Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, May 04, 1912, Page 7, Image 7

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$2.50 Crochet Bags, $1.25
Genuine hand crochet lace
Hand Bags, just received:
greatest bargains of the
6eason, Satur- f r
day, at 4l,J
Big sale of Popular Sheet
Music, both vocal and instru
mental ; Saturday, per Q
copy mJC
By mail lc a copy additional.
S?S in Men's Furnishings
Sale of Sample Men's Shirts at One-third theSegular Price.
Men's $1.00 and $1.50 shirts In plain or pleated fronts, light and me
dium colors, all new spring colors, at .69 and 49
All the new styles 1b men's fine sprint shirts, aU styles, made to sell
at $!00 to $3.00. on sale at $1.45 and 9S
Men's $5.00 bath robes, at $2.45
Men's 50c silk socks, all colors, at 25
Men's 25c lisle socks, all colors, at ....12H
Men's 50c suspender, all kinds, at .. 25
Men's 50c all silk four-in-hand ties 25c
Men's 15c, 2 Be all linen handkerchiefs, at 12 and 10
Boys' 50c colored shins and shirt waists, all colors, at 25
IS I uAPlfc STC": vv J
U4 i mil m t ii iiiiimiii I
Ribbon Sale
Plain and Fancy Ribbons, black,
white and colors, narrow and
wtde, satin and plain taffetas, yd.
1235 10 15lf
and 25
Clearing Sale Men's Hats
1,200 Men's Soft and Stiff Hats all spring styles and col
orsboth rough and smooth felts manufacturer's sam
ples and floor stock, worth to $3.00, at 95c
All of our Men's and Hoys' caps and cloth hats that sold
up to $1.00, at 45c and 25c
All of onr Children's Cloth and Kelt hats, worth to $1.50
your choice at 45t
The new English soft hat in nine mixtures and colors, worth
$3.00, our price - $2.00
50c Pillow Tops, 25c A
beautiful lin of tinted
sofa pillow tops, with floss
to work same; 50c C -value,
Saturday wt
Big Bfrle of Popular Sheet
Music, both vocal and instru
ment! ; Saturday, per Q -
By mail la a copy additional.
1,000 Dainty Wash Dresses on Sale
Marquisettes, Linens, Loungereis, Lawns and fine dimities
in 100 different styles and every conceivable color, in
cluding white. This immense
stock was bought at a great
sacrifice and will be offered
Saturday in two lots.
for these wash
dresses in Lounger
els, embroideries,
ginghams, linens
all colors and sties,
worth to $10.00.
for choice of over
TOO beautiful
dresses In white snd
all colors. Including
marquisettes, Irish
linens, etc., exquis
itely trimmed and
are worth up to $25.
Tailored Suite must
go to make room for
summer stock. We are
offering Saturday the
choice of 350 ladies'
and misses' Tailored
Suits In the very new
est styles, fabrics and
colors at just half
Tailor Bolts... aitJe
'4! S9O00 Tailored Baits... I1M0
3100 Tailors nits. . .it.sq
Mam Tailored Bolts... MM
' S6O.00 Tailored Salts. ..Bss0
SSa 00 Tailored Suite. . .SM.00
Stylkh Press Skirts In French Tolles, serges, tweeds and fancies,
made to sell up to $12.50, on sale Satur- Jrt Q C'$A
day in two lots, at !) eiVaJ P'teaVaJ
Jiew Spring Coats Stylish long garments in cream serges, nivles,
tans, grays, black and fancies; also a line of silk coats, li dif
ferent styles to select from; $15.00 and $18.00 JQ QQ
800 Beautiful Sample Waists Marquisettes, loungereis, lawns and
all styles, made to sell up to $7.50; on sale Satur- Ai Q
day, choice yl eaO
Summer Waist .beautiful patterns, worth $1.50,
all styles hade to sell up to $7.50;
sites up to 6 yesrs; made
to $7.50; on sale Satur- d QC
to sell up to $5.00, Saturday V 1 JO
The Season for Summer Underwear Here
And right at the beginning of it we offer values from a big spc
cial mill purchase which have never before been equaled in
season, if ever equaled in out of season sales. You can easily
save half on Summer Underwear here.
Ladies' fine white lisle and sea Is
land cotton union suits, low neck,
no sleeves, short sleeves or long
sleeves, ankle or knee length,
tight or loose knee, sold every
where st $1 and $1.25, on sale, all
1". at 49
Ladies' 60c and 75e knit untou
suits In white, extra or regular
sites, on sale at . -35 and 25s
Ladles' $2.00. $2.60 silk lisle union
suits made In all styles and sties,
on sale at .....98
Ladies' fine gauie vests in lisle and
cotton, white, extra and regular
siies, made to sell at 15c. 20c, 25c,
go at 12H and 9
Children's 16c, 2Sc gaute vests, all
sizes from S yrs. to 16 yrs., on sale
at 124 9 and 7V
Children's 50c and $1 union suits,
for boys or girls, on sale at 49
and 25
lien's sterling union suits, beat fit
ting, on sale at 32.50 SI. OS
m 82.98
Men's $3.50 silk lisle union suits,
short or long sleeves, at SI. 98
Men's $2.00 lisle union suits, white,
ecru, pink or blue, at 98s4
Men's $1.00 and $1 50 union suits,
all gusranteed perfect In fit snd
quality, on sale st 69 nd 49
Men s 60c balbriggan shirts and
drawers, all colors, all sites. 25
Men's 76c, $1.00 lisle and fine cot
ton shirts and drawers, all sites
and styles, at 45 and 35
Boys' 60c balbrlggan shirts snd
drawers, extra quality, at ..25
An exceptional showing of new styles light and airy summer
hats beautifully trimmed, in latest f p j t4 C
effects, at D 10 $1 J
Grand clearance sale of Trimmed Hats
including early pattern hats. New York
6how room hats large picture hats in
three groups, worth up to $12.00
at $5.00, $3.95 and $1.98
Children's Hat Sale
Largest display and sale ever attempted
positively everything for the youug miss,
at 25c69c, 98c up to $3.50
Extra Special Trimmed Children's Hats
worth to $1.00, at 250
"We are headquarters for unt rimmed hats
all the newest styles. Remember, we save you
about half on untrimmed shapes.
Only store in town that guarantees willow
plumes and everything else.
Why Pay More for Drugs and
Toilet Goods
Special Sale tor Friday and Saturday. We Save You 33 to 50.
10c bottl of Hlnd'i
Almond Cream for
1 bottle pure Hydrogen Peroxide,
extra size for ......ISO
tic alia pure Hydro yen Peroxide
at, three bottles for S5e
10c. 15c and 20c a bar Toilet Sompa,
aaaorted, go at, par cake So
iBo Bar Cutlcura Soap for .170
Four bare of Ivory Soap for. ..1S
JSc alie of Sanltol Tooth Powder or
put for lSo
SOc jar Massac Cram for SO
Ho alaa Banitol or Peroxide Cream
for IW
l-lb. can Violet Talcum Powder IS
21c alaa Dr. E. U Graves' Tooth
Powder or Plate for 100
Sic Tooth Brushes, big anap, at Mo
Mc Bottle Bay Rum for ISO
Large package ft rat quality sasaa
fraa Bark for 10a
10ft Dr. Hlnkle's Caacara Tableta
for . ISO
$1.00 Fountain Syringe or Bottle
for sso
12. o Red Rubber Fountain Syringe
for 1140
12.50 Con til nation Syringe and Bot
tle for tl-M
IJ.Ofl Wellington 8ytnte and bottle,
guaranteed for five years for (a
11 00 Rubber Gloves go at ....80s
Two Items In
Books I Stationery
for Saturday
25c Books a good line of
authors and hooks that are
sold all over for 25c, Sat-
urday sale price 15c
25c Box Stationery . . . .10c
Sporting Goods
Base Balls, regular SOc kind 39
$1.25 League Balls 98
Base Ball Masks, values up to $1,
at 19
SOe Tennis Balls 25
Boys' Catcher Mitts, 25c values,
at 19
All that Is best in the New
1913 models; a perfect fit
at most pleasing prices.
Ths nsw Nemo corsets, models In
ail sixes and lengths, specially
made for stout figures, at $3.00
$4-0O, $3.50 and S3. OO
Warner-Thomson, R. G., W. B.
and C. B. a la Spirit corsets,
$1.50 values, choice ...$1.00
Broken lines of coutil, batistes
and netting corsets, worth to
$1.25, at 75 and 49
Brasslers In all styles and makes,
at 25 f 82.50
Boys' wash suits for summer wear.
In fine linen suitings, galatea,
repp, sailor and military effects,
aU colon, worth to $3.50. go
at 98
75c K. & S. Boys' BUnse waists.
In fine madras, ginghams, per
cale, etc.. In all sixes, with or
without collars, special, each S5e
3 for 81.00
Open Stock Dinnerware Specials
Beautiful gold band Dinner Sets, to be closed out at
the below prices:
Cups and Saucers, pair 10c
Dinner Plates, each 10c
Breakfast Plates, each 7VC
Pie Plates and Bread and Butters each 5c
Pickle Dishes and Bowls, each 10c
Platters, each 25c, 35c, 50c
Vegetables Dishes and Salads, each 25c
Sauce Dishes, each 5c
Sauce Boats and Sugar and Creamers, each 25c
Covered Dishes, each 25c
It's Hayden's Grocery Prices That Keep
Down the High Cost of Living in Omaha
11 Means 25 to 50 Per Cent less
on Your Housekeeping txpenses
II lba Beat Granulated Sugar, I1M
10 Bars Lennox, Boat 'Em AU or
Diamond C Soap too
Jollycoa or Jallo. per pkg 7 He
It-ounce Cans Condenaed Milk..H
14-ounce pkg. Boat Domeatle Mac
aroni for me
41-lb. 8arks Hayden's Diamond K
Family Floor, made fronv the beat
selected wheat, per aack . ...S1.&I
l-lb. tana Aaaorted Poupe THo
S cakea Sellc Scouring Soap.... see
l-lb Pkg. Corn Starch e
Cans Star Lye see
Peters Breakfaat Cocoa, per lb., ate
McLaren a Peanut Butter, per lb.. Its
10 iba. Mixed Chicken Feed tie
10 lba Oyster 8hell iaa
011 or Mustard Sardine, can.
Ths Boat Tea Blftlnge per lb. ...lata
Ooldoa Santos per lb lli
IULM as 1119 SAUL
Strong, healthy cabbags or tomato
plants, per dossa TWO
11 pkg. Flower or Vegetable seeoa
at See
Oladlola bulba, per doxen SOe
Tube Roae bulba per doaen lee
Canna bulba, each So
Dahlia bulba, each loa
Blue Grans and Clover seed. lb. ..4oa
Rosesl Rosesl Roses I
As Advertised For Saturday
We have had shipped as 6,000 beautiful Klllarney Pink Roae Bushes
to sell for the grower; this is fine hardy stock and will bloom all
summer. Special price for special sale, each 7H
Crockery Department Com a early as they will sot last long.
Beautiful Pictures
Greatly Underpriced
Thousands of them for selection, the most complete lines
and best bargains ever shown in Omaha.
1,000 Pictures, including great assortment of subjects,
regular values to 75c, at, choice 35c
Pictures worth to $2.00 A beautiful line of subjects, in
gilt frames, sizes 16x20, 12x30, 12x24, choice 75c
25c Pictures in Gilt or Oak Frames 10c
Hand Colored Art Studies,
$1.50 and $2 Fruit Pictures,
100 to select from, on sale
Friday and Saturday 98c
100 of them, regular $2
values, at, choice . . .75c
Scores of other specials in this big two days' sale.
Come earlv.
r iii fp " rTi?'
f-Tear-old Maryland Rye VVnlakey.
per full quart e
Per gallon
Sonkist California Grape Wines: all
varieties and very parol er fall
Liquor Department Speciats
Cuckenbelmer and Schenley Rye,
Cedar Brook and Weldon Sprint
I our boa whiskies, per full qt. .11.00
Far gailoa M0
Home made Grape wine; Red or
whit per gal HA0
Shoe Sale
Bigger and better values
from the large surplus stock
purchase from The Spencer
Shoe Co., Boston.
$3.00 and $3.50 values in Men's
shoes in all leathers and lat
est styles $1.95
Women's Shoes, oxfords and pumps,
In all leathers style right up to
the minute, welts and McKay's, $3
Women's $3.50 White Nuburk with
a high toe tip or plain, very spe-
Women's $3. SO snd $4.00 pumps In satin, tan calf, whits
canvas or Nubuck, velvets or gun metal, all Goodyear
welte 82.50
Little Gents' $1.50 box cslf or gun metal bluchers. Women's
$1.50 rubber heeled Juliets 81.00
Women's Serge 50e value bouse slippers 39
Big Girls' and Misses' white I -strap sandals, worth $3.25,
t 81.50
In the Children's Dept., 75c snd $1.00 values, fn kid. turn
sole, 1-st rap sandals 75g and 50
fttetana and Croaaett shoes snd oxfords for men.
Crover and Queea Quality shoes and oxfords for women.
Tiry Klaydeini9s First
Women's Dainty Und' muslins, Hosiery
Cloves, Umbrellas and Parasols Underpriced
Saving prlren on your snirrmer
needs you can't afford to mr
gleet Come early ttatarday
Ladles' Kayser and Eseo silk hose
every pair guaranteed perfect
t 98 nd 81.50
Ladles' pure thread boot silk hose,
in black, tan and colors, at 25
and 4
Ladles' Wayne knit hose, regular
and out else, splendid vslues, all
colors, special for Saturday. rlr.
at sac; s for 81.00
Ladles' Silk lisle hose In black, tan
and colors, regular 35c and
St) values 25
Ladles' cotton and lisle hose,
split sole and garter top,
regular and out sites, spe
cial . 12H
Children's and misses' silk
and Hale hose, all colors,
35 l 25
Children's pony and bear
brand hose, at .M..12H
and ...... ..25
Gloves, rmbrellaa. Parasols
Ladles' 12 and 1 (-button Kay
ser silk gloves, ail colors snd
site ...49 up to 81.50
Ladles' ehsmolsette gloves. In
Id-button lengths 40
Bilk Gloves In two-button
lengths, at 50 and 81.00
Charaolsette gloves. In two-hut-ton
lengths . -SIS and 50
Children's Parasols, from Amer
ican taffeta 19 and 81.25
Ladles' and Men's Umbrellas, in
American taffeta 98
nd ' fl.45
Ladles' parasols, 1T new de
signs, Persian effects, black
and whit rflea embroidered,
also plain 75 "P to 87.50
Ladles' and Men's all silk um
brellas .-81.99 W 810
Specials in Muslin Underwear
Princess Slips with a deep
flounce of lace or embroidery,
a deep lace yoke and dainty
wsah ribbons, at $M, 91.01
and 81.50
Skirts with deep flounce of em
broidery and a wide lace
flounce headed with aa em
broidery r lac beading,
worth up to $5.00, at 81.98
and $2.98
Gowns elaborately trimmed,
made extra full and long, finest
quality cambric, nainsook or
crepe, in stripes and plain col
ors, worth to $2.00, at 98
Crepe and nainsook combination
sulta, circular drawsr sad
dainty lac trimmed Corset
cover, all sixes, at 98
Gowns, combination suits, const
rovers, daintily trimmed, worth
to $1.00, at 49
Italian silk vests, hand em
broidered, in pinks, blues,
and white, worth to $3.50,
at 81.98
Ladles' muslin gowns with hem
stitched tucked yokes, msde
full and long, at 35
8 for 81.00
Children's Sateen bloomers, all
sites, made of eitra quality
sateen, sold to 60c, at ..25
Bed Spread Sale
Saturday Unen Depl
Imported Marseilles bed spreads
full site, knotted fringe,
worth $7.50, each .-84.98
Imported Marseilles bed spreads
full slse, scalloped cut cor
ners, worth $0. each 83.50
Fringed colored bed spreads
full site, absolutely fast,
worth $4.10, each ..(2.98
Pull alaa hemmed crochet Bed
apreada. aaaorted: worth till,
each LS
Hemmed or frlnfed Bod Mpraada;
full alaa; worth $2.ov. each Hit
Scalloped fringed or hemmed Hod
Hpreada; run elm; worta i .
Saturday's Specials In
Wash Goods
Coin Dot 811k mixed Poplins, la
light colors, very stylish, reg
ular 76c grade, on sals Satur
day, at, yard 50
The most beautiful and com
plete line of Voiles ever
shown, ' In plains, stripes,
bordered and floral borders.
In prices ranging from 15
to 69
Novelty Hllk Foulard. 41 Inches
wide; beautifully daalgned bord
er a. light and dark colors, at,
yard toe
A nice line of Drees Olnghama.
all new patterns, at UHa A IS
Bhlrtlng Madras. In atrlpee and
flauroe; it In. wide, at lao, 1,
ts and as
A tlSSS I-ply Maoaweod Trunk for ...........1L0O
A gnuln Baaswoog Trunk eanvaa covered oak a lata snd sols leather
at rape, all II no llnod. a lite value at .M..gUM
an Oases and Begs Oae-TUrd Off.
A lot of Suit Caeea and Bat traveling saleaman's samples, worth 15.40
to IIS 0. at SiSa-gtSJO
Hattug S ait Oaaas maoa.
Kult Caere worth II l In If a at S1.1S-S4-SS
Ucnuiu Rattan Mult Caeae, aorth H 0 to 17.00, at t-O0-e
Hardware Dept. Specials Saturday
Motor Washer Runs easier filled thsa most washers do when
empty satisfaction guaranteed all part guaranteed for five
years, price
Wringers, a full line
at special reduced
prices when sold
with washing ma
chine, up from $1.09
75c large galvanized sprinkling cans ...
34x33 adjustable screen frames
Washboards, up
from 15c
Clothespins, $0 for 10c
Wash boilers, up
from Mo
Clothes lines .... 10
Z-3x(-lfl fancy oiled screen doors 95a
Double galvanized poultry wire, per foot fae
Poultry wire, per 100 sq. ft, in full rolls 60
Guaranteed rubber hose, per foot .......
Refrigerators, 35-lb. capacity 85.98
$8 00 14-tn. ball bearing high wheel lawn
mowers 84.95
75c all brass fountain lawn sprinklers ..49
Perfection oil cook stores 87.50 and 89.50
Gasoline stoves, up from 82.98
Hoes, full size 19
S5c shovels 69
Good rakes 15
25c Flour Sieves Saturday 10c
t-Ot bottle High