Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, May 04, 1912, EDITORIAL, Page 14, Image 14

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Bndnv B. IM T H.5S
stardar Be, one yw W SJ
eaily Be (without Sunday), on rear HOS
auv Bee and SundaT. ono Tr e
, Ivralng Be (wittt Sunday). pr mo.... is
"any Be (including Sunday), per mo. &c
ally Bm (without Sunday), per m.-..e
Addreea all complaint or trrf ulartUes
hI d olivary to City Circulation Dope
a Remit by drait. eipreea or poatal oraer.
mayable to Th Boo Publishing company.
Rjnly J-cent etemp reoolvod la perownt
small account Personal cnocka, x
mm on Oma&a and aaatarn excttans. not
Omaha Th Boo Building.
- South Omaha 811 K Si-
CouacU Blurts Scott St
Lincoln 3s Uttl Building.
. Chicago IMS Marquette Building,
Kansas aty Hellene Building.
; New York-M Wul Tturty-third.
Washington 7 Fourteenth BL. M. W.
C Communicatlona relating to newe and
adnonal mailer ahouid a artdrasssil
umaha Be. Editorial liepsrtspent.
lata of Nebraska, County of Dour sr.
JJwight Wiluama, circulation manager
l Th Be Publishing oompany. being
duly wcrn. aay that tlia avarage daiiy
circulation, for th month of April. 1KL2,
was aw.lur.
, Circulation Manager.
Suberr.bed In my proMno and sworn
!u bafor sue this 2nd day of May. ltU.
' in SB I i tUJVtMl Hb.MiiH,
I Noiaiy futuie.
) Safcec libera leavtast tk 4ty
I aaaaawrmrtlr akoald ausea Tae
Bee aamlUd to these. Addreea
j will bo caaeseg aw Ite a re.
i What bream a of tbote Massachu
' Mtts minute man?
Why not submit the Thaw csm to
referendum vouT '
Coniressmsn Oardner seems to
i kavs) bond his own row falrlr well.
The pries of writing paper Is to (o
f np. Will that niske our love letters
I say dearer ?
Th month ot Mar la siartlnf out
as It tb weather man were on hl
good behavior.
For some unezplalnable reason
Governor Wilson's boom seems to
I warp In the sunshine.
la Its nonpartisan seal our amiable
democratic contemporary has' com
mended two more democrats for
Th spectacle ot a temperance re
former enforcing his demands at the
point ot a pistol Is most Impressively
temperate In effect.
If all the persons who "lust missed
taking the Titanic" had boarded the
vessel It would have sunk under Its
burden of passengers.
A New York botanist says th
chestnut trees ot this country ar
doomed. W shall continue to hay
few chestnuts, though.
Georgia, whare Woodrow Wilson
once practiced law, went against him.
Oh, J erosalea , Jerussale m , how often
'would I, and y would not
A man In on ot our smsller Ne
braska towns has plesded guilty to
selling oysters ' that hsd - been
watered. That's s new one on us.
Th 'Cltisens' union candidates
bar recalled their decision to oust
, Chief Donahu that is to say, they
hsv recalled It at, least until after
th election.
la referring to President Roose
velt's cabinet officers as "rigorous
men," Prof. Hart doubtless msd a
mental reservation as to a certala
attorney general.
. Tea, but suppose, as waa th case
la the primary, th mayor and all
th city councilman but two, were
candidates for re-election, who would
then appoint th election officers?
Too may as well begin to assure
yourselves thst whichever side Is
beaten In our impending city election.
th other will, a usual, rend th air
with charges ot fraud. Intimidation
and corruption.
If the good people of Lincoln who
hsv just adopted th commission
plan of city government will keep
their eyes on Omaha for a few days
they will learn several lessons of
now not to do It
If thpse Judges snd clerks ot elec
tion who have bees officiating In our
polling place year after year np to
and Including our last primaries are
all "untrustworthy," Omaha must
Indeed be in a bad way.
Why thee keep-it-dark methods
on th part of the Water board In
disposing of S7.000.900 of water
bonds at privet sal Instead of pub
licly advertising for bids, . opening
them publicly aad making the award
publicly ' What ar they afraid of?
. Suppose those M aaaacb use ti dele
gates hd sees elected la eoaven-
tloa in at aad of by primary. Suppose
Roosevelt men to have been chosen
delegates by a fluke, but nailed down
by reeelntions Instructing tor Taft
adopted by a clear majority of th
convention. Would they have vote
their Instructions? And would th
colonel generously renounce 'their
Why a Pmidential Primary ?
Why a presidentlsl primary If it
does not accomplish wbst it purports
to do? Here in Nebrasks Mr. Brysn
snnounced In advance, thst if be,
himself, were elected s delegate, snd
Governor Harmon wss the high man
for president, he would refuse to ac
cept the instruction, but would re
sign snd go to Baltimore In bis in
dividual capacity to fight against
the people's choice. By the signal
victory scored by Chsmp Clsrk Mr.
Brysn bss been released of this al
ternative. Presumably, then, as a
delegate so instructed, Mr. - Brysn
should be an out-and-out Clsrk msn,
or st lesst willing to say that his
first choice Is Clark. It is smstlng
to find, however, reprinted with ap
proval In the Commoner, this inter
view tsken from the Baltimore Sun:
"Who la your choirs for the nomina
tion?" Mr. Bryan waa asked.
Ha smiled and gave the answer h has
given many times before:
"I have not expressed any preference."
"Will you not announce your prefer
ence nowr
No." ha replied; "I have no cholo
now, except that I hope to see a progres
sive nominated.
"But. Mr. Brysn." he waa told, "th
Clark victory In Nebraska and the Wll-
aon victory In Oregon have both beea
aarrlhed to your Influence. Have you
not taken any position Is the matter at
"No," he said. "I have not. I have
carefully avoided taking any position.
aepaclally In Nebraska, where I have
continually reiterated my refusal te take
aides. The only place In which tried to
exert any Influence was In my own pre
elnct In Lincoln. I was afraid a one
sided vote there as between Wilson and
Clark might he taken as an Indication
that I waa either for the man who lei
or that I had no influence among my
netshbors. Bo I asked the workers thsr
to try to st th vols as nearly even sa
pnaalbla and eusgeated that the demo
crats asree among themselves to vote
half snd half.
"Two voters were nearer to me than
the others and I sdvtaad them to pair
off. on to vote for -Clark and the other
for Wilson. I was triad to find the vote
In the precinct sJmort a 1 1 Clark got
IS and Wlleon 11 Bo I am proud of my
precinct. I munt aay that I would a lit
tle rather have had the vote II to IT, and
Wouldn't have cared which had the 11"
Mr. Bryan has msd his slogsn,
"Let th people rule" (provided they
rule according to his directions),
and has gon so fsr ss to ssy that a
platform la as binding for what It
omits as for what It contains. But
It this is all tb sffect a presidential
primary has upon Mr. Bryan In his
representstlv capacity as a dsl
gste, what Influence should such a
preference vote hsv on ordinary
A, '
Contract Conviot Labor.
For many years every attempt at
national legislation to control con
vict labor has met with defeat It
ha been opposed by formidabl sel
fish Interest, and now that th
Booher bill, which. If enacted Into
law, would practically do away with
this system In tb penltentlsries, has
passed on house, It, too, may expect
to meet with this ssms opposition,
but th prospect is fair tor Us enact
ment. I
Tb Outlook, In discussing this
question, contends that contract con
vict labor In state prisons is rsally
worse In a wsy thsa ordlnsry slsv-
sry; (hst th contractor, who buys
th time of tb prisoner at a stlpu
lstsd flgur and gets out of him all
th work he can, become his mas
ter Just as much as th slsve owner
Is of the serf, but th Slavs ownsr,
hsvtng monsy tied up In his Invest
ment, Is earsful ot tb physlcsl wl
fsr .of his cbsttel, white th con
tractor Is not
Tbls point certainly demands con
sideration, ss doe also th point that
free labor outside th penitentiary Is
forced Into competition with th
prison labor. Still another la th
unsanitary condition too often pre
vailing In prison labor quarters. Th
Outlook effectually replies to an ar
gument regularly advanced in favor
of the prison system, that It teaches
oonvleta trades they msy use sfter
they lesve prison, by Instating thst
tbs trades followed In the prison are
seldom worth anything to the free
msn. A federal law stopping Inter
state trade in. goods msde by con
tract convict labor would unquss
tlonsbly end these evils, although It
would leave other evils equally re
quiring attention.
Same Old Crop Killers.
Th Oldest Inhabitant probably
would have to stretch bis memory
to recall a spring when th whest
crop was not killed, thst Is. by ths
premsture predictions. This spring
has been no exception In that regard.
Some two weeks ago reports were
sent broadcast thst wheat in Ne
braska and other big wheat states
wss away below par and In places so
worthless thst the ground was being
plowed up for other cereals.
Promptly the wheat market got
the crowds. Prices began to soar.
They thrrstened to outdo core,
which for months previous hsd been
sent to an absurd ascent by the ficti
tious conditions which It Isy In ths
power of the bulls to create. Then
the rains cams, as rains nsuslly do
at this time of year, and the ground
began to get greener aad the prices
trembled, then tell.
In part of Nebrssks, Ksasss and
other wheat states, more reliable re
ports ssy, an enormous crop ot whest
will be harvested this year, and all
over the wheat belt the crop Is liksly,
barring adverse conditions from now,
te be very fair. The crop killers, like
the poor, we hsve always with us
snd they are usually doing the bid
ding of the speculstor, if. Indeed, they
sre not the speculator himself. No
need to become too exuberant over
the prospects of a bumper wheat
crop, but those who have made In
vestigations for the legitimate pur
pose of finding out wbst the situa
tion is, sre entitled to some credence
snd they say prospects sre promis
ing. Good Men for Commissioner.
Another candidate for commis
sioner in the prlmsrte whom The
Bee Is plessed to commend sgain for
the election is Albert C. Kugel. rep-;
resenting the Tenth ward in the
present eity- council. We need
bsrdly sdd to whst we said before in
these words:
Mr. Kugel la on of th highest type
of th mechanic, a claaa that oonatltute
uch a substantial part of our commu
nity. By trade s plumber, now conduct
ing a plumbing bualnea of hla own, he
baa the good will and confidence of both
fellow laborers and em pi oyer. As plumb
ing Inspector, and later as councilman,
h has mad a credltacl record. He baa
been constantly accessible to hla con
stituents, responsive to their demands,
tndefatlgabl In attending to the public
business entrusted to him, snd as com
mlaaloner could be counted on to apply
the same Intelllsence, common sens and
Industry In the performance of bl duties.
Mr.. Kugel demonstrated his pop
ularity, and the high esteem In
which he IS held, by the handsome
vote accorded him in the preliminary
race, which is sure to be repeated In
increased site and decisiveness In the
British and American Inquiries.
Appsrently the relstlve tempers
menu of the Briton snd American
are fslrly reflected In the respective
conduct toward the Titanic Investiga
tion. A senstorlal committee was at
the docks In New York to meet the
owner and remaining crew ot ths
ship with an official inquiry, which
baa been pushed with vigorous In
difference to any prearranged plans
of qusry. In London, nearly three
weeks after the disaster, the British
announce their readiness to enter
pon n investigation, but they will
pursue a regular court procedure
with the questions, cbsrscter and
number mspped out beforehand.
' Yet, as a matter ot fact, the Brit
on could hardly have got to work
any sooner, since they hsve not hsd
the men at their disposal for wit
nesses. But th comparison Is quits
striking, typtcsl of ths wsy the two
people do things. We do not know
but thst In this esse methods, st
lesst, ot our cousins are more im
pressive thsn our own, and yet no
criticism, is to be made ot the Ameri
can for prompt and vigorous grasp
ing ot this situation. W had no
tlm to loss, Owner limay had an
nounced his Intention ot sailing for
London on th same day ot his ar
rival In Nsw York, and other ship
men dsslred to mske a hasty depsrt
urs. Whstever wss done must be
done without delsy. Our Amerlrsn
senators wsre alert to the necessity
ot the case, whether the British
would hsv been or not.
But the Important thing la that
London should co-operate, - as 1J
ssems anxious to do, with the
United States In getting at the
facte that need to-be brought
out of this distressing situation.
London has elected to follow much
the ssms line of Inquiry as that laid
down In Washington. With both
sides of the sea pressing for ths
right action to forestall another
such tragedy all minor differences
may wall be wstved.
' The Bee's offer to send a ahort
hand reporter if "Ralph" wanted to
mske an answer to Jim Is not taken
up, but meets with this response:
No. thanks, I won't need a shorthand
reporter, for, not being a candidate, I
esn't vary wait become sa Wsu to this
campaign, as the mayor wants m io do.
Permit ms te thank him, however, tor
hla favorable advertising of my bualneaa
methods, tor, since the mayor In hla cam
paign speechea aays that I am a crook,
ths people will st ones conclude thst I
am noL-Ralph.
In the interest ot full measure and
the rule ot the people, The Bee puts
It up to the voters.
A msrgln ot one-tenth ot 1 ner
cent on $7,000,000 would be 1 7,000,
and one-tenth ot 1 per cent each year
for the thirty years thst our wstsr
bonds run would be $:10,000. Keep
it dark.
CrMsalasj the Dark Here.
Baltimore American.
Mr. Bryan seems to faav dark horses
sa his Bind. pcially when drscuaalng
republican prospects. It would be inter
est! n te know whether ha uuhi
dark horse te capture th democratic
nomination sad whether the sum ae
gis with B.
' A Ssirw Winner.
Brooklyn Eagl.
Th candidate who wants to get solM
with tb plals people of th Vnlted State
wlU quickly outline a tariff policy for
knocking tb rubber truat over th rap,
with th result that automobtl tires are
brought within the reach ot toe wage
ssraer sad th tiller at th soil.
Peril stf falletkeaie Oratory.
New Tork Sua.
Th wis rule which admenlahas orat
ors te mind their gestures was broken
with ratal affect la the Houae of Com
mon recently. In tb midst of sa Impas
sioned defense et the new bom rule T.
P. O'Connor delivered a sentence describ
ing th peace sad Harmony it promised
te Ireland. By way; of emphaslsansj hla
point he raises sis arm aloft and struck
with the fun force of a btscsurmrth's
hammer, not the empty air, bat th shift
ing 1!k bat of T. U. Hesly. Amid th
aroaaed protest of HesJy snd the de
lighted applause, of the souse, th re
dsubtabl Tar Pay" abandoned hue slo-queace.
'HiH Dav In Omaha
I I 1 -
Thirty Yeau-a Ago
The final teat of Omaha new water
work system took place thla evening.
The scene on Faraam street was pho
tographed at th beginning of ths dis
play. A local council of th American Legion
of Honor waa Instituted last night at
Knights ot Pythias hall by Deputy Com
mander E. D. Titus. The following offi
cers were choaen: Commander, Nathan
J. Bum ham; vie commander, O. R.
Rathburn; paat commander, F. J. Mc
Shane; paat vie commander, A. L
Ewartslatider; collector, A. N. Ferguson;
treasurer, K. T. Duke; orator, Sol Prince;
guide. C. Specht; chaplain, F. E. Bo wen:
truatee. C. N. Diets, Smith R. Campbell
and a R. Wyatt.
Th School board deadlock on secretary
continues, but with Connoyer holding ths
The Isst of th monthly exhibitions st
Crelghton college took place yesterday,
consisting of readings and recitation.
Th participant Included Master Jobs
McCrary, Master Thomas Flynn. at as
ters Thomas Denney and Joseph Mo-
Grain. Master William Barrett, Master
William Flannlgan, who recited Moore's
"Fir Worshippers." Medals also went to
Muter John Riley. Master Frank Mo.
Crary, Master Charles Donahue, Master
John Donahue, Master John Kelly and
Maater Frank Dohrlng.
The beating apparatus Is being put Into
the Psxton today.
Additional cars will be Installed en the
Hsnscom Park line within a week.
A complaint has been filed against
George Hart man for maintaining a barbed
wire fenc Inside th city limits.
t'sptaln Marsh has issued sn order
granting free transportation to tb mall
carriers of th city over his street ear
The many friends ot Mrs. B. It Arm
strong will regret to learn ot her serious
Mis Frances Bueter of Nebraska City
Is th guest of Miss Jennie Dellon.
F. O. Hamer ot Kearney Is registered
st ths Metropolitan.
Twenty Years Ago
These ten new members were sleeted
to the Gentlemen's Roadster club: Dr.
II. dullck, C. B. Breldanbeckar. J. A.
MrShan. E. J. Cornish, C. H. Watworth,
Charles Offut. C. a MoPherson, H. M.
Jewett. Frank Rocco and Dudley Smith.
A fly wss picked out ot the ointment
at th general conferenrs of the Metho
dists, s wolf In sheep's clothing ss It
ware, when an tin poster In fine minis
terial attire was arrested snd sent te
Lincoln, where h was wanted for ob
taining money on false Pretenses. H
had woiktd Ills trick among ths breth
ren of th conference, borrowing II and
III her and there to "cover temporary
necessities," until It was discovered that
he cam from nowhere without creden
tials. The W Judge and clerks of th Isst
lection were finally paid oft by ths
city. John T. Cat hers failed to carry
through his Injunction suit to block pay
President Perkins of the Burlington
railroad and' a group of ether officials
were In Omaha on their minus! tour et
their road.
Frank Cooper, president of ths Ksnsss
City Stock exchange, was th guest of
T. W. Blackburn, sa old school mat.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Buckner of
Chicago war th guests of Mr. and Mrs
Ira B. Mapes. Mr. Buckner waa Inspector
of sgencles for ths New Tork Llfs In
surance company.
William hals. a teamster If years ef
sge, wss killed by a caveln ot an em
bankment near Gibson, where he was
working. ,
Ten Year A go
Omaha got the rump of a rain that
fell heavily and general over th stste,
which waa much in need of moisture.
Joseph 8. Pyles wss burled In Forest
Lawn cemetery. Funeral services wars
conducted by ths Rev. c. W. Savldga at
ths undertaking parlors of ' Brailey A
The body of a man found floating In
ths Missouri river proved ts bs that ot
Henry Tlenken, who had disappeared a
few day before from hi boms at West
C a Joy of Alliance snd A. It Modi,
sett of Rushvtlte. big; cattlemta te tbs
stats, wb with Bartlett RIohards of
Ellsworth, C F. Coffey snd E. C Harris
of Chsdron, William Femdoa of Brown-
lee snd Daa UIU ef Gordoa. had just re
turned from Washington, where they
went to urge the passes of the sand
leasing Mil, expressed little hops of sue
oeaa. They were discouraged by their
Interview with Secretary Hitchcock of
th interior, who. though reserving thorn
courteously, gar them so premies.
Captain Thomas Swobs, United States
army, and Mrs. Bwobs arrived est th ller
Grand, where tbey intended to reside
until the captain recehred his new ap
pointment Their son, Dwtght M. Bwobe,
s traveling passenger stent for ths
Union Pacific, arrived from Chicago to
spend th day with tbenv Captain and
Mrs. Bwobe had beea la ths Philippine.
Actor John Drew wea at the liar
Grand, having com to present his new
play. "Th Second la Com man." at th
President Dowllng ot Cmghton univer
sity addressed the graduates ef Cretgh
ton medical colleen oa "Th Neceasgty
for EsnwMnase la Religious Matters."
People Talked About
Jacob B. 8chmldlapp. a CinnnnaU eape
taliat, esrs any family ot Br members
or lee ran live es hit wk and an
gt. "When I was a young msn. be says,
"I lived en S3 a week. When I sund
tl.n a year I saved tea-
Mrs. Anna B. Pttser. sister of Champ
Clark, Is one of the Colorado eWecstas
to th democratic national convention.
Besides a vote for tb speaker. Bister
Anna will bring along a eottarett of
pink rlbsoa for the Missouri kua dawg.
John Hays Hammond aad other friends
of Major Archibald Butt, wbe was tost
oa ths Titanic, have started a camps Iga
for th erection ef a sBonament te him
in Washington. It is slaaoad to snake ta
tribute national by saving congress ap
propriate t2as,ea for th purpose.
General Bajasma Frankua Tracy, wa
fought through th rru war wtth a
regiment which he organised snd served
aa secretary of the navy la the cabinet
of Preatdesit Harrises, eiebrat4 tb
elghty-eecood annlreraary ef bis Mrth by
putting la s goo stji work at his tew
office in New York.
In Other Lands
Same side XVlghts ea Whs Is
Trmasptrljur Aaung the aTsar
sad fs sTatlaaa ef ta Bsrtb.
A Setatealaur Ftalah.
la all the annals of crime there is ne
climax with modern trimmings ss sen
sational snd plctureaqu as the finish
of th motor car bandits In Paris, this
week. In many respects the battle was
similar to that fougnt in tb Hounds
ditch section of London on January 1
Mil, which lasted nine hours, occupied
ths attention of 1.MS armed policemen,
two detachments of soldiers, some artil
lery, a firs brigade and thousands ef
spectators. Destruction ef the besieged
building by fire ended the battle in Lon
don. Dynamite did the business in Paris.
But whst ths Parte affair lacked In
duration waa offset by a succession of
brief thrills, pictured in all their aba dings
by batteries of cameras and moving pic
ture machine. Jul Bon not leader of
th gang with ten murders and scor-
of robberies to It credit, took refuge In
garage, from which a hall of bullets
fired by a cordon of policemen snd re
publican guards failed to dislodge him.
The manner in which ths climax wss
reached and Its photographic reproduc
tion elevatea the event above the common
aad gives It distinction never before at
tained. Two attempts to dyramlte the
building failed. Each one was a thriller
but the third, which was successful, ex
ceeded the thrills of sll thst hsd gons
before. A police lieutenant carrying flvs
pounds of explosive, crawled up to th
bslldlag behind a load of hay, planted the
deadly package and lit the fuse. One
may well believe the "the suspense wss
agonising." ss the account antes. There
was breathless-silence, "broken only by
the click of the clnemotograph as It
took In ths scene, treeing ths thin, curl
Ing smoke of the fuse blown hither snd
thither by the breeae." A fissh. a puff,
a loud report, and the building was
wrecked. Many a desperado in the old
and new world hav been shot to desth
under conditions squally spectacular. Ons
of the James boys. Black Bart, Sontag,
Psks Wells, Ths Big Springs train rob.
bars, and ths Banders, shuffled oft ef
fectively before smsller audiences. Ths
Nebraska eonvtct chased to death on a
Sarpy county road six weeks sgo, pro
duced a spectacle less heroic, but equally
thrtllmf. None hsd ths sdvantage of bat
terlea ot cameras snd moving picture
machines to Immortalise the spectacle
and furnish red heedlllne for nickel
odeons for years to come. The 1st Mon
sieur Bonnot Is la a class by himself,
Ham Rale aad After.
Home ruls for Ireland Is moving through
ths second stags of discussion in the
British Commons, which will probably
occupy a week, after which ths bill goes
Into commute of th whole for final re
vision. The determination of the ministry
tu press ths bill to th concluding stsge
and send It to ths House of Lords by
June 1, demonstrate th unity of th
'.liberal party allies, only on of whom
Joined the opposition on th cruclsl first
vol. Ths debate now proceeding as ths
customary mesne ef relieving minor party
artillery of Ita load, and la fashioned for
campaign purpoaea. That th bill will be
sent up to ths lords at an early date Is
ss certain ss anything human. Its enact
ment Into law and th Inatallatlon of aa
Irish parliament In College Oreen Is so
generally accepted by London corres
pondents thst some of them ar specu
lating on the effect Irish statesmanship
will hav en th eonatructlv statesman
ship of tb empire. Hitherto sll Irish na
tlonalists debarred themeelves from ac
cepting office under the government. They
occupied a position of Pott against ths
degradation of Ireland, and consistently
opposed all ministries which antagonised
horns rule. One a responsible government
It sat up In Dublin th political genius of
I re la ad will have abundant opportunities
at horn snd In ths larger activities ot
th empire. "To th British public,
writes th London correspondent of th
New Tork Evening Poet, "the Irish lead
ere have hitherto figured very much ss
did Boths snd D Wet during the Boer
wsr. They hsd beea thought of ss first
rets fighting men, who resourcefulness
la a sort of fllllbustartng tactics had
flea brought trouble to ths Imperial
force. Recent history has revealed to us
m the former Boas? raiders men who can
slay a worthy and distinguished pert In
ths building up of a new South African
union. It will tsks only a brief experience
of e ssrsrnmestt at Dublin to show that
the Irish Issdsrs, too. pnmss other snd
greater ejaaUtlea thsa their undoubted
skill la attack."
Head Waval Rivalry.
Expressing ths characteristic British
view of naval supremacy in th New
Tork Independent at April 11. th 1st
W. T. Stead, editor of the London Re
view ef Reviews and victim of ths Titanic
disaster, lamented th conditions which
Impelled nations to "wasts ths money"
la maintaining certaia standard. But
he foresaw the ssrsssary end of sll ths
rivalry, for h said: "Th discontent
and Irritation occasioned by this pes
tilent naval competition Is lessened by
tbs comporting reflection that It Is
rapidly searing Ita end. For my own
part I am strongly ef opinion thst none
of thee great monsters, dreadnought
snd euper-drea d nough ta will ever fire s
hot In actual war. They are Ilk th
cumbrous armor which reached the
maximum of weight and vnwteldlneas
Just before the discovery et gunpowder
mads armor an anaonronlam. The Dleeel
motor engine will aeoassitstc th scrap
ping ef sll ths dreadnoughts, and th
airship and ths ssroplaae will reader th
const ruetioa sad repair ef these monsters
Impossible, The sate Count Aehrenthal
saw dearly years sgo that tbs future lay
la the air. For my part as a pacifist I
would willingly give up ene of the new
super-dread noughu If I might spend the
ten. ON Merit ng which It will cost upon
tb airship and ths araoplan. which will
lp out frontiers, render fortresses
untenable and destroy th bases where
fleets are equipped.- '
Heaadast Warktasnssra la Paris.
Tb housing ef the working classes la
Paris b) dally becoming a mors scats
problem. Only a small proportion et
them can find accommodation. Tb
statement Is msd that there are about
W.SN exutut persona la the etty whet
earn leas than M a week, and who can
hardly find shelter. Tb arte ef work
s's reesas has bean constantly rising.
hks rents hi general, and. whereas It
wss still possible for workman tit- i
teea years saw ta Bad a room with a
kttcbea for himself aad hi family at t
s year, th price has bow risen to M er
mere. OM five and six-story huues.
built fifty sr MS rears age. which had
beea- inhabited snoot I y by work-people,
are aew being palled down ta every quar
ter, aad bread nsw, asudtfa spai-usest
houses sre going up In their piece, with
Data which rent from tl 50 to XS.eW s
year. Work people are being driven far
ther and farther towards the fortifica
tions and beyond, but even along th
fortifications great modern building are
rising. In which the flats are let for SO
or 11,000. and workmen can only look at
them from the street.
Agnes And did he say that I looked
Gladys O. no. Indeed! I assure you he
said nothing disparaging. Life.
"Are vou la favor of the recall, Mrs.
"Tes, as long as thev don't try to have
It applied to the proceedings in Rene."
Chicago Record-Herald.
"That old sailor friend of yours plsys
a good came of ball."
"It ought to come natural to a tar to
b good at a pitch." Baltimore American.
Hiram I tell ye. them there rich feller
I easy marks
Hank-T don't say.
Hiram Yea; the paper say Spendlt was
tsken In by one of them frats. an' an'
won't tell how It happened.-Phtladeiphla
"Prisoner at th bar. I find you hav
been sentenced to prison twice before.
What have you to say why I should not
send you there again r'
"I urge, your honor, th generally ac
cepted feeling against a third term."
Chicago Poet.
Grlgga He here. Brigs, whst's that
you v been saying about me? I've a great
notion to give you s piece of my mind.
Brlggs-Don't do it! I little thing like
i M 'sN
9 tij
I- t t -':
in it i t
r a m . vi
r 4 a. t
gSaff MALTFn Mil 11
f aJne oa wiU aerW
I wiTrnviT Ti a w in
THREE PES CENT interest is paid on
sayings deposits and COMPOUNDED
SEMI-ANNUALLY. Tunds may be with,
drawn at any time without notice.
The combined capital and surplus la f 1,400.009.00,
It te the eldest .bank la Nebraska. '
Established In 1851.
United States National Bank
of Omaha. Nebraska
at. T. Bartow, rrsasisal, V M. aTeesesiBBk, Asst. Cash.
. W. Vasuaa. Tie rise), m. I. Unless, Aae. Oaah.
T. B. CeiSweU. Yloere. f. O. KoOlara, Asst. Oasa.
Opea oa Satordave
Assets. April 1, 11S. , f70e.081Jta
Reserve Fnnd, April 1, iei2.". ST1.6MS.M
Bee nri ties with state Depart, April L, ISIS S7S.050.0O
(To Sex-are Oar Istsa ranee Ceettrarts.)
Rate Pes? thoaeand, age SS (other ages In SBroportioa), SS.7S.
Mortal it cost, per Sl.OOO Insaraaca, mean amoaat, year 1911, SS.10.
OreosltosT Banks appointed Ilea.
The eerarttr far pajrment ef rotare loses la luepwllon to tola! liens
sustained ainc organtxaueo. Is In to rati at M.U ta ll.e.
I .iron end la tUiawa siaiaa subs' pfwpaHai t enter eusarn
Telrrihosss Doagias T031.
thst isn't worth dlvidlng.-Boeton Tran
script. First Csllfornis Suffragette-Whlch can
didate are you going to support?
Second California Suffragette I cant
support etiner one. in '
to ask him to dlnner.-Harper s Baser.
Detroit Free Press. .
rm very much surprised to find that MM
Taft la not toe man .
I theusht tie waa five years ago when
booming him I first began; . ,
I loevd him aa a brother .then; I even
made him president.
I epread bis glory far and wide with
me he was s sentiment.
But look bow he repsys me now? Be
cause bis methods I attack.
And hit him every time I can, be thinks
, It fair to hit me back.
A friend would take a blow from me aa
. often as I cnose to strike:
A true friend really ought to aay: "Now
close my left eye IX yu like."
And If It plea me to call him naraee
that have a grating sound.
A gentleman, by friendship s rules to
bold his tongue is ever bound:
But now I find that Mr. Taft displays
a very sorry lack
Of courtesy. He thinks It fair snd square
. ot him to hit me beck.
Hs hurls his tlreeoms facts at me, hs
publishes my letters, too.
To show thst once I favored all , the1
things thst sow he seeks to do.
No gentleman would fight this way-nog
one with any gratitude
Howeer attacked would turn upon
former friend and be so rude,
I have no us for Mr. Taft since every:
time his eye I black 1
Ha disregard all friendship's rules and
deala a good stiff wallop back.
7 Hotel cTrcfTned
d elegance, located in
Newark's social centre
Easily accessible to
theatre and shoppirKL
Wetherbee V Wood
w m a as sbbs as ssssa ansr n eg
Mad In the largest, best .
quipped and sanitary Malted
Milk plant In the world
We do not moke "milk products
Skim Milk. Condensed Milk, etc'
Set the Original-Genuine
Made from pore, full-cream milk .
and the extract of select melted grain,
reduced to powder forms soluble in
water. Best food-drink for ail aee
Used all over the Globe
made on or before May
itaAiVit AJU IMUtA Wll UiSVW
interest from May 1st
m- a. Tasss, nsBrt, Oaaa,
Until S:00 P. M.
. . j-