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The Omaha Daily
Looking Backward
This Day in Omaha
Fair; Cooler
Tun An
41torll rags of each Uni
VOL. XLI XO. 275.
Wreck Commissioner, Assisted by
Five Assessors, Starts Investiga
tion of Sinking of Ship.
Twenty-Six Questions, Involving
All Phases of Disaster Outlined.
Hundred Lawyers and at Many
Newspaper Ken in Attendance.
Who Retnraed om Laplaad
Arc EmbIhI Model ol Tltaalc
aad Maay Oaarte Are Among;
Ike Exhibits.
LONDON. May t-Lord Mersey, In hi
capacity as wreck commissioner, and five
assessor who will advise him In his ques
tioning on the technicalities of nautical
affairs, held this morning the first sea
slon of the Board of Trade Inquiry into
the loss of the White Star steamer Ti
In point of interest to the public and
the importance of Its resets on the laws
governing the mercantile marine the In
vesication promises to overshadow all
previous tribunals of a similar character.
From the series of twenty-six question-
which the attorney general announced
would be taken up It became evident that
the Inquiry would cover practically the
sama (round as the Investigation by the
committee of the American senate, bu
woold be conducted more In accordance
with the procedure of a court of law
and deal definitely with stated cases
Eight questions. Sir Rufus Daniel Isaacs
said, would relate to happenings before
the casualty; six to warnings given to
the Titsnic and the resulting precaution
taken: ten to the casualty itself and con
sequent events; one to the equipment and
construction of the vessel, and the last
to tin rules of the merchant shipping act.
Model of Tltaalc.
A twenty-foot model of the Titanic car.
rylng sixteen miniature lifeboats and a
big chart of the north Atlantic wers
prominently displayed by the navigators.
In front of the platform ahlch they oc
cupied were seated 100 members of th
bar, representing various Interests in
volved, and 100 newspaper men.
Tha only reference to the American In
vestigation was Sir Rufus' announcement
that owing to the detention of many wit
nesses for the senatorial Inquiry In the
United States the testimony would not
be presented in a logical order.
The seamen who arrived from New
Tork on the Lapland were called first as
witnesses to tha construction and aqulp-
merit of the Titanic
p Lord Mersey reee-rn Hee-T ho mas goan
Ian, member of Parliament lor the North
division of Wlgo, who appeared for the
seamen's and firemen's union, and an at
torney for the Merchants tarries Guild,
and took under consideration the applica
tion for representation of the Seafarers'
union, the Ship Constructors' association
and the mercantile officers' union.
An adjournment was then taken.
Proposed Scale
for Anthracite
Miners Rejected
NEW TORK, May -Th full commu
te of anthracite operators and miners
this afternoon voted down the asrec
ment that was mbmltted to them by the
subcommittee of the operators and miners
to settle the controversy over the ques
tion of Increased wages and other ques
tions in the anthracite region.
The proposed agreement provided for fa-four-year
contract, an Increase of H per
cent, abolition of the sliding scale. In-:
direct recognition of the union and other
concessions to the miners, but contains no
mention of a shorter working, day.
NEW YOHK. Hay l-Wltllam Green
acted as spokesman for the miners in
place of President White, who Is 111. He
said the miners were not prepared to
ratify the plan. The operators Indicated
that the agreement was acceptable to
them and further stated that the whole
controversy could be referred again to
the surviving members of the anthracite
commission. This proposition probably
will be acted upon by the miners later.
After adjournment of the Joint confer
ence, Mr. Green and his associates hur
ried away for a conference.
1 have nothing to nay now." Mr.
Green said, "although there may be a
statement later In the day "
No date. It Is said, has been agreed
on for a future conference of the two
committee. The agreement, which has
been approved by the sub-committee of
miners, was signed by John P. White,
president of the United Mine Workers;
John T. Pempeey, John Fahy and
Thomas Kennedy, while the members of
the operators' committee who signed the
report were 8. 1. Warriner, W. J. Rich
ards, R A. Phillips and Morris William.
Episcopal Address to Methodist Gen
eral Conference Complains of
Membership Gain.
Less Than Two Per Cent of Addi
tions During Period,
Lends Ear to Those Who Spread
Taw Little Kuipha.ia Betas Placed
tpoe Thraa I se of Kvaagrllata
and t'alllua- Pastors Bot a
Meaata lasjalry Hailed.
NEW YORK. May l-Senator William
Alden Smith of Michigan, chairman ef
the aenate committee investigating ths
Titanic dlaaster, announoed today that he
would hold no public hearing during the
two days he will spend In New Tork,
but expects to Investigate chleliy the re
port that news of the Titanic disaster
reached New Tork Monday morning.
April IS. The fact that the Titanic had
sunk was announced Monday evening by
P. A. 8. Franklin, vice president of the
White Star line, who has testified that
he did not learn of the vessel's fate untli
a few minutes beiore the announcement
was made.
Mlala Finds Flfteea Hodlra.
Th Western L'nlon cable steamer Mlnla.
which hss been searching the scene of
the Titanic wreck for bodies, is returning
to Halifax with fifteen bodies and will
dock Monday, according to a wireless
message received here this afternoon by
the White Star line. This means, offi
cials of the line state, that the search for
bodies has been abandoned for the present
and may be postponed Indefinitely.
s The Weather
Italian Battleship
Driven on Rocks by
Storm and is Sunk
CONSTANT 1NORI.E, May 2. -A dis
patch has Iteen received here from Tunis
saying that the Italian battleship Re
'mberto has been driven by a storm on
the rocka and sunk at a point on the
coast near Zuara.
The foregoing dispatch from Constan
tinople has not been confirmed from any
other source.
The battleship Re I 'mberto has been
engaged In convoying landing expeditions
undertaken by Italian troops to Tripoli, j
Built in 1887, the Re Vmberto carried
709 men. It was 400 feet lung seventy
seven feet wide and drew tweuty-elght
feet of water. Its armament included
four 12-inch guns.
Zuara la on the norttiweat coast of
Tripoli near the Tunisian border. The
coast in that vicinity Is dangerous.
ChicagoJPap.ers Are
"Delayed by Strike
of Web Pressmen
CHICAGO. May t-Early editions of
Chicago afternoon newspapers were not
printed today because of a dispute be
tween the pressmen of Chicago Ntwa-
paper Web Pressmen's union N . 7 and
the Chicago local of the America 1
paper Publisher association.
The difference arose on (he expi.-aflon
of the pressmen's contract with the
Hearst newspapers and the failure to
agree on terms of renewals.
Meetings of the executive committer of
the Pressmen's union and Publisher. as
sociation were held throughout the
morning and hope was expressed that t!'e
difficulty would be adjusted In .ir
the later editions of the afternoon jis'-eis.
Hole Torn in Warship
by a Sailing Vessel
LONDON. May 1-The British battle
ship Empress of India was In collision
with a German sailing vessel early today
at Spltshead. The battleship received a
gaping hole it Its side above the main
deck, while the merchantman lost head
gear and fore top mast.
The K m press of I ndia was In m is -
channnel In tow of the cruiser Warrior
at the time of the cravh.
The Empress of India was launched In
18N and la now classed as obsolete. It
kept In the special reserve for emer
gency use. It has
about I4.0O9 tons.
a displacement of
Homer Davenport,
Cartoonist, is Dead
NKW TORK. May i Homer Daven
port, the cartoonist, died today
For Nebraaka Generally fair and
For loaa Tnwtlled, with probably
showers: cooler Friday In west and cen
tral portions.
Teatperatarce at Oataaa lesterday.
Hour. Peg.
a. m $2
a. m a
7 a. m.
a. m.
a. m.
a. m 7;
II a. m 71!
11 m 71 .
1 p. m.
S p. m.
X p. m.
4 p. m.
p. m.
7 p. m.
5 p. m.
laeaparatlTa Lex-el K
Highest yesterday at
lowest yesterday 42
Mean temperature...
Preripttatloa .us
Temperature and precii-i&ucn
tur-s from the normal:
Normal temperature
F.xcess for the day
Total deficiency miky March I
Normal precipitation
rvftcleiK-y for the day
Total rainfall since March 1...
l-eficlency since March I
Urflcleacr for cor. per, 5w. a 5 Zi MARION, IND- GOES
"w " as t r. si
iiiv.KAroi.IS. May t-Oltklsm of
the condition which enabled the church
to gain "less than S per cent in Its mem
bership In the last year," and charges
that the church press was being used
"as a free forum by the promoters of
disaffection," ware made In tha bishops'
report to the quadrennial general con
ference of the Methodist Episcopal
church today.
The report, known as the ''Episcopal
Address,'' was signed by eighteen bish
ops In this, and six bishops in foreign
countries and Is regarded as the most
important document to come before the
conference, as it contains the bishops'
recommendations for the future guidance
and policy of the church.
The report was read by Bishop Earl
Cranston of Washington. D. C. Another
section upon which the bishops have been
at work since the Isst general conference
at Baltimore four years ago will be de
livered tomorrow.
Net Ualn Only Two Per feat. j
"In the last year." said tha report,
"the church has made a net gain of
but 65.000 which Is less than 1 per cent as
the outcome of the year's activities and
the outlay of many millions of dollars.
The statistical paradox glares us out of
countenunoe. It shames and humiliates
us. What are honors of office worth In
any army that does not win battles? No
marvel that some are proposing to reduce
the major generals to post duty and let
the army dlssole Into antiquated tcelee-
tsatlcal camps."
This was s reference to a proposed
limiting of the activities to a local dis
trict of the bishops whose jurisdiction
now Is uni.eraal.
Some of the ressons for the meager
growth, as set forth, were laid to a too
strict application of the law of the churcn
demanding that all member wno re
move from a -given commun.ty without
their church letters be dropped from
membership, for tine year.
"A fs'r calculation," tha report mid,
"reveals the astounding fact flint prob
ably not less than MO.OOo m-'mhers dis
appeared from our rolls by recxlesa use
of the 'dropping' process.
Old Morlrlnre Partly Abandoned.
"Nevertheless we still face patent
fact that our distinctive doclilnes are
not being emphasised as they were once.
or, where preached, are discredited for
tha time by a galnssylng world drunk
with vain philosophies and saled with
gluttlnnus Indulgences."
Pleading for an emphasis on th)
tlm tlve Wetleyan doctrines, the report
said they were the only power to save
the nation against vice.
"Where Is the evidence thst science
has ever regenerated one soul, or that
culture has redeemed one I'lwrtine, or
taken envy, malice, pride, Jealous or
greed out of any heart. These utterances
are not reactionary unlesa this wotlo
has outgrown Jesus Christ.
"Our second lapse la that our system
Is not being worked aa It formerly was
Certain distinctive parta have been aban
doned, others modified. Innovations, nox.
Ions to our pastoral aa well aa to our
supervisions! methods, have intervene)
to the .hurt of both."
The report condemned the practice that
was said to have grown ud in certain
churches of calling In evangelists to carry
on revival services as against the former
custom which placed tha local pastor In
charge of that work.
"Calling" Pa.lor. la t'eadrmaed.
Turning from this the report condemned
the so-called congregational system of
calling pastors for local churches, which
was said to have become general In
Referring to discussions in the church
publications the report said:
"We understand the church maintain
a press for the advocacy of her doctrines
and the defense of her polity when as
sailed, not as a free forum for the vagar.
les of writers who measure all problems
by their own dooryards, or to officially
His First Uniform
From the Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Officer of Interboro Company Go
East to Sell Them.
Aa Soon aa Ike Honda Are l la nosed
Of It la Raid Active Work
M ill Be Htarlrd aa llolld
laa Road.
With a view of placing the bonds of the
Nebraska Traction company President
Peter Mangold and Oeneral Manager .:
W. Baker leave for New York tomorrow
Should Ihe bonds be sold building will
begin soon.
The Nebraska Traction company la th
concern that has surveyed from Sioux
City to Omaha for an Inierurban lln-.
From a point north of Blair a branch
line has been surveyed Into Fremont and
another to Norfolk. Along these surveys
most of the right-of-way has been se
cured. I'p to this time all of the work has been
done by the Baker Construction com.
pany, which Is an auxiliary of the Ne
braaka Traction company, and according
to many of the leading railroad man bot'i
are auxlllariea of the Milwaukee, which
has adopted thia plan ot gettlna Into
Omaha from tha north and out to thi
Taft Speaks at
the Butt Memorial
Service at Augusta
Al'Ol'BTA. Oa May J.-Preldent Taft
and the City of Augusta paid tribute to
day to Major Archibald Hull. I lie presi
dent's personal aide, who was lost in
the wreck of the Titanic.
Augusta waa Major Hint s home and for
several hours today business was prac
tically suspended while memorial servlrea
were conducted In a theater, flags were
at half maat on most of tha public build
ings and thousands of persons crowded
around the theater anxious to hear i'reM
dent Taft apeak.
Senate Adds Eight
Millions to Rivers
and Harbors Bill
WASHINGTON. May 7 -Carrying
SMftM.OtO In addition to the apr-mpriHtlon
provided for by the house, the rivers and
harbor approw tatlm. bill, ajrcregttlrig
X,rl..V. has been iir.fMl to by the sen
ate rommlttt; on mi mere and will be
reported In a few days.
The lamest single Ingram- in the house
mean u re was $::'V,Ui fT the MumIsmIppI
river, making $t.0rtUHW for thai wnterwiy.
Ammig the uppioprinllMns a Increased
by the en.M committee:
Missouri river, betMe.n Sioux City and
Kort Benton. $,VUM; opposite Slnug t'lty,
Tht nppmptlatlon if $.UUm fur Chl
cagti'a hiiibor v. Ill Ik available for use
this year. pruxMH the eity ftoen its part
In the preparation nf the harbor. It la
regatdifd a the forerunner of a greatly
Inn-eased appropriation for hivuk witter
eonxti ui'llon to proiet t the proposed
.WtiW I'hl- ago harbor.
South Omaha Officials Investigate
Records at Lincoln.
House Passes Bill
For Parcels Post
On Rural Routes
alatliH of Properly fur Taiatloa
In Dtiwalaa C'oanlr erwea
PrtKlv Pee Aaova
Last ear.
(From a Htaff Correspondent.
l.l SCOi ,N, M y I -( Speelat. V- K. E.
Hldaeway and A MM ant lty Attorney 8
U Winters of Booth Omaha were at the
lapftol toduy looking up the record of
the HnMih Omaha charter. The verdict
of the rilstrlrt rotirt declaring Invalid the
nectit.n nf the charter eitendlng the terms
of city official,, haa cast a rtnud over the
entire charter and there la a uuestlon
whether the name retiaona which operated
to render this section Invalid operate
against the entire Instrument. Messrs.
Itlewav nd Winters are going over the
ret urd from the Introduction to the final
jtafeag of the Instrument to aacertaln
th fact, but as yet have not progressed
far enough to be willing to express an
opinion. It Is Imperative that the qties-
tlon should le aettled at once aa the un
certainty In hatting all public Improve
metita and In various ways proving em
barrasslnf to the city government.
The city of Kearney achool district has
i "sired tVi.0W worth of funding bond a. As
the original Ismis Is tha property of the
state the new on Is simply being el
changed for Ihe old.
fleeretary Mellor n ft he state fair board
WASHINGTON. ar l.r-Iha .UtMoffece
appropriation bill carrying approxlmaralyj
K7fi,Ot. nou. was paNed by the noun f
day, til to S. The measure carried ih
addition to the appropriations neocenarv
for the conduct of the department . num.
her of radical additions. Among theaeiw,,,, '-.gaged today talking over matter!
were federal aid for aood ruada. the mm. w,lh " lwo viatnri wno gave ex
pulsory publication b newspapers, maga n""n at me rair last year, ina ooaro
sines and periodical of the no me of!" "lanagera lias authorised contracting
their owners and the eslahllMhmcM of a
parcels poet In connection with the rural
free delivery aervh. The good n:ad
provision added bet w en f hi a n l
SU.OnD.4mo to the appropriation and thU
amount It I expected will be materially
Increafcd In Ihe next poMoffiie mcaaure.
Stabs Girl to Death
and Cuts His Throat
Tl'LSA. Okla.. May t-Arthur J. Col
llean of rtttaburs;. Pa., lata today stab
bed and killed Miss Belle Hopkins uf
Tulsa and after culling his throat,
lumped from a second story window and
Is said to be dying. ColllCHn' csme here
10 accept a position as cashier of the
local gas company. Colllaan, who haa
been attentive to Miss Hopkins, Is said
to have quarreled with her Just prior t
his deed.
Federal Sugar is
Sued for Back Duties
Boat Strikes Mine
in Dardanelles and
' is Blown to Pieces
CONSTA NTINOPI.K, Mar i.-A email
tus; boat which was enK'taed In InffpectlnK I
Ihe channel btinya In the liardanetles last
nlKht fouled a mine and was blown to
ple-e. Kour officers, twelve solllrs
snd all the members nf the crew of the
tug perished.
this "one'lon the promoters of disaffection.
! city of pneumonia. Mr. Davenport had w h" woul1 not reatraia dignified
' 73! been working on the Hearst newspapers
In this city. He waa M years of age.
mi The Hank of Commerce of this dty was
it closed today by tha state bank examiner
I and accountants are at wrork na the
"b""! '- w- Parker, vice president of
2) M the Institution, la said at have left the
44 city on Friday, after having cashed. It
iia reported, a Bank of Commerce draft
ja this city. Vntll tha accountants retort
I; It will not be known whether a shortage
i Igsei? i The hank Is canl tallied at $2..
Ulach 'hu surplus of U.' and deposits of
. J 1 Inches ria.tTSX
ilnch t '
.M inch ,
Temp, High- Rain.
J P m. eat. fall.
Station aad Ktata
of Weather.
Cheyenne. rioidy...
tavvenport. eiear
Iienver. at. cloudy..
Ita Molnea. clear.,
Imige City, cloudy..
I-ander snow
North Platte; dear
Omaha, clear
Puehlo. clear
Rapid CHy. clear....
Salt Laka City, cloudy... 44
Baata r e. cHr (4
Nhendan. clcudy a
Sloex city, clejr
Vaieatiiie. clear n
T iodicatea trace ot predpttarlow.
U AV WtLiU. lca jroracasti
and legitimate dlscuaslon of proposed
amendments .or reforms, wa deprecate
the admission of Ill-considered and Intem
perate criticisms tf our polity or churcl
One of the proposals before this con
ference Is that the bishops be placed In
definite charge of the work In the terrf
lory adjacent to their episcopal resi
dences. On this point the report said:
"We ask the fixing of two or three
more episcopal residence in this country
at strategic centers. With these addi
tions we believe that areas for Episcopal
supervision can be so related to the resi
dence cities as to meet the express de
sire for continuous oversight by resident
bishops without any Infroltion of the
restrlitive rule."
NEW YORK. May t-Sult agaln't he
Federal Fugar Refining f-omiany for
III. 000 was filed by the government In the
federal district court here tod y. Tl e
amount represents alleged back duties
on Importation of sugar entered at tl.e
customs house between IVC snd luu.. a
difference due to the recently it. ov red
errors in the original liquldat-d welgit'.s.
Through an error In Ihe drafting i f a
paper It appeared tfiat the suit was tor
full value Instead of back duties.
. T4
. 4
. 7
. 1
. K
. 7
. C
. X
. c
.aid la Hare Ft
esees Mrraed ( Oar.
MINNEAPOLIS. Minn.. May l.-ic pa
rte! Correspondence. I The Oeneral con
ference nt t ), U.ikn. i- , . ,
Hvtav In vain tried the Annrm nt k I . r.wroiau
MARION. Ind . May t-The thirsty I
e. ; ty-one saloons of this city. They were
-J; j cloned t,y recret vttunury sg'eement fil-
oi Iw,nf ' deC.rl.jn by the Indiana supreme
's court by which the "drys'' of Kokomo
.to (shut up twenty-one saloons there. This
- ruling wag thst an option election board
.'go . eouM Dot legally recount the vote and
T bad power only to tabulate returns. Tha
. Marlon situation u similar to that ta
. Kokomo and the saloon keepers here de-
Homestake Mine Boss
Killed by a Cave-In
LEAD. g. IX. May t-ln a rave-in on
the TOJ-foot level of the Homestake mine
last night. Jack Sheridan, one of the old-
time shift bosses of the company, waa
killed, and A. L. Ryan, a miner, sertoualy
Injured. Bhertdaa waa M years old and
naa oeen employed try tne company thirty
years. He leaves a widow and several
Ismay Sails for
Home on Adriatic
NEW YORK. May 2,-J.
managing dt ret tor uf tiie International
Mercantile Marine, failed for hia home
In KnKlatu! todiy on the Wliitc Htar liner,
Adriatic Mr. Inmay aatd he hhm
out an' I that there K,a tiotliim; to add
t hlK teistfniony rcardiiiE ttie Titanic
riinaatfr that he pae the senile
Inveathsatinir eommltlct-.
CINCINNATI. O,. May 2.-E. K. Gal.
breath, fm mer prenldent uf the Gerund
National hank of thta city. a arieated
here today by a Cnlicd States marshal ii
with a in torn, hut Mr. Mellnr has net yet
ehweil. with any nf thofte who wlah to
come here.
I nut plain aa I'bnne Hate.
The stale Halfway eommtaaton and Ivea of the I Hind y County
Ti-lt nhune cunitwny were In conaultatlon
today roiicernlnx complatnta from pub
ftcrlhera. It haa been charged that dlf
feient ratea for almllar service. The com
pany la preeentlng a plan to equalise
I hem.
Water for Iretaatlna.
RfpfrtM from the weatern portion of the
Mate mhere there are Irrigation dltrhe
indicate there will he plenty of water In
Hie Ml ream to supply the needa of
Irrigators. The anow haa been very
heavy In the mountain which form the
source of supply of the Platte river, and
tn other d tat rids which obtain water
from streams which rise In the pratii s
country and depend on springs to main
tain the ftow the heavy Hnowfalt of th
Utte stprlng Is depended on to keep up
the Mijjply, In the southwestern portion
nf the state, which has been the greatest
sufferer from jKwir rnfpa last year and
a I no In mmie previous seuaonw, aJI re
Urine Iinay. Jpfirts from the nonlrrlgaled portion Indi
cate a bountiful harvest. Former Secre
tary cf State Junk In waa at the capltol
today and reports that In all hla experi
ence he nevr saw a better proa pert !n
that s-ilon of the ntute.
oM H atcerd liysiera.
C. V Thornl -n of Falls City pleaded
iButlty to selling oysters which had been
watered, atnl iaid a fine of M and costs.
.vrrsr to Break.
fivernor Aldiich goes to Nellgh to
morrow where he delivers an address
before the teachers. Severn! additional
dates have been bonked for him recently,
aa follows: Kearney. June to dedi
cate the new building at the normal
cho.l: July I, lUndoloh, address before
jlnhabiUnU of Tomis, La., Make
wild Bush for Safety from
Domeitic Animali in Stampede.
When Turned loose.
No Lost of Life Keported. but Some
Fatalities Probable.
Law trea Will Be Flooded wit
Water froaa .Neve I ret iw aad
aa Uamaae will Aawaal
I Illtlla. a.
TORRAS. La.. May l-WomeB
screaming and men shoullng as they hur
rlel Into their hoinea and seised their
children and valuables In their mad effort
to reach places of safety, and tha stain,
iwdlng of animals turned lonse by their
owner, to seek aafo places, were snmv of
ina ctiaotlo conditions tliat prevailed In
Torras last night when the alarm waa
sounded tliat the levee at tha Junction of
Old and Mississippi rivers had given way.
Aitnougn It had been known that av.
eral weak spots had developed. IllUe at
tention had been paid to this by tha clti-
sens of Torres and they were caught un
prepared. Within a few minutes after .
the break had become known tha towns
people were In panic.
Maturity Hearh gafrtr.
Before the streets wsia entirely sub-,
merged a majority ot tha inhabitant) -eiad
reached placea of safety. Three hundred
women and children wens placed aboard
a freight train which had Just arrived
In Torraa Theaa were taken to a point
lielow here.
No loaa of life haa been reported, but
It la feared some fatalities may occur la
the Interior, aa the water la rushlne
through tha country so rapidly that guffl.
rlrni aarnlng may not have reached
those living In districts remote from wire
food supplies hsve been massed near
Torraa hy tha government In anticipa
tion of a break here and those In char..
of the work are preparing to five relief
to eu.wi people In this vicinity.
I oat let raraa Ploeded.
The second line of levee protecting th
hlg state convict plantation from the
Mississippi river at Angola, La., broke
this arternooa 'and within a short time
the (.oro-gere plantation was inundated.
The slste recently completed a
sugar refinery on tha Angola plantation
and this will be flooded.
News that the engineers had given up
all hope of rinsing tha Torraa
flashed to every town on Ihe west
side of tha Mississippi river within,.
' ny innes or me break. It
means tha abandonment of thousands of
homes In th territory smith of Torraa
and property damage that will run Into
tha millions.
second Flood at (aire.
CAIRO. III., u.y ..-Although many
families have been driven from their
homes during lha last week br th. a-.
ond flood within a month, th churches
of ralro will devote nrit Sunday's serv.
Ices lo thanksgiving for the escana of in..
city from last month's flood.
The MlMlsslppl was .! feet rfn .t
Ihls point this morning, having risen on
and two-tenths foet during lha last twen-ty-four
All residents of ihe drains, dl.irlri
have left their homes and farmers of
the lowlands have taken their famine.
and stock to the hills.
leut a four delegatea-at-large to the dchi
ocratlc national convention were ekctc-l
today and were Instructed to "use all
honorable meaua" to sc ore the nomina
tion for president of tlovrrnnr ibiM.
In resolutions passed at the .late conven
tion. An amendment maklnir liwilin
Clark the dch-gatlon'a second choice was
voted down. The five district conveii.
lions also elect.-d delegate and
uaiawin their first choice.
UKRUX, Vlay !.-ordian lloesll. tht
aviator, died here early today of In
juries received lat evening In a fall fanm
his monoplane. He was trying out hi
machine and aa ninety feet from tha
ground when he dropped. According u
spectator lloesll was Jarred from hi
seat when he turned a curve sharply.
ehini- .if mtiuinnlvirtif In fund ,f ihe tli N'drlhwi.,! VtaMnu i . ' ' JUOKB LnnM
bank. The bank was rcvntly .llecovered ! elation; July 1 dedication of new build- i l,".' member
to be in an rmbarra"! condition and Is j Inc at noimal school: July 4 at CurtK
now being opetated hy members of the Willis K. Keed. deinm-rat. admits that
Cincinnati Clearing House association. he expended Stlsi-7J lo further his ambl-
After the bank was taken over by Ihe Hon lo he Tnlted Htatea senator from
1 cldtd not to go tcu court.
May 1 In the Auditorium, with solemn I
snd Inspiring eervi.-es. Blahoa Henry :
White Warren, the oldest of the active
bishops, pres ded. A table, gavel and chair
were presented the bishop for use In the
conference, the construct'oo of which
was by t.'.e students of Morrison Normal
and Induatrtal college, a colored retool
at Morrlston. Tenn. The wood for the
iContlniMd sa face TwoO
The National Capital
Taai-fttdar- Mar B t12.
The ScbaU.
Mt at noon-
Rivera and harbor aiDrotrletion bill.
fnereatted by over the houee tUf
ur-a, aa aipeed to by commer'-e eom
mittee and will be reported In a tw liaya.
The House.
MM at noon.
Keaumed eonaideratlon nf pottf: office atv
propiiatlon Mil mhkh naa amended .o
provide S2.0QO for the neareet relative of
each of the three AmrU-an ae poet mail
cierka -n ta the JltMaic wrerly
clearing bouae a new set of offleera waa
placed In control.
The warrant for (ialbreath'a arrest
charged him with hjv in misappropriated
funds of the hank te the amount of
Before beromlnic president of the Imc
ond National bunk Oalhreath wae a fed
eral bank examiner.
CHICAGO. May 1-The operation per
formed yeaterdar on Andrew J. White,
who Insists that he I the ml Mire George
A. Krmmel of Nile, Mich.. Intended t
relieve what wa thcught to be a bone
pressure on his brain, was a success from
medical viewpoint, the do-tors saH
toda, but whether tt give to the man
the memory he says he lacks to prove bit
contention la et to be determined.
The payment at JTXeTO fife Insurant e
hinge on Lha Identity of White, wbi
Klmmei'a mother and sister aaert la no,
their reunite.
Nebraska. Fred Volpp. who already had
filed an expense account, writes to ask
the secretary of stnte to add 96T.3) to the
amount of a belated advertising bill.
Wilber S. Walt, republican, land ram
niiasmner, exiiended p. Kan V. Stevens,
democrat, congress. Third district, noth
Inw. Waraa Hotel Mea.
Etale Hotel Commissioner McFadden
haa lesued a circular to hotel proprietors
ot the state warning them to get busy. If
they have not already done so. and do
soma spring cleaning and renovaUng. Hrlaara Salt.
I. 8. Milllken. a nose wife and daugh
ter were killed on a crossing of the Rock
land road south of this city February
i last, ha brought suit against the com
pany for damages placed at S5.MO. The
petition alleges that the child's foot waa
caught In a cattle guard, which wa a
part of the highway, and that tha child
and the mother were run down and killed
before the mother could extricate the
child. It la asserted the place wa danger
ous by reason of a curve la tha road
of the Colorado bar. died at bl horn
here today from apoplexy. Judge Bennett
wa 71 year old. He waa born at Fort
Washington. WU. He was elected to tot
tate legislature In Missouri In 187a. In
ISJ he came to Colorado.
on Pace Two.)
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for r en t, let
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