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Council Bluffs
Council Bluffs
unci! Bluffs
" Council Bluffs
. Hxjvt't Veto of (Hosing Ordinance
j Will Probably lill It
He mm llty Solicitor Staert
, Are hw4, M Latter As
ma Orwtaaace hi Clw
siayor at alone v win he .m. . ..
ale veto ta kill the barber' Sundsy elo.
; wg ordnance la now regarded ,
talnty. It will require Hi vote In the
; omactl la pas the ordinance over the
! " There were tx vote In favor of It
when the council approved it Thursday
J night, but two of the votes were rather
. reluctantly given, and H ta regarded at
( qutta cenala one or perhepa keta of
! thaa member will vole to tuataln the
. ; mo.
E That the ordlnanoa cannot be enforced
; and that It will only he a disturbing In
: fluence. Inciting expensive and annorlnc
i " litigation, la alao admitted. The failure
" of a similar f((Iimiim ammhI Ium -.
!frm oral year ago and attempted to be en-
forced la vividly recalled, together with
- the depressing effect It bad upon the
: ceneral business of the town. Attar two
men who bad determined to fit ht the
.' ordinance bad been arretted about KM
; time no further attempt waa mad to
enforce the law and later It wa
; pealed. .
) Mayor Maloner aald yesterday that no
t on for whose opinion he cared a anap
i had crtuclaed hi oppoaltioa to the erdl-
. nance, and that he waa prompted by what
he conceived to be the beat Inter Ml of
lh people, t
Bfarar Stark Oaaeeed.
"I da net believe It la a matter la which
the city council ahould tab any part.
h nu "Outside of the doubtful pro
, pnety of attempting to enforce any Sab
j betarlaa lawa, it wilt be oppoead by all
,: liberal-minded persons. Any ordinance
the city could paa would bav to be
baaed unon the ataca law. and the barber
,;aa Invoke the law If they ear to
' without Involvtner the ellv In their nrt.
vt fights. That H la a question of
J trade unionism, I alao contrary to the
facta. If It la or ever ahould beoom uch
a question, there I only en place for
in aettlemrnt and that I In tit union
; WMtlnc. There la another thin' that I
want to prom lee tight now, and that I
. that there wilt be po sxceptton la favor
,of the barber If auch a law la to be
enforced. ball and att rack things
r win have to atop."
., City Solicitor tVuart declared hi con
viction Mala yeetarday, a he did at the
oouncfl meetlnf when the ordinance wu
, being discussed and pawed, that the draft
. approved by the council could not be en
.' forced, and that It directly confltcteii
1 with both the Mat law and uprm
court decisions. II id ction I of the
ordlnanoa had (specially fatal defect,
and that If there waa any eerlou tnten
vtlon of attempting to enact it thla whole
;i" section would bo removed. It prohibit
A any barber ebon having draws bllnda on
" Sunday er anything to obatruot the full
Mew of the Interior from th street.
V Claee legislation.
: "If I he council ceo prohibit barber
shop pulling down lb blind on an
ly er at anytime it can alao do th
, earn with every etor and private real-
uence In the city," eaid ha. "To attempt
U mak It apply to barber (hop alon
'-would be clae legislation of the rankeat
Vifiiarectsr. Thl section would kill the
( ordinance, No erdlnanca deelgned t an-
force observance of the sabbath can be
baaed on any other section of th state'
lsw eicept section toes, which siempti
' all whe observe any other day thaa Bun
' day for their Sabbath. Th iiipreme
, court baa sever construed thla aectlon
r and K at universally regarded by lawyer
. aa unconstitutional. It permit class
r legislation Is direct contra vent loa of the
1 states conslitutlo. and I am certain
5 thai If any ordinance based upon It Is
X. er carried up to the uprtn court
I both will be annulled."
The opinion moat frequently iprd
"yesterday waa that If th barber want
" to close then- shops on Sunday they can
' easily do so by a mutual agreement with-
out to Yoking the aid of special law that
may cause widespread disturbance.
. . 8ATURDA ft'ECl A Lei-Lots of trash
trawbernea, in quart born, from Texas.
J-Tesh cucumbers, each, be: radishes, 4
bunch ss, ic; pieplant, a bum has. la; as--paraau.
per bunch, so; fresh tomatoes,
'per pound, l(ci loewe oatmeal. I pound.
Sec; loose starch. pouuda,. He; arg
bolts oaa cracker. TSc; I pound gin
ger snap, lie. Just received a shipment
of fancy eooklea, per pound, IfVte; Golden
Canto, per poubd. He; orange
are sweet and Juicy, from x dnsen up.
W are still selling our lily Cream flour,
per seek. 1 X warranted. U Oreea. 1M
Broadway. TeL mo.
senior , 17
juniors , ,...
Freehmen ,
-The local high school held the annual
track meet Friday afternoon at Athletic
park. About 300 people attended th
meet, mostly students from the high and
graded schools. After the fifth event It
rained torrents sad the field looked like
pood, and the following events were
called off: Pole vault, twelve-pound shot
put, SkVyard dash, broad Jump, dlecus
throw. Ub-ysrd hurdles, faVyard dash,
eeie-half.mll relay bet wees the Junior,
sophomore and freshmen teams and baif
Bitl run. These events will bo contested
some time next week oa the Twenty-
first street ground.
Harry Crowl of the Juniors waa the
star of the meet, getting tn points, a
- first In the mo-yard run and sooth sr In
th mil run. Summary: .
" We-yard dash: Macrae raophmore.
won; Robtnsoa senior, second; Hubbard
Isenlort. third. Time, e:lV
' tta-yar. run: Crowl ihinler), woo:
Warns (nlorl, second; Albert! (senior),
third. Tin.-, i V
- 30-yard ordls: RoMnson (eenlorl
on; Beno irnshmanl. second. Hubbard
. teenlor). third. Time. :.
- Mil run: Crowl (junior), won: Harris
f senior), eeooetd; Owens t sophomore),
third. Ttme, ML
would do roar syes good to take a peep
n our window. Radtabee. t buaches for
c; giees onions, Ic a boaeh; pis plant
t bunches for te; ssteaeh, lis peck; as
argu. t banehes for Me. Plenty of
"Urawberrlea at Wo quart aoxea; cucure-
- ert, t for lie; new potatoes. 4 pounds
Sc; six spoons and one package of Korn
Flakes, Mc; Easy )1 sad glass; dJan,
.c. Tor sous cleaning time we ksep
carpet tacka. Ammonia. Mc bottle' Try
bur New Tor coffee, only Sc: tee. ale
pound. Plenty of country batter. 36e
"pound; Gotdea Rule flour, ., Bart-
Miller. Telepbene Ol . '
Minor Mention
The Osssrfl Slaffs Offtet of
Tke Omaha stas t at If
Scott Street. TeJepkeae 4.
Davie, drugs.
Vtctrola, lli. A. Hoapa Co.
H. Borwlck for wall paper.
Wood ring Undertaking Co., TeL .
Corrlgaas. iindertakers. 'Phones 14V
NT5W TORK Plumbing' Co. 'Phone
Lewi Cutler, funeral director. 'Phone 17.
Magatinea bound. Morehouse ft Co.
CuLrA a mineral water delivered. Tel
av. c. aiinnicK.
Bluff City laundry, Dry Cleaning and
fje worse, new- .NO. 314.
TO RAVE OR RrtRMl'lUr xfr t- R
asi ong. t ioan As a., la Pearl.
Nest Sundav la liAthera iliv Th
Faubla Art Shop for cardc, folder, etc.
nvestment: Vor sale a fin isMtarv
Dr"' a on Broadway in the center of Coun
ell Bluffa. la. Address "A" Omaha Bee,
council Bluff, la.
BRINO la your disabled watch to our
watchmaker, they will out It In as soul
cvnoiuou as new. Every piece of work
guaranteed. Prices reasonable. Left en's
household foods, horee. cattle anit all
chattel securities at a big discount of th
usual ratea. uinc over a w. Bdwy.
Owlne to th rloalns of the trilrnv
flower nor o account of the death of
sir. vtiicox yeeteroav. the commutation
hooka of the street railway company will
no piaoed en sale at Camps dm store.
Th eiore may remain closed until aftr
to runerai.
The meetlne that waa en have Keen
held yesterday under the ausolre of the
t.ivio improvement league failed on ac
count or the heavy rainatorm. A num
ber or the women braved the rale and
spoiled some gowns and lists, but they
were not numerous eaouerh to do more
man cnat prontaniy aa tney sat in th
puhlta llbrerv rooms No date for the
meeting was filed, but another gathering
will soon be held.
Two children ef Mr. end Mrs John
Derry. till South Ninth street, have died
In the last twenty-four hours of scarlet
fever and two ether are dangerously
ill from the same disease Asle. the
t-year-old sen, died at 4 o clock Thura
day afternoon, and at 1 o'clock yester
day morning Roy, aged 1 succumbed.
Both had been 111 but four dava. The
double funeral of the rhlldran was held
at 4 o'clock yesterday afternooa at r sir
view cemetery. The father Is a teamster
In th employ or the Bluff City Lumber
company. The dead bova are urvved
by parents ami three sisters.
Leonsrd Everett he given the Civic
league women the right t use th va
cant Iota on the corner of Broadway
nd South Seventh streets, and th
womeei have accepted the offer with
hanks Mr. Everett had a force of men
et work there yesterday removing ths
rubbish. Just what us will be mad of
th plat ha not been fully determined.
Some of th more practically inclined
members of the league see In the offer
an opportunity to raise about 100 bushel
or potatoes, which mlalit be profitably
distributed among th poor next winter.
irwins 10 tne central location of the
around on Broadway and Its nearness to
th Young Men Christian association
building other see splendid chance to
convert a most unsightly place into a
rsil beauty epot. with flower and orna
mental plants. Which phase of the pretty
Hruistic sentiment will win th victory
will soon be decided, but th Interesting
tact remains that a pleasant Chang will
be mad at that point.
Attracted by the sound of someone
heavily falling. Mar Bourlclu broke in
the door of the bathroom at his home
nasi Wash nstun avenue yeeterday
In time to save the life of his son. Uuy.
who bsd been overcome bv carbon
dioxide fume from th sea healer. Th
young man had been In the bathroom
some time taking a bath when his father
happened to pass neer the door end
heard the fall. When tne door waa
forced the young man was found lying
unconscious on the floor. He was car
ried Into hi bedroom and th tlectrlc
fan turned upon him after Dr. ksrl
Bellinser had been called. The nhvalrtan
and nurses worksd over him for several
hour before he fully rooveed. Ht had
been overcome by th fume whll lying
In th tub, but retained aufflclent con
cuius nets to res I tee that his life 'de
pended upon getting out of the room. He
fell heevlly when he etruggied to Ma
feet, bruising and cutting .-.a face. Hs
waa still surfer! ns from th effects of
th poisonous vspor lest evsninf , but
was out o( all danger. .
Children Take Part
in Cleanup Day to
Dandelions' Sorrow
Th reports of ths school children upon
ths work aeeompilahed by (hem on "clean
up day" made th most Interesting part
yestsrdey 1 exerdss In th public
schools. The tsschsrs aided greatly In
encouraging and dlreotlng th effort of
th youngsters, Tssterday afternoon th
children mad their reports, hundred of
them written form, and they form a
mass of literature that la highly Inter
esting. Mrs, Donald afarrae, who had charge
E th Pierce street district, expressed
her delight over the scoompilahments of
th day and selected this report medahy
Master Harry Sbepard. 71 Grace street,
a pupil of th Pierce street school, aa a
aampl of th work don by th children
Sad ths spirit that in stored them:
Wednesday May t. Mil. was set spart
for the first cleaning up day by the city
unaer tne auspice or tn ivio improve
ment club of Council Bluffa la.
Mrs, Macraa waa appointed to take car
of our dlatrlct and th school board save
us that afternoon that we might help
clean up.
I had mora work thaa I could lake rare
of that afternoon, but I filled up holes
In the yard and used a common load and
a half of dirt and ashes. I carried about
forty buckets of dirt from the hill across
the road.
I aleo nulled Kb dandelions thl moraine
and expert te pull t,wt more before 1 quit.
1 n 1 ut at numoer of a enactions ra our
room was J7.M.
The total work don by the Piere street
school chlldrea b shows by th official
report approved by the principal, Mrs.
Prouty, and prepared by Ferdinand
hirsute, a pupil They cleaned S yards
and forty alleys, swept and cleaned th
street hi front of twenty-seven he uses.
snade forty-four gardens, pleated Dower
and flower seed in twenty ethers,
gathered up seventeen loads of debris.
trimmed a number of tree and cleaned
a number of cellar and sheds on private
property. The attack on the dandelions
showed the deal ruction of 23,3,3, And
the work at Fierce strest wss repeated
all of ths other buildings, sltsough
ths children declared they worked harder
te piesss Mrs. Macrae thsa they would
have done for any other person. Mrs.
Macrae Is ss fully plaassd and said hut
evening that the best result of th
movement ar yet t be realised la the
higher Ideals Inspired.
After carefully Investigating the dif
ferent snakes of pianos, we Sad that the
beet are the Krakauar. Kranlch ft Bach.
Cable-Nelson. Bush Lane, KlmbaH.
Fryor. Stelner. Hal let Davis, all of
which are soM by A. Hoepe Co., JI West
Broadway. Tou find thee instrument
lnTiome all over the glebe sad they
calrge no more for thera thaa la usually
Marges for unknown make. Tou caa
iiy them ss eaay payments if you nke
Vsy to the Bituatkaa Be Advertising.
Leading- Citizen 9f Council Slnffi
Diet After Short Clues.
Heed af Ceeet fietesleuts Located
Here Illnees Telle we Sever
Cold aa stesalt ef Beeeaa
las Owerkemteel.
J. F. Wlloox, founder and builder of
the vast greenhouse business that is
knows all ever the country, died ysater
dsy sfternoos at 4 o'clock of heart weak
ness, doe to ht grippe end pneumonia,
after aa Illness of leas thsa len days
He waa conscious and talked with mem
bar of th family a few minute before
he died.
Mr. Wilcox' Illness followed
cold contracted early last week. He be
came chilled during a ride to Manawa
after being overheated In exercise con
nected with directing soma part of his
work on the home place, La grippe.
pleurisy and pneumonia followed fn
rapid succession, producing a fatal heart
weakness that couM sot be overcome
Fcr several days ths heart action had
been sustained by powerful stimulants.
and yesterday morning nitroglycerine
was resorted te the only means of
preserving th spark of life. After th
last Injection th heart failed to respond
and he died within a few minutes. On
of th lungs had become Involved In the
attack of pneumonia, and had It net new
for th weak heart action hi physician
ay hs would soon hsvs recovered.
Th death of Mr. Wilcox cam ss a
treat shock to his family and friends
Roy, the eldest son. was completely
prostrated sad fall unconscious while
landing st to telephone a few minute
after hi father's death. The physician
and nurses bsd to work with him for
several hour.
Mr. Wilcox waa bora In Grant county,
Wisconsin, on February , list, and was
tt 5 ears cod. Before he was M h moved
with hi parent to Wahoo, Neb., and
shortly afurward cam to Council Bluffs
snd entered bit th mpioy of hi uncle.
A. Caspar, at til a month for two
yr- Than hi, pay was Increased to
month and board.
Shortly before h was a Mr. Casper
mads him foreman and advanced hla pay
to tS a month and board. After his
twsnty-flrst birthday Mr. Casper took
him aa a partner In the marks! gardening
business and together they bought what I
still known st No. I place, H had
avd less than 1X0, th balance of kw
anting all going to hla rslstlves. Th
young man paid th small amount down
and gav hla unci not for th balance.
In the coarse or four years thl property
became worth IJI OuO and Mr, Wilcox had
fully paid hi half. H then bought th
other half from Mr. Casper for fa.Mt
which he paid m two years. He then
bought th horn plac from Cupar for
IC 600, paving lea than tan down. Long
before th note were due all ware paid.
Today th greenhouse snd ether prop,
rty accumulated by Mr. Wilcox 1 valuta
at mora than IMO.Mo,
t aele tpeaka la Kalegy.
cneaking of ths character ef his
nephew, Mr. Caper aald last evening:
"Mr. Wilcox wa a self-made manIn
the fullest meaning of th term. H com
pelled confidence and maintained tt by
honesty snd fidelity that never waive red.
He never deceived m In any degre and
never told m an untruth. Ml Judgment
waa aa unerring as hat enterprise was
unflagging. He was aa axsmpl te all
young men. He dug out of these bills
all the wealth ha had accumulated. He
wis a publla benefactor and the most
liberal of men In th u of his money
for publlo snterprlses. For year he has
had on hla payroll mor thaa W men
and often employed Mo. lit dseth Is a
personal bereavement to ma which word
cannot iprs, for h wss ts ma as a
son whom I had loved from Infancy and
seen grows Into splendid manhood. It I
hard that ha should die la the prima of
live and when h had Just fairly started
oa hi career,'
' Firs (ees.Servlve.
Mr. Wilcox wa married In 1M ta Miss
Emma Toung of Atlantic nlecs at Mr.
Casper. HI widow and flv sons sur
vtv him. Thro children, two soya and
eirf, died In childhood.
Th Commercial club, of which Mr. WU
ox wa an sctlv member snd officer,
will bold special meeting at noon today
to draft a ultabl expression of the sor
row all feci and to arrsng for the floral
tribute that the club will lay npoa hi
casket. It will b made by the sorrowing
mploye ,of th dead florist of flown
that will b selected by th dub' com
mute from th great greenhouse that
will remain ss his beet monument.
Bluff s High School "
Will Give Cantata
Th Council Bluff High school will
ktv a cantata oa May 2. "Th Miy
Queen." by Sir Bterndal Bennett, an
English composer. Thl musical win
be given under the direction at Mil
Grace Barr, supervisor of mode In th
public school of this cltv. The soloists
are: Mrs J. E. Marshall, con traits; .Mist
Patienc Walker, soprano; Dr. Claude
Lewi, bsss, J. R. Gerke, tenor. Then
will be aa orchsetral accompanlnMnt.
Thla cantata will be given la th high
School assembly room. Every person whe
heard "The Ron Maiden" last year, un
der the auspice of th same organisa
tion and under th direction of Miss Barr.
will know something of the character t
th music that will be rendered oa thla
ecc salon. Musical critics pronounced last
rears entertainment an at th very best
ever given la th city.
Th cantata to be give this year will
b the equal at that a year ago, and
probably with the additional training win
b superior. It la seldom that th cltlxena
of Council Bluffs bar th opportunity of
hearing a musical af tela character with
ri orchestral accompaniment.
We have the exclusive sale for the
Brown Daley Absorbing Mops and Floor
Brush. They pick ap th dost snd carry
it away. Prices tTtt and KM. p. c.
DVal Bdw. Os, IN Broadway.
Real Estate Trasafen,
Real estate transfers reported ts The
Bee May 1 by th Pottawattamie County
AhafFSM-t Mmmm ne ...i m
j vwwiu smukcs:
Jorgett Hansen and wife to. Chris
tian Andersen, land In J-:?-,
w- d. t rijj
Henrr WUsoa snd wife to Edwta
H,i4Jm. l , , . . . , . .
biork It, and e lot and lot 16.
block U. town of Macedonia 1e
w. d IM
W. S. Coopar and wif to A. ray j
Smith, lot 11. block 14. Bryant ft
Clark's eubd. to Council Bluffs.
w. d
The Tootle estste to Milton C.
Clark, lots 1 and M. block M. Terry
add. to Council Bluffs w. d KB
core A. crock wen and nuebena to
Dors A. Patterson. ra feet and
' ni feet lot 4, block I and ell feet
and n feet lot a. Mock t Bay
lias' 1A add. to Council Bluffs.
w. d. ijml
Flv transfers, total......!
Karl Robinson, a local high school boy.
will leave today for Fort Dodge, Is-, hi
hem town, to Join the ksagus team there.
Port Dodge la In the newly organised
Iowa league. Last year Robtnsoa played
with Seward tn the Nebraska Stat
league On Sunday he played with th
Merchants HI position will be filled by
Herb Phillips. ,
call let and bav a Vaccum Cleaner
sent to your home; tS s day will do all
your nous cleaning. Complete equipment
of tool for different uses. Peterson ft
dchoening Co.
White Outclasses
Conley of Kenosha
IXS ANGELES. May ll.-Jack White
the Chicago featherweight, was an easy
victor over Ftsnkl Conley of Kenosha.
Wat., at the Vernon arena thla afternoon.
After the first round, which wss fslrly
veti. White started battering Conley with
right snd lefts te th body and face,
n ' ecaalng until at th end of the
twslfth round Conley s manager. Tom
Jones, threw up . ths sponge, H an
nounced ihst Conley had broken his wrist
In th sixth round.
From th beginning Conlsy employed
hi boring tactic, although repeatedly
knocked almost off hla feat by th Chi
cago man. He waa outclassed hopelessly
and It wa next to Impossible for htm to
lend oa Whit. Only th Kenosha bey's
ramenes kept Mm In the fight for a
doien rousda. While showed remarkable
Improvement sine hla defeat by Jo
By resolution passed at a meeting of
ths wsler board yesterday afternoon
John L. Webster wa Instructed to mak
application to th United States district
court for Immediate possession of the
wster works Ths resolution:
"Resolved, ' That John L. Webster, at
torney for th water board, be directed
to file a supplemenUl application In th
United States district court In th suit
of th Omaha Water company against
th city of Omaha, commonly known a
a specific performance cast, for an order
on th water company to turn over the
wster works to th city of Omaha upon
payment af th purchaa pries."
Th Katg 'Construction company wa
allow! K 00D on their tll.Sos contract
for th construction of th Dundee and
Deaf Institute water mala.
Bid for I, TO tons of pipe, a carload of
valves and a carload of hydrants will be
sdvertlsed for and received until 4
o'clock In th afternoon of May X They
will then b opened at a matting of th
board and th contract let ta the lowest
bidder. , , t
Jswelry to th ralue of about tMt wss
stolen from th J. W. Trumbell horn
st Fiftieth and Map! streets, 1st yes
terday afternoon whll th occupant f
th house were away. Th burglars ran
acked every room and took every bit
of Jewelry tn the house. Among the loot
r severst family hehruwm which ar
prised highly and Mr. Trumbell feeis hi
los greatly.
The stolen article consist of on ring
set with two gameta and three chip d!a
monda; on diamond stud, one lodge pin.
on gold ring with three valuable opal set-
tlnga, two (gold bracelet snd a breast pin
with several diamond settings Three
gold chains and two locks Is wr alas
WASHINGTON, slay It-Mrs. Carotin
Bartlett Crane, k support of Representa
tive Nelson' resolution for a congres
sional Investigation of th government
meat Inspection servlc. today told th
hous committee on expenditure to th
Department of Agriculture that the chief
fault of the service wss In th personnel
of th official of th department
Secretary WHson, Solicitor McCabe and
Chief Melvtn of th bureau of animal In
dustry war In offtc when sensational
disclosures In th meat packing Industry
were made a few year ago, aha aald, and
ah charged them with not curing Hut then
and maintained that the inspection stand
ard bad gradually been towered. To
much attention waa paid to the Interest
Involved and too little to the health af
th people, h aald.
The endorsement of th Inspection rega-
tationa by a commrtte of well -known
scientists waa not accepted at Its face
value by th witness, who read a letter
from Secretary Wlleoo. addressed to her.
to show that ths uteenbeia of the com
mission were selected after they had
passed noon and approved th regula
tions. The committee adjourned until
MeKar-Bird. '
Oeerg IfoKay of Savannah, til., and
Miss Mary Bird ef Piattsmoutb were
united la marriage last evening at the
noma of Mr. and Mrs, Byron Clark la
th Hamilton. Twenty-toarto and' Far-
nam streets The bride hss been a fnend
of the Clerks for some years, being in
timately associated with thera In Platts-
mouth before Mr. Clark's appointment a
general solicitor et th Burllngtoa rail
road. She and th groom first met as
students three years ago at Park col
lege, Parkvtlla, Mo. The marriage cere
mony wss pei-forwied by Rev. James R.
fsaatbury, pastor of ths Preabytartaa
church at Aabura. who came ts Oman,
sccoenpanied by Mrs. Sell burr, for thl
oocaalon. Mr. Bsisbory. who ts aa
alumnus of park col less, waa pester af
the PUttsmouth Presbytertaa church be
fore going t Auburn.
Tabtea Wise Easily.
TANKTON. S. D., May 11 -Spe. iel Tel
egram V In tne annual track meet with
Mitchell university. Vankton ooilege won
ea'lly with U Boints ta Mttrhell a
The visitors evcei'rd In weights tsking
three firsts, aad r.m in to? va tor-mile.
Yankton took :be balance. Poor records I
we.s im. wwing to Ui aeaty nun.
" - - - -- - - -
Omaha's Greater Laundry
We hare united the Evans City Steam Laundry, established in
1876, and the Model Steam Laundry, established in 1882, and will im
mediately begin the erection of a splendid new three story, $75,000
building to occupy a quarter of a block at 11th and Douglas streets.
Our Mr. Robertson of the Model and our Mr. Segur of the Evans
City Steam Laundry will leave shortly for the east to make a tour of
inspection of the larger laundries in the principal cities, in order to
make the new plant the most modernly constructed laundry in the west.
No expense will be spared to equip the new laundry with all the latest
machinery and labor-saving devices. '
We will equip our plant for the comfort of our employes, especial
care for the sanitation and ventilation being taken. We do this not
only in appreciation of the loyalty of our employes, many of whom
have been with us for upwards of 25 years, but in view of the fact that
ideal working conditions mean better service to our patrons.
We also desire to express to our patrons our appreciation for their
patronage and confidence, many of whom we have had the pleasure of
serving from the beginning 1876. We assure the public that we will
do all in our power to deserve its continued patronage and support.
- ' ' ... ' : . v ' -v
Evans-Model Laundry
. Toilet Goods
lc Java Itlaa Powder, all colors,
at ..i ......It,-)
ibo Lyons' Tooth Powder 14o
I ho Panttol Preparation la
loo Zlska Face Powder (Dorin) W
lie Msnnen Talcum Powder, all
kind ., lia
Its Paekara Tar Soap sop
Paint your house and get Wm. Rogers & Sons ' Silver Coupons Free
n:n .n i6th and
iYiyvi z-junuuu lji
Par Mlsi and "
Children . .
Wa ar showing styles In both
hlsh and Inw cuts fnr mlseeaV
and children that surpass any
thing aver shown In the city
before. They are the kind that
wear, with a neat style like is
fonnd la mother's shoef. . , .
We haa them In batten and
lace, kid, patent colt, gun
metal, cloth tope and kid tops.
common sense and drees shoes.
Children's, S to 11
$1.50 I
M !', 11 H to 1
Toung Women's. ) Cf
1 to v)ss.dU
Omaha' Great Home Paper.
Drug, Soap, Toilet Article
and Paint Sale all this week at the
Big Drug Store with Wm.f Rogers & Sons'
Coupons free with every item in our big store.
Very Special Soap Sale
Myers- Economy Bath and Toilet
fcoap. Full flv ounce rake, Ulv
cerine. Oatmeal. Buttermilk, Eld
erf lower. Hard Water, Turklah
Bath and Palm, well worth ten
cents special thla week be
Ss.- Myers- Kgg Ter and Glycerin
Bhampoe, thla week ...llo
4 lb. bar Imported Spanish Csatlle
Bosp ass
lie box California Violet eioap.
three cake in box. per box . . loo
Patent Medicines
tl.OO Lambert's Llsterln go
Hoc Lambert's Llstsrln ...... 4A0
tl.OO Swamp Root o
60c Swamp Root .46o
1.00 Payne'a Celery compound 10
11 Pinkliam'e Vegetable compound
at so
Ibc Fletcher Caatorl ....... .33s
Paints, Varnishes, Etc.
' Tns tlm of th year to paint
Is her. W hsvs the material.
Prices reasonable. Quality th
Preston' Fast Color Paint
1 gallon 11.60
S gallon ,...eoo
1 quart toe
Twenty-eight color to select
from. Kernel to any paint on th
market Send for color card.
Old Age for Cafe or Home
It's the beer that will please ta
the club, cafe, hotel, farmhouse, cot
tar or mansion, because it satisfies
the most critical and exacting Judgsa.
It poors clear, sparkling, cloufllests
and pure. - .
.The Amber Bottle
protects Old Age- from decay.
oath Omaha wm. JrTrtx, ssoa ar St,
Phono, Soutk SSS. ,
Oaashe tniao P. Btxa, 134 fiosxlae St.
Pbeaa, Doegla IMS.
Lowe Bros High Standard Paint "
1 gallon (a.00
H gallon i.os
1 quart sso
1 pint 300
H pint gue
Fifty-two tint and shades to se
lect from, and whit snd black.
Bend or call for color card.
Low Brothers' Mtllaton Flit
colors For interior walls, wood
work, etc. Fourteen color and
black and white to select from.
1 gallon , aa.oo
H gallon ki.os
. 1 quart . 600
Low Brothers' Vernlcot Enanvei
white For Interior work, the
bath tub, th bedstead, etc.
1 pint ...Toe
H Pint toe
Lowe Brother" Floor Paint ,
,,1 quart can , .60a
' H gallon ...... so
1 gallon gl.T
Low Brother' Carrtag Oloas '
Paint. For porch chair, gaa stovs,
radiator. Stsnds heat, water and
give a brilliant vsrnish effect.
Eight color to select from.
s pint ,.5o
1 pint 40
1 quart 7a
Low Brother' Screen Paint.
Black and green. Make screens
look Ilk new.
Pint :. go
Quart toe
Ksu. parn
rr ffs
djF-ik . I , ,ii 1
mmMMA i
MM , ill i
1 !
- .'.:JV
s .ssHsssssaBissjsssssssHSssMSSfpMBIaj.ypj-