Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, May 04, 1912, EDITORIAL, Page 12, Image 12

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Menus and
Selected Recipes
. Grapefruit Soft Boiled Ergi
Buttered Toast
Coffee, with Crean and Sugar
Cream Tomato Soup, with Cracker
Chicken and Gravy
Maahed Potato
Lett two Bread and Butter
Trait Gelatin t, with Whipped Cream
Coffee, with Cream aad tagar
Bread and Milk Cake
Laeadry tmirin.
Mow that living is as very Ugh ant we
mm aU veMrm. I find It peer pelley
to wash disk towels and rugs, Tb steani
laundry does thess mack better thea I
u at tents a doses, laatsed, I wash
my handkerchiefs. Jabots aad lingerie
waists and find it pretty work. I sel
dsn boll or tareh tnem. bat um a Utile
borax la the rinsing wetsr te attffea
and whiten than. At I have te pay from
K emu up for a warst, I effect gutte a
nitni and aiy wmtets but much better.
Often I find that by washing the eeliar
and pressing the waist, I eaa grsshsa it
sufficiently for
i aad watloearlry.
A meire ncllsnnlHy le betrayed te the
tbeacbtM cbscrver by the manner ta
which be earn bb) ttsstfest sags. The
Eagllebmaa mm a daiaty Uttl oap tnto
wktcb the esf tildes deeply. The ehell
meet b ebtpped with the epooa. and it
fisamsntt removed with the seam utensil.
The Xngnahmaa next MM the top ear.
Men at the whits er eaa. tbea the ooo
dieianta are. rnssd ea the ett late a
neat ante amy heap, aad toe eontenu
of the ex are scooped leisurely but, due
cam bat tabea te get about half end
half of white aad yelk ea the epooa at
the aame Viae, a freeh Httle dab of the
flitted pepper aad Belt being- given te
each epeenful af en.
In ouch a naMon, with Me bread end
butter, marmalade, English breekthst
tea. end paper propped eealnst the eartor,
the Biitoe aialne a meal eliieh te htm
la ebe perthMleb of Ilcbt. BMraJac a.
The rrearlMaea alae eoM the email
eer-eup. The le eDn-bMlod. and
when the ahett ta opened the rranchmea
puta in hie eaN aad pepper aad butter,
tad etlra them thareucblr with the toa
tenie until every Part has beta we!
mtaed. Than be break! bje bread Into
email, narrow pleora, dips eaob pleas
Inte the act. and eeta the reiett. Thv
he eeataure te de witi) trie at b nearly
erapty. whan be takes It out of tbt cup
aad drinks the reneindar.
The Oennaa brseka his saps suit-eebbd-
late a ntfae en-eup. aad spoons
them up Ilka esap. The lullaes cook
etea by placlaa tbem la vewal fliird
wnh cold wanr, wkk Is eHewed to
slowly some le lbs bed. Wash the water
beibj the arts are eoehed. aad, eeord
lat te the iiahaaa. thstre the ty
metbod by wbMh ths edibbj ssasnatasy
ef she white eed yolk eaa be aseared.
Wbea breu(hl te the tab It k) aeaey
ally the Italiea's pleasure te break the
seta oa a plais and sop them up wtth
aeed while breed. When a rsea enters a
senearee end enters hard-boiled eats,
wbtoh be caie la two. thee scoeps ths
eeotsma Into a liasa, tbere te be shippis
up with butter, pepper end salt, bra
nationality Is assared; be Is aa satsrtnaa ,
Thesa ate ef two raise n, PVrK. those
who depead malaly eaeaa er eaore
pnjuaM eetsneiass. perb as pepper, mus
tard, glnasn beraeradtsh, vMieyar, dn
nemon end the venous srteea. aeoondly,
thess which depend mainly ea nuear.
' combined with Um luleet of various
traits, er wltk the pulp, as la the eeee ef
meieneleee. m the eeastlea artoae,
am Oiees and similar reilsbea cendeenve
te bealtht A normal, etforeve eppetlts
tierde no mch aid. It Is evfbcMat ef It
self. The kre anbaaa aeed notMsej of
, the wind. The cow's arsea iraaa, the
' barn's dry bay. aad the doe's boas wnh
a Wm meat en It. are doebUaes satee
wbb a relish (hat oar pampered stomp ran
knew little ef. rjnfortunateily, aJl do aot
enjoy robuat bsafth. bone are m a faeble
eoBottles). wtb HtUs er ne appetite, aad
tbehr raseesiy eeper.Se mainly ea the
fosd ebey taaa. u snob eseea eoeae
slaipte tettsh Is wot esereiy nattp e
slsable bat It le nheslafly aseaseary. A
esaalble appeatasr etdckeBs aad li
trsj aaatrte eoonttone. In as
therefore, some puraaat reUeh
betpfiiL nrobebiy. evea the stroaaeet Is
net ealsifsea. ff need wtrb moeeretloa:
hat reUabes are eery peeeiduea tt aaad
la an iiaa. er te enceurses evereaUaa; or
to eaose one te eat when the sterner, ta
Hnc before tt Is need, 'sbeetd arwaye
be belled. Tab) saseli be a rate wlBrset
esoaptlsa, apetrmc both ea eateerea aad
aeaiia ta health aad disease. The treat
ehpaseen at veiled milk pj that R essse
Hs Hiaiist mats, bat tbbj one te a bwwa
eaaant be aeoteed tf nfe milk be beOad
st eace wbea fresh tram the cow, er es
sees ea It ts referred. The reason lor
this are Thet bollttsj destroys the terms
ef tea ism wbteb may exist la tae mirk,
ewb aa oho aerate of woouaiptluo, ararOit
feeer, trpbest terer aad OWktherte. A
sure emmber ef eptwunks ef the three
mst dkaaeee bate been traced to re
fected eatik. sad tf the auk baa bean
boBed hefree betn( draak these weald
naoee- bae arisen.
B at aow esry muck need,
two warteries. ef It.
It It
cows mint eaa aot be obtained, bat tt at
et eheera. at least In the
I form, be used as huvely ea a
dM tor Htsata. The sweetened b) seally
taken by Meals Patense at the braoaM
eatar tt cea tales. . sad eltboeab
cblldrsn fed ea Ule leek fat. yet tbere
weaa ef niaieim srwt tasm. aad
they mok tuylnf power, or mere eaaetfy.
taey naee aad the same power ef
ewtesrou Is aa article tf diet erbva
dis, a la dstoratuT. ntarded es mat
in mra nocnr
Thess prices tood all week:
Surer. IS lba for .j.
Diamond C or Losoi Boap, It hare.. tea
Fresh Etas, per doaen ISo
Freeh Country Butter, per lb SOc
beet Creamery Butter, per lv . Mo
Corn Planea. two 10c phirs. fr.. . 16e
Oltree. Is bulk, per quart .......toe
Best Prunaa, per lb. , . . too
Corn er Peas, two Ite cans lee
Tomatoes, three lAe cane
Milk, four Ic cans .........
ftelmon. tall arse, two cans.... tse
Dtt flams, lee case loo
Pears, ISe cans ....loo
Dutch Cleanser, two lac cans Its
Fins larre Potatoes, per bushel... $IA
Lsts lulcy lmotia. per dtoen toe
Pork Chops, two lbs. for tee
Choice ateaka, twa lbs for .ass
Choice Boillnc Beef, two lba tea
RhouWer Roasts, per lb tVs
Fresh ripsrs Rlba. per lb lOe
Freeh Neck Bones, per lb..... to
Ke. I Becoa. per lb. lSe
Salt Pork, per lb. , Ps
Home msds Mtaoe Meet, per lb 10a
Ons fancy Imported Japanese Tea Pot
with Chlneaeetrslner free aaturdar with
eae lb ef otir choice teas, per lb. dee.
aa aura eBocaaiT
. W. worasr Itth aad Oulay Bt,
Fheae Doaflae totsi lad. S-iaat.
eontatalnc taach awtntioa. bat this la aa
error, as m the malilnt of butter only
the tat Is eetraoted from the sweet mint.
walls ths nitrogenous portlF and the
super remain pretty much the seme. It
arse frequently happens that on II par
Hsiao ef butter eae left m the milk, and
Wbea this the cess, it is eftea -as
valeabr a food aa swsrt milk. It Is ef
am when there to a aatMeney ef ether
kinds of alutweneus food, at, seta, beef
and mutton. .
Cos-ewe aeorrte.
Boll some nice, weH colored, year
carrots la either bolUef stock er slightly
salted botlmt water, and rub through a
Move when tender, uetac ealy the red
part Of ths carrot. Bleed together la a
sauetpaa ever the fire two tebleapaoBtule
ef butter wtrb twe atueapoeafuls of
fleer, then add the aarret parse end let
tt ail eeeie to the botl. Season te teste
with sen and pepper, odd the yelks of
three sits, one at a time, and lastly mix
m the wbltee of the efts beaten to a
wary stiff troth; turn into a buttered
pre-proof dish, aid babe in- a eacderate
oven for twenty-ftvs minutes. There
should be oat ejipful ef carrot puree.
.' Meek Tee bey.
Cut sold belled beef into eabee. plica
la eeuoaean and cover with water, let
cook tea imputes, pouring ea more water
If It osoks dry; tbea pour Into tt half a
duptul et milk to whtrb bat been added
ana taaoTwonful of flowv salt, and pep.
per. Whoa thick, remove and her bet
This has the delicious smett aad teats ef
. Cleaeaioa Cwaktee.
One and one-halt cupful of tutar. one
etkpfel of butter, eae suptul ef mlik. thnt
eepfult ef flour, Wires egta, wsll beaten
eas level tssspoohful of soda. One cupful
of evrrenta. one capful M ra-o.ia. m
cupful of shuepsd walnut meat, touch
of sleese. alieptce end mees. snd en
teMmpsenful of ettinaram. Mk battc
end wrap tbto buttered pant, by the
Cold dlaer.
Two eggt, wall beatea, two taoleapoon-
fuls at sugar, b plftcft et salt, whit
pepper ta taste, alls ell togetMT in;
brlag to the boiling powU beta, careful
not te allow as la-rap, thee rwnove from 1
fire aad stir an one-third of a cupfu: oi
oreem. . , . .
Potato nad Cabbaire Frlttere.
Chop finely half a pound et cooked
potatoes that er cold), a euerter of ai
pound et Bmsselt epreute er. cabbage.
and halt a nice ontea. mix well together.
Mek two beeping tableapoonfula of butter
la a sourness, add this to the vats-
tables with white pepper to tests, thea
pat tt out tnto round cakes, flatten
tightly, brush them over wltb beaten egg.
veil m ties an sines, and try ta arnotrmg
hot fat to eoldoa ester. ' Dreia ea
white paper, end serve piled up on a
bat dteh. tarnished with raw er fried
parsley, or poached eggs. ,
reload ataas.
Pal eonw peeled opaalsh onions Into e .
saalitau with enough, .cold water to
oarer, and blanch them, than drala well, .
and place them la another pan with three
tablespoon foil ef better, eaa siloed car
rot, ens ered tore la, stalk of calory.
baank of sweet barbs, and fonr whole
poppsra, sever with a bettered paper,
and the ltd et the pea. and eoek tt (or
twenty aatrnteti tbea odd one cupful of
good Sleek sad Wt the eeloaa bralss In
the evea tor three boors, addteg mora
stock es that la the pea le absorbed.
Whoa dona, dteh the entoat neatly, truth
tbem ever with b title warm extract
meet, end serve tsnuahad on top wltk
chopped parsley. Carefully tbtm of ell!
ths fat. etlr ta twe tablospooafult of
brows sauce. 1st It boll up, thea peur It
round lba onloua, aad serve at once.
Batter eonss ehlaa casss tor a fireproof
dntil and break la ease aa egg, allee
eae ts eaob porsom; pat lata a bet even
sad bt eook. but they mest not harden:
put Pits a saucepan some' good thick
gravy, two tahlospounfee) ef cherry and
bt Oasly nttacsd toagus.
eke at a doesa aad a bait peeked
ehaape. suwmer Par ten minutes, but d
net allow n to beal er the elu-rmpa win
harden, geeson Picely. add: et the east
tabtspsenfal ef thick cream, arel a
few drops ef red coloring; peer ever was
acre, pises a sprig of parsley m the cen
ter of eneb, aad serve I
Take a eace ttssd cblekoa. stage tad
draw ft, treat ft at Tor boflmg. have
seedy a mmirnli hwge.baouab to boM
lba bird wbete. Una It with atiree ef ha
eaa, pat tae chicken ta the ceeerroie. sea
sea with salt aad red popper or paprika,
chop a small eaioe very- fine, sprinkle
this ever .the breast. Then arrange' round
the sblrtsn two er three nice tomatoee. a
bit of celery, tour, or fire mushrooms e
tew arte of trurrje. a bayteat and aprig
et tbyms. aad about a put of nice white
steab. pease the cesewets ra the evea. 1st
It cook for aa hour and a ha, bswdng
the calekoa aU the tana. 'Whoa ready.
ismses the heyteef and thyme, brows
aad Itlrssa the avj wig a atlls osrew-
Thess Drlcaa e-oed ail wortt: IPTT iSr f - UlT l
Sal Id r r11 ILLES3e. VT?Kryilt-ATvT G7II II I II
ate II 1 -.'... wXJV RE3?. XSSttlUUJgT BfeH m
ai?,.! fir WtolewnM, KatrrUotu
' ilViN Th B" without a fault ant , h
, r nUi la the cleaneat bakery poatlble. Y
WnI Good for Children; they like K bet f'
lCk5WudP ter than caie. j
XhFTW Absolutely Para and Reliable t
T Bed F"" Day. fj
Pig Pork Loin, lb., 121c
6teer Pot Roast, lb.,' at 9 l-2o and 8 l-2o
Stoer St-ak, lb., at 11 S-4o
Younj Vaal Roast, at 10o
Pig Pork Roast at 8 3-4e
Pork Butts, lb., at 11 l-2o
Lamb Chops 11 l-2c
8ugar Cured Bacon, lb., at 12 l-2o
Cudahy Rax Hams, bn at 14 l-2e
Fresh Dressed I Chicken 10l-2c
Watch for the Opening of Our New Grocery Department
and I P. ti
root, leave ell the vegelablsc la the gravy
with ths chicken, serve In the casserole
,l.yeenaaae F.aae.
Put Into a frying pan or the chafing
dish blaasr two tablsspoonfirta st butter
er olive oil. Wbea hot add two table
apoonfula ef minced entoa and one table
spoonful of parsley and try until the
entoa light yellow. Add a tablespoon
ful of flour snd ons cupful of milk or
good broth. When smooth and creamy
add four hard boiled eevs, eltsed. end
serve as soon as heated through.' A
change In serving Is te simply chop the
whiles of tht egta and add to the sauce,
hell up once and garnish with the yolks
of eggs.
tawelta tireeas.
Pick ever tender dandelion Msves, Wash
carefully through eeveral waters, thea
throw Into aa abundance ef bolllag salted
water end cook gently for fifteen mla
atea Drain, turn cold water orer them
from the faucet,, te chill and blanch.
Drain again. Chop fine snd when aeertr
ready to tens warm In a frying pan
wttb better, pepper aad asH, aad, If
liked, a Utile autmeg. Wound la a hot
dteh and tHre tarn or three herd boiled
efts ever them, tuuidrlton greens trs
stee cooked with bacon. In this ease cook
the well droned leaves ten minutes In
boiling salted water, thea drain aad re
rare to the saucepan, with freeh water
and n pound et bacon slowed te a half
peck of dandeUoae. Add salt, pepper end
e little onion, snd botl gently ontH ten
der and aaarly dry. Serve the grsens on
a hot platter wtth the becoa eUotl and
ananged emend ft,
Beet the yelk et aa etc light, add a
anneglasaful et cherry and a capful of
new milk. Wbea well miked stir ths
stiffly whipped white ef ee sag. a spoon.
ful at a time. A teespooeful of auger
cum wsxra ox Tones of
moist TO BEX aTMim
1810 HAR-
Bug. 2147
may be beaten It with the yelk le pre.
ferret., and a grating at net meg added
for seasoning.
teeeea Cats as.
Mil one tahlespootful of grated horee
radhh with the grated rind of tour lem
ons Add a teaspoonful of aalt. the lute
of the Mraons, a dessermpoenf ul sect of
whits mostard seed and celery seed, a
few blades of mace, four cloves aad a
dash of red pepper. Boll sUrty-dive mis.
etea, then bottle white bet. la diva er
six weeke this will be ready to serve
wttb fish.
Potato Oeata wttb Ktwe.
Bvtte gem pant thoroughly. Una with
eoM mashed potato; break tote each an
egg; teasoa with salt, pepper ahd a hit
of butter; cover wtth potato end bake
till potato is a light browa. Scree not.
Cbeeee litraH.
Make a biscuit doeaa, roH est belt en
inch thick; sprinkle wtth grated cbeeee.
season wltk aalt and pepper end bits of
butter; toil up Jelly cake fashion; cut
slices from end and bake ta ea)ok even.
Barre not.
talad et Pews nad Vale.
Rightly salt a eaa of peat and cook ta
their owa lienor wntlt ail absorbed: est
eslds ts get perfectly cord: then take
pees and a rupful of ear preferred nut
meats, arrange on lettuce leaves; serve
wltk mayenaasm dressing
Apple OaMwd Pte.
Make very cmobth apple seer fit m
bast ressd thvwegb a wegeenbee rtcert, 1
sweeten well; to each eupfal add twe
sggs beatea light and half a cup of flesh
milk; never wtth autmeg. eaalOa er cin
namon; bake without upper crust. This
receipt makes ens pte. Dellotoua is-nl
wltk whipped cream.
Coddle Apple.
Six medlars slea rosy apples, twb cups
boiling eater, bait cap ester, few peel
mtt orange rind. Waab applee and ahn
msr slowly nntll tender le synip made
of ether three Ingredients, turning apples
sftea ee they will cook evenly When
dene transfer . ta platter; bod dewa
syrup watM tt b) thick aad dark; pear
ever apples; serve very cold wtth plals
cream er boHed custard. Re
read before the eyrap la
boiled own.
Jwaket lee Oeoee.
One pint caa evaporated milk, one cup
sugar, one Junket tablet dtmolved tn
vanilla, one euart milk: heat mlik with
sogar nt lubeererm; remove from frre;
stir la dissolved tablet and ftevertag tad
let stand aadtsturbed an tit slightly 'Wet:
sdd ov spore ted arllk, pear hate can and
freeas m three pares ere te one part salt
Bene with, canned er trash fratt.
Baked 'aearewt wltk Kgga. .
tree four Ward cooked eggs, tow eeaoes
of spsgbettt. one heaping tablrspeonful
of butter, twe taMespoonfukt et grated
cheese, half a capful et white sauce, end
e little soft and pepper. Pax tbe spa
ghetti m a nan of fast boiling sim snd
cook tt until tender, thea drain. Thickly
butter a fireproof dish, pet a hirer of
spaghetti, thea see of sflcet of bard
boiled erg' dost these wltb a mile salt
and pawner. rTest put ha more epathviQ.
the diet le fuR. ending wltb spagnettt,
raw the ahlte saeee ew tola aad SDrin-
kie the cheese en tt. Pat the rest ef
batter m Httle Imwpc a the top,
la a eurrk evea for tea miaatea.
la tea eh la wbish tt we
Best Sugar. IT lba for .Hoe
Beat-'aroAIl or Swift 'a Pride Soap
It bars for tie
reney Green Olives, quart par., .too
Diadem or Idle wild Creamery Batter.
per lb. - - .....too
EIngsford'a Close Starch, t-lb. box
for .. .. Oo
Ooed Cora. J cans for .. -.--ISO
Carnation or Pat II Ilk. 1 cana..asa
four sc cane for ....15o
Solder's Pork end Beans, two l&c
Calumet Baking Powder, tic else, toe
Royal Baking Powder, ate alse-.tOo
Toast Foam, Sc pkg. ..3o
Fancy Dried Peaches, t lba. . .tea
Buy your Flour here World's Pride.
Blue Bell or Bunktst, per sack. 11.40
XXXX Flour, per sack HAS
Van Camp'a Milk, dosen cans tfo
flow Here Is
Your Chance
While they
Last, Saturday
Cm Early Befora tlii
Stock Is AH Bone
Cherriea, Jarga site trees,
Currtntt (sherry rod), .."
tor 254
Gooseberries, Be, ( tor ..25d
Ore pea (Concords) Be each, 6
tor 25
SoowbaJlt. 15c, S for . . . ,25e
Hydraafoa, 15c, I tor . .25
Hibiscus, rtloi and Iris, per
dozen 50g
Sweat Wllliamt, Hoilyliocki,
per doaen 75
BleedlQf Heartl, 19c each, i
tot ...25a
Uly of Valley, par dot. ,.40t
Hohtytuekla 10c, 8 (or . 25e
Ever blooming Roses, lac, t
for SSct per dotes. ..$1.50
A tew Early Ohio Potatoee
(Rod River) to close out, per
bushel at .02.00
'"Nebraska Seed Co.
I long. 1301. ISIS Howard St.
No Credit! No Deliver)!
F.relr doea one find a market re-
kueing credit snd making no deliver-
lee of erdera Toe dealer who aoee
:-iot do thla must bare a good reason
'or breaking awsy from this old
-ustom. We have; we find that we
-an sive better service, better meat
knd better prices by making thla a
(strictly cash n.arkeL
Order your Sunday meat nere anc
loa't forget our choice home dressed
Jos. Bath's Cash Market
Irsl Boe- teat. lttl raraam at.
Oeoorate with allced eggt and chopped
Bar aad Potato Pie.
Shell five bard cooked eggs and cut
them inte slices, not too thin, blash a
pound of cooked potatoee and mix with
a heaping tab lea noon ful ot butter sad
twe teMespeoafsIa ef hot cream. ' Km eon
with eatt, pepper end e very little nut
meg. With this line lbs bottom of a
buttered earthenware dlah and place In tt
e lever ef the sliced eggs. Scatter over
some chopped parsley snd cover with a
tittle white eaace. Continue alternate
layers of potato, eaace and egg undl the
euantttles are ased. Let the last cover
be a coaling ef sauce and cover (ha top
wttb meshed potatoes: smooth this ever
carefully with a 'wet kalfa and mark a
neat pattern en top with the point of e
knife) brush Over with beaten egg and
bake In a moderately beated men fin
half an bear. Decorate wttb parsley. ,-
x Revert Pete to Pte.
Bod email sweet pulstsM entfl. vary,
tender, thea remove trim fire. Jishe nie
crust snd Una pie plate wltb n Bnee po
tatoee thla. and cover bottom ot pan with
tbem. pot sugar to teste, butter, a touch
of rtanamoa. end pemty ef rood tarry
Jetty tail tn smell pieeea over the other.
Thea pour a Ittle hot water over ail
sprtnkh) with flour, and then put In the
trppr crust. Tot will be surprised at the
sxeeneat pie yea win have at a very Stile
expense. The more jelly ased tas better.
Twa aad ene-balf euofule ef white
soger, half a capful af tenant hotter,
half a capful ot milk, one cupful ot
ground nuts, butter the ef a warsnt.
aad ventUa. Cook the peeant butter,
sugar aad ntCk togethnr until ft ferae
soft tail whar poured Into a cupful ef
caM water, thea a -id the wainun .-wtter
an vaa.ha. and pow Into betteerd Hatra
ts eeea. The walauta au be left out tf
Live wtrss smoke Pereaita. ( 1
For Your Sunday Dinner
As smooth as velvet'
Ws -stand for purity of food products and giro our -hearty en
dorsement 4o all pure food lews. Aside from the richneee of mate
and delicacy" of flavor of DaXXCXA Ice cream, wa desire to lmpreee
upon you Its purity, wholeaomenees. digestibility and healthfuiness.
Every tntrredtent Is tested by Ms purity. Try a iick of PtrLICIt
for your Sunday deaert end there will be no room for argument,
lour druggist sells BXUOIA. Insist on having it
isatjrbA jssssr ,Z
aasre lesuuecsemts f J
If your grocer le
aot supplied, tele
phone Douglas
lit aad a park
age wlU be deliv
ered te yea.
Q PoMdt Best Qnnalated Sigtr nn
pam 'We also.aarry Aoloee. Baking Powder, extracts. . JL .
Cocoa, etc 4
Moyuno Toa Co. 4T 8,841
Reducing Stock at
Prices So Low Yon Are Paid
1,000 ilioot package ' Toilet paper,
Saturday at Gg
ISe Sanltol Tooth Paate, Battrday
t 90
25c tack Sea Salt, Saturday ..14t
I gal. Grape Juice, Saturday. .59
1 pint' Grape Juice, Saturday1' J4
ISe Col. Outing pkg .94
60c Viola. Cretin lOs?
16c Viola Soap .......90
26c Viola Powder 140
25e Peroxide Cream and 25c Per
oxide, -tooth for 25e
itl be Rieara Flower Dropt H9t?
i 4-oL, $2,011 Fountain Syringe 980
SOc Wrifrht't Perfumca, ox. . .2i
Full pound Cotton '-190
10c Toothacht Gum :5d
One-halt prlrb on Bate Ball
Mittt. Bttt, Ballt and Glove.
( thermae b XXoCoxaell
207-200 No.
Decoration Bids
Being Considered
Sketches of bidders for ths county build
ing decoration contract were examined
by the Board of County Commissioners,
hut no decision as to who wrll he given
the contract wss made. Ths matter will
he given - further conaideratlon today
and a contract mar hs swsrded then.
It developed that none of the Udders
who offer mural paintings by filar b
fleM can have any large part of the
work done by hint. Receiving only tSJOt
for the entire work, they can afford to
employ Blashfleld only ta the painting of
four small panels tn the dome.
Edward J. Holalag ef Holslsg dt Co.
who was in charge ot interior decora
tion of the congressional library and
wkoa painted several of the murals ta
that building, offered to. paint moat of
the murals hlsuetf end have the 01 ben
done tie Keayoe Cox or come ether con
gressional library artist.
The aaentnly meteoroJogtcal sammary
Issued by the local weather bureau for
the month ef April gives ths rainy month
a aniinTrket good record. Though tbere
have beta extremes tn temperature
ranging from tt degrees on the first at
Alcohol for Boys? Co To Your Doctor
Ask youf doctor how often be prescribes an alcoholic stimulant far
children. He wiU probbh say, "Very, very rarely.' Ask hia
bowofiealbtrrVvsaroesartMfe He will answer,
"Very, very frequently." Then ask him about Avar's non
akrrhotk Sarsaparilla as a tonic for the young. - fcLfTf.
Order a box
for breakfast
tomorrow vL-ri
1 Blended from
!Wle&t, Eioe and Barley
Omaha Sales Co.,
tTataoaal rideUty SMg.
Loyal Hotel Pharmacy
for Walking a Little Ways.
10c nqoid Chart Pltarter 50
Attt Joe Tooth Brnshee ....14g
zoc ana sac uoroot-. , .
25c and 35c Lather Brnshee . .
t ttiAH i-Kll l-,(t bUAMlt.ll
50 boxet Pearl Palace Cigars, per
o 81.10
50 boxes Owl Clgara, box $1,45
60 boxes Imported Manila, per box,
t ...... ..- 81.45
1- lb. bottle Glycerins 290
25c Frottllla .........140
25c Eclipse Almond Cream ..140
e -quart Cloth. Jnserted Hot Water
bottle 980
85c Fountain 8yrlnga ..,.,..490
2- uart Hot Water bottle . . . .490
Ctpitol Ladlof Donrtae '....$1,75
1st ararcDe Ward "a Pongee Envel
opes ............ ....eas
1-lb. Msrrus Ward's Pongee Bond
Paper, regular retail price Ite, nn
sale thrrureay for v...-. tee
XrraaT Oa, Proprietors.)
16th Street.
the month to Tt- degrees oa the eta, the '
total precipitation la but Ul Inches.
But three dsys escaped with a clean
record for tunahlne. April a, t nad I aot
seeing a cloud la the aky. Nsvertheless.
clouds have floated by, but to n barge
extent without a drop of moisture ta lay
ths dust. Ths gieatset rainfall In
twenty-tour hours wsa M of aa inch, en
April M and a.
The greatest range !a temperature dur
ing the month was W degress, oa the
sd. the least, t degrees,' on the Uta. the
thermometer standing between s and Si
during the twenty-four hours. The mean
temperature for the month wee 124 de-
The highest stmospneric pressure was
. on April 7, the lowest a t). " oa
April U.' wltb a utsaa. at SMC - -
STou ergot full'hx
X tptoe yaJua. Tfceti
m mist oa
I F2B fc eplcst, scisna. I
I hcxllv prerered. , I
1 healed bt sn-tiffct packages. I
J?. "