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. It's an 111 Wind that Doesn't Blow Up a Rain
Copyright, mi. National News An t.
Drawn for The Bee by Hal Goffman
f 4I-M0
(-iitfi y
Smowin tRe"T txcTBfNT
s..,afl tt V 1-I u a .TiicnM
ft ft MVTCH
Times P Worry A'
ms ThflTS The 1
THAT in bitter Jolt . tbt
Rourkae sufltred at St. Joseph
(our straights tost "What'
ths troublsT" iu th e.uestton
M horn. "I It th pitchers, or
la tt the lack of bettlngr Wall. It era
both, apparently, connected with a few
ether littl thlnsa that alwaya happen In
the eourao of 'a baM ball season. Ws
did axpaot tb team to apllt vn, at Wast
la Mteeourt, although Holland baa a feat
bunch. But things Improved when tb
team sot home, that la, tha Una of fortune
changed. Three atralfhta from Da
Moines helped tome and served to Infuae
Nttla needed ginger In soma souls. Tb
team oufht to be up In tb front before
long and wa (hall feel Ilk taking a band
umtvea If M la net It hai been
vastly strengthened In Johnson, tb slug
ging catcher. R but wallop th ball
for fan and h htt M th plnchat better
than at any other time. He la apparently
tb fraeat hitter Rourke baa had since
Oeorg Stone's day. Nothing bhort of
two or three bit a game aeema to satisfy
blm. If Hickory continue th way b
baa stareed. Manager Arbogaat la not
likely to tod constrained to do much
actlr work, blmself. A eonatetently bit
ting catcher I an luxury Omaha
not bad for lo, the many day. It will
kelp thing Tory much whan Burt Nleboff
get bta lamp on the bail. Ha ha been
tat la starting with th bat, though he
la there all tha time with everything
Is. That Infield, by th way. par
ticularly Kane, Justice and Nleboff, to
working Uka a clock and young Scanlon
la oomlng with Wanner to keep up the
round robin with' him. 80 far aa tha out
field go, there la nothing to It but the
best If th pitcher hold up. It they
coma through, that ought to make the
team as least a contender. And wa cer
tainly think there should be no long de
' lay about the pitcher coming through.
Pa' young pitcher, Hyatt, won hie first
( gams. Ha la a hardworking youth and
probably all right W' Ilk to offer
I this friendly bit of advice now don't b
so ear! of tha spectator's time, Mr.
I Ryan. Tan gain nothing by such a pain
fully alow plan of action. This one thing
I does a tot to mar th interest of a gam
and there la na uat In It Th game
ar called fifteen minute earlier than
formally in deference to tha popular
wish of th fan. Now. certainly th
umpire should follow this up by com
pelling the pitchers to make tha beat as
of their time.
It begins to teak as If Jake Buhl would
keep Mr. Athletic as busy as tbsy ear
to be winning that ltl! psnnant Jake
baa "coma back" a blamed fast aa ta
keep tb bead of th rest of tha man
agers spinning. Jake baa bad a couple
of years la a bank aad baa learned th
discounting system. He wouldn't be con
tent with anything abort of about 10 per
cant And It'a up to Jska to noma along
with hla Bad Sox, tor old man Kllng Is
a-eomlng with InV Beans. Bos too la
being restored to the baa ban mas. .
Mr. Chance, though down aad out so far
aa playing goes, la rather tenaoloua In
bis desire to keep hla team In first di
vision. Tha old Cubs are clawing tntm
all a Utile, with the chance of a fiercer
fight when fully aroused. Chicago Is
likely ta have a real place In the btulium
again this year. Callahaa'a box are sim
ply running at break-neck speed and
show no signs of slackening their speed.
Cal Is another or the, aid boy whae
come-back was as Joke,
That tblrtean-loning battle between
Omaha and Dee Molnea Friday was
worth tha money aad Omaha waa not so
superstition that It feared ta win In the
thirteenth. And her again wa are forced
ta speak of eur s lusting catcher, John
soe. who broke ap the game la Omaha's
behalf with a two-bagger, at least, he
started the breaking which Scan loe com-
I plated. The young man. Hicks, with
I some Tory bandy pitching, bad a vital
part ta thing. . ,
The PhilHe are starting ant with tb
wont run of luck even they have bad for
years. Doola. Doolan. Knabe and Walsh
'all went dowa and out temporarily within
,a few days and that at the beginning of
i all wet
Jack Thomas featured In the game here
(Thursday by bitting Into two double playa
when be bad chances ta score a pair of
jruna. Jack really baa got by bis slagging
.days, It seams. .
OTooie kt attn aetlvsrtng. Geo, a WJ
pitcher baa only one chance. Ha 1
afford to lose mora than one ar twice
la a see son, or bis asaaager will re broke.
Isay'e low ana are taking their time
about starting, lasy la diffident, himself,
about getting la tba game. The eM fel
low must be playing a lobar somewhere.
As yet a eaa baa been wart in the
rush ta boy easts for tba Jack Carter
"whit hope show. Tba nanuiuiy ef
Labor day la still fresh.
It la believed tha Owner Hedgea of
tba St. Loots Browne might get a bettor
team with better selartee. Impossible!
WalL aow all of those St Joe stars are
back from tba majors, area t tbayf
The ladle are taking pt thaaa Ursa tree
I daya fine. ' v
Many Amateur Game to Be Served
Up Toil Afternoon.
Mala Has Iatetwfered with aehed-
alee Daring', Last Twe Bandars,
bat with Ge4 Weather To
day All Will Be Oat.
Bala baa Interfered with amateur baas
ball for two Sundays, and If today la
propitious every park In the city will be
alive with players and fans. There will
be two lively games at Fort Crook. The
Omaha Grain Exchange will play the
Hansoom Parks, and tha Workmen will
try out with tha Holly bunch.
Following are the lineups:
Orain Exchange. Haneeom Parka
Dennlaoa First
Slgler Becond
Orau .Short .,
McNamara Third .
Thompson .Left ...
Knee ...Right .
Murray .Center
Morrow Catoh ..
Rathke Pitch .
Woodard .Pitch ..
A. O. U. W.
Bpellman. .......
Tear Ik
. Dougherty
J, Kelly
.... 0 1 II ham
First .
.Third .
. Ehort ,
.Left ...
Fox Center
Wright Right Miller
Laghtell Catch Brickaon
Qulgley Catch
Eleenbart Pitch Hlckey
Morton Pitch P. Kelly
Sweeney Pitch
Tha Btors Triumphs will swim np ta
Fremont and do their mightiest to whip
the Fremont leaguers.
The Luxua Brewers will go against the
Colambus Stat leaguers again, and if
lack visits thalr camp it Is a safe wager
that they will apln home with the baeon.
At Athletic park. Council Bluffs, two
classy games are looked for when the
Biats aggregation buck up against tha
Council Bluffa Ramblers la tba first
event and tha Towneende book op with
the Counoll Bluffs Merchants. The Mar
chants nave loet one game this sea
son, while tha gunners have a clean
record. Morearty or Adama will boost
'em for the powder gang and Wild bill
Humbach will lift 'am for tba Bluffers.
Lineup for tb second game:
Leading Racquet Wielders at Creighton Uni
r- r -v . .
Top Row, Left to Right Ffrxt team, Joe Adama, Frands Bushman, Edwla Smyth, Qereli Duffy. Bottom Row-
Second team, Osorge Rilsy, Cyril .McCarthy, Julius Feetaer, Charles Hamilton.
Two tennis team have bean cheoan at
... Dennlson
... O'Connor
"V Morearty
Merchants- Position.
Evsra..,. First. ......
Hodgs Beoond....,
Wahl Short
Robinson Third......
Psteraoa Left
Ooff Center
Scanlon Right
Duff Catch
Payne Catch
Hombach Pitch
Tba Alamltos and a number of their
rooter will pack themselves anugly In
tha AJamlto Creamery company s big
truck and wander down ta Paptllion.
where tbsy will endeavor to allp tb
oornhuskers at that burg a packaged lab
eled defeat
A couple of duels that should draw a
packed nous will be th baa ban desert
handed out at the Fbrrell base ball em
porium. First mix: Famlbj vs. Baums.
Second fuss: Advos against Sherman
Avenue Merchants. . Lineup car tint
rarraUa. PoelUen.
Kemp First
Kelly Second
Baup Third
Kranda Short.
Kucera Left
Prefka. .....Right
Ocden Center
strong .....1 a ten
Foreland Pitch
Parrel! Pitch
Lineup tor second game.
ether. Ave. hVer.-porttlee. f
IV Myera..
W. Myers..
.-.Left ..
..... Coady
... Oleeca
... Hansen
..... Poiski
... Adams
.... Pariah
.... Dukes
.. MoOrath
..... Bowie
.... Probst
. Feltmaa
The Blata team has reorganised tor
tb aassna and Is reedy -to book games
with any or all teems ta or ant of Omaha.
They would apeclaily Hka to book game
with Wagman. Holly, ramus, Inde
pendenta or Spaaldlrigs of Omaha and the
Cube, Rambler. American and Dundee
of Council BMafte. Pete Karlouekl ha
signed up with the Blata and Hereee
Gillespie, hla mate partner, wUI ahm be
with a Blata suit oa. Roy Btacey
will manage ta team aad weald ilka to
book games with teams la or out of
Omaha. Call South Iflt or addraaa sTf
North Twelfth street South Omaha. The
Blata wfll play tha Coandl Bluffs Ram
bler at Merchants' park today. A
good game la espeeted as both teams are
la shape end claim a victory. Tba lineup
win be: ..
Blata Poet Una. RamWera
-Coy.r Center
Charnaufcet Short.-...
Creighton university from ths winners f
tba free-for-all tournament The first
team la aompoeed of Lewreaoe Busch
man, Joe Adams, Edward Smyth and
Gerald Duffy, aa they ware tba last man
In the tourney. Lwrnoe Buechmaa has
been sleeted captain. Both Adams and
Buschman wars an tha varsity team last
year, while Smyth la a brother to Ber-
Aard Smyth, last year Individual Cham- (and Charles Hemlltoa.
pioa 1a tha tournament Duffy Is a fa
man and almost wen a place on last
year's team. .,
The second team la composed of Cyril
McCarthy, George Riley, JuHu Feetner
Third Johnson
Kuatrom First Steffen
eranr ,...iuni.. ........... vwiiuai wi.
Feber LMl Fen ley : tana mMwimmtar "l"V xmmm . u. m.iv
the Holly la ut th cutset little cap
tain they ever saw. Hands off, girl- Ha
la engaged.
That boy Elsenhart of the A. D. D. W.
team haa every twlat oa the map.
Bora, you have got'ta quit klckln' that
bail around If you want to a tick around.
Jo Glllham baa algnsd ap to play sec
ond base oa Saturday for tha Ameri
can. '
Woodruff will kick out of Omaha May
M for Clear Lake, la., of the Iowa Stats
Wa haven't beard much from that
Florence wonder labeled Gustln In la this
sees ton.
Pickett of the Omaha Grain exchange
has given up his berth as a first corner
custodies. 1
Coady la th new gink secured to hold
down the middle pouch for the Baum
Iron company.
What la the matter with the organisers
of that proposed Saturday leaguer Why
so silent boys?
Next Thursday afternoon ths Soldier
at Fort Omaha will play a picked bunch
from tba Creighton LnL
The Advos and Independent war
matched to play today, but the Inde
pendent gang called the battle oft
When It comes to waltslng around that
ahorutop territory, guess we will have
to Up our lids to Glllham of tha Hollys.
That third attempt made by the Advoa
and Independents to book up proved a
miserable failure on aooount of J.
Tha Ancient Order United Workmen
team are especially anxious to book a
few out-of-town games. Addreaa Frank
Qulgley care barker block.
For games with the Shamrocks call
South UM and ah out for George Ken
nedy, or address him at Twenty-fourth
and N streets. South Omaha.
Carmody af the Advoa baa bean
switched from short to left field as a
consequence. Williamson, formerly the
IsH pasture agent la warming tbe beach.
Last weak Ueorge Falconer waa again
asked to Join the Store Triumphs aad
hla answer was In tbe negative. George
saps It would break. hla heart to leave
his eld team matea, the Hollye-
Frem ap?earancee It seem aa though
Manager Tom Kooae didn't have a toe
hold on bis second baseman, a Mr.
Bowie, for be bae clipped ever to tb
Ad-u whom be will work for at abort
Oa first' base the Americana have
Kocher. This la a new poalsh for blm.
but be Is built Jor that corner. He la a
skyscraper with a long reach. Now If
b can grab tbe re be will be tb candy.
The first pert of last week tbe Wag
man an-1 Burs Triu-npha both claimed
tbsy ha.1 a gsms booked with Fremont
for today, but when tbe cloud cleared
away the Stars Triumphs were visible,
hot tbe Wagmana couldn't be found.
Ifevsr since Hoc waa a pup has a
maaaaer at an Omaha team paid for
men to ray for blm. bat now things
ha. e cheveed. According to Madam
Rumor Earl Orau. the chief of th Grain
aichajwe la banding eut six round boy
sseoe to hla first cushion coverer aad
.. Pitch
.. Catch
. Parniey
Three ark fa, Katataada.
'Wonder If tbe Independents the) super
sWtoaeT Wolfe to pitching grand ball for tbe
Rial anneuUB.
Foer games played aad aoaa teat la ' r.,' 1V is a. rLm
' "'lr . ''lablxXu. "p'Ster1"
.17 iwwjikii; 1 . nonifai
tracers. cHnm tb season
have been waltslng to tbe ball of
like a class A team. 80 far they have
partlclpiacd In tour wranglea winning
them all with appsarent eaa. Today
they will take aa tba Soldiers down at
Fort Crook. , The boys la bias claim the
Klpa are In trr a walloping, bat tbe
cigar advertisers are singing a different
1 for the
Will step
still retains his batting optle.
Last Wednesday tb Hollys whipped
the atakttere at Fort Omaha.
Strike Out Swansea will be at tb Job
for the Florence Athletics today. .- -.
AB tba fair ones think that Atfcau of
' - Cg.srr aa Berne.
Eddie Gagnler la demetlng tba
eUanapolla bench, ha ring stepped
In lever af O'luajj. tba farmer Detroit
local School Will Send Team of Fir
Hen to Xavnaai City.
Csdla far Thirteen B vesta ta
Be as Off, leeladlaa- tha
I anal Traak aad Field
Fern tares.
Tha regular track guard of tha Omaha
High school will practice all this week
In order to be la good shape (or tb
Missouri Valley Inter scholastic track
meet which will be bald at Kanaaa City.
Saturday afternoon. A team of five men
wilt be entered from tb local school and
will wave for Kansas City Friday even
ing, in charge af C E. Reed, Athletic
Omaha high took second place in th
Missouri Valley affair last year, making
a aoora of twenty-five points against a
field ef 110 entrants. Kanaaa City Central
grabbed first prise. Incidentally Robert
Wood of the Omaha equad tabllahd a
record for th 230-yard dsab. negotiating
tba distance la Zfts seconds, thu clipping
one-fifth second aft tha mark set by Ed
Manning of Lincoln high In Uat
A total of thirteen events will be run
off at Kanaaa City, Including the reg
ular run of track and field events, with
the exception of ths relay race which
has been discontinued as aa Intar
asbolaatlo event ' It will probably be ar.
ranged to hold tba hammer and tb
discus throws la tba morning. AU ether
events will be baM la the afternoon.
Contestants entered m two events
which are going oa at tha same tlm
will bj allowed a reasonable opportunity
ta compete la both. If not present when
a particular height la the pole vault or
running high Jump la called. It will be
regarded as If tba contestant had
-passed" that height
Individual audale will be awarded m
each event a gold medal tor first place,'
a sterling silver 00 for second, and a
bronaa badge for third. Winners af
fourth places will be awarded atlk
badges. A large silver trophy cup to
hung ap by tb Lincoln Commercial
club to be presented tot tbe school scor
ing th most points. . '
I L. Teuton, physical director of the
Kansas City Central High school, will
have charge of ths meet ,
Jimmy McOUTa present lease aa Broad
way park. Denver, ths boms af tba
Bears, expires at tb close af tbe present
sisson. bat Jimmy renewed It the ether
day for elx years and tbe Orlsslies ar
aura of a awwntawa park for some time.
Several months ace McOtll thought hs
aught sot be able to renew the lease and
was aegoOatlng for a aew park. Hs had
planned to erect steel and concrete
stands. Tba p recant home ef tbe Bears
to eae ef th beat and la tbe bigg tot nt a
the league. It Is oasivenlently located and
McOlU was lucky ta renew bis hold aa
High School Girls
Tennis Tourney to
. Start This Week
Drawings for th girls' annual spring
singles tennis tournament of the Omaha
High sotted war made by Ml Bee
Dumeot phi.lcal training Instructor, yes
terday. The preliminary round will com.
mono tomorrow, the entrant playing at
Happy Hollow, Miller perk and at tb
Field elnb.
Tbe girl's sliver trophy sup, now In
tb p oes melon of Mlaa Laura Simmer,
man, '11, twice winner of the coveted
first place honors, will be competed for
again tha year. She will be sailed upon
ta defend her title.
An Innovation for the girl tennis en
thus! eats will be decided upon at th
weekly meeting of tbe faculty athletic
board of control this week when mem
bers will take up the matter af award
ing tennis "0'" to th four girls who
make the beet bowing at the racquet
game. So far tha gentler sax haa Mvar
been awarded the coveted emblems la
any branch of athletic and many af
tha faculty are Inclined to think that tbe
Idea ef giving tha girls some encourage
ment la thatr games would prove a suc
ceea. Forty-eight girls will take part In tb
tourney. Following are th drawings:
Sarah Cole play Marguerite McCartney.
Marie Vernon plays Bertie Hoag.
Carmelite Jenkins plays Luetic Kellers.
Laura Zimmerman play Kalberine
Wood worth.
Delia Rich plays Elinor MeOllton.
Irene Cotter plays Mary Haneld.
Edna Gibbe plays Anna Purdy.
Hsesl Lsaverton plays Nettle Mulr.
Tens Dorrance plsys Charlotte Had well.
Kffle Clellaad piaye Irene Mason,
- Mary Johnson playa Margaral Brad
war. Mabel Netoon playe Katharine Culver,
at a urea Hendee play Ruth Ri lander.
Beulah Byrd play Barbara Churchill.
Marion Lolan p.ayf Laura Myers.
Irene Majors playa Olive Cnrtaienesa.
Helen Senford plays Alloc Porterfieid,
Alice Rushtoa plays Let ma Van Buren.
Martoa Staples pisys Helen Hoffhlme.
Elisabeth Bench p ays Freda Steaner.
Harriet Sherman plays Georgia Hop
kins. Ijorothy Brown play Marie Bloom.
Helen Curtis plays Mildred Hoag.
Helen Johnetaa play Marl Vreeiand.
Tb Lincoln 'Lopes have had thalr
share af tough luck, but now that they
are getting then- stride they ought to
show ths league some class. Bin Dsryer
has a good club, and onoe ha gets his
machine working with' all six cylinders
chugging smoothly H will be a tough nut
for all comers to crack. The dub owners
and ailieia around the circuit have a
lot of sympathy for Don Despala. Mla
fortune caused bis failure hut season, dt
would aeer that be baa bad his share.
But aa tba oM adage goes. It never
rains but It pours." Don stems to be ta
It for a eaaeoa of tt There Is act a
truer eportsaaaa aor a better fallow con
nected with tb Western league than
Despala. Aad th best of It all la. that
tbe fans era sUU sticking with Dasv
8t Joseph Outfielder is Clontiar ths
Ball at .500 Clip.
"Old Hickory," the New Catcher, Ga
las Owed, Ostites Bight Hits la
th Tweaty-Oae Times Me
Haa Been t p.
Ewllllng of St Joseph.' displaced hla
team-mate Barker Jorton as head of th
luggers la the Western league la th
last week. Swilling Is leading the entire
bunch, by clouting tba ball with all the
power at his command, ta forty-eight
times at bat be baa connected safely
twenty-four times and beads th batting
Ust with an average of .).
"Hickory" Johnson, Omaha's heavy bit
ting catcher la among tha top ones and
lead tbe Omaha batter with an arc rags
ef .SO. He haa connected safely eight
times la twenty-one time at bat. Thome
son la close on hi heal with JR. Bev
eateea fielders In the league ar fielding
perfect ball. Arbogaat tha Rourke man
ager, hi among that aumeer. Johnson I
sooad for Omaha and Kan a close third,
illcka, the Rourke southpaw burlar haa
pitched twe games, winning both, and
la tied tor first ptocs with Fentreea,
who has woa tbe only gam h pitched.
Batting Averages.
ah a
Carney, Llneola
Zwtlllng, St Joseph.... )
yulilln. Denver U
Watson. St. Joseph e
Lindsay, Denvsr at
Bortun, St Joseph to
King, Topeka tl
Kelly. J., St. Joseph... M
Junnaon. Omaha,
Bsall, Denver
Ceaeidy, Denver
Smith, Topeka.
Cole, Llnooln.,..,.
Craig, Wichita....
Frants, Topeka
Thomaaon, Omaha. ..
Uwyer, Linooin
McConnlea, Uneoln...
Powell, St Joseph
Flreatlne, Lincoln..,'.:
preen, euoua Lily ss
Lee, Topeka ef
Burns, Topeka M
Thomas, Dee Molnea.., 47
Scanlon, Omaha IT
Middle ten. Wichita 11
Welch, Dss Molnss .... N
Mullen, Lincoln ,., a)
Kmary, Topeka. B
Davie, Wlcnita a
Ktily, R.. Dee Moines, a
Frambea, Denver II
Channell, Denver a
Gardner, Topeka 41
Andreas, Sioux City... M
oar Dour, Ljnooia,
C oy la. Omaha
Coffey. Denver
Hughes, Wichita
aim, umana
Melnke, St Joasph.
rvorea, us atelnes...
Kenworthy, Denver..
Hpahr, Denver
tiaire, Wichita
Myers, Sioux City....
Rslily. Sioux City
Leonard, Dee Molne
Oossett. Bl Joeenh...
Uletowskl. Des Molnea S
Mss, wicnna a
Colilgan, Dee Maine., M
Roth, St. Joeeph 14
Smith, Sioux City U
Miller. Uaceln It
Chapman, Topeka 1
ni ration, uncolu M
Koemer. Wichita
Cad man. Sioux City..
Arbogaat, Omaha......
Lloyd. Deaver
Clemmons, Wichita..
Breoka, stem City...
Curtle, Dee Molnea...,
Rlckert Topeka
Baehant Lincoln
Wanner, Omaha.
Nethoft. Omana ,
Justice, Omaha
Mcuraw. Dea Molnea.
Schmidt Topeka
User. Tooeka
McClelland. St Joseph..
Ferell. Sioux. City tl
Davidson, Omaha 4
Walker, Llneola w
Cobb, Lincoln tl
Andrew, St. Joseph... u
. 47
, 7
, sa
, 4)
, 4
. 41
1 M
, M
, M
, I?
. M
. M
. II
, II
. 41
. M
, IT
. 41
. 34
. tt
. a
. u
. 14
f . I
. IS
1 ,k
, Jot
. a4
Pieldlaa Avai
Channel, Denver
Kenwortny, Denver
Smith, Topeka 1
King. Topeka II
Burna, Tepaka 1
Middieton. WicMta at
Devi, Wichita
Mean. Deaver (
Clemmons. Wichita M
Miller. Lincoln U
Bachaat. Llneola I
Carney, Lincoln U
Curtle. Dee Molnea 17
Myers, woux City 14
Zwllllng. St. Joeeph .... M
Arbogaat Omaha M
Borton, st josepa 114
Koerner. Wichita lit
Gardner. Topeka Ill
Lindsay, Deaver l.e
Mullen. Llneola .......... M
X. Pet
1 Lew
f f Low
i i 1
t Is)
M L40
1 .J
I 1 Ml
I I Ml
Coffey, Denver n
Dwysr. Llnaeln 4
riatowekl, Dea Molnea.. 41
Thomae, Dea Molnea.. ...rno
Chapman. Topeka M
Csdman, Sioux City NI
Johnson, Omaha II
Strattoa. Lincoln ....,. M
Melnke, St. Joeeph M
Claire, Wichita II
Andreaa, Sioux City M
Ooeeeti, St Joeeph 4
Frame, Topeka tl
chmldt, Topeka' II
Kane, Omaha 97
Ntehoff. Omaha 17
Hughea, Wlohlta
Ferell. Sioux City W
R. Kelly. Dee Moines .... 17
Framblee, Denver , tl
MoOraw, Des Molnea ... tt
Craig. Wichita 1
Powell. St Joeeph 1
MoCorailok, Lincoln ...... 1
Lloyd, Denver
Cole. Lincoln
Watson, St Joseph II
Caasldy, Denver 11
Barbour, Linoola 10
Emery Topeka 11
Oear, Topeka M
Rath. St. Joeeph I
Brooks. Bloux City M
Coyle, Omaha II
Kelly. St. Joseph II
Breen, Sioux City 11
Thomaaon, Omaha 11
Devldaoe, Omaha
Coiligan, Dss Molnea .... M
Cobb. Lincoln I
Leonard, Des Molnea I
Quintn, Denver I
Spahr, Deaver t Si
Lea, Topeka ...,........v 17
Korea, Das Molnss . M
Rlckert Topok I
McClelland, St Joeeph ,. 11
Smith, Sioux City ...... 17
Wanner, Omaha M
Justice, Omaha ,,, M
Plreenne, Lincoln I
Scanlon. Omaha 11
Rellly, Koux City 1
Walker. Uneoln f
Aierirewe, St Joasph .... I
Mee, W Irhlta
Welch, Da Molne U
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, Pitchers' Rewards.
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Johnson, It. Joespb I t 1 flro
rugate, Topeka, I
Toung, Topeka I
Campbell, Sieux City I
Cruteher, St Joseph , I
Woldrtng. St. Joseph I
Hick, Omaha t
Freenuui, St. Joseph I
Alderman, Topeka 1
Wheatley, St. Joseph 1
Fentress, Omaha t
Kills, Wichita. 1 1
Slaughter. Sioux City 1
C ochre ham, Topeka...,,...,.. 1
Chelette, St Joseph I
Jaokaoa, Wichita. I
Healer. Denver I
Klnsslla. Denvsr I
Fabsr, Des Moines I
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Schralber. Denver 1
Herehe. Wichita 1
Routt, Wichita t
Perry. Wichita 1
Walawrlght Topeka t
Hagermaa, Lincoln, t
Olmeteed, Denver I
Douglaa, Dea Molnea , t
Brown, Bloux City 1
Leake. Topeka , 1
Durham, Wichita I
Turkey, Lincoln..
Smith, Lincoln
Doyle, Linoola.,.,
Lota. Omaha ,
H earn a. Omaha...
Hall. Omaha
Robtneon, Omaha.
Rhode, Omaha....
Miller, Sioux City.
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Batt'lns-St. Joseph. .104: Denver. '.90:
Topeka til; Uneoln. .na; Dea Mm nee,
.13. Wlorrka, .ta; Sioux City, JM; Omaha, -,ii.
Fielding St Joseph. .SIM; Denver, .t1;
Topeka, .Ml; Wichita. .IU: Lincoln. M;
Sioux Oty, Ml; Omaha, .MS; Dea Moines,
.ajj. a .
Stolen Bases St. Joeenh. M: Bloux Cltv-T' A
17: Denver, 11; Wichita. U: Omaha, llL;i't
Lincoln, 11; Topeka. 11; Dea Moines, a V JU
sacnnos Hits-wichita, B; Denver, )rr
Topeka. M; Omaha. II; St. Joseph, ll;
Dea Molnea, M; Stoua City. ; Lincoln, t
nc a star athlete at
Linooin High school, haa made hlmsslf.
eolld with tba fans at Seattle where b:i
la playing the center garden for tht
Daugdal crew la tha northwestern
league. Lashs batted at a .171 allp lo the:
first Ma game af tbe season, ending last
wsek, standing second only to Fred Weed,
a former Western league player with
Sioux City. ,
Ths eanas of all iklB diseasss can b traced ta soma humor r acid d
ths btood; tha cntlcla la always healthy whan tha clnrolatioa is fjwa trox
tarrrarlries. When ths blood is infected with acrid or nnhenltiy matter x
cannot perform its Batorai work of nourialilDf th akin, regulatUig iu tenv
perator and praaarvlnx its normal softness, pUabtlttr aad healtMuLoaaj
lnstaavd tt trritatos and rnflamas ths daUcats fibiss and tisane around tht
pores and glands and produce soma of ths many forms of skin disease
Tha itching and stinging so often acoampanrisg gkin affections ar prodnoet
by tha ctopoeit from ths blood of tha acrid humors with which it Is fUId
Into ths ssnxlttv membranous flash lying ut beneath, tha outer eovartng
and anrnyondlrig ths eonntiMS nsrvea, pores and gland. This explains whj
scratching tha outer tlria aflords no relief from the itching and burning
8. 8. 8. euras Skin Dissasas of rvwry character by purifying the blood. II
goes down into ths ttoemlatioa aad ramovaa ths humors or acids which an
causing ths trouble, buHds np ths weak, acrid btood, and parmauntly curat
rrsry variety at skin affection. Local app!kttio!! eaa only nh;
never cure because thty do not reach ths blood. 8. 8. 8. goes right into tb
circulation, reaches th trouble and enrea it by removing tha causa. , Book
en Kirtn Piie ni and any medical advice free) to all who write.