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    'Sg? me yccA
The Pose of
She's deer. Iimt Innocent girl-but
helpless oh, very helpless.
' Mo utterly Ignorant of the my of the
world, m absolutely unable to take care
( of herself. '
She hti a friend
such a good, de
voted, . unselfish
friend-not a thine
wrong with him
only hot married.
And he has writ-'
ten to m all about
Hero la part ot
hat the man lay
In hla letter: 't
"I fear for her
inherent weakness,'
or let ua say the
lnsb.llty to
care of herself, aha
cannot (tana alone..
I think It was that element. of dependence
that attracted my Interest In the first
plaoe and also my world's knowledge ot
the men whom we both know. Please
don't Imagine I ant taking a "halo posi
tion. I am trying to be strictly honest
I never had designs .on the girl, even If
she had evidenced a wish for anything
other than what we were, which she did
not. I may have .thought' things, but
there was no encouragement I know she
Is as true a girl aa one could find.
R.N. U-
Tut tat, my dear sir, la It possible that
you can so deceive yourself, and really
make yourself think that the thing you
want to do I the right thing, no matter
who la hurt or forsaken when you do It?
Helpless, Indeed! I've seen lots of that
sort ot '"helpless" girls, and many, many
of the same sort of Helpless' full-grown
They are never se "helpless that they
can't catch their "helpless" hands Into
the coat of some good able-bodied man
and. make. him. believe that It is his
duty la the sight of heaven to take car
of them until - they find another man
with more money or. a greater knack of
pending It- . . .
"Helpless'" A girl, like that helpless,
Mirahdy on
te 1v A -J
Ba adder ntght," remarked Klrandy.
"Out Alvtcy, whut la one of deee heah
long, stingy ole pullets, dat oughter beea
aa do fryln' pan ot inatrtmoay long. ago.
dropped roua' te my house, an' waast
we waa a dlscourain' on de rights ea do
wrongs of ear sect, she say:
" "Well, thank heaven. 81s Mtrsndy. dat
dla m leap year, and Mt gives Women a
chaast to up an' pop de goesttloa to de
men dat oey would like ta have tor hus
bands. "Huh,' 'spans T, for whilst I bsHeves kt
do rights of my, sen I ain't got much
faith Is ear Beta' abie to foreclose on
'em. lee its eye what men la cooxtt lied.
" Tea.' goes oa 81a Ahrlry. 1 d-ia t
know notbia' dat ahows want, po down
trodden, f email worms of d dust, we
wovcen is sa much aa de fact dat we
ain't got evea a aay-se about ptckla' out
we sua dat we sa got to live wis, aa'
Innocent true! Hark ye, my good sir.
There never yet lived a woman, old or
young, who didn't have sense enough to
know lust one thing.. no matter how help
leas and Innocent she may be or he
pleased to seem to be. And that thing Is
that she has no claim, and oaa have no
dram whatsoever on any other woman's
Divorce the faithful woman who has
borne you children and marry this cling
ing "Innocent" If you dare and then
watch her being "helpless" when you
ass another "helpless" person who ap
peals to your sense of chivalry.
"Helpless:" Shs will soon show you
and the ether women, too. how weak and
defenseless she was- whea It oame to a
question of bar own comfort or pleasure.
If she's the sort of girl who will step
off over the precipice because yon. a mar
ried man, show her that you are too busy
at home to concern yourself with her
absurd little affairs, do you Imagine for
one moment that a plain, evsry-day man
like you can keep her In the straight and
narrow path?
She shows no such great principle
where you are concerned; why should
yoa think she would behave differently
under any other droumstanosaT No. I'm
aot a Mt sorry for tha "helpless" girl,
nor for yeu, either.
You are old enough to have some plsln.
every-day common sense. You must be,
or you couldn't have grown children.
You've earned your own way In the world
for years; why don't you use some of
the practical principles that have taught
you success In business, right here In this
absurd cess ot yours t
Of course, a clerk might take money
from the till at your friend s shop and
turn out to be a model of honesty and
trustworthiness for you but what are
the cbanoes In the esse?
The girl la a selfish, calculating young
person who has found your weak potm
an over-weaning belief In your strength
of Influence on others and she's making
a plain, every-day goose of you, that's
an. t
Look at her aa aha la, lor ones. And
the Women Proposing
an serve, an wash, aa Iron for.
an' take his back talk for tharty ar
forty years. Tasum, we women slot get
ae say-ao m cnooejn' ma husbarjda, AH
dat wa can da la Jest to set antra an'
look wllUo. wtd our fingers crossed for
luck, an pat ears lives In da attitude t
receive de bleastn la ease any man Is
kind enough to come along an' as us to
tie ap wut htm.'
" DaTS ss.' says I. an' dese days wtd
po'k chops a aoarla' up In price lak dey
had wings, de men is mighty alow a-com-ln"
"1 tail yoo. IDs Xlraady.' pursues ata
Alviry, "dat If svy woman could pop de
question, an' git her rut her la de way of
a basband lasCd of harm' to take what '
she can git dere wouldn't be eo many
slack wives la de worr. bee axe many a
woman takes eat on e Po". ewfortunate
man she did git, her spite a not gettin'
" al
twe Lecroeen was ih
THE: MiPST 0rH,5 506J6CT
when a scoriae WAJ
HtrAfcP IH j He CtTAE hum
SeTTCC KaOuva as
5T00D UP AND WSr07trP
aezr points rue
Tf40U(7 FOt A M0Mir
Avaj CMICPe-D, ,
lrTH5 WA7FE A.T HOnPBrld
aaw eaaasssBBy m m -av.i bu a
te3 A4 CHGfjl Of
TC W, 7NGH FM-fe 'CM
AwAy TXCMntgt-C
srT JbfTouRNOwv
CM OFf-i 6E Saw iu
eer-mete at f m
Area IneET tuEl aaaji.
Ag-tMHPTOvvV T wT"
far goodness sake, my friend, look 'at
yourself ss you are You are no romantic
hlgh-seuled Lancelot, willing to die for
an Meal; you are lust a man who's being
used by a designing glrl-and you are In
lovs with her, that's all. -
Fall out ot love as fsst as you can.
Run' home and ask that good wire of
yours to forgive you. and be a man and
not a self-deluded hypocrite,
Yeu are at the "dangerous sge" and
you were bound to fall In love with some
one. Well, you're done IL Now get
done with It and be decent
That's the only way on, earth, you, can
evnr be happy, aud it's the only way you
can ever make the woman who has gone
down Into the valley of the shadow of
death for your sake happy, either, and
that's really worth while. Isn't It? 1
Reproduced by Permission
da one she had her eye on. Nut her would
dere be ao maay fool assrrlagea, hsran
a avan picks out a wife lax he does a
ehaay dish, by de looks af hit an' de
nalot oa "hit. an' den be gsea borne an'
raises, a ruction bacase whut he cot
ain't a iron pot. But a woman has got
more love sense an she chooses a hue
band by de use she's got for him.
"Bis Ahiry," says I, be yon gvrine to
pop de question durln leap year r,
-"8s Mwanay,' ehw spoaa, a sse
questions an' I'll tell you no lies, box t
will say dat de ease ef Brert Kb a, wld
dat hoaee foil ef eMlnm wld ne na te
nek sften 'era. gsea te my heart, air ef
ee don't know a woman dat's dest cut out
ta be a good stepma sa' wife, I doea An'
de forgiven amrae of dat vsnas Is
"Do you balisiia la women poppia' de
FRIDAY. MAY 17, 1912.
The Judge Knows a Wren When He Hears It
CooTrtiht Bit NUiat Mn Ana.
SOMC ISfcfc?
Q- eO 6rM sT CrAH TM cT "HAtLC
in mis evtrv jMcrtd
CeNTff t Tee KINO
lASSOMIHGi A 5 revs fcFTCM
pose He poccp a rcjtci0C
Rot -"ovee. oai Hissi
'toss ToMaeeow to-oav
Out oc eTiiSTfuce
(JoKrVtE aaamonA
VJ lOTPrY. Ahva
tMeTTrrsy,c Are
' wr el
s-m. visja rnrtj
Go thltkar, sweetest sympathy, where widowed woman weep.
Where countless heroes slumber 'neath tha sea;
Go sing thy one consoling of tha sorrows of tha deap,
Deny 00 heart or home thai ealletb thee.
Applaud the gpleadid courAge ot tha captain aud thg mate,
Of wire leas heroes dying at the key,
Tha chivalry of millionaire, the (lory ot the great,
Who fearleea faced the end, nor deigned to flea, . .
Go lend thy soothing presence to philanthropist and peer.
Pay tribute to the brilliant and the bold;
Put ere thine errand endeth, shed thou one single tear
1 For the grim and grimy hero la the hold!
from th Ua Number of "Good
"Well, I ebons, 'women la get de right
to propose, but? my lea', a woman Is
snoly leckin la probuatlea sd she bag te
pop de question- herself. Aay woman
whut can't tots a man en to de plat
ere he axes her hlssilf ain't get
enough sense to lead a blind goose te
water. Fhe autflnly la a dumb woman,
an she's get so Utile gumpUoa dat She
might Just as well beea bewa a man te
start wil.
'Shoo, ehlle, dare's leventy-leven wars
to make a man propeae. any ev'y one ef
'em wruks caas beah's ail ef we all mar
ried woman ta prove bit.
Ceaa women lays might tow bout dla.
and gives all out dat de men day marry
chased 'em up te de altar and
eoteh era, bst you batter believe dat
we wouldn't hare no call to shake ear
feet at many more weddln'a If It was
lest left to de man ta pop the question.
Taasum, ev'y man dat's safe la de mat-
ermonial fold has been helped over de
fence by some woman.
" 'Honey, did you ever notice the curls
way e man acts when be pops de ques
tion? He's so surprised to find hlsselt
dotrf lilt dat he moat swallows hla Adams
apple, an hla eyes pop out lack a skeersd
rablt s la ds brush pile.
" 'Too see de w are for gn eea of hit Is
die wbea a man starts out to galavantln'
arena' wld a wosaaa ha ain't got no Idea
of man Iu', He lest waat te have a good
time, an he goes projollekln' along,
teelra' )es aa safe aa ef he had took out
Insurance papers, an' dan some day, fust
news be knows, he hears hlsselt n ax In'
he ef aha will let him wuk aa' support
her de balance of hie Ufa. An' he don't
know raow hit all com bout, but de wo-
Cssa yeu baa to use different ware
wtd different men. far men Is own b rud
der te de male dor's powerful est to
balk befo de a-aunnonial fence, en' some
ef 'era baa to be called, an' soma of 'sal
sea to he driven, an' seme ef 'en has
to be akesred befo' yoe can make 'em
take de Jump over hit. '
" Now dere was Bl what kept a hangln
savMMt EHaa Jeae'e eatat ha wa out ds
rock In' chairs, ao' most et ber folks Into
de po house. 81 wsa one of dese fcggety
ansa dat waa so sue on hlaaett dat he
thought dat folk aut te be willing te
pay out money, lest to git a look at him.
but law. he didn't have ao more wee of
marrrtn' dan Detain'.
- "Bug Lisa Jane, aha die. ao whut does
she ap an' de when St was a starua'
bean one sight? She burets lute tears.
agazire p)age
Mllfc MAaiCeS OANfPOffT
THE Wte RAPrl6
rMSMSeH-vtra abovno tms
rpe t with at 5
TMf TA7TMA57ee
ABO 85 A& 'n) A VOI Cff ,
rHATMuoot: thg Hall saio
cam vou Gerry sbue&
up kiiym rue
NAPXN3 0ov5f
A 1-iiCewl TO 00 nU.
6vi A tQfo yv-.
by E. W. Kemble
Housekeeping - ' Magazine.
"Whut Is you a cryln' about?" asks 81.
'Tee weepui'," spons EHxa Jane, "ba
case you'ss a gwlne sway, an' I won't
sse you ontll tomorrow, an' I don't know
sr l ee a gwme to stand hit"
'An' dot f otcaed at, beeasa he felt as
sorry for anybody dat had te be deprived
ef his society dat befo be koowed hit
be was a telnn' her dat he wouldn't never
leave her ne me.
" 'An' dere was Bro Torn Johnsing.
dat waa eaa of dsss heah bashful men
what gtte right ash colored when dey
leeks at a woman, an' loose delr voices
when dey apeaks to her. Hew you
reckon Bis Marian gut him spunked np
enough te pop de qusstloa? She didn't.
but sv'ry time he speaka she earners
"Yes." an' at last shs guessed right.
- 'An' I ain't tsUla' bow I lad Ota up
le ds proposln' pint, becaxe Ike hsa done
believe for thurty years dat be done bit
Drawn for
Motive Power for
"The liner. It's a lady," sang Krpllag
of the beautifully lilted oeaaa palace, but
Its fair fame and beauty are sullied by
the cassettes stream ef waste fuel It
Bourse forth from Its funnels. There Is
ao beauty In the uneconomical', the true
aneanlng of which Is laeffU'teocy. . Its
rettutailoa win be fleered only when the
eauss of tha blemish has been removed,
and the farooua nt this instance will be
alt the power which will drive her grate
ful form across lha oceans, aatracaed by
tha spirits of Ineffkaenry. The winged
hosts of hsavea-HMsruntaiiss fed salr
en ell, and oould neither soar nor live
without it Tterkln would have geniMed
wi this laauguratloa af the true sesnmay.
la my previous articles I have dwelt
mora with the aohlevemewts already af
fected In the application of oil tor power
purposes, and may wing forth tvrtvntls Ti
tles which lie therein. There are maay
question bound up m oil s progress,
tnany duTVultMs ta be overrents, and I
wish, while showing what has already
bees sthisvad ea the sea, to suggest a
aolutlon ef one difficulty with which ws
are faced, . Bo, for the noare, I leave
the general for the particular, practice
for policy.
Our leading marine engineers, among
whom Is such a high authority as Sir
Fortascue IHennery. are all aow ell ad
vocates. Lord Kleher .some little time
back assail ail that oil was the future
power producer. . Such, experienced and
tarsesjna authorities are amps JaUfl
oatloa for our faith In . oil, but praotlcal
results speak with evea mure authority
than they..
Aa estimate that was made some ttttle
time since , by Mr. Kermode of bendoa
skewed that In a evexwel like tha Uist
tanw,. running on all, tha total savmg
would amount to A1U, while the net
savings and additional earning asaausty
fer the trip would amount to tha largl
total of (hUH.
New. a certain amount at confirma
tion ef the economise sriown In tha abovs
estimate has beea proved In actual prac
tice. In a Japanese liner, the Tenyo Mare,
having a alt equipment capable of pro
ducing lAWH shaft horse-power, the con
umntlon ef oil per horss-powsr
ainsuuted te l.Ot pounds, which 001 pare
all hla Ions self, - en' dat whut brought
matters te A head waa along ef me
falntln' aa' tallln in hla arms becass
I was so sheered of a seeks dat ws come
across wbea he wss takla a walk, aa'
dat by de. lime I dona come te he dons
tele me dat he loved me an' axed me to
marry him.
'Iks say dat lust for de accident of
dat snake we might never hsve gotten
saemed. an' ooa't arglfy da pint wld
Mm but I specs I knewe who put dat
dead garter snaks at dat pertleler spot
la de road.
" IHaw'm. I ain't got ne eptnlen of a
woman whut Is got to pop de question
tg a man. She shs do aeed a guar
dees. " 'An' htt wouldn't do her ne good ef
she del. becass all de men would say,
"No," for die reason a maa dent never
think wen of nethtn sales be thinks hs
1 '
The Bee bv Tad
11 W J Hw
Ships of the Future j
with a eea! ooasampooei ef UI pounds,
so that oil consumption In proportion as
onaJ la approxlrnktely In ratio ef t to S.
It Is net dirticult te calculate what sav
ing would be effected over a long dis
tance, and .In addition to this there
Is as be added tha extra Income derivable
from the greater touaaus of -cargo and
number of passengers capable of being
carried. Another Instance, la smaller
vessel In use tor certain services In con
nection with the American navy, it was
found that ay the uss af oil fuel the
annual saving amounted tt H.Se, which
was made up by gue saving aa fuel eal
t,"0 en the saving ef labor.
This brtnga me to the chief argument
of this article. The efficiency and
economy ot the oil engine, aa well ss
those ef the ell fuel ' burner, are ad
mitted and proved, aad tag shipping Unss
have recognised these facts, . but their
difficulty has been, and la. that of ob
taining sufficient and continuous sup
pllee of oil. Is thla aa Insuperable diffi
culty? 1 contend that it Is not,, and I
also euggeet that the rational way . out
of the difficulty la the addition of one
or mora afl tankart te their existing
fleets.' With such an oil tanker at their
draaoaalt they would be enabled to buy
ell In the eheepest market, which. Is, ot
course, ths only baslness-llke way of
SMMgemejit. The eetietrwstloa of an ell
tanker would speedily as paid for by the
saving effected, and the extra Income
whleh would be earned by tha asa of
ell fuel, rurtnermore. It la the crux ef
the enualtoa at ths present time. It
would banish forever the question of
supply, aad It would place every shipping
company above the contingencies which
arlsa from the fact of Oraat Britain be
ing a non-producer of oil.
. Tht oil, will besoms the great propel -hng
power m the navy- there Is aot a
shadow of a doubt; tor It not only
enables a greater speed te be obtained,
but It provldra a far greater radius of
action. In addition to this, a vast sav
ing of time is effected In leading up the
fuel, and the time taken for steam
ralelag kt vary much shorter than that
when coal la used , .
Dorothy Dix
thought ef It first. Dat's de reason dat .
sf a woman waa ta pop de qusstloa te e
man he'd be dat contrary dat be wouldn't
have her, no matter how much be wanted
her, secaxa he didn't think ot her fust. -Men
aholy la curls critters, end bit aut
tlnly does rub de fur de wrong way wld '.
'em for e women to git de start Idea wld .
'em, an de woods would be fun of ole
maids at women took te dolo' de eourtln'. '
" 'But she, daughter,' I says te Mary
Jane, 'don't you worry none, Whut does ',
a woman wld a tongue la her bead an'
a eookln' stove to her band, to tola a
man Into matrimony wld. need wld de
right to pop ds question. Shs dost bare
to. And woman dat don't know ne more
dan dat 'bout bow to git roun' a man an'
manage him ain't got ne call to git mar
ried. Whar she belongs ain't In de holy -estate.
8hs waa predestinated an' tore- ,
ordained for ds Spinsters' Retreat' " '