Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, May 08, 1912, Page 12, Image 12

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Slatrimonial Missionary Giren Per
mission to Work in Omaha.
:iayos rat Gins his approval
rrmt. Fa4ssw Cma t Tows wllk
- tk ta Make Matches sd He
Ha " Several Wealthy
' lukrlan Sawtted.
Prof. Frits Podssus, publisher of mat
rimonial paper is New Tork. gleefully at'
' racxed Mm citr ball yesterday, ignorant
of th tact that all unmarried but eligible
and good looking maldetui there vera con
cerned not with whether men wanted to
marry or not. but bow they were going
to vote.
Tba professor told Mayor Dahlnan
that b limply Introduced desirables to
each other and If they were married and
lired happily ever after they sometime
cam aeroea with tic. To prove It be
displayed several In bill.
Mayor Danlmaa told hint ho approved
of bis mission tf bis patrons did and sent
him to the chief of polios. Chief Donahue
looked over Me matrimonial medium and
decided to give htm a list of same, but
thought better of II and told him be
could go on matchmaking hers as long
' as he found II lucrative and kept wit tun
the law.
The professor had a list of names of
'prominent Omaha bachelors and uiunar.
rled ma Ideas. He said he thought be
could provide for them, but when be bad
mad the round of the dty ball he gsv
up. admitting that he bad ben Inglor
tously defeated,
"My purpose ees to contreebute toward
se 1 nerves of msrreegea," Prof. Podaue
explained. "I speek ail se languages,
but fcngleeh I do not (peek so good."
Proving that he was In good faith and
proud of his calling the matrimonial man
displayed samples of hi paper from every
pocket. 11 explained that It was discreet,
however, to tuck the paper In some Inner
pocket when approaching a prospect.
On seven pages of advertising In hi
geatcfe'iaaking organ. Professor Podalua
pointed to some of hi advertisement.
It wa apparent that an hi client ware
wealthy, but few of them having lea
than ts.wt income year. "You ses say
are all respect eebls." He u tnthuslae
Uo and said he thought he would re
main In ths city atveral day, a th out
look wa good.
Jo W leaner, proprietor of ths raletaff
restaurant, wa struck twlc yesterday by
an automobile driven by Randall Pollock
and seriously Injured. Ths accident oc
curred at sixteenth and Farnam street
about I o'clock.
: Wlesner was walking to Ms restaurant
from Wa room at l'U Capitol avsuna, II
did not sotloe th aulomobll driving
lowly west. Pollock tried to stop th
car, but could not After knocking Wlea
Ber down he tried to oome to a oomplete
stop, but scctden tally forced ths oar for
ward and ths machln (truck W leaner
gain as he wa scrambling to bla fast
Th machine then passed over his back.
Dr. rttiglbbona saw ths Wlesner bad
two broken ribs, a lacerated and bruised
back, a well a cut about hi lag and
face. He wa taken boms la a city am
bulance. Pollock ha owned an automobile only
a (hort time, but ha been unsually
careful In hi driving. He say that be
ipplled th wrong lev era la trying to
nop. Pollock live at Florence.
A telegram asking for on month's
tear of a beetle has been received from
General F. A. smith, now In Hot Hprtnia.
This request tend to ths belief that the
general's wife Is seriously HI and hi May
In definite.
fearfsl Blaoarhtsr
uf deadly microbe occur when throat
and lung disease are treated with Dr.
King' New Discovery. Mc and U.s, For
sal by Beaton Drug Co.
Ualunblc Rugs
Glared Perfectly
i:.Systeal!.kesTh8Q U:k Cetter thxa dew
Not long ago w cleaned severtl
oriental rura for on of oar cus
tomer and when they war sent
bom ahe declared the looked
better than they did when new.
There, (a no doubt but what th
rug wo dry cleaned are cleaner
and mora sanitary than when they
com from the dealer. ,
- They say it takes months and
sometimes year to weave an ori
ental rue and it stands to res
eon that after H ha been worked
on for months by a (reaay Moham
medan, then polled over by doaeas
of buyers and finally shipped to
America, it is not as clean ana
fresh looking as it might be.
Do yoa realise what It means to
dry clean a rug? It means tu
wash It with gasoline, the asms as
we do your clothes.
Not many cleaning plant in any
city have yet gone to the expense
of putting In large washers and
extractors for dry cleaning targe
lie rugs. The Panttotium is beet
equipped n Omaha for each work.
We clean Oriental. Brussels,
WJitons, Velvets sad any other
kind of rugs or carpets and guar
antee them satisfactory or no
charge. ,
Let os clean all your house fur
nishings that will sot etand wash
lag and your friends will think
yon have got all new furnish legs.
We will send a man to quote
prices on all your work If yon
call Doug. ( or Ind. A-3K8.
Tb Pcntarium
"Goo CVaawrs sad Overs.
1515-17 hen ot. Both
wsi. - n 1 1 "
proof and
tet-tion in
new Bfyle
fects, etc
On Our Mala Floor.
S 7-Inch sheer Swiss and Batiste
men a i lover Embroideries In dainty baby Irish, lace effects, also1
..nii.u eei, iiorai ana many very usoiui coraoinnilon ellects Vf-?
worth op to 11.00 at, yard. ....... .. .St.
New Arrivals nf ths,
Ratios, Macrame. Veole and
' .-S A ... .
, "iw " maicn: new snaaow
'crochet laces. On sals In Main
Women's and Boys'
'Women's Fine
Women's Fine
Cotton Union
Suits, cuff knee
and umbrella
style, lace trim
med; spe- Q
cial at..:. C
Cotton Long
Sleeved and High
Neck Vests; also
pants in cuff
knee and urn 4 a
brella style; 1 M
We place on sals next Thursday an immense lot of 8 tamped
Package goods.
This Is tba asms as the well-known Bentley or Royal 80c let v
line, done up la packages with
piu. mirt are eeauimii lanisrpiecee, F1IIOW Tops, Library
Scarfs, Infaots' Wear, Lingsho and many othsr novelties. They
are displayed In one ot our Immtni oho windows and the values
are from lite ta 1.1 00
The msnufsctnrer of this
rougnt. ms enure stocg on nana
Offer Tour unrestricted rhoiee at
This is one of tho greatest
81 Is Thursdsy.
A well known Retail Stock of Men'ss
I Furnishing' goods will go on sale at Brandeis t
Stores Saturday at the most extraordinary bar-J J
gains we have ever offered in high and medium t
I grade fixings for men. w
The show windows are
and thousands of men stop
You'll certainly save money
supply of shirts, and underwear at this sale. ijh
Pumps and Slippers
It t la deed poor economy to force the children to wear
UtTitUng, poorly made footwear, whew It costs so little more
to bay dependable shoes, and get the extra advantage of has.
log n proper Dulng. Fry's Footwear lor children Includes
tho best Uses anado ta the world. ' . ' ?
. .Correct Fitting Is Important
.. Our co ai deration of the growing foot has alwar been
raannesdable. We fit every child Individually la this depart
neat, and oar range of style la pumps, slippers and shoes for
' ebildrea of all ages Is complete.
Prices Always Moderate
1 -r a rs
- Oreat
. Ken's ,
Oooaa, ,
vr " taw1 'nJTH
Linen Auto Coats
Good, practical coats that are dust-
give ample all around pro-i
an automobile. 'AH sizes
features, at
$5, 6.98 and $10j
New Serge Coats .
White and colored serges, made with
the graceful long lapels, new cuff ef
clever new models for
summer wear. Spe- f AO 01 A
cially priced at. .. . . VUeoJO J 1U
Women's New Wash Skirts
Made of repps, piques, cotton corduroys snd
linens a score of styles that are new nod
at . , ; t
J2.98, MM and $5.00
Omaha Women May Choose from Scores of
New Hats for Summer
The new Ideas are more stunning than
any that have been abown for years.
There Is an air of perfect taste about
Brandeis better hats and an air of cor
rect style as well.
Embroidered Flouncinc. also 14.
Crochet eftwte in alinv.r. h.n.t
. . . . . .
laces, also real rlnnv and real rw
Lace Deoartment at verv anerlalVt?
. -r mjp
Summer Underwear $
Boys Porousknit
Union Suits;
high neck, short
sleeves and knee.
length; 50o qual-
gufflelant (loss to complete each
line discontinued business and wo
at a prion which onables us to
xta suh ...
needlework bargains ws have ever
filled with these banrain lots2
to look at them every day.wfc.
if you'll buy your summer A
Espsrt dentist 17 at moderate
prtce all ware la ehsrsw of ex
perts Only sterlltard rnstrv
a.nts wsed. Pvrrslain fllltnss
fust like the teeth. Moat mod
emiv equipped office tn TTa.,is
TBISVD nvoojs. rirni ItMl
vorsee tets as an Sts.
in 1 f
The May Ktyle. Book of
view Patterns FREE
Suits and Coats .
A Large Lot of Each. Obtained in a - Very
Special Purchase, on Sale Wednesday
About 150 of the suits in
tailored styles with long revers and peau
cygne lined coats showing straight lin
fects. The skirts are modeled to conform
the coats, making these suits among the
most attractive we have shown this
season. They are made from light tan
and gray mixtures and stripes in imported
rough and coarse weaves, diagonals and
other worthy materials.
$22.50 and $23
Values, Wed. at
There are six distinctive styles of coats,
for both women and misses. In tbe sale-all
novelties with trimmed revers nnd abawl col-,
lars; not over-done, but just fsncy enough to
be stylish and snappy. Plain naviea
and various fancy mixtures for your
$18 to $20 Val
ues. Wedn'day
All These Are New Arrivals
New Whlnenrrl Skirt ehowing the most recent Innovs
jwtjw rrnipcora JKins MoM ,n the wy of oval tnd sida
tunic effects, side plaits or high girdles, will be ready Wednesday at
15.95. Values are $7.50 to $7.95, If judged by other' standards ot
value-giving. Choice of tan snd,gray. ,
Wash Skirts of norrocks, repps, piques, corduroys, Bedford
ta cords, ratines, etc., for your choosing. Each and
every skirt In the stock Is new not purchased a couple of months ago,
bnt Just unpacked, and displayed for your Inspection within the last
few days. Styles are quite varled-seldom more than one or two of a
kind in ths better priced skirts. Prices range from $2.75 to $10.00.
Mcifnrlnd rnafc The majority of our women's motoring coats
i townng vWQts w made of ntn qualUy- itnensv-ln plain
and novelty effects aa madams may wish. $$.60 to $7.95 tor those
that will appeal to tbe greatest number ot women.
I Indprln Wsi!ct In new styles arrive almost every day. High
lingerie waists ,ow nck modeU n ,uch wnted MJlM
as the psplum and caaaqus. Some have sailor collars, but lsces and
embroideries prevsll In sll of the trimming schemes. Choice ot long
and three-quarter length sleeves. As low as 93c and from that price
up to $26.00.
Some Special Items for
Wednesday Only
Women's and children's 15c
pin-on hose supporters, all
. colors .He
20e bolts of four yards of
colored or white embroidery
edgings 10c
Wire hair pins, pkg. . . .... ,1c
100-yard spools black or white
machine thread, all numbers,
I spools for Be
6c card of nickel-plated safety
pins, t cards for. . . . . . . . .Be
$ spools black darning cotton, Se
10c bolts ot five yards of black
mevretised skirt braid:
Wednesday, 2 tor Sc
10c bolts ot finishing braid, 5c
Pure Food Specials for Wednesday
l-lb. ran Bennett's Break'
H-lb. ran
fast coffee and 4
stamp. Ms
Bennett's liioelstor flour
special of tor of s, eac
at X0
14-Is sack "teueen of
th Pantrv" pastry
flour and 4 it's MJ
Assorted teas sad '
stamps, lb.
Tea Hlftinrs ' snd i
stamps, lb. ........16
itol naking
II stamps
h-lb. raa
ana i
Pull cream cheese 'snd
I stamps, lb sn
Bennett's Capitol ex
tract and IS a tamps,
bottle Ms
XT Bs. gnraasUtsd Sor
for giJO
Dutch ' Ross or Violet
Utlet soap, per cake, a
1 Bar ' Bsaastrs Bar-
rats Soap Sos
l-lb. roll Premium bat- i
teHns enej
Lerse can Bennett's
Capitol Hawaiian sliced
pineapple tna
Pint can (iaillant'a par
olive e4l reduced to to
.Jl'll w
Basds. Ska".
Blue Label ratu
IS slamps. Sottas
A little Bee want ad does the business.
: Eyerybodjr reads Bee want ads
the Famous Pictorial Re
at Oar Pattern Counter.
the newest
and tans
Muslin Wear
Sale Continues
We aire careful that all of the niunlin
undergarments that come, into this
store be made from grass-bleached
mateiials-none thst are chemically bleached
, can find n place here. We mention this sim
ply to show you ths standard ot quality this
stors maintains tba same standard being In thia
sale. A like carefulness was exercised concerning
the cutting, fashioning, finishing and trimming of
each garment Judge the price part tor yourself:
59c and 65c Values at ... . 39c
75c and 89c Values at ... . 49c
$1.00 and $1.25 Values at . 79c
$1.50 and $1.75 Values at . 98c
$1.75 to $2.50 Values at . $1.59
$2.75 and $3.75 Values. $2.29
$3.95 to $4.75 Values at $2.95
$4.95 to $5.95 Values at $3.79
Also Special Bargain for Children
' Included in This Sale
Five Special Numbers
for Warm Weather
Extremely long or medium
length styles with low busts
snd draw string through the
bust line. They are made of
light, but long-wearing batistes
and coutll; are supplied with
six strong hose supporters, and
combine style and comfort to a
high degree. -Ask to see them
the first time yon are In ths
$1, $1.50, $2.
'S3 and $5
Bennett' a Cap
Lart can Bennett' Cap
itol apricots and JO
atamp .... as
Dowser and
Bpp's eocoa
stamps . . ..ste Barstr
Kstoaes - a a
Poaea Boxes for a
Boneless sanUnse and I
stands, can. . . ... ..IS
Mb. pk(. Bennett' Car- ,10-1. Bask TeUow Oora
ilul oats eV lst'pa.lesi sasai ......... .. . so
g Is. gap rl... 3 ena-fcl 1 and 1
. stamps S3
8eeded raisins and 'ISIGIass' lombler of muv
pk. ....1SV, tard and 1 stamps IS
sWt-JXJ irJUeW71Kj
Fancy new potatoes, Ib.v. ....... Be
Fsncy Red HI ror potatoes, peck . . .87 He
1 bunches home groan asparagus. 3c
5 bnnches home grown spring onions tor... Be
Large fsncy encumbers, sack 10c
New solid cabbages, lb. ....... x. ....... .
Home grown spinach, peck...:: .I.V
2 large Florida pineapples for. r. . .S.V
Fancy, new. Texas anions, 4 lbs. for.. .. .33c
targe, Jatcy lemons, dojen. ........... .aoe
Satisfaction and
Big Special Furnishing Goods Sale
See These Men's "liniishinfr Specials Wednesday '
Less Than Regular Retail Wee
Men's Laundered Shirts
To $1.50 values, with or
without collars; ' soft or
pleated bosoms, 69C-49C
Men's Lisle Hose Made to
sell at 25c, pair..l2V.C
Men's Balbriggan Underwear Shirts or drawers, gar
ments made to sell at 75c to $1.25,N at 45c 35c 25c
Many Other Specials for Wednesday; Every Garment
Sold Guaranteed Perfect.1
$1.00 INDIA SILKS, 65c
26-in. finest quality India
Silks, in navy blues,
Copenhagen and tan;
small jacquard figures. A
real $1.00 value, F.
Wednesday Q3C
Now on Sale-MANUFACTURER'S STOCK-Now on Sale
Silver and Gold Mountings; many inlaid with Mother of
Pearl and several other patterns, including plain barrels,
in this sale. Only one to a customer,
White Goods
Suitable for Graduation
Dresses Wednesday
French and Persian Lawns,
sheer and fine; worth
89c, the yard 50c
rjYench and Persian Lawns,
sheer and fine, worth
50c the yard 25c
Pure White Wash Chif
fons, very sheer and fine;
worth $1.50 yard at 75o
Pure White Wash Chif
fon, very sheer and fine;
worth 75c the yard, ,39c
Curtain Scrim, white snd col
. ored borders, 38 In. wide; 15c
value ; 10c
Simpsons' Prints, black and
white, blues and grays; 6V4c
value Sc
Fruit ot the Loom Mualln, 36 In.
wide; regular 10c value., 74e
58 in. wide Bleached Table
Damask; 29c value 19c
Lawns snd Bstlstes, all new
spring pstterns and colors;
values, to 12Hc 7Hc
White Goods, check, bars and
stripes; values to 15c;' spe
cial 10c
; "IS HAYDEN'S" ...
You Save from 25 to 50 on Your Housekeeping Expenses
IS Iks. Bast OraanJatsd gngar glM
1 bars lnox, "Rest 'Km All" or
"Diamond ("' soap SSs
S lbs. best Whits or Tallow Com-
meal Is
I lbs. best Rolled Break Fast Oat
meal as
4i-lb. sacks Bert High Orade Dia
mond H Family Flour; nothlns
Ilk It. per sack flJS
14-ouncs cans Condensed Milk Ste
14-ounc pk. Best Domestic ica
ronl, mad in Ou.aha. pkg.,
Oil or Mustard Sardlnea, can
l ib. cana Assorted Soup . ...Tto
JcUycon or Jello. pkg
Oraps Nuts, pk. 10
K. C Cora riaks. pkg SV.S
McLaren Peanut Butter, lb.. IS
Th best Tea Rlftlnss. lb lSHs
Peters' Breakfsst Cocoa, lb. ...SSs
Uolden Kan to Coffee, lb SSs
Don't fsll to sample 4 he beautiful
Salads being demonstrated by Mis
Rankin: made with ths Delft Hol
land Peanut 8slad OIL Th taste
Try HAYDEN'S First
Savings Always J
$1.00 Muslin Night Gowrns
Fine quality, low neck, all
' sizes, 13 to .20, at. .. .49c
$1X0, $1.50 and $2.00 Union
Suits All best brands, on
sale, choice, 98c, 69c, 49C
$2.50 WHIPCORDS, $1.50
20 pieces of 5-t and 56-in.
English Cork Screw whip
cords in grays and tans;
special pqcc Wednesday;
worth CI CA
$2.0042.50.... -.ylenJU
Wash Goods
Baye-a-Raye ' Organdies,
. in stripes, with floral de-
U signs; sold everywhere
for 39c; Wed., at, yd., 25c
Organdies, very sheer and
fine, in floral designs;
large and small patterns;
25c quality, at yd. .18c
Irish Iinhette, -very fine;
a good line of patterns;
price, 19c ; Wed 'd 'y, 15c
Printed Bordered Batiste; 40
Inches wide, light and dark
colors; regular price, 25c yd.,
Wednesday St
Bilk Striped Zephyrs Dress Ging
hams rail good patterns; reg
ular 15c special 19c
Pongees, In white, cream and
blues; S3 inches wide; 25c
lue 12Hc
Leghorn, 36 - Inches; very fine
bleached mualln; regular 10c
nlue .7Mc
Poplins; 27 In. wide,' white,
blue, pink, green and red; 26c
value ........15c
Percales; 36 ' In. wide all new
patterns; light and dark colors;
15c value .10c
errs, cxnzsa km mm
Th best Creamsry Buiiar, carton
or bulk. lb. , 34
The beat No. I Creamery Biittsr.
from country, lb so
TJ1?. b?."' No- 1 DaJry Buttw. llL.'as
Full Cream Chros. lb .i
Tli tat Kreah Ea, eoa la
Tan stark of Osaaae tow rvsak
Tsrstsklss, 8 as 0 aavsa
rrssh Hplnach. per pec 5e
3 bunches frssh Asparagus ......a
bunches fresh onions ...6s
1 bunches fresh Radishes ...,..
4 bunches fresh PI Plant S
t heads fresh laf Lettura a
Fresh Basts, Carrots or Turnips,
bunch 4
t bunches frsah Parsley
Fresh Mushrooms, lb. ........ an
New Cabbsss, lb.
New Potatoes, lb.
rancy rip Tomatoes, lb 10
I lares Soup Bunches ........ 10s
Fancy Green Peas, quart is
Fancy Wax Green Beans lb law
cy Tosaat Cskkag riaata.
. .Ik. i
VYst.-k the
. - - -
tor our ztrat 1
Pineapple Sale.