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Brandeis Store for Men and Boys
Business Suits for Men and Young Men
t r
Exceptional Values in
Sample Pants All sizes, in
plain or peg top; many pat
terns at $1.69, $1.98 up
to . ....i3.93
and correct
All the new
Tan and black calf, blucher and button
styles; well made show in the newest
lasts all sizes .$2.85
Brandeis Stores are pole agents in Omaha
for Hurley Bros. Shoes for men. Many
handsome styles, at per pair ....$5.UU
At these prices we make unuisual efforts to combine durable fabrics, serviceable linings, good workmanship
...-!, v.Af,nrViltr oelrahla nrnwntc rocnmmpnrled to men who seek to dress well at moderate cost.
B 1 1 I'D tuiv iv.yj vuft.n ' ........... r . .... , -
shades of grey and blue fabrics made up into two or three-button models. Included are sev- (-1 E 01 7 ().Si9()
eral recent purchases of higher grade lines, giving unusual attractiveness to our display at P-LI 'WV y?iJ
Thousands of Blue Serge Suits ZJ&S
Strictly hand tailored-all newer models-values that cannot - f AA M O Cf) C ()(Y nn f ft C9l-) flf)
be duplicated at -a,v.vvr, YJ-4-"v-' v vt"-v,v' r
TDnr. Jo:c Store Has Been Designated Official Agent for
JjIallUClo The Best Readv Made Clothes in America
Hirsh-Wickwira Suits for Men
at $25 to $40
Rogers-Peet & Co. Clothes for Men
at $25 to $35.00
Society Brand Suits for Men
at $20 to $35.00
New York Retail Stock of Mens Hats
Througa our New York buyer
we secured at a bargain these
choice lots.
Bats worth up to $2.50
and $3, go at
All the season's styles including
soft and stiff hats, imported
Velour hats, new Cloth and Silk
Stitched Hats and tlia new Cor-
durov effects these oats re
tailed at $2.50, $3.00
and $3.50, your choice
iw a w
Men's $100 Automobile and Golf Eats at 50c-From tho
New York Retail Stock fine cravenette and cloth hots
values np to $2.00, in one lot, at 50c
English Golf and Auto Caps at 45o From the New York
Retail Stock values np to $1.50, in one lot special at 45c
Boya SB1 Children's Hata and
Cape at Mc From tha New
York Retail Stock; excellent hau
and capa In tha naweat atjrlea
valuta up to 11.16, In or.
ona ipeclal lot at. ..7. a&UC
John IL fttrtaon Hata at $
Brandala Btorea ara agent for
tha famous, John B. Btetaon Soft
and Stiff Hata all tba neweet
aprlng itylea, will (o at a, mod
arata prtca dV PA
of P5OU
Ml ill
Dependable Clothes for. Boys
Manhattan Washable
Suits for boys, in lin
ens, reps, kindergarten
cloths and galateas, at
to $3.98
Boys' Long Pant Suits,
all new shades and
fabrics, at $7.50 io
A special Serge Suit at
stock worth $6.00 to
Second Floor
Old Store
Boy 8' Knickerbocker
. Suits Short lots from
the present season's
stock-worth $6.50 to
$7.50, splendid values
Spec! Boys' Waist Section
1.00 Pongee and Boleettea
Blouaaa with tba high military
collar tana, white, bluea and
fancy at ripe, at 39c
Boya' lSe Hoee at 10a
Boya' SOe Balta at ..Vic
Boya' 66c overall! at 89c
Boya' 11.00 Knickerbocker
Panta at ... c
Base Ball Suits
Blue trimmed in grey.
Grey trimmed In red.
Blue trimmed In white.
Grey Stripe trimmed In ma
roon. Shirt! have- abort aleerea
padded panta, at fl to SI. BO
Stocking! to match given free
with every ault Saturday.
Base Ball & Bat Free With Every Boys' Wool Suit
Saturday Specials in Brandeis Basement
Boya' 13.60 and 14.00 Bulta In grey, brown and tan ahadi
agei S to 16, alto Ruaalan and Blome Suite, at $1.9)1
Boya' $2.60 and $3.60 Long Panti, ipeclal raluea, at ....11.8ft
Boya' Waababla Bulta In Ruaalan or Blouse atylea, at 09c
Boya' Baaa Ball Bulta In blue flannel, trimmed with white, 50c
Boya' tOe Blouae Walata black lateen, blue chambray, black
and white percalea and fancy madraa, at 81c
75c Romper In tan, blua and brown chambray all full cut 15c
Men's Furnishings
Mue.lng Union gotta Largeat variety o( atylea and
fabrlca ahort or long aleevea regular . or knaa
length t i,oo to ea.00
Superior Vnloa Suite for Mem of extra fina quality, at
per garment $1.5, W.00 aad $8.0
Men'e Spring Vnloa Bulta Light or medium weight
long or ahort aleavea made ta aeU at $1.00
and $1.60, at .7Bc and Mc
Sample Llnea of Men'e High Claea Shlrta Value up
to $2.00, at 50c, 09e and 9c
' New Manhattan and E. W. ShlrU Many wit
detached Soft Colara.
Madraa and Percale Shlrta at $1.50 and M.00
Imported Madraa and Ruaalan Corda $3.50, to $3.50
Silk Shlrta excellent quality, at, each .
Men'e Derby ribbed ehlrta and drawera value op
to 7 Be, In baaement, at 89c and 50e
Men'a Negligee Shlrta worth up to $1.00, In baae
ment, at SOe
From Our Near Neighbors
' Waterlee. a
Daphne Rohwer vltlted relative In
Omaha from Friday afternoon until Mon
day moraine.
Wlllard rier haa finished bl achool
work (or lha year, havlna baan taking
law at Crelghloa.
Ml Kellogg of Council Bluff, wha
we visiting Mr. Taai the laat wk, ra
turned bom Tuesday.
Amy Lswl want ta Omaha Friday
afternoon ana vllld frtsod thara ana
at lb Bluffs until .unday afternoon.
Oeorge Todd sprained hta bark severely
Thursday (oranoon whll imina sera at
the Robinson Maad eominyS warahoua.
Jamea Calvert left Waterloo Tuesday
mornlnf. hia deatlnailon bring tha west,
though b bad not yt found a new loca
tion. Mr Merryweather of Vallay. elster nt
ruDM vui iitA tha latter and
family over Sunday and returned boon
- u ..hi.Mi mwjt l. nt kta ti nl
uwmK. j i.' 1 1 1 r . - -
. , . u..i... Iflnn. tn. (laoraa
Hanaao. earn bara Friday alhl from
John M. rhrUUna-n, who had baan la
country, raturnad Monday evenlnC turn
tba waat.
Mlaa txlla Roblnaoa want to Unooln
ftaturdav v1"1 monf anlvaralty
rriand aavaral Oaya. Sb raturnad bom
Mia Mabta DohoHy. who taache t
of F-lbhara. and MIm MyHla Iohrty.
cUv-lBf at the Rnxars' blarohandlaa com
pany. Valley. pnt Sunday with th
n i
Wa ara aultlng Omaba be
eaua Omaba men ara looking
tor clotbea MADE IX OMAHA.
Buya any ault In tha ahop.
We ara the only fifteen dollar
tailor making clothe In Omaha.
Mid-West Tailors
Arthar h. Luaoit, Mgn k4
Pbowe Dmglae MM.T .
, , 1508 llanaef St. J
horn folk. Mr. and lira. Charlta Do.
Tha enomhar of lh Myaile Workar
had a aocial (atharlnf at tha homa ot
Mr. and Mra. Thumaa Appl-by, waat ot
Iowa. Tuaaday nlfhl.
Frad Brown and O. 1. Uavar drove la
Saturday nlfht from Rlchardaon oounty,
whar they had lona two weak before to
work at dltcblna and tlllni.
J. O. Harrtntton want to Omaha Satur
day morning and on to Mteaourt Valley
that attarnoon to vlalt hi daughter, Mra.
LiUtton. ana family, ever Sunday.
Laat Hatarday aftarnonn John Graff
had tnrae riba broken and waa aeveraly
bmlaad In a fall while halplna to load
car or com at waidroa bead com-
pany'a plant.
Dave Cobb here laet week vlaltlna
frlenda and left Friday for IMuart, where
be now hvea and la In bualneaa. a.d Cohb,
who waa formerly at Stuart, la now liv
ing at achuyler.
Tha regular mealing ef tha Ifaeonte
lodge wa held Tuaaday evening with a
good attendance. There wa eonaiderahla
work, alter wnicn tba memoera enjoyea a
lunch at lb Wilkin confectionery.
Mr. and Mr. Jea Harna left Waterloo
Wednesday evening for Columbua, where
they will vlalt a abort time belor gomg
to Canada. Tney eipect to inoaie in ina
Alberta eountrv, where Cbarlea Maynare
la bow working.
J. B. Hlvaler of Hooper waa at Water
loo aevaral mabta tha laat week Butting
In tha day at Omaha, whar Mr. Hlva
ler baa bean In tha Emanuel noenital
tne laat Thuraday, having Bona there
for aa operation.
Enh Sumner went to Omaha Sunday ta
aea hi wife, who haa been at a boepltal
for tha laat two weeka. Mr. Sumner un
derwent an operation, for appendicrtl
and recovered nicely, being able t leave
tha boepltal Tuaaday.
B. B. Mendenhall came In from Omaha
Tueadar evening and vtelted over night
and Wedneedav forenoon with Knein
rnnk and family and other frlenda. lit
went to Fremont Wedneeday afternoon
with Mr. and Mra Kobliwon in tneir car.
Carl Wrage of Omiha. nephew of
Charlea Dahelateln. came from Omaha
Wedneaday at 1 o clock and went to tha
earm. carl drew a number in tne le
kota land lottery laat fall and hi unci
la going ap with him ta help mak a
ae lection. 1
At tha congregational meeting of the
Preebyterlan cnurch held Monday evening
ot laat week all the former ottlrere were
again elected aa miiowa: -. . rioyee.
eider: E. awan King, deacon; r- p.
Noyea. clerk; M. E. lHllehay, treaaureri
B. F. Bell, truate.
C. B. Hammeretrom brought hit brother
Oerar and wife to Waterloo aunday morn.
ln mnA the returned to their homo at
Council Bluff after a vielt of aeveral
weeka at lh brother home. Mr. Ham
meretrom Uvea on the former Tom Hart'
ford forty, weat ot the Nete Brown homa
atead. and waa In the track of tha flood.
being damaged quit neavuy.
Tba vtllaa board met Tuaaday night at
the drug tore, all member prraent. The
bond and application of B. F. Johnaon
4m I w.m .MM unnon fa-
mrahlv and llrenaa ranted for tbla rear.
j The llcenee and occupation tax are tha
aama aa ait year. n uoenee let
onol taMea were granted C. B. Atlg-iKtu.
j and tha elerk lutborlxed to notify tha
proprietor nm in. itowi mh v.u i .
nl o cioca aaca mnu
Delight ef AQ
A . V
ty-a - - - - - y k-i. 1
Oretna Katurday to aea Mr. Smith'
not bar, who I 111.
The regular meeting ef tba Valley
Woman'a club waa held at the home ot
Mr. Weekly Friday afternoon.
The Ladle Aid aoclety of the Meth
od let Eplaoopal church wilt give a eea
alda baiar and food aal Saturday after
noon at Hubbard hall.
Dr. J. 0. Agee sold hi realdenc to R.
T. Caldwell and ha moved Into the
Aaron Wlrkland houe until he build
oa lh lot adjoining hi former realdence.
Aaron Wlckland flnlehed loading hla
car and left wltb It Monday for Mlnna
anta, whar be recently purchaeed a
farm. The family will go tha flrat of
tha week. Mia Ruth Peterson will ac
company them.
Mia Mahal Johnaon. Eva Harrier.
Bulab Byar, Finer Anderann and Clif
ford Fomtneter ara atperted to come
home Friday tn attend the rlaa play.
"Kamerald." which will be given In the
opera houa by lb el of nil.
and Loulivlll I completed and traffic
haa been returned. Tha high water took
out about aW feat of tba elructure,
Mr. Anna McOrew vlelted In Omaha
Mra D. P. Oulnn vlalled relallvea here
Mr. and Mr. Albertaon arrived from
Manila, la.. Friday.
Jullu Schmidt moved hi family Tuee-
oay into tn Mickey aou.
Mr. B. B. Baldwin and eon. Cedrlc
and Carroll, went to Dunning Tuaaday
to vlalt
Miaeea Eunice and Marguarlt Richard'
aon of Waterloo vlelted Mia Marl
uoodhard Saturday.
John Furcell and brother, rharle. went
to North Band Caturday to vlalt with
their unci and aunt.
Fred Lebbert and aider. Ml
Aucuet of Bennington, vltlted tb J. A.
lilbbon hora Sunday.
Mr. and Mr. J. B. Rodger of South
Omaha vltlted aeveral day thl week
with Mr. Van AIM.
Mr. H. Meyer celebrated ber birthday
Monday by entertaining her many friend
rami and luncneun.
Robert Baldwin came In from Dunning
Neh.. Thuraday. He will take back a
carload of cow to hla ranch.
Mra. J. A. Olbhona vltlted In the
country a couple of day ton week with
her brother Jamea and Cbarlea Betta
l,eut Nelman moved hta family to the
William Uchmldt naldence thl week.
Mr. Schmidt will go to Herbert, Canada.
In a week to )oln hi aon, Henry, on bK
Mr. Fred D Vor ta Mill aerloualy IIL
' Mia May Mchol went to Omaha Mon
; Mr. and Mr. A. Gardiner went to Fre
; moot WedncMlay.
I Mr. C. Collen and Rollaad went
i OauLba, Satnrday.
Mrs. A. R. Hubbard wa aa Omaha
! Chopper Monday.
Mr. W. E. Weekly and children
bopping in Fremont Wedneaday.
H. P. Gray came borne Monday
a prod a few day wltb hla family.
Mr. P. D. Fout trwl Fl Tedger were
married Tuaaoay at I octoce at rvaer-
Ins. ao.
jlr. W. D. Kelley err)o'ed a viit from
bee mother, am, Martin of Uncoin. 0.
Mr. and Mra B. F. Smith weat to
Mlaa Utile Elener apent Friday and
Saturday with Fremont frlenda
Mr. and Mra. B. M. Baldwin war trana-
aotlng bualDaa In Fremont Tueaday.
Mra C. J. Anderann wa tha gueat ot
Omaha friend lt week, returning borne
Saturday. ,
Mrs. C. P. M later and Mlas Gertrude
Matter were Fremont paeeenftr thl
John and ChHa Amend came out of
Omaha Sunday with their pweul. Mr.
and Mra Tbomaa Amend.
H. L. Andrew arrived In town lt
Mondaik. took charge of the Review
Herald l leaaea and manager.
W. J. Crane ha ain appeared on the
tract after being confined to hi bom
by a prolonged peu or airaneea.
LUMen Hollenheck of Wayne came down
Tueeday evening for a vlalt with her
later. Mra Abraham of Elk city.
a. F. inland returned tb latt of the
week from Ix Angele. Cal where be
ha l pent the winter among hi oa.
F. A. Reynold and aon. Frank, wer
celled to North Bend to attend tb fu
neral of Mr. Reynold cousin. A. R. Cay.
no of tb Metbodlet Episcopal church.
wndma Oalne after (pending a fsw
week at Creaton, the gueat of bar eon,
O. K. Oalne. returned horn hut Setur
it.v avmnanlad by bar arandaon Lrna
Galnaa, who remained here ever Suaday.
Lew Bltbop of Nellgh I In tb neigh
borhood vwtlng relative.
J. M. F.lwell I a juror m I'nlted Statea
court thia week at Omaha.
Ed tloyt ha old hi farm machinery
and haa moved to eprlngfleld.
J. C. Miller, editor of the Monitor, left
Tueaday for a three week' trip In Call
torn la.
John Seer bought the farm machinery
and lease of Ed Hoyt and will farm again
Ihla year.
David Armstrong of Werreneburg. Mv
wt her to Attend tab funeral of hla
brother. Aaron.
Mra John Srhaal was called tn Loute-
vlll Wedneaday by the errtoue ill neat of
her mother.
Cyrus Lalng and family left Thursday
for Alliance where they will make their
future home.
Aron Arvnetrong. aged 71 year, died
uddenly Mondey morning. The funeral
was held Wednesday.
Surveyor Patterson was here Wednes
day helping lo say -exit some new Iota tn
lb Springfield cemetery
Mrs. FL O. 8.-haal haa moved to the
noma of bar daughter, Mr. Lee Blodgett.
where h will reside la future.
A. V. Rogers was appointed a member
of tb Ttliajre board lo take tae place oi
Dr. Brtttan who moved to fcxeter.
August Qlitiimn eaugbt hla foot m
revolving pulley of a gaaoltne engine
end euffered a badly ipralned ankle.
Mis Gertrude Rich, a former Spring
field teacher, wa married Wednesday
In Omaha to Mr. Clifford Patterson
Akron. Colo.
Work commenced Monday en tb ne
postoftlc sod Jewelry store wkirh. will
be readv by July L Jobs Nattermaa is
the contractor.
Bam a Mrs Eanlln denarted Mandar
for Minneapolis, where Mr. Etplln will
ttnd as a delegate tb general confer
I will continue In her position until the
close of tb school year, whan aha and
her huehena will take ap life on a ranch
tn Colorado.
O. W. Qltndt hat purchased a new auto
mobile. Masons are buev setting In the founda
tion for tbe A. Whit bout.
Dr. C. W. Hlckey waa transacting bull
nets at Omaha Wednesday.
Adolph Ott ot Rosalie. Neb, was call
ing oa frlenda her ever Sunday.
P. Mangold returned Thursday morn
ing from a burins trip to Denver.
Irrtagtoa. .
Mr. Maggie Kitchen visited, tn Omaha
Mrs. Claud Brewster of Canada I vis
iting relatives in' Irvlngton thl Week.
Mr. Green of Omaba vltlted with ber
daughter, Mr. Elton, saturdc end Sun
der. Mrs. Andrew Chriatopherson spent
Tuesday afternoon with Mr. Joe Free
man. - j .
Mia Solly Mage end Mis CIHen
drlrksoe spent Sunday with Ml llla
Net. i ' i
B. E. Richard and Charley Fry went
to Lincoln Monday l Bet a new threshing
outfit. . .....
Mr. and Mr. Robert Kuntson from Clif
ton Hill apent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs.
N. 8. Thompson. - '
Mr. and Mrs F. K. Babbit and daugh
ter. Emma, of Florence apent Sunday
with Mr. and Mra. 8. R. Brewster. ,
Hildreth Farmer
Commits Suicide
HILDRETH, Nb., My . (Special.)
Carl F. Jnsscn, a farmer who lived tlon
In a od house, two and a half miles
weat of ber committed sulcld torn time
Wednesday by shooting himself with a
hot gun. The charge took off hla lewar
Jaw and cut away part of big face.
Mr. Jaassen had bean actl a- peculiarly
for asm tlm and had been threaten
ing to shoot som of hi aelghbir! who
lived directly aero tha road. They came
to town and gwora out a warrant for hla
arrest. ' When the ' conitabl reached
hla horn .to take him Into custody, h
found the almost unrecognisable body
lying en the floor of the shanty wltb
the gun near It.
For several years Mr. Jantse'i ha been
oonstdersd a littles off en acne point,
but never eonaldered dangerously so until
recently. During the past weak he had
old off all of hla atock. giving a a
reason that h could not get along with
hi neighbor. Then be got hi gun and
shot promiscuously and talked about
time to die. He haa no relative that
r known of fey the people here. -
Key t the Situation Bee Advertising.
vim Tine Harmoon of Paollllon. wa
a guest last week of Margaret Start.
Mr. and Mra. C. W. Peter gave e party
Tueaday, where many guest gathered.
Mra Nolle and flauehtrr. Nina, of Elk-
horn were vltltlng with frlenda Tueaday
Mr. Hoadlev Stuart returned Monday
from Florida, where he haa been vtelling
for aeveral weeka
Miea niadv Baldwin of Omaha waa at
home aeveral daya last weak recovering
from a lliht Illness.
Mies Lois Anderson Of Elk horn vltlted
Saturday and Sunday with her parent.
Mr. and Mrs r. a,, a-naereon.
Mr. Fred Aleon of Wahoe. who ha
been taking tha agent'e place during hla
absence returned Wednesday.
rw nander of Omaha haa been taking
care ot Dr. Fosslere practice during the
latter way at tha neapttai.
Mr. F. A. Baldwin returned Tueedey
morning from Puehlo. Colo., where h
wa cailea oy in oeetn oi nia nepnew.
Dr. Fnraler returned from the boepltal
at Omaha Monday, where he waa taken
laat week, suffering from a sever ui-
Mr. end Mrs. Westphalm of Omaha
and their daughter. Mra. Herbert Arm-
of Bogga. Wyo .
sere guests ef
end Mrs. Uaorge Plahbeck Saturday.
Wednesday of lest week tbe marriage
of Mlaa Edith Anderson, daughter ot Mr.
an dMr. P. E. Anderson took plar to
Mr. J. W. Andreeen ot Rich Hill. Mo., at
the home of the groom (later, Mra G.
p. Kreba. The young couple returneo.
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Singh us wer
Omaha visitors Tueeday, going down and
beck In their auto.
John Pence and Cbarlea Petersen re
turned Wedneaday from their trip to ln
erect Florida landa.
Mr. and Mr. E. P. Houton left Thura
day evening via the Keereeka Shiiners'
special for a month a trip le in raciuc
Mr. Carson left Friday for Bloomlng
tnn Indher home town, after a win
ter' vielt In Tekamab at tha home ef
her daughter, Mr. Richard Houston.
Mr. end Mr. E. Tuttl arrived home
Tueaday from their winter' stay in
southern California- Mr. Tattle ay be
so well pleased with tb west that be
may decide to go there and live.
Henry Ooll went down t Omaha last
Friday and returned In the sftemoon
wits a fine new touring ear. The com
from a forty-acre patch paid the price
of the machine, and that wee nearly the
flju mark.
I Miss Rich of tne Tekarneh high school
Iwa united In msrrlage last Friday at
Tbe Platte river bridge between ber I Omaha to a Mr. Patterson. Mrs. Patter-
318-320 South. Js.t. -
1000 Stylish
Worth from $19.50
to $25.00 ...
CamwsfJaSwMSwaw yr yTMtsS-",,,
Sergei, Whipcords and Worsttds
This sale will be appreciated and remembered as the
grandest dress sale of the seasons
It is impossible to tell in print of the wonderful selection
of beautiful new styles and all are so perfectly tailored that
alteration will scarcely be necessary you will find models to
suit every figure and every taste in plain r fancy designs
made of all Wool Materials.
Dresses worth from $19.50 $7.59
to $25.00, on sale at . . u
Sale Starts Saturday, Promptly 8 A. M.