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lsus Taaa Burgees Grandea.
a. at. CUrt. drat. uth s4 Bouslaa
Tvaaty-Vtr Xaxs at also Twenty.
tlv Brussels rvg-s war stolen from th
am of Peter Klewla. jm north Tweniy-
secona .street, Wednesday night
Oaeraeers te Sir Sue Th Ne
braska tsleDbooe operator have an
nounce a daseiag party for the evenlna
of Tuesday, Mar XL at MatropoUtaa kail.
Bate ae for Brains rrsmlnstions in
all subsets for students of tha Omaha
High achool trill ba held from May S
to May Ml
rails as Solid aToias .rora ar 8hr.
iff E. F. Bralley baa taken out a permit
to build a two-story frame dwelling at
3M Florence boulevard. Tha reshleao
will caet KM.
to Meat The
Flret rteibytsrlaii Ladles' Aid society
will meat at tha oil arch Friday afternooa
at J J o'clock.
Bike Tblaf astoncea .Leonard Schen-
emaa pleaded gul'ty In police court of
steeling two bieyelea sad waa Klven sixty
days m JalL Ha denies having stolen
mora than two machine.
Body Takes to Oedar Baaiaa The body
cf Mr. Cora A. My ere. aged ti. who
died at a local hospital, ras sent to
Cedar ' Rapids, Neb., foltowtnf services
at the Edward L. Dodder chapel.
Motoreyollst are riaed William
Hoock and C. Chapman of Ml Cerhy
street. raotoroyensts, war fined 11 and
costs for speeding. J. Fardy. autoinoelllsl.
was discharged, and V. B. Sheldon for
feited a tM bond.
Xaspectors as TosSafflos Eii post
off lea inspector of the .ansae City dl
vision are bar making their annual In
spection of the books and Kock on hand
of the Omaha poetotOoe. Their work of
checking up will consume some three or
four daya
Doctors to Bare Be Bomee The
residences of two physicians, Drs. U W.
Morsrasn asd A. A. Crandell. will stand
together on a Mel lot at Thirty-second
and Crelfhton avenue, taring Hansoom
park. H. A. Raapke has completed the
plant for the resldeuoea
how Old Basaily rertralta Th In
dustrisl depirtment of the American Wo
men's tram will live aa entertainment
Friday evening at the horn Of V. M.
Jlsverly. Thirty-third and Charles streeta
One of the attractions will be an ex
nfMtlon of antiquated family portralta
The public Is Invited.
Itsa Vat la Carter Ma Twenty csae
ef small sunish. pike, baa and catfish
war put In Carter Lake Wednesday by
Superintendent O'Brien, of tha stale
flehertes at South Bend. The flan were
put In the lak from tha Rod and Otm
club grounds and the superintendent was
assisted by Deputy Game Warden OU
more of tha club.
Builds Library aad aTnsoiav A li
brary and private museum aa an addi
tion to the north Ma of hta residence,
M South Thirty-first avenue, M being
planned by Dr. A. f. Jonas, ti. A.
Raapka. the architect. I now making
the drawings for the addition, which will
be two stories In height and stand out
from the horn proper as a eonservawry.
Beaae keeper Saea for Batata Mra
Fern Hme. who allege that tar sere
year she served the lata Mary B. In
galls aa nurse, housekeeper and maid, ha
started suit for Bl.OM for bar services
against I he Ingalla eetau In distrlot
court Mrs. Ingslls Wft so estate ef St
Cut and Mra. Woes say sue la entitled
to half of It under contract with her
dead employer.
Mere 0111 Service Sxasasv-Ctrll ser
vice examination win be conducted by
the meal beard June f for the position
cf dental Interna for the government
hospital for the Insane, adentine assist
ant In farm equipment and agricultural
propagator. In addition to these, exam.
1 nation to fill vacancy of Indian reacrvs
tie cuperlataodsnt will be conducted by
applicants without assembling la Omaha.
Ornate Sarins) Take tad Trips Ao
' cording to the messages appended upon
postal card, and received here, tha
Omaha Shrlner who want to Los An
(! to attend tha summer gat acting ef
Mystic Shrlner. ar having a glorious
time la tha OoMea Oat state. Not only
ar they taking la tha California resorts,
but many ar making short trip Intc
Mexico, Nevada, Arlaona and New Mex
ico. Tasrist Omaha Mad weoaa A com
mittee representing the Omaha Manu
facturers' association has been appointed
te Inspect the Omaha made good which
will bear the trade mark to see that they
ant worthy of bearing the etamp, "Quality
Guaranteed." which I a part of the trad
mark design. Permission has been re
ceived from tha government patent office
at Washington to place the ho. ''Patent
applied for" underneath Omaha new
trad mark.
Bishop t Ttalt Mission Sunday
morning, at tha usual 11 o'clock seme
of St. Stephen s Mirslon In Saratoga hall
at Twenty-fourth and Ames avenue, the
Right Rev. A. U Williams, bishop of Ne
braska, will baptise several persons, cele
brate the holy eemmualon and preach.
The Mission will probably erect a eharch
building on the property which it recently
purchased at the tnteresecttoa of Twen
ty-fifth avenue and Brown street, some
time during toe summer, and the visita
tion of tha bishop Is of unusual interest
la that all the details of the prelect are
in hie hands. It Is expected that a large
oongTegaUoa will at lead this service.
At the regular monthly meeting of the
Stereotype rs' and Elect rotypers' local
union No. 34 a resolution of condolence
was adopted on the death of our beloved
friend. Emit Brandcla, as follows:
Whereas. By the sad disaster te the
Titanic in mid-ocean on April U. when
l.ess Uvea were sacrificed and among
them our beloved and much esteemed
townsman and most popular and progres
Mve business man. mil lirandvis. there
fore, be it
Resolved. That the Mareotypera and
Elecuotypers' local union No. at, wishes
to express its deep sorrow and sympathy
wtih the bereaved relatives and with the
community at large In the loss of one
whose I'lace ss an upbulMer of Omaha,
goud fellowship and friend of labor caa
never be fited. W. W. MOORE.
Children are much more nkely to cea
traet tha oontagloas di lines when they
have colds. Whooping cough, dlpthefla.
scarlet fever aad esnsamptlon ar dis
eases thst are often contracted when
the child has a cold. That la why all
medical avtaertttea aay beware ef eoMs.
For the quick cure ef colds yea wftl
find nothing better than Chamberlain s
Cough Remedy. It caa always be de
pended upon aa is pleasant aad ante
For sale by aO dealers.
Fifty-Six little Folks Ar Adopted
by Nebraska People.
Ma Arc Taken Off the Train at raw
Omaha Statlea e Resaatm Wen
Members Children la AH
that IdeMtfkra Them.
Yesterday was the day when they gave
babies away at the Union station. Qo
cuprmc a special car, fifty-six tittle
tolas, ranging from 1 t years of age
arrived over the Illinois Central, roralng
direct from the Foundling Institute of
New York. and. In charge of Traveling
Agent D. O'Hara and a corps of trained
nurses. In the consignment were babies
of both sea. Monde anal brunettes and
In looks they averaged up pretty well
with that number of babies at an or
dinary show, yome of them were pretty
little things, while others were about as
homely as could be found anywhere.
In Omaha nine of the babies were left
with parties who had made application
and had adopted them unsltht and un
seen. The others went west en Union
Pacific No. 1. the first delivery being
made at Columbua and tha last at (fraud
Island. All of the youngsters had been
Spoken for in advance.
The New Tork Foundling Institute is a
Catholic Institution that has for (is pur
pose the gathering of waifs and children
whose parents are unable ta car for
them. Tha Nebraska and Kansse work
of distribution is m chars of superin
tendent McFeety of Omaha. Mis duties
consist In finding homes for some of
these children In Catholic boms In th
two state. That he succeeds Is ap
parent, for each year he place close to
MS ef the little New Terwera.
Method ef Fladlac Hone.
Th method of finding homes for the
New Tork children, while unlqee, le a
business proposition. A family want ta
adopt a child. Application I made te
Superintendent Mcr'eely. The application
nates ths sex of the child desired, the
age. blonde or brunette, color ef hstr and
eyes. Upon the receipt of this application.
Superintendent McFeely begins an In
vestigation of the applicants. He ascer
tain their ability to care tor and edu
cate a child, their moral and social Blend
ing, their habits, the condition of their
home life and everything connected with
them tor at least twe generations back.
If th Investigation Is satlsfaetsry, the
application Is recommended and sent on
to New York headquarters. Thers It re
mains until a baby that fills the bill Is
rsodved at the institute. When this baby
arrives. R Is given a number that cor
responds with th number given the ap
plication and then, so to speak, the baby
I Mid away on the shelf until enough
for a consignment Is ready to start west.
All Ar Nenabwred.
Af ths time of Basking the application,
the applicant la given a number, which
eorresponds with th number f th ap
plication and the number given th baby.
Then prior ta the babies being sent cut
from New Tork, all applleanta are noti
fied" to be at a certain station aa a cer
tain day and there meet a certain train
and claim tha baby picked for them.
That why nine women and their hus
bands were at the Union station, sack
presenting their h umbers when they
boarded the rar. The work of distribu
tion, occupied but a few minutes, for the
IHtle things thst were t be disposed of
In Omaha wer d reset d In white, spick
and lean, hooded and cloaked asd ready
to (d as soon as called for. OR the dress
of each ass sewed Its number big black
f '.gars and as their foster parents took
them away that was all they know about
them. Their past was a sealed book and
will remain so for all time to come, as
no on on earth knows from whence ihs
children cam except the head of th In
stitution, the receiving nurses and pos
sibly some of the natural parsnta
At the station twice as many children
could have been given sway, but there
were no extras, for all of those who went
west hsd been adopted and were ready
for Introduction mter their new homes.
Death a the Oallews
is sharp, short agony. The lam back of
kidney trouble Is dally misery. Tske
Electric Bitters for enlck relief. Ms. For
sale by Beaton Drug Ca.
xVi' X
a NJAf1sLA
Commissioner Will
Force Physicians to
Report on Diseases
Health Commissioner It. 1v. Connell
has directed physicians of the city to re
port all cases of contagious and infectious
diseases to his office at once. Those who
fell to de this will be prosecuted. Dr.
Connell hss written to the beads of hos
pit sis sod to several doctors ordering
them to submit oomnieto and Immediate
reports of eases hsndied.
Three esses of typhoid fever within
the week were not reported to the health
office and thle led Dr. Connell to notify
the physicians In charge of tha hospitals
where Ihs eases were treated thai any
rich oversight again would be prosecuted
under th city ordinance making such
physicians suhject to a IN fins. Ths
health department ha also requested
that physteane ba more careful In filling
out the vital stetlstlcleu'e blanks
A clsss of thirty-five pupils from th
business training department ef the
Omaha High school feasted on Maras
chino cherries and toasted marsh ms) lows
st the D. J. O' Brlen candy factory yester
day, where they were the guest
of th management for a tour through
the confectionery plant as part of their
regular course of study In commercial
work at the school.
After visiting the O'Brien factory the
students want to the smelter, where they
were shown the process af refining, with
all lis Interesting features.
Prof. U C, Rusmtsel, who will be the
new principal ef the Omaha High School
of Commerce, which opens hi September,
was la charge cf the class.
lot a Particle
Lead or Sulphur
If Ton Art Lookinj for a Hair
Dye Don't Use Par
isian Sage
If you want a good, clean, delightful
hair dressing, free from harmful ingre
dients, one that will stop falling hair.
Itching scalp, banish dandruff and add
luetre te dull, faded hair, then ssk for
PARISIAN SAOE and ass that you get
Ths girl with the Auburn hair Is ca
every carton and bonis of PARISIAN
SAOE which Is manufacteured only In
America by Otrous Mfg. Co.. Buffalo,
M. T. Price only M cenu at drug and
department Korea and all counter
...a J f -
A Dainty, Delicious Delight
for the Summer days when the palate is tired of
heavy meats and soggy pastries
Shredtded Wheat
Being made in Biscuit form, it is so easy to prepare a delicious, wholesome meal
with Shredded Wheat and berries or other fruits. The porous shreds of the Biscuit
take up the fruit acids, neutralizing them and presenting them to the palate in all
the richness of their natural flavor. Heat the Biscuit in the oven to restore crispness;
then cover with strawberries or other fruits and serve with milk or cream, adding
sugar to suit the taste. More nutritious and more wholesome than ordinary "short
cake" and so much easier to prepare requires no baking and no cooking.
Shredded Wheat is made of the whole whaat atesuired-eooked, shredded
and baked in th form of crisp fold en brown Biscuits, ready te
with milk or cream or fresh fruit.
M the Meat
The Shredded Wheat Company
sjority ef Board Member in Favor
oi aa increase. (
I rat.iltter of Trarfcer Hmm llerft
wiraiMlB-s Make lb
)ttvt for a Hala by e
rarlas Data.
The Board of Kducattea atll increase
the salaries of the grade and .kindergar
ten teachers of Omaha.
A majority of the. members of the board
have announced themselves lu favor of
an Increase or else, what will amount to
the same thing, giving ths teachers pay
for laelve months In the year.
A committee .of twelve teachers hss
been arranging to make a request for a
rai.-a They hsve written to other cities
to secure data on salarks. Members of
'the board are doing the came thing.
W. T. Bourke. James Richardson. J. U
Jacobson, Dr. John J. Foster and Dr. K.
Holovtchlner are emphatically In favor
of higher salaiiea for teachers.
paying tSaeaah.
"We are not paying our grade teachers
enough." said IT. Holovltchlner. "not
paying them as much aa ant do our wash
erwoman, whe will get W a day. A mini
mum of lilt le too small aad a maximum
of MM is sot saough."
Unless the teachers present their rase
to the board before the year Is out they
will not have a case, for the board l
plsnnlng to tske up the etlestion of In
crossing grade and kindergarten teach
ers' salaries snd may settle It satisfac
torily within the next few weeks.
Maxfmosa ef Taswaaad tsellan.
Just how much th salaries will be In
creased cannot be fortlold. but with the
exception of one member ef the board,
who would not "express an opinion until
there ass soms official action." all agreed
that there would ba an Increase, and that
It would probably not be less than a
maximum of tl.
None of the members uphold a mini
mum of MM but all of them are agreed
that It I too smsll. slthsugh how much
It will be Incessed Is still undecided. The,
board has had formal dissusclon, but
whsn It meet Monday night should th
question srtss each member will be em
phailo In supporting his opinion.
Deal Bias Them With a TsUl BesaoTs
Thea With ths Mew Drag.
An eminent skin specialist recently
Uncovered a new drug, othlne double
strength, which la so uniformly suc
cessful hi removing freckles and giving
a clear, beautiful complexion that II la
sold by rleaion leu Company under an
absolute gusrantee te refund the money
if It fails.
Don't hide your freckles under a veil;
get aa ouncs of othlne and remove them.
Kven the first nlghl's us will show a
wonderful Improvement, soms of the I
lighter freckles vanishing entirely. It '
Is absolutely harmless, aad cannot In- I
Jure the most tender akin. j
Be sure to ssk Beaton Drug Company 1
rar tne snubie atrengtn ottiine. it is tnia
that Is ssld sa ths mousy back guarantee
of Poisonous
in Parisian Sage
where toilet goods are sold. Here's
mors proof:
"I take great pleasure la writing to
you snd thanking you for tha benefit 1
have derived from your great hair tonic
PARISIAN BAOB. I waa confined In
St. John's hospital la this city for ever
two months with typhoid fever snd my
hair waa falling out so much I thought
I would be baidheaded In a few months.
I saw yosr advertisement In the Reg
ister of this city and got a bottle and
used It according to directions and the
first bottle did the worn. I have nsed
many other ton tea for the hair, but
PARISIAN SAfiB has them all beat. I
wish you good luck In all way and
thank you again for what It hss done
for me." Mr. Mai. Delaaey. til Worth
Uth St., Springfield. III.
of the Golden Wheat
Little Star Prepares
for Bit of Realism
Little Mi5s Kuih Thompson, a ho vn:
have the title role In "Sara Crewe.'
' The Uttlo ITInoes!.. ' which will u
given at the Brandais theater Satttrda
evening- for the benefit of the Vlsitin
Nurse-, is havlni; n.'it a strenuous we -Itetween
rehearsal. Mies Ituth Is speliu
ing her time at one of the local bird an
monkey shops, getting acquainted wil
Cingo. th monkey who will be losne.
for the performance Saturday evening.
It happens that there la no real monk)
actor in Omaha at preeent. and so a rca
monkey Is to take part In the fairy story.
Cingo. the monkey. Is the one who climbs
over the roof end discovers saia Crewe,
the llttl princess, living In a wretched
Mis Thompson reels quite certain that
she will have won the monkey's friend
ship by Ssiurday cvtnlns and that he
will be a desirable mrmtcr of Iho com
pany. I am making to
measure for $20
a good non ''fading
shine proof blue
serge coat and
pants. It is the
best serge value
in Omaha.
UicCarthy-Wilxon Tailoring ft
BOa-SOS South Sixteenth K,
C Saturday-
An Immense Special New
York Purchase of
Beautifnl Imported
Almost endless assort
ment of exquisite designs
for afternoon and eveuing
Watch for farther snnouncax
ment. Sale Saturday.
It trill pay jrou to buy
your soft or stiff bat
n i .? for 'i and up, from
Schmar$e$' Hat Factory
lata and falirorala, Old bats
cleaned aad remodeled Ilka new.
Nisiara Falls, M.Y.
LU. 0. SAM
AT 33.
HOSE 19o
S5e ForosknK
Boys' genuin
10 to lo
Just 75 children's beautiful light weight
coats, three-quarter length, all wool materials.
Coata sold all hoasoii at $3.50 to $o-00 ,
"The Favorite Rye
When you want a good, straight Rye. buy
v M
Distilled (4) times in
(Ordinary wmlakay not snor Ihaa twloaj
This makes SCHENLEY 4
times purer, with 4 times
better quality. SCHENLEY
tastes and smells and is
genuine, because it is properly
aged and its mellowness and
delicate flavor is all its own.
Bottled in Bond
Each bottle sealed with U. S. Government Stamp.
IU saga is guaranteed by the U. S. Government.
Its purity by the Schenley Distilling Company.
Its quality speaks for itself.
When you buy Rye, buy Schpoiey. At all dealers.
ficaeojey PaKilUof Coup try, Lacre P
"The Favorite Rye
Base Ball Extras
Owing to reconstruction work at present going on
at the 16th street viaduct extra street cars to Boorke
Park will be routed as follows:
Starting at 14th and Douglas, south to Howard,
east to Uth and south to Vinton street.
Returning Leave Rourko Park, east to 13th,
north to Howard, west to 15th and north to Capitol
Omaha & Council Bluffs
Street Railway Co.
Is ibe Leading Agricultural Jouroal ot U)e vest. Its cotuiaa ar 01 le
a. lth tbe best thought ot th day la matters pertaining to tha tars, tba
ranch and tha orchard, and It is a factor la tha development ot tha groat '
wasters coantry.
Bos' genuine B. V. D. or Pojroskait
BaiLiiggarj aud Nainsook Combina
tion Sniff, size 10 to 15 years, OQi,
ugular $1.00 quality v3W
A"oaivn's fine quality black and fancy
colore-! lisle and silk hose, 1Q
50c quality
Porosknit Shirts or
while and wru, age Ifla,
yre. 33c quality . .
o! Six Generationa"
vet "ito tM so
of Six Generations"