Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, May 16, 1912, Page 7, Image 7

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Many Offices Are to Be Abolished
Under the New Plan.
Sack' U Ik AufBl 7aae ay
tee Sew roMHlad.Mr. Sev
eral Offices Are to Be
Radical changes looking toward econ
omy mill be Inaugurated by the new com
mlssloners. Plans are being made, need
les of political machine consequence, to
abolish and consolidate offices, cut down
the number of men employed In depart
ments and Install a new dispensation that
will decrease the expense of the admin
istration without Impairing its efficiency.
It is probable the office of license in
spector will be abolished and the work
now under the license inspector's super
vision turned over to the ctty clerk, who
now collects many licenses. This would
tlo away with the Inspector as well as
his assistant.
Nurmruu.; applicants for tlie office of
building inspector may result in C H.
Witnnell, fire protection and water sup
ply commissioner, handling that work
himself for the remainder of the year.
The office of building inspector, the city
electrician's office and the office of
boiler Inspector will be consolidated and
put under the supervision of one com
missioner. Inspectors In the city engineer's office
will also feel the pinch of an econom
ics! administration. Intentions now are
to cut down the number to bare neces
sity. Other appointees In other depart
ments who have been serving principally
as a "cog" in the political machine, will
l-e Informed that their services are not
rtsaasre la Health Depart aaeat-
A change may be made In the health
department Prominent Omaha physicians
have signified a willingness to devote
a week of their services occasionally to
the city. The city emergency hospital
may be taken out of the Jurisdiction of
the health commissioner and placed la
charge of a competent man.
Emergency cases, In event of the change,
would b the only cases cared for at the
emergency hospital When a physician
was needed ha would be called and ar
rangements for quick response would be
made, so that service would be as effi
cient as It would be if a corps of doctors
was on the job all the time. The health
commissioner would devote bis entire time
to the general health of the city and the
routine of the office.
Commissioners have also derided to
strictly enforce the hours of labor rules.
Employes must be on the Job at a
o'clock and must not leave before t In the
Janitor Walstrom has been Instructed to
thorough clean the city hall and offices
are stripped of furniture and the mop and
the duster are In use
Thomas McGovern. head of the depart
ment of public Improvements, will occupy
the offices of City Engineer Craig. Mr.
Craig moves Into the offices of the assist
ant engineer In the north end of the
building and Assistant City Engineer
Campen has located In the drafting room.
Dr. O. R. Toung, city veterinarian, has
sent his reslgnstton to the commissioners
He explains that his connection "with
the Cltisens' union movement and their
candidates warrant" the action and that
he has no apologies to make nor favors
t asky J--f f ? -- - i
Deneen Extinguishes
Blaze With Lungs
That a fireman needs strong lungs
as well as nimble legs, la a theory that
Assistant Tire Chief Martin Peneen often
proves. Sparks from a Northwestern
switch engine set the roof of Ferer's
Junk shop at 1S Douglas street afire.
beneen was one of the first firemen
upon the roof. While the others went at
the principal blase, he contended him-;
irif with extinguishing flames In other j
point". Having no chemical tank he blew
the fire out In four different places.
The crowd witnessed his blowing per
formance and cheered him lustily.
'Died of PBeasaamia
is never written of those who cure coughs
and colds with Dr. King's New Discovery.
Guaranteed. SOc and H 00. For sale by
Beaton Drug Co.
(Uke Cut'
select quarter-sawed .oak. golden
polish finish, full bos frame,
slip leather seat, plain lien de
sign. An extraordi- fjfl
nsrr value at. each . . JlBU
OISISTO TABLE Of excellent
wortlt. 's-isch quarter-sawed
vaju, round top, &4 Inches In
I la meter, quarter - smwed oak,
tf,trr? $36.50
3TTITS Pretty ew designs In
rl:en quarter oak. pol
luted finish to tniit.-h chair ard
tables, at gUJXl, 23-00. S3OO0
Orchard & Wilhelm
Carpet 2q.
Fitit Ihermalic FirtUn Cooker
VenmutnUum in Batami.
E. - Zip
-gv t&ri I am -NrrtMvMiiiimr.
rt J MX
One Thousand Barrels a Say Flow.
in, in Sand Creek Section.
Bartaa Faith tL' reals- Praaaet,
1 Northwesters Boa e Preaarlasi
Ceaeert Ltwcasotlree
late Oil Baraers.
The first gusher In the band Creek oi:
producing section of Wyoming was struck
last Friday at a depth of a little less
than U0O feet. The well Is producing
LOO barrels of oil per day. While the
flow Is not under control the oil Is being
saved by being run oft Into a reservoir.
The gusher wsa struck by the Mldwrn
OH company and Is on a school section
leased from the state of Wyoming, forty
miles northwest of Casper. Being close
to the pipe line already constructed by
the Midwest company It will be plpei
dowa to Casper and to the refineries
there. Tbe flow of the new well Is steady
and shows no signs of falling of.
. Ope rat era Are laealred.
Inspired by the success that has -
oompairied the drilling during the last
few months and the bringing In of tli"
new well, the oil producers of central
Wyoming have called a convention of
oil men at Casper for May a and 3. at
which time ateps will be taken looking
to ths extension of the oil Industries.
Having- faith In the Wyoming oil for
fuel purposes the Northwestern road hns
equipped thirty-six of Its engines work
ing west of Norfolk with oil burners awl
completed the construction of s larc-r
quantity .of tsnkage there. It al.-o hi,
fifteen new tank cars, with a capacity
of W.O0S gallons of oil each, on the way
to go Into the service.
Of all of the fifty-seven engines ud
on the Northwestern west of Omaha not
one la burning coal shipped from east '
the Missouri river. Those that are
using oil are burning coal from the Wyo
ming fields. Plans are now being ma
tured for converting the engines east ot
Norfolk Into oil burners, snd probsulr
within ninety days every engine on in
line In Nebraska and Wyoming will be
using oil for fuel.
City is Asked for .
Money it Holds for
Hydrant Rentals
Omaha may be haied before trie courts
and cited Cor contempt. If there come
the expect after clap of the litigation
between the cMy am! th water works.
City Treasurer I re haa oeea notified
to pay over the Sl1.0tt) held back by the
city when a judgment waa paid. ThU
money, collected thua by the city aa oc
cupation taxes, la Mill with the city, but
the water company has notified the treaa
urer, under tlie mnda.raua ianued a yeai
So L recti it a levy to pay judgment
fo.- hjdram xentala.
V. hiie the court and Master In Chan
eery TtiummW have upheld the city' ac
tion a hoidlns out the amount of th
occupation tax from the amount of tlif
Judgment, the water company haj ahiwn
no Inclination to allow the city to loep
the money.
Arraigned before United States Com
mlaslooer tianlel yesterday charged with
.nrging an endorsement on a posta
moner order. Welter Gosrsn pleaded not
suilty and was bound over to await a
Uon by tbe federal grand jmy la Sep
:mber. - Bail was fixed at
A Dying Grip
Band Concert When
New Public Market
Department Opens
The Public Market, for years one r
Omaha's most famous retail Institutions
Saturday will open Its grocery depart
ment In a section of the store at Hlx
teenth and Harney streets which hss
been prepared for' the exclusive use of
this department This company has nevr
rsrrled groceries heretofore, and InstsMs
the new line because of the growlist de
mand for such a department by the man;'
cuatomera of this firm.
The grocery department of ths Public
Market will be one of the best In ths
city. Every precaution has been taken
to make it perfectly sanitary, and the
very beat lines of groceries will be sold
here, snd sold at prices that are consid
ered most reasonable.
In preparing for the grocery depart
ment, which will oceupy an entire flooi
of the building, the management of th
Public Market made Improvements In the
entire store, fitting up the lower floors
n It h modern flstures snd giving the en
tire estsbllshment a modern, clean ap
pearance, and putting it into such shspe
thst It will be the pride of Omaha
In explaining the reason for adding
the grocery department the owners of tbe
store said that all their customers had
ssked thst they-sell groceries. 80 after
long consideration of the matter It wai
agreed that the Public Market could add
the new department and sell groceries
the very best-at prices thst would satisfy
all, and that would Increase the business
of the estsbllshment.
New Ice boxes and all modern equip
ment for keeping the foods clean and
cool have been installed, so that the new
market Is one of the best In the west.
During the grand opening on Friday a
band will furnish music and an Informs
reception will be held. Thousands of
visitors sre expected.
Record Price Paid
to Pender Stockman
for Fattened Steers
Record smsshlng of prices paid for fat
rattle at the South Omaha yards con
tinues to hold the serious attention of
commission men snd western stock rais
ers. Tuesday It was announced that the
I highest price ever paid on the local mar
! ket waa commanded by Philip Keller of
j Pierre. Neb., who was paid $. for a
fine herd of twenty steers. This record
la -dtsplsced by the announcement that
t.T; has been paid to Frank Glister of
Pender. Neb.
He brought In a carload of seventeen
Whlteface western cattle that averaged
1.2M pounds each, and he now holds the
record for the highest price ever re
ceived In South Omaha- The cattle were
sold by Ingwersen Bros.
Undoubtedly s shortage of cattle exists
in the west and high prices will obtain
lor some time to come. It Is confidently
expected that top prices will reach ss
titan as p) before long. The average price
being psid now ranges ail the way from
KM and h ) to
L. Flo m see, superintendent of the stereo
typing department of The Omaha Bee,
.as been selected to serve on the commit
tee o laws st the San Francisco con
ertioa. Notice of the afputntatent comes
a telegram communicated by James J.
Freel. president of the International
stereotype" snd Eleirotyperr anion.
The committee will meet In th Hotel At-
gonaut In Han Frsnclsco on Friday morn
ing, June 7.
The Toung Men's Hebrew association Is
without a gam for Sunday and would
like to hear from any teem In the II
year old class. Csll twuglss 30M sfter
t p. m.
Today being the festival of the Ascen
sion there will he celebration of Holy
Communion at Trinity rsthedral In the
morning st 7 o'clock. Morning prsyei
111 be conducted at o'clock snd the
second celebration of the Holy Com
munion will be at :W o'clock.
Key to th Situation Bee Advertising.
Agree to Exploit Merits of Omaha
Made Goods from Pulpits.
Displays Place F.mi to Ka Weal
Reark jut, mmt reaatlag U-
dew trroataa-e Taey M
Extra Threw allies.
The general committee in charge of
the "Knew Omaha campaign, has most
of Its plans figured down to an exactness
that mould Interest the man who' does
sleight of hand tricks with figures.
Tbe window outlays ottered by manu
facturers and Jobbers. If stretched out
end to end. would reach a mile. And.
counting the spaces between iimana made
product and wtadvw frontage, they
would reach mure than tr.ree miles. Tht-tr
height and weight, however, hate not
yet been estimated.
Plans for the educational part of the
campaign are progressing nicely. j. A.
C Kennedy, chairman of the civic com
mittee, ha snnunced that most of the
ministers of the city hare sgreed to start
the we, k of Junt' 3 with sermons on
Omaha. Bishop Scannell has approved
Rheumatism Is due to an ere ass of urio add. an irritating. Inflammatory
aeeamulauon, which get into ths circulation because of weak kidneys,
constipation, indigestion, and other physical Irregularities which an usually
considered of no importance. Nothing applied externally can ever reach
the seat of this trouble; the most such treatment can do is soothe the pains
temporarily; while potash and other mineral medicines really add to the
acidity of the blood, and this fluid therefore continually grows more acrid
and Tit la ted. Then instead of nourishing the different muscle and Joints,
keeping them In a normally supple and eliutio condition, it gradually hardens
and stiffens them by drying up the natural oils and fluids. Rheumatism can
never be oured until the blood is purified. 8. 8. 8. thoroughly cleanses and
renovate the circulation by neutralizing the acids and driving the causa
from the system. It atrengthens and Invigorata th blood so that Instead
of a sour, weak stream, depositing acrid and painful oorroslT matter In
the muscles, joints and bones. It nourishes th entire body with pure, rich
blood and permanently cures Rheumatism. 8. 8. 8. contains no potash,
alkali or other harmful mineral, but 1 made entirely of roots, herbs and
bark of great purifying and tonic oroDerties. Book on Rhaumatiam eni
liny medical edrka free to all who write.
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domain of "The Winged
Pyramid." The world over
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tions near at hand a distinct
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car $900 f. o. b. Detroit, completely
equipped. Get latest catalogue from Ford
Motor Company. 116 Harney St.. Omaha,
Neb. Phone Douglas 4600.
J. H. Coltman, PitUburgh, Pcu
"Without any expense excepting fuel" is the service record of
this owner. When you buy a Maxwell you can figure with
high degree of certainty just what your operating expense
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Maxwell "Mascotte" $980
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a. Factory. (Tttiiit)
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a. 7s. essoa. Aaaabon, Iowa.
Demises Ante Co-. Zftsalsaa, tows,
art "Talipot, Weeplag Wsssr, sTek.
Welch Bretaeia, Teaasnaa, h.
Halloa a sTaasom. Warns, area,
awe at mtolaalea, Insaaat, aTeh.
Doty atotor Oe, BavM Otty, Wsa.
the plans and recommends the topic for
the Catholic pastors.
K. T. B. Martin. Robert Smith end A.
8. Borglum held a meeting to decide on
pictures to be used In Illustrating lec
tures on Omaha which will be given at
the various motion picture theaters. The
committee Is yet undecided on motion
pictures, but will go ahead obtaining
slides of things and Institutions of In
A rHricmBatton of th Tonne Men's
Chiiitian fKoclatkm PustneM Efficiency
Huh. talNmanhli and advrtlslna:
cltwi will be effected Mon.iny evening;,
at which time a varied prog-rum will be
The me-rttn- will be opened at 15
o'rlo-k at the association building and
Immediately following there will be a
Putch treat. C. P, Seareon will preside.
After the election of officers there will
be twelve-minute ta'ks by tbe following
persons: "AdvertMna." A. A. RemtnK
ton; -Selling Want Ait." O. O. rVsnKr:
"Know Omaha Better. ' K V. Parrlsh;
"Havings and Inveetmenfs." J. H. Mc
Millan. "Buslnees In the Tar East."
John Hay Kuhna.
Cultivated tastes prefer permits. Sc.
OtW MesJala
Maswefl "Special
(-sessengsr Toerusx Car, huly
equips, isctaais seltotartef.
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hersepower. til'.
M saweS "M sscette" Roadster JMt,
MaiieeS "Messeager Roaasssr,
AUrum UM. XsrSvv
Farnam St
Bessa. Aakwn, Bsk.
The Real Secret of
Rejuvenating the Fac
tr'rom The Clubwoman.)
8he hold the true secret f facial re
juvenation who has learned how to re
move (lie desd akin particiea aa fast a
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poM-w. The aged, faded or discolored
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mended to women motorist
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Buy the Car that
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Riroless Remedy
Eetotifies tid
Darkens Hair
Wat wtty n Is to see s sssa pe
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Will) gray, aa reallss that asast at tltes
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hair e aeawtifal eeler sad tasts st the;
wewhl bat see (he pre per ireatsassaw
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taty-Ctv years ot ss. aa there Is a
sease fee aayevia yewnt er el. vlas
ala strasajltag aalr. eilaar fall eT saaa.
wtf r aaay aa raws ataslll with ear
sasse sa.
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f peer aalr ss (aw 0ay aa 1st sees
stf yewraetf eg say aaMragf assl leas
aalrs, asst asah yen hair are sjwsj
an seauttfal tsy us'sg Wyettrs la a4
tulphwr ataar Ussasay. Far sea states as
lief ne garwaa Base kas bee awe ls
isaesrtM east essssribi Iks eater s tha
hair; aw tntpkav ss nsagalasi aw Bea
gsws talis la aa kaaag saisHiat Ssr a est
fawa or katr test ssalp treaMaa. .
It yea are erwakl wttk tasaliwaT e
rtawtag seal, er st yese katr la irlg
its tsr er camta swl, gwt a tUty aj
twut ei Wyeta t a en Sirtstwj aw as
rear aTsssj-gi, aaa atsuas ta lsfi
aetst sap eei ease at yaaw sarav afuJ
1 saw aayar tuaaajaaL
islal swra sTarsssst -tf
rjJ Oa. . ,
(guv. , .
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