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    THE BEE: OMAHA. FRIDAY. MAY 17. lf12.
Equitable Endowment Association
Xust Improre Finances.
gives uiixiL nasi or mouth
State Aedlter Bartaa VmIIIn Offi
cers mt Oaee Premtelaia; t m
anny Mm 9atlsfaetery
Prsagess Reealresl.
(From a Stsff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. May It- (Special. -Stat
Auditor Barton hai notified the of tl cars
of the Equitable Endowment aaaoctatlon
of Oinaha that they muat get the affaire
of he company in shape by J una 1 or he
will apply for a receiver for tha com
pany The auditor refused the company
a license last year, and it has written
no new business since that ttraa. but tte
officers were given time to gret affairs
In snspe either to go ahead on a aound
basis, reinsure anh close up or settle Its
affairs without the expense of a receiv
According to the auditor satisfactory
progress alone this line has not been
made and ha mill not delay loncer than
June 1. W. H. Wlfton u the active offi
cial of trie company, snd a number of
prominent Nebraskans have been con
nected with It. It has net book assets
of but the auditor takea ex-
ccptiona to many of them, among them
some of the notes from policyholders and
some luana of company funds. Trte com
lany atartej May 4. 1905, to do mu
tual life linsoranct business.
Ryaa-Plvaaka (aec Set.
The Ryan-Plvonka rase has been set
by the supreme court for argument lot
the sitting of June i. The court asks the
rttorneys to discuss this time two legal
points, first, whether the law extending
the terms of office of Bouth Omaha of
ficials was legally adopted. The district
court lias declared this section of the
c I arter Invalid, but the supreme court has
not petard on It. Second If the section
stcmllng the terms of office is invalid
what effect does the expiration of the
terms of office of the defendants hsve on
the ouster proceedings brought against
them as police commissioners? Briefs In
the case are to be served Mar 3.
Attorneys Involved In the case brought
by Frank lams to test the validity of the
s'sllton registration law are bating
hard time agreeing on a time for bearing.
Assistant Attorney General Ayree, who
represents the registration board la ready
at any time, but John L. Webster of
Omaha, W. A. Prince of Grand Island
and T. J. Doyle of this city. who. repre
sent the other side, never seem to be
able to attend to It at the same time.
It probably will be heard, however, some
time next week.
T. L. Hall of the railway commission
will go to Plain view Tuesday of next
week to hear tha complaint of Fred H.
Free and other residents of ttiat plaos
ecslnst the depot facilities afforded by
Hie Northwestern and Burllng-ton roads.
One thing the Plalnvlew people) want la
a union station and the ralltroada chal
lenge the right of the commission to
make order, Mr. Hall has) found
some court decisions which ha thinks
sustslna this right, but this, of course,
cities not effect the question of tha reason,
ahleneas of the present demand, which la
a matter to be settled by evidence.
Commissioner Clark want to Albion to
night and tomorrow will hear the cgonV
Ilalnt of George W. Williams and others
against the Northwestern road, alleging
Insufficient depot faculties.
tens-lets Arrive at Kearsey,
The two cgonvlcts who went to Kear
r.y to work at the tuberculosis hospital
arrived at their destination all rlgtlt.
even If they did go without any guard.
They are reported to be doing good
work earing for the grounds and to be
liappy and contended. There is about
five acres of lawn, some flower beds and
six acres of garden to care for and in
case this does not keep them bus)-, there
Is plenty of other things at which they
can be put to work.
County Commisslonsr P. E. Elsasser of
I'ouglaa county has written Land Com
missioner Cowles that ha has visited the
tuberculosis hospital at Kearney and
found things there In excel lent shape and
evidently Mrs. Maddox was niiatakan In
the statements on which the commis
sioner predicated a previous letter to tha
state authorities complaining of condi
tions at the hospital. He takes back
all the rem ark a be made and elves tha
hospital much praise.
The supreme court this morning gave
the attorney general permission to file
the mandamus suit to compel the Omaha
Xtreet Railway company to submit to a
physical valuation of its property by
the Railway commission. Under the rules
o ft he court answer day Is June 17.
Republican Suite Chairman John L
i.ennedy has written to members of the
state committee that a meeting; will be
held with the state candidates on June 2,
which la Immediately following the na
tional convention. '
Tue National Guard authorities are
wondering Is there Is any way In which
they can be reimbursed for the J6M.M
paid as per diem to guar dame n and ta
for train lo take them to the prison
at the time Gray. Dowd and M or Icy made
their break for liberty. Owing- to the
loss by fire of equipment of the four
Omaha companies the guard funds sra
decidedly low and this amount would
come handy.
Governor Aldiich will be a busy man
during May as the following dates will
show: May IS, Dunbar; 17, Table Bock,
it and 1, WalthlU; a, st Paul; An,
ley; 3. Alliance: ft Grafton: 21. Sterling:
June 1 Omaha, all tor commencement
addresses; May M, Memorial day. at Tel
mad ge, and June an address before the
State eLague of Building and Loan as
sodstlons. Measra. Reed and Hum of the engineer.
Ing department of the railway commission
are out along tne I'nlon Pacific railway
checking over terminal values. Tha com
pany requested this, owing to tho differ
ences between the original ftg-jm of the
commission and those of the assessor.
The Douglas county returns of ths re
sults of the primary of April were re
ceived this morning by the secretary of
sute. The state tabulation was com
pleted with this exception, snd clerks In
the oKlee set to work to complete the
task, and it Is expected certificates of
nomination will be is line within a few
Alexander Matthews, a druggist of Cal
laway, has appealed to the supreme court
from a verdict ef II jet damages awarded
David E. Moses. The suit was based on
the charge that Etta U Mosea. wife of
lbs plaintiff, sent to file druaj store for
v some cream of tarter and John Chrts
tofcreoa. who is sot a registered phar
mectsc sold tartar emetic Instead. Mrs.
Moses took some of the drug and died
enty hours thereafter. Matthews de
nied that Chrlstoferaoa was his agent In
the aale and a'so that the tartar emetc
was a poison and the cause of the death
of Mrs, Moses.
This was May festival day for the public
schools and they celebrated it with ex
ercises at the ball park. There were ex
hibition of folk dancing, drills and athletic
stunts by the pupils of the school and in
addition to the children there were a large
number of parents and other Interested
ones at ths exercises.
Louts H. Stelger of Fall-mount was to
day fined S0C or thirty days Imprisonment
for sending obscene matter through the
mails, lie pleaded guilty to the charge,
which consisted of sending a letter to a
young woman, the letter containing ob
jectionable matter.
The county attorney iiaa commenced
suit to recover form Julius Schlff the sum
of n.ont. Schiff went on tlie bond of
Grant Hurah. accused of the shooting of
Mra Rys and failed to appear for trial.
Huron Is the brother of Pessa Hursh.
caused the arreat of Dr. Townaend on the
charge of performing an Illegal operation
and during the trial of the doctor created
a sensation by shooting at Tom Hawkins.
the alleged betrayer of Deesie. He was
tried and acquitted for this.
clal.r Shall the Central City school dis
trict Issue fco.000 in bonds to provide
funds for the building of a new high
school and a new ward school? This is
a queatlon that has been subjected to
much discussion during the last few
months and the members of the school
district hsve decided to put It up to the
people at a special election. At a meet
ing of the board Tuesday night the date
of such election was set for June . 112.
and the amount of bonds to be voted for
at S&OOO. The plan provides for the erec
tion of a new brick ward school house
on the north side grounds and a high
school building on tha south side to cost
approximately 136,000. The extra JMO0
would be authorised to be used If neces
sary for the purohase of ground adjoin
ing tha present high school tract. The
plan to be submitted provides that none
of the bonds shall be taken up nor any
tax levied to take them up until ths year
1K1, when a tax la to be levied to create
sinking fund for the redemption of
the bonds. The bonds mature In 1M7, but
may be redeemed st the option of the
school district any time after ten years
from ths dste of Issue.
BEATRICE, Neb.. Msy If. t Special.)
Henry Herman and Miss Anna Schuette
of Hanover, Kan., were married Tuesday
evening by Rev. R. M. Badger. They
will make their home at Bherbum. Minn.
Henry Sharer, who had been employed
with tha local gas company for the last
three years, died last night st s local
hospital, where he recently underwent an
operation for appendicitis. Hs waa
years of see. The body will be taken to
his old home at Highland, Kan., for In
terment. v
William G. Hass of Milwaukee and Miss
Clara Locker of La Crosse. Wis. were
married hers yesterday by County Judge
Mrs. Mary Schultx and daughter Berths
and Mr. and Mrs. John Quapp departed
yesterday for West Prussia, where thev
will spend the summer.
Mrs. Mas Blckett of Liberty, thla
county, was granted a decree of divorce
yesterday by Judge Pemberton from A.
R, Blckett on ths grounds of cruelty and
desertion. She waa allowed (MA alimony
and ths defendant was ordered to pay
the costs of the suit.
Governor and Bishop
to Lay Cornerstone
at Central City
cial. V Extensive preparations are being
made for the celebration attending the
laying of the cornerstone of the new
Merrick county court house, which occurs
Wednesday afternoon. May E. The cere
monies will be in charge of the offlcera
of the grand lodge of the Ancient. Free
and Accepted Masons, upon the Invitation
of the board of supervisors. Promptly
at 3 o'clock In the afternoon the proces
sion will form at the Masonic hall under
the direction of the grand marshal. The
procession will be headed by the Second
regiment baind. Nebraska National guard.
Then will follow the cltisens and mem
bers of civic societies and organisations
desiring to take part In the parade, mem
bers of the Masonic fraternity, grand
lodge. Ancient Kree and Accepted
Masons, with Knights Templar as es
corts. At the high school grounds, teach
ers and pupils of the schools will Join
the procession. The procession will move
through the principal streets of Central
City snd will arrive at the high school
grounds st about 3 o'clock, where the fol
lowing program will be carried out:
Music, by the band.
Laying the cornerstone.
Address, Governor i H. Alrtri, h.
Oration. Bishop George Beecher of
Humboldt Man
Dies of Lockjaw
HUMBOLDT, Neb.. Mae ..-pei'laD
John Meimer. who was seriously hurt in
a runaway accident on May 5. was taken
suddenly with lockjaw Saturday and
gradually grew worse until yesterday,
when he pa.-sed out of this life. In the
accident Mr. Mrtster was dragged by tu
team about half a mile when his
head struck with such force against
the ground as to render him un
j conscious. Mr. Meister was taken
'to his home and tenderly cared for. but
without avail. Dei-eased wa about M
years old. a pioneer and respected cltis:i
of Richardson county and leaves eight
children, five boys and three girls. Mr.
Meister was born In Swltxcrland ,'nly
It. ISf, came to Ohio in UTi and to Hum
boldt In Its:. In IVocnibcr. IRS?, he wae
married to Mrs. Mary tiunsenhauser. wto
Idled In September. 1S9X. The funeral will
be held from the home Krtday.
Bellevae Notes.
Rev. Q. W. Wadsworth of Denver,
former president of Bellevue college, was
at Bellevue Wednesday morning on his
way to the meeting of the general a
sembty at Louisville, Ky., and addressed
the students In charge, where he was
warmly welcomed. Dr. Wadsworth 1
now traveling In the Interests of Ibe
Presbyterian Temperance society.
Mnm Jessie M. McCleen of the depart
ment of English at Ames college Is 1n
Bellevue visiting st the home of Mrs.
W. B. Leonard. Miss McClean was for
a long time assistant In the English de
partment at Bellevue.
The Peru Normalites won from the
Bellevue nine tn a loose game at Belli:
vue Monday afternoon by ths score of
t to L
The base ball and track teams will o
to T ark to Friday night, where a double
athletic event track meet In the morning
and base ball game In the afternoon
will be held against the Misiourians.
(Sperlsl.r Abe Branson, a laboring man.
was knocked off the railroad track and
seriously Injured this morning. Rranson
waa coming In to work and waa In v
deep cut southeast of town. He stepped
oft one track to avoid a freight train
going east and stepped over on another
track as the morning passenger pulled In.
It was within six feet o fhlm before he
noticed. He was pitched headlong to one
side, striking on his forehead. The ribs
on his left side were fractured and he
had deep euta on his head and bruises
over the body. He will recover.
Mayer Bros, of Ashland. O.. were her
this week closing up a deal tor the old
Reed stone quarry and lands adjacent
The company securing the land will op
erate a quarry with modern machlnarv
and will have same here as soon as pos
sible. It Is said to Include a large plant
for making lime ami other products from
the stone.
Awfemeblle flab at Palrker.
FAIRBI KY. Neb.. May M.-Hpeclal.)-
A large number of automobile owners
In Fairbury and Jefferson county held
a meeting In the Commercial club rooms
snd orgsnlsed the Jrffcnton County Au
tomobile club. The officers elected are:
President, W. T. Cratnb; secretary -treasurer,
Arthur Weyer: general road ovor
seer, J. W. McDonnell. The object of
the club Is to bring about better roads
In this county. A number of road drigs
will be built at once and placed In serv
ice. The club will supersede thi
good roads committee of the Falrbury
Commercial club and which did so much
good In this county.
Geneva Man Named
Department Head
BKATIUCE. Neb.. May ic.-i8ircril
Telegram.) At the closing fwvslun of the
Grand Army emumpment thi.i ftomoi.n
J Fremont was selected as the plac lw
j hording; the next encampment.
Resolutions were paMed endorsing
j tell it C. E. Adams of Pupertorfor com-
I ma nder-ln -chief of the Grand Army i-i
I.91S. Resolutions were nasurd extendi iv-!
a vote of thanks to BeatrUc eltlie-ns fw
the manner tn which the riologatcs
entertained while In the city.
The following Grand Armv officer
were elected:
Department commander, M. V. Kins;.
Geneva: senior vice commander. George
O. Humphrey, Grand Inland; Junior vice
I commander. S. A. Isaacs. Teeumseh;
m.dlcal director. Fred Brother. Beatrice:
chaplain. P. C. Johnson. Teeumseh.
Officers of the ladiea of the Grand
Army of the Republic:
Department counsellor, Mrs. Caroline
H. Putnam. IJncoln: president. Mrs. Nora
Kidder, iScribner; senior vice president,
Mra. Masraie Hopper, Omaha: Junior vie
president. Mrs. Louisa Fisher, Greenwood;
treasurer Mrs. or fMener. hyracu;
chaplain. Mrs. Minerva Putnam. Uncoln:
council of administration. Miss Jennie
Ijosey, Uncoln: Mrs. Flora A. Nelson,
Ord: Mrs. I-ottle Faion. Llmoln.
Woman's Relief corps officers. Depart
ment president. Miss Plea nor Ackerman.
AalitHWorth; senior vice president. Miss
Msry Klramerly, Beatrice; junior vice
president. Mrs. Cameron, Falls City
treasurer. Miss Josie Bennett. Harvard;
chaplain. Mrs. Nettle Johnson. Fullerton.
Board of administration. Mrs. Addle
Hough. Omaha: Mrs. Margaret Picker
ing, Ashland: Mrs. Nancy Sanders. Falr
bury; Mrs. Ohlhelser, (laMlncs; Mrs..
Anna F. Church. North Platte.
The officers were Installed this rven'nr
brfora the encampment closed:
Delegates to the national Grand Army
of tha Republic encampment: J. H. IIosk
land. North Platte: Judson Hurwell.
Junlatta; Andy Traynor, Omaha: J. '.
Fletcher. Beatrice; Louis lsleur, Papll
llon; II. W. George, Broken Bow; James
rtt even son. Lincoln; P.. J. Adams. (Su
perior: W. F. Ware. Plymouth.
W. R. C. delegates: Mra. Belle Young,
Hupertor. deegateat-large; Mrs. Matlle
Rhoades. Buskett; Mrs. Minerva Burhuell,
Fremont; Mrs. Ada Heine. Hooper; Mrs.
Jennie Traynor. Omaha; Miss Ruby Mar-
rlman, Hastings.
Delegates for tha ladles of ihe Grand
Army of the Republic: Mrs. Ora Hart
man. Kearney: Mrs. Minnie Kinder,
Scribner; Mrs. Lot Or Faxon. Lincoln:
Mrs. Mary Kamher, lUucoliv
Beatrice Takes
Opener of Series
Ml M BOLDT, Neb.. May Ifc -(Special
Telecram.f Humb-'ldt opened a series of
three games with Beat rice this afternoon
and won by the score of 3 t 1 An error
in the first tuning K-tvc Humboldt a ! a J
which Beatrice could nl overcome. Tliu
R. 11.
Humboldt .. A H 4 tt 0 1--3 6 1
Restrict ... v O 0 0 I 0 o t I 10 i
Batteries: Humboldt. 1-ark and Dh'U;
Heat rice. Boa hay and Danow.
HIAWATHA. hii. May K-iSpeciu.
Telegram.r-Nbrasl-.a 1'itv won another
game from Hiawathft toda . Hiawatha
had strengthened their team contderablc
for this game. Score;
Nebraska City .. 1 o o 0 : 1--I
Hiawatha o 0 o ' o 0 0 0-3
Batteries: Nebraska City. R;iode and
Goldwaith; Hlnwatlia. Smith su i Hui
At Bl'RN. Neb.. May 1. - tSvil Tele
gram., Falls Citv defeated t!te Amnttn
tram In a lis id foUKht K8m- Store:
Falls CUy u n i1 0 a Q-i
Auburn 0 li V !( V V o-l
BhtterU: Falls ctly. Waller and Slue
lok; Auburn, Vole and K rui lunger.
i kadrw) CuiMuirrrlnl i Int. Fleets.
CHADIto.N. Neb., May Hi.- iSpecuil.)
The Cltadion Commercial club elected th
following ofilcers for the ensuing year:
President. O. J. Scbwciger; secretary, W.
P, Uooncy; tre.isuir. J. Kaas; executive
committer, W illiam Chisholm. W. A. Co
mean. L. W. Gorton. VY. S. Glllam, U .
A. Hirdsall.
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iHV 3a
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smile run 'round the table. To
keep the family smiling, repeat $N'
I In e ssHMe issesasas 1 1 ll
1 ttt rSwv 0es0VrSa I Bit SsT.
MAUU. BBOS. SI. Lsmla. Ma. l y
Began with Itching. Spread TaiL
fingflrt Fairly Bled. Cried Night
and Day. Tried Cuticura Soap and
Ointment and Was Entirely Cured.
Cel. "Bight Tears age
I get eesscaa all ersr my heeds, efj fingers
tairtr Med aaa it Hcaea nets II alsaost arm
aw rreatte. Tne erusnoa
began with tsassag under
the sida. It spread last
frees between ths nagera
erased the seas and all
srer the whole sands, t
get a pets el rubber stores
la order to wean duties.
Then It spread all ersr the
left ties el air cheat. I
ensd sight sad dar. Then
I derided to trr Cuusure
Boas and Otntaest. hut
without Bach hops as I
had goes so long. There
was a seertted ehsnes the second day. asd
so ea eaoa I was entirely" eared. TheCua
surs aoss we hare slwsrs kswt ia sur
some, aad we dsdded sler that lesson that
k a a rwees sneo !a eras aad the Terr hast
fa ousntr. Mr husband snB use as ether
soap ta his shsnag swg.
" t hses atwert uses Cuttema Soap asd as
afha? tar err beer, and he has aeeer had a
tare of ear kind. Be doss not wees chafe as
ssesl babies do. 1 test that it is all owing
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sssalas aid wea a snss a
It make, ery heart aroe W r
d see s sweet tseed
soy with ths whols lop st tu head a esild
eases at sftsn. sshsss by toe ass as soar sson.
I ttwses laimsssnsil Catlrota, and Bass lutes
out at tea the aeil rhse I see the atothsr she
ears 'Obi f asa so gjad yea MM no of CwU
eura. (faaned) Mis O. aeibf . Job. Is. 'II.
Cntieats, tea aad Oia ent era soid
hem. gaapis of e . lasM Iras.
WW SVp. bet, address.
Ass. T. IHe saa. Tender-teeee
Boys Require Well Made Shoes
They fire their ghon tne haraest wear tad! thouU be provided
tbe kind that will stand the severest strain.
Nine O'Clock School Shoes
for Boys and Girls
re made el the hifhest quality leather and sewed by the re-inforced
McKay process, which meant t kner life and more wear than yon
can et dom other shoe. All children should wear 9 O'Clock
School Sheet and save the coupons to help get Baft for their school.
Ask your shoe dealer about our flaf plan.
Free A History of Our Flag
A beautifully illustrated htthTke
History of Our Flag, by Francis Scott Key
ird, will be mailed free to every child
sending 2 cents for postage Send for your
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Camping out
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will give you a new lease
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Low-fare Excursions on
the Santa Fe all summer.
Fast trains. Fred Harvey
meals. Double tracks.
One hundred miles' view
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After teeing Colorado, go down
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Mexico, and then on to the
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Ask for aur Summer outing folders
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waukee. Wis. who has tried "Tona
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nervous ami suffered with the most
violent headaches. I felt tired and d'lll
all day. mv hody seemed benumbed at
times, and I did not sleep well. My di
gestion waa Imperfect and 1 was contin
ually constipated. As soon as I ate any
thing my atomach filed with gas and I
waa distressed ir a half hour or more.
My mind was dull and my memory verr)
poor. I contracted a cold ttslly and suf-j
fered with severe coughs. Sometime ago
I talked with a physician who advised me!
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fui in m- case. I feel as though I hadi
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' turned as well as mjr strength andj
I energy.
I now sleep ws'l and get up in the!
! n orning feeling cheerful and ready for!
f vv.-S. '
i"Vy wife was also run down and nerv
ous, .'he started taking the medicine
I !.-n It began to help ma He Improve
ment baa leen fine and so is now In
good health."
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simply a beer of quality, but a
beer of double quality.
Family Trade Supplied by:
South Omaha VYM. JETTK1L
I'hoae So. sea.
Omaha HTGO V. BILZ. 1321
DoIb St, Phone Doug. J542.
Jetter Brewing Go.
sm, nh Oitsaira