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Along the
Automobile Eow
I also unloaded, and r? brins quickly dis
' trlbuted lo th long list of waiting
I bu ers.
The Omaha lfailMT company pur-
chased a Flanders delivery car from the
! E. ft Wilson Automobile companjr lat
j Keek The car ia beautiful In deafen and
1 1 large and roomy-
Fred M. Ryan of Lincoln was a caller
at the Powell Supply company store lat
aSonday. Mr. Hyan run-s the btKsest
Y carece and repair rhnp In Lincoln, and
J has Just put tn a large stoc a of Republic
I . He states that the. outlook In Un
3 cofn is for a tremendous business. While
2 her j Mr. Ryan bought a couple of econd
S hajw cara to use in bte Lincoln renef
2 Oscar pinpert. eipert tiro man. hs
taken rn-tarsje of the t:re rermlr depart'
3 meat of hhe Powell Supply company.
So fasti arv y,e, orders coming tn to
1 tha Powefji supply company tor supplies
"Clarke ifowell had to put on two extra
meo tn shipping room !a week, and
) tiA, he will have to do tha same
ScVi& fk to look after th larfe run of
I burin"
1 ; milianl Hellen, formerly sales manager
J! for the W. I. Huffman Automoblla com
', pany, baa bought an Intereot tn the Inde
il pendent garage at Twenty -fourth avenue
i and Farnani street He haa been with
Ii Mr. Huffman for several years and has
i- made a Tery enviable renord. "The
?! Abbott-Detroit and Huppmoalle are
kotk fine cars, and the only reason I leTt
1' the Huffman Automobile company was
i kerans I bought an Interest la toe Iade
3 f pendent garage and I think I can do
R. A. Ie Witt, who haa beeu with the
Omaha Motor Car company, be taken
) air. Hellen e position.
W. U Huffman left last wee Tor De-
' tmt to hurry along the) sbivnenta of
cara In tils pockets he oarrtod orders
for lit cars, and In tils head a long line
: ef arguments w hy he should fce supplied
j with cars.
The E. R. Wilson Auto company sold
a Klanders car last week to Grant Mar
son Two Islington cars were sleo pur
chased by Frsnk and U W. Paup of
Kirkman. Ia.
Mr. Huff of the Nebraska-Buick Auto
company delivered a M2S Bu:ck to Crete
laat Sunday, leaving here at 1 o'clock
In the roornln and landing at Crete at
3 o'clock In the afternoon, with one and
one-half-hour atop at Lincoln for dinner.
The trip was made the entire dlttance
In the rain and mud with four grown
passengers In the car. A trip of this kind
drmonstrates the durability of the cars
of this age.
Mr. U. B. Hinds purchased a Hudson
"3T touring car from Guy I- Smith
laat week.
Guy U Smith left Wednesday night for
a trip to the Peerless factory at Cleve
land, O. The Peerless have made their
announcements for 1913 and Mr, Smith
took this opportunity to visit the factory
and go over the entire HJns as well as
investigate the Peerless trucks which he
Intends pushing this
On hurt Friday, Guy L. Smith delivered
one four-paaeenger Hudson "33" and one
touring car of the same make to E. J
Mackea of Platte Center.
. Th following Omaha retail sales) of
NjJtlle six's were mad by th Mitchell
j w!vvton. Dr. Flnley and Robert Robin-
son. The sales tn th ternltorle were:
i L. R. Kesterson, Superior, on carload;
! C Hatseney, Friend, on carload; Irvln
I Green, tiutlon. on car; Morkett, Lincoln,
twe carloads; George H. Watson, Rock
Rapid, two carloads; Forest Lumber
oompasir. Alliance, one carload; Harrison
Read, Grand Island, twn cars; Grant
China, St. Paul, one oar; Council Bluffs
Automotille company, on carload; W. I.
Ferguson. Id Grove, on ear; Schuyler
' Motor Car company, on carload.
"The Mitchell factory Is working day
' and-Bight and Is far behind In shlp-
mentl," said rack Blewaat. local manager
of th Mltehetl company. "I receive from
three to five carloads of ears each week,
' but this Is by bo means sufficient to sup
ply the hug demand., This la going ts
be the biggest rear tn the history of the
' automoblla Industry In this country."
Manager Held of the IJon company de
livered a car overland laat week to MIs
1 sour! Valley. Befoe returning he will
visit th agents la the surrounding ter
ritory. , Th sales rooms of the Lion company
j bar been remodeled and la' office has
ibern moved to th back part of the
building. This makes more mom for th
dlsplsy of cars and shows rthem off to
better advantage.
"I am so buey netting oa9end looking
after their shipment that 1 bav Utile
i time, for anything else," stud Manager
' lwty of the United Motor Omaha com
i ', pany. Th Maxwell and Columbia cart
; are meeting with great a ureses both tn
J tH city and country, and Mr. Doty, al
! ; though receiving from foar to five car-
. ' Wad- shipments a week. I not able to
' supply th large demand.' at one.
"Par car of duality and style you
I ; ust look for th Marathon or Marmon,"
j said Manager McDonald of th Marlon
j ! Aute company. "I bav. great faith In
j j three twe ear, and many others have
i too, as can be seen by eh large a umber
j j of these cars that are stlld each week."
I T. G. Northwall of the. Northwall Auto
j company 1 nthuslastle over th Hegel
' ) car, the agency for which he has -tut
! taken over. "It Is a greet ar," says Mr.
Northwall "and uplees It was I could
never bav beca Induced to handle if
, . R, C. Rachlet, formerly local agent far
; I th Regal Sale company, left Thursday
J night for his home la Detroit. He will
be put la charge of cither th Boston
i branch of th company or - be sent to
i ! Xrw York City. ;
Edward Brown bought a Flanders ear
f from the K. R, Wilson Auto company,
i local retail agents for th Flanders and
i ! E-M-F- cara, last week.
The X. R. Wlleoa Auto company uo
1 I loaded a Baby Toaneaa last Thursday
' j and delivered , It on the following day.
' Threw carload of Lexington cars were
In Building Garage
Dnimmond Will Care
For Electric Trucks
Th Drummond Motor company In ar
ranging for th new garage will fit up
a room for special service to owner of
both gasoline and elect rlo trucks. Th
following letter was received from C. L
Morgan of the General Truck company
last week by Mr. Drummond:
'The General Motor's electrlo chassis
I conspicuous because It has so many
distinct advantages. There are eighteen
Important features In the chassis, em
bodying the maximum of accessibility
and simplicity.
"We have placed th rear springs out
side ef the frame to Iniurs maximum
axle strength, permitting the use of a
narrow frame and to glv short turning
radlua Th steering post Is Inclined.
Double brake equipment hi provided, each
brake locking at wheel. Auxiliary
springs supplement th rear seml-elllptlc
and an apparatus or controller hood Is
placed In front of the dash and designed,
perhaps, aa much along th Unas of the
well-known Renault hood as any, John
Lansden, th designer, deserves great
credit for the laat electric and Ms ex
perience tn the last tea year should cer
tainly qusllfy him not only to design a
fine appearing, but aa economically,
operated chassis.
C. F. Kettering, wh developed th
Delco electrical cranking, lighting and
ignition system on th Cadlllao can, re
cently bad an experience which demon
strated that th cranking device oan
sometime be ased (or purpose ether
than that of simply starting th angina
Mr. Kettering was driving from Day
ton to Springfield and cam to a stretch
of road, about 100 yards In length, which
was under water. He attempted to drive
through, but w.ien he bad gone about
half way he found th water deeper than
he had anticipated. It was so deep, la
fact, that th carburstor was submerged
and, of course, th engine stopped. Mr.
Kettering found himself marooned, so te
speak. In a mlnlstur lake.
. But this did not worry him, H threw
th electrical cranking device Into action
and encased th clutch. Th car moved
aa though under Its normal power and
backed to aafety.
Elmer Apptiwon In commenting on busi
ness conditions, says: "Had It rat been
for th freight shortages, th usual
spring rush would bav been much easier
n the factories this year, as tha buyers,
after having experienced delays on de
liveries th last four or flv years, war
more pronounced than ever before In
placing thttr specifications early.
"It does not look as though ths
manufacturers would need to worry
for year to com about th demand be
ing supplied. If the condltlns her at
th plant could be taken as a criterion.
We have delivered H per cent more cars
than all last year, and have order for
Immediate shipment In excess of deliver
ies ef th season of 1M1." ,-
Persistent Advertising ts th Road to
Big Returns. ,
' Becaat
" It give timely, courteous, effective warning.
It is Dot barsb, discourteous or offensive.
It prevent accidents.
It meets all requirements of city ordinance.
It coats Mule to install and nothing to maintain.
It Is slwavs dependable never doga or balks.
Any motor car a titer,
accessory aWr or far-.
aft will equip your car
with Jericho or Jubilee
and ths bill will bo
leea than $10.
Question of Color
For Painting Autos
Long-Been Problem
Plnc the earliest days th question of
color haa been a problem for automobile
ma n uf act iiver.
Tha automobile aa a manufacturing In
dustry in this country Is now about ten
years old. paring that time automobile
have been painted every conceivable color
and tbeee colors have been put In every
conceivable oombinaUoo. In the early days
cara wera painted entirely black, but as
time went by this was rather too sobr
for tha public generally and therefore,
numerous rotors w re tv-P'oyed.
About 1903 a great many cars were
produced painted entirely red. Tills
proved to be rather too "notsy" for the
majority of buyers and then blue, yellow,
gray, brown and numerous other colors
were tried, all of which have been found
less durable than red or black. Today
the public generally has come to consider
an automoblla as in Us natural garb when
It has at least a portion of Its surface
covered with red The public haa ceased
to consider red a "loud" color on an
automobile. Red and black are vastly
superior to any ether color which could
be used, not only in tha satisfaction given
to the owner after the rar ha bei-n pur
chased, but they are also much easier
colors to handle lu the paint (-hop and
first class jobs can be turned out and
with less thbor expen;). although red
as a color cost more than any other.
The Alco car just received by William
K. Vanderbilt. jr.. Is unique for the novel
body lines which were designed after
Ideas of the owner. The car ts of the
toursbout type. Mr. Vandt-rhllt drove a
race-About on the sam six-cylinder Alco
ehairts laat year, following- the feat of
the Alco In twice winning the race for
the Vanderbilt cup.
With its new body the car has the ap
pearance of a racer. Among; the con
spicuous features are the rake In the
steering column and a considerable tltt
of the fenders, which narrow down at
the front The seats are built close to
the tonneau floor.
In place of running boards alone th
sides there Is a step close to each rear
door. The doors open from back to front
The body lines dip Instead of possesslnc
the strslght tine effect familiar among
motor cars of today.
Air la Pklllnnlae leads.
Foreign representation for the Alco has
been extended to the Philippine Islands,
where E. C. McCullough of Manila will
handle this product
Modern Auto Parts
Made to Conform to
Their Components
In tha early days of the motor car In
dustry many factories were merely a
rembling plants. Motors, axles, trans
missions, bodies, topa. windshields, wheels
and almost every other parts of the cars
were purchased from part makers and
merely put together by the company
which gave Its name to the finished car.
The great contrast between the car of
that day and the 1913 Peerless, for ex
ample. Is due largely to the fact that al
though the parts In themselves In many
cases were excellent they had the serious
weakness of having been designed aa sep
arate parts without reference to the unity
of tha car In which they were finally
to be used.
In the highest type of modern car every
Item la plannled with reference to the
other parts of the car aa tha whole.
Tha aise and strength of every part la
In soma measure determined by tha
weight and stse of other parts, and the
exterior appearance of each unit la so
planned that Its lines and colorings may
fit into the whole. To attain that re
sult It haa been necessary that more and
mora parts should be made In the maker's
own factory.
Best designed and best finished moderate priced Motor Car
$550, $900, $950
$1060, $1250,
Top, Windshield, Prett-o-Llte Tank, Magneto, S Lamps, Coat Rail,
Jack and COMPLETE Set of Tools.
Built to give and does give better service than any other moderate priced auto
mobile, and ia the greatest motor car value ever offered. Visit our show rooms and
see our complete line of Buicks.
Nebraska Buick Auto Co.
1916 Farnam Street
H. E. SIDLES, 6u'l H.r Lincoln. LEE HUFF, Mgr Cmhi. S. C. DOUGLAS, Up., Slovi Cltf
Auto - Vulcanizer
For Repairing
Casings and
Inner Tubes
2c now Vulcanizes Cuts, Jabs, Tire Punctures ot all
kinds. Autolsts make 15-mlnutc repairs by roadside.
Thousands oi dollars In time and tires to be saved.
No more vexing week-waits for your repairs when you
want to use your machine no more tire repair' billsno more
abusive tire treatment. All you need to do now is fish out your
Auto-Vulcanizer pour in the gasoline fire it up and in 15 min
utes your tire is repaired as well as it could be done in any first
class garage.
The Universal Auto-Vulcanizer is fool-proof. It can't
burn, scorch or injure inner tube or casing, ylt can't get out
of order. It can't fail to do its duty. You place the patch the
Auto-Vulcanizer does the rest.
Jabs and cuts play the mischief with tires. They gather grit
become distended grow larger end in ruin. All this is saved by the
Auto-Vulcanizer, which cloiei the wound quickly, effectively and keeps the
eating si good as new. Saves itself a hundred timet tver in trouble and expense.
Vtdeaalstef tfea
laser Tab
. r
Price Complete
Including Repair
Gun, Ready for
Instant Use . .
3 lbs.
ypMstffllnn 'lt Universal Auto- Vulcan
""U iier it patented under letters
patent No. 1022289. Any infringer thereon will
be vigorously prosecuted by the manufacturers.
fl ff g Bij opportunity. Write or call
at once for our liberal proposi
tion. Protection absolutely guaranteed.
1229-1231 Mlcnigan Avenue, CHICAGO, ILL.
A danger signal! At last the
world is beginning to com
prehend that excessive weight
in a man or an automobile
is a sure indication of trou
ble ahead. We are selling
seventy five thousand new
Fords this year because they
are lightest, Tightest and
wonderfully economical.
All Forda are Model T'a all alike except
. the bodiea. The two passenger runabout
costs 690 the five passenger touring car
160 tha delivery ear $700 the town
car $900 f. o. b. Detroit, completely
equipped. Get latest catalogue from Ford
Motor Company, 1916 Harney St.. Omaha,
phone Douglas 4600 or direct from De
troit factory.
m Co
Used on 200,000 Cars
This new-type tire the sensation of Tiredom i
now far outsells every other tire.
Over one million have been tested out, on some
200,000 cars.
Some 200,000 separate users have proved them
the most economical tire.
The present demand which results from these
tests is three times larger than one year ago.
The 13 -Year Tire
No-Rim-Cut tires are the final
result of 13 years spent in tire
In formula and fabric, in ma
terials and making, they repre- ,
sent the ultimate in tires.
In our opinion Cased on 13
years' experience tires can never
M built much better.
The Patent Tire
These tires are made so they
can't rim-cut. The method of
making is controlled by the
Goodyear patents.
Other devices for making
tires of this type have proved
unsatisfactory. That is why
this flood-like demand for tires
that can't rim-cut centers on
Goodyear No-Rim-Cut tires.
These tires are alto made 10
per cent over
th rated site.
This Is don
to give an over
tird car. It
means 10 per
cent more air
10 per cent add
ed carrying capacity.
This saves the blow-outs due
to overloading.
Save 48 Per Cent
Statistics show that 23 per
cent of ruined old-type tires are
rim-cut. This patent tire saves
that 23 per cent
Experience shows that 10 per
ctnt oversize,' under average
conditions, adds 25 per cant to
the tire mileage.
These two features together
mean an average saving of 48
per cent
Yet No-Rim-Cot tires sow coat
no mora than other standard tires.
They used to cost one-fifth ex
tra. That's why 200,000 users have
come to Goodyear tires.
Book, based oa
13 yews of Mr
with fact ya
shoald know.
Ask a to Basil
it t yo.
Tkl OfttKpnar baa M MHtatrttAfi whitt-tr with mnj mthmt
rubber snnri mttich um um 0Mdrar mom.
Tel. Douglas 4190, Belt
No-Rim-Cut Tires
Will ar Without Not-Slu J Tresis
Omaha BEES
Of Automobile) and Accessories
Nebraska Boick Auto. Company Welsh Cirs
tta-u im "oJsTcl Aeyg awL mvtt. sso.
OverUni ml Pop
Oeuta Bliff Xs.
Prices $UW
to $1,700.
Marlon Aato Company.
c w. Mcdonald, Mgr.
101-2103 Faraasa Si,
Salesroom Cor. Tenth and Howard St.
Omaha, Nebraska.
2205-2207 Farnam Street
. Wallace Antonobile Co.
2203 Farnam Street
Underground Gasoline Systems
For private aud public garages. L. R. Gintiksr,
- agent. Phoae, Baraey 6573.
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