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Supposing the Trees Were
to Wear Last Year's Leaves!
Woukln't that b queer! Of course it would all nature would
be out of tune. The same with your last year's clothes. They 're
out of date, have seen their service and you need new clothes,
same aa the budding trees putting on their new suit of foliage
in the different beautiful, shades.
Follow nature" example our new suits for young men
and boys are in full bloom with their varied beautiful colorings
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Sampeck Clothes for Young Men
Young Men's Suit in popular .hades of gray, golden brown,
blue and hair line stripes, in a variety of English and semi
English models. Prices, $15.00 to $35.00.
Suits for Btys 7 to 17 Years of Age
Knickerbocker! Made by expert tailors and
modeled on the same lines as our young men's'
suits. In a variety of styles soma with the belt stitched, loose belt,
patch pockets, also Iwo-button double breasted, with long soft roll col
lars, in different shades of blue, brown and gray. Made of the best quaiS
ity of cheviots, serge and tweeds. Triced $5, $6, $7 $7.50 $8.50 and $10.
Special Strong Line of Boys' Wash Suits
From lYa to 8 years of age made of the best fabrics (fast colors) in
all colors and made of linen, lawn, chambray and "Kindergarten" cloth.
Priced $1.50 to $5.00.
A 1
Women 's Man- Tailored
Excellent workmansh I p choice
patterns and perfect in fit
$1.50 and $2.00
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Night Shirts
A prominent shirt concern
dlccontinued making fine un
derwear and having a large
qaalttty of white checked nain
sook on hand, sold it at a very
low price. We had It made up
into Pyjamas and Night Shirts.
The pyjamas are easily worth
)2.50 bnt believing that it Is to
our interest to share the advan
tages of a fortunate purchase
like this with you, we have
marked them at
Night Shirts
E. S. WILCOX, Mgr. Fifteenth at Douglas Sts.
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Evenings at
9 O'clock
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help you along by selling you a
regular $2.00 hat at
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Best Values in Omaha
We make strong claims, but
we always back them up with
the right kind of merchandise.
These suit values are an ex-'
ample Jaunty double breasted
suits, strictly aU wool fabrics,
cut right and fit right they
are made' to sell at a much
greater price In fact, compare
favorably with $8.60 and $10
suits: rapid selling has broken
the sizes, so you'd better bring
in the boy Saturday
Jidp Lsalia Will Hear Pttitiot on
XudaJSU Suit .
rwtltlea Merit that Mayer Mas
Jtame Imm ( Mia ApaeJateee'
aa saai Wbe Are la. -
fttlttoa for a writ of mandamus eonv
aalnf Councilman Louts Verba, prssl.
dent at the cltr oouaell. Immsdtstely to
submit to ui eouacll a list at Judge ana
clerk of oteeUoa is rv at too My
loeuoa May I was filed la district court
by th Mm) CHI sen UdMhi candidates
for councilman Friday. Th ease was
aaalfnod to Judas Charles Leslie of tb
equity dtvlalo sad earn us for bearing
at I o'clock ta the afternoon.
la the petltloa Rio candidates doctor
that andor state law lb mayor aa city
eouacll together are require . to auks
such a list aa the mayor has attempts
to same the Judgee aa dork without
tlx approval of tfee-douactl. The eouacll
ha reject tb majot' list an It sow
Is the duty of the president of the eouaetl
to submit a Ust aod ask the council la
approve n.
The petition that U mayor's list was
unsetlsfeitory bocaus It Included tb
asm of many mea who hld positions
by virtu of appointment by the mayor
or ether efflolela of the prosoat admin
istratis, an many men who are la
eompotoat to ssrv aa Judges and slarks
of election. ,
Cadleate Apaear.
All sevoa candid of the uatoe war
la the court room la to attorDSoa when
the ease waa call. Thay wore accom
peaJe by several Mesas as ssamvjor
of ta ualoa. . . ,
, City Attorney Job A. Klaa appearia
tor the city, esse a coaUauaaee aattl
Saturday moral, as M. C. ftrome aa
Jena . Breea, of aeuiunl for the uaioa,
4maao Immodiau bearing, urging
that very Uttl Um remala botor la.
tloa day.
Judge Leetle raled that th ualoa at.
torneys should mak their argumeale at
enoe. Mr. Sine being give until this
morning to answer. '. J .'
. Mr. Breea began th argument for th
nam. His remark were inertly a
eiaaoretloa at the allegations
of til
A Lists Prmslfl by Labor
lgw aa eat .city Cleb.
Special eommltt from th labor
lst u and th 0t City club a)ld upon
Mayor Dahlmaa Friday an do
mandad to know If their respective lists
of Judsos an dark for election bad
been submitted by him for confirmation.
When told by the mayor that their, ksts
had been duly considered and the major
ity of. name they had (Ivan him wer
Included In hi Hot et M Judges an
clerks, and th whole bad baoa raeaed"
down by the council, they esked to know
what alternative tiny had.
They were told that th cas li being
tried before Judge Leslie, tht CHI
sent t'nlon presenting Its side of the
duastloa and that today th' mayor's
am wow be argue. :.- . v.-
"If the Judge Isoldes that this taohaloal
Ity la auffloleat grounxls to take that
right away from pte, you me will have
to go befor th president of the city
council and submit your Hats. That will
lake It oui of my haada and the bands
of the common people of Omaha,' sal
Mayor Pahlmaa.
"1 eaa say te pea. however, that a
far as I am ceaoerned vry en of thoes
names en thai list I submitted era going
to Way these.:1
Th executive eommlttse of the Oato
Cltr club was the first to call upon the
mayor, Robert Houghton, aa chairman of
the committee, was th principal spokee-
"W want a kaow, mayor. It lb Hat
of earn for Judges sa dark of ewe
Hoa we submitted war receive by you,"
be asked. .
"Tee," enawsred the mayor, "1 received
your list and appointed most of the men
you named. Tour list aa th list sub
lilted by the labor . league 'were, given
to m la time to Include lit my list The
Otlsas "Union never, submitted, any ll
to 'me..; thM weiied until after the time
ha pasted and then cant la to scratch
out Um Dames of 13 moa aod denounce
all those mea aa rook."
"Well, mayor,' said Houghton, "we
earn bare te tell yea that we still urgt
the appotntmeat of thaeo mea."
Mayo Dehlmaa told tbarbommttteo the
Ooeettoa et the electoral probably wool
set be tolde befor aturday after-
Drug Savings
at Beaton's
noon, and they would have to await the
Robert Bender, president of th Labor
league end a committee of ala mea war
eat Into the mayor's office with prac
tically the earn demands.
Bender said ha represented (.MS labor
ing msn and they all wer Intuit t
think that the list of mea submitted by
them for Judges an olerke baa been
turned down because of an appeej from
a small "silk stocking brigade."
" (Continued from' Page On.)
mas a rrrord the butlers burst. Buckley
did not know the name of the fireman.
Buckley said lhat he thought steerage
paseengors were give aa aood aa op
portunity to escape aa the first and
second olsss paesengera.
The witness said he got Into the sixth
lifeboat to leeve tht ship and that when
Hi order ram for men ro leave the
nets he Waa orvmg. A woman who hs
thought wss Mrs. John Jacob Aator
saw him and covers him up with a
shew in order that he might escape.
Me testified th officer fired at mea
In the lifeboats and made them come
bark to the ship
P. A. S. rranklln, vie president of th
International Mercantile Marina, Isaued
a statement this afternoon In which he
declared that ha had no authority In
formation thai the Titanic had sunk until
h received a wireless message at C.JO
r'olork Monday evening.
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H times to sell atandard drugs at a considerable saving.
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ta Da Max's Reee Glycerine
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J fe Da Mar's Cascara Tonle
aad Um Pills io
tie Da Mar's race Powder Qt
Psrspl-no, for exreaalve pr-
splraUoa 23
JSc Peroxide of Hydrogen Jf
$1.11 Red Tlubber Homeataad
Foaatala Syringe, guaraateed
tor eaa year gj
$1 00 De Mar s Balloon Spray
Syringe ...... ....JJ2.00
Olive Oil
Wa guarantee this Olivp Oil to be th finest Imported
OHva Oil- If pet perfectly satisfactory return aam Md ,a
will gladly refuB yaar money.,
w-o. bottle .-25 ; rn auart tl.OO
1 !at bottle vW)a Glo. J4.o5
FoUaw th Beaton Path"
Beaton Driig Co.
Farnam and 15th Streets ,'
Evidence Taken
. .in Morley Case
tFrem a Staff Correspondent.)
; UNCOLX, May l8peela. Telegram 1
-Th Morley" case went to the Jury at
: e'clock.' i . -
WNCOI.N. , May . & t Special. )-Th
hearing la Ih case of Charles oMrley. as
trial for the murder of Warden Del.
hunty of the penitentiary waa concluded
tht forenoon and the attorneys for the
sfense moved for aa Instructed verdict
of acquittal on th ground that th state
bad charged Morley directly with th
killing of DUIahunty aa had failed to
prove that he fired the fatal shot.
County Attorney Strode argue It was
Immaterial who fired th fatal shot
long a It wa fired by on of th thro
who were shooting stmultansously. Judge
iewrt overruled lb motion and Um
rgument to th Jury was commenced.
nly three wltneieus wsr examined to
jday. twe for the stats end aa for the
defeoee. M. Wilson, a coavtot book.
keeper at th prison, toll of th shooting
, or UoUbuoty a he 'saw it (rem the
i prison offloe, the ahot which klUed tbe
warden being one of a number wbl
I were fire from the turnkey' room.
Pepaty Khertff Klkesberry teatlfled
Morley toe him. shortly niter the cap
lure, that Gray gave htm th gun with
j whkh he waa armed. Mra fa. B. DK.
I aan at who kouse the coavlct stooped
shortly after the cape from th prison.
was tne ealy witaes calls by ta a.
fas. It waa sought te enow by her
thai St th tlm th mea wer at bar
bows that Morley act a If he were
uaaer tbe Influence of liquor er .a,.
our. ana waa not permitted ssB, the
court ruling that too much time had
elapse between the com rotation of the
crime and the appearance t per bouse
to mak It material.
: araseXe SI Offer Wewal
armlaa Vrnt Mender.
six w window Dibruara.
Monday W1U be by tar the greatest sale
of linoleum aad floor oil doth aver
l known la Omaha, w will devot erao-
tically our entire third Ooer to a lepay
(Of tbaa asrvieeabw, klgk visas Door ore.
ertng ta full rails. ''-'"i-n ar ra
new patterns et blue as watte ttla, ba
laat daalga an fleram.
All tbe t-y wide linoleum made be Mil
up ta . y, at. y and Me.
All th a-yd. wMe Unoteura worth n te
' fS . L so. r me.
! AU lb floor etlclotha, fulUptacaa, 1 y..
re- ana i ya wide, worth up to tie
no, y. , y. He. J
! Our tlx window dlsplaye have attract
great attention. The aala I next Monday.
Heaney Divorce Case
Settled Out of Court
CHEYENNE, Wye.. May l-SpclsJ.)
As th result of sn agreement reached
this aoon between General Hugo Donsel-
a, representing Mrs. Alta Heaney,
end Lacey lavey. repreaenUng Colonel
Tbema Heaney. Sr., . the eslsbrated
Heaney divorce case will undoubtedly
be entl out of court, so tar si a
division of the property Is concerned.
The taking of testimony was concluded
last evening, and srgi merits of attorneys
were lo have been heard by Judge D. H.
Craig, upon hi return from Ceaper next
weak, put all that will now be necessary
apparently will be the signing of a de
cree by the court, giving Mrs. Heaney
a divorce and the custody of the minor
child. Oeraldl,
Thi morning General ttontelman called
upon Mr. Heanay and his attorney for
the purpose of making a settlement, and
at the rloa M th conference. It was
stated Colonel Heaney had agreed to glv
his wife about tlOOOt cash, la full set
tlement of all claims upon him. It being
understood that eat of tht sum -Mra
Heaney la to pay her attorneys' fee and
her cost In th caaa. It la also agreed
lhat Mrs. Heaney ahall have the tustody
of tbe tittle daughter. -
Colonel Heaney, who ha for maay
years been a prominent buetnsss man
here Ir at present - proprietor of th
Capitol avenue' and Atlas theaters: He
end Mrs. Heaney were married about
ten year ago, Mra. Heaney being his
second wife.
MADISOK, Wis.. May (.-The Wiscoa
tl uscmbly today passed a nonpartleaa
eleetloaa bill to apply to all cities of th
tat. Th vote waa 71 to 14. twe repub
licans. Bell aad Draper, voting "no" with
the socialists. The assembly defeated a
social amendment ta permit grouping
ea the ballot tbe names of all candidates
designate under the same principle to be
voted for as a group.
The socialists cbararterlse - th non
partisan movement aa a eonaptracy to
drive the socialists out of office.
areaen ta Delist.
BALTTMOTtK. May 1 In a speerh at
Belalr, Md, Governor Harmon declared
that "Government could only be con
ducted by parties.''
"Tbs question for the democratic party
to decide In this nomination la whose
nomination will offer the greatest chance
of success and who will rally about him
the greatest number thle fait Th presi
dent aa former president ar engage
la recrimination and controversy which
le undignified, to ear, th least, but w
r delighted It I la th rank' of our
opponents and not In our own ranks."
Fifty- Bart la at' Halffas.
HALIFAX,- N." ft. May I. -Protestant
and Roman Catbono memorial servloaa
for tbe Titanic victims were bald her
today. Burial mrvicea followed at both
Protestant and Catholic burial grounds.
Of the fifty-nine Unidentified dead in
terred seven were women. Fifty-six were
placed la one common grave at Falrview
cemetery, while the three ether were
burled In th Mount Olivet cemetery.
There waa one Identification at the
morgue todaf, that of the body of Mau
rice de Sacarian by his brother.
The cable steamer Mtnta baa picked up
two more bodle Joseph Finney of Liv
erpool, England, and Thorn aa Mulllns, a
Ml. W. P. Frltsrh.
STELLA, -Neb., May S.-(6peclal.)
Mre. W. F. FrKnok, for more than thirty
years a resident en a farm northwest of
Stella, died at th bom of her daughter.
Mrs. Robert Volker. In Johnson, after a
two days' illness of pneumonia. She was
born in Germany eighty-seven year ago
and, married there In 1S4I to W. F. Frttach.
who died In is. They came to America
In 1SS and lived In Jackson county, Iowa,
until 11174. when they moved to southeast
ern Nebraska. Mr. and Mra Frttsch celebrated-their
goldea. wedding In ISM. Seven
children, forty-five grandchildren and
twenty-tour great grandchildren survive.
- ' eTinell Bern.
NEW TOJtK. Ma k-Kmt! Boa.- resi
dent director andfenral .nyunufer of
the Hamburg -American Una, died early
today at hi bom t Greenwich. Conn.,
of prwumeaiuv W ; had ' been III since
last Saturday and grew rapidly worst
lest night. Mr. Boas was W year of airaj
Hss son, who Is In El Psso, Tex., ha
been sent for.
' Benver TMoneer Woman.
BEAVEB CTTT, Neb.. May eBpsHal
Telegram.) Mr. Lusetta Crommett, aged
A year, wife of V. M. Crommett, a ptM
near of the eBaver valley, died In thl
city today. Her daughter, Mrs. a K.
Phlppe, resides la Lincoln. ,
R. J Thompson.
LECLAIRE. la.. May t-E. J. Thorn ru
son. age at year, builder of many)
famous steamboats which have piled the
Mississippi valley water, died her tot
day. ,
Ecseeaa Care ta IS to SO Day.
The Part Medicine Co.. KM Pine Street,
St Louts, Mo nanufactarer of Laxae
tti'e Bromo Qurnlne. hare a aew and
wonderful discovery, GROVE'S SA-NARM
CUTIS, which guarantee te cure anyi
case of ECZEMA, no meRer of how long
standing, la 10 te day, an win re'
fund money If It telle. GROVE'S SA-I
NARE CUTIS Is perfectly clean an does
not stain. It your druggist haea't Itj
send us Ko la stamps and it will be asnt
by melt.
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' Newspaper Avatuung is the Boa a