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THE OMAHA 'SUNDAY Bffi: MAY 3. 1912.
Cattle Sold First of April Brought
Before the Board.
Iber CessaalBsloaer llrlags Chicago
Jew. IB Ceatssaalratiea with
Laadewaere Wllltas ta
Establish Tkra.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. May 4.-tSpecial.)-If on
certain resident of Thayer county had
known how much trouble be could have
ved himself, the uwuor of hit county
and, Henry Seymour, secretary of the
State Board of Equalisation, he would
have shipped his cattle one day earlier
and paid off what he owend on them
betore April 1, the date on which the
Personal property assessment Is made.
However, he shipped his stock the last
day of March and sold them on the
south Omaha market the first day
-April. If they are assessed as catt'e he
is entitled under the law to no deduction
for what be owed and the same Is true
If the assessment la made of money, but
lr tne money is treated aa an account he
Is entitled to a deduction for the amount
he owed under the law passed for the
benefit of merchants carrying heavy
stocks of goods for which they owed on
a large part Mr. Seymour has turned
the question over to the attorney general
to solve.
Labor Commissioner Quye feels that
he has made some headway In settling on
farms the colony of Jews, who desired
to leave Chicago and become Nebraska
farmers. One result not at first antici
pated waa the removal of about forty
families on this nationality from N
liruska towns to Kinkald homesteads In
' Grant county. He has also succeeded
In getting the members -of the Chicago
colony In consultation with a large Ne
braska landholder, who is willing to sell
and also to erect houses and stock farms
for them, but the Chicago people do
not have enough capital to make the
Initial payment he desires. He has,
however, made them a proposition to put
iil buildings, furnish Implements and
stock for the farms and let the colonists
work the land on a percentage basis until
they accumulate enough money to make
a substantial Initial payment on the
land. There is a strong prospect this
scheme wll work out as there la every
reason to believe the Jewish Colonisation
society will aid these people If they
demonstrate they can make a living on
the farm and ultimately pay for the land
Mr. Guye Is also hopeful of locating the
Russian colonists, whose agent wrote
him some time ago from San Francisco.
These people have more meana than the
Chicago party and It la a question of
satisfying them with the prospect..
The first examination for the year for
city and state teachers certificates will
be held in the various counties May 17
and 18, under the. auspice of the county
Ceeacd Goods Hat Iweel, ' -
Some time ago the orthopedic hospital
bought some canned fruit which the sell
ers guaranteed to be put up in syrup W
per cant sugar. The taste did not satisfy
the . superintendent and the fruit was
turned over to the state chemist whose
analysis showed the peaches were' 1.7
sugar and there waa no sugar at all In
the pears. The shipment waa rejected,
but up-to-date the party who sold It has
not taken It away and Is sending In a
bill for the goods. This the board has
refused to pay.
L. B. Fuller, secretary to the governor,
has gone to Wauneta to spend a few
days with his father and brother.
Official returns of the lata primaries
from alt but ilve oountles have been re
ceived and tabulated by th secretary of
state. The missing counties are Doug
las, Greeley, Lancaster and Thurston.
The Pioneer Insurance company with
HOO.OB capital and principal place of
business Lincoln, has (!! articles of in
corporation with the secretary of state.
It will Insure the health of the people
and also do an addent Insurance busi
ness. The Incorporators are H. K. Bur-
Rock. He was at work at an ice plant
and picked up a small electric to examine
some of the machinery and waa almost
instantly killed by the current. The
family moved to Oklahoma some two
years since.
kett, M. W. Fdlsom, J. F. Kenney, C. C.
Id oyer and Erenst C. Folsom.
Rod aad Gee Incorporates.
The Omaha Rod and Gun club haa also
reincorporated, the new articles fixing
the capital at $100,0W) Instead of tX.W,
as formerly.
The school district of Columbus haa
offered 39,(M of bonds to the auto audi'
tor for registration.
Trie. Nebraska Federation of Retailers
has written Food Commlssiuon Hansen
requesting him to inspect food products
sent Into the Mate by firms living out
side the state and selling dlreo tto con
sumers. It Is alleged these firms Indulge
In unfair oompetltloa with Nebraska
wholesalers, whose gToods must stand In
spection and by reason of the methods
of these parties they are enabled to sail
goods which would not pasa muster. Mr.
Hansen , says these goods will be In
spected wherever the men in his de
partment can get them and they will be
instructed to watch the depots for such
goods. Mr. Hansen also reports that
certain wreckage firms have been selling
In this state canned goods and such
things which have gooe through fires,
the labels burned off and the goods
otherwise damaged. His force has beea
instructed to be on the lookout for them
and to condemn the goods where found
oirerea ror sale.
Game Warden Miller haa returned from
a trip la the northern part of th slat
and reports th lakes ia that section well
stocked with fish.
The finest crop of dandelions to be
seen In many a day's Jo-irney ta now
growlnng on the lawn at the state Capi
tol. There is enough yellow displayed
on that lawn to start half a dozen rows
on St. Patrick's day.
Boelaw beads Caacratalatloaa.
C. C. Boslaw. late candidate for land
commissioner, has sent the following let
ter to Fred Beckmann. his successful
May 4. Bli Dear Mr. Beckmann: Upon
the fact of the returns, I think I am
warranted in taking this occasion to com
pliment you for the clean, though vigor
ous campaign you conducted: and I ex
tend my hearty congratulations upon the
results obtained therefrom.
The contest, though spirited, was on
of good fellowship, and thoa she "also
ran" can now Join most heartily In the
ist mentioned, and by that token entitled
to th "flag." nevertheless the sincerity
of my congratulations can not be meas
..Mrf av that fact.
I am with you from May until No
vember with full confidence that th eut
come will be to your satisfatcioa and
toe wellar or our parry. , .
pvrater Table Repeat Maw prillew.
TABLE ROCK. Neb.. May t- Special.)
Word haa reached here of th recent
death at his home in Oklahoma of Fred
Messinger, Jr., who Bred several years
-vi a term some four miles vest of TaM
PENDER. Neh., May l-(Speclal Tele
gram.) The bulk of th testimony In
troduced by the defense in the William
Flege trial today was for the purpose
of establishing the reputation of the de
fend ant among his neighbors.
Simon Lessman testified that up to the
time of the murder the defendant bore
a good name by those who knew him.
Willie Meyer. Alice Mau, Maggie Rosber,
W. A. Meyer and Henry Meyer bore
similar testimony.
In addition to testifying to Flege's good
name. Alice Mau testified that she heard
a gun ahot In the direction of the Flege
home about S o'clock on the afternoon of
the murder. Ferd Koth also stated that
he heard a gun shot In the direction of
the Flege home about o'clock on the
afternoon of the murder.
Th defense haa given out a statement
that It will introduce expert testimony
from Chicago as to the length of time
th bullet was In th murdered woman's
body. C. F. Trotter, a detective, testified
as to the revolver in the case and some
what cantradlcte Detective Davenport
aa to th Um which had elapsed sine
it waa discharged.
Simon Lessman while on th stand re
called Albert Echtencamp's testimony at
th preliminary trial wherein he stated
that just before going to th field he
went to th house and found Louis
Flege sitting at a table with her face
burled in her hands and that she told
Echteneamp she was afraid something
waa going to happen to her. He left th
house for the field with her in that po
News from Beatrice
and Gage County
BEATRICE. Neb.. May .- Special. -Following
the roobertea Thursday night
of Rock Island and I'nion Pacific box
cars of corn and sugar It developed
yesterday that thieves broke Into a car
early yesterday morning on th Union
Pacific tracks here and carried away
consignment of liquor. The officers be
lieve that th parties who stol the
liquor are the same ones who stole the
corn and sugar. A number of arrests
are likely to be made within the next
twenty-four hours.
County Treasurer Hevelune yesterday
placed 1 distress warrants In the handa
of Sheriff Schick for collection. Theso
are for delinquent personal taxes amount
ing to
Mr. and Mrs. J. Kreese, old residents
of Firth, today celebrated their golden
wedding anniversary.
At a meeting of the Klks' club last
evening It was voted to contribute 1 100
to the budget found of the Commercial
club. Th Urand Army and the United
Commercial Travelers were extended th
use of the rooms for receptions during
their annual meetings to be held here
this month.
Fish Commissioner O'Brien visited Bea
trice today with the state fish car and
stocked Blu river with buffalo am
SUTHERLAND, Neb., May 4 -(Special.)
Indications are that a considerable
part of the Kinkald country of north
Lincoln and McPherson counties will this
season resemble a huge potato paten.
Thousand of bushels of excellent quality
potatoes were grown up there last year
and the receipts for the season's crop
have put some of the farmers In excellent
humor. Therefor th acreage will be
large almost every farmer growing form
on to several acres. One drawback has
been th distance from market. In many
Instances, but the price has been such
that the grower could afford to haul his
produos a long way. Hud reds of bushels
of potatoes remain In that section from
last year, th owners having held their
crop for high prices.
OSCEOLA, Neb., May 4.-8peclal Tel
egram.) Harm Shank was found guilty
of arson by th Jury In district court
early thla morning Shank, who haa
been on trial here nearly all Oils week. lnf muc., Bumbt bF ,,, ,
cert orchestra. Th program part f Ftl
BROKEN BOW, Neb.. May 4.-Bpe-
clal.) A claim of I7.M0, m favor of Klopp,
Bartlett 4b Co.. In partial payment on the
court houae furniture, has been held up
by th county board of supervisors pend
ing such time aa a competent committee
can pass upon It after a thorough in
spection. Objections to the passing of
the claim were mad by Supervisor B. P.
Morris, who charged that th desks were
not five-ply quarter -sawed oak, as the
contract provided; that th marble baa
at th bottom of th counters was eight
incnes instead or twelv Inches, as per
contract, and there war other dis
crepancies. A member of the firm was
present and asked for th allowance of
th claim, urging that It was a partial
payment and ther would yet remain
$3.fiW unpaid, which was a sufficient sum
to take car of any discrepancies. But
the board could not see the matter in
that light and laid the claim over until
th committee on Investigation hands In
Ha report, which probably will be at the
next regular meeting In June.
HOLDREOB, Neh.. May t,-(8peclal.)
The Holdrege Royal Neighbor camp is
holding a big four-day May festival. It
opened Wednesday evening with a con
cert by the Holdrege Commercial club
band and a parade by persona In cos
tume and concluded this evening with a
carnival of confetti. Thursday afternoon
a flower parade was given and th Royal
Neighbors' degree team gave an elaborate
drill. The same features were repeated
In the evening, with the addition of pi.
waa charged with setting fir to a livery
barn her" but October. Th structure.
which was valued at 8.401) and contained
several horses, was damaged to the ex
tent of about II .000. Judge Good deferred
sentence pending a motion for a new trial,
which will be made next week. Th de
fendant was represented by Attorneys J.
Sullivan of Omaha and J. . C. Martin
of Central City. W. A. Prince of Grand
Island assisted the county attorney In
th prosecution.
Opera rfoaee for Satnerlaad.
SUTHERLAND, Neb.. May 4. Special
Telegram.) Sutherland Is to have another
opera-house. If the plans of A, B. Tates
materialise satisfactorily. Mr. Tate ex
pects to erect a fireproof building for
tore purposes, with an upper floor suffi
ciently large to accommodate any ordl-nary-slied
audience, a portion of the
building extending over the 8tat bank
This will mean the second opera nous?
for Sutherland. -
day afternoon's events was postponed
until th evening, when a series of races
snd contests wss staged, the rest of
th events being given over to the mask
ers. This afternoon the military parade
was held and th festival closed with the
evening's events.
SUTHERLAND, Neb., May (.-(Special.)
Private Irrigation plant continue to
receive considerable attention In this
section, even If thla Is what Is considered
a "wet season. Th Installation of these
wells with pumping plant and engine.
giving a aca parity of about MO gallons, haa
been figured down to a scientific point
In the valleys where th depth to water
Is only a few feet. It has been found that
an expenditure of from Sn to ISO prac
tically means a crop of forty to six
for summer use an attractive dis
play of Kaltex Fibre Furniture, IVil-
lowcraft, Ratun in substantial pleasing designs at popular prices.
M St afi
r 'fif jf-
Kaltex Flbro Rocker
(LIHt Cut)
Hind made of durable fibre in a
. Soft Green flnlBh largo, com-tor-table
and substantial, $o,ao
Arm Chair to match rocker 98.00
Kaltex Fibre Settee 97.00
Kaltex Tea Tables 1.00 and $10
Kaltex Porch Swings $15 and $23
Kaltex Tea Wagon $15
Kaltex Hanging Flower Basket,
at $4.30 and $5.00
Kaltex Desks 17.00
Kaltex Couches $1$ and $20.00
An Ideal Porch Hammock
Made of heavy Khaki with adjustable wind
shield, heavy mattress with valance. Complete
with ropes and hooks $10.00
Porch Swings weath
ered oak $5.75
Folding Tent Cot with
drop sides $12.50
Gliding Settees. $12.50
Lawn Swing, 4 passen
ger, heavy frame $10
Porch Hammock with
metal stand and can
opy top $20.00
Kaltex Fibre Rocker
(Like Cut)
Heavy full roll arms and. eeat,
soft green color, each ...$8,00
Maple porch rocker, without
arms . foq
Maple porch rocker, high back,
double reed seat and back $2JS0
Call and 1st us show you Tka -
riek Cold Dry Air refrigerator. It's
a refrigerator built to give th best
of eervli and satisfaction, and ta
properly prasenra provisions Up
We are the Omaha Selling
Agents for the famous Rix-
dorfer Parquet Linoleum. No other fabric approaches
in design and real parqueting effect. It follows the grain of the wood
down to the smallest detail and can hardly be detected from the hard
wood floor.
Price per square yard. 1st quality. .... S1.85
Price per square yard, 2d quality $1.65
Nairas Tile Linoleum Made in every detail to represent the different patterns in tiling effect. Suitable for
homes, offices or stores. Prices as follows: 1st grade, $1.50; L'd grade, $1.35; 3d grade .$1.25
Printed Linoleums 12 fet widejiBquare yard 75c
Printed Linoleums 6 feet wide; sqiuire yard 65c
Special Sale Monday on Short Lengths of Linoleum at 29e and 39c a square yard.
Wagner Cast Aluminum Demonstration continues. There has been more than ordinary interest shown by
the ladies attending this demonstration we have therefore decided to continue same another week. It's inter
esting, it's instructive. Drop in, let us show you the many advantages in using Cast Aluminum. We show you
this ware in actual use. - , . ,
Orchard & Wilhelm Carpet 2o.
acres whan the money Is Invested In on
of these pumping plants. At least one of
then plans will be Installed In this neigh
borhood within the neat few days.
HOLDRF.OE. Neb.. Mary 4.-8pedal.-Durlng
a brief but sharp electrical storm
Thursday evening Hghtnlng struck and
demolished the chimney of J. 1. Sav
age's borne, 61S Grant street. A large sec
tion of the chimney weighing at least
100 pounds, was hurled fifty yards onto
the lawn of a neighbor. Damage to the
Interior of the homo was very slight.
Soot waa scattered about, but not enough
electricity entered to shock or alarm Mr.
Savage's daughter, Mrs. J. P. Mcltobert
and her week-old baby., who were the
only occupants aside from a nurse.
ASHLAND. Neb., May 4.-Hpeclal.)-Tho
Bell telephone exchange will soon be
a thing of the past In Ashland. The final
transfer of the old Hell subscribers to
the new company, the Lincoln Telephone
and Telegraph company, and the dis
mantling of the exchange was scheduled
to take place May 1, but owing to some
unforeseen circumstances a few days' de
lay In making the change has been neces
sary. The change will probably culminate
Inside the coming week. Mrs. C. C.
WImer, who haa been the Bell peonies
local manager for the last nlna years,
terminated per official connection with
the company on the flrat of the month.
Nine years ago Mrs. WImer euooeeded
her uncle, L. It. Wnlven, who had pre
sided over the exchange fur several year
as local manager. i
L'nder the new management the per
sonnel of the company's employes at the
Ashland exchange Is as follows: Miss
Anna Clark, chief operator; Miss Gladys
Bowers, long distance operator, and Har
vey A. Kfllcy, head lineman. The local
office will be managed from Lincoln.
Mannerchor Sings at Commercial Club Membership Rally Monday Night
ORA.VD ISLAND, Neb..1 Mar l-(Sna-clal.
Mlsa Frieda Clauaaen Ilea uncon
scious at the horns of O. A. Abbott as the
result, evidently, of having blown out
the gas before retiring. Miss Clauaaen
entered the home on the day before as a
domestic The next morning Mr. Abbott
went to the door of the girl's room about
7 o'clock to call her. ' There waa no
response. Mrs. Abbott finally entered
and discovered the presence of cat. Mr.
Abbott nastily called a physician. Tha
girl waa still found breathing, but all
efforts to revive her have so far failed,
though the attending physician still baa
hopes of bringing her through. Mia
Clauaaen had left a window open, per
nutting soma of the gaa' to escape. -
n n f, I $ ft?
ft f 0 a io- T Wit if
M fu V M" Jf 0 " ft- IT V fife itt -
I 1 o
Vod-vlll by aktentlfied artists of con
siderable sklfl, a number of great big sur
prises In entertainment features, . muste
by a trained band and a few little flights
of earnest oratory will comprise what 1
promised to be the best program too Com
mercial club of Omaha ever gave, when
the entire membership meets aa rally at
tne Auditorium tomorrow night.
The highest class number of the elab
orate program will be the singing of the
tsatioa that ranks with the Maannarcnor
ia quality, and Theodora Rudolph Reese,
tne able director, will be la charge ef tne
entire singing body.
Joseph Barker, vhalrmaa of the com
mittee ia charge: George Wast and Oua
Rense nave spent weeks In prepariag tne
program for the occasion. They assure
an abundance of talent. '
George H. Kelly, rloe president and
chairman of the executive committee ef
Omaha Maeanerehor. The organisation. the club, wiU act as chairman at In
with eeventy-five fun. strong voices, 'a rally. J. A. a Kennedy, a member of
on the program for two selections that 'the executive committee, is on trie pro
ne doubt win bring several times aa many jgram for a talk on "What the Conuner
encore. Some of these seventy fire hav 1 dal Crab Means to Omaha." It is se-
hwan coo tram to Orpheus, aa organ-jciarcj u response ta HU by, Jfrderfek
Preemantel Is one ef th feature ef the
program, i. H. McDonald la billed a a
Tne order In which the program will
be carried oat la:
Chairman .Oeorg H. Kelly
Vice president and chairman. Executive
Music Gimmick's Concert Band
vine ue uommerciai club Means'
- air. i. A. c. Kennedy
Member Executive conunittee.
Response.. ..Mr. Frederick c. Freeman! el
Supported by Mr. Uenry P. Eamea Di
rectors of the Omaha School of Music.
Hits Hughes and company
nMuia erenes wis grave ana gay
Vod-vlll Two act
By unknown artists of great awJt.
Selection Omaha Maennei ;ior
"Omaha" fun by All Members
Adjourn at N o'clock.
Home Sweet Home.
Ticket for th dinner are to be placed
en eel at th Auditorium tomorrow
sight, early enough for each man to
take his place in the hall before the
' dlaner is served. The dinner service he
i flax promptly at i o'clock. Arrange
ments nave been made for twe box of
fices for the accvmodatioa of the big
crowd expected.
It baa beea the Intention of the m.
..Mr. Yrank T. M Uimi. i.. . Ki i.. .v.- v.. i- .
Sim&tn BitflBigb, astsa, ivwUb 1"' Lba wewha a tort of ylooear cde-
oration, while of course, all the young
and new members are specially Invited
to be present.
Badges hav been made so th new
member may be discriminated from th
old and medal effort will be mad to
welcome the into th fold of th Com
mercial dub. The badge wi:l be worn
In th lapel ef the coats, the blue variety
to designate the old member and whit
badges for the new.
Th dinner at announced aa absolutely
Informal aad any man. aave those who
are on the program, who comes into the
hall weanng a drew au.t will befrominly
ousted. It will be a function to which
the member may go direct from their
work. - -
Jack. Luta spent last Sunday at Piatt
mouth. .
Mr. and Mr. B. J. Savetl were Omaha I
visitor Katurday evening. 1
Call Minus baa been here the last fowl
Weeks vaitlng hla parents south of town.)
Mrs. Frank Dlmke and her mother
v, vwuin unsiw, were viSHing in tut
vicinity Thursday.
Senator Rurkett and Mr. ' Ackermasj
Wvi m Halston Tuesday- morning en
their way to FeplUMn.
Thayer Pro put and daughter Dorothy
P.m Vkednesriay in Plattamouth. return
ing home In the evening.
Mrs. Tom Short and children '.arrived
ho.n from Lincoln and Omaha where
they bae been visiting th last ten I
daos. J
Mrr. Jas. Hubert, and ln i4IMm.
left last Maturday for a few daya' visit
with relatives and f Hernia n platts
moutb. . . . -
Mr. and Mr. T. R. Propat left last
Weilnrsda-' to attend the funeral ef Mr.
Proset's aunt. Mrs. Muhonev at Unml.
alio itled quite suddenly in a hospital at.
that plaoe. I
Mrs.. K. Mead and " son. Frank, ofi
Omaha, were entertaJnMl mt tlu
of Mi v ,and Mr, lather Hawthorne at i
atelnap Tuesday, and later in the envy
swppea at jtautoa on their way home.
To Absorb Freckles
' . and other Blemishes
Kverv aDrlner I receive nun, Imm '
from girls seeking some reliable iwmei
for removing freckles. Last year t ad
vised many to try mereollxed wag. Buch
favorable result were reported that thl-.
sexsva I hav reoommended nothing els j
for the burooee. The we mm, - - '
sea unusual properties which completely (
absorb everv freckle with m t.rc.l
effect. The complexion improve wonder-)
tuny. Becoming as son a a rose petal
and as delicately tinted. '
Get an ounce ef mamlieetl m '
druggist, apread a thla layer of k ewer t
the entire face every night for awhtta, '
washing this off In th morning, yog-l
rough, red akin, saJlowaeea, hnrhaVls. i
aimnlea. and ail cutaneous hirnna iku I
oeaunewc n aupenor to any that nag
come unoer my eneervatiM
hMmIim .Im K. i : 1 . .
sensitive skin that ar mock rrpeead t '
winds and changing temperatorea. pew j
a half pint wlteh hazel into a baala, then '
an ounce of powdered sagotrta,' wnirk i
quickly dissolve. Bath th fac la this:
the effect OB a wrinktMl . ,
1abl.-Mrt Demarset ta Ladles' Favertu'
l - . .