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    The Omaha Daily Bee
Fair; Warmer
VOL. . XII NO. 2Si
House Republicans Secure More
Time for Discussion of Clayton
Anti-Injunction SilL
It Makes Somber of Changes in Fret
ent Pro:edure.
Orders to be Effectire for Week Only
. Unless. Renewed.
President Gsssscrs ef Amerteaa Fed-e-ratloa
at Leber and Several
Members af Eifnlln Cesa
stlttce la Gallery.
WASHINGTON. May It-Revolt against
a aa-caUtd '' rule which forced Ira-n-ediate
consideration of the Clayton antl
injunction hill marked tlx proceeding In
the house tuiay. Minority Leader Mann.
HcpfcsentaUvea Norris t.Veb . Ltnroot
(Wis.), Cannon till.) and Dalaell IPs.)
assailed the attempt to ahut off the mi
nority from all chance of successfully
opposing he measure, and finally suc
ceeded la forcing a modiflcatloa gWtn
I, renter parliamentary latitude. 8amul
Ovmpers, preetdent of the American Fed
eration of Labor; Secretary Morrison and
a half duxi a members of the organisa
tion' executive committee occupied front
scats la tlie merobera' gallery.
The Clayton bill principally would re
visa the laws so as tu prohibit the lasu
nee of injunctions except on notification
and full Investigation unleaa public pesWK
tvaa threatened, and would limit to seven
dayj the life of each Injunction, injunc
tions could only be renewed when cauai
was (hows that such renewal was necea
Slaaaaaae Sara senate Will Act ma
.ill reading Meaaeres.
WASHINGTON, May It-All the tariff
bills that have passed the house will be
disposed of by the senate before the and
if this session and possibly without, In
'terferlng with plana for tarty adjourn
ment, a. -cording to senator Simmons, in
charge of these measures In the senate.
When the agricultural bill la disposed of
we will rake up the metal blU again,"
said Senator Simmons today, "and after
a few mora speeches wa will fix a day
for a rote. Naturally appropriation bills
re given preference when they come up,
In order to permit the conference com-'
mittees to get to work oa them as soon
as possible, but It la not intended that
they shall Ions Prevent consHdsraUo", at
Uie tariff measures."
The senator said that Uie chemical bill
amid follow tlx 'metal hill, and after,
i-iX"."' .... , .....
mt wv-Ha v-nue lira weui WIL J1V
thought the debate on these measures
wvuld not be an extended As that oa the
metal MIL . ' '. . :, .
The genet el understanding l that the
progressive republicans will dictate the
tariff course of the senate.
The democrats kro expected to go' on
record oa their own bills and then accept
the progressive republican measures with
such modifications as Uiey can secure.
Wrtaeee P red errs lavltatlee Isml
by Aaserleaa Assarlalloa.
WASHINGTON. Hay 14. -J. W. Bur
roughs, a former meat inspector In the
government service, continued his testi
mony before the house committee on ex
penditures In the Agricultural department
today and - charsresl that Roeacha A 1 'a
In Philadelphia and Pfund's In German
town, Pa. had been granted .government
inspection in violation of regulations be
fore their plants had been put In sani
tary condition. The witness alleged that
under the regulations butchers were able
to ship uninspected meat In Interstate
traffic. ...
Representative Nelson asked the wit
ness if he ever bad been 'entertained by
packers while In the government employ.
Mr. Burroughs produced an Invitation" to
an entertainment In Washington ten
dered by the American Meat Packers'
sssoctatlon to inspectors. Chairman Moss
and Representative Sloan declined to per
mit Mr. Nelson to snake public the na
ture of these' entertainments.
The Weather
Official rsreeasts
Forecast till 7 p. m. Wednesday:
For Omaha, Council Bluffs and Vicinity
Fair tonight and Wednesday; warmer
tonlrfbt: ,
Ml'l.; at Oasaha
Hours. Deg.
.m.. it
t . -
- t. ,., v
S a. m a
-Vvt . a. m. . u
2 Ma. an 67
E n e
p. m s
P- m M
Le-al Weather Keewrd.
uu. uii. me. us.
Laweet last night...-..- ! 6 II Si
PreciplUtion .a . l.S
Nornsai temperature for today, C de
grees. Defldency in precipitation sine March
X Let Inches.
Deficiency corresponding period, ttLL
LTS Inches.
Deficiency corrarpondlng period. Bl. inches.
Weather la th Grata Belt.
Cooler weather prevailed nut night In
the central valleys and throughout the
southwest. Pressing temperatures, with
-heavy frosts were recorded In western
end central Nebraska, northern Iowa and
Minnesota, and lights frosts were general
m the central valleys and upper lake
region. The weather Is wanner )n the
upper vallys and throughout the north
west, aad It win he warmer la this
vicinity tenlght. Unsettled weather con
tinue hi the Southwest: raia ke failing
in southern Colorado. It Is snowrnf at
Santa y and rains are general in Texas
Fair weather srevali in the west snd
northwest and It wfll be. fair la this
vicinity tonight snd Wednesday, wltfe
warmer tonight. L. A, WELSH,
....... 1 steal forecaster, ' 1
r r t
Comes from Orient
to Get Daughter;
Mother Hides Girl
SIOUX FALLS, 8. D., May H.-tSpe-datv
Coming all the way from the
Philippine Island, where he Is employed
In the government service, to secure his
U-year-otd daughter from his divorced
wife, only to find that both the mother
and her new husband and the daughter
hare disappeared, J. A. Kegel has of
fered a reward of S10S for Information as
to the present whereabouts of his
The mother and her new husband are
supposed to have gone Into hiding with
th child to prevent Nagel securing
possession of her. Nagel for many years
was a prominent educator of Hutchinson
county, and some years ago went from
t-outh Dakota to th Philippines and en
tered th government service. Prior to
his departure his wife and himself sep
arated and he was awarded the custody
of th two children, a boy and girt On
an understanding with his former wit
he intended to leave the daughter with
her until this time. Mrs. Nagel, after
herself and Nagel were divorced, took up
her residence In 8loux Falls and here
met end married Carl Young. Not tlis
slightest trace thus tar has been found
at Mr. and Mrs. Young and th child.
Fist Fight'lMvens
Democratic Meetmg
. in New Mexico
CLOV1S, K. M , May 1.4 flatia en
counter between Delegate 'Bummers
Burkhsrt or Albuquerque And R. L,
Wsoten, of Santa Fe, enlivened th open
ing ot th democratic state convention
her today. . An attempt of of Burk-
hart's friends to expel Wooten further
delayed convention business. Th attempt
was defeated . aftr nearly an hour's
beared debate.
James K. Paxton ot Las Cruses, tern
porary chairman. In his. speech urged a
downward revision of th tariff.
Adherents of Cliamp Clark entered the
convention with sn avowed strength ot
r of tha iU delegates and early Indica
tions were that New Mexico woud send a
de legation to the Baltimore convention
Instructed tor the speaker.
During the noon recess the- edherents of
Wilson and Harmon prepared to make a
hard tight for an unlnatructed delegation.
Boy and Girl Shut
Up With an Insane
Woman for Years
BAN FRANCISCO. Cat., May M.-A re
markable case of arrested development
has been discovered hero by th Insanity
commission. Jame Crumney, tl yearr
old, and his sister, Mabel, 17 sears old,
war found to hav been Imprisoned with
their erased mother In their home since
Their father died soon after the birth
of the girl snd th shock affected the
mother's mind. The children had been
kept In a darkened room.
Whea officers of tha Insanity commis
sion entered the nous th prisoners
cowered aad made Inarticulate sounds.
Sixty Bills Against
Ruef Are Killed
BAN FRANCISCO, May 11-Slxty re
maining Indictments and on criminal In
formation still pending against Abraham
Ruef, tha convicted political boss ot San
Francisco, will be dismissed and stricken
from th calendar la the superior court
of this county under a peremptory writ
of mandate Issued today by the district
court. ot appeals of th First district
Final action Is awaiting th preparation
of pec wastry papers by the attorneys for
Ruef. who is serving a sentence of four
teen years In. Baa Quentln for bribery.
Ruefa attorneys la their petltioa al
leged Ruef a constitutional rights had
been traps red when he was not brought
to trial within sixty dart, under any of
th Indictments. -The Indictments sgalnst
the fallen boss were returned In two
batches and K wss held that Ruef had
not been arralnged on any contained In
th first batch.
' Twenty-four indictments are still held
against former Mayor Eugene B. Schmltx.
Final action win be taken apoa them next
Ten Inches of
Snow'at Denver
DENVER, CoL, May It-Ten inches ot
snow had fallen here early today and It
was still snowing In many parts of the
state. Little apprehension wss felt by
Colorado fruit giuaeta The temperatures
were generally warm. The storm assures
plenty of water for Irrigation throughout
the eastern naif of th stats and -the
farmer are jjunllaat. -
Presidential Primary in California
Expected to Bring- Record
Number to Foils.
Interest in Triangular Fight Owr
shadows all Else.
Rooseyelt Scored on all . Sides for
Lack of Square Seal
La Fellette, Johasoa, BeTeiidare.rin
rhst and Knox Make Addresses
--Cwnteat Among; Democrats
. Is Almost Formattra.
SAN JOSE, May M.-Precinct Twenty
two complete, the first In the atate to
report: Republican vote, Roosevelt, 1,
Taft. CI; La Folletle. 1.
LOS AM1KLK3, May 1.-Flrst eight
precincts counted In Los Angeles city
give: Roosevelt. 3K; Taft, IS; La Toi
lette, IS.
Women of California wer given thalr
first opportunity today to express their
choice for the presidential nomination
As a consequence the presidential pri
mary vote promised at th opening of
the poll to be the heaviest th slate has
The campaign which closed last night
with the Roosevelt and La Follette forces
making a final effort to swing Ssn Fran
cisco's vote was bitterly contested. Sen
ator La Follette aided by his wife and
others, toured the statecharging that
Colonel Roosevelt had tailed to give him
a "squsr deal." Taft speakers hurted
th. same charge against Roosevelt
Close on the heels of La Follette followed
Governor Hiram Johnson using his In
fluence In behslf ot Roosevelt. He was
sided by former Senator Beverldg of
Indian, Clifford Pinchot and others.
Former Representative Ralph D. Cols
of Ohio was th only speaker Imported
to aid th president, but numerous Cali
fornia political leaders spoke for Taft
and Secretary of State Knox made a
peech at Los Angeles In behalf of hit
Th republican campaign proved of
such sensational Interest that efforts
mad by the democratlo candidate did
not figure conspicuously. Th contest
was between Champ Clark and Wood row
Wilson almost exclusively, no other can-
didste making an organised, fight for the
California preference. t , , . ,
Maryland DeleantHoa Mvtdsiel. - "
BALTIMORE, May . la-Tlra Maryland
republican slats convention here faced
tin -task of -reeoaelling th apparently
contradictory results ot last week's pri
maries. Although al.ity-alx. a bars ma
jority of the Ot delegates, wer boand kn
the popular' preference to vote for dele
gate to" th national convention who
should favor th nomination of Theodore
Roosevelt, a still larger majority of the
state delegates' estimated by th Taft
men eight wer Taft iumpathltera and
numerically these wer able to control
the convention. '
With a situation. Ilk this confronting
them th leaders of tlie two camps of
delegate conferred until early this morn
Ing and reached a tentative agreement
that eight of the sixteen national dele
gates should be named by th Roosevelt
men and eight by the supporters ot Pres
ident Taft. ,
The Taft men have not tried to avoid
the binding provision of the primary law
which declares that all these sixteen del
egates shall vote at the national conven
tion in favor of the candidate who wen
tne Maryland preference primary (Roos
velt), as long as "In their conscientious
Judgment" they believe he can be nomi
nated. Some of the law Interpreter contend
this binds th delegates only for th first
The Taft men expected to name two of
the four . delegatos-at-large and had
chosen Governor Golds boro and William
T. Warburton. Th Roosevelt delegstex
selected Colonel B. C. Coriington, chair
man of tha Maryland Kooievelt commit
tee, and tha fourth member of th del,
gatton-at-large. It Is agreed, will ba a
Roosevelt man from tbs western part at
the stats.
The convention was scheduled to meet
s 1 1 o'clock this afternoon and expecta
tion was that It would finish Its business
before nightfall.
Warsw Cantest ia Waeklaartaa.
SEATTLE. Wash., May 14,-Two long
trains, one known as ths Roosevelt and
the other as ths Taft special, will srnve
In Aberdeen late today carrying the dele
gates from Puget Sound to th state con
vention, and all ths war horses of th
republican party In western Washington.
Nearly half the seals In th convention
are contested snd the republican central
committee began -hearings oa th con
tests this morning. Meanwhile peace
conferences were la progress. Candidate
for state offices were advocates of a
compromise that would result In the
sending of a divided drlegstion, Th
Roosevelt and Taft leaders oppose thl
plan and are making all preparations for
holding two conventions.
Taft Csntrwle Traaeawec tea vest lea.
NASHVILLE Tenn.. May It. -Taft sup
porters In the republican stats conven
tion today scored ia th first contest
with th Roosevelt men. when Foster V.
Brown, former attorney general of Ports
Rico, was named temporary "''Tttn
Back Again
It Will Make you Laugh
From ths Washington Star.
Former Senator Tonng- is Out After
Nomination for Senator.
Daring Last Three Msslhi H Has
Ylsstea Nearly Every tew air
asd Has Masle Absnt Two
Head red Speerae.
DBS MOINES, J May K-tnpeolal.-Formsr
United Ststfs Senator Lafayette
Young la conducting a most vigorous
campaign for tbs nomination for the sen
storship, - Mr. Young has bean In th
field delivering speeches practically every
day and sometime two and three a day
for ths last three months. During the
Isst eight months he has spoken almost
M) time and has visited practically every
county In th state and some counties
two and threw times. "
Senator Toung spent Monday of this
week In Lucas county. He made an au
tomobile trip throughout the county, vis
Itlng Russell, Derby snd Lucas snd wind
ing up with a speech at Charlton In th
Mr. Young has been doing wpedallv
effective work the last two weeks. Dur
ing this time he has visited Missouri Val
ley, Karlville. Waterloo, Hampton, Ar
lington, Mason City, New Hampton, Ex
tine. Moulton, Centerville, Cincinnati,
Mystic, Stockport, Birmingham. Fairfield,
Story City, Marathon. Gillette Grove.
Ayrshire, Kmmetabucg, Webster Cttv,
Tabor, Red Oak, Corning, Crest on and
Orient. The meetings In three placet
have been largely attended and enthusi
astic Lartr Crserds Everywhere.
One ot ths best meetings wss st Mystic
In Appanoose county, where Mr. Young
addressed a large audience of republican
miners and business men. At Weterloo,
on April , Mr. Young addressed the
Town Criers' club. The msstlng wss a
great success, as evidenced by the flat
tering seeounts In the Waterloo news
papers. A greet meeting was held at Em.
matsburg In the court house on Wednes
day sveplng. May S. Th big rally at
Webster City Thursday evening. May ,
at ths opera house wss on ot the most
enthusiastic of th campaign, fenator
Young visited the Webster City factories.
several of which stopped their machinery
In order that their men might listen ti
brief addresses and shake hands. Mr.
Young addressed a monster good roads
rally at Tabor on -Friday afternoon and
another Mg roads meeting at Orient Sat
urday afternoon.
This week will he a very estiva on oa
th part of Mr. Young. His program in
cludes a visit with his workers In Cedar
Rapids Tuesday afternoon, aa address at
Independence Tnesdsy evening, a day Is
the factories at BUmix City Wednesday.
an automobile trip In tha country In Dn
buque county Thursday morning, a trip
through the Dubuque factory district
Thursday afternoon snd sn address in
Dubuque Thursday evening. On Satur
day Mr. Young will make an automobile
trip through northern Taylor county.
Confident of Wweeeas.
Before leaving Des Moines Monday
morning for Ms Lucas county trip Mr.
Young said: 1 am confident I ana going
to win. Reports from every part of the
stste are very encouraging. I believe thst
the majority In nry favor on primary day,
Monday. June X, will be decisive. I ex
pert to cheerfully abide by the decision
of the republican voters In the primary."
Marylaad fee- Rooeevrll.
BALTIMORE. May la.-Marylsnd re
publicans today elected sixteen delegates
to ths Chicago convention oa a platform
which pledged undivided support to
RaoseveK. Th piscform praised both
tbs cotonet' administration and -Press-dent
Taft'. .,
Tjv" ugering Blasts
Tin Plate Jobber
Says Combine Aimed
at a Monopoly
NRW-YORK, WsTil-Jamas T. Mae.
Fertand. a tin plats Jobber of North
Philadelphia, was called to give evidence
In th steel oorpo rolls ii salt tseet" t
euppurt th goYsrnraeol'a contention fhkt
tb American . Tin Plats company ' sup
press, d competition. Mat Finland taM he
had handled many special private brand
of tin plate, which Independent companies
manufactured for him. Thee brands He
was forced to aatlpn lo th American Tin
Plats company In 1st with s stipulation
that he would tint buy hit tin plate else
where. According to a -letter from th
tin plats company to his firm, which th
witness Identified, It wa the "trust's"
purpose to protect this company In the
exclusive manufacture of plate.
Several Villages
in Transylvania
Razed by Cyclone
BUDAPEST, May It-A number of
villages. Including Belranljes, VarsIJa and
others. In Transxylvanla, were practically
raxed to the ground and many of, the
Inhabltanta killed or Injured by a cyclone
which swept over the district, last even
ing. Out of US house 2.K) wer re
duced to ruins. Four bodies havs thus
far been extracted from the debris and
th number of . those seriously Injured
Is very large. .
Other villages Including Crsba, UJfalu
and Batonya, were also greatly damaged
by tha storm.
Count Bethlen. the governor of the
province, has ordered all the troops sta
tioned in the district to assist ths fire
men in salvage work.
Woodmen Factions
Discuss Compromise
SPRINGFIELD, Ilk. Msy M. The war
ling Woodmen tactions talked compromise
today. Th leaders on both sides of the
rata question were In ror.fetenc with
Senator Dal ley and atveraj ether senator
following the adjournment of the legisla
ture, becauao of leek ot a '(Wrum.
The compromise plan under considera
tion provides a direct i-f.-rrdum rot on
tb question of changing ths present rates
or leaving them ss they are at this time.
It ths compromise plan mature the
rets wsr will be v .-v'ced by direct vote
of th Woodmen, the requirement being
that a majority ot total membership of
the order must rots on tb rate on way
or another In order to decide th war.
Madero's Brother
Captured by Rebels
fcL, PASO. Tex., Jlay It. -Colonel
Caesar Caoelea commanding a band of
re bell at Des CubriJora, Durango, Hex.,
telegraphed to Cludad Juares today that
the rebel In capturing Maplml. Durang-t,
Sunday, mad a prisoner of Baoul Ma
dero. brother of the president aad com
mander of rural es in that district. .
The National Capital
Torsos r. May 14, !.
The Senate.
MM at noon.
hesuiucd coR--M?rai!:n of
cultural apf-roprtutloa LliL
the asr.-
The House.
Met at 11 a- m.
Considered anti-Injunction bill.
Agricultural sxpendtrareff eommittee
continued Its Investigation into obarges
against against meat inspection service, ,
Bride-to-be Flans to Sara Money
: . bj Bee Presents.
Keeeeeavy Balr ta save Certifies tee
."' Md-'fe os,. aad Mar stB '
lira Set ay Weddlag Tits
'In Jaae. -
w . '"''' IT
- Frfrft, on ef th young
bfldts hst 'cams question regardinn
th silverware which Tito Be and sev
eralOntsha merchant are giving away,
Thla-particular, young woman, who Jutl
now 1 busy with her trousseau snd
olhof things pertaining to marriage and
hr.JlVymoon and. housekeeping, has asked
whether she can obtain all th pieces ot
th slity-flve-plece silver set within ths
next month. Hh wishes to us It whea
she goes to housekeeping.
Th fie haa replied that ahs msy hsv
It within a short time; Th Bee will
ftv her all th teaspoons end Mho mer
chants will furnish her with tha other
pieces. It is necessary, of course, for
her to make enough purchase of th
merchants In order to get the certificates
and coupons which are required for the
silver. She can do this In a very short
time. Th certificate are Issued by the
merchsnts whose name appear In a sil
verware ad which Is printed In thla paper.
Only Five foapoa Weeded..
It Is not necessary to hav the first
five coupon of th series In order to
get th teaspoons; that Is, In order to
get a coupon one dees not need lo have
th first, five coupons, numbered from t
to S, but msy take any five that are
consecutively numbered, as tram t to W
or S to 1L These coupon must be pre
sented at - Ths Be office, where they
will he exchanged for- the teaspoons. Ten
cents must b added to cover th expense
ot handling.. Whenthe merchants' eou
pan are brought In no money 1 required.
Richeson is Taken
to the State Prison
BOfTitlN. . Msy. 14. -Clarence V. T.
Riches, th former minister under sen
tence to be electrocuted . nest week for
th murder or Miss Avis Llnnell, was re
moved from the Suffolk county Jail this
afternoon to the stste prison. A meeting
of th executive council, which slone has
sower to savs Kicheson from paying the
extreme penalty, will be held t7)trrow.
When Richeson left th Jail he was
handcuffed lo th Jail clerk, who with s
court officer and deputy sheriff rod la
sid th ran with th condemned man.
On tha seat beside tb driver was Sheriff
Quins. i , .
Class af rear at Oxford.
OXFORD, Nrh.. May 14-8peeiaJ.)-
Sunday evening Dr. E. K. Bailey preached
th class sermon fcr th graduating eUsa
of th Oxford High school to a crowded
noi'se. Th cias this year consists ot
Lelle V. Huff, Alfred H. Nlssen. Harry
D. . But aru Fred D. McMurran. The
class exercise took place this afternoon
In tha high school room. On. Thursday
evening Deputy . State . ttaperlnteodcnt
Robert I. Elliott ..will deliver, tha class
address . ,
rsratal Thieves see reacted.
' HURON, " B. D.. May M.-8pectai.)-Jodg
Taylor la circuit court here tuday
sentenced Frank Roger to a term of
three years and nine months In tne pent
tent'ary at Sioux Falls, an-J his partner,
George Stanley, goes t thc's-imj Insti
tution for one year. Thaw ere th men
wb robbed th dental offices of Dr.
Whortoa and Dr. t'Hom of a tjuanity ef
geld. Roger Is ths older of tb two men
and Induced Stanley, whs la a -met
youth, to assist him in th Job here. The
tw . men had never met until 7 they
chanced to get together bare.
Judge Monger in Federal Court Up
holds Report of Special Master
Thummeil in Appraisement,
This Will Make Total Amount Paid
' Little Over six suUionj
Decree Speoilies Water Company
Shall Act in Short lime.
Several tlaestlaaa Raised by Cssui
aaay are ts be Takes urn la Sep
arate halt as Advised br .
. aladae Manger,
With th exception of 11.3. an ad
ditlonnl Item allowed for beitermente.
JuOfn Munger yrstrrdsy sustained thd
findings of Special Muster Thummel In
hi report on the appraisement of tha
property of th Omaha water works.
Tb amount th city will pay to taka
possession of th work by the addition
ot thla Item. I tL?
According to Judge Munger s decree
filed February ts. llt the Omaha Water
company I required to turn over deeds)
snd releases ot mortgages oa th prop-,
erty within ten day after the decree la
handed down In the present case. Tha
city is then allowed thirty days to ex
amine the deeda and till wtilt ten days
to bring any- question before tbs court
It might find concerning them. Then
the city la allowed ninety days upon
which to pay the money over and taka
ths propery. It Is not believed that thla
full time will be taken by th city ta
v. Ha mauImJ of I, hAvsvsr. SS
the city hss already sold Its wster bond
snd ha tb money on hand. . -
Jadae adds Five Tboaaaad.
Judge Thummel found that th amount
expended aa corporation capital for Im
provements sine th appraisement July)
. 13W, and due the company, was SIS,
IM.M. Judge Munger adds to thla
tr-.M1.TS. a figure representing Improve'
ment made by th water company, be
ginning with October M. IMi. and up ta
March :. BOH. In th thap of rip-ran)
On th amounts represented In th sup-,
plemental bill whk-b the water company
look exception to, Judgs Hunger advised,
them that they take ths question of oc
cupation tsx, - attorney tee and exces
sive use of watsr by th city up In a
twfwraee'sult, thus allowing tha findings
it Thummel t stand. '
."To th eititna, at th company to ba
allowed reimbursement toe legal serv.
tvea aad disbursements la th rata and)
hydrant rental casts -h tha- amount of,
Uas.St tb JuJIg also ruled hi tavor us
the lindlnrs-of th master. , ..
A claim ot th water board for allow
nc en depreciation did not meet with.
ah ' affirmative report In th decision
handed down. The city had asked tha
an allowance of approximately twa.oni
be subtracted from th total amount tha
city will pay to tak over th worka an
the claim of th property depreciating)
In value si no th time of appraisement
Another Battle j
With Auto Bandits !
- is On Near Paris
PARIS, May M. Another battle between
th police and the automobile bandits who!
recently terrified Pail Is In progress at
Nogent-Bur-Marn. four mile to th east)
of this city. Oarnler, the co-chief at
Bennett, who waa killed with a eomnana
ion at.Cbolsey-Lo-Roi. on April IS after
a desperate fight.' has been surrounded!
with a confederate named Valla In
building-deer the railroad. s
Gamier and Vallet kept up a. cootln-.
ued fusillade with liflea fromth win J
dowa of th building. A polic sergeant!
wss wounded.
Louis Lepine. the Psrtt prefect of police.
with a large body of policemen left head-t
quarters hurriedly In motor car tor tha
KANSAS CITY. Msy It An early mor
ning joy rids brought death to on
woman and serious Injury to ths flv
other member of th party, when an)
automobile ran off a twenty toot em
bankment In tha ootshirta of tha cltj)
today. ...
iiasel McCrary, aged) . wss killed.
Carl Benday, chauffeur, aged 22. wa In
jured. Four negro musician who wars
with tha couple returning from a blue
river club party, war Injured. Two at
them probably will die. Tha autuntobila
waa demolished.
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Tyler 1000