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IS 33,000 ITEMS
Dresner Bros, Dry Cleaners
and Dyers, Upset All Clean
in; Records for the
Month of ApriL
When a dry cleaning establish
ment actually clean, dye, altera or
repair 33,009 distinct pieces o(
work in one tingle month, it haa aa
anmed colossal proportion!, dont
yon think? -
Yet, that ia the very record estsb
Iiahed during April by Dresher Broa.,
the Dry Cleaner, at 2211. 2213
Farnam street, Omaha.
When Dresner first embarked in
the dry cleaning business a little
over a year got the wiseacres shook
their heads and remarked: "They'll
never make it pay; there are too
many here already." But at the
present writing the chief concent ot
the Dresher boys Is to handle the im
mense amount of work received
daily. They had originally planned
and built a 150,000 plant equipped
with every device that money can
buy, and that master minds could
produce; they thought they had built
for "years to come," but were work
ing "up to capacity" In a few abort
months after their advent In busi
ness. Oh will easily gain an Insight to
the magnitude of tha Dresher bus
iness when It Is said that factories
cannot aupply the demand tor the
coat hangers that are placed on each
and every garment delivered: in fact
Dresher are paying one cent each
for every coat hanger delivered to
their establishment and the offer is
keeping the children of Omaha busy,
for there ar a number of coat hang
er about every home.
The Dresher methods ot cleaning,
dyeing and reatoring everything
from a dainty piece ot lace to a suit
dress, or even rug, has awakened
Omanane - to - the preservation of
clothes and household equipment,
and the future bids fair to bring
forth even larger record than pieces cleaned in one month."
. Dresher pay exprea on way on
out of towa shipment of ft or over.
Dresher also maintain branch sta
tion in the Pompetan Room of The
Branded Stores and at Dresners, Ths
Tailor, 1515 Farnam street '
Phone Tyler laOO; AuUvA-2326.
Council Bluffs
Council Bluffs
n ih t Til mtp
Ten "Years' Experience
Behind Your Car
For ten years we have been
building automobiles.
Each year we have pro
gressed; each year we
. have built better cars.
So this year the Jackson
comes to you as the
- crowning result of ten
years' experience.
Our experimenting is long
We offer you cars you can
depend on values you
can see for yourself.
"What more is there to ask i
Pioneer 1 Implement Co
Co. Bluffs. Iowa.
fill tha Original and fiinalna
Til Foed-drlnk for All kpu
For Utnta, Invalid, and Clowns chJdrea.
rreNutra op buag the whole body,
Invigcnte the ninsigniotrKX sod dttlgeL
Rich milk, matted grain, jp powder form.
A quick kack prepare! b a miasts.
T.i..iHrf .vine host, irrt
i. - r.r I Kfeofwn O. Heroer.O W. C Tha
Over Six Thousand Tear Will Be
. Distributed Among Them.
Sasriateadeat tteperts Kasse at
Teachers Will Rajay stala
TkM Wla Ar
. Sradaate la imm.
.Assarting that Council Blurts pais Its
school teacher less aalaiy thaa any
other city lit the state and that tha beet
teacher were coastantly being Induced
to leave. Chairman Hendricks of the
teachers' committee recommended at the
meeting of the Board of Education but
night a uniform Increase of par. and Bis
recommendation ma approved. The
total Increase tor the 1M teachers was
shown to be bi.flas per year.
In the hl(h school the Increase add U
a month te all of the teacher with the
exception ot Principal Marshall and sev
eral other, who set a raise of from ISO
to HO a year, ma Ins the principal's
pay SLUM a year. The salary of Superin
tendent Beveridge was Increased froao
C.J0 te
In the graded schools the minimum pay
of the teacher waa raised from Sat to Sai
a month and the maximum from rr to
tit. with proportionate Increase for all of
the principals of the building. The In
crease will make the payroll of the
teachers approximately IlkVW per year.
At tha present time It Is a little
than tlt&OOe. Chairman Hendricks i
there would be no shot-tag caused by
tha Increase for the eomln year, al
though tha estimate of required revenue
furnished for taxation waa considerably
lata, for the reason that there had been
a gradual accumulation of money ta the
teachers fund, amounting to $.0M hut
year and a surplus of 3MM at the end
of the present year.
Teaehera Waa Menem.
The list at teachers for ths next school
year who will ah are the increase waa re
ported by Chairman Hendricks and
elected, as follows:
Teachers tor the school year. IsU-ttU:
H!(h School J. K. Marshall, principal;
J. C. Oraeon. Jet Thrush. Dome o. hup
seas, a a. Asqulth. Kate Reed, Mlttle
Pile. IT lore Coooer. Allen Sayle. Mary
E. 8bo waiter, Edna M. Sprague. Emma
Boasche. Kdlth Fllcktnger. Jennie nice,
Elmer W. Readlns. Floyd E. Moreen.
Anna Z, Rom, Clarence A. Pierce, Mary
D. Wallsoe, Paulina X. Rieth. Claudia B.
Rlre. Aenta Phanev. Oraea Holmes.
Waahlncton Avenne School Mantle
Mansum. principal; Helen Ada Tyler, lea
see orna. Caroline umt. statu u. ruu
lip. Mary Kennedy, nenie m. una am
aaesere. Ruth S. Tmplla. Mlna Con
verse. Nellie Bonfleld. Marrueiite Or
ham. Martha Bell Hetael. Maria Dege.
Bead Howiette, an. May ami, sirs.
Elisabeth Gleason, Stella Royr. Cora
M. Oretler.
Rloomer School Nannie M. nam in,
Grace Thompeon, Mary Tldhall, Myrt'e
McNutt. Katherlne, Morris, May Mahler,
lull. Walker. Hasel Arnd. Alloa Walter,
Rliaaheth Morrla Margaret Mcroerson.
Dorothea Spetman. Jane Howe, Oartrud
Twentieth Avenue BchooV-Clara Meyers,
Mamie Norene. Charlotte Hennlnser,
Katherva Putnam. Edith Joseph. Elisa
beth Crocker, Hannah Blck, Kllsabeth
White Grace Riley. Mary Coaseahall.
Sadie Barrett. Hasel Lewi. Dora Lyon.
Mre. Eva Lvon. Theodoele Hobbe,
Pierre Street School-Mr Mary Prouty,
rineinal: Olive M. Hart. Eunice Jn. ora
eon. Florence Storr. Ada M. Dalley,
Edith .TomcXlBeon, Para- riperle, Myrtl
Winter. Aflda McPadden. Orve converse.
Marine Morrla, Gertrude Green, Edna
If flMMMT.
Third Street School Mr. M. B. Curtis,
nrinrlnal' Klsle M. Power. AL A. M
Maud Walker, Mary O'Connor. Blanche
Peck. Ella Spetman, Aurella K. Tinier,
Elisabeth Parklnaon. Ida Caaady.
Eighth Street School WUIIann White,
principal; Minnie E. Clay, jeosle M. Al
worth. Mry Harden. Aeat A. M.; Aana
Ash: Mr. Roea D. Puaey, Vera Spetman.
Maud Meyer. Mr. Adel D. Card.
tteoond Avenue School-Elisabeth Graves,
principal; Maud McAnfney, Winifred
Johnson. Utile Hayden. Mr. Bell Bar.
clay. Edith Shugart. Mr. Amy otavely,
Margaret Aiken, Uilu Spetman. Marii
Peterson, Bell Roblnoon. .,.
Avenue B School Sue h. Badotlet, prtn-
n. i nam Barclay. Jessie V. McAn
eney. Minnie Kupp. Bernlc Elbert. Ruth
r,iii Mae Warner. Clementine Guen-
ella, Dorothy Cook. Eva Utterback, Stella
Graves. Anna B. Mlkeeell. Julia Hughe.
Thirtv-aecond Street School Agnes
Drake. Biinclpal: Elsie M. Powers, Aasl
P. M.: Mary H. Looee. Emily Butler,
Anna Moule. Flerene White. LI da Voor
.ua orvatal iMneie. Frances Wood.
Madison Avenue School-May 81 ma
principal; Mary Johnson. Edith B. Field,
Elnora Darnlll. Kg. A. M.
Harrison Street School Mlnnl Hanson.
Drtndnal: Theoan Kendla, Nora She.
Margaret Dee, Bern lea Minima n. Kg.
A If
Kiehth Avenue School-KatbJeen Con
nor, principal; Louise Larson. aarsr
McNamara, Elnora Msrnlll, KaV P. f
. Avenue E School-Josephine Clausen,
principal; Anna van Drun. man weir,
Oak Bchool-Ulllan Chemise, prindpal;
Anna Weinberg, Bernlee MUllman.
Kg A M
Courtland Schoot-Cora Jones, principal
Emma Hoffman. , .
8upervwor-Orace Barr, Lsroy Hutch
Ins, .Racked Thomas.
- Sealews Was) Sradaate.
Superintendent Beveridge reported these
senior class high school pupils eligible
for graduation:
Petar J. Aleher, Anna M. Lee,
Theodore F. Aleher, Noomle Lillian Lee.
Viola E. Allea. Pearl M. Mlklejoha.
Floyd Bates. William K. MltnneU,
Joseph C. Beaumont Oral Paul Mowry.
Merlyn B. Burns. Paul Mueller.
Mary H. Campbell, Florence L. Mulila.
Mary A. Clark, Clara E. Kelson.
Jennie F. Cook, William P. Nolan,
Mlgaon A. CordUL Oayle U Oyster.
Holes Cox. George L Peter.
Robt. P. Crawford. Oscar A. Pry or,
Robert W. Dan tela Walter Reller,
Arthur E. Dempsey.Eart F, Robinson.
Robert Ftnerty. Ella A. gandwtck,
George B. Ford. Merlon Saunders,
Mary F. Foster. Chertae B. asln,
Dexter W. Frank. Wullam M. Besalons,
Rella M. Freet, Douslas Smith.
Eleanor M. Fuller. Jennls U. Smith. ,
Joseph E. Hadlund, Joka I Sorensoa.
Cbarlea Hargen. Alice M. Spearman.
Nellie M. HarrlmaivNeva SUlnbaugh.
rimer Harris. Anna K. Sweeney,
Lottie M. Harrla Eleonora Thompeon,
We Will Mail You $1
for sack set e etc rajet Ten tent as Hlga
M ns PM tar si Gets, Sllter, sl
WstrtMS. Brekea J0lrf tn Piewlwes
riiLA tsunm htm ma run
Established St) Tears.
Chesrtaat u railaoelpaia. Pa.
If iiiii irrrV'i
912 Pf? sidentialCampaifa
Keep rp wtta the game from
day so day by reading Tbe Be.
Myrtle J. Van roes
Cor F. Watt.
Joseph Weinberg. .
Horace Walsh. -
Marian Jams.
Elisabeth Jones.
John Langstrom.
Laura T. Larson.
Edwin C. Larson.
Dtffetwne la Water lias.
Enormous dlfferenc la the but for
water used at the varkms bondings
caused Chairman Lull of buildings and
grounds committee to recommend a
change of plumbing la the Bloomer and
Puree street building, where automatic
flushing devices are used. The auarterly
bills lor the Bloomer bulldlntr totaled
(our times ss much as those for the
Washington avenue htdldlnc, although
tha latter I more thaa twice aa large,
and six tunes ss large ss the bills ren
dered tor ths Twentieth avenoa school,
which Is eoBstderaMy larger. It cast SM
for ta Bloomer building etnas January 1
and only PS for Washington evenoe. The
change will be mad daria Tmcaooa.
Tha board decided to aeeept the) propu
HtMa at the Harris Tras sad aavkacs
bank of Chicace s take JKtM rsrandtnc
years, with the hut optional after
five years. Mr. Clark at the bonding
sampany was present sad sa hoar or
more was spent la considering the vari
ous phases of ths proposition. Ths bonds
t be refunded are due an July 1 and
have aeea drawing only 4 per cent Bad
condition at the bond market, owing to
presidential election uncertainties, was
assigned as ths causa tor the higher In
terest rata.
Cadeta Helped Aloa.
The high school cadets were given 150
toward paying their expense for the an
nual sncampmeat with ths understsndloc
that they were able to rustle up the re
maining 1 required after aubmlttlng a
written statement of the items of coat
and the location ot the proposed camp.
Superintendent Beveridge reported the
following school attendance tor the last
month: .
Entire enrollment: boss. IKS; girls.
.os ,(.)
Monthly enrollment: boys, IMS;
girl. 1,717 , S,SM.
Average dally attendance 1.SU1.W
Per cent ot attendance 9tLg!
Number cases of tardiness uaoo
Number neither absent nor tardy. ..tHe.uO
Concerted Effort
to Clean Up City
to Be Made Today
Today I "clean up day" In Council
Bluff, and a concerted effort will be
mad throughout the city to clear away
ths winter's sccumulstlon of rubbish from
back lawns snd alley. Ths public schools
will he dismissed this sfternoon and all
ot the school children will Join In the
work. Tomorrow when they return to
school they will be questioned by tbe
teachers concerning what they did and
bow they did it.
Ths Boy Scouts will also Join in ths
movement, and will hereafter make it s
part of their business on their weekly
"hikes every Saturday afternoon to
carry wast paper bags and pick up
every bit of paper they see ss they psss
along the streets. When the members of
the Clvle Improvement club were told
that the Boy Scout would Join In the
work, provided they could get ths hag
equipment, aa appeal was mad for ths
donation of suitable hags. Ths Tounker
maa Bead company responded with an
offer to supply twsnty-ftvs grain sacks.
snd these wars yesterday turned over to
the workers at ths Toung Women's
Christian association, who attached ilioul.
der (trap and otherwise prepared them
for use.
Council Bluffs
lot 15 ta block as In Brown's subd.
in Council Bluffs. Is., wd
. Two transfer, total 17.11
Physicians Unable
to Benefit Wilcox
JT. F. Wilcox, who baa been critically
111 alnoe last Saturday, suffered a relap
late Monday night and for severs! hours
his life was despaired of. His condition
waa vary precarious throughout ths day
yesterday and showed little or no Im
provement last night Sevsrsl consulta
tions of physicians were held and but
little encouragement was given of Ma re
covery. The best the physician could
ssy was that there was still hope. Dur
ing tli greater part of ths day bis
strength wss sustained by artificial
Mr. Wilcox has suffered, from Poor
-alth for several months, and tea days
age waa attacked by a severs type ot
ths grip.' While It was at Its most crib.
osl stage pleurisy developed.
Steal Karat Transfers.
Real est ala transfer reported te The
Be May T by th Pottawatuml County
Abstract company of Council Bluff:
Clarence E. Dillon nd wife to Peter
Nielsen. n H n of 17-76-41,
and part nsli sets of 17-71-11. wd..HM
H. G. McGee and wits to Adah Glle,
Minor Mention
The ComaeC Bluffs Offles of
The Oavaaa Be Is a IS
Boost Street. Tslsphsas 4.
Davis, drugs.
Vktrola. tli. A. Hasps Co.
H. P or wick for wsll paper.
Woodrlng Undertaking Co., Tel. XI.
Corrlgana, undertaker. 'Phone Ma,
NEW YORK Plumbing Co. 'Phone SS.
Lewis Cutler, funeral director. 'Phone 17.
Msgsalnes bound, storehouse A Co.
COLFAX mineral wster delivered. Tel.
. E. K. M In nick.
Bluff City laundry. Dry Cleaning and
Dye works. New 'phone No. Sll
Mutual Bklg. Loan Ass'n., 133 Peart.
Next Sunday Is Mothers' dsy. The
Fauble Art Shop for cards, folders, etc.
Investment: For sale, a fine two-story
brick on Broadway In th center of Coun
cil Bluffs, la. Address "A" Omaha Bee.
Council Bluffs, la.
Ws hsve the piano that has Just tne
tone to suit you. We will save you
money on it. Easy terms. A llosi to..
en West Broadway.
BRING In your disabled watch to our
watchmakers, they will put It in ss good
condition as new. Every piece of work
guaranteed. Prices reasonable. Letter! s.
household goods, horses, csttle and all
chattel eecuritit-s at a big discount of ths
usual rats. Office over St W. B'dway.
Miss Rodger snd Miss Eddy, two Bos
ton young women who are en route to
the Pacitio coast, arrived tn Council
Bluffs last eveulng and have consented
to give a number of character sseK-hes
t the First Congregational church this
evening. The young women r graduates
ot th Greeley bchool of Elocution snd
iramatio Art In Boaton snd have fitted
themselves for th professional ataxe.
They will give a series ot skit with
makeups, which are (aid to be exceed
ingly Interesting as well as strikingly
original under ths general title of the
alasouers. ' The women or th churcn
were very busy yesterday afternoon pre
paring for the event.
Kind words that are being said about
Rev, Dr. O. O, Smith, former pastor of
the First Congrexatlonal church. In hi
new field at Fort Pierre, S. L).. are regu-
isriy sent to council Hlurr by lr.
Smith's new friend The Port Pierre
Journal of Monday, speaking of Dr.
Smith's successful efforts to establish a
regular "Fathers' da' service in the
churches throughout Sooth Dskots, says
ot th service cendunied by the former
council mulls psstor: "The Father
day service on Sunday evening were in
every way a splendid success at the Con
gregational church. A large audience
was in attendance sna msny were tne
words of sppredstion for ths services.
Miss Ids Anding sang a solo in keeping
with ths day and the message by Dr.
Smith was one that will long be remem
bered by those who beard it. The pastor
Wore on the lapel or ma ooat a red car-
natlona, saying this seemed Is him to be
the most ennroDriate flower, ss the white
carnation had been chosen for the mother.
and ne susKtstea mat inose wnoe tam
er and mother were still living oould
wear pina carnation, in doctor ex
pressed the hone that the first Sunday
In May might be universally adopted a
Fathers' day. a the second Sunday had
been adopted for the mothers, thus Unk
ing the memory of father nd mother as
their live no been. Tne wnole ser
vice waa beautiful, touching and Inspir
ing and th auditors srs looking forward
to ths moiners service , nest nunaay
evening." I
Call Ml and hv a Vaceum Cleaner
sent te your home; ! a day will do an
your house cleaning. Complete equipment
of tool for different uses. Peterson a
Schosnlnt Co. .
Ws have ths exclusive ssls for th
Brown Daisy Absorbing Mops and Floor
Brushes. They pick up the dust and carry
It away. Prices tl.o snd 11.50. P. C.
DsVol Hdw. Co., Mi Broadway.
Key to ths Situation Oee Advertising.
Permits to smoke, ( cents. All dealer
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
b tea ksst of all medicines for the ear of disease,
eworders and weaknesses pooolisr to women. It is the
only preparstioa of its kind devised by refalariv (radu
ata parsiotaa aa sxaarssnosd sad skilled apeoislist ia
the dinsm of worn.
a ears sssdioia as amy ssadirloa the systesm.
THE Orsst REMEDY vaioh nalsiai aloenol
aad a aajarioas SMt-forwusg ants aasl wUefc
THE om REMEDY so food that ft auk era
praxt its vry lolredisot osj
aetti -wrapper aad attest ta ths
i of ma esase aader eats.
it is soM fey laioine dealer steivaWeie, snd eery dealer whe kssa't it saa
let it. Doa't tax esbstitw! of nn knows sompoaitioa for this ssedioiae o
tnowsi eosssrnoi. Ne eomatarteit is as food sa the gsewiae aad the dragisl
vrne ssy to irtilaf else is "jost ss good at Dr. Pierce's" is either mistakes
ryBenaivyvaloTaisem far naa is aot to b
d. He is triiing with roar most priesiess essaaiiu I seat goal tar
' III MaaH. 5sr aVat ysa fat Bras' see aaf r.
Fast daily train service from Omaha and
Council Bluffs to Chicago, via the
Chicago fi North-Vestcrn Ry.
connectintr at tht latter nnint xtriih all
111! O. w" - "
l"l lines for all twints East.
Tht "Best of EVervthinsr. .
Pullman drawW-room lleeoino- cars, comna
L ,1 .- . . . ... r - j
, opservaiion, Dunet ana library can cookloven
UDrary tree reclining: chair cars, sUodard
.coaches and superb dining cart service a
"Carte. TUMI aW (tJI l.!nm.Ha innlinil
CfTY Tsovtir osnccs.
leejlasw laos Fsraaa
sad SIg I a,
May Sale of Waists
Begins Next SATURDAY. May 11th
This is the annual event th&t tbous&nda of Omaha, women await
each year. For months our buyers have visited the factories, securing; ,
special purchase at a fraction of their actual value. Waists of such ex
cellent qualities in such clever new styles and exquisite patterns and
colors were never offered before at a special sale.
The Bargains Will Be Remarkable. See the Windows
Commisiionen-Elect to Try to Con
form to the Law.
itaror ta Have t'har at raklle
A flairs Olker Departasrata ta
Be Allottra at th Mretla
Nest Meaaar.
James C, Dahlman. Charles H. With
sell, Thorns McOovern. A. C. KugL
John J. Ryder. Dan B. Butler anO Jo
B. Huromsl. th eommlssloners-elect ot
the city, will meet Monday to arganlaa.
Electloa of s mayor ana ot lirad ot de
partments may be held then by the new
directory of seven.
City government will be divided Into
seven departmenta as follows:
Publlo affaire (mayor).
Aooounts and finance
Polios, sanitation and publlo safety.
Street clawing and malntenano.
Publlo Improvements.
Parka and publlo property.
One councilman will have charge of
each department and will have power te
discharge any or all smployes under him.
Hs will be held absolutely responsible
for th conduct of his department and
acta of his subordinates.
It Is probsbls ths seven commissioners
will assume office within ths next two
weeks Th law apparently la not very
clear tn designating at what data sffloe
Should be sssumed. City Attorney John
A. Rlne has been requested to Inform th
commissioners at what tlms thsy ought
to go Into office.
Present city councilman say they ar
willing to atap eut any time. "They eaa't
get In to early tor ua We're ready to
tura It over,' ssld President Louis Berks.
Change tn th official force of several
departmenta aad a raedjuetment may a
made, but none of the newly-elected com
missioner hsve voiced their wishes and
nothing definite will be dons until Mon
day, when the first areetlnf of the di
rectory will be bald.
Prisoners Complain
of Meals Served
Complaint of Thirty prison ar In th
county Jail that thsy are being Improperly
fed by Ed Oardlpe and lra Flanagan,
prisoner feeding contractors, has been
placed I th hands of County Commis
sioner Frank C Beat and Petar S. Kl
ssaacr by Chalrmaa Jobs C. Lynch ot
tha Board ef County Commlssleaers. Ths
committee will Investigate aad report st
a meeting Friday afternoon, at which
time a full hearing probably will be bad.
The prisoners go ints detail ia their
charges .that the food la not good, but
their statement are leaked vpen with
Starrier Meeaess.
Name and Residence. Age.
Han at. Nielsen. Bouth Omaha M
Oerda atortanaen, Houth Omaha S
Joseph Halbgebsuer. Fort Crook. Neb. a
Frances St. Kllswortb. Ft. Crook. Nab. It
Chsrles W. ftmlth, DMney, la
Fiorsocs E. Hanger, MarshaJltswa, la..
Joseph R. Bensk. Omaha B
Mary start, Valparaiso, Men w
III Russell, South Omaha IT
Mllka Babih. South Omaha M
Peter Palkovse, Omaha. , II
Katie Buba. Omaha.. II
Births aad Death.
Blrtha Rosea no Ethel Homn. M
Houth Twenty-tlith street, girl; William
and Blanch Klokly. KM Poppltn ave
nue, boy; Hammond and Helen Osnts,
IMS Hickory, girl; K. C. and Anal Day,
If an old tor xtttxl glmDl beoanss th Aeh waa diseased at that
Partloular spot. It would be aa sasy matter to apply soms remedy directly
to th plso that would kill th gsrma: or th dlssassd flash mioht ha
removed by s. gurgioal opera tl on and a our offectsd. But th Try faot
tnat oid tore resist svery form of local or ztarnal troatmant, and svsn
return after being out a war, shows that back: of them 1 a mnrhld nan as
which must be removed before a curs oaa result. Just as ion aa th
pollution continue in th blood, the ulcer remain an open oasspool for th
deposit of impurities which th ctroulstlon throw off. 8.8. . sure Old Dor
by purifying th blood. It remove every trace of Impurity and taint from
th circulation, and thus eompletaly doe away with th oauss. Whan
B. 8.8. hs cleansed th blood, th or begin to heal, and it it not a
surf so cure, but th healing process begin at th bottom; won th dls
charg oessss, th inflammation lsavss, and th plaoe fill tn with Arm,
healthy flesh. Under th purifying and tonio ffot ot 8. 8. 8. th system
la buUt up, and thoss who health ha been Impaired by th drain and
srorry of an old sors will be doubly benefited by its us. Book oa Sots
hod Uioers and any medical advio tre to alt who writ.
Wiry Waato Time With In.
possible Methods? Breathe
H yomei and Catarrh and All
Its Dismasting Symptoms
Will Vanish.
There is only ana way te cur catarrh,
Reach the raw. tender, taflsmed mem.
bran that Is Infested with catarrh
germs, and dsstory the gsrma.
Ton can't reach ths nooks and crevice
with liquid preparation snd water won t
go down ths windpipe you know that.
Thsr I only one way breaths ths ana.
sspllo farm killing air of HTOMEJ
(pronounce It Hlgh-o-ms) directly over
the Infested parts. ,
H TOM EI contains no opium, cocaine
or ether harmful drugs: It ta made ef
Australian aueslrptus, thymol and other
Uatarlne antiseptic, it will end th
ml aery ot catarrh, croup, coughs, colds
snd oatarrhal deafness. If used as dts
rested. a
A complete HTOMEI eutflt. which ia
eludes hard rubber pocket Inhaler, a bot
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per use. coats Extra bottles U
srtsrwards rsqulrsd., cents, at druggists
Do You Want to Learn
Anything About
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she pulls out.
Victor White,
Chas. C. Rosewater,
J. A. C. Kennedy,
R B. Wallace.
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deaths-John Thomsen, a years. Thirty-seventh
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I years, !, south Ninth street; Charles
N. Johnson, h) years, M1 Pleroe; K. M,
lisnton, 1 years, MM South Thirty-Soeouei
Aa Aat Callletaa
meana many bad bruises, which Buck
lea's Arnica 31 v heals quickw. aa It
doss sores, cuts, burns and Bliss, tk.
Por sal by Beaton Xru Co.
A Simple, Harmless Remedy
Quickly Believes Ca
tarrhal Deafness. '
The thousands who suffer the mtsarts
of catarrh, and claim thsy bars nsvsf
found a euro, can get Instant relief by
shnply aaelatlag the nostrils with Ely
Cream Balm. -
Unlike internal medicine which upset
th stomach, or at rang snuffs which
eoiy aggravata the trouble, thle cleans
ing, healing, antiseptic halm Instantly
reaches the seat of th trouble, atop th
nasty discharge, clears the aoee, bead
snd throat, aad brings back tha sense et
taste. It strengthen the weakened, dis
eased tissues, thus protsotinc you against
a return ot th trouble.
Nasal catarrh Is an inflammation ot
tha mesh bran lining the air passages,
and cannot k reached with mixtures
tsks. Into th stomach or with snuff
aat powders which only causs additional
Irritation. Don't waste time en them.
Oct a fifty cent bottle ot Elys Craani
Balm from your druggist and after using
It for a day you will wish yea had triad
It soeasr. 8 pedal scant, Sherman s Me
Conaall Drue Co.
Omaha to Kansas City
Morning and Evening Trains
. t Broiler Buffet Oar on Day Train
Drawing Bxm Pullman Sleeping Cars on Night Train.
tejltj The F. Godfrey, Passenger & Ticket Agl
1411 Farnam Street or TJaio Statioa.
Who doss not know the value et Bag
aad sulphur (or keeping th heir dark,
soft aad glossy snd In toad ooadltlonT
As a matter of fact Sulphur la a natural
element of hair, aad a deficiency of It la
the hair I held by many scalp specialist
ta be connected with loss of color and
vitality - of the hair. Vnquastlonably
n h sa better remedy lor hair sad
scalp troubles, especially prematar gray
ness. thsa Ssgs snd Sulphur, If properly
The Wyeth Chemical Company af Nssr
Tork put eut sa Meal preparation ef un
kind, called Wyatas 8s ge and Sulphur
Hair Remedy, In which Sacs snd Sulphur
are combined with ether valuable re ro
se lea for keeping the hair aad scajp ta
clean, healthy condition.
It year hair la looetng it color or con
st tly oominc owl, or If yea sr troubled
with dandruff r dry. Itchy scalp, gat a
fifty cant bottle et Wrath's Sag and 8a
shar from yow druggist, use It according
to the simple directions, and see what
a difference a fW days' treat meet will
make hi the appearance of your hair.
All drug gut ceil it, aader goarutee
that the saoasy win be refunded It the
remedy ss act exactly aa isiwaaeulail.
Agaat, Sherman a McConaeli Drag Ca.
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