Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, May 18, 1912, Image 9

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-Mutt Was Either Jealous or
Take Opening fame by All Around
Better Ball rTaying.
Arwagast leal Oak fee
Striking; tMln Khii mi Jaw
aad Hewdrieka far Die.
patlag Doaleloa.
A tbr-ba clout to th MM field
ttne In th third Inning by Bertie Nto
hoft wtlb two ma n hm, tn
Omaha a lead wttleh Um Oruuni Mi
not ovsrwm god 0 BoorkM romped
away with th Dm gun t tb aula,
f to a '
Tba aunt wat filled wtlh aooMenta and
II toads of aseturat. Frow
Inning both lai ptoyod without a aaaa-
agar. Manager Arbogut was ordered to
tka oliib houaa (Or sroaahtiaT Umplr
Xnapp on tbo jaw ovar a disputed
etakja. Maaagar Jack Hsnditcjra of tho
Oanvor tosss waa aant tram Um ground
war tho laara dispute.
It all camo about In tba sseond Inning.
Daerer nag a nan on firat and another
on " third, whan Kwertfay aant a
grounder to Waanar, who flaldad It elou
nd shot H ta Soeotoa. who waa running
ta ssoood. Sonnlon caught tho ball, but
tripped var aaoood baaa and Ml to
tha ground, striking his hand brd. ran'
daring him anoonactoua. Hwvsr. bo bald
to tha ball and waa lying across tha
bag. Tha runner did not roach ascend
nntll attar canloa hod fallen. Umpire
Knapp called tha ruonsr saf. Arbogast
objected aad tho dlapul ondad with Arbo
gaat hitting Knapp. aftar which tho
"limps" eallod tag rannor on oend ui
retiring tbo std. Jack Hwdrlca hero
objected so atroanoialr that bo wag or
dered from tha ground sJso. .
Lladeav' Oat at ).
In the- eighth taalraj. Ltodeay. Um
Ortssly first (acker, wai put out af tho
game for a tow days, whoa ha waa hit
with a thrown ball oa tho right wrist,
which broke a teodoa,
Tho Rourkes outplayed tho slider In
ovary department Although tho OrlatUo
tnade on more hit than too Omaha boys
they os roe at tlss wbsa they could no
materialise, Tha Bourkes ran bases far
better than the Daavarlt. flaldad better
and showed bettor knowledge of Inside
base belL -
Davidson opened for Omaha In tho flrot
by drawing a walk. Coy la sacrificed.
Thomason beat out bunt. Davidson
golag to third. Kane aant am to Qulllla.
who throw Davy out at tho pinto. A single
by Bcaalon oeored Thomaaon and an In
field hit by Mehotf aeored Kan.
With one down In the second Johnson
got to second on Lloyd's bad throw to
first. Ryan singled to center, scoring
Case Tied In Third.
Denver tied It In tbo third. Healy struck
out. Ueyd singled to cantor. Qidlttn fol
lowed wttti one Just over short. BeaU
forced Qgllrta at saooad, Lloyd gotag to
third. Cassldy tripled to oentor. aeortng
Lloyd and Basil. A stogie by Keaworthy
sent Cassldy serosa, tying tho score.
Thoanaawa was aa easy out la tho third.
Booty Lindsay. Kaao beat out a bunt
(can Ion got to first on Konworthya er
ror. Nlehoff goat both man In with a
triple ta left, aad scored oa a squasas
play wtJh Wanner sending aa easy one
to HesJv.
In tho otghta Omaha mads two mora.
Kano singled aad stole aeoond, aad
scored whoa obmuaad made an error of
goanloa's assy grounder. Nlehoff forced
Bean Ion at second. Us stole second and
scored oa Johnson's slnglo to canter.
Scorns ". .. .
. R. H. O.
Davidson. It I I
Coyle. rf. I ' J
Thomaaon, ci. Ill)
Kane. lb. ............ I M
gcanlOB, so. 1 , 4
KlebeU, ah. ......... 4 I
Wanner, aa. I
Arbogast. c. ? ! !
Johnson. . ......... 1 14
Ryan. p. ... J ii
Man. p. -m. i ; i ;
booaovar 1 g
A. X.
i i
Totals ..- B 11 Is 1
AB. R. H. O. A. H
Uoyd. 9a 1 t J 4 1
QuUUa. IK 4 4 14 4 0
BeaU. It-lh. ) J I J J J
Channell. If. I 4 4 1 4
rsAsidy. rf. I t J 4
Keaworthy. t ... 4 4 14 11
Lindsay, lb 4 4 S at
Coffey, gs. !!!!!!
opehr, . I 4 4 I 4 4
r-naibee. . .. 1 4 1 4
Hesly. p. 1 4 J 4
01mtmd, P- J J 4 I 1
. Totals - 1 3 24 M t
Batted for Ryan In tho fourth Inning.
Batted for Mealy In tho fo'trth Inning.
Runs t 1 1
4 4 4 4 1 -l
4 1 4 1 t -M
2 4 4 1 tJ
Hiu ............. J 2
V Runs ...4 4 1
HIU .2 4
Two-ease hit: Lloyd.
Niahofr Cam sv. Uria:
Threo-baeo hits.
Otf ieyaw. ta
tour Innings; oft HsU, 4 In Bvo lnntngw,
ft Healy. 7 In three tanlnga: oft Otnr
nead. 4 ra five Innrnga. Bases on balls:
ft Bma. 11 sf Balk 1; off Haaly, L
krack out! By Ryan. L by Hall. 1; by
gealy. 1: by Otmstead. V gtolon bispi.
Kane, g fa nana, Nlaaoff. Keaworthy. gao.
rirtce hits: wanner. Cor la. Lett an
sues: Omaha. 4; Paaeer. i. Tloas: gits.
Cmntra: Knapp.
aa wff ka) geese
Orar iJtS faaa wttaaasad tba gaana.
Things har ring fast and unexpectedly
B tba first rowed. . .
sithout tho
Isdaay got a taadea hi Ms wilst hroaaa
Standing of Teams
Denvar U 4 .MTNew Torh...tS 4 .C5
8L Jeaaph.,17 14 .4oClnclanaU 4 .7M
Omaha M 13 .SSI Chicago ....11 11 .!
Topeka nil .owj Pittsburgh., tit .i
Dea Mo4nea.ll M 8t Louia..,.ll IT .M
Bloui CliyOl M .toXBostoa M .M
Wichita ....14 It .M,Phla. I U .1-1
Lincoln .... ( U JtsiBroaklya ... 4 U .Ml
, W.L-PcttDLU W.L.Pet.
Cblaago .. g .ft Columbus, bm ,m
jBsston.. It 9 .4Talfdo.... if 11 J,
Washington U lli Mlnneap's 14 11 il
Detroit.. MM Mtlt Paul.. 1(17 .a
Cleveland UK .? Kan. City 24 17 .toy
Phlladal a 14 11 .m Milwaukee II 14 .M
New lark 1 1t .tll Loulavllie 14 17 .370
m. Louie 4 Id .tetri Indlanap'g Ull
, W.Ufot W.L-Fct.
Keamwy. 1 1 .1 Boa tries.... t 4 .49
Tork I I AW Auburn I 4 .434
0. Island.. I ,M Humboldt.. 14 .14
Fremont... 1 .MO) Hiawatha.. I I .
Superior... 1 I .JW
Columbus, t Jto
Teewraara E salts.
Donvor, I: Omaha, t.
wlchlta, Ti Dea Moines, 1
8L Joseph, J; Topeka, I.
tleus City. 4; bnooln. 1.
Boston, g; Ctnatnnatl. 4: ten laalags.
Phllsdalphla, 7: Chicago, t
Brooklyn. U; at. Louis, .
New York-Pttteburg. rain.
Cleveland. 1; New Tork. A
Chicago, t: Beaton, 1
Detiolt, 4; Philadelphia, a
8b Leuia, I: Washington, A
gt. Paul, 1; MUwaukaa, a
Columbus, 1; Indianapolis, a
Iul.vllle, I; Toledo, 1
MlnaeapoUa. I; Kansas City. 1
Hiawatha, 4; Nebraska City, L
Palla City. I; Auburn. A
HumoldU 4: Baatrlos, L
Kearney, 4; HaaUnn, I
Fremont, w, wupenor, a
Tark, I; Columbus, a
Osaad laawtd, 1; benard. 2.
. Oaamee Today. ' '
Western League Denvar at Omaha,
Wichita at Dea Moines, a JoaeDti at
Topeka, Bloua city at Lfnsola.
Katlsnar League Boston at Pittsburgh,
ShiiadaieUila at aX Louis, Brooklyn at
kloago. New Tork at Ulnolnnatl.
American League Cleveland at Naw
Tark. Chicago aa Boeten, Detroit at irmf
adelphia, at. Leuts at Washington.
American Aaaociauon at. ram at Mil-
LoulevlUa at Toledo. Mlnneaaolla at Kan
sas city.
Nebraska State League-Fremont at
Tors, Columbus at Superior, Orand Inland
at nestings, nearnay at aewara.
Mink League Kalat City at Auburn,
Humboldt at Baatrlos. tteoraaaa City at
from a bad tUag to first In Um eighth
Thomaaon Umbered aa hi tha saooad
and mad a aucoeeaful lungs for Coffey's
liy over tow aeoond.
The "souses," tumaed Into nmmlnenon
a in. , 1 1 1 ii wean wiaw uflruuo.
Thonaaoa tallying from third.
Just to II van thlncs us. Jack Ryan hit
to oentar In the aswod, corlag lilcaory
rfonnson irom tn seoona puiow.
With tho ban full In tha first avail
waa cauaht naoolna off second and
Jimmy oaalao ran aim dwg In quick
Bertie Mleboff has tna battlna hlaad tn
hi vein. HI thrsn herser ta daan riant
In the third put tha game oa to tor too
Tha two varsetUe manaaara. Arboaraat
and Kandrleka. found the club house fa-
, ormcie quarters after that momentous
suwt panoo.
Flacks of tba nentlar sex took sne.
toga of tha fact that Pa Rourta has
designated mcag a a red letter day and
all aorta of spring toggery filled tha
The "occasional fan Is awskenlnw ta
the faot that Omaha I playing classy
hall all tha time, and yesterday saw an
r to basnr wars-day crowd of tha
Wsekfta abeawata Dee Me I nee By
Been wf n a gla.
DBS MOINES. May ir.-WIhlta made
twe ran aa Captain Thomas" error la tho
tghth Inning and won the first gam of
tha local aerie today by a acor of 7
to 4 Scoroi
AIL H- It ft i B
Haha. cf... g l t a a a
Curu. If 4114
Clair. t
ib:: ! ' ! i
l lb....... t 1 1 M 1 1
as 1144
Belaen, rf - 11
tnatawttd. . 2 4 4 4 1 4
MeOraw. c. 14 4 11
Rogge. p. . 2 1 2 S
Hues ton, P 1
'awsBBaall aa X 0 9 at
Tetala. U 21 12 2
AM It R. A 1 TB
Craig. If 4 4 2 4 1 4
MiddKton, d... 4 1
Davis, rf 4 (
aoernar, la i i s l i
Hughea. Sb 12 1 11
uagnaa. 1 1 z 1
Mea 4241 1
Ttaoob. ...-...! 4 14 11
Elua, p 2 4 1 4 2 4
parry, p -.. 1 4 4
Durham, p........ 4 4 4 4
Pattlgrew ....j.,.,.,4 1-4 .
TotaM. J T U 11 1
Batted far Mod raw hi ninth.
Batted tor Perry la eighth.
Da Mo4nes. 4 4 1114 14 1-4
Wichita MllllilM
Two-bear httr: K actus. Clam. CaTbv
haa. Rogg. CartJa, Craig. Thorns Baa.
rtfto hiu: Hug nee. BaMon. Deuba
mart: CralaT to Koarnar. Waoob ta
Koerner to Waoob, Cellar, aa to Kughas
Pvet oa baJla: Off Rme.
2; atf Pesrp. at ot Darkens. 2i odf Htm
taav W Sansak oa: By Bigg. ; by Sana.
1: ay Pwrrr. y lfrieatnp. r" by Dut-
nam, a ns gr parcaea aani rat
r t 1. , I r) ' f" "
seven and two-thirds Innings; off Hues
ton, I la ana and one-tblrd Inning; otf
Kills, 4 In four and one-third Innings; oft
Perry. 1 In one and two-lhlrda Innings:
off Durham. 1 In three Inntnsa- Left on
baees: Dro Moines. 11: Wichita, Mi Time:
1M, Umplra; Johnson.
gaperfor Tlattlag aad Srvora by
Laewla W, la far Vtattara,
LINCOUN, May It.-A little better
hitting by Slous City and four errors by
Lincoln, moat of which were costly,
gave tho visitors today's gsme by a score
of 4 to I. Fast double piaye by Slotts
City featured the game, gooro:
AB. R. H. O. A. B.
Millar, cf 4 4 4 S 4
Cole, lb 4 4 1 4 4 4
Cobb, rf 4 4 4 4 4 4
Mccormick. If 4 t 1 g g g
Brrghammor, as.... 4 4 4 4 4 1
Muhen, as 14 4 14 4
rirestine, as. 11111
Dwysr. lb 4 4 4 4 4 4
Barbour, lb 1 4 4 4 1 1
titration, a I 4 1 t 4 4
Doyle, p I 1144
Total a 1 4 27 U 4
AB. R. it O. A. E
Ferret I. cf 4 4 1 4 4 4
Andreas. 1 12 4 14
Meyere. If 4 4 1 2 4
Tennant, lb 4 4 4 14 4 4
Brooks, rf 4 114 4
Kellly, lb 4 112 14
French, aa 14 12 4 1
Cad man. 4 4 14 11
Slaughter, p 4 111
Ttl .M 4 M IT M 1
IJnooln 4 1 4 4 4 4-1
Stou City ........4 II I t M
Two-base hits: MeCormlck. Forrell,
French. Double playa: FlreaUn to Colo
to Dwyor, Ballly (unasslstad), French to
Tennant. Left on bases: Lincoln, 4; Slous
City, as Stolon bases: Cobb. Andraaa,
Meyers. Sarrlflco hits: Ferrall, Meyere.
Tennant, Franeh. Struck out: By Doyle,
I; by Slaughter, I. Baaas on balls: Off
Doyle, ; off Slaughter, I Time: l ai. Um
f Ire: HaakolL
t. Jseep b Taksa Big Load Early aad
Stare Ahead.
TOPEKA. Kan., May 7--Inaoll!ty to
hit J oh neon and twe costly error mat
tha opening gam for topeka. Tha
r tool
oi a oi
lg lead la the third in-
nlng sad never were In dancer acaln.
Score: "
A. R. H. O. A. hi.
Kellv. fb 1 T 1 4
Powsll, rf 4 ll
Watson, If 4 111
awtlUng. of 41 1 4
Borton. lb 4 11 1
y, n i l g
ike. sa 111
Oossett, .... 1111
Johnson, p......... 1 11 1 (
Total 21 f 27 14 4
A. K K. O. A. M.
Rlckert. If 441.
Kmc. tb 4 4 1111
Use, n
I 1
lb 4 12
m4 1111
1 I
smory, sb
Gear, cf 1
Chapman, e I 4 4 4 1 4
Young, p 14 4,1 4
Rose, p 4 4 4 1
Walah 1
Totals .11 1 21 12 I
Batted for Young In too tlghth.
St. JoaaDb A 4141442-7
Topeka A 44444140-i
Two-bass trite: Pewall, willing. 8ao
rlflo hit: Powell, Ooaastt, Johnson.
Hits: Off Tounc. 7 In stint Innlncs: off
Ross, 1 In on Inning Bssss oa balls:
on roung, 3, off nose, k etruok out
By Young, 2; by Johnsoa, 7. Umplra:
Good Lack Eorho Tom Down
When Prvsjwetg look Bad.
Willi Sows lied la Eighth, Tvr
4 lag lea aad Hit Bataaaaa FU1
. Basse aad Cerr Drtvaa
Oat Doable.
KANSAS) CITT, May 17.-A -good tuch"
korsesho which ha bung In Um proas
boa was torn from Us ptaoe her today
aft FsrrU bad hit tar a bome run and
two other Minneapolis players had
singled ta the aeenod Inning, and throws
outatcs at the ball park. Shortly after
Altrock relieved afaddoa aad tha meal
defeated Minneapolis, 4 to A With the
cor tied ta tha eighth two stngus and
a kit batsman filled the bases that Can-a
double cleaered. Carr was thrown out
trying to roach third. Thf first three
time Owens was up h bit th first ball
pitched for a single. Score:
AteS CTTT. MarTnAPrUg.
U K.O i l AM H.O A.m
aarbaat, tk. 4 scrnaar. ef .. 4 1
SckelMt. H.. 4 1 1 txlUnr. a,.. I II I
Ogliss. ft. f 1 Klllirar, .. t
Carr. U..... SM Swiiuum. ft I 1
Can Mis. l I I W.nin. rtl t
Q-issor. s I e i wvmtm. s s S s
Kraira. Jkl DVbastr. Kill)
wasMsr. st. 4 1 4 Iftnt Is... t I is
aU4a, p.. 1 Tug. p.,1 1 I I I
anrses. -.. 4 1 4
Totals M It S a
MlnneepoMs Sl-4
Kansas rCty 4 4 I 1 44 I -4
Twe-bass hits: Barhean. Dalcriantv.
Carr. Horn run: Forrla Tireo-base hit:
Coakna. 8arifloo hit: Altker. Corrldon
a. Hockenoaia. hiu: Off Maddox. In
one Intilng. three bstterg bit oat In aeo
ond: off Altrock. S In eight Innlncs
Mesas oa najie: un loung. s; on Mad
doc, 1; otf Altrock. a Struck eat: By
Toung. 4: by Altrock. a Double ptava:
Altrock to O'Connor to Carr. Passed bail:
Owena. First oa errors: Kansas Cttv.
L Left oa base: Kansas City. 10-, Mln-
seapous, aj. Hit ny pitenea oan
Tonag. tnwea. Tim: 14. u:
Hay and Rdarta.
RAVENNA. Maa.. May n.-tSpaclaI.-
Waod River aag ftavenn High ehaol
toamg ptayaal bass ball n the local aaa
mond tha aftoraooa. the Ravaaua loam
winning by a aoors of 12 to A
Cincinnati Defeated After Tieinf
Score in Uinta Inninp.
McksM Rffocrttr Till Nlatb laalag,
Wbea Maraaa's Slagfl, Rata'
THpto aad Hahlltael'a Sae
Hfloa Tie Soars.
CINCINNATI Mag Il-Dtoksoo. far
Boat on, was offectlva until tha ninth
whan Maraaa's single. Bat' trlpl aad
Hoklltssl saerlfic fly tied th aoore. In
th tenth, with tow mea on bass. Swee
ney tripled, aad soared a moment later
oa Miller- atngl. Soore:
gogrrnt. cuaaKXATt,
. AA B OA R U M.0.11
M,Dm'A IS 4 I I I saaisiaa 1,1 I I I
CansMII, 41 I I I Sastei st..,, 4 1 1
mm. hi l l l ihwits'i, ii I I ii t
Miller. rt...4 4 4 I (Mluesll. rf. 4 4 I 4
Klrfce, It... I 14 I Of,.. Sk..... I I
Hsumt, lb.. 4 4 M 4 irxes. sk.,4 4 4
D..MS. SS..4 I 4 4 (aWMaA a.l I i
kltss. s. 4 i I 4 tMolaes. S..4 I 4
Dteasaj. p.. 4 4 4 4 SOaasv, p. I 11
-Ofsal 4 4 4 4
Tcua M M M 14 IHP,ail4 .1111
Ran for MeLoaa In tenth.
Batted for Oaapar in trnth.
Boston 441444414 4
Cincinnati 4444441411-1
Two-baas hits: Campbell. Sweeney. Mo.
Donald. Three-ban hit: Petes, Sweeney.
Sacrifice file: Man, Hoblltssl Double
play: Egan to Esmond to Hobilual.
Bane an ball: Off Dickson, I: off Oaa
par, a Struck out: By Dickson. I; by
lias par, a Time! 144. Umpires. Johnson
and Eaooa, .
' Faille Dafeat Caea.
CHICAGO. May -Philadelphia hit
the ball when hits meant runs and won
th final gam of th series frjm Chi
cago today, 7 to (, Score:
Kisks, lb... 4 14 1 tSkssBsia, It I I 4
Titos, rf.... 14 allller. ef... I t 4 S 4
Miss. If... 4 SI SSusslls, II.. 4 1 t 1
l4s. II I IU I ISla'BMS,
Os,aU, at.. I 1 4 I tMatisss. lb. 4 I I S 4
Dewser. St.. 4 11 sTIesar. sa... till
DeMse, IS.. 4 I 4 4 ISreis. IS.- 4 14k
Dsms. 4 1 I I (Arster. ....! M1
alsitassr. Mill ". p.... I 4 4
ailos, S....I 11 SMclsiIrs, .!
a-... 4
TeuJI M UriU Idas, s. 4444
Lsesaa ....I
IMsnv... U IHI1 I
Bstted for Bnswn In tha second.
Bstied for Mrlntlre In the fourth.
Batted for HlcM la th aeveotn.
PhlladelDhla .4 2 4 2 4 1 4 1 4-7
Chicago A 144144-
Two-bsss kits: Doolan, Dooln, Hor
man. Hits: Off Brown. 2 In two In
nings: off Mclntlra, 4 In two Innlncs;
off Alexander, I In three and two-third
inrnncs, on rucme, e in inns innin,
off Cola.1 In two Innings: off Beaton. 4
in five and ono-tnira innings, rawnuoa
fllas: Doolan, Arokar. Sacrifice hit:
Doolan. Double Slavs. Doolan to Knag
to Luderu; Tinker to Bvsrs to Ilofman
(1). La ft on baaas: Chicago, 10; Phtuv
delphla, A Base 00 balls- Oft Brown.
1; off Alexander, 1; oft SVaton, 1; off
Cola, 1; off Mclntlra. 1. Hit by pitched
ball: By Cola, Luderu. Struck out: By
Alexander, I; Of neaton, i: ay woia, i.
Time: Ik. Ltnotrcs: Brennes and
Oweni, i
rwahlya Wtaa Laos Game.
ST. LOl'18. Mar 17.-In a same fea
tured by lwvy hitting and erratic pitch
ing and fielding, Brooklyn won from St.
Louie. Catcher Ml It Murphy made ala
debut with I he local, rkore:
Matted ror uaie in tne ourtn.
Hatted for Wood burn in the ilxth.
Batted Cur Hexaioa la tho ninth.
Brooklyn J 1 1 4 4 4 1 1-11
St. Lotds .1 141 11-
Two-baa htta Wheat. Moraa. T Urea-
bass hiu: Oskea, Wheat, Tooley. Home
runs: Irwin, Konefny. naenne nue:
R. Smith (J. SacrtQc fly: Wlngo.
Bears on balls: Oft Oarer. 1: off Dal.
1: off Woodburn, 1: otf Harmon, A
Struck out: By Ylngllng. 1: by Dal. 41
Off 0yer. I hi n Inning; off Dale,
m tnree innings; an noousurn, i in iwv
innings: oft Harmon, 4 in tnree in reins.
Time: 1:1k L'mplreg: Ktem ad Bueh.
Nebraska City Loses
to Hiawatha Team
AUBURN. Netk. May tW Special Tsla-
graavVnaM City oataueked Auburn la
today's gaana. a fly fan from a fall
City batter lighting square oa top of th
right field faaoa, bouncing about twenty
feet and falling Jut outside, lotting In
two runs. Soora; K.H.K.
Falls City.... 112-T1
l Auburn 1 1 M-4 M 1
Battirlra: Fall City, Connei, ennstcn
s and Sheets' ; Aubun, ball aad Mu
ssr. L'mptro: V, aid.
KEAANEY, Nob May 17-(SpcUl Tt
sgrsm. Kearney unabl to break Um
hoodoo that baa marked th athletic con
tests between Peru aad Kearney normals.
let th Pern team take th gam played
this aflTBooa. wha outhatted and out
pitched. Th pitching of McClor. who
I hat to enter league ball, waa th
featura. Soora: RH.E.
iPara 414444414-1 1 1
Kearney . -. 444444444-4 1 2
Batterlea: Kearney. McClur and Devol.
Peru. Clemonts and Lundy. Struck Mt:
By MeClara, 1: by Clements, a
Rrowwr mi Hits,
MTLWAtTrRR May. IT. Punched bit
In th am iMl flfth and sttth lanlags
beat St. Paul today, 4 to A Nlohoieoa
pitched flna ball until the seventh, when
he weakened aad had to ba UAea UL
Milwaukee 4 14411-
St Paul.-... ..A (II4II1M
Two-baaa hits: lama), MsnhaU tZ).
Hoffman. Hiu: Off Nicholson, 4 la
sevaa tontngm. Saorlflea bit: Hoffman,
Jonas. Ckpron. MarahaB. Stokra bin:
Howard. Block. Oarfe. Left en baaee:
Milwaukee, 4; St Pan!, A Bases sa
saJle: Off Karrer. L HM by pitched
ball: lielbotd. Strwes: oof. By Karger.
4: sr Kicnoleon. I. by Cuttlac. A TUaa:
iL TJmpiraM Cafcin aad Auairssa
Thrailkill Ptotm Hitter ia Battle
with Pitcher O'Eeara.
aarrlor Oatttag Bach lata Fame,
aad Wlaa rraa Frwmsat with
Complete Ll4 at BUake
a Card.
HAATDTOw. Neb. Ray IWSpoalal
Tslegram.) Thrailkill waa master in th
great duel with O'HMra today. H al
lowed thro soattorad hits aad was given
rrorlaas, lightning support. Scnneter
double and Jack's stnglg brought first
score aad Bromley homer th next
Score: RH.R
Kearney 4 444444411
Hasuags 11 -44t
Batlerle: eKerney, O'Hoam and Oray:
HastlagA Thrailkill and Ooa.
Sapartor THama Fawasoat,
tJPERlOR, ' Nab.. May n.-lSpadal
TslagTam.) Superior earn Into It owa
today aad gave Fremont a cleaning, I to
A Tha locals hav been materially
strengthened by tha new first baseman,
Haassr. and Bnortatop Krrr. Tb man
counted up five hits, while th visitor
got but two. Orf s ssnaatlonal drive for
thro tack In ta third brought in two
run and started th fireworks. Score:
m m w.
Fremont .... MIIIIIMI I
6upr1or !4iltil
Hatienee: rranannt. Ramey and Nsffi
Superior, Qulnn and Pruohs. Oraplr;
Merrill. Three-be hit: Orr.
YORK. Neb,, May ft-ISpedal Tlo
graa.) Trk and Columbus playod an
f th closwt and hotteal game of ta
season (hi afternoon. Soora: R.H.BL
Tork .'.. M III II M I I
Columbus ..0 4 1 4-411 2
Batteries: Tork. Wrurhl and Kellav:
Columbua, Canine and Scarry, Burke and
lalaadera Laao la Eleventh.
BBWAHD. Neb., May !7.-48peoJal Tal
gram.) Th moond SwardHraod la-
land game waa hard fought. It taking
sloven Innings to decide the winner, whan
Seward bad th long end of tb score and
without an error.
Ladles' day brought a sprinkling of
fan among th fair sex.
A running eatoh of McKlbbea la left
field and th batting of the Seward team
la th !evsnlh Inning when they se
cursd four hiu In sucoasslon, featured.
tin led off with single, followed by
Neff,, Laflumboyg and Campflold with
Ilk hit a th pallet. Naff at Moond
waa tha busy ma of th day, gwtUng
eight chance without an error, soma af
them being difficult. Ellrgard received
aa Injury to hi right hsnd, being hit by
a hard hatted ball In tha seven tb In
ning, which was ths third hit secured
off him up to that um. H wag rsturvsd
at th and of Um ninth and Hansen
batted for blm la th ninth. Usy battsd
for Chase m th ninth, goon: R.H.B.
Seward ...4414 4 44 4 4 4 1-414 4
uraoa laiaoa.. ... I 1 g i
Batteries: Seward. Fxlocard. Ilanaan
and CampfWd: Urand Island, Mono and
Jokerst. Smirk out: By Moraa, 1; by
biipcarn. s; ny iianasn, l,
(Special Tulegram.) Nabraska city waa
dfatcd at Hiawatha today la tba pro,
anco of a largo crowd. Hiawatha put
la a naw Inflsld aad thy played fast
ball. Nebraska City (ailed to secure g
aaore, savs a bomarua auda by Mar.
aba! la tb second tuning. Sears;
Hiawatha I 1 I M I I -4
Nabraska CIV .... 414444444
Baiterlao: Bush and Oldwalt; RUy
and Harmony, t'mplrs: Tin ley.
BBATK1CE. Nso.. May ll.-SpRtal
Tlrgranv-Dult. pitcher for Beatrice,
New bp is th second Inning today,
which set tad Humboldt six runs. Th
final nor waa ( to I la favor of Um
vial tor.
Humboldt ... 1 I 4 1 1 1
Beatrice 444I44441-4!
Batterlea: Humboldt, Orsen and Diets;
Beatrice. Dull, Carr and Darrow,
Wavers Susroann playod hi way Into
th finals of tho Omaha High school
soys' spring single tennis tournament
Tbuiaday afternoon by taking hi match
In th eeral-final round from law Me
ghan at th Field dub courts- A, 4-1
4- L
Tb winner waad a swift rv to good
advaatag throughout tb sotir thro
etc. and gradually tired hi opponent
during ta Mat half hour of too match.
Although defeated, McShan Mill ratals
his position go tb tsanla team of tbo
Baaa ateltteta Mara a Party.
Tb members of UM Cub baa hall
team, who won th high school Indoor
baaa ball tournament, ware entertained
Wednesday afternoon by th member
of th Tiger, Invincible and Giant has
ball team at Kiverview pare, uamae.
dancing and a general good time mad
th day oa of pleaeura.
Misses Mart McCoy and Anna Aa
beuaer gave a number of fancy danrea,
and Misses Domont, Herbert end Btegner
acted ss chaperon.
Rlaamlaasl i aa tb Win.
BLOOM INGTON. Neb., May I7.-epe-etoLr-The
Bloomingtoa High achool
team played tha Rrvenoa boy this aft
ernoon and won a abut out game by tha
acor of 4 to A This la th fourth euD
russlve gam won by Bloomingtoa. ft
having won two gams from Naponee aad
on from Fraaktla academy. Smith,
Bloowilngtoa' star catcher, battsd In a
bom run. Although there wag a high
wind few error were made
TIM Pwraanewt aag Judicious t ss of
Newspaper Adewrttstag M tb Road ID
for The Bee by
Kusiell Give Tea Fusei and Three
Error! jVre Costly.
Dabae Keape rhtUdslgbta'a Hit
Scattered, WkU Baak FU
Ip Maaatiaaal teal at
feated rblladalphla, g to A RugesU Is
sued ten mm, wMla svsry on of th
homo tram's arrara were costly. Duhuo
kept Philadelphia's hits scattered. Bush
put up a naaailoaal gam at shortstop
as a o a a
usrA M 4 III sasea, s I
OU il. cf..4 4 14 !. II I
t-siilu. Ik., I I I I tsasasa, ef.. I
Bahsr. II . . I III ti ,!, rtl
Mursir. il l I I I iix'Imt Ml
4 I
MrlssM. Is, 4 I 11 SMsmils, V I
nerrr, M. ... , I siusm, ss.. 1
nssa. a...l III lluun ... I
I 4
Hu-.ll, )..MI I IX Ma, s... 4 111
nsk .... 1 4 4 -
'lea 1 KM... II I n U
Tetsls..,.. Ill I
Batted for Fan In th ninth.
Batted for Russell la th ninth.
Detroit .1 1 I g t 1-4
Philadelphia 4 I 4 4 I 44
Two-bss hits: Motlarty. Murphy. ac
rifle hit: Jonas. Lsft gn baaee: !
irmi. is; rmiaoeipr ia, a prolan OS see, i
Bueh, Delehaaty, Haker. Struck out:
By Dubue. 4: by Russell, A Baas en
errors: Detroit, 1; Philadelphia. L Baaee
oa bsllei Otf Dukuc, I: off jUsaell, A
Hit by pitohsd ball. By Hutsell. Mor
Isrty, Delahanty. Wild pltc; Dubuc
Paaasd Ull. Stanaca. Time: 1.4A Um-
Mr: Psrrlns and Dlneaa.
Sea Fawr h Nlalb.
BOSTON, May tf.-Oilcago won from
Past on in the ninth with twe awn out.
Waisb scratched a hit. Rath doubled,
lord was passed purposely Lance ass
bit, Engl error ed on Bodies grounder.
Collins singled aad Chioage bad mad
four runs. Boor;
crnrAoo. serao.
Balk, -,... 4 III 1 Hester. It. 4 IIS
Urt. SS-.... I III ICaiM. la.. . 4 till
Callaasa, E 4 I I ssshIss, at. 4 Ills
Lenes, H..4 SIS lUsvU. If. .. 4 I I I I
BMU, sf I I I tOertasr, II. I I I 4 I
Oil las, rtlll III IBnUler. Ill IU I I
hw, Ik... I 4 II I iWiiw, a.i I I I
Msistrre, rf I I 4'amsss, i I I t I I
dew, 4., I I f srass, s...... I 4 4 4 1
asvafs, l I I I I
KSS S 4 1111 Tstsls I It 14 4
Wslss. p.... I till
A CmUmtJ Stmry ia
Vhaa ah cgaTSHN paoaveN
tt gpgo'iLCY MRca oujeroi
IFwaBARM BoTVV,tO Btw. RwT ,
r vowhhow wiMcaa cava
r o ire,. uvu,.u,
-vaaiw -rwin son TO) HIM A
I wsiaw g vaosaMii
yiU csia-ar vau I
a ua (HMoyi
tea aa a.
Ma lveiuj
vua-r a)u
positively is
La brswioc of
power. Order a
Brewed, aged
iw'iwa'aaf Q0f$QQRt
cm. I .el"l . (?
. L.l Aw.r"
,.v, --m "yojsgaaL
T AF -TV II vaaaptg
I F W SJI 'Vwivai CSiCn I
aQ Av,"rt "y
W. C. HATUCJ. Mean!
Phaaea SaS
CAKL FUTH. fMseribaai
Psaasw BsS D
" CSn raWso
"Bud" Fisher
'Fearsler ,,11111
Tstsls a huh i
balled for Wavr la ninth.
Boat 2
Chicago 444144404-4
Two-base hit: Hooner. End. Calls-.
hen. Kuhn. Collin. Ratn. Thrae-ba hit:
Hodla Double piey. rtatn to weaver to
Z!der. Stolen bu'i: Bpaaekar. Hard nor.
Basss on ball: Off Papa, I: on waisa.
2 Hit by pitched ball: Lenge, Struck,
out: By Papa. 7. Tims: Aa Umpiree:
0 LoughUa and Wutarvelt
Watch Omaha.
' Th IJnrom Dally New says. "Msaa-
time watch Omaha. The Rourke lam-
mrd th Topeka 4 lo 1 yesterday. Pitcher
Mall baidlna 4e Maneans taur auagp
hiia Tlte Rourkes have won seven out
of their lsat nln gam and throaura bts
be lesding tn mm saior um gad
th nest lw wwaka."
' Xr to Um SttuartonBeo Advertlalng.
You'll find all the
new shapes and
styles is straw bis
it LEON'S at the
oe rice of $2.00.
Looa's fratnro a rotnptoto
Un of Panama at 4.85.
Th am quality would ceA
yog 7JH alsswhsis.
Leon's 2 Hats
Sid bOl TH 10TH fiTHEKT
ftofara by "Frnnmn"-. 19
f EY w.O;fairV
i'v ao-r ITlV
Boy'. OrW -
iitL At?aQ iu,"-t-f wobt
si W"' vw Mrj
I 1 tll
f I ,Vv -B -'4H
There's many a true word spoken in
Jest and many a sensible thought may com
from even a cartoon. Enough said isn't it?
un(d Peerless Seer
a wonderful tonic The sloU
the tneet Maldng Barley and Asss
Sil , j
latsblg f
Hop give forth a bsversg deliriouely palslsbl
and rafraahinar ret taemlnr with took vmloesoprovwa
cans delivered to foot boos today,'
aad bottled only at ta .
. 71ssk 1M Swast "
4M AaasA-aaaO - LaGxMIS. Wig.
aTtMf fatatsV 1
' th oatrre ecWe.