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    THE BEE; OMAHA, SATURDAY. , MAY 18, 1912.
'Telegram from Wuhingtoa Eati-1
I nate MS for President
Twm Candidate Make Many
gpaechca to Lars Cwwai Taft'a
Voice gaovre IsyraTrarit
CLEVELAND O., May rr.-Replyirui to
the claims of Thevdor Roooevelt that
ha had KB delegate to tha repub'tean
national convention. President Taft has
in a public statement polirt-Hl o'tt tia:
Mr. Roosevelt had oaly g delegate and
for tha first tima admitted that the re
sult at tha primaries In Ohio will settle
tha questtoa ot the rapabllcan nomination.
"Tha vote In Ohie. in)' home nate. much j
to air gratification, will ba tba decisive
on and will settle tha question ot the
nomine tioa." aakl the president.
Tha president tonight ' received tele
Crams tram his secretary. C P. I lilies,
and Director WUltam U. McKuiley of tits
Taft bureau, clalmlnc Ml delegate to the
, Chicago convention for Taft. Five hun
i dred and forty la a majority in tha con-
Tha telegrams said tna president had
tU delegates counting four IVom Idano.
Tha president hsd nothlnc to add to
hia statement earlier today retarding tha I
' delegates to Chicago.
saw eaeerae t'aaafry. I
"I would not be here to bother jrou to- I
sight If it did not concern the American I
j people mora than It does me to defeat
Theodora Roosevelt for tha"
That was tha way Presluent Talt In-
tredttcsd his criticism of Colonel liooae
I valt hare tonight
After a day of rut, during which ne
j made two talks to worklngmea at local
i manufacturing plants and conferred with
' Senator Burton and other stats leaders.
President Tart spoke tonight la the
I Central armory hare to a great crowd.
Tha care taken lo apara bis throat and
1 keep him quiet todey showed In tha Bight
; speech and It was a rejuvenated preel
j dent that fared the audience la tha big
armonr. Ha waa mora emphatic la man-
! ner and more Incialvs la speaking than I
t he had been for the last two daya. Al-
though his votes was still hoarse, It was
; strong.
Tha president made the same sort of
'speech as throughout his Ohte tour, but
at times ha rsrled tha argument for eup
I part of his administration. Speaking of
the Payne tariff k4U and tba need oxter
ing for further tariff revtaton, Mr. Taft
got a laugh and a cheer by remarking:
"It tha demo, rats will only give me the
. money, ril sea that tba schedules that
art too high are revieed."
T. K. rinarea D-leaaie.
TOLEDO, O.. May IT. "Of tha delegates
.already alooied 1 have Ml. said Colonel
Roosevelt today. Ha stood by bis state.
meat that ba had mors than its delegates
end was confident that ha would be nomi
nated an tha first ballot at tha Chicago
Tba third dsy sf Colonel Roeeevelt s
Ohio campaign took him from Oreenevtlls
te Toledo. He mads thirteen speeches and
bad as little time for rest as oa the
revtous days of his campaign In this
Hie votes shewed no effects from the
Colonel Roosevelt was told today that
President Tift would dispute hie claim
as to delegates and he directed the prep
aration sf figures la reinforce what ba
bad said. x
Tha Roosevelt column of tha list foots
up Ml. t'nder the beading "for asms
other candidate" are placed Mi delegates
wfclls eight) -four are listed as unln
etrwtod and thirty-eight as contested.
"I have gone over this tabls la minute
detail.-', said Colonel Roosevelt, "and I
eonsldsr M guarded estimate of war
The former president asserted that lists
of delegates which hava bee given out
by tha Tsft managers ware as misleading
as to giro Utile Idea of tha lineup and
that It was his purpose to shsw Just
what was ths situation.
.late Twenty frees Mow Verb.
from New York state, twenty dele
gatea are Hated for Roosevelt An ex
planatory bole saysi
"Tha Taft people claim eighty-three,
hot we hava pledges from at least twenty
that will vote for Roosevelt all the time."
From Michigan ten delegates are put
la tha Roosevelt comma, with the stats
merit that ha that state tha contests of
the Taft delegates "have literally ho
foundation whatever."
Tba entire delegation from the etate of
Washington Is claimed with ths atate
trtent: 'The Taft people nave chosen
a hat they term 'contesting delegations.'
but it m admitted even by the Taft papers
. that too Roosevelt forces controlled the
convention by at roast MS lo eat.'
Tba entire Mississippi delegation !
listed (or Rooaevelt with the expisnatory
remark that while it la claimed for Presi
dent Taft, "la ths stats eonventtoa the
Roosevelt peop.e outvoted the Tsft peo
ple. I w L thus controlling every dele
gate." .
Oeaoearee Taft Men.
, DEFIANCE; O.. May R.-Waea Col
onel Roosevelt learned of tha outcome of
For Saturday's
sale I oiler, made
to measure for
S20, a good blue
or gray serge coat
and pants, and can
funtsh extra
trousers if de
J tos-Kef sfitll nljtssajttff.
The people have spoken at the polls seven men have taken office, under a new plan every man of them
pledged to give Omaha a Square Deal The experiment is new we bespeak for the Commissioners the support
of all our citizens and we hope no obitacles will be thrown in their way, so that there may be no excuse for
failure to keep the pledges GIVEN DURING THE CAMPAIGN.
Now let's all get down to business. YOURS THE
ITEMS enumerated are for a ONE-DAY'S SALE.
; Two big lots of yard wide silks black messalines,
bordered silks, poplin pattern suits, colored messalines
and imported Japanese wash, silks every piece repre
senting a saving to you of from 21o per yard up to $1.02.
Lot 1. Wash silks tor suits; waists, pajamas, dresses,
black messalines and bordered robes, worth from $1.00
to $1.50 per yard, at, yd 79c
Lot 2 Colored mesnalines of exquisite quality; all
colors poplin pattern suits, etc., worth to $2, at yd., 98c
Nothing narrower than 36 inches-r-and only for one day.
( Near elevator, where a different bargain is shown daily.)
No fault found with the successful seven for appropriat
ing this term all we ask is that their deedB measure up
to our valups-On the SQUARE, THEN, ON SAT'DAY
Two Great Embroidery Bargains Number one consists
of narrow edgings and embroideries in white and colors,
also an assortment of insertion worth up to 25c, at,
the yard 7lAv
Number Two An importer's sample lot of 27-in. and 45
in. fine Swiss flouncings, worth up to $1.25, at, yd. 49c
Come at 8 o'clock for the sale will start on the dot
and there is great picking and choosing in these lots.
Great annual event. High class models; unique
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Don't lose time getting there if interested.
300 Yards of Fine, All Wool Voiles Quite a variety of
colors, formerly sold up to $1.25, at 59c
This lot in West Aisie, Main Floor, New Addition.
MR. TUTTIiE asks us to advise you that he will
show on Saturday a late shipment of New Buck and
Canvas Shoes in the newest models Pomps and Colonials.
If the children need shoes, won't you please come in the
morning give our experts time to fit them properly.
Start the dear little tots right. Have your own shoes
fitted then also if possible chairs crowded in the after
noon and you may have to wait.
Their intuitions will guard them aright. Never before
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at 9 a. m., Junior Coats; ages, 13, 15 and 17. Serges
and mixtures proper and practical for all sea-A rjc
sons. Were $12.50, $15.00 and $18.00, Saturday I
No disguising the fact that the backward season has
seriously affected business. We have taken advantage
whenever the chance was presented where manufac
turers or jobbers desired to unload and as a consequence
MEN will have their innings also SATURDAY One
day only.
Underwear Porosknit union suits, advertised extensive
ly and sold from Dan to Beersheba at $1 ; long fiQ.
and short sleeves, knee or ankle lengths, Sat'y 0C
Tine Lisle Ribbed Suits Pink, blue and ecru;
various shapes; worth $1.50 suit, Saturday. . ,
Full Mercerized Suits, in pure white, same yarn as goes
into $2.50 grades, made well, too; on Satur- t PA
day, each f l9f
SOFT SUMMER SHIRTS-A local maker sold us a
mixed lot various grades and materials shirts in the
lot which would sell freely at $1.50 and $00 ,
Percale Shirts, Laundered Negligee, Separate Collars, not
perhaps worth a full dollar and yet there are those who
would not hesitate to say so; A GREAT BAR- , cn
SOCKS Black and all colors, fine lisle and silk plate,
some plain, oUiers silk clocked; heretofore 95
50c per pair Saturday, pair "'V
Big Collection of Silk Four-in-Hands Various kinds,
manv colors and still not very many of one kind;
while they last SATURDAY, each. . .
SUSPENDERS-Full length, best lisle webs, the (HU
regular half a dollar kind; Saturday, per pair "vl
Here's where everybody comes in that is, all
the sweet-toothers.
Luscious strawberries, dipped in cream, per lb. 60c
New Brazil nuts, dipped in fondant, usually 80c; at,
per lb 50C
Peanut Brittle, crowded with Spanish No. 1 nuts
per lb. box 15c
Mr. and Mrs. Cobb made my mouth water telling
me of the many delicious home made bon bons pre-,
pared for Saturday business. BY THE WAY, they
cater, too. Some contracts are placed with them
weeks in advance. Orders for cakes and confections,
ices and ice creams should be placed early at the
CANDY SECTION. If in trouble about that function,
you will find Mr. and Mrs. Cobb mighty helpful
The Sweet Girl Graduate and her fond parents will
view with interest our summery window. Heaps of sug-'
gestions for the gown, the garniture, the proper acces
sories, shoes, etc. and gifts galore sensible and ap-.
the state republican convention In the
Mate ot Washington yesterday aa a re
sult ot which two aeta of delegate era
lo ba sent te tha national convention, he
denounced the action of the aupnortora of
President Taft there a "ecanoaloaa."
I,arge crowds met Colonel Rooaevelt
during tha day. At Lima while he waa
peaking a man called out: "What about
the third terror' Colonel Hooeevett
whirled about and pointed hi finger la
the direction at the questioner.
'Tea ran t aaa ate any question, you
foellah creature, that I can t a newer,"
ha as Id. "I will answer you by quotta
tha words at President Taft'a father
about the third term."
He then read a letter written by Judce
Alphonso Taft. the presldent'a father, te
the Cincinnati Ktiqulrer. After quoting
Judge Taft'a opinion, in referring to
Orant s candidacy for a third term, that
tha aaly danger lay In tin use of federal
patronage fur tha purpose of procuring
third consecutive term. He aald that
Judge Taft'a name beaded the liat of
members at Grant Thtrd Term club.
Down among the list of mere bare
cornea the name of a bright young rep
resentative at tire family, ITiarlee P.
Taft." ha said. "The whole Taft family
was la that movement. I will appeal
from ton ta tha father and aak you to
acoept tha sound, common eenae which
the father spoke as to the ridiculous
folly of raising aay talk about a third
tern) when the terras are not consecu
tive and the man out of power haa no
earthly means ot Influencing a atagte
officeholder, a single privileged repr.
eeatatite of tha prlvllend class."
T. It. raatrele Idaho.
I EWldTON. Idaho. May U.-Threo ele
ctive vctte ea tha appointment ot eom-
m.tttes ea eiedentlala, tesolutlona and
permanent organisation showed the
Rooaevelt forcee complettly.ln control ot
the Idaho state republican eonveatton
lata toCay. P. O. Johnson, a Rooaevelt
supporter, aaa made temporary chairmen.
sur Tft IHlraatea.
L1TTI.V! ROrK. Are.. May K- Sep
arate convention were held by the eup-
portria of President Tsft and former
PreV.dent Roosevelt In the Second and
Fear lis Arkansas congressional dlatrtcta
today and contesting dslegatrona were
named to the Chicago convention. In the
nrst district the eonventtoa Instructed
for Taft. 1
Boportera of Taft In the Fourth d.a
trlct at Mens elected J. D. Llveeay and
i. IX Spear detrgatea. while tha Rooae
velt follower named George Legatee and
W. C. Bailee.
At Newport, tha Second district. U. H.
al.-eis aad ft. 8. Cotfmaa were Instructed
fur Taft aad Ira J. Mack end Cart Spell
men for Rooaevelt.
. The FirM district convention, winch
met at Parageutd. as aero C. E. Blood
north ai d C. R. French d'legatee and
Instructed them tor Taft.
aWntiaa far President.
UVI.VviBTON. Meat.. Msy K.-Rooao-velt
forces wee defeated at every turn
la the republican state convent! oa hold
here today.
Tha Matitaaa delegation, eight In num
ber, win go to Chicago with a racon
mendsBoa to ee every effort to brag
about tha raoeaiaatloa of President Tart
The detegatee are: Dr. 0. M. Lanetrum.
Edward Doalaa. D. J. Chsrlea. tieorge
D. Bagga, Sam Stephenson. George W.
Oar, J C Kinder and A. J. Wtlcolm.
Tba del. (alee received CI votea to their
cepoMM- at. T. A. Marlow ot Helena
ea aatlastal committeemen.
Wiser rs leatherUs safe-t.
MI.NNKAPOMg. May K.-Wtth aaora
than gat Aetegawa of the ssproxlmateiy
Law delegatea to the slate revaMlean
eoniaaiieav, anaoortere at felons! Renal
vett, tna Mate cwerreuttoa today adopted
a Roueevelt program endorsing him and
hla prlnctplea and Instructing the Min
nesota delegation at twenty-four to Tote
for him. 'flrat. teat and all the time.''
Practically tha only fight ot tha erosion
waa over tha minority report ot tha reso
lutions oomanltte, oompoeed of three
supporters of Senator Robert at. 'La
Pollens, to tha placing ot whom oa the
oommlttee, D. A. Caswell, Hate manager
for Roosevelt had agreed ghostly before
the eonventtoa opened. Thle report, aa It
merged from tha committee waa re
jected by tha convention by a vote of
aa te 7l.
HUNTINGTON, W. V.. May M.-Aftar
hours of delay, brought about by a com
plication of atata lasues. the Weal Vir
ginia republican convention tonight
named sl delegatea-at-larga to tha Chi
cago convention, gave Theodore Roose
velt In unqualified endorsement and
neglected to mention President Taft or
his admlnlat ration.
The action ot the atata convention la
Instructing tha eix delegatee-at-large for
Colonal Rooaevelt gives tha former pre)
dent a solid delegation of sixteen votes
from West Virginia to tha national con
vent loa.
The delegates-at-Large are: Governor
William B. Glasscock. C. A. Swearlngea,
W. P. Hubbard, D. B, Snath. 8. B.
Montgomery and William S. Kdwards.
DALLAM, Tel., May IT. Contesting
dslegatlona to tha national republican
convention worn named In two congrse
slonsl district today and In two other
districts tha supporter of former Presi
dent Rooms volt had control and delegatea
ner Instructed for Roosevsit. Separata
conventions ware held by tba aupporter
of Taft and Rooaevelt In lb Eighth and
Fourth district a
GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., May lT.-Flfth
district delegatea to tha repubtlcaa na
tional convention: Claude B. Hamilton,
Grand Rapids, and General Prod W.
Green. Ionia, Instructed for Roosevelt.
The Fifth la tha last district la the stats
to bold Ita convention. Seven districts
have Instructed for President Taft and
five for Rooaevelt. The etx deiegatea-at-large
also ere Inalructrd for tha
Governor Imi Will Hot Xefer Cat
for Commutation.
atesseat gbosra family ot Former
Minister Waa Afflicted wlth
laaaalty and Condemned
Man la Hreterleel.
BOSTON. May K.-Clarenee V. T.
Rlcheaon, the grayer af Avis Llnnell, elept
quietly la hla coll In the ooath houae at
Charlaatowa atata prison last night,
ignorant that tha governor had refused
commutation ot hla sentence.
The announcement of the decision of
Ihe alienists that ha waa sane and that
tha governor would not urge clemency
waa left to be made to the prisoner today.
It waa expected that the task would fall
on either the condemned man a eouaael,
William A. Morse, the prison chaplain.
Rev. Herbert W. Stebbina, or hia spiritual
adviser. Rev. Herbert S. Johnson.
Tha execution of Rlcheaon probably
will tsks place early next week. There
la asatlment agalnat a Monday morn
ing execution aa occurring so cloae after
Sunday, which haa boon recognised by
tha warden of tha pel son. An ex caption
may ba made, owing to tha highly ner
vous Mala af the condemned man, and
It la not improbable that ilcheson may
go to tha chair Monday mornliut
Tba time within too week of Mar T
la entirely at the warden a discretion, and
only tha legal witnesses will know be
forehand at what time the sentence, of
the law will ba carried -out.
tateaat front tear- Governor.
The etatement from D governor fol
lowed closely tha filing of tha report of
the special Insanity commission which de
clared the man sane, although aubjoct
to flu of hysterical Insanity. Tha com
mission found that Rlcheaon waa sane
at the time of the murder and that he
la nan at nreaant
The statement issued by Governor Foes
shows attentat found that Rlcheaon'
family waa afflicted Tory generally with
Inaanlty and that tha condemned man
hlmaalf re a neurotic aomnambulKt and
a neurmethenlc and subject to hysterical
The alienists, who examined Rlcheaon.
are: Dr. W. B. Lane and Dr. Isldor H.
Coiiat. acting for the defense; Dr. U
Vernon Brlggs, acting at the personal re
quest of tha governor, and Dr. Henry B.
Stedman. George T. Tuttle and Henry
P. Frost, acting aa a commlstioa for
tha commonwealth.
New and uncompleted housee - offer
rich Prise to plumbing and tool thieve.
In tha tott month over a doaen raal
dencea have bean visited, plumbing ha
bean torn out and toots belonging to
carpenters at olsn, Wednesday night
new residence at Forty-ninth and Doug
la street. Dundee, was broken Into and
SIX eMtel. mM Ana W 1
'to W. R Mull. MB Ante avenue, waa
stolen. Bert Johnson ot ttX Emmet
tract report to (he police that s worth
ot tool had been stolen from a new
house at Twenty-sixth and BUtney
HARRISBURO, Pa.. May 17.Biennla)
convention were abolished in favor ot
meeting one In every three year by
tha Brotherhood of Looomotiv Engineers
today and a reeotutton adopted that the
next convention should be held In 11.
The place will be selected next week. In
vitation have been received from St.
Paul, St Lout. Minneapolis, Denver,
Salt Lake City, Loa Angeles and Stock
ton, CaL
The Grand International auxiliary to
day decided to establish a fund for relief
of widow and orphan ot engineer,
donating 16.00 to found the system.
Painted. Parsurrapba,
Kleptomaniacs will take almost any
thing but a hint.
A woman doean't always better ft when
ah change her mind.
A blunt man la one who waste BO
time In coming to the point.
Even If a man la a "big gun" tha wort
may come on hia doorstep.
It you are unable to see any good In
tha world, consult a a oculist.
A girl alwaya Ilka to kiss a distant
ml relative merely to keep In practice.
By following hi own advice a man
may succeed In remaining poor to the
If a man ever thinks seriously of mar
riage It la after taking a hand ta the
It la seldom necaaaary for a man who at
HE 1 DTK 00.
Lynch is Re-Elected
By Majority of 8,000
Lynch, who for twelve year haa headed l
the International Typographical anion, j
believe tonight that he and tha other .
tdmlnivt ration officera hava been re- j
elected by a majority of at least Mr. ;
oaaed an partial return
The heavy vote for the administration
at a surprise, as It was thought that a :
large negative vote would b cast In tha j
east aa the result of friction over the '
settlement In that territory. , The of- '
ftctet vote will be published in the June
number af the Typographical Joureal. '
The vote a tba adoption of two emend-
meat to the convtitutum providing tor !
tnereeerd eaiarie for preatdent aad asera- j
tary-treaaurer la aald ta be cioe.
ST. LOl 18. May 17. Complete re- j
turn from Bt. Lata. Springfield. Mow ;
nd Cairo, ni.. In tha elect taw of officers
for the International Typographical union. (
give the following rroults: For prt
dent Lynch, gM: Barker. M. For see- '
rrtary and tree surer. Hay. Til: Cobb. IK.
For flrat vice president. Tracy, fig; Dun- '
can. fit
KANfAB CITY. Mo, May 17-Kanaaa
City local No. . Typographical anion. !
fava Fred Barker, prugieaxlve candidate j
tor prraldenl of tha International Typo- !
graphical anion, a eJwrattty ef forty vote, i
Oeorge Miller aad J. C. Wwayne war t
selected delegates te the national aaa- j
veatloa at Crave. . j
Well rnade porch
seat, all hardwood
Get Our Rug
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Maalagre of aa old I wart.
Tha fiddler that ww pay la too witling
to extend us credit.. .
The man of whom they aay "etui water"
run deep,'' la often a solemn a..
That 'man of - hla neon)"- reputation
often screens a lot of harsher sin.
If we could wake up whistling on the
"morning after" we'd do It right over
again the next night
Every time wa are fatuou enough to
try to argue It out with ourselves aa to
whether we're going to "have on"
Infallibly and by having IL New Tor
, X The Life cat
S Snap of
careful adling
T awai by oWrankaang boose
wrres errrrwhera.
mt tout Oaocu-0
ww nerow, pa 111 ,
ail. $ 4v n
If yea want to avoid
trouble on the hill, pay apo
dal attention to your oil.
Remember that the ue of
the low (ear meana extra
heat In your engine.
auch perfect lubrication It
materially leaaeaa the load
oa the engine.
It keep hg body and
feeda uniformly under all '
running condition
It doea not ' carbon iie
park-plug or Talvea.
vThat Polarin oil means tt
the motor. Polsrtne Trananri,.
loa Lubrlcaata aad Polar I ne
Greaaea mean to tba other "
wearing surfaces ef tost car
efficient. , nnlforn.-. ; reliable
lubrication. ,
Standard OU Company,
" Oxsaaa.