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    Breaking a Few Pretzels on
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Third Game with Be Moines Goes
Into Extra Innings.
OU Hlrkorr" Makes Victory
alblc with Pretty Doable to
Left TkaaiM Makes
Hesse Ru.
Omaha won the third game at the series
from Dea Moines yesterday afternoon
after battling for thirteen Innings. It
waa "Hickory" Johnson who finally broke
up the tame with a two-bagger In the
thirteenth frame. A wild pitch planed
him on third and Scanton with a beauti
ful sacrifice fly aent the wtnnlnc run
Yeaterday waa ladles' day and It waa
up to the Rourkea to aiaka good before
MM fnnerines. The Rourkea atarted out
fine and plied up four runa rn trie open
inc round, but Dea Moines, fKhttnc like
flenda all the way, put up a wonderful
uphill came - and caught up with Pa's
Colt's In the ninth frame. From then on
a treat pitchers' battle raited. In whlea
"Lefty" Hicks, who auoceeded Dusty
Rhodea. had the better of the argument.
Dea Molnea pot np a hard fiirht for the
tame and under ordinary etreumatancea
would have won, but lurk waa atalnet
them nd they had to content themaelvea
with the abort end of the eoore.
It looked) tor certain that Dea Molnea
would take the lead in the eighth Inning
Two hit", a walk and an error let In ono
ran. and the oases full, with one out
Bean Ion here saved the day with a great
double play. Kelly aent a ttner down to
aacond. Boanlon scooped the ball up on
the run. touched second and shot the
ball to J ah neon, who completed a pretty
IetteM Gete ta Cane.
"Bald Eagle" label! waa not content
with sitting on the bench and broke Inn
the game In the eighth Inning when lie
went In to hit for Faber. Me did what
waa needed at the time by slashing out
a clean atngle to left. The big fellow
plainly showed that ha had not lost Ma
batting eye at least.
Omaha atarted out strong, but after the
first snatng could net hit when the hit
ware needed. Two hita. one of which
waa a triple. gave the Rourkea another
run In th fourth and than It aattled
dawn to round after round of goose egga.
Rhodea waa not effective and, after ha
had three awn on bases In the eighth
Inning with but one out, Hlcka waa aent
In to rescue the game. He stopped the
aeortng, but waa found for three hita and
a tally In the nllTtu, after which he set
tled down and refused to give a hit for
the rest of the game.
Dea Moines failed to score in the first.
Davidson led off for Omaha by whir fine;
three. Coyle singled to right and stole
second. Tnomaaon waa hit with the ba'l.
Kane singled to light, aeortng Coyte and
sending Tommy to third. Johnson fol-.
lowed with a single to ' left, scoring
Thomeeon and Kane. Johnson going to
second on Curtis error. Sonnlon singled,
scoring Johnson. Nteaoff batted Into a
double play.
In the second Inning Dea Molnea
squeeaed in one run. After J ores had
akled out to Davidson. Welch singled to
canter. Curtis struck out. Ulatowskl
doubled to center, seorlnsi Welch. Faber
followed with a single to the Infield,
placing Ulatowskl on third. Coillgaa re
tired the aide with an easy nut, Faber to
Klenoff led off for Omaha la the
fourth aad fanned. Joettce tinsel to left
and stole aacond. , Rhodea flew, out to
Korea. Davidson tripled, scoring Justice.
Coyle flew out to Hahn.
Hoaoe Ran for Tfcssaas.
After one haddled In the fifth. Thomas
singled to center and took third on
Korea' hit to right Welch fouled out to
Johnson and Curtis flew out to Thoma
san. In the seventh after two had gone
oat, Thomas slammed the ball over the
left field fence for the first home run
of the season at Rourke park.
Dea Moines again tallied in the eighth.
Curtis walked walked; Jarntgan. batting
for UlatowakK forced Curtis out at see.
osd. Is bell went In to bat for Faber and
s'ngted to left, Colligan following with a
safe one to center, scoring Jarnlgan.
Mann got to first on an error, filling
the sacks. Kelly hatted Into a louWe.
In the ninth the Hopefuls tied np.
Wlthtwo oat Welch singled to center.
Curtis walked. MoSraw doubled to left
scoring Welch. Curtis waa caught at the
plate. There was nothing doing In the
aeortng Una until the thirteenth, when
J oh neon opened for the Rourkea with a
two-bagger to left A wild pitch placed
Johnson on third and a sacrifice fly to
Kelly won the garrie. The score:
AB. R. H. Oi A. E.
Davidson. U. 4,43444
Coyle. rt. 4 1 1 t
Thomson, cf. 1114 14
Kane. lb. i 1 1 li 1
Johnson. e 4 t 7
Scanlan. fb. 4 4 14 14
Nlehoft, Ik. t 1 t 14
Justice, aa. ......... 4 114 4 1
Rhodea. p. 1 1 f
Hi oka. p. 1 a
TotalS 44 , 11 m H 1
AB. R. H. O. A. E.
Comgan To, 4 4 S 3 14
Hahn. rf. 44144
Kelly, rf 4 1 4
Thomas, lb. 4 J 1 U 4 4
Korea, rv 4 4 4 4 (4
Welch. XV 4 3 1 1
Curtis. If. 4 1
Vlatnwakt e. 4.14 I 4
McGraw. c .. I 4 1 J 4
Faber,. p. ............. t 1
Standing of Teams
St. Joseph.. to 4 .714' Cincinnati ..11 i .M
Topeka .... 4.7141 New York. .10 4 .714
Denver .... 6 .44.1i Boston 7 .47
Sioux City. 4 4 .6ni Chicago 7 i .?
Omaha .... 4 I .4t Brooklyn.... 4 S .49)
Wichita ...4 8 .439 Pittsburgh.. I ).
Dea Moines ( .367: Phils 5 S .384
Lincoln .... i 10 .1678t. Louis.... t 14 .331
W.L.Pct.1 W.L.Pct.
Chicago ....IS .7S& Columbus ...14 6.763
Boston 10 4 -tii Minneapolis 12 6 t.
Washington 4 .. Toledo 11 7 .411
Philadelphia g I St. Paul 10 1 .50
Cleveland .. 7 4 .447' Kansaa City 11 .421
Detroit 14 .444l Louisville .. 7 10 .412
8t Lours... I It .1131 Milwaukee . 4 12 .Sil
New York.. 4 11 .!7 Philadelphia 14 .3M
Yesterday's Reeslts.
Des Moines, I; Omaha. 4.
Wichita, 4; Denver, J.
Lincoln. 4; Topeka, 1
ijiou City. 14; St. Joseph. .
Brooklyn. 14; Boston, J.
Philadelphia, ; New York, ; ten In
nings. Chicago. 4; Pittsburgh. 4: eleven Innings.
Cincinnati St. Louis; rain.
Boston, 1; Washington. S.
New York. 16; Philadelphia, UL
St. Louis, 4; Detroit. 14.
Cleveland. 4; Chicago, 7.
Columbus. I; Milwaukee. 7.
Indianapolis, I; St. Paul. 4.
Louisville, 2; Minneapolis, 4.
Gaasea Today.
Western League Des Moines at Omaha,
Wichita at Denver, Lincoln at Topeka,
Sloua City at 8t. Joseph.
National League Brooklyn at Boston,
Philadelphia at New York, Chicago at
Pittsburgh, Cincinnati at St. Louis.
American League Boston at Washing
ton, New fork at Philadelphia, fit Louis
at Detroit, Cleveland at Chicago.
Heuston, p.
Jarnlgan ........
4 0 1
Totals M I II II It 4
Batted for Itlatowakt In the eighth.
Batted for Faber In the eighth.
One out when winning run waa scored.
.4 10114114441 1-14
Runa ..4 44 14 44444 04 1-4
Dea Moines
Runs 014414U1O044-I
Hits Ill 1144114040-14
Two-base hits: Ulatowskl, McGraw.
Three-base hits: Davidson, Johnson.
Home run: Thomas, bouble plays'.
8canlon to Johnson. Korea to Thomas,
Hit by pitched ball: Thomaeon. Hits:
Off Rhodes, 13 In seven and two-thirds
Innlnn; off Hlcka I In five and one-third
Innings; off Fsber, 11 In seven Innings;
off Heuston, t in six Innings. Struck out:
By H nodes, t; by Hicks, 1; by Faber, 4:
by Heuston, i. Rasea en balls: Off
Rhodea, : off Hicks, i: off Faber. U
Stolen bases: Justice. Coyle. Sacrifice
hits: rteanlon, Colligan, Hahn, Welch.
Wild pitches: Heuston. taft on basea:
Omaha. 8, Dee Molnea, IS. Time: 1:44.
Umpire: Haskell.
tTaseidy'a Three-Baajger mui Qall
lla'a Hoaaer Produce Thres Rasa
DENVER. May I. Denver and Wichita
played a no-run game for five innings
until Caaaidy knocked out a three-base
hit In I he sixth and brought in two
men. Qttlllln made a home run In the
eighth and completed Denver's score.
AB. R. H. O A. E.
Lloyd. 2b 4 4 1 4 4
Qulllln. ib 4 141
BesJI. It 4 114
Cassldy. rf 1110
Channel!, cf 4114
Lindsay, lb 1 0 1 10 o
Coffey, as 1 4 1
Spahr, a I a 1
eHaley, p.. .......... t
Totala ,
14 ! 4 17 11
AB. R. H. O. A. E.
Craig. If...
Mlddleton. of 4
Davis, rf 4
Koerner, lb 1
Claire, lb 1
Hughes, lb 1
Mee. ss 1
demons, e. ......... t
Ellis 1
Balden 1
1 1
Totals n t 34 It
Batted for Ellis In ninth.
Denver 0 ! 1 1
Wichita 400404 9
Stolen bases: Ceaeidy, Lindsay. Two-
oase nits: uuniin ri. eiiis. Mionieton.
Three base hit: Caaaidy. Home run:
Qulllln. struck out: By Heeler. -, by
Ellis, t Bases on balls: Off eHaley, 1;
off Ellis, 1 Double play: Coffey to
i.ioya to unasmy. j,rt on nasee: Den
ver. 4; Wichita, i. Time: 1.4m. Umpire:
Llaewlai Defeated by Score of Sis
ta Poor.
TOPEKA. May ) -Three In th
sixth for Topeka Med the wore end one
each In the seventh and eighth won for
tna Moaia. score:
AB. R H. O. A. E
Rlckert. If 4 1114 1
oardner. lb t 1 1 1
Lee. ss 1 a J 1
Fran's. S. 4 lift
rung, cr 4 1114
Emory, lb 4 1 1 t
tiear. rr. 4 14 14
C. Smith, a. 1 4 1
Cocreham, p I e l a
I 11 U
AB. R. H. O. A. E.
Moore, as
Cole, cf
Cobb, rf
McCormlek. If...
Mullen. 2b
Dwyer. lb
Barbour, lb
Stratton. e
P. Smith, p
4 a a l
Totsls M 4 M 12 4
Mullen hit bv batted ball.
Batted for Smith In ninth.
Topeka 1 1 1 1
LiBoom 1 1 : -4
Bom nuu F. Staith( .Three-bgj hit:
the Wheel
King. Two-base hit: Gear. Sacrifice
hit: Smith. Sacrifice file: Lee. McCor
mick. Double plays: Lee to Gardner.
Cobb to Srratton. Stolen base: Cobb
Bases on balls: Off Cocretiam, 1: off
Smith. 1. Struck out: Bv Cocreham, 3;
bv Smith. 4. Wild pitch: Correham.
Passed ball: Smith. Umpire: Kiaeane.
KANSAS CITY. May J. -Chicago
evened the contest for the championship
of the National Amateur Three-Cushion
Billiard league here tonight when A. J.
Harris defeated Bert Kerr of Kansaa
City, f to 42. to a fast snappy game.
Hoeelera n salate. 1
ST. PAl'U May t Indianapolis won
the last game of the eerie against Rt.
Paul here today, S to 0. Hunter's single
In the sixth scored two runs for Indian
apolis. A walk, a sacrifice and single
tallied another in the eighth. A foul
tip off Williams' hat In the seventh split
Murray'a thumb. Score:
Bullae. rf....4 1 4 SWoodnift. HI 114 0
Hornsas. el. J 1
0'Lanr. St.. 1 1
Haarare, It.. 4 I
HM-B'k, Ml 4
Auirsr. Ik . I 4
Ooosma. IH
Learla, ib... I 1
Murray, e... 1 4
RMe 1 4
t 0 Uamler, rt. I 1
I S Hunter, lb.. I 1
1 I M"Trlr. rf 4
1 4ciar. m i 1
4 SWeet'nll, 3b 4 1
1 ewmiami. lb S 1
1 Ktmball. .l I
Thnmaa. p. .. I
rteoaiTars. B
Walrt 1
Tout! M I IT 14
Trials I 4 IT 14 1
Batted for Thomas in elxhth.
Indianapolis I HI I I t M
SI. Paul 0 04 0 0 0 0 0-0
Stolen base: Hunter. Sacrifice hits:
Gagnler. O'lieary. Double plays: Thomas
to Mot'ormtck to Autrev. Autrey to ilc
Cormlck. O'Leary to Hunter. Hits: Off
Tbomas, 4 In eight Innings; off Hecsn
nlere. I In one Inning. Bases on balls: off
Klmhall, 5: off Thomas, 4. Struck out:
By Klmhall. ft; by Thomas, 4; by De
cannlere. 1. Wild pitches: Thomas. Kim
ball. Passed ball: Murray. Time: 1:50.
Umpires: Hayes and Irwin.
Brewers Hit Ball Hard.
MILWAUKEE. May t-Mltwaukee to
day defeated Columbus, 7 to J. Cooper
was driven from the box In the third and
1 Oak. who BUrreedeH him waa not mnh
of a pusale. Nicholson pitched fine ball
all the way. eore:
AB H O A I ia.H d.l t
!elbnM. et.. 4
Rairtall rt.. 4
rbariae. It . I
Sbettos. el.
1 1
a 4
1 4
I ie
ffHinc'aaaa, Ifi
M-o'rariaa. rfi
FVrrtns, lb.. I
1 MIHae, lb. . I
OHutavttt, lb I
I (lerbar. at... I
0 Smith, e.... 4
I'Domt. a... 1
Kraas, lb.... I
Joeaa, lb.... I
Clarb. lb.... 4
Maraball. e. 4
Nlosaleos. B4
I 4
Dnab. a..... I
W Tl 14 l-Krla 1
elaM.... S 7 14 1
'uattea ror uoajc rn the ninth.
Milwaukee 0 I 11 H I 1 M
Columbus 4 I t I I 1 11
Two-naae hit: Jonea. Three-base hit:
Hickman. Hits: Off Cooper. 4 in two
Innings: off Doak, 4 In six Innings, Smc-
nnce nit: i-nariee. stolen bases: star
shell, Charles. Iwuble plays: Mreen to
Lewis to Jonea; Desk to Smith to Miller.
Left on bases. Milwankee, 11; Columbus,
in. Basea on balls: Off Nicholson. 4: off
Cooper. 1; off Doak, 1 lilt by pitched
bail: By Doak, Breen. Struck out: By
Nicholson, 1; by Doak, 4; by Cooper, 2.
Passed ball: Smith. Balk: Cooper.
Time: 1:06. Umpires: Ferguson and
From Sea Francisco to New Tor City
on a unlcyde la the feat C. W. Adolphson,
4 Seward street. Intends to perform.
Ho will leave next wee for the roast.
and If he la abet to av-t a Saa Franciaeo
athletic dob to offer a wager, be will
rdo across the country on the one-wheel
Adoiphsoa la adept at rtdteg all kinds
and styles of wheels. evpecMHy the urd
cycte. and la confident that be will be
Mo to make th tnav . .-
t -S.
- '' . 'U t I f - " 1 " "
4 3i , ll 1
. Vif "-
Copyright. 1SU. National Nsws Am'
Mack Triei Young Pitchers in the
Ninth Inning.
Bla-arrst Sreriag Gaaae la History sf
ahlbo Park Was Wkea Slsaasaaa
la Doabled I Trytag ta
PHILADELPHIA. May I -In the big
gest scoring game In the history of
Shlbe park, Philadelphia defeated New
York today, 14 to 15. Thinking he had the
game aafe. Manager Mack aent Salmon, a
young southpaw. In to pitch the ninth
Inning. Salmon waa wild and Ineffective,
and Russell, who waa aent to the rescue,
was no Improvement. After ten runa had
been acored off these pltchera in thla
Inning Plank went to the rubber and the
game ended when Simmons waa doubled
up trying to steal ascend aa creo fanned.
nbw Torax. rHiijinaxjniiA.
7.lnn. If s IIS Ura. K 4 I
Uamn. as . I 1 Slrunk. et... I 4 14 4
MrlWel. lb I 1 14 Htonlne, lb I lilt
Sim'na, lbut 4 4 1 I Baaer. lb .. 4 14 11
free, rf I t 4 SUarpbr, rl.l I I I I
HansMl. rf. I t I 1 0 Mrlssaa. lb. I I I I 1
Colaman, III I I I Derrick, a. I I I I I
Oarrliwr. kl I 1 I IBaaa. a 4 4 1 I
(reel, e.... 1 4 11 4 Brows, B.... I 4 S I
Wllllaiaa, e. I S I I OKrauaa, s ... I S 4 4
Plaher, s. ... I 1 I I Ssalmna. e... 4 S S 4 I p. 1 4 I I I Kuaa.ll. 4 4 4 4 4
Sbeais p.... I 4 4 1 I Plaak. b ... 4 4 4 4 S
Oatllela .... tl4
Totala t III II
TnUM 41 11411 I
N'. w York 4 8 0 4 4 0 W-tt
Philadelphia 7 11111 -14
Two base hits: Zlnn (II. Coleman. Mc
Innes. Three-base hits: Derrick, McCon
nell. Left on basea: New York. 7; Phila
delphia, 10. Double play: Kgan ta Col
lins. Sacrifice hits: Collins, Murphy,
strnnk. stolen bases: lrd. Murphv. Der
rick, Egan. lilts: off Caldwell, 7 In two
Innings; off Shears 4 In alx innings; off
Brown. 7 Jn. five Innings; oft Krsuee, 1
In three Innings; off Salmon, 3 fh one
thlsd Inning; off Russell, 4 In no Inning
(none outi; off Plank. In two-thirds
inning. Flrat base oa halls: Off Brown. 1;
off Salmon, 4: off Caldwell, 1; oft Shears.
6; off Hussell, 1. First base on errors:
New York. I; Philadelphia, 4. Hit by
pitched ball: By Caldwell. ird. Struck
out: By Brown. 1: by Krausa, I; by Plank
1; by Caldwell, 1; by Shears. 4. Paused
nan: Kgan. wild Ditches: F.aan. J. Time:
2 30. Umpires: Weslerveit and O'Loughlin.
Tigers glay Pltrkers.
DETROIT, May 1. -Detroit knocked two
pitchers out of the boa today and de
feated St. Louis. 14 to 41 nsllnglng to
third In the seventh, ualnor received i
badly sprained ankle and had to be oar
rted off the field. He will be out for two
weeka. It la thought. Score:
st. 4iit!ia. DBTRirr
Sbelten. el.. 4 1 4 Hash. a 4 114
AMls. lb ,. 4 4 4 4 evili, Ib I 4 4 4
Btorall. lb. 4
liSaeua, rt.. 4
Hosaa, If... I
Pratt lb.... i
Wallace, aa. I
stepbaea, c. 1
r1ll, 1 4
Kelaas, p.... I
Krh-eatl. a. I
I Webb, el ... 4 114
4 IOiW, Kill)
4 on awalr. It 1 4 4
1 SJenea, It.... 4 114
4 inamor, lb . I 4 4 4
4 iHar'tr, Mb I I 4 I
SOnalew, e... 4 111
I Slhibee, p.... 4 I 4 I
1 4Lm4aa. lb.. 4 4 4 1
Sallar. p..,. 1
4 I
Touii n H n 4
Totals M 14 M 4 I
St. Loula 1 41644104-
Detrolt S 1114 1 -14
Two-base hits: Laporte. Oalnor, Krlch
ell. Three-baae hit: Bush. Hits: Off FrllL
4 In one Inning; off Nelson. 4 la four and
one-third Innings, oft Bailey: t in two and
two-third innings, sacrifice rnee: vitt,
Bush. Sacrifice bits: Mortarty tl). Stoles
bases: Shot ten. LAporte. Bush (. Nor-
lartv. Double Play a. Ilocan to Stovall.
xtush to vitt to ualnor. irt on nasee:
Detroit, 4; St. Louis. II. Basea on balls:
Off Imbue. 1: off Nelson. 4; off Bailey, L
Hit by pitched ball: By Frill, Vitt; by
T'.. ....... 1 J . CI. -....I, Stu T,.k.,M T
by Ne'lson, I: by Bailey, L Time: :'n4.'
Umpires: Evsns and tgao.
Jribaeatn Brats Beatea.
WASHINGTON. May 1-Walter John
son held Boston to three scattered hlte
today, struck out eleven batters and
w ashington won. The locale bunched I
triple, single end double In the first In
ning on O Brlen. scoring three runs.
AB.H.0.A.B AB H O A g
Heaear, ff.. 14 14 SMeaJM, If.. I I 1
Erwle. lb .. 4 4 1
SpaaAer. ef. I 1 4
Bradl.j. lb. 4 4 I
Oar4aer. kill
Lawla, If ... 4 4 I
Wasner. Ba.4 4 I
Carncse. I I
O'Srten. p.. I S I
Buab'SMB. l I I
Heartcaaaa. 4 4 1
S S roarer, n S
4 IHtlas. CT...4
4 SSrbaatar. rf. 4
4 I Plran. lb... 4
4 IKalabt, lb.. 1
1 I MrBriee. aa. I
1 1 Aiaoi(B, s I
1 1
4 1
4 I
I It
1 4
I SJobsaas, p.. I
14 -
4 Totals.,
in 4 t
Totals I M If 4 '
Batted for O Brien In eighth.
Boston 1 0-1
Washington 1 1 4 4 1 -4
Three-base hX: Moeller. Two-base hit:
Johnson. Hits: Off O Brien. 1 In seven
innings: off Boshelmsn, In on Inning.
Sacrifice hits. Mchaerer, Knlgbt. Stolen
basse: Engle. Alnamith. Left on liases:
Boston. : Washington, a. First base on
t.slle: Off O'Brien. 4: off Johnson. 4; off
Bushel man. t Struck out: By O Brien. 1;
by Johnson. II; by Bushelman. I. Time:
I S, empires: Hart and Connolly,
l-alole stralae Wear Ire.
CHIC Alio. May l-Chirago defeated
Cleveland today. 7 to 4. Basea on halls
with the aesistanee of errors gave the
locals the lead, but bunched hits and an
error enabled the visitors to tie the
score. A batting rally In the eighth gave
Chicago three runs and the game. La)me
strained some of the muscles In hut side
anue practicing before the gssrie and be
was unable to play. It was aald that It
la an old ailment and It mav keen hire
out of. the game for seme time. Score:
AB H O A EL iiaaia
ersner. v.. I I 4 1 Rats. I 1 I I 1
Jaaaj. aa.-.. a a a a I Ijera. Ib.. 4 4 4 1
Jaefcaes. eL. 1 114 4Lehabea. 14 1 a I
neaaa i. ia a v a v s Beaie. ef.... 4 4 1
ro rsa. lb I 4 I 4 eoiliaa, rt . I 1 J
Baaterlr. C-. 4 I 4 1 SISar, lb.. 1 S U
Rras rf..... 1 4 4 4 aa . I a 1
Ball. Jb. .. I 1 4 eneKS. . ... a 1 a
Timer. It 4 I I 1 Sltaaa. s 4 I 1
MHrbelt. a S I I I ILsasa. S....I 1 I
Batrber ... I 4 4 S
I Tl a i
Totsla. . 11 s II
Batted for Mitchell In the ninth.
Chicago 121 7
Cleveland 1 4 4 4 1 4 -!
Two-base bits: Easterly. Block. Col
lins. Three-base hit: Bloc. Hits: Off
Bens ( In atz and two-tblrda innings: off
Lsrure. none In two end one-third Innings.
8wrtflce fly: Bali. Sacrifice hita: Ryan.
Qison. Wearer, zicder. Stu lea has: Jack.
MAY 4. 1912.
son. Double play: Bell to Birmingham.
Left on bssea: Chtcsgo. 4; Cleveland, 7.
Bases on balls: Off Bens. S; off Mitchell.
1: off Inge. I. Struck ont: By Mitchell,
3; by Bens. 2; by l-ane. 1. Time: 3:0.
Umpires: Perrlne and Dinecn.
Close Finish in Play
For Omaha Whist Cup
PHILADELPHIA, May l-Boalon play
era made practically a clean sweep in the
final rounds today of the fifteenth annual
congress of the Woman's Whist league.
Mlaa F. W. Freeman and Mtas N. H.
Freeman of the Howell club. Boston,
made a sensational finish for the Omaha
cup and won by a fraction of a plua trick
from Mrs. C. H. Resor and Mrs. J. H.
Bust of Cincinnati. lha final score was:
Misses Freeman won eight matches and
ItS plus tricks. Mrs. Reaor and Mrs.
J. H. Rust also had eight matchea won.
but their total plua tricks only totaled
The Howell club now has two legs of
the cup, the same players having won
last year at Baltimore.
The Washington trophy was won by the
Cavendish club of Boston with five and
one-half matchea and a plus trick and
score of SI. The New Amsterdam club
of New York, which has won four of
the five legs necessary, waa second with
four matchea won.
The Cavendish trophy waa won by the
Howell club with alt malebea and a
plus of 14. The Chicago Woman's dun
waa aecejnd with four and a halt matches
and a plua of 11
The Boston trophy waa won by Mrs.
M. J. Newhall and Mrs. W. H. Barney
of the Howell club. Boatnn. and Mrs. H.
W. Csnnon and Mrs. N. W. Newman of
the New Amsterdam club. New York.
Their score was five matchea and a
plua of a.
Mra. Charles F. Blelman of Detroit
was elected president.
Next year's congress will be held in
that city.
Other officers e ho sen are:
Treasurer. Mtss Reed. Newark, N. J ,
recording secretary, Mrs. Charles L. Tay
lor, Pittsburgh.
Infantrymen Lose
to Creighton Arts
The Creighton university department of
arts bass ball team defeated the Fourth
Infantry team at Fort Crook yesterday
afternoon In a fast, clean game by the
acors of 4 to t The college boys won pn
their superior base running snd clever
fielding, while Msdden allowed the sol
diers only live hits. Ths Creighton men
secured eight Wis and made but two
errors. Most of th balls hit by the sol
diers were handled by the Infield, Rue
sum getting sixteen putouts at first base
Miller caught a clever game for Creigh
ton and led the hitting with two clean
drives. "Smoke" Shutses la th right
field for ths soldiers pulled oft several
spectacular running catches. Score:
Creighton J IIIIIIIM
Fort Crook 1 I I I M t I im
Batteries: Madden and Miller; Ryan
and Smttek.
Harriman Men to
Flay Northwestern
At the Rod and Oun club grounds Sat
urday afternoon the Northwestern and
the Union Pacific ball teams wtll en
gag In a contest- Both teams have been
practicing hard for the event and a spir
ited contest la xepected. Th lineup:
Zimmerman Catch
Suttle-Conover. Iln-Ji
Union Pacific.
. Halpine-Lyon
, Boucher
...Second ...
...Center ...
...Right ....
,.. Subatltute
... Subatituia
. Carrier
Carl Robinson. Omaha s classy spit-bail
artist, will be out of the game for a
week at least and probably much longer
owing to poison. Robinson, when he left
Dea Molaea for St Joseph with the team
over a week ago, eras taken III Whea he
arrived home after the St. Joaeph series
he waa a very sick man and sent home
to bed. He haa been confined there sine.
Hla hands and face are swollen to twice
their normal else, while his entire body
Is blistered. He Is attended by a doc
tor, who pronounced It a case of poison,
but does not know whst kind. On ths
suspicion that It might be contagious
Manager Arbogast haa Issued orders that
none of the team visit Robinson.
Brooklyn allies and Wins.
BOSTON. Msv 1-A Ditchers' battle he.
tween Rurker and Hess, both left-hsnd-ers.
was broken up in the eighth inning
today when Brooklyn piled up five rural
and. adding eight more In the ninth, won
from Boston 14 to & Score:
geaaaey. lb 4 4 4 4 I Morse, if... 4 114 1
rasreben. at I I I I D-bert, lb. 1 1 4 4
Miller, rl .4 4 14 SSnKb, lb... I 114s
Jeraaee. 1.11111 Sonbee. ef. 4 1 4 1
Dwrlla. lb . 4 ltl S Da It. H S 1 I a S
Serwtt. aa... 14 4 1 Irwtabsw. 9. 4 1 I I I
MoDoa-. lb 4 4 1 1 aTnoler .aa... lilts
4iov4r. e.... 4 S 1 fwipa. t. .. 4 1 4 1 s
r . .I eel SRwraar. s .. I 114
Ranees ..114
Totala ... 41 mill I
Tsusa. .. u Ills I
Betted for Hees In the ninth.
Boston S I
Brooklyn ! S-14
Two-base hits: Sweeney. N ..rf hen. Smith.
Devlin. Ssrnfice hit: Smith. Stolen
es: Toolev Sweeney ?. Ptlioa.
IWtdaa. Devils. Sntaut. Left on bares.
' ' '
Boa tun. 4, Brooklyn, i. Baaes oa bails:
for The Bee by
Off Ilea. 7; off Rucker. 1. Flrat esse on
errors: Boston, t; Brooklyn, t Struck
out: By Rucker, I. Wild pitch: Hess.
Time: 1:01 Umpires: Klgler and Fia
Season to Be Qood,
Fairweather Says
Tom Fairweather, president of the !
Molnea base ball club, wko la here with
rhta team. Is highly pleased with, the con
dition of base ball affairs In Dea Molnea
and thinks his team will be among the
top ones before many daya have passed.
"After last year's conditions at Das
Moines, which were the worst In the his
tory of base ball there, the fans areturn
Ing out to the games wonderfully well,"
aald Mr. Fairweather. "It la the Inten
tion of Frank lsbell and myself to give
Des Molnra the beat wa can In base ball.'
for I know our endeavora will be appre
ciated. Dea Molnea la ode ef the best
base ball towns In the Western league
and la supporting the present' team In
good sbape. Of course, the boys have not
struck their stride yet, but it Is still early
In the season and when they get, going
the other teams In the league will Opel
their eyes and atare.
"There la no douht but that this ice
eon will be a prosperous one for tht
Western league. The race will be a hot
one and there will be no runaway by tar'
one team, aa there waa last season. Den
ver has not near the lean It had laet
year. The loss bf "Casey" Ifagernutn
and "Buck" O'Brien Is felt very keenly
by the OrtMllra. SI. Joseph, Wichita and
Topeka all have good teams and Bill
Rourke has a star aggregation and will
show up well when they get to working
well. With all thee teams In the race
there cannot help-hut be a bright fatura
before the Western league. The fans all
like to see a close race and not a run
away. And they are going to get It."
Waller Keegsn, IBe apedal weight
champion Wrestler of Rochester, N. T.,
snd holder of tha Poltca Oaaette bait, M
in Omaha enrouta for a tour of tha wast,
where he will meet all comers. Ha I
booked to wrestle In Omaha some .tune
this month, the exact date and who he
will meet not having been settled yet A
V- a SV-al so. aa.
ft tHHiniisu Jtorj m ncrwres my ramoai -"roa su
ve i want f A(.t IIIOHT.HIt fhlOW Kteitnitta POXV,fiue04.
ov to BitvaiaurgXI lean run a,v potd zmvt one b006"t JSTANO
ImANO 4WU. aOVgaJyrsan AMVOfiejaj t.steju.siy OlNVWrilA11 J
( ""l tH? iMiSHrV AV U&Ort,-
5 f , I plS-l tsfeaasa-l
CM. IT tlal AN AwPUll S kliN OvtllTOM W
lAfr -'
f hot. sent.
Do h
Every bottle rose haa tb coramrner sparklirui witl)
fsdru dhrpelliria; goodness. When tired or thirsty a
bottt of Peerless is mors than wslcouis -wliti your
meals, before ijoing to bed or in ktct any time this
delicious blend oi prtras HsMnc Barley and flsssn
Horo, aged just right, at bound to mac you iaal ,
.' better. Otder s case delivered to yew homo today.
oreweo, sgso
tl rfsAtM1l4ia
VIS - laua.
Asa. (oao
CSp feWso rVerfess coTroaeis.
Hal Coffman I
few veara sen be won the Mabtweishf
championship of tha United States arm?
Keei en la accompanied by hla manager
Herb Twist. H will 'wrestle at Codyi
Billings. Deer Lodge, Sheridan, Level!
and BurwdL I
Pick Tennis Team j
Saturday Morning
Annual spring hoys' singles ten an
tournament of the Omaha High school
rapidly Is hearing the semi-finals, and
with only a few scattered matchea to bd
played oft In the second and third
rounds It Is expected that the regular!
racquet team for th year will be picked
Saturday morning. By winning thole
matchea yesterduy afternoon,, four lad
have played their way into th thh-dl
round. They are: Leo McShana, 'lit
Junior Wooley. II; Norman Potter. 'TJ,
and Russell Larmon, '14.
At tha Happy Hollow courts Leo Mc4
Shane and Edward Undeland showed tnd
beat form la yesterday's matchea, th
former winning two hard seta, 4-4, (-41
In the last match of the first round Ham
old Thorns and Carl RlngwaUv playtPi
at the double courts at Thirty-first snd
Csss streets, pot up a hard match.' Each1
won and loat a set, and It waa only bit
dint of soma clever net work la th final
act that Thomas won out, 1-4, 4-4, 1-4.
Results yesterday's piay: j
TO stent Ifndelaad defeated Harold Nora
""fla'rold' Thomas defeated ' Carl Ungi
wait. 4-4, 4-. 7-S.
Norman Potter defeated Harold
Thomas, 4-, .
M Mcsnane aereated Etfwara uaa4
land. 4-4, 4-4.
Junior Wooley defeated Sidney Msyeq
t-l. 4-4. ,
Oa account of th high wind of Thural
day only four mstohes wars played off
In the boys' spring singles tennis tournat
-. . k . k aei.k.1 n i . 1
of Thuradaya play.
Joseph Creedqn defeated Edwin BusckJ
-. -!
Kenneth Norton detested Lawrence Mo)
Cague-4-4, 1-4, 4-4. . ,
John Brotherton defeated William Carol
pen 4-. 4-1. ,
r . u L-tnii-.u. a-... iMhUni.bJ
-4-1. 4-1. .
Batlgcr . fPI
. ".. M S. OO i '
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yoonelf mod do it now is a pretty.
good motto to follow. Keep it in mind about ,
getting acquainted with the goodness of
jfitnd&Skerf ess Seen
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Join GuaJ Ertwmf Cei.
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