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    The ' Omaha .. Sunday Bee
mi osz.
Fair; Cooler
VOU-XU-XO. 48.
President Defends Hit Reciprocity
Treaty in Address to large
.Crowd of Farmers.
Executive Says He Knows Difference
Between Deficit and Surplus.
Tells His Auditors to Look Out for
the Blind Ballot
Colonel Climbs to Top of Freight
Car and Makes Speech.
Senator Sara Repablleaa Party Dare
Nat Xaaalaate Klthcr Talt a
Reejaerelw Bnwi Re
pi In ta Taft.
NiPOLEON, O., Mr ll-Th prealdenl
addressed a large crowd, consisting
mostly of farmers, here, defending hi
reciprocity" treaty and declaring ha had
redeemed ail platform pledge.
"Mr. Roosevelt saya that I tack Imagin
atlon and 'sympathy and am' pnsxle
wllted," continued tha president, "I am
Bet ao puulewltted tut that I can per
ceive the difference between tha taO,a,a
treasury deficit at the end of Theodore
Kooesvclt's two terma and tha SMkUW.Mit
urpnia at the end o( my tint year n
Mr. Taft declared Mr. Rooaevelt abeu'd
nut be nominated becauae of tha eliaiac
ter of file campaign and becauae to do
ao would mean a violation of the third
term tradition. , " " '
Raaaevelt an Btlad Ballet. -".
DELAWARE, o.. May M.-"Thr' 1
but one fcatura of the entire Ohio eltua
tlon which makes me have any doubt at
all." aald Colonel Rooaevelt beta today.
"And that la the fact of the bUad ballot
We tried to have tha republican atate
central committee put on the ballot In
names of Mr.. Taft, Mr.. La Pbilett and
my Eel f. Tha committee, refused because
It. did not want you to express your
preference, 'he commute believed it
could fool you and 1 want yon to fool
St. I want you to find out before you go
into the booths who the Roosevelt candi
dates are. Now, mind yon, yed won't
find my nam on tin ballot You won't
find It there because tha .Taft managers
wouldn't put It there." , " " . .
senator Dixon, Colon! Roosevelt's
campaign manager, siet the colonel li
Columbus and came with hhn is far ae
Delaware.- ' -. '
rlatferat Breaks Basra.
MARION, O., May 1S.-A platform
which- had been erected for Colonel
Roosevelt coilapaed here today' shortly
'before he arrived and several persons
were caught la the crash and Injured,
three civil, war veterans being taken ta a
Undaunted by the lack of a rostrum,
the colonel, on his arrival, climbed up
the Iron ladder of a freight car and spoke
from Its roof. .
" I couldn't stand en th platform," aald
the colonel from bis perch, becauae the
platform broke down.' It wasn't my plat
form. Mine won't break down.
"In notice," he continued, "that yester
day Mr. Taft attacked what I aald about
the tariff. What I proposed la perfectly
feasible. Mr. Taft aay ha doe not un
derstand my proposition. I don't think
be la capable of understanding it. He Is
well-meaning, but means well feebly."
i Koltette Speaks la Fotasabas. '
COLUMBUS. O., May Ifc-'The saddest
thing In the present campaign la the per
sonal controversies being Indulged In by
the president and th ea-preeident' said
Senator La Follett In a speech In a local
pork today. ..-.- .--...
"You are told that only one, and he
progressive, can b elected to th
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The Weather
Forecast till I p. iv Sunday:
For Omaha. Council Bluffs and Vicin
ity Fan- tonight and Sunday; slightly
cooler tonight.
Teaaperatwrw . -at
Hours. Deg.
I a. m...; it
a. m is
I a. m.... t
S a. m M
( a. m
' M a. av jt
II a. m R
U a. m. T
1 p. m .. n
J p. m... n
I p. m... T
Loral Weather eeee-d..
, lilt ML 11 BUS.
Lowest last night....... is 71 w i&
sTecipitation . . l
Normal temperature for today, de
grees. Deficiency In pfedpttatloa since March
L. 1.7 inches.
Deficleaiy corresponding period, JJJ,
t.'M Inches.
lieflciency corresponding period. Ilia
. HK-bea, -Weather
ia the Greia Belt.
Wanner weather prevaiia in the moun
tain and temperatures are higher ia tne
central valleys and throughout tha ea-.
and south. A change to much cooler oc
curred in Ute exueme upper Misaouri
valley and western Cunadian provinces
hut aif bt. This change will extend dow(.
the valley during the next twenty-four
hours and will bring fllgbtly cooler
weather to -this vicinity tonight. Light
ahowers occurred in the extreme upper
Mi-euwipct valley and upper lake remoa
since tne preceding report. The weather
Is geaeraliy clear over the southern por
tion ef the country this morning, aud
wnile eonaiderabie cloudiness is shown ut
the lake region,, extreme upper valleys
and north went, generally fair weather
prevails ever the northern portion, and
the outlook Is favorable for eoatlnaee
(air In tola vicinity tonight and 3uae)er.
At -A- Kaua, irfttai trerecasuc.
Super-Dreadnought Texas Largest
Fighting Machine in World,
is Launched.
Tbeasaad Taws Larger Than Any
Other Ship la Existence It Will
' Have Speed at Twchty-Oee .
'.. Knots Hear.
' NEWPORT NEWS. Vs., May ll-Wlth
th launching here today of the auper-
drsadnaught Texas th American navy
counted as It Its proudest possession the
biggest and th most powerful battleship
th world has ever teen. Other nations
are trying desperately or th honor of
owning th greatest warship, but It will
be months after th Texas and Its slater
ship th Nw Tork. which win . be
launched - at tha New Tork 'navy ' yard
la July, have taken the water before
th mooattr ship plsnned te ouulieUhara
and now under construction in. European
shipyards will be water borne. It was
deemed fitting that these two exemplar
at tlte highest skill ef the-shipwright
should bear th aamaa of two warships
which covered themselves with glory dur
ing th Span hh-4merlcajl war. ;
Th Texaa, with ail of Its store aboard
will displace H.s tons, or l.eoo ton
mar than (ha great dreudnaught Ar
kansas,, now. about ready for commission.
It Is Kt feet long, ninety-five feet two
and . a 'halt Inch beam, so that 'It will
hav almost fifteen feet In spar In' pass
ing through the Panama canal locks. Its
-draft will be twenty-eight feet six Inches
and Its speed twenty-one knots, which
would hav been high speed for cruiser
a few years ago." --
II la a remarkabls fact that 'the XT,
horse power required to maintain this
speed will be developed In the case of
Texss by twin screw vertical, triple ex
pansion engines of th old type, instead
of by turbine, which hav been almei
universally adopted abroad In all naval
construction. This machinery Is Installed
because ef the convict loo of-American
naval 'engineers that the reciprocating
engine la tb moat economical and reliable
for battleship practice,
lit la Merer) Tlaae."1
The Texaa represents soma feature of
Interest entirely apart from It great
sis. In the first place, Its launching
eomea Just about thirteen months from
the date Its keel was laid; a remarkable
performance for American shipwright.
and a practical demonstration of their
ability to-4urn out warships as rapidly
aa any nation In th world under proper
Incentive. - ... r - ,
In the second place th Texas will h-.
tha first ship In tba world to carry four-tea-men
guns. It will hav ten of them
distributed In flv turrets arranged on e,
central line front stem to stem. Th.'
Mggeat guns now afloat la th American
navy are tha thlrteea-lnch rifle of the
famous old Oregon type, while tb best
that tb British navy can do Is to point
to their U.t-lnch guns en their la'teet
battleships. In addition to these monster
gans the new American ship will carry
n less than sixteen five-inch rifle In
place of the little three and four-Inch
guns that were formerly regarded as suf
ficient for th secondary battery. Th:
increasing sis and power of the torpedo
boat destroyers an tba enormous speed
of the chain-lightning cruiser has brought
about this doubling of tha power of the
secondary battery , which moat be relied
upon for very alck -Xjrk 'in meetiug
theme attacks. . . . ,
Ana lansauUly Heavr.
' Th Texas will ha dothed with armor
ta plenty; not only over its vitals, but
even over the ordinary exposed end of
the ship, but in conformity with the new
rule adopted by th Navy Department, the
details of Its thickness gad general dis
position are withheld from publication,
lest tb Information : might b ftf profit
to a possible future enemy.
The Texas after it la In water.' win be
far from complete and it will not be ready
to go Into commlsaloa until December 17.
next year. Aa It emerge from the build
ers hands. Its total coat win be about
Tb launching of the great ship drew to
the yards of th Newport News Ship
building company, a notable gathering of
distinguished persons. Though President
Taft waa prevented by his absence in the
middle west from attending, he. was
represented by Secretary Meyer, who
cam down from Washington with his
family ' aad ' Ms naval aid. Lieutenant
Comsasnder Palmer an th presidential
Taoht, Mayflower.: .--...
Then was a liberal sprinkling of eenssr
tors sad representatives m congress;
of the heads of tha great naval
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No Candidate Will Win at Baltimore
Convention on First Ballot
He a a' Dog Candidate hays He Has
h early rear Haadred Votes
r Wilson Clalsae Tw '
Haadred Farty-Threc.
.WASHINGTON," Msy lS.-Wlth more
than two-thirds of th delegates to tb
democratic national snnventlon eleeted.
control of th Baltimore gathering re
mains as much In doubt as It did several
weeks ago. Claims mads today by the
manager of th different candidate at
th headquarter In Washington mad it
clear that Ron of them expect to con
trol th convention through Instruction
on th first ballot ven though great
at rides are made for their respective
candidates la the convention and pri
maries still to J held.
Th democratic convention will consist
of 1.0M delegates. Under th two-thirds
ml applying to presidential nomination
73 -votes will be necessary for any can
didal who secures the nomination. With
about Ct delegates still to b selected,
tha strength of th reapectlv candidates
was given by their headquarter today as
follows: - , .
Clark-Claimed tnstfweted. S3; pledged,
4 total. PI. Conceded to Wtlsoa (not
Including South Carolina' It, what the
convention Indorsed .Wilson); conceded
to Underwood, it; - to Harmon, t; tu
Baldwin, U; to Mssahail. It; to Burks, 1ft.
Considered doubtful, .117. . ., , , . .
.Mlson-Clelmed Instructed, N3: Kan
sas' (Clerk), and North- Dakota's 1
I Burke) claimed, as favorable I Wilson.
: total of - Wilson's claimed ' strength
m. Conceded to Clark, ; to Under
wood, at; to Harmon, f; to Fobs', J; to
Baldwin, H; to Marshall, ; ta Burke, 1.
Considered "unlnstructsd and doubtful,"
Underwood claimed as Instructed total
delegations: Alabama. ' Florida," Georgia
and Mississippi, and from Tennessee.
Total, M. No other claims made.
At th Harmon headquarters today It
waa said that th statement would b
mad later.
Anthracite Mine
Workers Decide to
WILKES-BARRE, Pa., May ll-Th an
thraclta mln workers' convention this
afternoon ratified the agreement entered
Into by a sub-committee of the miners
and operators and the miners will go back
to work after an idleness of seven weeks.
The result of the vote. S3 to M, waa an
nounced amid cheers, though It was mani
fest when the delegates rose to their feet
to vote that the.agreement had been car
ried by a large majority. The debate had
been on for flv days
A motion waa Immediately adopted au
thorizing th miners sub-commltie to
sign th new agreement along with th
coal operators.
Michigan Orator IZ
Wins Interstate
Contest, Iowa Second
NORTH FIELD, Minn..' Msy 11-Th
tats of Michigan won first honors in th
thirty-eighth annual Interstate oratorical
contest held 'at SL Oiaf college' last
night Iowa won second place and Minne
sota thfrd, Illinois fourth, Indiana fifth.
Ohio sixth and Nebraska seventh. Wiscon
sin. Missouri and Kansas failed to qualify
for the final contest. ' -
Leroy T. Robinson of Albion college.
Albion. Mich, wss the winning orator la
aa oration entitled "The Edict of Industry.-
Hugh Webster of th Iowa .stste
collegs st Ames, represented lows, speak
ing on "Commerce end World Peace"
' NEBRASKA CITT, May U--8pecal.-Teed
Carman waa arrested some ttm
amc on the charge of operating a "hole
m the wail." He was caught red handed,
pleaded guilty and was fined tla, but not
having the money went to Jail.. He waa
put to work on the street and yesterday
afternoon asked permission to step into
a barher shop to get a shsv and hair
cat Klnc then be hss been missing. It
was afterwards found ha bad taken a
boat and crossed the river and headed
for St. Joseph. Carman waa a character
about town and had given the, ofrtcera
eoexkl arable trouble ta the past If he
returns he win be ornamented with a
rail working on the
t l 4 '
Coming and Going in -
Methodist General Conference Be
, fuses to Strike Out Amusement
Section of Discipline.
Fearth Ballet fat Mishap Is Wltheat
" Heselt W, O. Shepard at Chi- '
, ease Within Ferty Vstes
f Election. ' '
MINNEAPOLIS, Msy ll-By sn aye
and nay vot of tM to M, delegate to
th general conference of th Methodist
Episcopal church late today voted not to
accept th minority report of th com
mlttee on state of church. Which provided
for th striking out of that paragraph
of th discipline which prohibits dancing
and kindred amusements. , Th majority
report which-favored th retention of
the paragraph was then adopted.
With seven blthops ' of th Methodist
Episcopal church still to be sleeted by th
general conference in session here, there
r twenty men. who, according to th
third ballot, hav a foliwir. of more
wag lis voter. - - -
"a aUeetlea an Faarth Baltoi. J
' Th fourth "ballot, th result of which
wa announced today, shewed no election.
W,,0, Bhepard. Chicago, received
votes whlls U ars necessary to a choles.
Kea rth tap if tha list Is Dr. Matt at
Hughes of Pasadena. - Cel., who
brother, Edwin H. Hugh, I k bishop
Of th church. . Dr. Franklin Hamilton.
chancellor of the church school at Waah
Ingten, D.' C who ha beta polling a
heavy vote In th conference, also has a
brother, John W. Hamilton, In the col
lege Of bishop. '. i . .
While th episcopacy committee Is said
definitely to hav decided early In the
Week on the new episcopal ffcridences. It
Is said that at a meeting last night the
decision was reconsidered and that Eu
rich. Bwiiserland. may get a place In
stead of Copenhagen or Rom. Th cities
In the United Stales which It Is aald the
conrmlttes will recommend for bishop'
residences are:
Atlanta, ua.; Detroit Mich.; Pitts
burgh. Pa.; Kansas City, Mo and Hel
ena, Mont.
Three Cadet Officers
in Varsity Regiment
Asked to Eesign
LINCOLN. May 1L (Sperlal Telegram.)
Th dosing hours of th Stats univer
sity encampment at Crete, Neb, this
morning were marred by a court-martial,
at the conclusion of which thre Omaha
boys were requested to hand in their
resignations as commissioned officers of
th battalion. ." . -
The me? are Dana Van Dusen, captain
of Company K. of South Omaha; First
Lieutenant Don Wood, Company K,
Omaha, and Second Lieutenant Alfred
Kennedy, Company K. Omaha.
The court-martial was composed of th
colonel of the battalion, lieutenant
colonel and the majors. Neglect of duty
wss th ehafg brought against them. .
Kennedy and Wood were formerly offi
cers In lbs Omaha High school cadets.
Kennedy haa been prominent In athletics
'la th university and Wood Is president
of th Sophomore das. Van Dusen Is
editor of ths Cornhusker. AD thre Sr
fraternity men. '
All Indictments
Against Abe Euef
.'Are Dismissed
SAX FRANCISCO, Cal. May it-ln
obedience to the mandate of tb stats
appellate court, superior Judge Frank H
Dunne today dismissed tha twenty-four
Indictment remaining against Abraham
Ruef, former political boss ef 8aa Fran
cisco, now serving fourteen years In -Sao
Quentln penitentiary for complicity fn
the corruption la municipal affairs, un
covered in Mot
The National Capital
. . aai-srday, -May 18, lata.
' ' " . . TheEenate. '
Not la session today, meets Monday.
" She Honie" ' " '
Passed Nn amend Inr national .hh
ktwa a aa te give the bouse "money
trust committee Inquisitorial powers over
national baaka. Sill aent to senate.
Psrauna canal govenitnent Mil taken
wp with probability s being paasad before
Omaha ;:
Federals Say They Have Rebel
, Nearly Surrounded.
Decisive Aetlea la Expected Within
- Thre i Days Oroeee Ceaeea- -
- rratlnsj His A rear Near
......... Cblbnahea. '
KL FASO. Tx.. Msy 1.-Th Uexicaa
federal government, by a series of maneu
vers that sr expected lo com to a cli
max la the next three day hopes to deal
s cruising ' a blow to th Insurrecto
movement la th north as to diapers
th hitherto organised army of rebels.
While Oeneral Orosco, with 1.000 rebel,
I holding (trategto positions between Rel
lano and Jlratnea, and Oeneral Huarta,
with an equally strong fore of federal,
I only fifteen mite away today, press
ing, northward to attack the Insurrecto.
sharp fighting I now looked for aU th
way' to the American boruer. ' Juarss
likely will fall Into th hands of th
constituted government again. '
1 Communication by wire and rail south
t Juani will be severed within tw day
by advancing columns of fadaral. '
Chil shua, whir there are hundred
of American residents, will be cut ff
treat both the north and the seat, and
th govermnent plana to driv Oresao
bark into that 1ty and tore Jilm front
ll' Direction to surrender r tax to
th- hill. ...
Chihuahua Is likely te be tb last stand
of the fsbel. '
; Th arrival of a federal column at Ban
Imhacio, forty-five mile cast of Juarea
today,- was the first warning of a welt
organised campaign In tba rear of -tha
num rebel army.. It I planned to sur
round Juaies and destroy th connecting
rink of th Insurgent forces with ths
United Btates.. .
i Thre columns of federal volunteers are
converging on Juares with tb purpose of
forcing its surrender. One column has
marched up the Rio Grands and is now
at San Ignaeio. Another-federal fares.
numbering an men. Is approaching ths
ally from th west, and a third detach
ment ia marching from th southwest.
Ths capture of Juares Is expected to
pot a stop to th smuggled munition of
war and provisions.
An Associated Press correspondent ac
companied th federal force from 0)1 n
asa to San Igna. Th column number
SW men.
Receiver is Asked
For Great Western
Cereal Company
NEBRASKA CITT, May ll.-(Speclal )
Charles 8. Ostrom, for himself and
severs! other stockholders of tha Great
Western Cereal company, a New Jersey
corporation, which owna a big plant in
this city, baa filed a. suit In ths dis
trict court asking for th appointment
of a receiver, for . th corporation. HI
petition 1 a lengthy one, alleging that
th corporation was first formed with
a capital stock of Si 00.00 and afterwarda
Increased to tA.OOO.OSQ. Th corporation
now owns only three plants, oca being
at Akron. O., on at Muscatine, Ia., and
tha one her. ' H charged they discon
tinued business because of ths lack of
operating capital and credit' They have
not paid any Interest an their bonds
lines October, Mia Hs ststes thst Joy
Morton secured a Judgment against the
corporation at Chicago for, but
th Judgment la not valid or good, not
having found any property within the
Jurisdiction of th court to satisfy th
same. H contend that th three re
maining plant are worth about $m,im.
The suit wss brought by Judge Paul
Joasea, ss their attorney.
The local plant haa not been manu
facturing any goods tor ths pact eighteen
month and part of tb buildings were
torn down and. shipped to Muscatine.
However, steam Is kept up on the boil
ers and men do duty dsy sod night about
ths plant so as ta keep sllvs th In
surance and are constantly making
some repair. Ths plant at Akron, O..
and at Muscatine, ars being operated.
Tb cast will corns for hearing at ths
June term of the court sa Judge Travis
will be hers at that time.
CROWDER. Okla, May -F!v stu
dents wers burned to death tnday when
fir destroyed th ms'n bulliifnc at the
Creek snd Seminole Indian college at
Botey. Okla.'
Wrheat Bawd atsrrtsM at York.
TORK. Nsb.. May U.-Speeial.-Jam)
S is the date set for voting aat.SB) bonds
t bund three ward school buildings, -
Omaha Kan Returns from Madero
Land with Tales of Bitter
-. " Strife.
M. H. lab, Who Leads Band af
American Oat ef Land st Tar-'
aaell, says He Will Nat Be
tarn Till Things Chsage,
M. H. Ish, who piloted a band of thirty
American out of Mexico from th rav
aging hands of ths Insurrecto, come to
Omaha declaring ha will never put foot
on Mexican soli again until all strife
between th government and rebel haa
ceaeed Ish haa his horn at IKS Mouth
Twenty-svnth tret
: Ish wss ssslstant to Consul Hsskell at
Trra Blanra In Vra Crux. H says that
th perpetrations by th Insurrecto and
government troops on Americans. la that
section never reached the press In this
country. Th ban put on th publication
of news, he asserts, -wss either dus to
Madsrs's srdsr or th fault of th press
associations. . . .
"I hsvs lived In Vera Cms tor over tws
ysara and hav Waa employed by th
government thr aa aa attach to th
snsul'i ffic at Terra Blanoa," said
Ish. "Th wrong don Americans la th
rebellion against - Madsrs ars doubly
greater, than occurred during th realm
f Dlas., For some reason news of ths
atrocities commuted never reach th
aagea of an American newspaper.
I Fsrelaaera Fearing Oat.
"Out. of Inland points there is a eon.
tlnuoti stream of foreigner ponrlng to
the coast to take ateamer for other
ports. An owner of tangible property,
uch as horses, crops snd feeding anl
awls. Is In constant danger of molesta
tion. It wa getting so bad when I loft
ther that a man' II r wasn't aafe. He
waa forced to leave the country or take
desperate chances. Nearly three-quarter
of the Americans snd ether foreigner
have quit ths country, taking sway only
their, money and ths clothes on their
Ish described his (rip from Terra Blanca
to tha dty of Vera Crux, a distance of
sixty-five r seventy kilometer (forty
five or fifty miles). Th trip waa s peril
on on through a section harassed By
Insurrectos and guerrilla bands. Ha ssld:
' "Twelve men and their families consti
tuted our llttl group. We met trouble
twice, but both times we were In luck
At on ttm ten armed men obstructed
our path, but after a few threat we were
((lowed to pea on. They had ths op
portunlly lo tsks sll wa had and wa hat
Ih chance of firing at them. Neither
side took the Initiative, however, because
the road was one frequently traveled.
1 "It too kus two days to make ths trip
to Vera Crux, where we boarded a boat,
and war two days snd a half going to
Galveston. On board tba ahln war mane
m th same predicament, some coming
from Mexico city and other from the
coast towns. .
False Mepart nlvea.
"I saw accounts la the Galveston paper
sr W. S. wane's death, which occurred
shout ninety kilometer from Terr
Blanca., They ssld hs wss killed during
a quarrel with his hired hands on his
ranch. That waa wrong. -Waite had
money, which he refused to give to a
marauding bend of Mexicans. Hs was
killed snd his body decapitated to set an
example to other foreigners who darri
to resist their Intrusions. It had tbe de
sired effect, for several Americana left
the vicinity. Tha same band that killed
Walta also set apon ths Drake family t
Cordoba and threatened Drake with death
It he would not glva up 8M pesos hs was
known to have. While Drake went to ths
barn, where his money was bulled. Mrs.
Drsks was strapped down and her feet
spanked. "This Is one of the tortures that
Is fsnrous with' th Mexicans. Several
bone In her feet were broken and sh
ea badly crippled. W took th family
with to- Vera Cms.
! "I left about six acres of pineapple,
orange and ginger going to waste an land
which I own near Terra Blanca. The
pineapples will blossom this month and
bulbs will form by August Ths orange
trees have blossomed- and should bear
fruit In July or August This M ths wild
orange, which wss already growing on
the lal. The ginger can be harvested la
July. There la an outlay of ll.0Ot or more
dollars sn which those marauding Mexi
cans will feed. It would be folly for me
to return there until the warring elements
hav subsided, so I have considered my
adventure In farming a waste of time and
On Verne ef Starvatlea.
The Mesrieans all thromrh tha eonntrv
ars set ths verge ef starvation, ha said.
(Continued ea Third Page.).
m MiiBiw v i limn
SJ Si way SB s sjss any ) SSSSS
Detroit Seralars Make Good Threat
When Ty Cobb's Suspension
, is Upheld. . .
Athletics, in Full Streng-th, Caper
Around the Bases,
aasa-aasss-M I
College Boys and Other Amateurs
Do Their Best.
Spectators Who Remain Go Away
ftuietly at End.
Jeaalags Asserts New Incident la
Baa Ball History la' Waraiag
Flayer Shsald Be Pre
tested m Field. '
PHILADELPHIA, May ll-Ths Phila
delphia American today played a cham
pionship gams with a makeshift nln
representing th Detroit aluh before IfcOM
spectators. Not - one of th Detroit
club' regular player look part la th
contest. . Manager Jennings waa noti
fied after hi men had practiced g few
minute at tha park that they would not
play aa President Johnson had refused
their request to withdraw th suspen
sion of Ty" Cobb, ' '
Philadelphia overwhelmed th Detroit
winning by a aoor of M to S,
Jennings was prepared for tha emer
gency, Th regular players unl terms
war turned over to tha (ubatltute.
some of whom were amateurs.
Boms of ths players wers member of
ths St Joseph college team of this city
whlls "Jim" McUulr) th . noted old
catcher, . waa behind the bat and Joa
Augdeo, another veteran catcher of year
ago, played first base. A lad named
T ravers, who oould scarcely throw, wss
ths pitcher.
Th gsms wa a faro from th start
th hem team beating out bant and
running the has In reckless fashion.
Th Athletics' battery was Coemb and
Lapp. Manager Mack had In hi regular
lineup. ...
ai the eesnmnlUT ar tne lems innine.
with th seer I t in favor at Phila
delphia.' tbuaahd ef spectators started
to leev th park and ther wers de
mand from them to hav their idmUslon
money refunded. At tha and at th game
thee who remained dispersed quietly,
just if th has ball history had not
been made.
Th Detroit players had notified Man
ager Jennings they would go to ths ball
park this afternoon In wnlform, but If
Cobb was not. permute to play they
would take off the uniforms. Davy Jones,
who acted aa spokesman, aald Jennings
misunderstood ths purport of th action
taksn st a secret meeting of th players,
Jenalaan After Tea, we vary Team,
"Ths boy ar determined, aald Hagh
Jennings, manager of tne- team today,
"and In order to protect the Detroit club
owners I am Booming arewtd for players
In order to place a -team on th field
this sfternoon. Failure to do so mean
that a tin of B.OOJ will be Imposed la
addition to th forfeiture of the game.1
Questioned as to hi view of the attua-
(ion. Jennings said:
"It's a good lesson for ths club owner.
They should real lie that player must be
protected from Insult."
Askrd If he had made a report of the
New Tork Incident to Ban Johnson, Jen
sing aald hs hsd and that ha had also
told htm that Cobb was Justified and that
CINCINNATI, O., May U.-Pruldnt
B. B. Jobnann of th American league,
on hi arrival hers today, aent the fol
lowing telegram to Manager Jennings of
ths Detroit tesm:
"Cobb's - suspension stands until th
matter ta fully investigated. If teams
refuse ta play, that la a matter for tha
dub owners to make good an. Umpire
would have put the man out of ths stand,
Cobb had no right to attack him.' .
WASHINGTON. May lt-Repreeents-tlvs
Moss of Indiana, chairman of the
hoasa committee on expenditures In th
agricultural deportment surprised that
committee today by announcing thst
under his direction a well known ex
pert veterinarian whose Identity hs with
held, was auistly Investigating th pack
ing centers.
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