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Winner of last Year1 Sweepstakes
Declare! Condition Ideal
lt Year Last H..r Mllra Vu
l Made la Faster Tlmr Taaa Aar
1 I at ll Preslemsara, Saowlaa
' l
Durability ef Car.
' "The chancei are about even that tha
armon'i world records m ill sund In tha
isecond International aweepnakea race at
;tha Indianapolis speedway on the 30th."
iU tha opinion of Ray liarroun. driver
,of the Marmon "H asp." last year's wln
iner. as advanced at tha Xortiyke at
Marmon factory yesterday.
"It is practically op to the weather
) man . no matter what power the cars are
'capable of developing or what speed they
intake in practice.
"Last year, when the Marmon -Wasp'
set the records of . miles jn jjj mnutoii
H seconds, and oW miles in . minutes,
seconds at an average of TIH miles per
lour, tha weather was ideal.
. "This year, if It Is just a trifle hotter
on the brick speed track It means more
itlres will be burnt up, and tire changea
take time.
"A wind of any reasonable velocity Is
also going to be a serious factor for the
record brekrs'to contend with,
i "TlWre are a good many thing to con
sider when you start out to average
yearly seventy-five miles per hour for
wver sis hours continuously and the
easnccs against you Increase for every
'mile you draw nearer to the 500 mark.
, "Another point about !ast year's rscs
fwMca is most Interesting is thst tha
Harmon did the last 100 miles in faster
Uma than any other century in the race.
Wlien a car can stand the pace and forge
to the front In M miles and then m nn
nd lead the race at M and then make
It be last hundred at an even higher speed
(without an adjustment everr condition
(including tha weather, must be right"
! Tha Santa Monica road race, which was
;won by a car with MO cubic inches piston
displacement, caused many motorists to
taunt some authority on motor cars and
learn just what "piston displacement"
(means. A canvas along automobile row
.proved that there la a shocking lack of
Knowledge on this particular subject. Tha
1 common Impression was that It la tha else
bf the cylinders. This Is not so, It Is the
.area times the length of the stroke of
she piston in the cylinder times the num.
iber of cylinders. In other words, the
Icublcal contents of the cylinder between
the piston at Its highest point and at Its
'lowest point.
Therefore the greater tha distance be
tween the highest and lowest point of tha
piston's stroke, the greater the number
of cubic Inches of gas, resulting In a
greater amount of power.
' DETROIT. May 11.-H. R. Worral, a
Ford owner of New Hampton. Ia.t
Idemonstrates that It Is cheaper to drive
a Ford than to walk. This Is the way
'that ha has figured It: Ha laa driven
his Fnrd Torpedo runabout LOW miles.
'using flfty-ono gallons of g&sollne, cost
ing CM. This, with oil, grease, carbide
land 79 cents repair, will make up a total
I of 7.71, or leas than 1 cent a mile. Ba
ilors purchasing his car, business required
Dr. Worral to walk five miles a day. or
'ltd mil a month. A pair of MM shoes
NaMed him but three months, during
whlcH time ha covered 460 miles. This
iniade tha cost of shoe leather alone aver
age I cent a mile, Sit tor LOOo miles, aa
lagalnst 17.71 motoring oost. "Ma reason
why I should walk when I save money
iby riding." said Mr. Worral.
! Sanctions for raoa meets at Washing.
i ton, D. C. and Lancaster, Pa., have been
j gran ted by Dr. J. P. Thornier, chairman
of tha Federation of American Motor
loyalists compettlon committee for May
M In each city.
The Los Angeles Motorcycle club la
(planning a three-day endurance run
4lang the FacUlo coast.
f Ban Jose, Cat, is arranging a series of
I big raoa meets similar to those held In
.iCreeta Wanes last year, when mora than
QJOJ motorcyclists were la attendance.
j' Toungstown, O.. wants mora rigid law
enforcement and has added a motorcycle
lor tha use of one of tha pollsa officers.
Tha Botrth Boranton (Pa.) Motorcycle
jelub Is preparing tor a motorcycle meet
about June U.
i -
f The motorcycle Is coming Into fash
Jon." That's tha way the Burlington (re.)
Motoroyola club, which was recently or
ganised, viewed the matter,
! Osorge liuby of Denver, recently re
turned from a nine-months' motorcycle
krlp which carried him In nearly every
state from Colorado to Massachusetts
atnd the south at total average expense
ot VM a day.
j Tha Vallslo (Cel.) Motorcycle dub has
oted to affiliate with the Federation of
jAmerlcaa Motorcyclists.
Tha Minneapolis Motorcycle club has
iplaoad an official baa on the naa of the
Imuffler cut-out.
Three Washington motorcycle clubs are
going to build their own roads. Members
jot the Aberdeen. Uoaulam an Monte
sano organisations have voted to co-oper-iate
and build a three-foot roadway be
tween the three dtlee for tha exclusive
use of motorcyclists.
' The first summer event of the Toronto
Motorcycle club will be a hilt climb about
(May 11.
' The success of the Central Jersey Mo
torcycle dub Is sttrlbuted to the stria
igent rules at the dub,
i '
' M.nrv Crow of Ashton. N. C, recently
icompleted a motorcycle trip to Atlanta,
Ga., and return.
! Chief of Police J. W. Jenny of Des
iMotnas la snxleus to add two mora mo
torcvcle policemen to the squad which
has only two riders now.
. mnA aeroolane races win
JX probably be added to the coming Galves
f tun iTex.) cotton earnlvaL
Eddie Hearne of Chicago. III., will ap
pear as relief driver for the Case raring
team in the second annual HO-mlle inter
national sweepstakes race at the Indian
apolis motor speedway next Memorial
day. Hearne always has been a driver of
foreign cars In the past, having been a
member of the Bens racing team In many
of tha greatest events of the country. He
finished second In the Mil I. rand Prlxe
race at Savannah, driving a Bens car.
This Is tha first Urns he has appeared
as a driver of an American car In any
of the greater events of the country. The
Chlcsgo. driver will encounter one of
the classiest fields In the history of
motor racing whan he starts at the In
dianapolis motor speedway on May 30.
Auto Development
and the Speed Bug
With the development of the automobile
came the development of the "speed bug."
It has Inoculated many an Individual
whose sanity In other respects never has
been questioned.
After all la said and done, what fea
ture of the every day factory product Is
proved by a maker who Bends Into a reel
a specially built car, more closely resemb
ling a creature of the dlnosaurua age
thaa tha present day car. possessing
power four times as great as Is needed
to dlmb the steepest of the Alps or tne
Andes and on Its day of speed achieve
ment endangers the life end limbs at
least of Its pilot and mechanician? .
Races have long since been tabooed by
the builders of such cars as the Packard
and Mitchell, so that the popularity of
these machines csn in no way be attrib
uted to race demonstration qualities.
A Horrible Death
may result from diseased lungs. Curs
coughs and weak, sore lungs with nr.
King's New Discovery. Mc and tl.
For sale by Beaton Drug Co.
Racing is Sure Way
to Test Out Autos
"There Is another side to raring quite
as Important as the trophies and pub
licity that come 'to the winner. In the
testing of the various parts of a car to
prove their strength and efficiency." say
Mr. H. H. R ce, sales manager of Kordyke
& Marmon Co.
"Road racing, track racing and partici
pation In various reliability tours, all
play Important, though different parts In
the testing of a car. Let the maker con
fine his attention to only one department
of the sport, and his product Is certain to
develop unevenly. It lias been our policy,
in the Marmon factory, to eater every
sort of competition by which we believe
we may be helped In the development of
the Marmon car. and the fact that the
are stand the test In the various con
tests shows hat the plan is a good one."
Metal bodies versus wood bodies Is a
prolific source of argument and conten
tion among the makera ot motor can.
While it "is true that many cars sre
built with metal bodies, some ot the
manufacturers are swearing by wood, and
offer a number of convincing arguments
why Is should be employed in preference
to any other material.
One of the principal arguments against
tha use of metal Is the fsct that, unless
It Is employed In small panels, there Is
a good chance for the finish to crack and
drop oft at the and of the winter season.
The explanation Is that metal la of
course, subject to contraction aod ex
pansion according to the changes of tem
perature. When there Is a difference ot
many degrees the paint cracks In conse
quence of the contraction.
Among the well known manufacturers
of high grade cars who are using wood
fur their bodies Is the Jackson Automobile
company, of Jackson. Mich. I'nusual
care is employed In the manufacture ot
the Jackson wood body, every opera I to a
of which is carried on within the plsnt
This company has the distinct advantage
in that the men employed In making the
bodies are experts of long training and
experience In carriage work.
Aate steeerel Brokea.
DETROIT. Mich. May IV Another
world record tor automobile manufacture
and shipment has been smashed by tha
Ko'rU Motor company of Detroit. Tor tha
month just closed this company manufac
tured and shipped K completely
equipped Model T cars, exceeding Its own
record of the previous month of ,uM
cars, which, up to the present; had been
the largest shipment of cars ever mads
by an automobile concern in the world.
A Bachelor's RefleeMone.
If It's the unexpected that always hap
pens. It's a wonder we don t get to ex
pect it.
It's swfullv tlreome for a woman to
live In a neighborhood where everyone Is
above suspicion.
Be sure you understand a subject be
fore you talk sbout it then you can cut
out most of your talk.
The bachelor who thinks a youn" widow
Is an sngel and Is Indiscreet enough to
tell her so Is ss good as married.
But for the somber manner In which
some ministers sre garbed lots of people
wouidn t be able to recognise a good tning
when they sea it. new ork frees.
!& j t rc Aulisobii
You Want the Best
Not the Cheapest
Don't be alarmed if somebody tells you you can boy aa
automobile for less money than the T7S0 Studebaker -Flanders
"10." You can, but you better not. The Flanders "20" cor
responds point by point with the beat and highest priced cart
sold. Cheaper cars at every vital point arc built on ideas
long ago discarded for good cars. Don't take our word for it.
Make comparisons and are.
The Studebaker-Flsnders "20" it a marvel a high trade
racdern car at a low price. If you pay lest, you buy much
less. And the cheaper car today will cost you far more in the
long run. The competing car isn't sold which the Studebaker
Corporation, the greatest automobile manufacturers in the
world, couldn't reproduce for less money ; but we won't build
cheap car, because the name "Studebaker" meant the best
for your money.
. If you aro content with a car that runt today and diet
' tomorrow, don't buy the $750 Flanders "20." It will wear
. for years. . Remember this the Srudebaker-Flandert "20"
will outwear t to t any other car under (1100 and give you
double satisfaction, confidence and comfort into tht bargain.
W csui pro itSnd It nm catalogue
The Studebaker Corporation
Detroit, Michigan
Omaha areata, tola Taraaas Street, U A. stellar. Mgr.
m. a iruaoa Arrroatoscua oo.,
Local Ageaus, aoiolsVl-ia Xansy treat.
You can't match Courier
roominess in any other
moderate priced car
No crowding here ample space
for your passengers to ride in com
fort. Plenty of room in the
tonneau, and between the front
teats and the dash. The seats
are wide and deep, too, and just
the right height from the floor.
Thisplaneviewof theCouriet tour
ing; car it made from a photograph
not a drawing. Its size is real.
In no other car within $300 of its
price can you get such long wheel
base, easy springs, large, roomy
body, and deep upholstery.
Look at the lines of this remarkable cai its proportions as seen
from above are just as pleasing as its appearance from the side.
It is clean-cut and substantial. Everything in place nothing
unnecessary. Numerous refinements in design and appointment
- make the Courier a car you'll be glad to show to your friends.
Courier sSrj$ii50
The Courier is fully equipped, too mohair
top, boot and curtains, windshield, gas tank
and lamps in addition to usual took, etc.
No other car of its size, though, is so
complete. It is finished in rich and last
ing deep coach blue.
You find this picture interesting it shows
the car as it really is. If you could see under
this exterior you would find a highly suc
cessful and well considered chassis. Stand
ard in design and refined in construction.
It has a 30 horsepower simple and eco
nomical motor, with self-starter; a multiple
disc dutch; three speed transmission;
large brakes; strong frame and axles. You
know that these are right, for the Courier
is made by the United States Motor Co.
When you consider the whole car its
spacious body, thorough finish, chassis,
equipment you'll see it is a remarkable
car for the price.
Courier Roadster, $ 1 120. irnis
A riie it youn lor the asking no obligations, eitktr. 'Phone us.
912 Join Street
TIig United Ms Tiro
Company believes
its tiros aro the
lowost-cost tires
in f ho world.
Here are
other tires
the reasons:
world are made
in the
under conditions so favorable to the greatest pos
sible tire durability.
In no other tires is there combined the tire
knowledge, skill and experience of four corps of
master tire builders.
In United States Tires only is the motorist
, protected by a four-factory "check" against de
fects of any and every kind.
tremendous facilities of the
United States Tire Company are
devoted exclusively to the manu
facture of superwr grade tires.
And the avowed purpose of the
Company (a purely selfish pur
pose) is to build tires that will
positively and appreciably reduce
the season's tire bills for motor
ists who use them.
I Mark that word season 's. 1
lit is your season's expense, and
not the purchase price, that de
termines how much you actually
pay per tire.
Don't overlook that fact for a
single minult.
vThe more experience you have
had in tire-buying the more fully
you know that last costs are the
real costs, and the less apt are
you to be influenced by the "cost
less'' argument
You know i'ust as the makers of
United States Tires know that
the stronger the tire the longer its
life, and the lower its per-mile cost.
And it ought not to be difficult
for you to believe that four im
mense factories, working as a unit
are better able to put strength and
wear into tires than any one fac-.
tory could be expected to put into
Take your tire question seriously,
and select the tires that your best
business judgment tells you are
most certain to give you the big
gest mileage return for yourmoney.
The tires that can do this are the
chtaptst titet you can buy, regard
less of first cost
United States Tires offer you in
a single tire a combination of the
strongest features of four world
famous brands.
Mad In Cllnohar, Dante? (atral.M alga) ant! Qlk Dataahabl Style.
Sold Ewiywhm
are for sale at
E. H. BPRAOt'K, rr-e.
V f sa MMaAalHast f-s. aft sTltn Alt
1608 Harney St,
pVERY automobile driver, maker, owner, or agent, knows that a
used car tells more about material and miking than is ever told by a new car.
If you want to know what a staunch car the Mitchell is, take a ride in one that
has seen hard service; a Mitchell.6 cylinder, 48 H. P. car, that cost new $1750.
Look it over; listen to the motorLJun it slowly; then 'pick up" quickly.
It may outwardly show lots of wear; but you'll find the ritals sound; you'll tee that the engine, trans
mission, axles, steering grir the things that mean service and safety are all right. You'll appreciate
the comfort of the 125-inch wheel base; it doe nuke a lot of difference.
Mitchell cars ire built for the man who cant afford to make a m'utake. Compare the
looks with new cars, compare the service with used cars, and the Mitchell wins.
The Mitefcasl X H.-T t stU T saassagTS, SMSO I Tee MitofcaS 33 H.-r4eyL. f asiiagira. S13SO
The Mstdsssl 48 H.-P.. 6 rU S ass. gars. $1750 Tea MitoSMU it H.-F.. 4 art- saasaagarm, $1150
Tea afitaaaa.30 H.-f .. 4 exfaader. 2 passenger Keashset, wfcfeoat toe. S9SS
Mitchell-Lewis Motor Company
Tbe Persistent JudicJoaa TJse of
v-wrraper Advertising is the Road ta
business Sweees (
- i