Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, May 08, 1912, Page 5, Image 5

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Xew Tonic, Tona Vita, Will
Positively Restore Your i
Old Vitality.
Narmnxn depression of spirits, lark
of energy, ell run down, these an the
chief symptoms of nervous debility, the
modern affliction caused largely by the
rush, hustle and worry of modern Hfe.
It you are a sufferer from this all-too-'
common complaint, and cannot go to a
high priced sanitarium to have rest and
diet build you up. you should read care
fully the following statement by C. N.
Hunt, Esq., of B Sixth St., Milwaukee.
Wis,, eoncerninc the remarkable new
tonic, "Tona Vita" that has made such a
(rest record during the past year. Mr.
Hunt says: "For a number of years my
wife has been a sufferer from a contin
uous run down, nervous condition and
and stomach trouble. I took her to a
number of doctors, but none seemed to
give her any relief. She crew constantly
worse and her entire system became affected.
She could hardly eat anything and
would say the very thought of eating
made her sick. She caught one bad cold
after another and was always tired and
languid. She bad bad headaches and
attacks of duooness.
"I mat emu Tona Vita a few months
ago. Mv wife began taking the tonic
that night and we were pleasantly sur
prised to notice an Improvement after the
seoond day. She Is now like a different
woman. The nervousness and depression
are all cone, and she eat and sleeps
better than ana has for years. It seemi
wrMwtMfui to note such a chance In her.
I believe Tona Vita' Is worth Its weight
in gold-
if nn an Aehilltated and run down.
above all things try "Tona Vita." Too
wlU never regret It as tt will bund you
up Ilka made. It Is the finest preparation
now on the market.
Sherman" McConnell Drug Co., ISth
and Dodge. Owl Drug Co., ISth and Her-
Harvard Pharmacv. 24th and Fr-
nara 8ts.. and the Loyal Pharmacy, SH-S
North 18th 8t. are the agents lor im
Vita in Omaha. Your money will be re
turned to you if you are dissatisfied with
tne tome, ine Appruveu fww.
Dayton, Ohio.
ave moot Mb St.
Sleetrie Bate Dryers, Burgess-Grandea
2. SC. Clark, signs, llth and Douglas
auditors Oo to Chicago H- J. Ster
ling, W. H. Anderson and F. B. South
ard, auditors of the Union Pacific bave
Cone to Chicago to attend a family meet
ing of the auditors of the Harrtman sys
tem. Craig Builds Sltoa City Engineer
Craig has had a ditch constructed In the
north end of the city that Is draining
several thousand acres of swamp land.
The ditch was mads Sunday. It was two
feet wide, but the rush of water widened
It in a few minutes to fourteen feet.
Pouoemts loses Via Glasses William
Murphy, aged 73, one of the oldest police
men upon the Omaha department, lost
a valuable pair of noss glasses. The
Classes have been owned by Murphy for
Two Tlet Buildings Sold Two flat
buildings and a house located on the
Northeast corner of Twenty-sixth- and
St. Mary 'l avenue were purchased yes
terday by John A I person from Mary H.
- It would surpriss yu to know of the
great good that Is being dona by Cham
I berlaln's Tablets Darius Downey of New
i berg Junction, N. B., writes, "My wife
r has been using Chamberlain's Tablets
and finds them very effaotual and doing
" her lota of good.' It you have any trouble
with your stomach or bow lee rtvs them a
trial. For sale by all dealers.
With Rank and File
and Lends Courage
President Mohler of the Union Padflo
stood tn line for nearly an hour and a
halt at the voting place of the fifth pre
cinct of the Fourth wrd and for the
first time mat several employee. He kept
them in line when they were about to
drop out and go to work.
"That's all right, said Mr. Mohler. "I
work for the Union Pacific, too. Moh
ler's my name. If anybody gets fired
for being late to work on account of vot
ing we'll all ct fired and we'll all be In
the same boat! If s man Isn't loyal to
his city and the state how can ha be
loyal to his employer. The Union Pa
dflo wants Its men to be loyal and len t
going to stand In the way of duty."
So everybody stuck. It was 0 o'clock
when Mr. Mohler cast his ballot.
ni-tk. and neatla.
Birth Allen end Eleanor White. SMI
Harney, gin; rranw i- ana awuu w
enect. HIS South Fifteenth street, boy;
. . w .. I' . BMilh
joevpn ana ' ,
Twenty-second, girl: Joseph and Myrtle
Darnell, Ml wum i m. i". ii, .
and Rose Adler, 1SU North Twenty-first
aireei, si".
Death-Etta M. Thomas 1 Daven
port; alis jane o. omu", v
Twenty-fifth and Harney; Allen Heckett,
a ..B e TVl4 UlKtMutlth
Chartea N. Johnson. W years, 441 Warca;
. . - n i .. e -a 11A Cniith ' nlt.
If nmrrimy, smi", siv wu-.n a...a-
Measure Affecting
Facifo in House.
you buy this
package you get
more food more
strength and en
ergy building
nourishment than
..... . i A
K you get m ven
K times its cost in
f meat
The sealed
A 5c
serves a
family of
i all eluten. that ele
mftTit in Dunim wheat
which builds up the
body and supplies
Rtavintf rjower. And
there are SO many ae-
Hrions dishes that can
he made from it.
Write for our free
book of Recipes.
Your grocer stills Fcnut Spa
ghetti in 5c and 10c pachagn.
St Louis. Mo.
Chief F.aarlaeer ef Wsr Department
Agree re lyvwte T.SOO
Reveteaeate m Mteeeart
at Elk Fwlnt.
WASHINGTON. D. C May t.-Speelal
WASHINGTON. D. C. May t. (Special
Telegram-r-Tha Morris bill to quiet title
to lands along the right-of-way of the
Union Pacific railroad In Nebraska. Kan
sas and Colorado passed the house wlth
Unlon Pacific railroad In Nebraska.
Kanssa and Colorado passed tha house
without ' opposition . yesterday after
being brought ap under the unanl
moua consent calendar. . It , affects
a strip K feet wide on either side
of the title to which
was In many cases claimed by the rail
road under the original grant giving a
strip 0 feet wide for right-of-way pur
poses. A later grant from the government
gave MO feet and owing to confusion
over the two grants and subsequent
claims by the railroad a cloud was east
upon the title to thousands of acres of
farm land and city property. The bill
has been passed to end if possible the
litigation which resulted. A similar bill
by Senator Brlstow has been pending
tn the senate for some time and either
the Norrla or tha Brlstow measure will
probably soon pass ths tipper branch.
The bill to authorise the sale of the
unallotted lands of the Omaha Indians
was brought up today by Representative
Stephens and passed without opposition.
The senate approved the measure early
In April. It will open for sale and settle
ment a considerable tract of land in the
Omaha reservation. It approved by the
Elk Fadat Geta Cash.
Tha chief engineer of tha War depart
ment has agreed to devote I7.SO0 In tha
oonsctruotlon ot revetments work and
other necessary improvement for the
Missouri river at Elk Point. 8. D. This
action was taken as the result of the
sotlvltles of Represents Uvea Burke and
Martin of South Dakota. The Elk Point
people notified them some days ago that
ths river was damaging property and an
appropriation of 13,000 was urged. A re
port from the War depart men t engineer
In charge was mads recommending Im
mediate action to prevent further damage.
The sum agreed upon by the department
Is believed to be sufficient for present
needs. Should mors funds be found neces
sary an additional appropriation will be
asked of congress to be added to tha
river and harbor bill now In tha senate.
Government engineers will begin work at
Elk Point at once, is was said.
Reed's Expense Aecewat.
The expense account of Willis E. Reed
of Madison, senatorial candidate at ths
1st Nebrsska primaries, was filed with
the secretary of the senate today. It
hows that Mr. Reed expended a total of
KM.W, ttoil of which was paid to various
nawspapere In ths stats for advertising.
ll was expended for advertisements
placed on theater programs and the bal
ance of 7tJt was for caads and miscel
laneous advertising.
K. C Hodder, an Omaha attorney, la in
the city today en dea raring to persuade
the Interior department to furnish gov
ernment water tor private ditches tn
western Nebraska where Mr. Hodder has
farming interests. Ha If oa Ms way home
i a business trip to New York and
Compensation Bill Paesed.
Tha workmen's compensation bill was
passed In tha senate today, et to 16. sub
stantially as framed by tha employers'
liability commission and amended only
to Increase lta benefits. The measure,
sharply fought by some of tha democrats
for several days, now goes to tha house.
A number of amendments were offered.
but only a few were aocepted, and these
were with tha acquiescence of Senator
Sutherland, in charge ot the bill.
The principal changes made during
three hours of roll calls provide that
compensation for accidental Injury and
death ot railroad employes shall continue
to children until they are sixteen years
old, and would extend payment In the
eaas of daughters until they an twenty,.
unless sooner married.
In general, tha bill would provide an
exoluelve remedy and compensation for
aoatdental disability or death to employes
of railroads In Interstate commeroa or
tha District of Columbia, on tha theory
of Insuring each employe agslnst results
of Injur In employment without refer
ence to contributory negligence or any
of the rules of common law Hmlflng em
ployers liability. It would provide medi
cal aervtoa for the Injured and means for
money recovery proportioned to the pay
ot the victim.
!Dadl9 j om have boMglht
tki r stk. nrnvna And don't you know the only
MM CM real automobile was theBUICK
lei. DowelM IBM
Local BoUUer, Onafca, Xe.
Rear 1512 ProgUs St.
This little story really
happened and the slogan
stands good "Once a
Buick enthusiast, always
a Baick enthusiast.'
Model 35, 01060
FATHER had to agree with this young American
lad in his argument, and bought a Buick car that
very day. These young American lads are not slow.
They are quick to observe, and with the many 1912
Buick motor cars running on Omaha streets, jt is
very easy to observe the stylish and graceful lines
of the Buick car. ; : : ;
Nebraska Buick: Auto Co.
-1914 Farnam St., La Huff, Mgr.
S. C. Douglas, Nr,
Brodegaard Opens
With Fine Display
and Wedding Knot
To the strains of "Climbing Up the
Golden Btslrs" by Nordln's band the
Jewelry store ot Fred Brodegaard at
sixteenth and Douglas strset waa opened
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Garvin, who
yesterday and an Immense throne quickly
surged through the placs viewing the dis
plays. Several hundred poople panard In
and out admiring the fixtures and extsnd
Ing congratulstlons to the msnagsment '
As a feature of the opening the mar
riage ceremony of Mies Ethel Fygreen of
Minnesota and Mr. W. R. Cash of Omaha
took place in a show window at :3
o'clock. Justloe Altstadt tied tha nuptial
knot When tha bridal party was leav
ing ths bend struck up "Hot Tims In the
Old Town" and -the crowd cheered the
happy pair as they rode away In a watt
ing automobile. Numerous presents were
given the couple.
At o'clock Mayor I. C. Dahlman ad
dressed the throng from the steps lesdlnf
Into the store.
tects, will draw the plana tor tha build
ing and digging will be begun aa soon aa
suitable plans, are made.
Tha Wilson house at VII Wirt street
will - be remodeled and a new building
erected adjoining it. The whole will be
a red bnex structure 01 aooui
ma, to house forty-five or fifty old
people. It may be ready for occupancy
lata this fall.
Tha present home la at ttl4 Wirt street.
Tha Women's Christian association,
which manages tha home, decided this
morning to begin activities ton the new
homo at a meeting with ths president
Mra Oeorge TUden,
Definite plans are made for beginning
ark on the new Old People e noma
mads possible by the bequest of ths lata
Anna Wilson. Fisher at Lewrte. archl-
Herron Criticizes-
Merchants' Conduct
in Ad Club Speech
"While business colleges were first In
troduced In the United States and have
been established many years longer than
those ot other countries, they bars not
advanced one Iota during the last ten
years and Germany today is so far ahead
of ua that our business colleges amount
to little compared to them."
This statement was mode Tuesdsy be
fore the Ad dab by F. w. Heron, Instruc
tor of snlemanshlp dassea of the YoungJ
Mens cnrtstian association. Heron
talked on "The Relation of Salesmanship
to Advertlstna. One characteristic re
mark be made was. "There are Ave bust
nesses that do not need salesmanship.
Ths saloon la the first. To) know the
other four.' '
Parti eulary start ling waw his statement
that there Is mere discourtesy In Omahi
stores then any other dty In the United
States and yet there 1s more opportunity
to learn salesmanship and be courteous.
President A. I Gale of the A ehib
announced that four vaudeville num
bers, which ware not given at the beef.
steak dinner and vaudeville because of
lack ot time, will be given at tha club
luncheon os next Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. WlUfam X. Oavia. who
were umsiieanssi as Kusuie ta the
damage ante at William Tighe against J.
L Kemp for aHeaarloa of Mrs. Tig he's
afreet Ions, bave separated agsiav Gerrta
ha started suit for absolute divorce la
district eoort alleging extreme cruelty,
one ot Ma specific charges being that
Mrs. Garvin appropriated all tha funds
In the family excheejuer and abandoned
her husband, leaving him to become
victim, of tha wiles of a wicked world.
Rourke to Be Host
to All the School
Children Friday
Pupils in all grades ot every school tn
tha dty have bean Invited to see the
base ball game between Omaha and Lin
coln Friday, May M. and ths Board of
Education has accepted tha Invitation.
Teachers as well aa pupils will be ad
mitted free. All tha young tana will be
given rood seats and are expected to
root for the borne team,
Take Warning.
Don't let stomach, liver nor kidney
trouble down you. when yon can quickly
down them with Electric Bitters. I
For sale by Beaton Drug Co.
Immediate Relief from
Bowel and Stomach Trouble
was the result of Sin, Bertha
Woodward uiinf Daffy 'i
Pure Malt Whiakey.
She ii now feeling fine and is
in the beat of health and
recommends this wonderful
medicine, to all
"I want to tall how grateful I am
ttyoo. Attar suffering for ever two
years from bowel and stomach trou
ble I waa Induced by friend to Ukt
Duffy a Pure Halt Whiskey. I im
proved from tha time I began using
tt and now, after a year's treatment.
I am as well and strong aa aver.
Honing that man other sufferers
my benefit by my experience, I am,
Yours very truly, Mrs. Bertha Wood
ward. Ui N. High St., Columbus,
Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey
I. an absolutely sure distillation ot selected grain, carefully malud, then
.. . r.mnve aa t ar aa possible, all Injurious elements. It li
manufactured for the purpose of supplying the profession snd public lo
general with a reliable tonle sad stimulant, snd without question It is ths
purest snd beet that I manufactured. It is a wonderful specific to check
all stomach troubles snd sid digestion, which results In mors nourishment
snd strength for the system. Is ths prevention snd relief of coughs, colds,
pneumonia, grip, asthma sad bronchitis tt has so equal. It la a builder
of health sad rigor, of body snd muscle. It makes ths old teal young and
keeps ths young strong snd vigorous a family remedy that should be In
very medicine chest.
Daffy's Pare Malt Wniakey Is the only whiskey that was taxed by
the Goreraatewt as a snedlctne daring tfae tspaniab-AmerVaa war.
Sold In SEALED BOTTLES ONLY by druggists, grocers snd dealers,
or direct, $1.00 s large bottle. If your dealer cannot supply you, writs ss,
and we wlU tell you where tt can be bought. Our doctors will send you
advice sad valuable illustrated medical booklet free os sppllcsttoa.
Ths Dutfy Halt Whiskey Co., Rochester, K. .
eT fcvv'' 1
You Can have this Sugar
Shell and Butter; Knife
without cost
and dozens , of; other
pieces to match them
all guaranteed by
.. Wm. Rogers &Sbn,
Meriden; Conn. ' ". -1
The BEE will
tell you