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I the Omaha daily bee
t amASu-t-itce-t-e AV vn i tin Ui at wa? ATKJk.
J Deny Bee (withes Sunder), eat rear.
3 Dally Hee sad etsadar. eat yeer...evei
t ixrvsjiEi ar c naira.
i eene iwtui saaeuyv sermawiit
1 Du Baa (Usdudiag Sunday).
Address ail complaints er tmcuiarlU
WMi? ts City Circulation Dept.
5 RKjiVrrANCEa.
X Remit by draft, esprees or eoetal erees.
l uaiy j-oam sumps rw"
t ef
Omaha Tin Bee Building. '
oi ik Omaha-sTll N W.
Council mutt S soott St.
, Unous-St Little Bullous-
Ouoaso lie! alaiuueue BuUelaB. :
If nss s Cuy Jteiiaeee Building. .
New York-) West TlUrty-Uurd.
Weaningtea IK nmi QUI - . w.
CommuUcauous relating te news sad
sdltonal matter etwal be addressed
Omaha Bee. fcdttorial Department.
Stste of Nebraska, County at Deogles,
Dwigbt Wullsms, eu-ouiatloa lasiiasir
at TM i3e fubileUng eoauaar. being
duly ewcra. says tUt Ua svsrsgs sally
cireuistion, tor the meal ( April, ml,
CiMulattoa afeoaser.
Bubecr.bed la mf preeeofe end swore
la batons at uus ma r
flow for lst-up en 1st voting
till aext November.
Ralph's abdications Boat b Ilk
til Ira-term renaadatlona.
Oaaha la (olnf ttralght ahaaj en
(b pata of procraw )aat tba aaca,
Docla Ban aad tka railroad ma
agara differ aoaawbat aa to wheat
The people of erar city, Bfuallr
(t the kind of gorerasaeat the sa
Jorttjr tuti.
"The gaax wardi did IL" the Ta
isl Piaklet scretBt. There were
l(bt (anf wards, then. S- i
It stems seBietlmes pretty bare to
' dlstlagalsh Wtweea the "lower
f, ward and the "aiper wards. ' .
' Chauheer Depew airs he eipeeta te
f. Jle to be its,. He will be jost a
kid beside WB Tlni-fam at 100.
If we do sot hurry with the Money
- trast tafsetlfstloa the old raaoal ajay
alls the cols Is to the ether pocket.
fublldty for all pibUe hatlBen
weald be a food watchword for our
new eonmissloa plaa of girrernmeot
It is to be hoped there Is ae a
pleasant alf alfieanoe la the eltcUoa
of a Judge Lynch la a certain teats
era state.
Woodrow Wilton's south. era bUt
itr did aot get hits maeh la Georgia
against Underwood, who tires down
south, tea. t
A Boetoa doctor says soap should
be alt rears old before It la used.
Some folks eteat to have Uken nim
at his word. , ., .: ,
Aayoae can tell Anterieans are a
powerfully rich people from the fact
that tksr eat Itt.tso.Mt'peakdr 0f
kattar a yur. : ;v- . i . ,
r. .Booms aad rumors ot booms for
Brm at this stage ot the storm but
! be regarded as straws IndlcaUag the
'drift of tie wind.
Ooreraor Wilson aw be a alee
Ban, all tight, bat Champ Clark ap
v. pears to be a keep smarter at playtag
the gaave of polluoa.
, loadoa. sirs tts lnTeatigatloa of
the Titanic tragedy la to be a
f "stately aad well ordered renew."
. Jost so it gets the facta.
Mr. Brm says Colonel Gaffey
nst go. Mr. Bryan eaaaot get a
siear rlrw of the . colonel are
through these stained glass window.
i BOll the wonderful achteremeat of
the Water board in "drcamTeatiag
and fiabbergaatlng fU eaemiet'
prerej rather eottly to the taxpayers.
Which reminds as of Bryan's story
about the recti man repeatedly
ejected from the dance hall aad at
last exclaiming, "Well. I guess they
doat want me la there!"
: Dear Mr. Editor: J wrote that
letter prematurely. I entertained the
f mistaken Idea (hit I then had a
dock. I aa now a sadder bat a
- wiser maaL 8onr Grape Caadldate.
I 'The Breauoai semietaas ettuketed the
SaCest ot It attaetaf aalao ta eawklUaS
, an asBataunek manesaeieat ettte
jalan Wotla-HiaJd. . -
If this Is net addiag lnsalt to U-
. Jury, what is Itt '
Unionist members of th British
Parliasseat charge Aahaaaador Bryce
wttfc treasonable conduct because af
hi attitude toward Jtasricaa-Casa-dias)
reeipraeny. - By eattiag aft the
"" their cfcAi-gs Wosid be reasoa-
Ketsrod HftMlt pen MW at seams
tiaes war. i
Irtaiimn laaTtau) ta etr
WamaaaawUr shea Bare Tha
avaa tattled ts Ifceaa. Alsstta
wrtll be ehaaced aa erase) ae rt
Tie (Sty Eeetitm,
Omaha's first eiectloa ander the
new coanialstJrm ptea of city gofera-
nsmt has teemlted ta a etodsiTe ric
tory for Mayor Dshhrnsa aad an the
caadldataa saaoriated with kin In
the fight- ,
The mayor interpreta the. result
ss aa endorsement of bis adminis
tration. la a measure It ts this, but
from another riewpoint It is more a
rote of censure oa the campaign
methods of the sutocrstie and aelf-
eonstltuted slste-msksrs who had as
sumed sole charge of the opposition
to the mayor' administration. The
defeated candidates iacluds some
men of standing and ability, who de
served a better fate, and who mutt
mark themselves down as victims of
political shortsightedness sad mis
But postscripts are not particu
larly satisfying. Looking ahead.
Omaha la about to enter apoa a new
period of its municipal career. Our
new frame of city government vests
the elective officials with vastly en
larged powers and tremendous re
sponsibilities, which it remslns for
them to meet Intelligently, courtft
ously and creditably. It will be
found that the reorganisation of the
departments la a colossal task call
ing for broad vision and scrupulous
ears, and is not to be done in a day
or week.
With proper support from oucltl-
ssns the new administration can
make a record of efficiency, economy
snd achievement, and be a real pro
pelling force for a bigger, better and
up-to-date Omaha. '
Soma IaooniiiUnt British Views.
London is perturbed by the fact
that Americans spend annually In
Europe ,00.09, and but a
tmall portion of It In England. Tns
British sens of nod est propristy is
shocked by .our Yankee prodlgsltty,
bat It might not be if the offense
were committed on British soil, Is
British shops and art store; hostsl
rise aad resorts. The fact that the
balk of this lavish outlay goes to
th gar centers of Frsnc and other
continental countries i th distract
ing thought. Borne of th London
atwspspers voice the proposal of In
viting greater American patronage.
Tet observe the New York Her
Insularly satugb. lbs very newspaper!
wblea. are the leudeet la eemandlc that
American vleHors shall leave the largest
part of" that es,oMat hare are the
moatSlolent la attacking PrasKlent Teft
for attempting to make Canada s
adjuaot of the United Mates
and wars the Orst te seead a war note
whea the seaate eaeanHttee betas It to
ulr late the less et the THaate aad the
cause of the east et hundreds ef A marl,
eaaa, They are filled with herrer at the
teetlmony that the false news at tht
slant steasMhtat safety, whlcb bad beea
charred - la Amerteeaa Seeking ret new
aoee, originally tame from London,
Ob. well, American rather regard
the critical advlee ot Brltoa aa th
ehldlags of an Impatient old sunt
who ffrgete that the romping boy
shs asU to hold by her apron strings
1 full-grows Baa. In his own
right, inncb larger and stronger, la
facV thin hi astdea aunty and
quite as sble to make a wise decision
now sad-then. Perhaps our Ameri
can pleasure-seekers and art Miles
tor would find more to attract them
la England if th atmosphere were
more congenial, and it there were
mora (mile and fewer frowns for
our Innste American faults and our
blunderbuss wsy ot having A good
time when that I what w bars
tons after, somswhst indifferent to
AdraaUge in Home Owning.
Omaka'a number of konv owners
1 steadily Increasing aad that I
one of tka factor contributing do
eenstaatly to Omaka'a slab! ad
venceraeat. Th ranter need not be
disparaged aa aa Individual or eltl
ssa to say that owning hemes tends
to solidify aad strengthen community
life by deepening local Interest and
broadening personal personal activ
ity in th affairs ot th city.
All this makes, or, under ordinary
condition, tends to maks tor a bet
tor civl spirit In. th larasdiat
neighborhood of bom owner usually
Is found ths avldencee of this in wtll
kept houses and lota, a sort of
friendly rivalry animating the real
dents. Indeed,' ta soma of the
aewer divisions aad sections of the
city, outlying, there I a distinctive
spirit of this character which is
working remarkable results fop ths
satire vicinity aad therefore tor the
eatire city. Each home owner la
trying to see Just bow.aeat aad at
tract! t he eaa make his pise aad
the natural result is a fsw block of
property faultless In cleanliness and
sanitation, consequently of solid and
enhancing value.
What cam be doa fa on part of
th city caa be dene la another aad.
ft la gratifying to observe, la, to a
degree, being doa la moat parts of
Omaha. The city is rapidly beosm
ing attractive for tts homes, both
large and email, and that la a repu
tation sble to stand against a good
deal of dieperagsmetit, which fall to
ths lot of the nveraaw Bwaietpality.
Never more than this spring- was this
spirit af personal some tetenat mors
awnifast ta Omaha. -'
Tka inotMtar ta a amlaiatsrB garb
ta Boatna who Bartered a young
wntnaa ts new said to hare betongad
ts anoties- asst thaa ta owe for
Nebraska pradaoa i.M.t0
pooads of batter a year and sella it
for $i:,000.000, or an areraga of
14 cents per pound, which is lust 1
sent below the average, price of
1,1 It.eOO.OOO poaads of butler pro
duced la the United States in one
year. These are government figures
bssed on the wholesale market snd,
assuming, ss the statistician does,
that the cost of retail distribution
smountg to ti per cent of wholesale
prices, he finds that we pay In this
country about $500,000,000 a year
for onr butter, a little more thaa 30
cent a pound, which amounts to
substantially IS per capita. - Each
Individual, then, consumes IS worth
of butter annually, so It may still be
saf to say that bread is the tuff
of life, but the term Implies butter,
for the most of us do not eat our
bread dry.
Kebrasks, which now rsnks
eleventh among the states In point of
butter production. Including the
farm and factories, will some dsy
very soon be found much higher
up In th scale, for we are rapidly
Increasing our dairying Interests.
Fsrmers bsve but a comparatively
few years been nttracted to this
great pursuit, - but having found
It so very lucrative, they are steadily
Increasing their Investment. In the
cities the butter makers are equally
enlarging their outputs. In Omaha,
ons of the leading butter markets of
the world already, we are turning
out in the neighborhood of $5,000,-
000 of manufactured butter from
our factories every yesr. one
sesreely realises th almost limit
less extant of ths butter business,
nd yt It I not strsngs since w
remember that butter-eating Is a
natural bablt and not on that has
to be cultlvatsd by artificial appeals
to th appstlt or the pocketsook.
Our ti'sr't democratic contem
porary is a no better guesser than
w are. It picked for its endorse
ment for commissioner three repub
licans, ail loeers, and left -off its
slata ths one democrat conceded by
all to) be a sure winner.
Borne New Yorker pretends to
hv discovered that In the course ot
two years an omnivorous rat walked
5,477 miles, whlls a vegetarian rst
made only 1,447 miles This Is an ar
gument for eating meat. But who
wants to be a' rst?
-Jl '
It ts possible that at publlo aale a few
thouatnds mora might have been realised
for tht (water) bonds. World-Hsrald.
No, not "possible," but a dead cer
tainty.' And not "few thoussnda,"
but tens of thoussnda, and more
probably' a' hundred thousand. ,
Th first day of Msy got by with
out a seeming thought that it was
ths fourteenth anniversary of
Dewey's victory In Manila bay. Wall,
w have Mlenratsd that event pretty
well oa former occasions.
New Let the Warld Wig tn.
C Paul Pioneer Press.
A California astronomer says sun
spots "era due aim ply to planetary In-
fluanea at ths time ef heliocentric eon
Junetlent, eppeeltloae and eves euadra-
turee." Oertatily. Did he think say ef
as Is so realist) as te I matins that any
thing els causae themf
., reeve aad ArbHratlea. .
- Philadelphia Record.
The agreement between the eastera
railways and their engineers te submit
their differences te srbltrstlea and te
atree to the finding ef the arbitrators
la aa amicable ending ef a eontrmarsr
which threatened a Breve Staruptloa of
business. Both parties are te be eoo-
etable Kseestlsa te tka stale.
Boetoa Transcript,
fa pleasing contrast te tba turbulence
that has characterised a a umber of state
conventions recently, ws sots the 4a-
ooroue way la which the prohibition party
of Maine nominated Its candidate tor gov
ernor. Only one prohibitionist really
wanted tha honor, and the ether pro
hibition tst has already agreed te vote
for him.
Peaalas naww a "Was Ralee."
New York World.
It Is "practically assured" that the
miners wtl get a substantia! advaaot
ever the anthracite scale of IKO. and It
bj probable that tha engineer will also
gala a "substantial advance," if not all
tney demand. It It likewise practically
assured who will pay for ths advance la
each eaee. settling a strike has become
s simple process where It results la
merely passing oa the Increase te the
Trieste Bteal Chivalry.
Baltimore American.
At a Una whea there hi inclined to be
nee sitter controversy between ths
sexes la coaeequenee of th so-called
tesslniat movement, the proposal from
prominent women for the women of the
country te state In a memorial to be
erected Is the capital dty ot the nation
te the heroic men of the Titanic who
died to save ths women, comas with
peculiarly appropriate and graceful
eharm. It Is womanly la Its Inception
snd bamsn Is Its sympathy snd v grati
tude for tht real chivalry which dwells
ta sweatee asanbeod.
t Trwat Piooeearl.
St. leeSt Globe-Democrat.
Mere saeeeetfal suits have beea brought
sgatest tha eon bines ta th last three
years ef tha Tsft administration than
la ear previous Ova years at nee the
Sherman law was enaetrd rn MS Mr.
Tart htmaatf is a good lawyer,
hat sablaot he has a carps at ss capable
ssea hi ths legal tWd aa
gathered teerether m a preatdeat'e eeemott.
very Bus en tha etatats book srlll
ensue uei by tha pi net admtmlstraj
the coasts. Mr. Terra reused as
Moy h0n!aJ
from KiruM
MAY 9.
Thirty Tea
The merer snd etty Bsrtl e laat get
tngwthar with eeaflrvaetwB of Jobs) D.
Howe for etty attorney, and these sight
poHeamee: U. Jaoobeon. E. Gorman. John
O'Donohoe, Owen Buckley. Frank Kee
per. James Cr Boyle, Alexander Black.
On Thursday, the eighteenth, John
Hitchcock snd Frank Schneider, both
members of the Bicycle dub. start oa aa
exteoalre eastera tour en their two wheal
steed. They will so to Chicago first,
and after a rest of four or Ave dsys
they will strike to Csnsds sad push
through the Dominies and then strike
for New York. Ths young men expect
te ha absent about two months.
Next Sunday a party of yeuna- mas
lesvs hers os bicycles for Lincoln. They
are: Bert Hitchcock. John Hltchoock.
Emmet Solomon and Emroett Snyder.
They will start at daylight and expect
to reach the cacltol at I o'clock la the
afternoon, returning ths next day.
About SW men from the Union Pacific
shops assembled St I o'clock st th cor
ner ot Fifteenth snd Dodge and marched
to ths residence of S. H. H. Clark to
tender him s welcome from the Pacific
coaat. For the visitors Mr. David Kaoa
delivered a greeting, to woick Mr. Clark
ree ponded.
The cloelng concert ot the Phlloma-
theana took place at Max Meyer'a hall,
tha participants being. Miss Claire Rue
tin. George F. Bauer. Julius Meyer,
George Mayer and A. Zotsmaan.
Newly elected officers of ths Union
Catholic Library association era: Presi
dent. Joha A. Crelghton; vice presidents,
C. E. Oallagher, E. A. O'Brien; treas
urer. John English; secretary. John Rush)
librarian. Mist Steels Crowley.
General Thsyer has the premiss et
President Arthur to attend ths Oread
Army of the Republic reunion at Oread
Island In August.
J. W. ptarmon as squatter governor.
comes out with a proclamation eonven
Ing the third bouse st ths sams time as
the legislature.
Mrs. a U Miller Is offering a liberal
seward te ssy see returning a tost caa
ary bird, dark green In color with sraen-
leh yellow breast, to her at 411 North
Nineteenth street.
Twenty Years Ago
Chaplain C. C. McCsbs lectured oa
The Bright Side of Life ht Llbby
Prison" at the First Methodist Episcopal
ehurch In the evening.
Margaret, the t-yeer-old daughter of
Mr. snd Mrs. William Msngan, died after
SB Illness of several months.
E. R. Overall, tree! dent of ths Afro-
American league, announced s special
meeting at Hartman hall, let South Four
teenth street, to hear ths Rev, Dr. Ham
mond, ths Rev. Dr. Knox and ths Rev.
Dr. Orandlson, colored delegates te the
general conferenc of the Methodists in
session here. i.
Ths May term of district court opened
with eeses on tht general docket
So much wss te be disposed of during
the term that a bar committee was ap
pointed for the term composed ef these
lawysrt: A. 8. Churchill, Georg Wasn
Ingtoa Shields, W1B A. Coreon, a J.
Smyth snd W. W. ajebeugh.
Judss Dundy besaa she Msy term sf
the federal court with a large number of
attorneys present.
Mayor Bern Is sppreved the order for the
Omaha Thomson-Houston Eieotrie Light
osmpeny to piece three srt lights oa ths
Tenth street viaduct
A. special nesting ef ths eltr eouuncll
failed to come to an agreement oa the
ordinances for the proposed Nebraska
Central railroad. A protect to action
signed ay tbe following, served te dewy
irooeedlngt a whlls longer: A. R. Hoel,
Oeerge E. Rtrstman. T. R. Blllngwood.
George Hobble, Frank Murphy, Fred
nokens. Jo Hatfield, Peder Pederaoa, A.
Btmpooa, T. C. Brenner. Joe Redman.
Joha C. Pederson, Chris Lund, F. P.
Fondle, C. J. Hustle, A. Brown, U. New.
man, Nats Elliot -
Tea. Years Ago- '.
Ne new gas light was throws oa tha
valuation of ths Omaha Gas oempanv's
property by ths testimony et President
Frank Murphy, snd Oeorga X. Berks,
stockholder; before the Board ef KquaU-
satlon. Mr. Murphy said the company,
franc hi se and all was worth gl.loo.Si sad
Mr. Barker aaatu-med this, sarins' the
tangible property wss wortk &Mi and
the traachlss,
Nelson C Pratt aad E. J. Cocntsk,
republican candidates , for
as a! net Dave Mereer, spoke te tha First
Ward Republican dub. F. W. Koetter,
la tbe absence of Frank Bsadhawsr. pre
Joe Kelly got back tram a fishing trip
at Inmaa, neb.
nr. T. Sullivan, postofflce Inspector In
charge at Denver, stopped ta Omaha ea
ruote te St PauL
The Omasa Guards rave a May party
at their armory to about seventy-five
The seniors presented tha high school
with the status of "Winged Liberty.
Watson BrrSth, class president, mac
tha pretsntaUoa and Mary BedwalL vtet
president, unveiled IL Mr. Johneoa ef
the Board ef Education euted the eawr-
People Talked About
Baltimore veterinarians srs el seed as
oompeteoi men. capable of giving right
treatment to democratic dark huitts.
BUI FUns of Pittsburgh, the new leader
of Pennsylvania nimMlcaas, la said to
be wortk,0f. where eld be get
ft? Ask Pittsburgh.
Kentucky reports a surplus of SMMM
aaOtone of whisk Deeptta the lure of
Bias Oraes Sew. one noted Keatnckhvi
ehallengee moHyooddle sports by arfermg
te bet "a bottle ef ssnparllhv ea a so
il ticau proposlOoa. Could yoa best T
All eats srs off oa Mesehusotts. sod
the money returned. Bach ht the oonohe
ttoa ot the sports of Boetoa. Slskehsld-
are concluded that the detesaoea being
evenly divided bet vera Teft sad Roose
velt tha preference vote for Tail tns aot
a deciding factor. . .
William Vlaceat Aster, whose nuher.
Colonel Joha Jscoe Aster, was ksat ea
the Tlttalo, will mbertt tbe balk ef as
estate valued at not awe thaa grmsUMSs,
and win be the rl rarest reuse- xeaa ht
this uwialiy aad eats ef tbe rl raits la
use wertd. For tts ssoathe a was
under guswoaaewla entfl be kwessBes
aa. eat Msissrtar B aWX Be at sett
f i in i at Hmeard ami mm Ss
Long Step for Labor
- ris's'satl 'lAsubnttr law Hear '
Sees VJmMa atataa Siaata
Wash rn glow Letter la Boetoa Transcript
la sddlttoa te the prorlotoas of the sa-
yleyere and worklns men's cetnpentatlen
bin, ss heretofore summarised la this
column, tba measure pnrrldea that ta de
fault of agreement, or settlement by tbe
arbitration committee, either party may
Institute proceed lass before ths adjuster
for ths settlement of the claim by Pe
tition, setting forth In ordinary language
tht facta to which petition th defendant
may answer. Including la such answer all
questions of law and fact. Aa soon as
practice bit after tha answer he beta re
ceived the adjuster Is to proceed te bear
sad decide the esse. This actios mutt be
Inetttuted within six months an! est the
failure la chargeable to the ess plover, or
te srrenrnttaacee beyond ths control ot
the employe, hot no proceeding ess be
Instituted sfter tha lapse ef a yesr, sx
eept In certain specified tests. Tht ad
juster Is te make findings In writing and
re a espy upon each ef the parties.
snd return the original, together with
the papers. Into the office et ths clerk
of the oourt The findings are te be filed
by the clerk, snd within twenty dsys
sfter their receipt by tht clerk either
psrty may tilt and ssvs exceptions,
whereupon tht eats la to be tried and
determined in the court do novo.
Provision Is made for a Jury upon de
mand, hut la tha sbstnet ef such demand
In writing five days sfter ths service of
ths exceptions a Jury Is te be deemed
waived and the cast tried by the court
Findings of ths adjuster are made prima
facia evidence of ths facts set forth
therein In any trial. It la mads the
duty of ths adjuster or of tht oourt. In
all easts, regardless of say agreement
to fix th compensation ef counsel for
ths employe, which Is set m say cast
to exceed a fair aad reasonable sum for
tht service actually rendered.
Prevision Is msde tor sppesls te tht
circuit eourt of sppesls snd te the su
preme court, as bow provided by lew In
For the purpose of fixing eompenaatlon
ths monthly wages et the employe srs
deemed te be twenty-six times bis estab
lished day's pay, but la bo ease sea then
wages be considered to be snore than KM
or sets thaa BM a month: sxoept that
where ths monthly wsges of the employe
srs less than 13 a month, payment for
ths first twenty-four months ot disability
cannot exceed the full amount ef tba
monthly wages. la esse death results
from tbe injury monthly payments are
to be made for a period ef eight years
to ths following dependents:
For a widow stone, ft per cent of the
monthly wsges. -
For a widow and ssy child under the
tgs sf sixteen, er dependent child over
ths sgs of six t sea. I per sent
It bo widow, but any child under ths
sgs of sixteen, or dependant child over
the sgs of sixteen. If one such child, 38
per cent; It more than ens, I per tent
for each additional child, not te exceed
tout of M per cent for ell.
If th number of children be subss-
ouently reduced te lets then four ths
payments are to be correspondingly di
minished. In the event ef tht widow's death or
remarrlags before the expiration of the
eight years payments srs te be continued
ts ths ehlidrsn, if any, tot th unexpired
period. i .
If ae widow er children, it per cent te
th parents, If partly dependent! if wholly
Btpendtnt, a per otnt If only oaa. and
per cent It both parents srs dependent
In cess there be sons ef th loraroras
Dependents, provbaoa Is made for pay
ments to any brother, sister, graad-
partnt er grandchild, who may be wholly
dependent upon tbe deceased, sod similar
PT menu la case af partial dependency.
la cess the deceased lesvs a widow er
child aot resident of tbe TJnltsd States
or Csnsds there Is to he paid a lump
sum equal te one year's wages et the
deceased, and ae compensation to any
other non-resident dependent
In oass Be dependents are left provision
It mads for ths payment sf burial sx
penses net te exceed tut and for a con
tribution toward tbe burial expenses ef
fit where the monthly paymeata te the
dependents are net more thaa ti per
raymeoU are to ea
r remerrtaa-a of th
apoa the death
er, ta
ht oaae of a obi Id et the a,
anises a ehUd over that sgs
Where ptnaemeat total cbsahillty re
sults, aa, for example, the loss of bath
tot ermat, etc., th Injured ess
Is te be paid M per cent sf his
monthly wage during the remainder of
hat Ufa; ta ease ef temporary total dis
ability Si per saat during th eetitUa
seos st the disability.
la ease ef permanent partial eUseMUty,
particular Injuries ere specified by the
bill that has seen offere aad at Is pro
vide that pay meat shall be seeds for
ths various periods of time xswswttoasta
to ths Injury (or exsatpie, fas the lost
ef sa arm. payeseaU are to esnrjaue tor
TI month: far the toss et s tog. meertha
for ths toss ef sa eye. M months; (or
th loss et a thumb, a moatha, and so ea.
is cats ot Injuries sot specified, where
norms sent partial suability results, ths
torapsnsatloa la to bear each reiatloa te
the periods sport firefly stated as the dis
abilities bear to these spectflcally enum
erated. Pravtatea ht msde that eeytstat
far Injury ef any
while the employe I at week
which do aot fatt below M per east ef
kkt wages at tbe time of ths Injury.
Ths proposes1 law It In font compulsory,
that la. It trill aw tote eperettoa irre
spective et th sonata et the employers
aad ttaptoyta, There are drRareacas ef
eeuuoa la sonars si ss te whether the
kvw ought te be eossswlsery and whether
ft ought te be tautest vs. Aa effort will
ss made ss te sanei
lattoa aa to atve th emptor the apnea
right The cinailstlun took strong
ground la favor of making the law ex-
Appsrentty the railroads de set mtead
to make a v trusses right ssafnet the tog
lahutoa. They are already partes" est
annually tauimsea some as a i swill ef
ssstdenta geaslsttoi gathered by tba
susttlsa rwmmiaaioa show that Swrtwg
lh xa) aad Vw) aaeriy Taa vsraers
oa the rash-tana ef tbe United
haled, ea
ths the total east psM ar
lUlttiHta ee tar set the eantasysa tew
in I wWJ he. so M at sessaaa as.
that aaar was he ajiiflry esasBtsaawaa,
nwTTO w n KBiiMHm . -
"Art those peaase as see at taw aanrm
ST tns moaataiara as may w 'en i
-i - an. m tha war thcr
tasxu ea as the society folks hers.
thav an tana rkaabera."
-Too Insist oa telilne- people yen ere
leokla' fur work," eald Meanaerms Mike.
"lea," replied Pi eddies Pete; "la the
spring I gw north and say I'm a etna.
aaola seeker, and In the fall I soath
snd tell 'em I'm a skats sharpener."
waaningtsa Star.
rn n .kn. awM.Kii mi understand In
knxinM wtiv I know one who msde a
fortune by simply turning her band over."
-ah turned it nver to a mlfoonalra.
Now she's bis wile." Chicago News.
"wrandsrrid aaa af invention!" ra
cial med the snaa whs got tut ot the
"Toe refer to the automobile 7"
No: tba taxiMtar. Whea a man
waata te produoa a seat Job of steo
dscity, ha does it by machinery." Chi
cago Post .
Stronger It thlt tht fact that munched
a thousand ships snd burned the topless
towers er I floor
Helen of Troy It lev
Strancer Then I offer you s contract
for thirty weeks In vaudeville st LdOt
srsenmas a want. iaie necoro.
'Her mused Noah, ss be looked upon
ths flood from owe ef tht windows of tht
ark. "the foika wbe Jeered st me for
building this vessel, leu shed at ma whea
I told them It wss tht original water
waeoa. but thaw would neve lares not.
ter had they appreciated ta Urns the dry
. . !
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' i
Size .
A,;'i'.,'' - j V V
I V Vs f ' ' - " &
s ' ' ' ! , Jr
" '- -"lit i, jf
You can have this Gravy
Ladle without tost '
and dozens of other
pieces to match it
all guaranteed by
Wm. Rogers & Son,
tell you how
$9 rTHE erJnr nf rnv'a hmfr
S !
I in indication of the
Vi health of the scalo. Thick
I f gtossy hair vvith its natural
color and sheen is the result
of using Q-Baa Hair Restorer.
Tbb adcdtifie raivedy to a restorer
of color and natural brilliance; to tha
bair, sod It doe it by the Ban natural
method of keeptnf tha scalp in perfect
conditicn, and bring forth thaMtarJ
brilliancy aad beauty vjrhicb ooUiiray
but jsaratrw prodacca.
adttgaai Itw. ssf sat
er Bisag Pfc sVag tV, smsaeVa, Tmm. ';
SftCLtX rvOTtCl A peetal card at eeca
imttaie satUee yea t a seewje ef aUwtvrwesd
Ucesros aa tbe "Care aad Trsaasaaaat af Hast
tad Bcalsv- Taese Itiitst are saB ef
hasi -st til is, Bs sert as get tktia.
&ieHBpbm, Tmm.
rhaei-M ree have a good tha at
ST1 . tb asked
vllilV-lr' aweasma taw e- -
imTto have some more km ereem andthe
stingy inn's- v -
IalledctpbJa Record-
JoaCane In New York Strn.
Wbetber yoe are slack or white.
Swat tbe flies; - '
Whether you srs stout er slight
8srat the fltee. - -Whether
yoa are young er old.
Whether yoa are hot or cold,
i Evan If you're thy or bold
Swat tho flies.
Swat the filet where'er you go.
Swat 'to high sad swat "am law.
Give each one a stinging blow
'Twist the eyes.
' Don't let one escape your aim.
Get right In the swatting game.
Swat oh. swat la aoaven'a name.
Swat the (Ilea.
Whether yon are short or tall.
Swat tht filet:
Whether you are big or small.
Swat the flies.
Whether you're abroad, st home.
On ths feath'ry created foam.
Anywhere you chance te roam.
Swat the flies. .
Swst the fly with ell your might '
6wat him left and swat him right
Bwat aim day and swat him Bight
Till he dies.
- Km him when he's ss the run.
Shoot him with your deadly gun,
When you've killed him, ev'ry sue.
There'll be ae files.
.. ..: i t.i-i
1 . ! i
As '
11- IT t!M
BBSi A" C It .11'
stg fleM etas it I