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I: S'"
Wheat Trade Confronted with Un
certainty of Karked Type.
ssoftis nr cosh lss. woxiuio
Deaaaad aad Yalaea Are
, Switching al hc Dtffereat
Palate I twolaa Prim at
' Oaaahe.
OMAHA, May S, Mi
The snorts In corn are now being
warned ovrr th report of poor seed
going Into the around. Cub 4mmi) and
values ara switching at lh different ship
ping points, while futures are bein(
firmly supported br bull leaden, who
bava beta the whip haad and earned big
profits on the advance.
Wheat had a sharp break at the open
ing, reallUnc (alee caught stop loss orders
and weak holders wer fora-d out. Cash
wheat was unchanged.
Corn held steady and firm In face of
the break In wheat values. The market
had food support when needed from the
leading bulls. Cask corn was unchanged
to He lower.
Primary wheat receipts were
bushels and shipments were 45.08 bush
els, against receipts last year of .
bushels and shipments of 4,,ft bushels.
Primary corn receipts were MS.Oue bush
la and shipments were SH.Sto bushels,
against receipts last year of SM.-IS busbels
and ahlpments of tttvu bushels.
Clearance wera U.M bushels of corn.
I bushels of oats and wheat and flour
eqttfcl to MMDS bushels.
Liverpool closed Mild lower on wheat
and nnchanaed to Id hither on corn.
The following cash sales were reported:
Wheet: No. I hard, 4. cars, No.
S hard, 1 car, 11.11: 1 care. tl.lOS. N
spring. I car, H.HiH. Corn: No. I white.
1 cars, 77c; (cars, 7kc. No. 1 color, 1
car, 7tte: 1 car,rto. No. 1 yellow, 1 car.
Tie. No. I yellow, I ears, "ate; 1 ears. 76c;
I car. TtHc. No. yellow, 1 cars. Tie: i
car. Tie. No. t mixed, 1 car, VCtc. No.
mixed, 1 car, Tavtc; I cars. JSc. No. 4
mixed, 1 ear, 74V; I cars. tr. No. 4
mixed, 1 ear. 71c; 1 car, 71V. No grade.
J oars, tur. 1 car. (44c; I cars, 44c. Oals:
, No. I whit, i cara, tMe, No. 4 white.
, 4 ears, MSc; 1 car, t4ac; No. 4 yellow.
1 car, MUc.
Oaaaaa ("aaa Prleea.
, WHEAT No. t hard, fl.ltl.II: Ne.
I hard.; No. 4 hard,
CURN-No. 1 while, 7,j77c; No. 4
white, ?37Sc: No. 1 color, .rtie; No.
1 yellow, ;Var77e: No. 9 yellow, TiQ
7.c; No, 4 yellow, 7H72c; No. X 7vK
7V: No- 1 corn, 7V bc; No. 4. 71
7s: no grade. 4.14M&C
OAT8-.No. I while, UitOVtV: stsndard,
!: No. J white, Sitji-lV; No. 4
white, M4ffMV: No. 1 yellow,
Mc: No. 4 yellow. tienc.
BARLEY Malting, 3rtii.ll; No. 1 feed,
Wmwk-; heavy full, lw.
RYii-No. t . No. t. roue.
Carta Receipt.
Wheat. Corn. Osts.
Chicago a HO lot
silnrieapolla 74 ' ..-
Omsha It
iHiruth , 11 j -..
reatarwa at the Trading aatf Claeias
Prtree sloard af Trade,'
CHICAGO, May -Wheet price broks
today beoauss the government crop re
port turned out lees bulllah than ax
peeled. Trio market closed nervous, 40
lo ntc under last night. All other lead.
Ing napie made a net advanea-aorn, HOVi oats. V to Vo and pro
vision, l&c.
There was active trade In wheal, wtth
flustuatlana frequent. Many weak hoM
er wera sacrificed on itep loss order.
Aside from Washington new, the fin
growing weather proved a stumbling
block to speculator who had hoped for
tin advance. In this connection, reports
a )o th crop outlook Mno tha data for
the government had been gathered, were
Iwrttcutarly optimistic la Kansas and In
dioaa. Important commission buying at wheat
n decUnaa and equally Important un
loading on rallies formed one of tha
prtaripel features at the session. July
ra lured from II. 1ft, la IM4WM44, and
finished at 11 WSH1 l:i't. a loss of 1W:
do (Spared with yesterday.
ern displayed stubborn strangtk
throughout. A severe rain storm In
Chicago helped to make tha market ad
vance. July swung from 77V to TTVje
an closed steady SUV up at TTHe.
ah grade were firm. No. I ysltow,
letter demand from tha east gava oatg
a 111 t. Hull received aid too, from the
government report. I'pper and lower
levels touched for July were Me and Mc.
with the clua al 64c, a gain of 0 over
Jast night.
. Short did most of th btivtng la the
provitioa pits. Th Incentive came
thrnugli a rise In the value of hoc.
Mill response was shown by lard, but
fork and rib became mora expensive
by c to lie (
Caeb ejuotatlon were a follows:
ArOclej Open. High. Low. I Cloee.Tes'y.
Mas-. 1 TOM'
JuiyH ll:v
. I UV!
epl 1 lMti
- ' I 1
1 iith) 111
1 lie 1 lSStl 1 KSff
l mi
vrc.d 1
1 IV
C"fn-4 ' I
a.'a I M
siay.'v ,."XfU
juiy.."e9 a
"Pt.l4W!! 4414
J-ork t i -
May.! II 48 1 1 J
July. U ti
4 1
Sept. ) W
- a ism
July. I Il7H! II 1
nept-i II iv. 11
11 tttHI U
i s
It Kw U
ii ts: u x
M 47 Hi If M C W ITHj M W
.tlr et I
eit. m n
r.'i: r 7Wi h)7l icr4
lOt'R Firm; winter patents. M.fcaf
at; winter straights, spring
bateau, MMn spring patent, beet
bard. U-M: iriu straights,;
bakers, KOMetA
BAHUif-rcBd or mixing. ftMitl-;
fair to choice tnaltlag. 11 14 I S,
eBKDS Ttawttiy, eVJseyUts; alover,
PHUVIMIONS-Mes pork. tllrtlt.
Lard (In tierces). tUU'ib- tihurt rib
luioao). !)..
'I vul tearancea of wheat and flour
wer voHal to Xel.eES) bu. Piimary receipts
wets 4.M bu.. coinnarea with ,W" bu.
t3 correeporeling day a year aito. Ktl
UMtcd receipts for tomoirow: Wheat, It
cars; corn. Id cat; emlM. Ill ears; bugs,
17.WS head.
(.'bicago Cash PrStee Wheat; So. t
i red. Ii r.t 1; No. I red, tl.Uil 17; No. 1
herd tl.Kal.ltH; No- hard. tl-B491.M
o 1 rorth( rn. $1.1!.1.34; No. t norlhern.
ti kuflJ. No. t aortbera. tl.lfI 17; No. 1
onin. II .U4i 1 It: No. surwa. II. US 1. 17;
No. I spring. l.lei.e; velvet chaff, fl l
I1 n; auruai, n ni-i. t orn: no. a, wa
u4V; N. 1 whit. Hw'lV; No. t yee
lew. tisiie: Ne. J. ;7V; No. 1
!,. TV'.inOc; No. t yellow, 7f7W,e; N
4. 'jfFv: No. 4 white, TtwfHe; Nl 4
eliow. 777c Oats: No. 1 white, t1)
b'vr: no. wnite. ,Ma'4c; .-ve. 4 walta,
l;c"V: standard. ekyieVeC,
HVK.-NO. I tf.a'iC.
nKKl-TlaMthy, KJOHUi; clover, t!4.9t
isi'TTER-ataady, creameries, ICdjae;
esuiee. l"iJ7e.
to ;i-eady; reeetpu B 408 case; at
nark, eaaes iBchKted. rTVse; ordtnaiy
f.'Xs. IV rc; first, lac
;iE!.y.-Weaa; dalsle lUrUV:
leiaa, Hittiy, yoang Amsries, jjJ
, long born. Uyle.
xovt a,Tn:x Firm ; recetnui a cara;
Wsjcoeatn. tMtut; Mwtugaa aa4 Mta
nrta, 11 Ssl.kV
h'l.VIRT-Ijt firm; turkey, jfc;
e1-eeav Me.
ViU-Sta4y. IfUa.
Llrnjeel 2rmla VasiMt.
I.irtRPOOU May l-WHEAT-Spe.
firiu; Ne. 1 red western winter, s td: No.
Mneltob. s4d. Futures, weak; May
isl"i, J oiy, October, 7sCd.
LVRNepot Anereaa avtzca, sww,
i I
l l.l IftUl 1UV
a Ss Us r
i'S S
424 44H
t a m
1 46 It 14 47V.
1 7 I 11 434,
steady, 1 5Wd; American mixed, oed,
qaiet. C H'd; new American klla dried.
vawt, asiu. f uture, nrm; jaay,
eTepteraber as J,d.
Qeelatleas r the Day ea Varlea
NEW YORK, May t-FUfR Fairly
a.-tlve: sprlrur oatentx. ts.a4.: winter
straights. ti lObA, winter patents.
t.jt: aprtng dears. Heuae.M; extra No. I
winter. H.SXUst: extra No. t winter, Krt
4.3; Kansas straights. EJ.Ka.v. Ky
flour, steady: fair to good. ia.uuu&.lo;cbotee
fancy, u Uo KL
CUKNMKAI-Steady: One. white and
yellow. il-aVBLaV coarse. Il.TjciLM: kiln
oneo. H.1&,
RTE-IJulet; No. I tUs, e, L f Buffalo.
HAKL..r 4uit: Wleltlnir. D.ZStSLL
L f Buffalo.
HtAI-spot market, easy: No. 2 red.
Oil's elevator, export basis and ti.:4 f. o.
b. afloat; No. 1 northern Duluth, tl.:7
f. a b. afloat, opening navigation. Fu
ture! market closed .)14k; net lower.
Mar. II fife: July. closed at
tl.lMfc September, fl.l!&l.M: eloaed at
f u. xucatpta, ac.M bo.; snipments,
ll bu.
OOlt.V Soot markst. firm: axport. 17c
nominal, f. o. b afloat. Future market,
nominal. Recelpu, ,lt bu.; shipmenu,
li,T3S bu.
OATB-DDot marksL firm: sUndard
while xtte In elevator; No. f and No. 1
S3! ; So. 4. tic. Puturaa market, nominal.
Receipts, M,40t bu.
HAT Firm: prim. U70: No. 1. .;
No. i, H.iO: No. t. tuttjn et.
HOPS Steady: state, common to choice.
111, Otr&to; lilt, nominal) Pacific coast.
1111. 4U44c: lilt, nominal.
H!DES-teedy: Cantral Amsrka, MHC;
Bogota, H62fee.
I-iLiTHER Firm: hemlock, firsts. M
Itc: sKOOda,; thirds, atSc; re
ject. He
PROVISIO.SS-Pork, firm: roes. Will
ea.06; family, tao.e7n.H: short clear,
lt.23t.3. Beet, firm; meea. 14.4t14.M:
family, llS.OCil.iO; beet ham. M.uu&ll.ul).
Cut meats, steady; pickled bellies, 1 to
14 pound. Cltwmoo; alcued hams.
tltttu.lo. Lard, stsady; middle western,
lu.vs; reimea steeay; oonunent. 411. ;
South America. IU.K: compound, ttvot
iauuw-nrm; prime BogsBsaas, s'tc;
special, 7e: oountry, tWOto,
uouwo: western gatharsd. wiutea. arsvv
H L TTE R Firm ; receipts, l.iw tubs;
creamery, special, tic: sxtrss, tfiro;
tirsu, uietJlc: seeond. tukiio; cut
dairy, finest, r.'ffSHxt; Slat dairy, good
to pilm, trtlSlc.
CHKEte-Recetpts, Id box; market
firm; stale, whole milk, naw, whits, spe
cial, lc; skims, 4tUHc.
EUU3- Itecstpts. ti.tag cases; mar set
steady; fresh gtihrd, xtra, Bo;
aunt, first to axlra first, storags packed,
riHflUc; same, sxtra first regular packed,
Hi(l30Hai sama, first regular packed,
POi:LTRT un, rainy activ ana rrm
on fowls; turkeys, glow; fowlt, Uc; tur-
ksys. lie Orasaed. uuKt and slightly
easier) fowls, western. WHBUVxo.
Cotj and Wkawt Meatan SnUoHa,
United Btstsa iieoartmenl at Aarlesh
rure-Weaiker bureau' re pert tot t
twenty-four hour ondlnf al I a. ts. ma
wrtdlan time, WedneeJsy, May t, itlli
'' Temp, Rsia
tutioaa HiabTLew, UU. tky.
Aihland, Neb.. 77 47 ,4u Clear
Auburn 71 4t ,tt Claar
Broken Bow,.., 74 41 ,W Clar
Columbus 74 47 ,M Clear
Culbertsoa .... 74 H . Clear
ralrbury 77 It .00 Clear
Fairmont Tt ' 4T .t Clear
Orand Island... 7t M Ot Pt. Clo'dy
Hartlngton .... TT 44 ,W Clear
Hastings ....... 71 M . Clear
Holdreg ,. 41 ...oe Clnr
Uncoln Tt 61 . Clear '
North Flatt., Tt , 41 ' .tt Clear
Oakdala Tt 44 .tt Clear '
Omaha Tt tt tt Pt. CVo'dy
Tekamah ; 71 4t .ttl Clear
Valentin at 40 . Clear
Alia, la.....,.., is 4 . i iear
Carroll ..; 45 . Clear
Clartnoa 1 4S . Clear
Hlbley k 14 tt , .tt . PI. CIO uy
Sioux City tt it tt Clear
Minimum temparatur tat isatva-aaur
period ndln at t a. m. .
N Temp. Rata
Central. Stauoaa. Hlga. Lew, fait
Columbus II 71 1 .
Leuisvltl ........ a w os .at
Indianapolis ....11 , w
Chicago -.. 14 71 4 . .
St. Loul It t 6t ' .
lie Moines...... n 71 4 ,wi
Mlnneaoolla ... 41 ts .
Kansas City...... . 71 , M ,
Omaha IT . '
Mhowers occurred in ail portion 01 !
corn and wheat .region during tna last
laenly-foor hours, except the Omaha
and Ies Molnee districts. The weather
Is warmer In the western and slightly
cooler at the eastsrn portion.
I. A. WKt,RH.
l Local rerecaater. Wsatnat kuree.
gl. Lwnla Oeneral Market, '
ST. LOUI8. May l-WHEAT-Ch.
lower; track No. t red, tl..lMi.js. Nu. s
herd, tl.lvtil 11
CORN-Hlghets track No, l tHjo; No.
J while. t.bKfc.
OATM-Klrm. track No t, 'iMc; No, j
white, tTHr.
Closing prices of futures:
WHKAT-iwer; May, KM; July, LUit
tjl.ll'.i'; Reptemuer, l V
CORN-Hlther; May, Bo; July. TtHc;
aeptember. TsSttTeHc
OATS-Hlgher: Mav. S4c; July,. M'c.
RTE Unchanged, Mc.
KIXU'R-Dull; red winter patent. KX
?5S8; extra fancy and straight. Ktvtl
: hard winter clears, felonri..
KKD-Tlmolhr. llt.tL
BR AN-Weak; sackeo, east track, tl It
HAT-rtieady; timothy, ptC31; prai
rie. Wt.tftu ...
PROVISIONS Pork, unchanged: lob
bing. l Ml. Ird. anchanged; prime
steeni. Dry salt meata. un
hanged : boxed extra shorts, 110. ; clear
rib, lie. ra; snort eiesrs, til nacon.
unchanged: boxed extra shorts. HL7t;
clear ribs. tll.Ia: short clears. tU.ts.
POILTRY Btedy; chk-kens. J!c:
springs. Kk; turkeys, 14Hc; ducks, lie;
grese. sc.
Hi 1 1 b: rt wees . crwnery, r.t3ac
KUUsV-slteady, le.
Receipts Shipments
Flour, beta. 6.W4 , t.o
Wheat, bu. ................. Knot ' tT.wt
Corn, bo, W.0W lilies)
Oata, bu. tKOW
Kansas City Wrala aad Previeteaa.
Caao: wle lower; No. I herd. tl.U)
ui; , wi us; no, 1 red, ti-utis
CORN-lo higher, , I mixed, BtuaC;
No. J. ntMlTiM; No. 1 white, lie: i 1
OATS-eteady to He higher; No. I
wuue, witf j, re. a mixeo, ssttc
Closing prices at futures:
WHKAT May, CMS; July, tl.ttVO
.w-e. . ai.wswi.srm.
CORN-Msy. ItSc; July, TTttTHe;
September, 71V: December. Hue.
OATS-Julr. Utalte; Sept ember. tlSo.
HAV Week: ehoac timothy. U.tta
J7l; rhoee pralrte,
rUrTTEH-Creeojenr, So; rirsta. Be"
seconda aw: packing stock, Ac.
BUGS Extras, IP:; firsts, Iitfcc; aec
oxes aaieu,
ftecelpta Sh ipmat 1 1 e
wveat txj. K ara . avam
t rn, bu. M eat 64.
Jats, bu. I,M 4,09
ttlaaewwatts Oewlxt MartreS.
", . i ; aeptemkar.
1.7: cash. No I hard, n..,; Ne I
nortbern. H IT; No. 1 northers, jut; Na,
e nw, ei.w.
P,KUET-:vcTt7 tt
CORN No. t yellow, TtSttTte.
OAT! No, t wt. itffMSe.
fcVE-No. t Sc. s . .
BRAN-tH totmat.
FUX R Flrei patents,; sec
ond patents, ti.&6i: fret casara, tt.a
ew; seoona creara, esoDevve. ,
' Mtlwaeke tSealsi Karate.
, BniQWK 1 , V. M win,
era, No. I hard winter, LIt
VI w; auar, ,.: eaty, euiew.
CORN Ns. I yaUew. tlVte; No, I wklto.
awsoeae: No. a, ixsyrtuj; atar. m
July, 771e,
OATStanflar4. He. .
RVB-No. 1. ttr.
fcAfUJ,VMlUn,- JLS01.a, -
Trading- it Dull and Sejlipible from
, the Start. -
Statement of Copper Prwdeeere' Ae-
swelatlea tkiwi Decided In
crease fa daaallly at
Metal Masai.
NEW YORK, N. T.. May t-From
tart to finish todays stock market
was a dull and negligible affair.
Trading was light and plainly profes
sional, and for hours the market mani-
lested 00 definite trend. When It oocs
eionally awakened prices were Inclined to
sag, but aelde from some of tlis leadera,
particularly Ueading, whose cour wa
orrwwhat erratic, the movement was
more tnan ordinarily circumacnoed.
ne nay witnesaed no occurrence of
moment, but the unsettled undertone be
spoke a wailing attitude on th part of
the trading public. Yesterday , govern
ment report on the crop attuation formed
the basis of some diacuaalon. there re
maining little doubt that winter wheat
nad autrered great damage, same ot
which may be made up In the spring
product. The average price fetched by
the New -York city bonds was a anade
under expectations and dlaaooolntlng to
tiKwa woo loosed to tna ottering as a
The capper producers submitted their
report tor April, but th statement was
of little Importance aside from disclosing
a decided increase in the quantity of
metal on hand, the result, primarily, of a
falling off la foreign demand. The cop
per market has undergone some plight
reverses recently, with a fractional de
cline tram prices of a fortnight back.
Apart irom a suouen -break in Illinois
Central, which sold down to within a
fraction of Its lowest point since ltlt.
nd waa probably due lo damage suf-
lerea in tne Mississippi noons, in
market ahowed general Improvement and
greater activity in tne last hour, albeit
some of Its strength lay la minor Issue.
Closing price Indicated a degree of
steadiness save lor Reading and steel.
American slocks in London reflected
the reactionary tendency of securities In
general abroad. Money waa plentiful.
however, with Increasing booea of a
lower bank rate tomorrow.
Home Interest attached to the transfer
today of tl.Wt.too gold bars from the
subtreaaury lo Man Praudeco. possibly
for ultimate shipment to Japan. Since
last Friday local banks have lost about
13 too QUO o lb ubtraaaury and Interior
The bond market wa Irregular and
narrow. Wabash 4s lost some of yester-
day' rise. Total axles par value, aggre
gated united mates govern
ment bond wr unchanged on rail.
numear 01 sues and leading auotatlona
en bond today were:
Balsa llsa. Urn. Cless.
Allle-nalSMts sft It
Await Cesser ... 41.41 I114
Awerice Agrlaaltaral,H so 4l
Aawke nasi Infer... 17. K 71
AaMHcas Css 44
i flit
Awanrea (J. r. ....... 1,
4T it
Aiaaricee CMlee Oil..., 1.11 , Mli M
H. A U aft..
Awarleas las seasrltla. at, 144 7t
switai usaaas .,
us u
an taaasMtlv..., I4t 4t 41 tl
a as tit
Aewrlaea B a R It, HK U M
Aajerlcs S a R. sit.. 14 1st 111 Urt
Ajsertcaa Bteal Pen M
Awsrkes guger R II a lag 4.7M rM4 in 114
esiarwas Tai. a Tel.... let iHw 144w 11
Hca Tohsnes sf4 , 144
ASMrtrsa Woala 17
1.41 41 41 41
4,41 14414 144i lMt
tat MBit isitt lai
tst Me natt use,
t.aa laaH 10, ien
14 ii n s na,
M lH lilt tzt
t in , tti n
LM4 Ml 1414
let !- M al
1.4H IH4 Tilt tlit
at It II 11
444 B lli U
kM4 14714 144 It?
aoa teott, iw 1114
MB II 41 . tttt
tat tilt 17 M
at 4t4 as '4 tt
l,a Mitt Hi 14141
ts a lilt ist
Alcklaaa N
Allealle Csest Use ....
rJaltiawre a ObM
Balklaeeai Steal
BreaaUB Raa, Tr
UaeSlea Paaltw ......
Caetral Laataar
Caalrsl Laataar sft...
Cantral el Nae Jaraay..
teaasesaa osis....,,
(iilrase A Alias ,
CblOraet Wau
LSI. Ureal Waal. Bit....
Cel., Mil. A sc. f
l si. ex r.. w... ..
C. f. a tt, L...
OMe. Peal a Ira
Vetera a taataers..,,
CuaaelMaleg ua
Cara PreSvcts :
Paleeare a Hwlaas....
Pester A Rat Oreaea..
D K. Q. alt
tHaHllare SeaarltUs .u 114
Brie S.44S ll'k Ht 14
Una M sit , ns lit a tiu
Brl M ef....u set 44 43 11
Qteers! tlartrlo ........ H4 1ST ' 1444 11 't
Oraat N art bam ef.... lias ink lllu.
ntniai Ufa sua,
llllaala Cantral
I.M in 14 111 '4 11714
lat is lat
laterseraiss.slt. Xi . 1.4S4 tt H 44U
ll,r, JI.MI Harvaatar.. List lit lia 111',
laawnMi aaarnra - sae
ImerBatlesBl faer .,.
IstareetloMl Pbwb ....
1.144 , l$ II
lee tiastrel
K. U seellMira
K. C. Saalaars sM..
UcVsts usa
Ml 1444 lej4 It 14
1,bm una m mat
itt rvt u4 s4
tst itt in'i i4
eel 11 tlvj n
Leelevllle a MBSkalNI,.
atlra a St. L
m.. at. p. a a tt. a.,
H , K. a T
M.. k. A T . fH
Mlaaaeri Psallia ........
Natleaal kVamk ,
Nattaeal Lea
Nat. Itr ef H. It aft.
1.414 ll 41 41
1st ttl4 tt M14
test Itl4 111 IM14
naw Tor tBtfl.
N. T., O,. A w
sw s lata
t,n llt4 11114 lllti
MS US 1114 lit,
traa lr, ill 11114
ew ski R14 1:
Ms ins ia4 ins
ms 1114 MTIf M44
kBM lat UI Ml
. M
1 M
BM let IU14 14
u mtt tn 111
M its n
14 nit ni vt
NerMb m
Nartk Atsarlcae
Konhers Fevift
Panne Itall ....
resBarlvaata ,
Fine.. 43.. f. Ikt,
nnaearg Ceal
rnni4 Steel, Oar
Pallaten Pataet Ckr
Rallear Ileal tsrtst
ReatlBg ..,....,.......!
RaraMIe Steal ,
Haseeue Steal sit
Bank laws Ca
Reck laleed Ot. SM...,
tt. L. a a P.. M Me..
I. aw D s St
1st ItH Mli S
St. Lasts a W.,
Laols B. W. set....
ileaa Ssefnelt A a I..
Bealker PeHne t......
, 4.48 IMS
r MS M
. , ms ns
Ml 4!H
Ma 111,
,'iiiisi itiit
' "tei 'iiii
' tat tl
.1U.M S
. 1.M US
ns w
, Lies I
'."'ti T44
, ttaa HIS
aaa MS
. LMt Uk
aalBaia Reilear f
BeetBere rtanvar sis.
Tessaaaas cesser
Taiaa reclttci
Tel.. st, u a w
Tel . BLtt, pit-
I'ala PBrine
laloe pBcUM art
1'alta Mala Raaltr ...
traits gutaa RaBr.,
Valtat States Stael ...
Usltet Blstea Meal BM.
Ctah Ceeeer
44S 44
ms lttti
S st
IS ts
n ms
..... MS
14 ns
ns m
'S T
Vtrttnta-Varettae Cxeaa.
Wataaa art
'aa4are stenlea ...
WaHlaaaeajae tMNtrit
Waaler I; alas
Wsaattsg a Less Srla
Lakttk 1W ..
cstee CViaa-t ..
ntt ms
Juaerarea Tefcecea . SB
Ta4el aeJea far ta aay. su,bi sssrst.
estM t"taa.-B Hawlalleaa.
BOSTON, May tr-Cioaung quotations oa
Me eiSMeseem ............ ss '
Aeaal. Ceeeer tt Nenee Caa MS
A L. a. MSNIstaata Hlaas IS
Ansae cast ISSarui Sen Ms
a a c. e a a at 1 Kant t
a.laset a Aria 41 Ota pewieiaa ...... n
t'aleaaal teaM....ani wweeia
aMefal uvierr ax
Cesser Raega Can. Saetaea .. US
Beat Bajtte O).... UStrlae , US
rreeXU flssr A B. M.
Otraes Caa i.. ISSTajearerk at
Oneas n,..,.-Utl. B. A B. A M . M
aa CSeaaaa .... ts ee ere SB
lata Beeelto tCae.1 tt tt Caeaalteaaa .. ns
Karr Lea ..... IS Fie Ckejaar ...... tls
e Caesar M w-tnaea ex
MMoat Caeeea ...... MSWetaerass ....ret
Hew Teext xttalwsi
NEW YORK. May l tnoelng snsta
tJena oa salrtliui stocks: .
ah-b i....i..m""M Olal t
Neaawiek ca. .wenrea .,
nraalara ........... sj
Cae, Va.. rstaaeerd
lr-. Mher T"a eedtat ... Z
-"iue Cat,. i
Xmm Stoerex Market.
LONDON. May t Aroertcsn eeurttlea
opened stteady and a fraction higher to
day. Treating eraa HtTrit aad part ot the
llrt declined under raallslna doting the
first botir. At soon pries ranged from
S above ta aeaosr yesteraey a new
York cloalng. v .
t-wadlttaw mt
wirhtvitov. WaT 1 At th begin
ning at biatnsaa today tlx en1tvsei of
the Cnttara sja,tea treasury was: v, tsra
mg balsavl veasury tftea. Wt;
IB aanas I v 'itpptno treasury, SU,ia,-
ttl: total balanea In general fund. 113, ordinary receipts yesterday,
Cill,; ordinary dlsborsemants. I1.N.
a; deficit to date tbls fiscal year, tlO,.
191. as against a deficit of t34&,i at this
time last year. These figures exclude
Panama canal and public debt trans
actions. '
tiew Vawav Maeaey Market.
new YORK. May 1. MONET On call.
steady; 2,3 per -cent; ruling rate. t
per cent: closing bid. -s per cent; offered
at t per cent. Time loans, steady,
ante risv. Sail', aer cent: ninety data.
Vk per "cent; six months. Sirt'vH per
cent. . '
PRIME ilKKCANTlus close.
4t4H Pr cs4-
actual busiiuies in banker's bills 'at
ttats ' for sixty-day bills ' ancr at
H SO'S ror tne ucinann. vvnumiviM ,
..u- ' .... . .... '
BON 1 )S Government, steady; railroad.
Closing quotations on xonas toaey wsre
as follows:
G. I. ret. 3a, rag. .tK 1st. -Met. 4Ha . ...... tl
is eeaeea H6 Inc M M. M... U
Via. r........lii Japas a
te easasa ;...M Japes Y4S ..' U
B. I. ta. rag .. 114 K C. S lat la. .. 7m
aa nan llawL. m. tm. u lltll) UK
Allla-Chal. let is., a u A N. sn. a....!54
"is. Ag. as lez aw K. A T. 1st 41 as
A. T. T " are. 4as .... 17
asst. Tab 4a Kant rac. 4a 71t
a SI ..194 N ar 31. Ua.. 44
Aneoer a C. Ha-. 1N- T. C gee. aa
-aa ta ire a, bi,
aarweer a Ca. lite llM. T., s. 1.11.
Attaiaa ae. . ... ea. ts ltHi
a ev. ta raaNor. W. ta. I. .ill
to ev. ta...... IS) lis eoa. ta....
At. C. L. 1st (a. Hw-lanhers PacllM
B. 4 0. 4a ', Nerthars Parllle Is rj.
"aa mi KM or. a. U rla. la.. KVa
ea t. V. ma.... H e,.n av. Kit lltll
Br.. Tr. er. ta ..... KtiaKaaWtg gas. Is 103H
C. ef Oa. ia levagt. u a S. r. L H Jl
Caetral Uatsar is.. H aae gees ta i;t
O. al N. J g S..l:n,lt U I. W ces. 41 B
C. A O. ISa 141 1st goM
' aa rat. is . .a Rl. A. I. adL is.. a
C. a A.. I4S M. .. jie.... 1....4..
C. B A 9 It. ta.. K,e. Psc tel. 4s... It
. . a. s I. g aa aa ee ev. 4a
C. M. a S. P. 4 4e Mli 4e let ret a S
., It. I. a P. a 4a lie. xe. Balhasy to ..1"4
4a rli la. nta aa a. 7l
Ola Int. is 7iUBloa Pscllla 4.. ..Ill
Cat. MI4. ta 44 . te. 101
C. a 1. r. A a 1'ia H lat set raf ta.. MU
D. A H av. 4a.... r.SV. a. Ranker 4s ....Ut
d. a a a. ts...... tn.ii. s. steal it ..m
ts raf. Is IfiVa -Car. Ubars. Is.. ..Wt
Dlatlllarr- Is 14,aabut M
agrle wt. X 4a. U1 ee lat sag as. 4s. t"i
gas. ea rawast. He. , 1714
av. Is aer.. A.. 17 Waat. Else. av. Is,. H
sw. B 114"WI. oes. ia .... M
Oaa. liar. ev. k..IC,ll, Pscine r il..t7ti
III. C lat r. .. tt rxaaau Is ...174,
Bit. ""Ottered. , ,
Slab t'leeirlaaja.
' OMAHA, May 1,-Bank - clearings for
today wera U.a.ivtM and tor the corre
sponding day last year. U.vus, ,
" BUTTER No. I, 1-lh. cartons, lc; No.
I In et-lb. tubs, lie; o. 2, attc; pscklua,
Be. '
CHEE8B Imported Swiss. Kc; Ameri
can OwlBs. Jtc; block 8wiss. Itc; twins,
tic; daisies,- lie; triplets. Sic; Toung
Americas, lie: blue label brick, 10c; lint
berger. Mb., flo; 1-lb, ac.
FISH (fresh frosmi-Plckerel, c: white,
Itc; pike, ISo; trout,- Uc; large erapplet,
lHylic; Spanish mackerel, Uc; eel, Ida;
haddocks, Uc; floundera. Uc; green cat
fish, 14c; roe shad. Tic each; shad roe, per
pair, ISHc; salmon, lie; halibut. tHc: yel
low perch. Ic: buffalo, to: bullheads, lie.
POUTRT Broilers. t50"4T9Ot per dos.;
springs, 2W726C; hens, loi7c: cocks, 11c
ducks, latJAic; geese, 13c; turkeys,
Kc; piteous, per dog., tl.30. Ailv: Hens,
Ut4ttUec; old roosura to; old ducks,
full feathered, liW:: geese, full feath
ered, Ic; turkeys, 1141 Itc; pigeon, per
do., 7ac; homers, per dux, fc.aO; atiuaba,
No. I, tl.M; No. i. ate, f .
BEEF CPT PRICB.-I-Rns: No. 1. lK4c:
No. 1 Kite; No. I, 13Hc. Loins: St 1
Joe; No, I 17c; No. t, IHic. Chucks: No.
1, t4c; No. !, Mc; No. 1. I tie. Rounds:
No. I, C4c; No. i. lltto; No, S, lie. plats:
No, L 7Hc; No. i. Tc; So. t, tsc.
FRulTS, KTC.-Appi: Extra fatcy
Ben Us vis. per bhl.. t4.S: Wineaepa. par
bhl,; ii; fancy Mlaeourl Pippin, par bbl.,
M 21; Idaho Jonathan, extra fancy, par
box. K M; Washington bpitxenberg. per
box. 6.60: Wathlngton if. Beauty, on
box, U . Waahlngton Btyman Wlneiapa,
per box. U.M. bananas: Fancy select,
per bunch, 13. :.; Jumbo, per btuwo.
U.7Mlt.7&. Dataa: Anchor brand, neav
m l ib, It- la box per bog. 12. ik Drusj.
edary brand, new, at 1-la. pggs in box.
pet box, 13. Figs: California, per eas
ot 11 Na U pkgs tro; per sue 0f M No,
U pkta , B.. per caaa of if No, I pkgs
M; Bulk. ;n and -io-lb. boxes, per lb.
Mm; nae Turkish, t-crsws In lv-lb, box,
per lbs, Uc; t-erewa In tt-lb. box, psr
lb., Me; 7-crown In tv-lb. boxes, par lb.,
flc. Orsfi fruit: Florid, at else, per
crat. It; mss, per oral,; W-UM
sums. pr crate. Met. Or apes: Malaga
IB bbla, r.evOi.SO, Lemon. Umoulara
Ssisctad brar.d. extra fancy, 300-w si tea
per box. It: Lama Llmoaelra, faacy, m
MO slses, pet box, K.M; Mt-4W sixes, kKi
per box-less; California lemon. tt-
sine, gar box, HUttiM. brunges; Call,
fointa Camellia brand, .Naveta, axlxa
fancy. N-lli17t-l-ut-iS alBes, per
box, H la; extra ckotce, ail six, par bos.
4; Elephant brand. 121t-i;t-M-tit sis
per box, 13 W, xtkt-sM slaea, par bog,
tt.lU Pineapples. st-sa-M sums, per orate.
It, BtrawnerTMea; aoaiauuia, par caaa al
M pints, V-m.
ikGETABLEeV-Beets, oM oron. Bar IK
B4C Cabbage, Wisconsin, per lb tsc;
Bw California, per lb., 4c Celery, Cal
ifornia Jumbo, par doa.. L0; Florida, la
fit touch, etrto dos,. per case. n.aV Oa.
cumber hot bouse, par box. H-OS gg
Pfaat. taouy rmium, per vjtub, a-Uf. tier.
Uc, extra fancy, white, par dos, Ua
Lettuce, extra fancy leaf, per doa, tic.
iiition. California, white, boiling, ear lh.
Ic; Wisconsin, yellow Olobe, per lb la;
red Olobe, par lb, Ic; Bpanlsa. per crate,
gi.kV Parsley, fancy oulhern. per doa.
buncnae, sevteo. a-areata, Kncy sou in.
ire, per doa bunches, iotyTio; ParanlpA
aer lb.. ic . atiaoeaota Red
iuvar Kariy Oheo aeed. per bu, 4X71;
Minnesota tarty no aaau. war ou.;
BUsa Triumph aeed, par bu, H tl; wi.
oonela white stock, per bu., iLae. Rula.
sagos, la oa Par la, ISO. Tomato,
k lor Ida. par t-bsk. crate, (aa; Cuban,
pee t-bea. earner, iusv iarnrpa, per lb.,
laCBLLANttOfiS-Almondx, tarrty
gone, per lb, lHc; la sack Iota la leea
Cocoaauta. par aack. He. Filberts, per
lb., 14c: In sack lota, la less, Ptaauta,
roasted. In sack lots, par lb.. IVic; roeated
less then sack lots, par lb., so; raw, pr
lb., sc. Pacaaa, large, par lb., lo: la sack
lets, leaa. Walnut, new crop, mi,
California, par lb. Ha; In aack lots le
tee. CMer. new Jtehaweka, per le-gal.
w bat.. Mat: pew M-gal bb, N.w
Tork Molt a per U-sa- bbl., ttst; per
tv-gal, oof., sese. nooey. new. ss trajnea, Kraut, sat- It-gaL keg. tt.7i; per
t-gaL keg. ILxs,
. ,
Metal Market.
NEW TORK. May t.-MBTATf-4tnd-ard
copper, quiet: spot,; May.
tilVMaiMI: June. July August and
September, tlfi.4ait.trt. London market
autet; spot. It Is td: future, ta lis.
Arrivals reported at New York today,
tone Custom house returns show ex
ports of aiW tone no f r this month. eoppec. rttiittc: eler-trolytlr,
nc: raetlng. l&trtlHc. Tin, firm; pot
94m W: May. t4S.Sot.W: June. t4 0 .
frexx.; juty. sH.sbtriete; August, tt.f.9
4l.t: September, tM.44.43. Santoa,
I tuas June at 144. tft: 4 tons June at
leVtm: t tons July at London
market fins; spot, Oa tts; futures, ut
ia. Lead, stead vu H rS4JI.I7H New York;
M tatH lt. tst St. poui. london. (if
tta. Spelter, firm and active: KiMTAat
New Tent; M bid East St. txHjts. Lon
don. OS 13 td. . Locally aalee wer re
ported for East St. Louis deliveries aa
follows: ta.oot pounds August at M;
Mum ponatrls August at K.S; totjM
pouitaa Aortist at fe.uue . pounds
Atiiruet st K.S: a, Dourrds August at
$UAi-tm.m pounds Auguet at M47S. Arc
llmony, quiet: veoaeew a, taos. iron.
Cleveland warrants. S3a 4d la London.
Ica!lr iron was wteady. No. 1 foundry
northern.; o. s. Iivvtll.w;
No. 1 sootbera aad No. t southern soft.
tlXBtiS7V '
ST. Lon. May t MrrrAIJt Leed.
milet :' K7tk . ' RtMitor, unaetUed;
avtfitl,- , - . . ;
' Phlut-etwirt. Pil daee J4rk-t.
Mtkrket -de- higeier; - atlatn - ittanuf
special, stc; extra. -wrf nearby prima,
extra, sac
saS Market Be oer -ae hltrher
PerrBtyrvania and other nearby firsts, f.
e. tli per case; eurreot receipts, t c..
n per cam; wastern first. . f. c. KtS
per case: current rocaiiitx, f- , ti.7t par
case. ,
CHEKPrV-Iferket ataady; New Tork
full craama, saw, WVic; pert, ski sea, new,
MtfMc . - . . . ,
Kay ta the SituaOoo Bee AdrertiaHuj..
Buyen Still ia Earnest Qneit for
Good Heavy Cattle.
t - ; "
cewtota of Sheep sat La -aba Light
aal PriMS ReUd A bent the
. Santa as Tkeee preealt- -.
tag Taesday.
" 80CTH OMAHA, May i. Ml
Receipts were. , CittHe. Hogs. Sheep.
Official Monday f.tf3S a.116
Offictsl Tuesday 4.343 13.a 2
tstimate WeOne-dsy.. J.u l-.uul 2,-k)
Three days this Wk. 11.51. r.5 H.7t
Same daya la.t week..l2.75 44,4 17,35
Same daya 1 w'ka ago.ll.D7t 28,443 lt.CJl
Same days S w'ka , 39.e7i) 21,027
Sama day t w'ks sgo.H,ltt 4271 42.107
Same day last year.liJsT - 1S.S3
Tha foUowiug table snuws th receipts
of cattle, hogs and sheep at South Omaha
tor tb year to data aa compared with
oi tt year: 141" wi ts-v
Cattlo SS.UJi ,7(3
Hogs ,,. !KS,7S 413,744
Sheep ........ 77,i4i Ctl,75 1.7
Tha following table stows th rang of
prices paid for hogs at South Omaha for
the last few daya, with comparisons:
Data. UU. jli;il.ii.iiii-.i:jta,ii9c;,itt-
5 HI
I K i 381
I t tt
I 81 5 4
f tsl tlj
April 3U 7 tU
8 SI:
4 U
S4' t a
Alay 2.
V 1
ut ii;
ii! a 27
2ii ta
1 Itli
A! ay ...
May i..
Tttl t SSi
May t.. 7 44Si
t eel
May I.
T 461 J
lb Ifti
ill t is
May ...
17 84
"""Receipt and disposition of llva stock at
the Union stock Yards, South Omaha, for
twenty-four, hour ending at , I, p. m.
' -" ' Cattle.Uogs.SheaD.H'r'a.
C, M. A 8L P...... I. I ..
Wabash I !
fnlon Pactnc ...... 41 13 -"1
Mlssourt Pacific... I - .. 1
C. ft N. W east., t t) .. 1
C. A N. W, west.. It . 6T 1
C, St. P, M. O.. U 1 ..
C, B. A Q., east.. .. T ' S ..
C, B. Q.. west.. M 3 1 3
c, rl. 1. ft p., eat 4 I . .. ..
0.. R. I. P., west 1 '1 .. ' 1
Illnols Central 3.1 .. 1
c. a. w i.i
Total receipts.. .135
Cattle Hogs. Sheep.
.. lit l.t7 '
Omaha Packing Co.
swift and Company,..
.. 819
.. (79
Armour a. Co
Cudahy, from K. C...
Hill Son
Huston A Co
. t
. 48
J. B. Root A. Co........
J. H. Bulla .... i. ....,
L. P. Hues
L. Wolf
H. F. Hamilton
Sullivan Bros
Lee Rothschild ........
Mo. A Kan.. Calf Co..,
Other buyers
Totalt 2,I7i . 13,834 1,011
CATTLE Receipts were very fair for
a Wednaaday, with little notable change
in tne general character of th offerings.
Quality continues excellent but there 1
a very apparent lack of weight in the
cattle, and for this reason . tha prima
heavy grades ara still greatly sought by
coin arassec Deer men and snipping buy
ers. Htrlctty desirable cattle of all
weights, however, found a ready, sal at
fully ateady prices, while th bearish ad
vices from eastern market had a some
what depressing Influence on th market
for the medium to poor cattle, and these
ruled anywhere- fron; weak to litrilac
lower than Monday. Trading waa reason
ably active all forenoon and a very fair
Clearance wa made In -good season.
Tha market for cow a snd heifers waa
In much th sama condition aa on Tues
day. Anything at all desirable In the
way of butcher or beef stock waa picked
no eagerly at fully recent auotatlona.
while tha market waa more or less un
even and uncertain on oannera and cut
ter that made up a large proportion of
th limited supply.' Veal calves were In
actlvo demand -and fully steady, but
there was a somewhat easier tons to the
market for bulls, stags and rough Mock
generally. . .
Activity and strength continue to char-
acterls tha trade In Blockers and feeders
and so far this weak th demand has
exceed ad tha eupply. Price ara quit a
little higher thaa last week for good to
choice steer and heifers of all weights
and the undertone to tha market la de
cidedly strong, although tha volume ot
business Is necessarily limited.-
wuotation on came: uooa to
beef steers, n.90.: fair to good beef
stesrs, 17.tMi7.M; common to fair beef
steers. tf.istri.K; good to choice halters.
M 00tT-so; good te choice cows, 14.760
t.Ti; fair to good cows, I4.76i.76; com
mon to fair cows, 13.00$ 1.00; good to
choree atoekar and feeders, K.K7.!.:
fair to good stockers and feeders. ti.Z64
(.Tt; common lo fair stockers and feeders.; stock neners, af.sivu.te; vest
caivea, M-swtyi.js; Duut, stags, ate, 41.40
Kepresentatlve sales:
BEEF STEERS. ' - - -
Pa Av, rr. Ma Av. Pt. .
Ml is
TO t 41
itn t it
, KM t at ,
........ tat T it
141 T tt '
1144 I 41
itn t it
, IBM t It
1114 t ti
t ...1:14 i n
II 1114 I 4
11 1X41 I II
ii irr 1 1
M ,...Uf I H
14 ,...1441 I
II 111! t B
17 , Mtl I 1
II list t a
It 1M X JS
...... t u
.... fli 1 4t n tat t tt
4 4 41 14 MT tt
:.iia i -
.... til I It . I.. ........). t II
1)33 - I ...tin t
.. 44 I 44 I .....Iltl t H) is
,.144 t It . I ,
.. tl I It . I ,
.. tot I 44 ' tt
.! I tt - 1 ,
..111 4 14 . I ,
,..ltt t ) '. I
,.! IS
... tit t It I ,
.IB IN - I
... 14 I I 1
..lis) 1 1
...411 tit t
,.. Btt i
... IM III -
... IW 4
...141 It -,
... m ia
I :
lrl t I
let t tt
14 1 14
t .-
It Ill 4 4 II 4SS t 10
1 44 I ' a. 404 I M
t. 41 II A Ill It.,
H006 Oeneral fwndiUona In the hog
trade tavaeed sellers so that a good
atsed run had little or no bearish Influ
ence. The demand from all quarter
ruled active from tb start enabling aalea
mea to obtain higher prices for tat big
bulk of afferlngs. larger drove were
put up at advance ot fully a nickel,
good heavy grades usually allowing flat
nickel gains while mixed and butcher
clstsss frofiumtly brought figures tks
Tha run wa estimated at 1XSM head
aad a very respectable portion of the
crop 4watsted of attractive medtutn
weight atuff. Movement throughout the
session waa creditable and th yards
war practically cleared before lajs
o'clock, - shippers taking ' about . one
eighth ef tna total. '
-Best heavy noaa a sale brought I7.a,
aa compared with yecterday'a top of PM,
whila bulk landed within ;,4447 . Light
weights eold at tIM and lata, taw ranee
between roenrooat bare and amoeth iarg
Mock amounting t about 40c, - .
Hepreeenlatlve aale:- , . .- t
Na. a. sa. p,
o...,...m i it - ...;.,.tii ... it - -
a..-.. -ms ns m - at ibis -
M u -at" t : tat ... t .
n.-....t4 at T- T4....,..t3 t'
a at ... tl - . ti..-ja its tit
it tt 1 4ait 4A.,.4 ut t tnt -
n m is T n m mt i tit,
T1.......M lt.......U4 -rn tittt .
m' 4TM - tt. ,.M 4B t 17
a 14 US tit H-.....!T1 tit -
n.... t tst, M.. tt k ia '
a.. ... ... t ie ti...., m 1 1 . .
It J14 H IB . ......-,... t
tt St at tst tt ttl tit
m at it tu . n......A3 ... tst
a u ut is i :tt.
It -Sat ... T 44 It. X tl t 4t '
i ui ms t n .......m ... tat -
it... -..if tst t at - la .. ws ia -
a let it t w : e mt nt t tt
...'....sit a IB a. in yet i at '
is.. us. as Tit t u...,.an
n......Ji , . II f m ,
ji ua ... tie at .! Tt
....... .sm ... Tit ..... ... 1st
IS S41 M T K4 M ... 7 t
II 53 ... t MS 44 21 344 7 44
Jt ... T KH C ITt 1 7 44
Ti in a tint t m is is
Tt !31 ... T s-is U M t 4
M. Mi B IB, 11.......TU ... J 4S
Tl .lil MS t iS M. ...... til ... T 4S
n. ...... -14 it t sis a...... .itt ... I e.
III !-t 1JS t H M t ... T 41 '
H Et MS 1 E C1 IB Ml T tt '
n m ut T it u ns n it -
....... Ill ... tat iI......14 It T 41
M.......111 ... I ii ii. ttl M t 41
m at tt i tt tt. m ua T a
a Mt M tat . m ... Te
17 HI ... T Tl .17i tt t 4i -
M I4T MS T ia . MS ... 141
73...... !4 ... lit M I4M ... I 4S
.:.....! B IB 41 Ill ... T47S
Ji a 44 T a t: ms as 1 1
44 U3 Ut T it . 41 .!. M ITS
m at ... tit . s atr ... tit. .
SHEEP Aside from a little more ac
tivity in th aheep and lamb trade, the
market In general was a repetition of yes
terday's buainesa Receipts were llsnt
snd quality of offerings did not afford
peckers much freedom In selecting well
finished stock. The demand had a fair
tone and prices ruled lust about ateady.
Yard estimate called for a total of only
X.J0I head, and bulk consisted of iambs,
the same as recently. Wooled strings were
the exception, shipments In fteece being
too scarce to- properly try out th list of
values. Wooled lambs were not quotable
above and wooled ewej were none
too popular from tT.-i downward. A few
spring lambs were included In tha run.
but Inquiry for this daea of stock la by
no means aa active as it was a week or
ten days ago.
- Shorn lambs and shorn sheep changed
hantls at the uaual figures, good shorn
lambs selling around IS- Something, high
grade in tnla line would probably stop
at 1-26. fheep Bold in small hunches.
Compared with nut week's meau close,
current prices for show heavy
Josses, shorn Iambs selling about Wc
lower while wooled lambs show declines
of fully 7.V?. Tlte drop In sheen has not
been so abrupt, owing to the limited per
centage of ewes and wethers in the re
ceipts. Coun-ry nutlet bat been practi
cally closed lattiy, bathing whatever
selling for fet-dlut; ot shearing during tne
first two daya
Wooled siKrp sri lamb: lambs, good
to choice, t-taiii.ia); lambs, fair to good.
tS.0Gir etrai, g Mid to choice, 7.0.
7.30; ewes, f-lr tu good. tW.-Otti.0l'. Shorn
sheep and lambs: Itmbe, good to ctoTce,
ts.tXf-6: lamoa. fair to good, I7.6. .0D.
No. Av. pr.
U shorn ewes 107 5 50
IT cull ewes Its , S 25 I
to spring iambs 4i W.
1st thon lambs 74 J W
lu shorn lambs, culls t7 1 1
in wooled lambs SC it.
St shorn lambs... it 23
Demaad for Cattlo aad Sheen Steady
. -Hears H taker.
CHICAGO, May .-CATTLE-Recjlpts,
fl.OuO head. Market ateady to K- lower,
mostly 10c lower; beeves,;
Texss steers, t40ti.2S; western steers,
8.7StT.); stockers and fefilera, I4.ut
8.); cows and belters, tt tuff 7.7; calves,
t6.SOfr7.7S. , ,
HOOS-Recelpte, !0.00 head. Market
genarally 10c higher; II, ht. t7.5'.7.75;
mixed. 87.36ti7.IO; heavy, 17.f7.i; rough,
r s7.60; pigs, t.00O7.06; bulk of Bales,
SHrt'P AND UtMBS Receipts. 1..000
head Market quiet to ateady; native,
H T50; weatern, M.Wtt;.; yearlings,
JtO.35; native lambs, 6.9&).(; weet
arn, .2S.li6. .
' Kansas City Llva Stock Market. '
eelptg. 5.7(0 head. Including SU0 south
erns. Market steady to lie lower; calves,
Ko It He lower; dreased beef and export
steers. t6.ajHI.T5; fair to good, W 707.5;
western steers, tS.3reS4.ej); Blockers and
feeders. K8fr7.S: southern steera Monet
AS; southern cows, HaMM !6; native
cow s.!.xVfJ7.!; native heifert, eSOOa
100; bulls, M-TStyi.OO; calve. l.0li.0i).
HOaS-Recelpts. 7,r heed. Markeet
k - higher; bulk of sales, 7.ly7.0;
heavy. t7.8T.u; packers and butchers,
mtt-ij), iignta, i.t.-(.ni; pm tatstt
head. Market steady for sheep: lambs,
Kc up; lambs. n.StmiA: yearling. Hot
t.00; wethers, 15.0t7.); ewes, M SOtrT-Ot;
tocgers ana teeaers, t3.KtSt.-00; Texan
goat, 3.0S9.9.
' Stack la SlabL
e i... , ii ,., . -, . .
hvoiki, ,1.- m tne nve prut-
otpal western markets yesterday:
South ranih.
vaiue. rtoge. aneep.
.... J y i.ojh j jro
2.100 4.S1W 1,3U0
& TIM t on
St. Joseph ....
Kansas city .,
St. Louie
... J JO ' MOO 5,000
31.009 . 20 WO
14,500, 45,000 32,401
St. t.aala Live Stack Market."
nr Tt?ta u. a ,
- - - -- - - - j . ,! , , ne-
eelpta. !. head. Including D Taxans.
Market ateady to 10c lower: native ahtp
plng and export steers, tT.sses.M: dressed
beef and butcher steera, to.ff97.Tt; steer
under l.OOOO pounds. tl434l.7i; stockers
ea aa-aunre,; an and heifers.
It's going to be sizzling hot soon.
There is no comfort in' a stifling
office then. Clerks canpot work;
stenographere fail to keep up to standard,
and you don't do justice to your duties.
The Bee building is
4he coolest of Oma
ha's office build
ings. Its rooms are
commodious, excel
lently ventilated
there's a cool at
mosphere all over
it the air currents
race into the build
ing and1 circulate
rapidly through
the large handsome
court. Better get
located now and be comfortable all summer,
modern office advantages are found in
' A tew vacant offices are listed:
d joining
eulte. At present both rooms ara divided by temporary wood
and glass partltlona; have as east exposure aa SoTantaania
street and are very desirable roocua.
tas is KtixISH feet In site; has two north windows and a
private office partitioned off inside this apace. This room
would be particularly well suited for aa architect or stadia
Sta Fronts aa Faraam street and as almost In front of le
vator landing 8tse tHxltVs, or Its square feet Parti tioaea
ta offer private office and rsceptlloa room.
XXS Reception room, private office, two lam closet, large
et with two north windows T,i ,,,. , -,..
arcaitact. wecter ear auw
ttaa SI I Is ll-txJt in also, located oa the eonrt, close ta sky
light, thee having excellent aatoral light. Tha space could
- - be divided tt it I man two very pleasant room a. Price,
. per mofJUi ......... S37J0
tax IM Office In the north west comer, having four large win
- . . aktwa. - A ftreproet vaatt for the protection of valuable papers
. , U ta stuck deauuid and la afforded at tbia rotau Thar la a
' ' total of Its square feet of floor apaca and some would be
equipped with perUtlaas to satisfy good tenant. Tna rental
' price ia, per month Stool
The Be Building Co.
Bee Bwiness Office, 17th and Famam Streets
Jl.TSa,!)'. canr-r.. tl - JJV- bulltVOO
cow,' and heifers, K'"';'- ...
HOGS-Recelpts, ne.u "-.S:
Uc higher: pit?, and t .-7
mixed and butchers, !!.''. soo
h'KHKEpSTvO LAMBS-Hecetpta S-W
head Market dy: native mutton.
bucks, . siockera, t3oit.l. .'
St. Jftfsepk Lisa Stfera. Market.
Receipts. IM head: JSf:
pi.rsiW. cows and heifers, 3.3i.7.
carv-s, M 3O.8.00. , .
HOGS-Recelpts. 4.50S head: market oe
Mc higher; top, 17.80; bulk of sales, S-DO
'?HKEP AND UMBS-Receipts. L3
heed; market Sc higher; lamb,
( ttaa Market.
NEW TORK. May a-COTTON-8pot,
closed quiet. 10 point lower: middling
uplands, UMc: middling gulf, I",
sales, none. - , .
Futures closed steady. Closing bias.
May. 11.14c; June, 11J; July. H.44c: Au
gust. 11.48c: September. 11.51c: October,
lLSlc: November. ll-e; December. 11. 70o:
January, ll.Wc: February, lLOac; March,
U.T4C. - '
Coffee Market.
ture market closed unlet, not ono point
lower to one point higher. May. 14.40c;
June, It 43c; July, l58c; August, ItSaci
September. 11.75c; October, 11.71c; Novem
ber, : ; December, lltao; January,
and February, 13.88c; March and April,
., Spot coffee, quiet; Rio No.
14l,c; 8-ntoa No. 4. 16c. Mild, quist;
Cordova, lilW- nominal.
' 1U7 Goods Market.
Cotton arooda were quiet and firm dur
ing the day. Yarns are in moderate
demand with buyers cotuimng puraiauiee
to small lots. Jobbing trade was very
quiet wit! mail trade was hampered by
continued rain. s
Oaaks Hay Market.
OMAHA. May i-HAT-N 1, t2L0
HO); No. 2. JIS.Xft.tfi; Ne. S. tlalT.tW;
Na. 1 nikltilins, t0.D4r31.00: No. 1 low
land. l9.tirl): n I fulfil, choice third and
tounh cutting ta.iiOft-.'S.OO; first and sec
ond cutting, 3.00. !.; io. t, tll.ooa
.; No. S, H6.O0S 18.03.
Pearla Markrl.
- PEORIA.- 111.. May S.-eoRN-teady:
No. 4 white, tic: No. 1 yellow, 77c; No, 4
yellow, 7"5c; No. 1 mixed, T7c; No.
mixed. 7dc: sample. mtmiSa.
OATS-Higher; No. a white, f!tCJ
standard.; No, 1 white. BTc, t
Sasar Market,
NEW TORK. May 8.-SUGA R-Raw,
steady; muscovado, 88 test. 3. sue: cen
trifugal, S8 test, t&c.; moUuMet, St teat,
tMe. Betined, quiet.
Wool Market.
ST. LOUIS, May I.-WOOL Steady;
territory and western mediums, 1 tit. Itc;
fin medmms, lit) 17c; fine, lOttljc.
Refined Bexar la Kedaeed.
NEW YORK. May . A!l grades of re
fined sugar were reduced w ttentg a liua
dred pounds today. ..
Tha - Ptrsunent and Judicious Caa of
Newspaper Advertising Is the Road ta
Business Success.-
California Land Syndicate
A rare opportunity Is offered a
few pel-toils to Join soma Califor
nlana In acquiring largo tracts ot
Klver Bottom lnd In aoutharn
part of Sacramento TaJley, Cal.,
adjacent to river and rail trana
portation. Land is subject to over
flow and, la equal, it not superior
In richness, to Vslley ot the Nile.
Reclamation cost Is nominal, and
under advantageous conditlosa
and system; the land coat ia small
compared with value when re
claimed. Will net approximately
100 per cent profit
Subscriptions solicited, payable
to the Land Account of the under
sifned. Interest in the company
to the amount ot your subscrip
tion, with your investment, re
turned within two years. Capital
ization. $250,000.
For further information, address
84 California 8L, San Francisco.
: -
rocrna can be rented iln.u -
proieeaionau men. . t