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, , - THE UA1AMA SLMJAl MAI rj, 131.:. ,
I ' M BL WS I J-i ,1 1 I I I
M W SS Ba ItimW 1
Slimmer Frocks
For Juniors and Small Women
' Smart little dresses; values
all out of keeping with the
: prices quoted; scores of new-'
i act mnAt Ynnpan hft fit-
ML ted without alterations from
I VMh these romnrehensive stocks. .
Small woman and Junior dresses for house,
street and ofttc wttr; plaids, check and plats
colon ta percales, fin chambreys and ginghams;
high or low neckf, also Mllor collars, torn with
ponnsl twit Ho and plals pleated skirts, others
with sltfbt empire waist and plain skirts; all ef
fect! rely trimmed with braids and buttons, tlses
31 to 88. and Junior slsge IB, IT and It; values
that prove a revelation to women unacquainted
with this department, at 4.75 S3.95 S3.50
nd 12.95.
A stronf feature In percale bouse dresses,
with Dutch necks and fastening at slds: checks,
dou and rings of small design, light or dark per
tales, sites 31 to IS, also Junior slses, at
only $2.50. ' ,
Writs for oar catalogue.
1518-20 Farnam Street
Father Conroy of fsssionistg Openi
Million tt Holy Angels
P.. .". Carry Will Tell Trwta Ouki Special
t Trinity-. Mleoie.
- err Speaks.
Hobby of 8om Condaotors Gather
i Most Calit Colletloa. .
Diversified i7e4g.'f bUbb ..trass
Dttforipi j jJ-jBetslew Apr
the Weatesj," Wee Are
ViuibunFtrtivsi "ntV&?i the
e"aWmJ,fWTtg etiroe, lull a
dostg !. hsrt'feeS- eendiwlors are
d.rlvti jr tli.t plesurs uid klioll)
by '" . VUlr laurg are mate by
Men af stmt caY frenefere and postal
mm), pm tl.m eriiwlnal ttl at the
it'nltsirj giejee.. "pf)da, Msxte and
KuroMn rjumrjfK One of thM cel.
lection riUW.s vilutd a? ever PM by
on. ef the ''oosnls.'t. ....
While the collection of strt car trans- hu bwa ci"4 as a hobby for
sometime, kss act seea take up as
eilensiearr as stamps, eolns. eurloe and
ether object Deaptta this tact the skevs
mentioned eerHtuctec esye llMt he knows
ot ever SW conductor la the eeaatry
who rave traaofvrs and nave targe aad
Intereetlng ccllaotlcn.
"I So not have to leave Oa)ehe te
gala knewlodse of plaoas and countries
I have not vtsJisd." reeneraed the ese
duets. "I have sir trenefCTs arranged
alsiest as J have my postal earls sod
tot viewing. inmUaui P04 lows 1 feavo
the mro.,',ne.j '.. : I ':,
1 saa JlovoJ (ram' Omaha ta tea
Pranctac, aut la , toe Answlss, ar
aorta te VkiknAior, vuxoee the retffto
ta Toklo tt titmnVi la Japan I sews
ta Maalla. jfuAh.i Hbodrtie, Skustrallat
north ta Qssi. rVni-jvlhi A'rleai to
Maana. Parle. ItrW at. Pe-j
tonhurg and gtaskhalmi arose the Eag
H.h sm and ha i Imaaos,. Uvorouol.
Kotnburgh, Pablia. aad then sail anvas
the Atktatlc, an visit dt ftha's, htaa
troal, .TarMtta, Hw Yprkj Boston. Mew
ark, rjlla4iihla, Washlagtea and nun
drads (' W Important cities la the
east, aad all by anans ef postal Saras
eas use-ow. ii r-; r;!
Traveling ' y tjis 1 ef the Utile
pleat' pt Hf,,,tr,(;ertlw is not
eiKm the 'enms' ooat 'aelng "la the
! posiaKS-vf'etohenia with ether rot-
lector. -ew the tin la writs .for what
ho. Is far awrs attractive than aa
outfit ef aiampe, though not ef each
fictitious value.
Fiereg Attacks on iooievslt CateB
Fwcy of Andisno tt Toledo.
at Caaaalaaa at VtoUtlaar' aar
II aloe af CeaSaea row aa
'. Haaaat CaaM la far a '
" neatiBg.
4 gaslaes the kwjil the aonduclor
gleans of ettlea; alalia end eountrtoe, he
1 aaya ' that he Bukea onaMerable money
traaaeltlngiauelk'eAei Iraaatei. Trene-
fere freaUitoa S ether JlrUlsh )ram
waya.jhrUit jfroei I te M asms each:
I other Turtfs transfers from I to U
v usMMMistmM Rtaaa4eslkna
Where 'tte value 'n iranefers eornee ta
f la the ehattges that SMitage.
BianL.lhs.shawMtQa. ef eas.comsany by
' eootit'r r the ahtnSonnieat of various
, , Unyv,..c)isiis.f.rm eawe to Meetrw,
: ana'eo fnna.
V . vi. .ki u ttt immIh oollontlna thai
appeals t a weataa is the dlverelfleg
orojBt.tho'thertVBT iMetpta, SI they
; r vCtlik.f . Orfmeny Almeet every
1 color of the ralabow, and ethere pro.
duood by the blending af eelora, are need,
and a eollectlon properly arranged In a
Ttc "Identification
Mark of Perfect
' TOLEDO, 0., May ll-'Tve gat Ured
ef being lied about and held up te the
eountry as hsvtng violated every rule of
conduct when I am not aontclaus that
I havs violated any." shouted President
Teft laat.:nlltt In the eouras at a
speeob ta a crowd that filled the Audi-
lortum. ..'!,
Mr. Taft's speech was eae of the moot
bfttoT aad most plain apoken alnes he
has begun is answer the charges ef
Colon! Roosevelt end to uss hot shot
of Me own. Ths president bluntly ehsrged
that Welter Brown ef Toledo, one of the
several Reosevelt leaders here, had eeased
Is be a Teft supporter because the presl-
dant refused ta accept hie reeommenda
tlon tor Judicial appointments.' lit go-
Stared that the opposition to him on the
salt of Da Henna ef Cleveland came
ss a eenssauence af Indict men is agalnet
Mr,, Henna by the Tafl Departmsnk ol
The preeldent reached Toledo more than
two ksara lata and many ef the crowd
pi the Auditorium had been waiting
longer ta sea snd hear him. When the
doors finally were throws open agalB
and thoee wha wished went ta they
mads ss much so lee that Mr. Taft had
te slap epoaklag for mora than- five
miautes. His asepsis te the crowd 'for
a aauar deal aad bis attache en Mr.
Roeeevslt were cheered emphatically,
Aeeaeattaa Apslaadod.
The president's unusual Mtterneee to
ward Mr, Keaeevelt was apparent from
the first, lie launched ImmodlaPily Into
aosusslloua ef uatanness upon ths part
ot bis proeeooasor that caught the fancy
ef his hearore aad Brought forth many
I unto af c flooring and handclapplng.
"Ths memory pi Ike aaiaoa Mr. Roe
volt kaa palled taaT eaut the president.
"etlll Ungerc IB my Mrs, finca the time
be began his personal attaoka en me he
haa used aM the epithets hs could think
ot and all the namea W (he calendar, cuca
ss aa preeldent SM evtr been suhleeteg
to by a.maa whs aad two, terms la (hai
ernes," w- , .
Mr, Tafl sailed the tariff, views at Mr,
Roosevelt rldlculoue, and, labelled,, hie
"scheme1' for a tariff that would make a
ilvhnua ef Profits between the laborer
aad tha elu'er "calchpanny phrases,'
"NelUttfMr. Reoeerelt nor snyhody
loe," declared the president, "could sver
draw such a bill. He wee In the White
House etvca years snd never tried te
revta the tariff. .. ',
Canting 1 OMe and Walter Brown the
preeidoat asM: ' i have had Walter
Brewn'a suppart I the past and tt was
effective, but Waller Brawn and I differ
t Judicial eppetntmenta. and
thought l knew mors about tbom than
be did. . . -
ladletaeoat Caaeaa raeaa.
- "Mr, Xian Haana - was tndlosed unaer
the rebate law, aad after that dats the
Clevelsad leader aad eil Ma
turned against me.
"it lltlls Ilea la Raoesvclt's snouth
say that I sm tied p with the Interests
Iwa toe evldanos that haa been brought
cut la the Harvester aad steel tract
snd ala right hers ta Qhle shows where
be stsnda"
Mr. Teft. for ths first Urns, flail
ehergtd that Mr. Rooamlt hie e
palga ataaager, geaaior Ptasa aad derv
erratic aenatora prmatad the rattle
Boa of the pesos Iroatlea ss Ihsy
srlglnally were put beier ths Beasts.
"Who defeated those tnattesr
ashed, ahahlng hie flat aad walking ap
and dowa the platform. "It waa Theo
dore RoeeevaU, Peaator DUoa aad la
"What 1 am aald af." saM ths re
dent, "Is th dantar thai yoa aad the
hols country will bs hlurrod ta roar
vtaioa pf th true Issuea by Mr. Roes
trail's attache oa ma and that mea wtu
S ea voting Bur Mr. Rooaevart ecauae
toer BetWvt what he aaya af SM sag
forgot tka.aaBgor that lies la patting
Sua la the, White lieu far a jhirt
A two woek'a mlaelon win b opened
Holy Angel a Catholic church. Twenty-
eighth street snd Fowler avanuc. Sun
day morning, the first service being a
maiw at 10:30. Rev. tgnstlus Conroy of
ths Psaelonlst orCer. will sonduct the
mission. The first week will be for wo
men and the eeeond for men. At (
ch morning there will be a maas, fol
lower by brief Instructions. At. I o'clock
each morning mass will bs said, a eervlee
for children will be held each afternoon
L Each evening at 7 rather Conroy
will preach.
Ralph Breckenbrtdie will talk of his
travels abroad Monday evening In ths
parlora of the Hanscom Park Mcthodlat
church, under the auspices of ths Broth-
rfcoo4 of lbs church;. There will be good
muate sad refreshments. Friends of the
Brotherhood and their ladle Invited,
The newly decorated audience room of
the Calvary Baptist church .will be open
for the public services tomorrow. The
pastor will preach In tha morning on
"The Truth About Omaha" suggested by
aa editorial la one of tha aewepepere
during the week. In the evening the
theme will be: "le There a Drift Towards
the Roman Cathollo Church!"
Bervlcsa for ths Sunday after ascension.
st TrlnHy cathedral will Inclilda special
spproprlate t th dsy. At ths evening
service at t o'clock the Dean aad choir
will uss ths choral service and anthems
will bs sung.
Aa elementary conference of Sunday
school workers will be held la the Toung
Men'a Christian association auditorium
Tuesday afternoon at 4 o'clock. la the
evening there will toe a general rally, led
ky Frank E. Mayer, county superinten
dent of Sunday schools. Ths program ta
detail will be published later.
Right Rev. A 1 Williams, bishop of
the Dlooece ef Nebraska, will preach and
administer baptism and communion at BL
tephea'e mission lunday.
Rev. Edwin . Btucker, Chautauqua lec
turer and evangelist, at Ottawa, Kan.,
formerly a resident of Omaha, will preach
at tha First Baptlat church tomorrow.
Mr. Btucker formerly waa a civil engtnssr
with ths Fremont, Elkhora and Missouri
Valley railroad with office at tha head
Quarters af ths company ea Farnam
atreeL At that time bs wss a member
st ths First Baptlat church. He resigned
la juns 11 to a mar the ministry.
Uf!k fUm.
Mi . . he
VapM EkVsfjiristrt
TEX west ponrr post.
It le reported General J. J. Persuing
will become superintendent ot West Fnt
MlHtary academy to snooted Msjor Gen
eral Thomas H. Barry. He le a eon In
law of ex-Senator Warren of Wyoming,
who wss chairman of the committee ea
military affaire when General Pershing,
then of th Tenth cavalry, was promoted
from a captaincy to the grade of briga
dier general. Recently General Pershing
has bees la command of the Department
of Mindanao. In the Philippines. Hs Is a
graduate of West Point and a native of
Missouri He waa bora ta Una county
September U, 1M0. Oeneral Barry,' th
present superintendent, la elated for the
position af eoenmandcr ef the Department
ot the Bast, vacated by the death ef Gen
eral Frederick D. Grant General Per
shing waa formerly commander at ' the
University ef Hebraska.- r'
, . Kseeaveli la Calaeebwa. ..
COLL Mat S. (X. May lA-''PresJdsat
Teft s theory af ccastltutlonal guearn
msnV. said CMenel Roeacralt her ts
aight. "Is that tt la a gowtuaest aa
sainlatarad by Messrs. Larlsesr, Ouggea
Betm, Bareaa. GalUngsr aad taatr ake la
defiaaa ef the will of Ihe peonl: that
11 is a govereneat uader ankb she psapla
are. oairaueod ef baa- rigata h
Dr. CtMtneegaosyaaa. whose asms In
English la John ths Bsptlst, a native of
Turkey, will speak of the country ef bis
nativity and tha work of Chiiatlan mls-
slonarlss tbsrs at tha morning and svs-
sing ssrvtcas at ths Third Presbyterian
enure h. Twentieth snd Leavenworth
treets. taraorrw. , ,
. T. W, C A. '. i
Ths s roe rein at the veeper esrvlos Bun
day at :M e'elack will be la charge of
th Bible classes. Besides ether things ef
Interest, a Bible drill will be given by one
of the Junior clubs and a story will be
laid by Mies Csdls Lyon. Muate will be
furnlehad by Mrs. I. A. Larkins.
Monday Ins last number at the mem
bership eatsrtalamenl course will be
given at 1:11 p. m. The numbers oa the
program wilt bs glvsa. by ths aseoclattoa
ehorue under the leadership ef Mies
Xsrbech, assisted by Mrs. Henry
Maxwell, pianist; Mlea Jennie Oorden,
, aad Miss Ruth Ktrso ostein.
vlaitnlet. Ths program will he as foU
(a) Violets P. H. Cswea
(b) Juns Roees.. , , gchumann
c) la the lUyflelde Clre PlneuU
Traum dor Blnnerln W. T. Ambrosto"
Mies Kirocnstein.
i Wind Flower (theme for left hand
only) wooarun
Mrs. Maiwell. .
The Soul of the Violin
Miss Gordon.
Walts, Op. w No l Chopla
sirs, saaawem
(a) Jack Frost ). L. Hatton
lb) 1 Bin Because 1 Love to (tine ..
, i. rinsuu
I . Chorus. . .
Wedaeeday the annual May breakfast,
served by the Business Qui club, will
Ss served from 1 to I a. at. This Is a
regular aerved kreakfael, to which the
puMI la Invited. . ,
Thuraday - tha . lesson In paper
Saokery In ths domestic sdenc class at
I s a'rtask will be aa pi IssVea
Dmoastratlaa la tha method ef cookery
will be given by Mrs. a II. Chleam,
At the aooa anuetoal oa Thursday tram
U li te 1 th tallowing program WIU be
glvsa. under ths direction of Mis Ruth
S lath Rhspsodte Ltast
Mis Helen Toy lor.
(a) From ths Land of tha Bay Blu
Water Cadman
(b) Ths Bleed bird Helmuad
si lea uases svans.
Rsadlag Selected
Miss Henrtette Benedict-
Thala Meditstlon Massenet
Miss Nellie Stevens.
(a Twaa April Nevia
tt) Sweet Mia Mary... Netdllnger
Ulea Hasel vna.
Butterfly Ledele
Mtsa Helen Tavler.
Accompanist. Miss Cat Evaas aa
Ura. U Lyea,
' Bapllst.
Calvary, Branch, Thirty-fourth Bad
Bewsrd-untay. imp. m.. Bible school
W. H. OwelUk supenntendent.
First. Harney aad para Avenue-
Pnechtna morel ne end velna Rev.
Edwin . Stucker; morning evrvtoes at
te S3, "guhlect. "Doe o.wi l-arer- Bun
day ertvool at noon; yoans people' prayer
meeting H I a en.; wv.iimis nncw l
l.a; subject "My Mother's Bible."
Calvary, Twenty-fifth and Hamlltoa.
Rrv. K. R. Curry, Peelor-eVrvire at
1 a and a. Meratng eublect. 'The Trau
About Omaha;" eveeang. "Is There a
Irltt Toesrds the Kumaa Calholle
Churchr' Bible school at noon; young
people'e meeting at t p aa.; Wedneaday,
i a. as. aaeg-wwek devcuaaal eel Hue.
Iwuneauet Twenly-feunB and Plnkney,
Re. T. V Kbereotak KsMor Bible erneol
at neoa; Baptist Tong People e onion
at t. eervtcee et 1 B and , Re, i. A.
Leavttt will preach la th mwalngi lM
tb. evening a.ecrawa tor the pasior ta
young mea and soya. 'Ta Plueamet Line
Lite.'' Mr Reader wtlt Mad th auo-weea
nettag Wedneeday.
' Cartatlaa.
North Stde. Twaety-seeond aad Loth
roe rHreeta, M. J. Kirarnstein. Minister
guaday school at I i Chrtatiaa Endeavor
t S.aV Hecuter enwrea ssnti e leej,
end a. Merrung theme. "Reugteas Cob-earvarma-Pubilctur;'
eveatng tnene,' 'Ut
vine Coaipaastoa. '
' V 1
f f - .'
f - V" V
' , -
day ewvtoaa at 11 and 1 Subject ef lesson
sermon, "Mortals and Immortals." .
Cmm a reaatlonaL
St. Mary's Avenue. Jsmss Alsxaader
Jenkins, b. D., Mlnleter k:M a. m.,
"Tranaleled:"-! p nw "Toung Men and
Money Madness. Miss Florence Wooley,
violinist. - . -
German Fro EvangeneaL Twauta and
Dorcas Morning service st IS IS, confirm
ation, solemnisation and celebration of
oomruunton and addrsea ef confirming by
Rev. F. J. Woth of Avora, la.: Bible
school and preaching service at !: snd
v. ss.
First. Uth snd Dsvsnnart. Fredrick
T. House, paator Morning worship at
M M. eublect. "Tha Sons of tha Pyrlan
Ouest," (ltd Psalm); evening worship at
et: Touna Peoole'e Society af Chrtatlan
Endeavor at :. business men'c class at
noon, Mr. Orcutt will spesk on ths "Con
servation Con reos In New York."
Kountee Memorial. Farnam Street and
Twenty-alalh Avenue, Rev. Oliver D.
Beltsle. Th. eeaular eervloe
both morning and evening. Sunday school
el IS a. m. Lutlier league at i p. m.
RL Matthewa Ensllah. Comer Nine-
isenth and Caaeellar, Rev. G. W. Snyder.
Pastor-Service et 11 a. a., eukMot,
Man Ruled Out." Sunday achool at w
. m. Choir rahaaraal ea Thursday even
toa EneUsk. Maanolla Hall. Corner
Amea Avena and Twenty-fourta Street,
Rev. a. W. Snyder, Pastor-Services at
I S p. m.. subject. " Treated There se
Treated Hera." . Sunday aoheel at tM
. BS. .,... ' '
at. Werk'a fKeialfehl. Twentieth and
Burden. Dr. U Groh. Paslor-ll, "The
Aecenalon. Coronation of Chrletre,
Paradoxtral Ufa f Bvery Tru se
Hover;" Sunday school at ': Young
People's Christian Endeavor at t:tt.
St. Paul a Twenty-slihth and Parker,
Rev. B. T. Otto. Peslor tlervloee at M
snd T at. la the morning eervloe the
Knglleh catechumen elaae will b eon
fttmarf. Ihiiulir M-hool et 11 Se. Knatleh
evening eervloes on the ft ret and fourth
Sundays ef lite month. Holy communion
on Pentecoai Sunday. Toung; People's
Bible mass o Tussdsy at t-Se,
1 ' - ' Metbedlst. ' '
Oek Street. Twentieth and Oak Preach.
Ing by the paator, Rev T. C. Webater,
Sunday evening at I; Bible school at I;
young people's meeting at Tj midweek
meeting Thursday evening at g
Trlnllv. Tw.niv. first and BlnneV. O. W.
Abbott. Pastor Preaching In the maralng
at Met by pre. Hal say of th University
of Omaha; In th evening at I Rev.
Themae Bagshaw of South Omaha will
Larlmore. Cart U Bader, Pastor Claae
meellne. S:4i: morslna worship St le ss;
Sunday school at noon: Junior leagwe at
130; Kpworth league at I; leader J. J,
Cameron; evening worship at l Brolner
knMt wMMIne Mondev at a
Klrat. Twentietn ana uavenpon, nee
Milton B. Wllllama, atlruster Morning
servlee. Hi earmon by Rev. K. B. Craw
ford, "paator ot naneoom raa ateioooisi
church: eveninc senirs. I; sermon. By
Rev. r. E. Jenkins of th Theological
wmlnary; Sunday achool. f;S; Epworth
league, J. '
First Swedist-, Corner 'North. Nine
teenth and H-irt. Rev. Ouauv Erlckean.
I ttor-(iuno.-.y acuo4 at t a. aa.. led by
l!r. Krlw K. riandwalL Preaching scrvlc
et 11 a. m., suhlect. '-Th Hm-4 ot Home
Uieslcn " Epworth ieagus service et I
p. sa. Preaching aerviuc at t jr. an, sub-y-eu
"Christ's Compa-'eloii. '
rlrst Mrraorlal, Vhlrty-torrth and
Lartmor - Avenue. Rv. W. . vVhlt
iman. PastorMorning . org!-.!', at 11
o'clock with sermon by tha pastor, sub
ject. Tne :iilid Kingdom. t-verona-wmhrp
at g o'doi-k. jiperorth- laro. f
o'clock. Sunday school. 14 a. ra. Mia
eiasel Willluis wlil give a sole at the
morning aertve. Mr. A. W. Miller, leader.
vj'.k. er.4 Parnam. Rev.
John Grant thick, Iunday achool
it II a a. f uwrlr.t.nJcnt (.nanes n.
Chas In eharse. l'ren'Ult.f by the pastor
at 11 a m. and Iil a. Themes: Morn-
Ins. "Melpere of jay. evening. A
Timely Prayer.". . Epwortb. league aer-
vice at S p. m., sire. w.. u Hatneia.
leader. Midweek orU7er meetlug ea
Wednesday nlghL
Hanscom Park. Twenty-r.lnth Street
and Woolworth Avenue, Rev. E. B
Crawford. Paetur-Mornlna service at
U):M o'ejock. The pulpit will be occupied
by tha hev. Thomaa Bitneii. u, u.
Evening service at 7:U p. ra., eermen by
tii pastor, theme, "Christ's Measase to
tke Man Who la Dowa" Sunday school
at noon. Mr. B. A. Wtleos. auperlatendent
Epworth league at I B) p at., Ksv. B. B.
Crawford, leader.
Fall-view. Pratt and Fortieth Avenue
Bible school at l:tf: afternoon worship
at t, subject. "Daniel;" service ef eong
at g; Fair-view Blols club Thursday even
ing at s, subject. "How to Bring Other
to Christ."
Clifton Hill. Forty-fifth and Grant,
Thomas B. Greenlee, Paator Bible school
et 1. Public worship: II, "Living In Two
Worlds;" s, "The Garden or th Lord."
Wednesday at I service of prayer and
North, Twenty-fourth and Wirt. M. V.
K if bee, Pastor-Morning worship at 10:;
sermon by tha paator; evening at g
Sunday school at noon. Young People'e
Society of Christian Endeavor at 1,
Prayer meeting at 7;tS Wednesday even-
First United, Twenty-first and Emmet,
Rev. A. C. Douglass. Paator Sermon
topics: M:M a. m., "Obedience to Christ
the Teat of Dteclpleahlp;" I p. b., "De
ceptive Leadership." Bible . school at
noen. Touna People's Christian union at
T p. m.
Centra United. Twenty-fourth and
Dodge, H. B. Sneer, Pastor Morning
worship at M'.M o'clock, sermon by paator.
Sabbath achool at nooa, E. E. McMillan,
superintendent. Toung people'e meeting
at T ocioca. evening worsnip at s
o'clock. W. B. Graham, director ot
ehorue choir.
First. Seventeenth and Dodg Streets,
Rev. Edwin Hart Jsnks, Pastor public
worship at S theme, "God's Work
manahlp:" evening worship at s. ster-
aopuoon picture. Dr. Jsnks will show hla
views or lance .a in xioie. inn.iin
KndeaVor meeting at UV Sunday ecbool
at IX Everyone la Invited t attend..
Third. 'Twentieth and Leavenworthr-
Sunday school, with cloacae for young
men and young women; M:t public wor
ship ana aaareee on luresy or ur.
Cheeneegsosyseni t. prayer meeting of
tha Chrlettan Endeavor society; i, even
ing worship and sermon by Dr. Cheenee
gaosysan. "Is It Accident, Coincident or
Church of the Covenant, Pratt and
Twenty-eeventh, Charle H. Fleming,
Peator-Mornlng worship st M) :eV eublect.
The win la Heneve; ' tnsic ecnooi at
noon: Endeavor at T; evening worehlp at
MS, subject. "Daniel;" Covenant flible
club Wednesday evening at a, aabjcot.
Chrlet la King." ,
Weotmtnstsr. Corner Twenty-ninth and
Mason. Rev. Thomas H. McCennoll,
Pastor At 1 W a. m , servVe of wor
ship with sermon ea "The Advantag ef
innat e Ascension u in unruuao.
Sabbath school and Blbls classes at noon.
Westminster chapel Sunday ecnooi at
I B p. m. Westminster Toung People's
sects ty meeting at 1 p. ra. At p. m.,,
service af pralsa with sermon sa "Ths
Roy with a Handicap," . . .
-. . Reiermed. ,
First. Twenty-Utrld and South Central
Boulevard. C. M. Rohrbough. Pastor
unsay aenom ai :: mornina wnranip si
li. ausieot. "At tne n-sitl neaa or uoa
Christian Endsavor at T. Preaching at t
subject, "Ths Trsgedy or a waeled Ufa."
at IS ai Dr. Llnletors will preach. Sunday
ecbool st u:. unity gauowsnip at i m.
aflaMltaaaaac -
tnuraarjonal Bible Studenta asencUtlee
will meet at Bartsht hall. Nineteenth end
Faraam, aunaay at I p. m. bu bleat, "The
Devi re of ATI Kations.1
win be tne epos aer.
people's Charles W. Sevtdge. Paator
Morning. "Do Splrlu Good and Bad Ever
Come to Earth and May Their Presence
be Detected r Evening. "Praying Reli
gion." Sunday school at Boon. Christian
Endeavor at t.
New Thought Fellowship meats ta the
Weed building. Eighteenth and Famara.
Sunday morning at It o'clock. Henry
Harrison Brown of San Frandaco. editor
ef "Now." will 'deliver n f hi new
thougnt lecturea. He also will lecture ea
Wednesday evening, at oicloca.
qLeNWOOD, la.. May M."Spaelal.)-.
Ths Missouri river Is again snaking some
trouble at Folsom In western Mills
county. The Burlington railroad baa
been at work repairing the damage don
tost month and la redoubling efforts to
avoid a repetition of It experience at
that time. When a portion ef their Kan
sas City branch was hurriedly moved tg
prevent tt going ths rrver. On tnou
sand cars af rock have gone through Pa
dOe Junction la the tost week to Work
lota tha riprap protection. Tha catting
b) a few hundred yards below th Apr ,
aa. The eld D. W. Bennett bouse went
m yesterday. This was at ana time a
very aloe farm home ea a very produc
tive farm.
(Continued from First Par) :
bureaus, Governor Colqult of Texas, with
a numerous delegation from that state;
Governor Mana ot Ytrgtan with his staff,
and tost, 'but not least, little Miss
Claudia Lyon, daughter of Colonel Cecil
Lyoa. republican national committeeman
from Texas, sponsor of ths Texas.
For the garden. Made by the B. T. GOODRICH Co.
You cannot beat GOODEICH HOSE anywhere-nor our
You know Goodrich hose is the best made and can
not be sold at ANY OLD PRICE.
We have the same brands from 10c a foot np
;ward. ; : .'.
ti:au whirlpool, mtesiax. cascade aro TRnoii
Every foot warranted and at right prices. Our guar
antee protects you.
jits. r.ioRTo;i & son co.
y . w.
Old Afc for Cafe or Home
It's tag boar that wlU pleas la
tog club, ear, hotel, farmhouse, eot
tags or manaloB, because it satliftsg
the most critical snd sxactlsgudgsa.
It pours clear, sparkling, sloiidlaagg
SBd pure. f
The aAober Bottle :
protects Old Age h'om deoay. '
' ' fabtzxt ravasa stjtfubb bti '
esrlli OmalisWat. eTTTTWa, ggog M SS,
- ra, saath sea. -
Qniabs WPoo F, BxiA lass Bwag-las g
Phono, Benglea lee. .
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Developing Dust
and Chest
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niaa kstes tee Bans ! saM lea eeu.
tiM waue'a VUan Oalasa TakMa laer
imo a a.r. trt.k eur tmly. a4 wKkle
Wry reseeasele Use onIM emits will as
eMhew. tt W seasonal tket re us. tee Vow null tku MleUS ta. OKNVINS 1M-
marto OiUlU, sera aa Will. re wane u
aw e Se, an te ts se tke aera ates ssk tm
tkM araeS. uk. aa eokeiusus. as ekeji eie eruy
Tke lakM. ae ante af a leeS tkaa a tills.
as ere Mmlr kamMss Buw ts take,
M aetr em Mix Berlra tseene laa walk I
kl ate Silk e.tlMliM aa kaeiy mH tmt
knew wrtura ae . at viae wte ban
li nanty eie tkws. Wkne't Vaa Uee
TtktMs si ee sew stserUsMH.
CAtmog pw
te ask far
Wlllard White Oa,
Bill BmleNT
ricsk BaUder TsaJa
tie BOX'
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awiu ees mmmtr eaaafe. .
Wbna'a V.wetie Hup TaaMs aeatate tke
k aaaliew sert e.nUe ee tke eeet
firm. If re mim mnImhl THIN, aareeen.
an i. as sr im Sees, take s kaa ef tkees tafcMOB
sri wmm tkw wmji.i ettMSs. W fce ai
mw tresiMe mi, ae on. k af ik. tea
Ms aaeai iuaa el tke It etaa Itn1 jag
it ctrnor. i
aw kmc .It. US. UM aatr tke OTVI. aals
euaMketa te wiuwe wtHa oa, ckaait
ee ei aeaMaeua. utt ear V. a
: CavtMlaa PHsaaa.
'pfret ST Mary Aveaae aad Twenty. M eel kn
piss Basel Be mar. Be aassjli et atst
I mm9 nine; eae se eeai. wras IS
WUXAP.D WHITS CO.. Ckfcnee, 1U.
I , 'VxrMaVPffli ayara VOUaTnT.' as. -Ta
at owl Pwrteet TeUeS eralsa ta as
. i Wares,
eei r' Pkerwe a HAwasetL Urwe-Ointe
Qm5Tj f I I I jj "
1 u"y X
. 1 . . . M
Incomparable Values at Prices
tom Voixr Desires
Stoddtrd-Daytos "Saybrook" 48
hp.; $2,800 SJ5
xl: wbeelbaaa, UIW
Stoddird-Dtytea ,,StToy" 28 hp.,
(d ifA Flve-passengsr Tonring Car;
1,-1JU four-cylinder. 4iH: wheal,
base, ill lacbea. Made also wits 4-pas-segger
Touring or I-passangsr Compart
ment Roadster podlea.
Stoidird-DaTton "Strttferd", 38
1 fllA nvwaaaeiifar Toor
DPnI,OJU Ing Car; four-cjlinder.
dUisni; whoelbase, lis) Inches. Ifsda
also wits T-sagMDer limousine or Lsp
daulet bod las or with '-passenger Coupe
or I passsngsr Semi-Torpedo bodies.
Mohair Top and Boot, Robe Rail,. Foot
Rett, Horn, Jack and Toole rurniihed
With All Model. Color Optiom.
passenger Tour- .
Car; four-cylinder. -m
Inches. Made .
also with 7-passsnger Llnouslo, d-paa- -,
oarer Torpedo or t-passenger Compart- '
Bent itoadster ' todies. Completely
qilpped. 8U11 the "Touring Car Un
equalled." Luxurious. Built for continued
service. -
Stoddard . Diyton "Knight" 6- ;
Cylin., 70 hp., $5,000 IS"-
rlnv aad cejater coatroL Fora-door Tour
gear; whaelbasa, 111 Inches: Kit Urea; '
H. D. demoaaubla rims; windshield; tire "
t.olders; seat-covers; tnink rack; Hartford v
shock sbaorberg; speedometer; electric '
bora; electrlc-Ughtlng outfit. Furnished
' also with UmouslBa. Torpedo snd Com-'
' partmant Roadster bodies.
' Every Model carries with it a style and quality unequaled by any other car on the
, market at the price" quoted. ..;Tt 1. --w ' '
FOR OTHER MANUFACTURERS TO WATCH 'and the Stoddaxd-Dayton driver il ea
vied by those who pouesi ars of equal price, but deddtfdly lest merit. : ; ,
Deright Automobile Co.
'-I818 FarnamSf. " :'-;';" :Oir,ha. Nebr.
fewnb g nana y acaewt at and U. gaa-