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$ 1510 Dowlas St OMMIIM 1510 Douglas St
1 150 Gowns si Dresses
$25. $27.50. S30. $32.50 and
$55 Values-WEDNESDAY. at
In announcing this special b&1 of 150 gowns and dreJsei, we want to say that while the
quantity Is not big, the assortment however is quite large there being only one or two of
a kind.
All sixes and colors in all the new, up-to-date styles are included. Many are foreign
copies and exclusive models made of the very finest imported materials such as messalines
and taffetas, French voile, chiffon, pongee, etc
S We guarantee that these
Gowns and Dresses are
some that are even worth more
On Sale Wednesday, choice
ORKIN'S. 1510 Dona. Street
State Board of Equalisation Heart
from Tax Commiuionen.
, Repreeeatatlve ( MUsearl PeeifU
DmUhi Mia llae Operate la
Nekraska at Lees Brief (
riled ar Osaaaa Reaa.
(Prom a Staff Correspondent)
LINCOLN, liar 7v-lSpaL-7b.8tal.
Board ef Equalisation, composed of Gov
ernor AM rich. Secretary ot Stat Walt.
Trawtw Qeorae, Auditor Bartea and
j Land Commissioner Cowl met Honda
i moraine and at once pluntad Into work
t up to thlr ay. In addition to the
member of th board th.ra war. present
Thomas J. N.wklrk of CMcaco. lepra.
entlna th. Reek Island railroad: R. D.
Pollard of th. Burlington, A. W. Bcrlbnsr
of th. Union Pacific T. A. Pollie. of tha
Bt, Paul Omaha, J. M. Sslbsrt of tb.
Missouri Paclfla and Tom Benton of too
Pullman Falao. Car company.
At th. outMt It wa apparent tha roads
war. not coin to artua that th valua
tlont pieced upoa their How era la
excess of tb. actual value ot tb. prop,
art, but that th. figure war too hlBh
aa compared wltli th. lamand value of
real aetata. Pollard at tna Borllnctoaigm,
Udioaud no would ua tb. united a tats.
eeuua figure aa bit bail at aataallah
lng real aatat. value and anowlng what
per cent of th real valu. wa represented
by th assess msrit. Mr. Polllaa, wbo wta
tb tint ot th railroad awn to pro ant
hi case, uMd a tabulation of .versa
aalea of land la tb oountte to whleb
hi. Una operate, for th bum purpose.
Auditor Barton moved that a data b
at for each road to mak It appaaraaoa,
and thi carried, but It wa evident tb
men present were ready to go ahead with
th. ha ring, and thia wa dona. Land
Commissioner Cowla iuggeatad they take
tb. valuation of th. road themeelve
placed oa their property when reporting
I Don't Charge a
cent for the "fin
ishing touches."
Quit often a clothier will
pick up a garment and aai
"Now, HERE'S a ewell cult
with a o and ao lining; th
coat la cut in tha o and eo
model and th trousers bar
ao and ao'" Than a tacks
on hla little extra price. Nothln'
doln' In that line bar. Ton
GET what I coming to you;
ftnlabing touch and alii at
par ult only
VaMtag' Vale Baits fa
Msai Oomplat Baa here.
Cor. 16th and Harney
, Kotch COLLAR.
Easy to tia Ik cravat la ua) te
axch cm. oval batroaAotaa. which
seakaa sastloaiad aaay, 2 tot 24.
to tha railway enmmlsaion. and tha roads'
tax agenu were apparently not averse
to thi. but they wanted thi to b the
true valu and then mak th assessment
th same par oent of thi that wa taken
at tha true valua of real estate for
assessment purposes, and particularly If
th board would aooept their astlmate ot
real wtata valu. la starting out, Traa.
urar Oeorf said, and th other members
concurred, tbat th. board. In arriving at
It conclusion, would aaotrtala what ro
tation tb ssasesmcnt of realty now being
mad bore to th figure which bar.
bean used la th last four year, and
that wall tb railroad man would ba
heard, th. board could not determine th
road assessments until thee figures
ww at band, for It would not be fair
to ehang. on. class at property and sot
another, taking It for granted th ratio
In year, past had bass fair, and It wa
th general understanding farm valua
war being Inoreaasd by tb ameaors.
Brief far Oamaha Road.
T. A. Pol Ilea of tb Omaha road pre
sented a printed brief, which be read and
also made running oomment on It con
tents. Summarised b. take th Mock
and bonds, th physical valuation and tb.
capitalised - earnings methods of reach
ing a valu. reducing tb to their aver
age and reaches tb conclusion that th.
portion of tha company' property In Ne
braska la worth (W.M par mil, whereas.
It la now asMsd at f1.4M per mil..
which according t hi flguraa 1 par
I. more than It I actually worth. Thi.
howvr, add nothing for valu of
frajMhla. H Insisted th taw said prop
arty should be aensssl at It actual valu
but In no Instance to exceed that, which
ha bald wa th case with hi road. He
asked if tha assessment of hi road la to
stand that all other property be similarly
valued and Intimated a would be on
band when th equal laattoa ot rtal aatat
and other property was tab so up by th
Lead Vale.
Ur. Po 111, prasented soma table, whlob
ba said is pi seen ted a compilation of ac
tual land sale, in th. twalv counties
through which hi road run and which
a maintained fully repreeented th. actual
valua ot land la those coundea. By
the table n appear that farm lands
are assunil at MM per cant ot their
actual valu and lota at KIT. Tha
tables do not tnoluda Douglas county,
whero tbo percentage, for farm ' ar
tan and tor wta . Ha Insisted that
It land and other property were finally
socialised at 71 per cant or any other par
osnl ot actual valu tha earn ratio
would be applied to hi road. Representa
tives of th other read nodded acquies
cence m th plan.
It la apparent tha road will make ao
effort to eoevlaoe th board th valu of
their property I leM than th figure.
formerly fixed, but will eonfla thern-
eelve. to attacking tha ranablllty ot th.
realty .saissmenta
leal asset rtararee.
R, C Pollard for tha Burlington pre
sented fltura to Show tha real astats In
th. countlx through which bis company'
run wa assssssd at kill par cant
of It value, taking tha eemrua Crura, a
a baala tor their red valu and assuming
that tha railroad was anid at It full
Mr. Bcrlbnar ot th Colon Paclflo fig
ured real eatat la oountle. la which hi
lln operatsd at HJI par cant ot it
J. H. Selbert of the hflsaearl Paclfla
said hi road was taxed at tn per ml la
th Burlington at ttet, tb Omaha at P7
and tha Union PaotOo at Wat. UU road,
aooording ts th statements filed, did not
earn anything en Its Nebraska lines. In
fast .bowed a deflott. and ha asked tbat
Its .sessemsnt be reduced.
Baker's Isms Certala.
It t now eartata that Cosnrtet Edward
Baker, who disappeared from his usual
haunt to tb penitentiary last wek. ba
soaped Instead ot being bidder inside
the yards. It la pretty eooetuatvaty shown
that he made hi ascap In the steward's
wagon, which ss drive by Convict Hand
lay. trusty. Handler UU persists h.
know nothing about Man. hot the prison
officials ar certain he knew ot Baker's
praeencs in the wagon when ha drove
oatstd th gate.
Kassp Asks Allewaaee.
Cbarie T. Knaps, receiver tor the
Farmers and Merchants lnauranoo eom
paay, ask the court to allow hint sets
alary tor hi service He has bean la
cbarg of the affaire at tha com pan
since January. BU and thinks UN Per
month would be about the proper a meant.
He asso sake tbat the attoraay tot th
receiver, VWd. BJestete Risketta. ke
sJtowedfUat, Ba mw taa MMDt la oaaB
aaat reoorud tbat tha asaete WUI ma
freea tMMst t M wtth 1UM aredlt.
era, their ctalm aggregating about t
m Jadge Ceearave took the allowaaa
ot salary udr adflsaaatnL
iiewalt faw Xaaasaaat. .
A carload ot the ffranite tor the Lln
eoin sjsrmiimsTit arrrrsd today and aa-
sUmc a scted Btuia
Work will be commenced tomorrow on
placing theee blocka which weigh eieven
and a half tons each, there being four
ot thus.
Teet.r riles Bond.
Captain Joesph Tatter filed his bond
and oath of office today as commandant
ot the MUford toldler' homa II ex
pect to ass urn. hi dull, within a taw
tad. Parents geat.
Joe Oltnder. aged IT, returned to hi old
home la College View today after an ab
eence of two years. Intending to give his
parent a surpris Instead, he found
bl parent gone and none of th neigh
bor knew where except that It Is to
eome point oa the Paclfla eoast. Th. boy
is now seeking through the postal author
ities and other mean to locate hla parents.
a Conference on the
Work in the State
For the purpose of talking over the
work being done by the Young Men'
Christian association In all parts of th
world as well as In tha state a conference
will be bold at th local asaoclatton next
Sunday and Monday under th direction
or the state committee, of which J. P.
, Bailey ot Omaha I secretary.
At the regulsr men's meeting on Bun
day afternoon Ocerg t. McOIU. Inter
national field secretary, will speak on
"Recent Developments In World Wide As
sociation Work." Th local board of
director will meet with th. members of
tb state committee at luncheon Monday
noon and Mr. McDill will speak on th.
"Responsibility of the Directorship.'' A
dinner will be held tha same evning for
th committeemen and active worker of
th. association, at which Ooorg F. Oil
more, president ef th Omaha association,
will deliver aa address on "Developments
of the Omaha Young Mea'a Christian As
soclatloa Work," and F. A. McCornaok,
president of th. Sioux City association,
will talk en "Opportunities ot Committee
men's Service."
During the tallowing sight dsys Ilk.
conference, will be bald at all ot th aa
sodatlori In th data Oa tha team that
will have charge of theee meetings will
be J. P. Bailey. George D. McDill, B. F.
Denlaon, R, & Flowsr and Ocorg. F.
The following place will be visited:
Lincoln. BMlrtoa, York, Hastings, Grand
Island, North Platte, Central City, Co
lumbus and Fremont.
Blair is Selected
for the Cadet Camp
Blair bss bee. decided upoa as the
place of the annual encampment of th.
Omaha High school cadet regiment. An
nouncement of th camp sits wa mad at
th school today snd a fund for tb ex
pense of the six days' outing from June
t to will be collected Thursday of this
week by members of the faculty. Each
cadet will be ebarged M whlob sua will
Include railroad fare, rental of tent and
three square meal each day.
The eadeta camped at Blair fa 1M
wbn Captain William Oury of Fort
Omaha wu commandant of the drill or
ganisation of the school.
Parents Eager to
Give Child Away
Mr. and Mr. John Klnkaid. th wife
wheeling a baby carriage, appeared at
the office of the Associated Charities yes
terday and asked Miss Mary Porter to
adopt tha I-months-old .hlld. Mlas For.
ter told the mother tha had all the
famlllee she could care for. The par
ents then tackled Miss Ida V. Jontx,
secretary of the charities, but were un
able to dispose of their .offspring by ados-
The final elocution contest of the un
dergraduate classes of the High eohool
department ot Cretghton university will
be held at the Cretghton auditorium
Wednesday evening. The speakers have
been separated bite two division and
medals will ba awarded tha winners In
each division. There are twenty-four
speaker in all. They are as follow:
Division 1-Carl Alva-. Ifaarto Aspsa
waO, Lso Bermtdga, Paul Daffy, James
Hal Etna. ' John Harrtngvon. William
Kelly. Paul McAvoy, Oaorge Morrow.
Vatenttae Roach, Earl Torrey and Wal
ter Wolf.
Dfvtsloe t-Paul Boban. Adolph B ran
ees. Cromer Coedy, Cyril Flannigaa.
Harry McOaira and Lea FtafL
daob Ky tairsHitmoras bss
Vorken Charge Hon Men at Work
Than Seeded for Kepaira.
Hewllasr Jtob at Mea, Wamea e.d
Beys Invade Streets ef Mshaaoy
City aad Steae R.epeoled
PHILADELPHIA, May T.-Serlous riot
ing, which began today In tbs Schuylkill
valley, continued tonight and outbreaks
were reported from several other points
In the bard coal region.
A feeling of unrest has prevailed since
the proposed egreement between the
operators and miners was mads public
and Ml. miners, who charge tbat more
men are at work In oolllerte thaa are
necessary for mere repair work, todav
made riotous demonstrations In Bhenen
daoh. Mount Csrmel, Mahanoy City and
Jeasup. William Marohssl was shot and
probably fatally Injured at Jeeaup and
hla brother. Baborlo. wa shot In tha
hand as tbs result of a quarrel with two
other Idle miners. . - '
In the Schuylkill valley tha chief die-
order occurred today la BhenandbaJa The
rioting spread tonight to Mahaaoy City,
where a veritable reign ot terror pre
vailed. Howling mob of men, women
and boys charged up and down the main
street and atoned suspected workmen.
Trolley care, automobiles and wagons,
suspected of conveying worker tram the
mine, werw stopped and searched by the
riot era Young boys appeared to be
among the worst offenders.
A mob of 400 men raided th St. Nich
olas and Ifapl Hill oolUerlee and or
dered all men found there to oease work.
Those who demurred were roughly
At Shenandoah peace waa maintained
tonight by a squad ot Mat police. Th
foreigners in tbat locality ar reported
to be in an ugly mood.
Another serious riot occurred at Mount
Carmel, where an enraged mob ef men
and women attacked Thomas Culllon.
Roy William and two other men, wbo
were returning home after repair work
la th Richard colliery. Culllon bad hi
bead cut open and wa kicked Into un
oonsclouan. He is la a critical condi
tion. The others escaped wtth severe
cute and bruises.
KANSAS CITY. Msy 1-Brewsry
wagon driver here, numbering about too.
have announced they will go oa strike
tomorrow morning. It 1 expected the
other brewery worker will go out en a
sympathetic walkout. In which event
more than I.OW men will be affected.
Th strike of th. wagon drtvars waa
brought about by the refusal of th.
brewing companies to grant aa Increase
in pay.
The breweries have requested police
protection for their wagons, which, be-
la Order to Learn She baa Planned to
Bedaee Bee W sight Bsw Way.
May Irwin, corned lenna fancy farmer,
ports wo man and famous shof. la tnr th
first time in her life dissatisfied with bar
bulk. Miss Irwin has always prided
herself on the fact that she has beea
superior to her Weight, it has been the
butt of her jokeo. the plot of her eomedle.
and the Inspiration of her eong writers.
She has rejoiced In it because it 'was
typical oi May irwin the .only comedi
enne not afraid of her corset-maker.
Now It la all changed and Mar Irwin
reads the fat-reducing sda She practices
banting, she studies diet, end refuses to
isugn mat nig, nearty laugh of hers, ba
oeuee. forsooth; laughter make, adipose.
Bo far ail her efforts have been in vain.
and ah. admits that sh. Is ashamed to
look a scale In the face. The secret le
that' Misa Irwin bas the aviating bug.
It baa bit her eo hard that she is willing
to forgo almost anything lor tna aak.
of ridding herself of the all too solid flesh
that makes her efforts at aviation lm
poeelbie. She hea written to friend. In
Denver to call on Marlorle Hamilton, the
famous "Fat Vanishes a Pound a Day"
specialist, and offers Miss Hamilton a
prize bonus if she can rid Miss Irwin
of a good, big silo, of her surplus flash.
"I will giv. a Prise to Mlse Hamilton If
she shews me how to take off fifty
pound a" Miss Irwin is said to have
written to her friend here. "and. ae I
have heard of the marvelous reductions
mad by Miss Hamilton. I want you to
see her and find out If there is sny hope
for me."
Miss Hamilton, from herfflc. 30M A,
In the Central Bank building. Denver.
Colo., le ready to take up Mise Irwin's
challenge. "I can' reduce Miss Irwin s
weight fifty or one hundred aad fifty
pounds It she will ae my treatment,"
deolered the famous ttttle Calender Girl
today. "I don't want any prise for K.
either. I feel I owe Mise Irwin a gnat
deal, t have enjoyed more good laughs
at bar comedy then I ever bad to my
Ufa anywhere else, and If sns will allow
me to show her how to reduce I shall
consider ft an honor to show her Just
how I do It."
Miss Hamilton has written to Mtaaj
Irwin, making ber such SB offer, and is I
waiting a reply to her letter. The friend.
of the little Calender Qtrl are making
ginning tomorrow, will
nonunion men.
be manned by
Street Car and Auto
Meet; Driver Hurt
Driving west on Woelworth street In
an automobile, A. W. Young turned north
Into Sixth street and collided with a
Harney street car yesterday. Ills clothes
were ripped from him and he wae ren
dered unconscious. Folic. Surgeons eared
for him and be waa sent to his home. Bit
Grant street. He Is pot dangerously In
Rub 'Em!
Scrub 'Em!
Tub 'Em!
The washable percales, ginghams
and peps which we ar featuring
for little boys are positively NOT
afraid of water! They will not only
hold their color, but their perfect
6hapc after the most vigorous laun
dering. Every mother of a tot
should sea our beautiful suits at
95c- $1.45
i We aleo have a wonderful collection
Ot light-weight (alateaa, kindergarten
aad madras, beautifully trimmed. In
cluding saw French novelty with de
tachable 'collar and shield; also plain
white regulation tailors and Russian
at 12. U and (3.95. The navy and taa
pull-over which we feature at 3.5
are refular $3.00 qualitiea throughout.
Straw Hat a to go with all these suite,
in all the newest atylea $04 ul $1
$16,500 is Found in
Brandeis' Pockets
HALIFAX N. a, May TThe third
ship to go In search ot bodies ot victim
ot th. Tttaatls disaster steamed out ef
Halifax harbor this evening tor what le
probably the last effort to recover nodle.
Th vessel Is tbs Canadian government
steamer Montmsgny.
Tbs Mlnla came In today after having
recovered seventeen bodies, two ct which
were burled at sea.
The provincial government baa In It
possession suras amounting to tMsot
which have been taken from bodies. Tb
largest amount found oa a single perao
wa liam found In tb pockets ot Col
onel Emll Brandeis ot Omaha.
Only one of th seventeen persons whose
bodies were recovered by the cable ship
Mlnla In th vicinity of th Tttanto trag
edy died from drowning In the opinion at
the cable ship's physician. Th other
sixteen perished from exposure, death
ensuing some hours after tha vessel sank.
This wa demonstrated by examination
ot tha bodies, watr being found la the
lung of but en person.
Key to the Situation Bee AdvartMaf.
1 1
lr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
Has Been Helping Women
For. Forty Years
- - 1 1
Over 40 years old! Why? Because it has been a
boon to suffering womankind It has turvived forty
years of ignorance, prejudice and jealousy and is
today more popular and doing more good than at any
time in its history.
For woman's peculiar weaknesses and derange
ments causing headache, backache, dragging-down
pain or distress and kindred symptoms of weakness,
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription has proved a suc-
cessful remedy.
It tones the system in general, and the organs
distinctly feminine in particular. Makes the weak
strong, and banishes mental worry. Makes life
worth living.
Contains neither alcohol nor narcotics.
Ingredients printed on wrapper of every bottle
Every sick woman may consult us by latter, absolutely without
charge. A regular graduated phyaidan will carefully read and answer
your communlcatiaos. All replies are mailed sealed in perfectly plain
envelopes, without any printing or advertising whatever, upon them.
Write without fear aa without fee, to World's Dispensary Medical
Association, Dr. R. V. Pierce, Preaideot, 663 Main St, Buffalo, K. V.
lea mmrnm o. a,
Not One Day, Out Evory Day
HTge? TlTVZ&SWElWfi 8 fi Large Line iof Porch
a soo 6a the proposition. Thaaflrta aral yk,
ail la Umm ln auaaeaft , .
: 7x5 4-Inch Velvet Rnga at ... 95
27x5t-loch Aimlnster Rnga $1.45
6xt Seamles Bruraela Ruga (4.75
9x12 fceamleaa Brussels Rubs 99.75
xl2 Velvet Hufra at S12.50
xlj Axmlnater Rnga at . . 815.00
Lars alsa Rocker (like eat)
round reed $2.25
Sam in ladiea' aita 82.00
Arm Chair to match $2.00
Sewing Rocker, to match
t S1.75
Full carload of toe famons
Leonard Refrigerators jost !
received, at i
$5.00 to $45.00