Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, May 07, 1912, Page 6, Image 6

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The Omaha Daily bee
stMared st OvM (MtUaui
term or rcMCfurnoM-
fiatimti " - v.Oe.
Daily to (wuhoat Sundayi. ana fwr.K
Eeulr Bm And Sunday, ana rr..
Ml HuaOAJ. AM 7
(KB Sunday?, pa -!
eiodiAg aundAy). oar
Evcbicc Bee
Eaily E (loctosjng awneay). oar ato-vse
uur BAS (IUtM Sanaay. pw """IT."
aiMrass all eomplaiata or irrsgii arTflss
Be eaivary Is City ClrcelaOOB Kept.
Remit bT dralL opna er
(DIM te To Bee J-usaAsnag
air Km tuw
f Smsll aeeounuv.
Ossaha-The ht Builds,
taut Omeiia Hi N 8b
Cmd Biuiie-e Beset Bt,
i mn a utile Status.
CAJesgslse AUrqiMU biflmvig.
i,ui. cisW'UTsui,
tats af prearaata, CAsiaty ef Donglaa. m
lwlght WilOaBSS CUtKAIkA III!
AS? TA Be 1-Ml.UlAJAf iMI, SAiaS
AuIt swsra, hji that lb iww eai.r
cireuiauen, tor Uw ateoia ef ArU. 11
AA if! rff
Orciilatloa Mannaer.
iked la my prssesae sad ewers
UatfeaTder at wr. UU.
Is before
SietAry lAAA.
Vote esrly. Poll do at p. m.
A tT..t bead deal H tot pat
fJbroagk every dy. Sm It dark.
Digging daedal lone Is at m goad
exercise m fsadlng tbe forsaea.
call It Th WniiT rre.- Ok.
K doubt Kt took ptlu to AAA
Ukst kr VMkvoma m4 BomakrU(
Ibi op.
If m Mt 4 rear 4ntr i tka
yoUf, W prpr4 to for-r hold
Katekr'l (sinovt hb ftr rm-
HlT piu. Ed CMUku, th soud
fond WtAdAT. to goo.
Our oft bsltt ritt Utat aowat
eftMl am ma to W kotptBf mighty
qttiat Uoto f)M iprtng dy-
A eArtAla ipeclw e( MwipApArt
4ar to Robrt T. LIbooIb tho tigkt
to dofrad tko ftam of klo teUtor.
' A good tor wo14 bo ilisoct Jnitl-
ftod J Btejrtag kookcr thio kiad of
wMtkcr, to My Mtklaff of 0 bad
, Pfepbot Jf teko b) tBUrpratod U
prodlotlug oaotkAr till ummar,
Jnct UUtk ot It. pliui lilt
Hao bsUaooa ood tko Of Octal 0)
M of tbot April It Uto.vtd
priatrr will Along la duo eourta
of tin. -
. Oh euaot kalp footing tkat 1
boaatlag of IU rip trawbArrtA, gL
Leal asck to dlrwt aUadUob froa
ItS DM bn tOBOM.
Wliat kM "Chamo- withatll don
to oar BoapartlMB democrat! orgaa
tht b ahoald b tb only Btpehlld
la tb democrat le family
8oonr or later w thai! bav to
mak aa oxamplo la tkl ootrntry of
tboo parooa bo wantonly tear
down tb Star and Btrtpoa.
It la nraaliy tb aoaroatdmt
owner wko blld aad lata ataad tb
lUtto tnmblA-dow nmakaeklo that
csdaagor all tb salgbborbood.
Tb BtldlBg ottloor ot tko Lon
don TUanie tngalry wear a court
wig. Tbai aotd not dter tb lara.
tigatloa getting tb bald facta, bow-
Still, tb "bigh-mla4d- and "dle
tlDgoiabd" jndg did not talk that
way whoa Tb Bo klpd to tat him
ea tb boack or wkoa th bypboa-
atoa oatped to raeall kim.
Th Boa la tk oaly aawopapar lb
Omaha that waged a campaign
Bgaint tb km holdup. That may
b worth romambtring wbea yea aac
your at ice bfll rdacd t per cent
1 Oroaco ba proclaimed Gomi
pretfdeat of Mexteo. aad dockled to
tr an afar tbo.caoital from Jaarea to
Chlbnahaa. JErldeDtty they Jut for
gott all a ho at Hadero aad atexko
Our aoaparUeaa a-mocratle eoa-
temporary complete lta Hat of a
dortement of eaadldata la tb city
oieetloa wltk alt democrat aad thro
rpahHeaam. It oridontiy regards the
ratio of two to one aa:!y demo
cratic ,- -
Jsst to show Its disutorested aot
psrtiaanssty the. local dessecraUt
orgaa has esaaraed all Uree of the
Cithern" antoa democrats sad three
seats! tram
aarttss.s, set
assess utr Baiisans Manama
No Tora-as m isirty-uare.
tyssalngtee oarmnm at.. t. W.
flui-lir remms BWWB 4
aeiurial asaner aaeeid ee aHiessis:
uu Baa. fcaiariAt ftnia
IHlllUlll leanest B OSSy
nwaisaillr eaaelS Invew The
Bee- AllM to ChASS. HO
erUI be eksuseed ee ettea A a.
m the fcnu- Os the Square' demo
crats. Heads I wla and tails yoa
A Xecp-it-Onrk Box4 Seal
Th aaaoaaeemeat that Ue Water
board has stealthily sold aad deliv
ered at a merely nominal premium
the $7,000,000 of m percent thirty
year water bonds without lnrltlng
bids or giving considersUoa to any
but tho favored syndicate ahoald
shake ear people oat of their hyp
notic pell.
TU keep-it-dark bond deal Is of
a piece wltk tko peculiar star-chamber
maaagemeat that ka ekaracter-
tsed tk Water board's trnBsaetloas
la connection wltk the water works
throagkoat since "Immediate and
compulsory" purchase was started
Bine year ago.
Omaha Jast a week ago sold (0t
000 of 4 Vfc per cent twenty-year
bonds at a Bock better rice, and at
tk same rate this pranat solo of
17.000,00 of osearlUe should ksv
broagbt f 100,000 mors than th city
Is getting.
If this sum has boon deUberatsly
siren away out of friendship the
Wstsr board has been making a
present H had no right to giro. If
tko bonds kare been escrif iced below
their aurket wortk through over
bast or Ignorance, then there to still
loss excuse for It.
Had Us I7.000.000 bead deal
been consummated la tko open aad
awarded to tko best competitive bid.
th tusplcloa which will always at
tach to K could saaily bar been
Tk Erst of the Ciapsif.
Looklsg back erar th first con
test under Omaha's commisatoa nlaa
of city government culminating Id to
day's election, bo one can fall to ob
serve that tko beat of tko campaign
makes Salf-etyled reformers talk aad
act vary much like professional pol
iticians. If there has bom any appre
ciable differeac la this campeiga be
tween on side and th other In re
sorting to odious personalities and in
rerkiaesly bandying charges and
countercharges, It Is hard to obeorva
This s lection, wo were told, was to
be entirely devoid of aerUaaa pol
ities, aad waged a pea a high plana
of slvle prtoe aad patriotism, but as
a matter of fact, both tko BaIMa His
tory splitters aad Us chronic office-
seekers bav waded Into Uo same
mire, aad Indulged la worn mud-
sllsglsg than la tk old-time partisas
campaigns, to any nothing of the ac
companiments of threats. baUdooiag
and lytag. If wo believe all w hoar,
kotk aidos are trying to "steel- Uo
election, aad will bo prevented . by
nothing but U wlgiUnc of th ether
sids. If candidates from both slates
should by chance wla oat It would
require miracle, assuming that Uoy
bav beca expressing their ml eoa
vtcUoas of 00 soother, to get Uem
to work together la double harness
for tko good of U0 ehy...
fortunately, ws sea ascribe' moat
of tko bush Sag over to Uo heat of
tb campaign. Social and political
eaulllBrium will bo soon restored.
with th one lasting object lesson
that the entry of so-called reformers
Into politic does not make tko polit
ical millennium.
A Start Toward Pareefs Pot
The boose ba settled OS form
of parcels post, so far a It to COB'
earned, but the senate, of Bourse.
wiU ksvo tko last word. The bosse s
proposition call for little more Usn
n trial, but If tko senate sonde It
Ue president for final aeprovsl.
will certainly prove to bo at least
a step la th right direct Ion. Tbr
is a way of la tuga rating pereei
post sieopt piecemeal, as wo did with
free rural delivery. That was In
troduced oa aa experimental. aartlAi
basis, and it developed aulckly be
cause it tamed oat to bo exactly
what was wanted, go it may bo ex
pected of parcels poet Those who
are complaining becauss w ar not
likely to get a Bareefaj poet Uw all
at once applying the system to Ue
whole ooaatry. arbaa aad oabarbaa
sections alts, ahoald have patience
aad rest assured tkat If Uo plan Is
ss meritorious as tlley believe it will
eipoad J net aa rural fro delivery
did. For uls rossoB w cannot kelp
thinking that some of Uo criticism
of the proposal for a partial tatre
aocaoa rests naoa a biased motive.
The need of parcels post Uo eneour.
aging conditions sad Uo room for
development are, we Ulak, J oat as
favorable as tkoee that lay before th
aew mall delivery sysUm la Ue
Tk FalpitatiBf Heart of labor.
May to living ap to Its reputation
as a breeder of discontent la the la
bor world, Uoogb aa yet, happily, It
kas net come op to Its record for
strikes. The engineers, firemen,
coal miners, freight handler sad
local u atone hero and there either
Uroatf a to strike of bav made
progress toward virtual peace, but
excepting Ue situation amoag the
newspaper anions la Chicago, there
is open trouble bow here.
The Chicago sltualioa, where
stereotyper Bave struck because ot
tko employment of some Bonanloa
p racemes, lacks even tko endorse
msat of tho Stereotyper naioa aad
other antes, in fact, the B ariose!
head of the surmttpers tf vised
against Uo strike, s Ust there
seems to he ground for the employ
ers' charge that Uo walk-eut to In
direct violation of con tracts. Th
strikers have added to this unfair ac
tion rioieot tres&Bao of Bttla news-
boys, making n very bad state of af
fairs. thougJa It to oaly local.
The eoastry may well afford to
look past Chicago to tko ottBstioB of
the engineers oa tko fifty-one east era
railroads aad to Uo anthracite coal
mines, where, though delay may oc
cur, a strike bow seesao to be out of
the suAetloa. Aad Uo flasl effect
upon the labor aad industrial worlds
Is sure to be far-reaching. Every
Urn a serious labor dispute like one
of theee to peacefully adjusted it be
comes, or should become, that mack
Her to adjust Uo next oae. So
that aside from tko immediate good
aceomplhiked U avoiding a great
paralysis of soma Industry, there Is
th further laflueaee la the future-
Federal Control of livers.
No jealous regard for states rights
obtrudes Itself la Ue pressors of Ue
necessity bow existing for federal
control of rtver levees. Tkstaeces
srty has sees made very plaia to Ue
people of Uo states where millions
of dollars' worth ot property aad
some lives bare been destroyed by
Uo Mississippi river floods, and now
Tons em so. Arkansas, Mississippi aad
Louisiana are ready to nnlte sad nrs
salting la a demand for federal con
Of course, it Is eat of lb question
to think of any one or an of theee
states adequately fortifying them
selves against the rampages of the
swell rtvar, which to the drslaway
f U two great centra basins ex
tending from the Rockies oa the west
to Uo AUegkenios oa Uo oast It Is
clearly a matter for the national
congress. Aad it to a matter that
mast receive adequate attention. It
has been folly dsmoastrsted that Us
levees of Uo great river are not
quel to Uo emergencies of aa over
flow. It to espUlaed that ths con
stant Increase la Ue tide of ths river
to dao largely to Uo closing op of
Uo vast basins that formerly ab
sorbed muck of Uo spring floods
tlsforesutloB and Uo building op of
the adjacent country Is contribu
tory factor.
Bat Wbstovsr the cans, her sr
tbs great stretches of Oiled soil Inun-
dsted., homes snd farms engulfed,
families fleeing In boats for their
sfety. millions la awsey gone snd
some life wiped out Whatever ft 1
possible to do to prevent Ust should
bo done promptly. Congress, scting
upon ths president's direction, bss
granted some temporary relief, aad
hae shows a disposltloa to give Ue
matter Uorodgh consideration. Tho
senate finance committee bss da
te noised that at least $4,000,000 of
tho $0,000,000 annually devoted to
river Improvement must go to build
and mslntals river levees. This
ahoald bo encouragement to Ue
soatbera states and also help allay
their fear of federal Interference.
To Uo Editor: If you had en
dorsed my Bomlnntloa for council
man, I would write you n nice letter
thanking yoa for your disinterested
snd public spirited coarse, sad prais
ing your msnly, courageous and un
selfish attitude, but since yoa have
failed to do so, I raa only denounce
yoa for prostituting your high call
ing for Us attainment of wicked per
sonal ends. (Signed) Bosr Grape
Maryland's sixteen detegstes are
to be bound to support Us candi
date for whom thsy are Instructed
by preferential vote until Uey eon
scieatleusly believe he has no loager
a chance Ot winning Us nomination
But what about the Massachusetts
delecatee !natrat4 fn T,ft k. .
Wear majority la the primary, vet
Ijclaimlng Uo right to disregard their
Instructions T
Mr. Bryss does not ears bow much
time end moaey Wilson, Harmon.
Clark, Underwood ot al. wests In
their little play presldenUsl contest
so long ss ho holds Uo power to
Never mind, after it's over, who
ever s elected will forget sad for
give, sad Us also-rsBs will try to
look , pleassat and . pretend they
liks It
,Te maaM'BiaaMta maiArr.
St. Leou Republic
A Brimarv hf Baa that la lfimilin
AAtta. erSJek Aivaa m k mm.
eaoel vote eeS sanlltar aaa the SelaAAiaa
works abeut aa tke Aid cenumtloa ant.m
did wkea the boans esoeluded to Uke
ttalBsa Into their ewa heads.
I' MlasOtr inksarda I a lasera.
- M. raul Ptsseteh.
.It la a weeder aesae ecttdeat bssuranee
eetnpeay Ones awt palat lt Adverttae-
mbU ea tee front ef theea ioaerce that
are Betas aeas to all parts at tas Atlantic.
Think or keisg sjamuS that s compear
"Hae the Btreealk ef sat leeherg."
thlae (
PhllAdelpnta Preva.
Celeesl Brraa'a JeO of watcktag to aee
as (ar Bate
eotewhlns ef a etnecwre. U the seveinin
of Onte deee aat eeea get
satee the giatlaeiaa xraes pilars eke win
feel eesesd t taxa te seunlhlin
A aetaal AeraaaaMea.
Kaw Terk Trtbaaa,
As aa? aallnty lasleel esptasatioa ef
the reran great tlee ss prtes ef saaaa
the SaHowmg m eftaral (ram Cblcaco
The vataa Bemjiai m Waswng the
whaiaealar. the wholeaaier tbe paekar.
tha paekar th (amer ead the
farmer ' the kwh pnee ot can
la Una Bease that Jack Want eair
eaa Bam was eaatttaa. arefrhedr ahoald
far kicklag at Ue
Thirty T
A apriakle af rem was tanaae br a
torn ail dap taw Soaaar. wbJch Mt the
atratta la a very aoft eoaditiaa.
The saereeT seacert whieh eat to have
beaa given la Metre samaaer carden waa
peetpeaed eaa weak ea ocreawt af the
The lot ea the oiulheert eereer ef
Ninth aad Joaes solas grasAd by the
Caioa Pacific.
Rev. Jeoa WlfflAaw. rector ef 8c Barna
bas', wilt give the usual receptloa te the
Epueopel OMactl, whteh meets here this
The Baptist chareh has beaa vary for
tunate la eacttrtng the aanrlces ef Mrs
Arnold, eopraao; Kra. ghreva. arte; Mr.
Sbnrve. baeao. aad retalatng Mr. Wesley
WllklBS. barltaoe.
Tb choir of the Second rraabrtertaa
church has beaa nawly eeaatltatad as
fallows: atlas Day end Miss MaoI, ae
preaea; MhaM rsaalA Wlleea sad Usate
Sharp, eontreltoe; f. S. gnSlh aad Devid
Weils, teeer-. J. U Smith end Charles
KraUc, bassos.
lvers ef the emlseat Irleh poet
Thereae Moere. wOl estaernt hie aaai-
versAry asder the auaplees ef the nanaMt
MoaaaMet saeenanea aa the eveains ef
May M. Judaa U C. Northrup will deliver
aa address sad there will b aa erUnnal
poem aad aansle.
The Bee prlnta this aete, beaded "Far-
aouI TC- M. l-Teura matvil. Weald
like personal Interview. Call at ear
office at 1 Cdeek May t If not satis
factory, appoint a nweUns. either through
these cotuaias ar bp avail.'
George Hera, the pootoeapher, a-
Bounces s aaw mathod of making to
stAntsaeoue peetogrsphs. by which a pic
ture nay aa take m tha fractlan of e
eeooiid before the most restless ehDd can
Miss Mollis Browneoo aa a westbeuad
passenger ea tbe noea traia,
Mr. E. A. Collins of tows, lamer ox
Joha B ColUna. was a the city.
Mr. O. T. Walker, rupertn Undent ef the
Omaha Nail worse, haa returned (rem
Sea rrencieeo.
James a MoKslt s( Buiitngton, U
was the gueet of his sister, Mrs. Howard
B. Smith.
Tweaty Year Ago
gudae H. J. Devte returned, (rem wean-
instan sad New Tors, where be had been
At the permanent erganlsattos ef the
Omaha fralcht buraaa, led by the Omaha
Ceaunaretal aavaelAtloB. ef which Charles
T. Waller was prasrdent, theee were
oheeea as the exeouUr eesaaalttee: W.
N. Ba boack. J. 8. Knox. A. C reetsr
aad t M. Make ef the South Oeeehe live
Stock esehaase; E. K. Brace, dross; A.
a. Jaqulih, graini Joha a Brady.
(Toeerlae; Daa rarrell. Jr, eyrups, and
D. A. Baua. hard vara
Mrs, Kate Clampia retomed from the
eeat t
A joint eamnlttee ef fourteen, repre
sent! nc the Board of Trade, Omaha Real
Bsuu Owners' aaaoetatlaa. county board
and city council, met at the Board ef
Trade rooms to devise a new system of
assessing and taxing property In Omaha
Pea H. Wheeler was mads ehetrmaa
end N. K. Crary secretary.
Tbe statement ef rent aetata transfers
for ths -week hewed Be,77B.
The boys and gtris ef tbe Lake school,
under direction ef Miaa WMtmere,
prmelpei, overran The Bee erOces end
building for a pert of tbe day. They
were tokea throusk every atep In the
I leas of newspaper making and had a
grant time.
Tea Years A co-
Robert D. Boaworth end Mis Nellie
Hamar were married at the heme of tbe
bnee'a parents. Mr. aad Mrs. Joha
Hamer. Thlrtr-elgbUi end Charles streets,
st I P. m. Mr. Albert Undoutst wse
beet men and atlas Anna Hamer brideo-
Andrew Peterson, who had served for
B) years aa letter carrier la Omaha, aa
neunced be would leave oa May 14 for a
lens rest rn Kurope.
Dr. w. H. Hanchett bed te make his
calls en borer back because Peter Hofeldt
Dtok O'Keefe and Henry Oetrom. county
oommlastoners. had, by mlataks. got his
phaeton out ef the livery barn aad sens
for a bis drive ever the country. Whan
the doctor was salted H be were wroth.
he replied: "Well. I bed te make my
calls by ho ret beck, sad not being used
te the saddle. 1 naturally feel a little
Tbe beard of director of the Omaha
seminary authorised the faculty to trans
fer Dr. A. a. WUsoa from the chair of
apolosetios and missions te the chair of
sec leal astloBl hlatory.
Th ninth annual commencement ef the
Omaha Theelogieal seminary was bald
at First Presbyterian ahurch. Rev.
Stephen Pnelpe ef Lew Avenue Presby.
tariaa chorea, presiding. Six were srao.
Ated-Charies C Brown, Walter N. Otllle,
Walter N. Haley. Kenneth J. MAelnms,
rrederick C Phelps end Harry Stewart.
The mayor, city attorney and district
judge ant a aumber of local lawyi
met Mrs. Gsorse Ambrose ef Chlcese
with the body ef her buebAAd, JudsS
Ambrose, at the station aad escorted the
remains to Prospect HUt where senricee
wsre eondweted by Rev. T. J. Maekey.
Judaea Doaae WakaJer, Eetelle. and
Ksyser acted aa honorary escort. .
People Talked About
Doctors ta the etty of Lyons. France,
have Inancuraud a new arhedule ef
prtcee for overtime work. N!(M vtats
bsrwesa 1 sad M are to be charred double
rates sad sfter B) tnpte rates. Tbs aunt.
nrsea fee for a day rant m S ex '
J. C. Farrar of Durent Okl, who le St
years old. srey-halred aad a STaedtather,
lateade ta return te has metres ststa
Tennessee, eater the Vsa Set tilt aarear
any and Basin a three yeare coarse to
make as ef a fund of tLSn) tkat was
raised by astcabers far his education
easily forty years see.
The esaaas sf the late WnUem M. laf.
fin, ferassr psshnshsr of the New Terk
Sua, to spore and at gCTetSSX, The sreater
pert sanslsis sf Bt snares ef the Ban
stock. Par walua tLm end appralsU at
PUS saca. SBAres of eeeea fetd vane
eaene an tbe
TaoBrh the season te a trifle carry for
vacates pis as, the tonrist literary be
rsaue are pettier eat the finest hoe of
preSminery appat Issts ever fashioned by
th -mA SSAAATTAthrA.' If these rASr.
aaitraT talee were eeeeaSsd at face valas.
as ace piinint ef live Stood would
x (
Bee Kaaaralaa Caadldasea.
OMAHA. May C-Te ths Editor ef Tbe
Bee: It si being flagrantly declared ay
one ef the leediag rsadidaiea that the
Ministerial anion on toantry has recaread
ret easurances ef a ssOsfactory attt-
taas free the Cllisee una
la aeeeTdeaee wttb ita weB known pol
icy the Ministerial anion bee asade aa
kOTemeat of nsadlastse it bee seked
ae qnsetli ef say raneiostse aad haa
eaa red ae assure eras, eecret er ether
wiae. (ram tha Csnesaa aassa ticket.
K. B. CBAWrOBA Preetdeat.
B. B. gPEER, Secretary.
Amertean Crttlalaes ABsaad.
LONDON. Aprfl M te the Edlesr ef
The Bee: This from the Pall Malt Gaaatte
ka need to American aver here.
Hundreds of them bav ham writing ta
tha London papers, bat nobody sot aay
thine printed until this chap came alone.
waoATer ss kt, be Is there with tbe sonde.
It Is se good, I sueee they bad to
print B. W. W. T. ef Linenta. Nea.
Blr: Whr must re and I hiiresns M (a
1 shots unmrAistetr we so to seat This
thins ef "boata for women, stoker and
stewards only" doee not make a hit with
me: en I Am T M miles frees Boms (Cal
ifornia , and expect to return ere ion.
Tbrouco cabled dispatches ws learn
rreea personal stAtsments of wecnea sur
vlvors m at least three boats tAAt they
bent to the oars because the "crews" of
their lifeboats atekara. waiters aad seeks
did not know bow to.
After a eeeiaia hee thrAwn a war his
ship, becauss hs has dlsrsssrdsd wireless
waminca sent him almost hourly from
the captalna ef ether Tassels, it Is Ail
very well for him to shout throocb A
mecapbone "Ba British!" But why
should you and I remain on board to
drawn nke rata ha a hi Iran ease while
stokers end stewnrds lanernat ef ears
and boats sre sscaptng In the guise of
boats' crews? I eaa vouch for tbre of
the TttAnio'e heroes bavins bean strenr.
useful ear men, and powerful fellows
such ae a lifeboat needs Msjor Butt, Mr,
Astor end Mr. Putreiie. It la heartreodin
the ther perished psAsieely when they
were entitled to man one of the bosle
m which women st ruffled at the oar.
Suppose It had beeo a dirty nifhtl
Dark, with half a gale, leaning sleet end
drivlee se usiy sea fleers wtlh creel
wavee! Then whet need for etrons men
at the tone heavy ear, Instsed Af des
perate women and unskilled ship's waltsrs
and eaM attendants! Would the Car-
path la have found MS persons te reseue
at dawat
Glvlnc one's Hfe for women and chil
dren Is ens thine Self tnunolstlon far ths
benefit of etewerds And ceal-paseers Is
Another. This Is somethlns the shipping
eompenlss will have to (see. What would
your rowing readers do In such drawn
stances r I don't knew much About the
peoples ef the saetsra Mates and eaetara
provinces of North America, but I could
tell you pretty nearly what would be
done by any men coming from west ef A
Uae drawn through Hudaea bay te the
mouth of tbe Mississippi. Respectfully
yours. E. a a PITZHAMON.
Oakland. Cel.
ss af ths slag dale aa
Bar Soare, .
New Terk Bus.
Mew the facte that auepteloa feeds ea
la this case which wae said to Involve
the Japanese swvernemnt were these, ae
eerdlng te tbe state department. Aa
smsrirss syndicate having a eeneesslsa
la cennsctlea with a tract ot teed at
Magdalaaa Bay wee tired ef the bsrsala
and desired to transfer Hs rlghm to s
Japaaeee syndicate which was repre
sented by aa American attorney. Hs
Bounded the State espartnsat. Would the
Unite States goTsrament oppose the
transaction, looking at M through the
Monroe eoetrla epeeteeeesT Tbe eynct.
sets weal not take ever the rights with
out the eosntenaaeo of the Japaaeee gor
ermwsat and H seemed politic te In
quire whether tbe United States would re
gard ths transfer ae objectionable. The
State department did not encourage tb
project Intimating that la soma quarters
It would provoke Is great outcry,' which
would be embarrassing. Subsequently the
American concessional raa planned a part
nership with the Japanese promoters.
the American to retain control 1
majiaswment ef the enterprise. Tbe Bute
department declined te annctioa It and
there the matter dropped. Naturally the
department "cannot assume that there
le ea foot any proleot celling (or action
os the part of the sorernment of tha
United Slates." It refers to the rumors
of Jepentss designs on Msgdelena Bay
as "of a kind that ail toe frequently oc
cur t the detriment of pubilo opinion la
the respective countries and are so alien
to the cordial relations of the govern
meat's concerned."
Tbe Incident ahewa bow apprebensirs
the Japanese sovernment la that tha In
vestments ef Ke cKlseae to this hemis
phere may be muuoesratood and excite
suspicion, end at the name time h
careful the United States government le,
tn deference ts aalatrust af Japan, te
withhold official saoction of a 'Tt
contract abeut which ae ueetloee would
be asked If the aliens mtsreeted. bt It
wsre ef any ether nationality than Japan-
Oa Terse for Prestdeata.
Philadelphia Bacord.
There Is very wrach to recommend the
eoBwtttutloeal emend merit making preet
ssets Ineligible for re-electioa. It la not
ee certain that the term ahoald be pre
leased to sis years. There to no neces
sary connection bet wees the two, but
propositions to make the president in
eligible for a second term are usually
oowpled with this prolongation of the
term There ta a common Impression
thet a preasentmi campaign la bad for
biislnsss. but lm was a notably good
year, and business hse for several
months keen steadily Improving, though
presidential campaita le already well
under wsy. Ths recommendation of eix
years seam to be that It is splitting the
difference between one term and two.
Senatorial Bad Taste.
Philadelphia Reeord-
Inov areata m a national matt, ft ta
far more than a matter ef manners; It
kt very ernesty eo&aeeted with meraia
A parody oa the Apostles' Creed le ta
the very worst taste, to put the thing in
It mildest form, aad It Is strange that a
United BtAtee senator should have gtven
saca waatoa effsnee to sli rellgleas Berne ilsifime have protested
openly, and plenty ef tayssea are
deeply pained at such fai otltsisiies
say SBSItel satis eaa be. We need to eat
trrata a aaaae ot ieeainta, and we can
wefl spare aay jests that depend for tbetr
atusDSilly upon ehnrgliig anrvsresi Carts-
Uaa suscsptlbilltles.
BreafcrAaf lata the Sasar Set.
' Chicsgo Beeord-HerAld.
Only one member of China" new na
tJoaal sisssnkly wore a queue wbea he
reported At the opening ef the session.
Meat ef the ether ware smart A seen res
tlethes aad htoksd ea kt they
PaaalaMSe yjeesaaa Swar BWh Far.
Ua ta Sitnuks.
St, team Clete naawrat.'
Keeraska It auu, ta bath peruss. yopu-
Batic It has sma9 aye rag uiassi isflvse.
ar tor msn woe thiaa. bacausa taey knew
that the piageeas wasrh bee beaa made
ktr eeuhnabsd rsssentrrtanai farms ef
isvinmsiel ta thai ussati j ta a eufrktent
rjerassae ef (an bar put "ssi 1 isisi
whsasver puaUc sptmsa aeaaaed It
Nsbrsaka wants sera wasting new con
stiuitkmal forms far takmg abort cuts
and eapuvcrag th term Wktch folky
charted reada and mala tawTolad way.
te anderatanding tat result ot the Ne
braska primary, the Bret thing te ee is
te understand Nebraska. And B wsa be
few ta gat aa anderstaadlBg at Ne
araaka through ransidsrInA; the primary
as a whole, end no as twe eaparata party
arlmartea, than It win be Is attempt
drawing party dHUuettetis where asoe
st s bias 1 si the ease tie st one of
-piiifissstneim Leafeiag at the re
sults tram that practical point at view,
wa On Mr. .Boosevett astride of the
bean, flanked aa eaa Band by Mr. Bvyea
and aa tne ether by Mr. Clark. They
three are vtetere la tha clash between
such ss wan te keep ta the atiddle af the
reed artegetaer 1
1 take ta the
Jehnav Psw. what dose a aewspape
mesa when 11 says -wur ssisiiu
temporary V
Mr. BiTars-tt usually msene, my bey.
-th, sieerahla. eoateminubtA. lying.
anarilng little sheet that pretends to con;
araer nsetr sn oraaa ea irM" el" --
-4?Bicas Tnauaa,
Bu. HiWu. SVeaeen. la lfTS.
"Why. ef course, sa income tax ell
right. 1 eaiy ansa 1 asa a we -
...... -1, eMM im tail "An
Income tax le aa outran e! It leads to
bribery and extortion snd erlmtnal Cle-
heasstyr-Cieveian rsaia xieaiar.
Thlnes' didn't seem to work tssetbsr
In your senea ox oramaus raprssssta-
tons. '
Thv eien'e- snnurtear sir. rannuii'
I.. Kin., "ariuifi we nlayed trsgsdy
tha hex nfflce reeeipU were a faros, aad
when we played farce they were a
tragedy. " wasautgtoa star.
"To show how unconsciously a mans
business mar be in hie mind at all times.
1 iMb a fltuiicisi siisjsiot ta a fln-
endsr'e to select a dog. and what Blad
ef a aog do you thiak be aaksd for st
"What ainSr
A water dog. Bald he bad heard H
Start Right
The Commencement Day of
Comfort is the first day in
Crossett Shoes. , .
Spunky buttoned shapes with'
high heels and toes for young '
men. Conservative designs for
older ones. Fit from the try-on. '
Crdssetf Shoe
- - vaaes asaest -
rJ4tOw6wvarywW Patot!
I ar s Trnw a v ma wv in a
THREE FEB CENT interest is paid on
lATinffi deposits and COMPOUNDED
SEMI-ANNUALLY. Tundj nay be with
drawn at any time without notice.
The combined capital and surplus to 91,400,100.00.
It is Ue oldest bank la Nebraska, '
Established la 1881.
United States National Bank
of Oaalia, Nebraska
BT. . Bestow, grssiieee, mW sTstmsllul. Issl Ossk.
SX W. Wasaisa, Tloe-rres. m. . Meramaa, Asst. Ceaa. -
B. Caldwell Tlce-Frea. . a lteaAre7aaet. OaaaT:
V. B. aaoaaee, Oaaaier. v at Xataa, Asst. Oaaa.
Oneat em oatardar Catil t:tM P. K,
ISO Faraam Be, , s'lt - ' Ptmeae Dnm. itba.
nates ... ... tt-e-rps- v
Kxtmetlng 8ct FX . -r r
FUllngB .... - - -nsca srVJ . v t f ajj-l
Crwwas ... nOCp NjTTfYTlJ
sMdgasjOgk uaomJOC g, ya5gTfftT
ass a good stock proposltten."-Balt-awre
Dentist-Pauley, the aelat waa to.
thai ssoralng and had a tooth pulled.
F need Ah! Aa extract from a popular
author, ae It w era-Boston Transcript.
"Theee ess pie Im lbs house ewer the
way. I am informed ea credible authority,
are leading a double UIa."
-Tee don't say ee!"
"Tea; they're got twias." Baltimore
to on coxnra cr age.
Archibald Rutladga fat Tenth's
f- nlnsi
A thousand sntads for roe have thought.
For yea a thousand heads have wrought
10 vass row wibo w "TT
enws eye uw. i
Of stsrs that tone ae have set:
Aa deep within their happy Bight.
eve asienai star wnruwn r
For yoa ths c toady hettls roared
Along the plain of Marathon ;
Foe you the Bomae eagle soared
- iknuL. J th. Allft.
Ths fealties of evary race.
too noose oeeos 01 wwr
Are yours te teach you knightly grace;
O loyal friend wltk eyes se true.
ny iwuenuiwM ,icm, - -
The trust ef those wbo died for yea
Far ta tha dim and shadowy past.
In their proud giving they wsre gleg
To brave the dassrt. dare the foam,
Tbay willed to you the best they had
to MM yvur wusiw a
0 fnend. ths latest and the best
Of nature's plan and man a aeetre,
Tou, too, must msor end not rest;
Must pass, perchance, through, flood
and fire,
Where honor leads, thsra boldly barg
Into the fiercest of ths fight;
And your aright memory shsli emerge
Ta glorify some future night
Holds your sock as
grTrooth a yoqr skin
ogfanag facer ea, suetm, oootosi
la ! el hae p Bern
Ssent St weeiaAIAa
Sole Onaha Agents
Crossett Shoes
mad on er before May
A sn aval anas AJVUIa. WU1 UiaW
interest from May 1st
aTr fl 1 I m swav sm
atawtag Teeth SaapHedl
wlthews Piatea ar Bridgo-
orb. Xarvm
wiaJsoeapasa. Work
stay At