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Silk Hat Harry
Hii Side Splitting Stunts Duly
0 Our Magazine Page.
VOL. XII-XO. 276.
The Omaha Daily Bee
Women s
double finger
tipped extra:
Pure Silk
in white only: 16
button lengths:
worth $1.00 the
pair, Saturday.
Women's t o-clap (ilk
glove In all staple shades and
black and white the famous
Kayser make SOc, 73e and
Women's ellmw length, $3.00
washable doeskin gloves, all
sites, Saturday only at
The Annual Green Tag
Sale of Standard Books
occurs Saturday and It Is an event that thousands of
people wait for every year. Five cents buys as much In
proportion as a larger price. Space prevent a mention
of all of the offerings you will find, so we simply give
specimen prices. If you want the book bargains dis
played in our show windows, come early for they wl
probably be the first to go. .
Limited Number of volumes
of Mark Twain's Works. S&t,
' 69c
New Tenuis Atlas, Sat
urday. il.ftO.
The famous Magnolia
Series of Fiction, that pub
lishers offer at .60c per
volume, our Saturday
price, 10c.
A big kit of Standard
works, while they laat,
choice. Sc. ,
Teacher's Bibles with ex
tra quality leather covers,
large clear type, a $2.00
book for 9r.
Children's paint books,
SSc and 4(tc.
In the store for Satur
day only.
Candy Specials
Fresh Fluffeta raocolatee,
worth 50c the lb.. Saturday
only. 2e. (Yearn Wafer in
assorted flavors, worth 40c the
lb., Saturday only, Uttr. Cocoa
nut Macaroon, worth 30c the
lb., Saturday only, INc.
This Store Closes Every
; Saturday Evening at
Nine O'clock
Roses at 39c theDoz.
They're worth tl.00 and $1.50
and the offer Is fur Saturday
only HOc.
Carnations worth SOc and T.V
the dosen, Saturday only, 21V.
Also special prices on tierani
ams. Ferns, Hyacinths and
other flowers.
... J .. ...y . . ---M-- -,,,,,
50c Union
Suits at 39c
Kino lihlttnl. um
brella stylos, with low
nH'ks aud no sleeves.
Have good torchon
lace trimming. Sixes four
to nine. Inclusive.
Women's extra fine f.1.00 union
Milts In umbrella styles, full torchon
lace trimming; Saturday at H9c.
Boys Porosknit Union Suits
with short sleeves: knee length styles
in all sixes; slightly imperfect, but wear
ing aualitlea are not impaired: &c val
ues. Saturday, 87c.
Children's low neck, sleeveless, knee
length union suit In all sixes: a regular
25c value, Saturday, 10c the garment.
Silk Boot
with very slight
Imperfections; col
ors and Mark, .mm
values:. Saturday,
Silk Lisle
fast Maea; full
regular mtule. an
excellent &0o
value. Saturday.
Women's high grade, fine
gauge lisle hose In gaute
weight: full fashioned and of
tast color, SOc values, 35c the
pair or three pairs for
Children's 1 5c, fine or coarse
ribbed school hoae In all sizes,
Saturday, the pair
To BeClothed Coolly Be Clothed at Bennett'
' Saturday We Continue the Sale J . Jf 0
i of the 3 Lots of Women's Tailored wlUl tfc
we secured in a social purchase. The ouly difference in the sale is that we have
added many choice numbers from our own good stocks to take the place of those
that have been sold and to make the siz tuuges complete, possibly your neigh
bor can tell you about the wonderful bargains as it hag been one of the largest
and best sales we have held this season-the vaJues made it so. Plain tailored
and novelty styles, in sizes for women and misses, and a variety of color and
trimming schemes to charm everv fanev. Here's the price part: ,
$15-518 Values. $9.95 x $22.50-525 Values. $14.95
$25.00 to $35.00 Values at $18
Women's Coats$10.95 (El $14.
Several new styles, that have Just been received, go at these prices,
novelty models, with trimmed revers, in navy and tans, will appeal to the moat
tldlous. The prices show a reduction of close to third. Sizes for women and ml
Coata in Kxtra Sixes-Made of black and navy serges in plain tailored styles,
These coats are shorter walsted and fuller through the hips than is usual. 81
range from 41 to SS. Great values at and $18
Beautiful rream wool coata, specially priced at 1
and $1.50.
One lot of plain
serge, tancy . mil
tur.s and . nov.lty
striped skirts of
best all wool ma
terials, showing ih.
newest aids effects,
high girdles and other
pron.1n.nt style In
novations: STsry oa
.w; le.ft to S7.&U
values, divided into
two lots and pried
for Saturday at
Half Price for Wool Serge
Dresses. Saturday
Novelty styles with lacs and braid trlmn.lnga, or as
plslnly tailored as you would wish. The material Is of a
fins quality French serge, of just the right weight for
between season wear, snd comes In black and colors.
A special purchase acrounta for the prices being lowered
from 139.00 and up to 136.00 to t II and up to I1T.M) for
your choice.
Sites for both women and misses.
On account of l he great reductions, it will b neces
sary to make a slight charge for alterations on garments
purchased at the above special Saturday prices.
Misses' Norfolk jackets of pretty shade of red broad-cloth7fTnishedlr7tn-wntte
collars, cuffsnoTbeltTio-OS
Wash Dresses--2 Extra Special Numbers
Linen dresses with fancy sailor collars or side
revers of self material, pique ana ratines,
braided or trimmed with laces, baU fringe,
etc.; a great collection especially arranged tor
the Inspection of Saturday
shoppers and most reason
ably priced at f 7.50,
$.S and
arrangea tor
One lot of misses' fine wash dresses, of white
pique In open front styles, tastily trimmed with
eyelet embroidery Insertion; have square necks
and are finished In a thorough, workmanlike
manner; sizes range from four
teen to eighteen. Inclusive;
priced for Saturday's selling
and voile waists finished
work;, formerly priced at $2.95 and
$3.95; marked down, for a Saturday
fmf f "after-supper" Bpe
.yl cial from 6:30 to 9:00
M SS o'clock only, to 79c.
A new let of lingerie
waists in high and low
One lot of white lingerie .
1 zrzw.rz.-r;-rr.
with colored embroidery &4mWr neck styles witn long or
short sleeves and peplums; made ot
all over embroidery or finished with
embroideries; $1.25 &
$1.50 values, from
6:30 to 9:00 p.m....
95 PXs
lze Mm7l fV.
Dressing Sacques and Long Kimonos
A sample lot of lawn dressing sacques, trimmed with fine Valenciennes and belted In at the
waist line; some have plain sleeves and others have sleeves of fancy design; all new styles,
worth up to 11.30 each, on sale Saturday, 69c.
One lot of long kimonos of fancy figured lawns with flowered borders; loose styles with
yoke; regular $1.26 values, Saturday only, or while tbey last, 79c for your choice.
Men's extra fine (1.50
madras coat shirts with
Krench cuffs sod soft col
lars to match, a good, va
riety of newest patterns,
Saturday, gl.lS each.
"HI dozen new spring and
summer coat shins in the
finest Hue of patterns and
colorings we have ever shown
arrived this week. You will
find them quite reasonably
priced at 11.00 and $1.60.
About zo dosen men's SI. 00
and II i.0 root shirts with
soft or plaited bosoms,
good patterns; on r C
saleT'satiirdsy st 0C
Men's fine Amoskesg blue
chamhray shirts of guaran
teed fast color, 49c each.
Belts for men and boys. 2in,
SOn. 76c.
oft. eoUars for man and
boys, solid colors and pin
striped patterns, sites Vl to
17. l&c each or two for 2 be.
Men's Underwenr
Hslbrlgaaii or I'ornsknlt
shirts snd drawers, 2&c the
II 00 Sea Island cotton or
Porosknit union suits, specially
priced for Katurdsy at Mc.
The famous "KltesUe" union
suits with the asw elossd
erotoa, which Insures comfort
and a better fit. choice of
white, ecru and salmon; 11.00
and II 4 the garment.
?fc combed half hose
in all the new ahs'les
Saturday, S pairs for .Wo
- Specie! mention Is male of
two very large and superior
lines of men's new soft and
stiff hats at IS and I. t.0
all of ths wanted blocks snd
shspea represented. Your in
spection will show a, saving
by purchasing here.
All of the latest styles In
caps for men and hoys, accord
ing to the' quality, 60c. I'm
nd ll.oo.
t Saturday, a pain
3 or. a single
J fir for.
3 Hats and
To the Man With a
we wish to say: Hold on to your prejudice by all
means, but come to our men's clothing store and
see If Ihe summer suits we are offering at $15.00
do not drle away your prejudice. The young men
who must alwas have the "latest" things, the man
who la more conservative In his tsstes and many
of this city's beat known professional men. have
purchased from our $16.00 lines for one reason or
another. They are men -of Judgment-men who
know clothing vsluesand they tell us that our
$15.00 suits are the equal of many they have found
at other places marked at $20.00 to $26.00. Or
course, there are other suits st $10.00 to $25.00,
but we ere wiling that you Judge our entire cloth
ing stock by the value offered In the $15.00 suits.
Many Young Men are Quite Enthusiastic
Over Our "National Student"
They're msde by tailors who hsve spent their lives tn design
ing and making young men's clothes. The fabrics, cut and finish
ing show that their knowledge lias been applied In a remarkable
degree, and the assortments presented for the young man's
choosing are satisfying In the eztreme. Sizes from 31 to 38
at $7.60 to $15.00.
If in Need of an Extra Pair of Trousers
visit our special department for men's and young men's extra
pants. All styles, according to the materials and qualities, $l.9i
and up to $6.00. with several prices In between. Kor Satur
day only, we offer ISO pair of panta that formerly sold up to
$2.60, to close quickly, al MU. ,
Boys' Suits
A limited number of boys'
exceptionally high grade light
weight wool suits that . wsea,
nude for both style and service:
odds and ends from a season's 1
heavy selling; Saturday, .--
Up to $8.50
Values at
Another big lot of boys' suits
thst formerly sold up to $4.00,
Saturday, or while they last,
choire at $8.95 and tl.05.
Boys' Fixin's
A splendid Una ot boys' and
children's hats and raps of all
Jtlnds-felt.'crssh, cloth, straw.
etc.-xoc to nii.uu each. .
' Boy,blouse wfctstsof '
madras and black
"fttegn, worth 40c ea
aararaay oy m
special . . . sttssjC
The famous Manhattan wash
suits msdexf every worthy tub
tested material and In every
style that will please the little
fellows and their mothers; a
good rauge ot colorings to
choose from, 08c to 9.1.30 suit.
Jl llaS
Clothed f:; l.VV X
iff I
$3.50 to $5.00
26c Bathaswest bath powder ISO
25c box B. Y O. rice powder for 0o
SSc box Msrlcatta fac. powder for 8 So
60c tvinch ebony buffers with re
movable chamois see
Woodbury's SSc facial cream.'. lo
Pond's He Vanishing cream ISO
10c caka Jargon's Vioiet glycerins soap.
for To
ZSe box Banltol tooth powder ISO
75c bottle Plnaud's LI las de France toi
let water ee
White Rose, Carnation and other per
fumes worth SOc the ox.. Saturday. 8S0
afennen's. Banltol. Pompelan and other
J6o soapa Saturday, caka IM
Williams and Colgate's 10c. shaving
soap .' 5e
10c box Rose Kail polish So
11. 0 bottle Duffy's malt for sSa
"Sc bottle beef. Iron snd wine ionic, 550
Charcoal tablets, box SOe and 10a
16c lb. of borax, Saturday iloe
Bargains for the Children
On lot of eJaildna'ai whit
torf eoatB, for agea 2 to 6
yearn; that have formerly
hn priced at $4.60 and
tA 00, marked for Hatur
Jay's selling at
Children's seats of sergss,
miatures aa4 wash materi
als, for ages two to six
years, regularly priced at
3 SO and 14 00 each, for
Haturday's selling
A a add lot of glrl'a
wash aMsses of light
and dark colored per
cales, styles to become
girls from I to 14 years,
Saturday, while they laat
The simplicity and charm of early
Colonial days is fittingly mirrored in
the attractive Colonial patterns that
are this season once- again coming
into their own.
"Dorothy Dodd" Shoes
offer you a most varied assortment in this '
much sought after modeL All the fashion'
able fabrics and popular leathers for both
outdoor and indoor wear, in every shape
arid pattern. Priced within rtason as
' always $3.50 to $5 00.
Tou will always find complete lines
and SUPPLIES at this store, instruc
tions and assistance gladly given all
who may wish it Expert developing
and finishing to those who do not care
to do their own work. These specials
are for Saturday only.
1 tubas Metol-Qulnot developer 85a
l ib. package of hypo sa
lSe package acid hypo..., las
ISc 4xt hard rubber trays for 11.
The New Corsets
There's a splendid line of new models
ready for your first Inspection Saturday. Ex
treme low bust styles or corsets with medium
busts; corsets with regular hip ronftners or
very long over the hips; corsets for every
type of figure. ,
Tbey are boned with non-rustable bon
ing snd equipped with four or six hose sup
porters; nave snir string through
te bust line: are tiioroughly
ade and tastily trimmed.
In addition In thMw
View models at $ I 00.
II SO snd 12.00, we wish
you to see the saw Ms
dame Orsce at 13 04 to I2S.O0
and the new American Beauty
corsets at to They
are the acme of corset perfection.
Then, there are complete lines or bras
sieres and corset accessories to meet your ev
ery need. The advice and assistance of our
expert coraetleres Is free at all times.
f l m M
"Twilight Dreams" Is a new song
which we have received only this
week, it has a wonderful melody
the kind that carries you back In
fancy to other days-aod the lyrics
will appeal to 'every person who
hears them. "Let us demonstrate
this beautiful new song for you Sat
urday. The first few measures of
the chorus are printed above.
' Saturday Baro&ins
m.ummj Mam" Mg,
"enry'e nippla',
auaia' Trombone."
"AJWr Teey said
the three planes
Way, a asw is
"atea Caeaie Kaa,
"one? Xssxt "
ths three
Saturday only
The Orteade.K oak a Teak mm
ag aaa -Tell Tmim Syea 7
-the three puces J
Notice for Teachers
We bave Just received Oie new "Root
Edition Beautiful." which la the finest
collection or pieces for teaching erar
printed. We will be pleased to show
them to you, for we know they are just
such piece, as you hav. been wan Una
and looking for.
Thha?Hr?aT"ly Our Pure Food Store
Will Bring the Greatest Crowd of Buyers Here Saturday,
17 lbs. Granulated Su
gar for (1.00
Ten Bars "Beat 'Em
AH' Soap for. . . .25c
3 lbs. Bennett's Best
coffee & 60 st'ps, $1
Assorted Teas and 75
stamps, the lb. . .08c
Fancy new potatoes, lb Se
Fancy Red River Potatoes, peck 87 He
Fresh mushrooms, per box ....8Qe
3 bunches home grown asparagus for lue
S bunches home grown spring onions .V
Large cucumbers, each j 10c
Young beets, carrots and turnips, bunch.... Sc
New solid cabbages, lb 4c
I-arge Juicy lemons, dozen SOc
Those famous Redlands oranges, shipped direct
to us from Redlands, Cal.-none better grown
any where-per dozen., lor, 30c, 25c, SOc, S5c
Bennett's "Excelsior
Flour-special, per
sack 8IJK
5 lbs. Clean Hand
picked Navy Beans,
for 23c
5-lb. can Bennett's
Capitol baking pow
der and 100 stamps
for fl.OO
Bennett's Capitol Ex
tract and 10 stsmps,
the bottle IHc
2 cans Bennett's Capi
tol Evergreen, corn
and 10 sumps. . .SOc
Tea sittings and 10
stamps, the lb.'. .ISc
Onion salt. 6 stamps,
the bottle IV
l-lb. can Ghlrardelli'i
chocolate ajid 10
atampa Mc
Peanut butter and IS
Mam pa, the jar 15e
CrMtni honey cook !--
uperlal at, the lb. .lfto
One 1oten boxes safety
matrhMi So
Giant tumbler of mup
tard and ( atampa, 10a
Butter (Si Eggs
Seaatta Capitol
Oreajnary a attar the
finest ma4e anywhere--In
l-lb. brick
of jruaranteed weight.
Fresh, Bewly laid
eoojKry eggs. Satur
day, the dosen.
Full cream ctVMiM and
! atampa, tte lb.. S3e
Pint can Gatllard'a pure
olive oil reduced to 400
Seeded rainlns and 10, the pkg., lflVsje
the Largest MW!f
Note More of the Reasons'Whv
S cans shrimps and IS stamps vinegar and IS stamps... SOS
,'"r : - I Spsghettl and li stamps, "the
Mb. pkg. Bennett's Capitol I can ls
Osts and 19 stamps 10s Large can fnlders pork'and
Quart bottle cider or malt beans and 34 stamps... SOo
POT ROAST . . .1214c, 10c
VEAL ROAST .12VgC, 10c
HAMBURGER, 3 pounds for .25c
8yt-lb. pkg. LEAF LARD $1.00
BEST LEAN BACON.......... ...17V.C
trnoK r to f. it.)