot oouree, the uaual
BUmaroua muatcal numbera, bin ta de
scribe s WabeMind-Flelda entertainment
1a not neeeaaary, aa they have been
famoua alnoe tha Brat tour waa - made
aer doaea year aca . Tha.laat-tottr
waa ta IWi but thla preeent organlaatlon
laentaina mora f amouv aamea than wae
ie tba caae ta any ona organiiatioa of
fcaapaet. - t. . . ,
I hla anUreky Be program at Boyd'a,
tarOag today, matinee- dally. L,man H.
Mowa will preaeal a aerlea ot aatmatea
naa, depicUng each haaardaua and W
Vieult atep of aa expedition that reached
tne hlgtieet pohua af tha Alpa. The
accent l tba "roof af the wortd", atarta
mitb a paraaadleular nde In a car of the
Con Wheal railway of Montreal, and
after reaablng taa top platform of, tale
amhiua mountain kmator tha speotatora
obtain a, aweeplng Mrw ef the, Rhone
ttaluy. Thea another atranga Joarney la
taken in a car of the Wetterburn gua
yeaelo railroad by meane of which tha
aadleant U traaalemd tram. ona of the
fcrwar AJplne aeaka (a another, at the
goot of which tha Obem sladar gUateaa
pith anoar and lea, With danger of death
t every atep, the camera foMowa the
limb to tha hlrner nomu from which
the Howe apectatora kwk dowa npoa a
want roitti eee af etooa far below. A
ptctorfcU tour through Italy, the land ot
Jitaiory an romance; the wonder of the
Grand Blear, uaon, Colorado; the latent
ode of locomouoa through water and
, air by meana ot tha hydroplane, and the
XMWeM faanioca from Parte are only a
tew of the many other teatuna ot ta
. terast la ba aeasenlad. . -
. a '- - - J t
, Tha Airdoma, Omaoa'a big new open air
yaqdevllla and moving picture theater, an
Jaraajtt mtd Twenty-tlfth atreeta, win be
opened ta the public with Ha tint aer-
tomance on Sunday evening. Mny M, with
bin awmeltiing auch vaodevtlla bead-
lineta aa .Edna WobjUer. Kwtncky
exmgblrd; the Kaiinowekl Bro'bere, oele-
c rated Euiopeon arrobata, and IHuatratad
onga, aB ot which will be tatarapened
with Iratura reela ot tba lataat moving
lactaraa. A fug concert orrbearra win be
teatsre ot the new amuaement reaort.
wbieti will have a eeetinc capacity tor
mora than l.S ereona. Delightfully ait-
vated on tha aomnnt of a baauttfol ter
rene, a natuiai . tndlna, giving the
asdienoa tha to preen a of an badoor my-
ing brenen from- an mdea. "Whhe and
green, the prevailing colore. wlU ba Uta-
niinated by almoat IM brUliant wleetHc
I ri. The atage. ancaaed la ateel aheet
tst, eompietcly analwatd and win carry
one of tha largeet picture curtain went
of Chicaga, Through tea mo of tee lateet
Jit-1--" -'W . . VvV
gga ;
invention la "thb motto nlotura world,
mercury are i rectifier, a Ught of
than S.0M candle sower, will ba at tha
eerviee ot thaoaerater and wtli be thrown
dlatance of 4X feet ta tha apeclally
prepared big motion picture ecreea on the
tag. Tha feauira fllma, ot Which there
will be three, will b changed nightly. Tha
raodevtlle program will change . twice
each week, i
The Roma Summer tardea opened Sat
urday .evening, May 1. with all aha at
traction that go to make Metropolitan
garden. A great deal of money baa beea
epent In beautifying thte place. Character
eong artlete will be featured during the
aeaon..aa well a alngere of Illustrated
and apot-tlght aonga Pour of tha btrgeat.
beat and neweat, photo-play In tha went
III be ahown each evening. The Rome
orcheatra baa been augmented Iri) num
ber and I . on ot the "flneet mualcal
erganlsatloo In Omaha. It Include mual
ciana ot note, who will be heard In aoloe
alghtly. Any requeated numbera will be
gladly played upon requeat. An entire
change of program, will ba given every
evening. In caea of rain the program will
be carried out la tha Hotel Rome audi
torium without delay. .
A beautiful .vine covered trellla reeervea
Urge apace on tha weat 'aide of the
garden for . tha . exclusive ueof diner
The at age ha been greatly enlarged and
redecorated and . beautiful, new acenery
haa beea procured. There , will be no
overcrowding, aa l.oN comfortable chain
have - been "provided. Refinement' will be
apeclal feature of every nrogram.- ai
nothing will aver ba areeented that, could
poaalbly dlapleaea the moat taatldloua
Women. and. children will alwaye receive
apaclal attention.; Special feat urea will be
on. the program dally. Ona of tha moat
complete aoda fountains In tha wont ha
beea Installed and' la la charge of expert.
Other repreehrnonte are aerved and smok
ing te' alio wed. "The nrogram Mart at t
s. m. and rune continuously ant'l 11 a. m.
D. X O'Brien Is In receipt ot a copy.
ot tha Academy, - a London critical
weekly, tha dramatic reviewer for which
paper very anthuanutleaiiy write ot
"Th Pink Lady." eepectally praising the
charm of, Haaet Dawn, the singing of
Alloa Dover and tba comedy of Frank
Lalor. AU ot .thee people are welt (
known In Opieha. although thla city did
not have th pleaaura ot seeing them la
tha sleca. tt having been presented beta
by another company. - ' i
Tha popularity-e aba Oayety tkealar'e
summer show will no doubt be very much
Increased this week by the generou and
unusual . program which will be offered
patrons.- The-feature aet tha first half,
of the week will be the European no ratty
artleta. the Tritters. wHh their sketch. "A
Study In, Rag." .Associated with them
ea tha btlt will be those fa ventre ot ma
steal enmedy,. the- MeConnell Hat era.
Starting on Tharadey th pragram will
agaia ba changed. Hilda Carta, a staging
comedienne at mora thaa passing merit.
Associated on bo program with her win
be tha Itesmaas. athletes sxtrsordlnary.
For the lover of tha "movtaa". Manager
Johnson haa . made nirangmnents , tor a
compter' ehaaga every any of all the
newest -and most up-to-date films which
have-uen produced by the leading ple
tmenakera.ot the country. At every
performaaee all week Lord Richard Bur
ton, the. powerful vofcfid Snellen bari
tone; wis tng tw ballad. - The Oayety'
aiovtag phstaa. beea eee ml their ateadl
nes sud brilliancy.' are the envy of all
th other picture displays ta town. Th
entertainment 1 continuous every day
from 1 to 1 and T to 11 p. av
. -1 . ' "
While Elks are buying tha hulk ot the
ttcirtj toe jha narmnaecf rharitj fund
( V'
benefit at tha Orpheum Monday and
Tueeday, May r-M. yet they will let th
public la to a limited anient, aad so are
putting tha tickets ba general sale. "The
Mikado" promise to bo what tha Milage
msa call a "cream" for tun and music
Miss Ines Later, who waa Tvetta In
"The Jolly Musketeere," will sing ths
role ot Turn Turn; Miss Bleoora Preuee
that of Kstisha. Mrs. C. H. Boyles wlU
be Plttl Blag. Miss Dors, Olson Peep Bo,
Captain Henry W. Dunn takes the role
of Tha Mikado, Jtoaa B Johnson ot Nankl
Poo, B. a. Hamilton will ba tha Pooh
Bah, Oscar Lleben Ko Ko. Ed Thompson
Na Ban. A. W.- Kroeger sings the part of
Plan Tuah." Dr. Preemantel la musical
director, Oscar Lleben stags director, 8.
S. Hamilton assistant ataga director and
C. H. Boyles , stage ' manager, with a
splendid ehorua. . ( v 4
"Tba Revised Proof. Is ths name ot
tha Interacting little two-net play on tha
printing business that wlll. bo given by
tha TO -City Ben Franklin-club at the
Lyric theater . an Wedneaday evening,
April 8. The piece waa written by Mr.
H. a. Griffin of Philadelphia, and tells
a story of tha existing conditions of
tha printing trade, , and has been pro
duced with great auoceee la Philadelphia,
Denver, Kansas City and other cities. -Tha
cast tor ths Omaha production haa bees
eelected with great care and includes well
known. local printer. ' Refaeartale are
well under way and tha show promises to
on -of tba beet, amateur affaire of
this kind given In Omaha thla season.
In nddltien ta "The Revised Proof-
John M. Hogaa, batter, known on tha
stage 'a Prof. Hoganlnaky. will do his
famoua knife throwing' not,, that cauaed
so many thrills at tha Den hut summer.
A quartet of local printers will sing some
beautiful ballads. Jerome K. Latach, Irv
ing A. Medlar, Harry Buraley and Clin
ton R. Miller will. take care. of this part
ot tha program. ,
Tha east for "Th Revised Proof Is a
follows: Mlsass Edith Standevea. Mildred
Cooncy. Meesr. C'E. Corey, Laurie J.
Quinby, Bert Potter, Emery O.-Peterson
John M. Hogstt. Harry U Tostsvta.'. C
Jack Steber. Clinton R. Miller and Charlee
K. Docberty.. The performance will be
etaaed by; Mr. Docberty. assisted by Mr.
IVE hundred auditor formed a
eympetheUo audaanca In tha
auditorium of tha Young
Womeu'e Ourtetian aesocha
HoB Friday night and listened
to nineteen numbers of a mia-
elcale given by piano atudenta of Miss
Florenca K. Pease. Th program:
DtaM March MUItaJra...Srtmbert-Tasaig
Katharine Fetch aad Helen Fetch.
Mey BU'' .....Bohm
Charioite "Huntley. . .
"Dragon Fly nance" ..AMttar
Kathenn Iran DybaU..
"Coa Amor" Beaumont
Helen Ivy.
"La Bngana (The Ovpsv) Bohm
Kathertn Oatenbersj..
"Silver Nymph' .....Hain
!ee Ruhrn.
(a) "Wiide" (Impatience)- Heller
(b) Va se la D flat major Chopin
Franrea .Kopald.
"Monastery Belle" Lstebarg Wely
Goidte Mel Cher.
"Rlgolatto" Verdi Dora
Cornelia CockreD.
(a) "Scarf Deuce ' Chamlnade
(b) "Traumerri (Dree miner). -..Schumann
Nellie Dudgeon.
"Valae Arabesque" Lack
Bella Bomiaesa,
(a) Huinweague ..Dvorak
(b) Minuet In O -.Beethoven
John Eldredge.
"Rustle of 8prms" . Hading
Edna Levtne. .
(ai "OondoHeri" i.. ..Nevtn
,W "9SSA KUs-" aawuaaa. uaa-rviAj
. Music !
. A- lilu Maa Co. '
"Moonlight" Bendd
Cecllln Feller.
"Witches Dance" MacDowsIl
. Manna B. Kopald.
Impromptu O sharp minor Relnhold
Marguerite Rogers,
"usbsslraume'' (Dreams ot Love).Xlast
Helen Sturgeee.
Valae Brilliant in A flat major.. ..Chopin
Miss Orsce Huntley.
Ballade In A flat major Chopin
asiaa si:rarea lnurcnill.
Wnlter BQraham will present his pu
pil In th following program t th Cen
tral United Presbyterian church. Twenty
fourth and Dodge. Friday evening. May
M. Invitations may be obtained from pu
P'ls or from studio, H-i Boyd theater.
Chorus-Tne Hilver Moon....Rhya-Heroert
wiiun aoio awvening mar txann-
hauaer) Wagner
. .t .Mr. Oraham.
Duet-When I Know Frans Abt
Miea Dorothy Meriiam end Arthur (lrou
Contralto Kolo-Pecova Proeba Bendi
Mlse Beeele Jsblecnik.
Tenor Solo-Answer Robyn
'-rnn J. KacketL
Mixed Quart et-The Bella Psrksr
Mlaees Maude Butler end Msrgaret Brad
way and Meeara. Lynn clackett aad
, Arthur t .n.
Soprano Solo-May Morning Dsnsa
. Miss Msude Butler.
Male Quartet-In A l-rnce. .. Dudley Buck
MeesTs. Lynn Beckett. Walter Deeta,
Jamea Love and Waiter Oraham.
Soprano Solo Carmen Lena Wilson
Miss Doris Duncan.
Bass Solo-Bedouin Love Song....Plnsutl
8. Arthur Lynn.
Soprano Solo-Calm as the Night., .Bohm
... . Mlas Freeda Woolley.
Mixed Quartet-Miller's Wooing. .Fanning
Mlaees Luella Miller and Gertrude Allan
nnd Messrs Lynn Beckett and
Wlllard Mlahaiivh
Contralto Solo Sunaet Dudley Buck
. Mlas Uertrude Alkln.
Baritone Solo (e) Kashmiri Bong
b For Ton Atone Qeehl
Mr. Wlllard 8. 8labaugh.
Messo Soprano Hoio April Moon. .Batten
' Mlas Lurlln Miller.
Baritone 8olo Prologue (PsgllscH).:..
Mr. Arthur U nmaa
Soprano Solo-Nymphs snd Fauns.....
. Mlae'vi'rda oidTfeid." mbr
- Miss Esther Pricks, accompanist. '
Two piano recitals are to be given by
pupils of Jean P. Duf field, tha Brat at
th First Baptist church. Harney street
and Twenty-ninth avenue, on Monday
evening. Msy la. and tha second st Mr.
Duf field's studio, rooms Wt snd- 70t Boyd's
theater,, Saturday afternoon May M, at I
o'clock. Mlas Mabel Baldwin, oprano.
pupil of Thomas J. Kelly; .will aaeist in
th first program.' Ths program: -
Concerto In C, major. Op U (first
movement Beethoven
, .Miss Helen Bennett.
H.1T. ('HUJ)RKN. 18c; AW.LTS,
sensTsa of
cfeks s:::at iisjit. kat isui
Program n Caisged
, Motion Ptetave Beels
Walts In C Ourlltt
Master' Dickie Stewart.
Sonata; C major (first movement). Mosart
. Mian Wynne Fairfield.
Schema, R flat Schubert
Miss Marie Richardson.
Flirtation tMaxurka-Caprlcei.De Creaenae
Mia Olaa Met.
Barcolle Kullak
Miss Batty Fairfield.
Youth and Joy Schytte
Mlas Gertrude Koenlg.
The Swallow Burgmueller
Master Louis Met.,
Etude Heller
Tarantelle Dennes
Mlas Arllne MeCreary.
Spanish Dance (four hands). .Mosskowakl
Misses sieien feycae, uigs ita .
August M. Borglum presents Mia Mabel
A. Owens In recital at the Borglum Piano
achool on Monday evening, Mny 90. nt t
o'clock, ad Douglas street Program.
L .
Variations F minor Haydn
Ah de Pergoless ....8chOTenka
Salon Etude (left hand) .......Plrkhert j
Romano F aharp .......Bcnumann
Oavotta Bacn-Ht. oaens
Etfrntaru Orleg
wu rfi Oiitle ainsrt Schytte
A la bien almee htt
Poupee Valaante i-oiuiui
Kamennol Oetrow Rublnateln
Ruatle of Spring sinning
Prelude.. Rachmlnoff
i V.
Carnival 8uite Schutt
(1) Pretude, tzt Berenaa ganniiin, w
Triateaee de Colombine. (1) Pollchlnelle.
tt) Pierrot reveur. (1 Caprice Bganarelle.
CtiecTtnl Idea
Tornmyr said his mother, "graad
mother I very alck. Can't- you go In
and cheer her upT" .
"Yea'uoi' aaid Tommy aa ba went
Into tha etch room. But In a few mo
menta las came out disconsolate.
"Couldn't, ' mother. " ha aald. "She
assmed to get worse."
"What ' did you say, deerr asksd
Why, I asked her If she would like
eoidter at her trjissral." ' .
Dry Cleaning Rush Indicates
Hot Weather Soon.
i -
Equipped to Drj Ciena a Million
Pieces If Nocaary Dnrinf
HMied Term That I
Rare To Come.
Th human being, In com raapecta.
1 very auch Ilk tha bird that fore
casts season with Ita migration north
and south. . Ha can almoat Yer ap
proaching Weather change
Th hot weather 'feel'' I in th air
and already tbouaaada of Omahana are
making up band lea of last season's sum
msr garment and are aandlng them to
th Dry Cleaning Eatabllihmcnt of
Dreeher Bros, UU-131S Farnam Bt, for
a thorough restoration.
Drsshar Bros, will take a 'last year a"
summer dress, summer suit, haU-para-aol.
plum, uniform, duater, auto coat,
belt, glove or ahoa and restore It to ita
original life, luatra and crisp nese, and
that it "cost les to clean than to buy.
la well known, no thla announcement
ahould eenre aa a warning message to
yoa If you are possessed of a bundle of
cleanable" autuner things
Even thoss lea cream, grass and per
spiration atalna of last aummer may ba
successfully removed In moat caaea.
Phone Tylar lied or Auto. A-ltlt. for
prlcea, or aea Dreeher Bros., branch
ngende In Th Pompalaa Room of th
Brand! Stars or Dreeher The Tailor,
lilt Farnam St ,. ; .
Dreeher paya expraaa on way en out-
of-town hl omenta amounting to 1J.0
or orar.
2:30 and 8:30
S3c; KVKMNG8 5c, S.V, SOc
Above the Closed la the Alpa,
Frauare, Kaplea, Rnsrw, FVas
cxece, - Entptioai ot . Mt, . Etna,
TvrVe Weekly; Three
Cbanged HijhUj.
. For half s century Hanan shoe have been the
leaders of all makes of fine ahoes. They are termed
the shoe without s hurt, for these experienced shoe
makers combine style and comfort and quality as
you will find It In no other shoe. . They are made for
both men snd women.
95,50 to $7.00
1410. nnrvn 1419
Bsnc aoooenpUsared fey the fantoua Chinese herbs aad Herbal
Thoaaaad 'of- testimoaials
iMMTtsOas, ' - '
Below re aaote esse of oar
OsenoU Bluffis, low. Itap 1, lilt, r
, lor Jee Hong Rath 0w f
11 N. llth St, Omaha. Neh.
(rentlreoesi: Raving tried your Herb ear for Chiwnlo Rho
nntlanA I snuat admit that tba remedle given have orovaa oura- .
- tlv an4 henendaL nnd If It eliminate) th Crle aclfl potaoa xrom
th rtra ears etteota a pormaaent eure, l nau give you a 01
plot tsellsiaosaj, . T. O. Ol , BCHNOOR.
We have helped thousands, snd K yo are suffering ws eaa
belt yoa. Ko charge for ootarultatloa. A free trial will con viae
yoa what these wonderful remedies will do.
Postg. WWi aVIaaW.
Three Mocks
Branch OfOMS
"Wt tell furnltur direct from factory to you"
; i r -. ' ' '
Come and see our New Store, new
goods, , new location and save from
20 to '40 on our new selling plan.
. , Ru3, Llnolum$, Refrigerators,
Office Desks. Etc.
D.F.Corte Furniture Co.
Complete Line of Samples
as aar srv an sa a gasajg shw ss a M
t k
w - at emaatv- WAN I
CWery IssAAA IDli With
This Waek, sTtasttag Taaay at 1 . M.
Hyton Vaudeville
Tzmrt rous bats or wm.
Sisters McCtBStn mJSSSZ
ita'Zff TKE TtiLLEK
PiclBm52r-.itini tts.
I DDy ltsl-.t e 11 . . fwur riniw
I Pen sy ataaei away laaa L"1-1
flssay sTtngtag
At Vewrr HUsnn AB Sansnsasci
- ari.
frons gTatoftd patients, subject to
f " .- - : r .
recent ones; .. . ' i
90s Korth lBth BC, Omaha, Keha
west of psasnfflce.
ia aU ths targe cities. ,
So different
mm the ordinary eating slace, U the
expression of a greet many of th
patron of
- V hare an envied reputation for
serving choice food to people ef good
taste at prices that make you feel
glad that you heard of ua One moat
wlU ba eufflrtent to prove It
falll trKOTS Bins SB
BssAay u A. BT. ta S t. M. Oa, tOa.
ISIS Doags St
C iV. BALL, Proprietor
Open All Night
: Look for Larg Electric Sign.
Borglum Piano School
August at. Borglum. Madams But glue
Pupils of Wager Bwsjrna.
Pnbllo rarformance Ear Training
Sight Reading.
Will Teach Till Aagust First
Telephone v
Your Vant-Ad
Tyler 1000