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    THE BEE: 03IAHX FBIDAY, APRIL 28, 1911
. i
r i
The Faithful
Come to
mis o Fief.
fTHosF lours
Omalia Wins Game by Sine to Eight
in Freak Contest.
MlM, stew AesjoJeitlM af Raa
wra, bkH Three HIU la ' Hla
rtra Contest unaa-ave
Make lm.
DCS MOtXBfl, April & Special Tbl
asTram.) Omaha aa food as won dw
(una OB hitting-, loat H on rank errtws
and then was It wain, t to . with a
atnth-inntng batting rally In tha most
emraordinary gmma aver aeon on a tocaj
diamond. Twenty-eight player were put
on th nor book, aevea pitcher being
sd tby bock tauna.
with, the acora ( to I acalnat bam In
thaauTaiitk Daa liotnaa atartad a bat
ting rally. Three atnglea and a. walk.
IUi two arrori by JuiUce whlcb. aoored
two, eauaad the retlrtment of llearn.
With Hall p Naal, a plnlth hitter,
treated htm with a double, aeortiK two
mora. Two elaciee, a aacrinoa hit and a
walk counted two more for Daa Molnaa
and Rhodra waa aent In to put out the
fire. Iibell aent In Paber, hla third
pitcher, In the ninth without warming
up. Aa error put Wanner on, Nlehotf
f wined. Bean Ion. hitting (or Juettae.
alhglod and Johnaun repeated the per
(ormaaoe. filling tha bage.
Manager Arbogaet went la to aava tha
game and waa walked. forcing la one
- run. Darldaoa. grounded to Fiber, who
caught Icankm at tha plate.
McOraw then committed the Mcgeet
blunder of the day, when ha hit David
aon la the back trying to make a double
play. A moaient later he made another
wild throw to third and Arbogait aoored
tha winning run. .
Hlcka went to tha "lab and el ruck out
throe In "a row for Dva llolaea, ending
the ftaaee,
oh neon, tha new catcher who waa
bought outright from tha St. Louli Na
tional a. reported today. He made three
hlta In hla flrat game. Score.
AU. K. H. O. A. E
Ivtdaoa. if I 1 1 a
Co.r. rf t e l I 1
Thomaeon, cf I 1 t 1
Kane. lb. 1111
Wanner, lb I 114 11
Ml.l.oft. tb I I I t 1
Jexioe. ae....,t..,.,. I I t i
heanloa, aa... 1 1
J .h neon, a I . I I 1 (
Hear, p 4 111
taU, p
ruieadee, p
lhnkaa. p a t
Arboa-aet 1
DE8 M01NK&
R It I
H. H. O. A. E
rirnaaa. tb
ania. If
Kelly, of
Taoinaa. lb..
PAek-h, u..
Korea, ae.... ,
iLieounp. rf
X latueskl. a
htotiraw, a...
tHuetrtoo, p
Jaisagia, p.........
ebar. p
Total at I U R 11 I
lUtted for tlatowakl In the eighth.
Matted (or Decamp a tha ninth,
Batted tat Kane la the third.
Omaha 1 tlllMIH
,Bee Molnea HIIMIH
Two-bone bin: Cnyle, Johaam. Hearn
Threo-beee hit. lavideon. Hit: Uff
Hue ton, I In three and two-Uiiida In
nlmre; off Jarnaala, I In four and one
third Ifinlnae; none out in the ninth; off
Hiam, la five and two-thlrde inulna:
off Hall, . la two and one-third InnlnM.
Aacnfko hlta: Colllgan, Kane (I). Jue
tMe. Ataaoa sa be., tt Hueeton, 1: off
aeer. I; erT Hearn, !' off Hall. L Left
on kaaee: Omaha, 1. Itoe Molnea. I Hit
by pitched ball: DevMeon. Hlruck out:
hi Hueeton, I; by Jarnagia. I, by Heara.
1: by Hlcka, a, Time. I.M. L'mflre:
Uaeelka Kffewtlvo at all taejoa aad
x Uriemltea Hit Hard.
WICHITA. Kaa.. AprU aV-Klnaella
waa eftrrttve at alt Mama of the bum,
Irtttric WlrhHa down with three hlta
and never b-tna In danaer. Perry weaH
enrd after the fourth and waa hit hard,
ab. a k a 4 e
Craig If i 11
XM.i.rtmi. cf 4
lla, rf 1 1
Ko-rnef, lb !
C-lakre. tb i I 1
Hu(be. tb 11(11
Me. a I I I I
ttemooa. c 1111
ftark. c !
r-rrry. p...
Homt. p..............
Total I I C I I
AB. R. It O A E.
IJoyd, . t lit
OuUlin. tb 4 1 t I
fcenworthy. It....:., lilt
eBali. cf 1 1
Channeli. of . ....... I 1 1
Laaaidy. rf .... 4 1 1
Undeer. lb 4 M
l-t-r. aa. I I 1 4 I
rraanbea, a.. .......
Fnej,r. a.... 4 I 1
Unaella. p. .... 4 1 I
' Total .......... ..m tl U H It
Battad for Ferry ta Btnth.
WVfclta -a
Ear Jt I I I I 1 I I u
left oa baaa- Oeirver. f. WIcMta. 4.
Pacnflro bite: raaaaii, Caoldy. Koeraer.
Two-baee ba: Keawortby (1, Beaut, cav
ajdy, Coffey. HurlMe. Stolea baaia: Caav
ay . Hlta: Off Perry, M to eight bv
mtam; rt Hoata, 1 ta one roalnc. Ijoubie
pmra: Me ta Hnghae to Kowmer, Perry
ta Hafbee to Mee te Kaerwer. Uoyd to
fafy. iitruck oat: By Perry. J; by
LET THEtl rem!
1 SlMPLf Atl NOT'
W"'VL:U3 HIM.-
( 1. K
Standing of Teams
W.UPrt.l W.UPrfc
St. Joeepti....! 1 .WB Cincinnati ... I .
Tiipeka 4 t .M7I New York....l I .700
Denver 4 t .tK7 Rnaton I i .M6
Wichita 4 1 i7IIChlcao 4 I .444
Omaha ....... 11 .Ml Philadelphia A I -Me
Hloux City.. ..1 1 .4v PltlaburKh ...4.4u
Uea Molnea...! vw Bt. luia 4 m
Uncoln 4 SOW Brooklyn ....JT.avU
W.UPet. W.UPct
Chisago I .7771 Oolumbu. 11 I A44
Hu.ton .... ( .as?) St. Paul.... t t .41
Phlladel'a. I .n7i Mlnneapoha 7 I .63
Wuh'rt'n I 4 .M4l Toledo 1 AM
Cleveland.:- I 4 Milwaukee T .417
M. iula.... I 7.4171 Kan. City., i T .
Detroit i 7.4171 Doulavllla.. 4 7
New York... 1 1.111) Ind'napoll 1 1 J7
Teeteraaya Reealte.
Omaha. ; Ilea Molnaa. L .
St. Joeei'h, I; Sloui city. L
Topeka-lJncoln : cold weather.
Denver, 11; Wichita, .
Boaton, 7: Brooklyn. 1: ten Inning.
New York. I; Philadelphia, L
Cincinnati, 1; Pittsburgh, .
Bt Lmuim, I; Chicago, i.
amkrican Lea out i
Detroit. : au Uiula. 1; five Innlnga.
PhlladelDMa. t: New York 4: thirteen
n aahlngton, 1; Boaton, L
Chicago. I; Cleveland, .
Uaaaea Today.
Weetern Leaarue Omaha at Taa
Motnee, m. J.ieeph at flloui City, Topeka
ai lannnn, ienver at wicnita.
National Leacue Uneton at New York.
Brooklyn at Philadelphia, Cincinnati at
rniannrgn. Bt. iui at Chicago.
American Leaxue-Chlcagn at Clave-
uuio, Detroit at at. Loula, New York
Waatilnglon. Philadelphia at Boaton.
Off IKaeella, t; off Perry. L Hit by
inicaew oau: rTamoea. umpire! Johaaon.
Pitcher fhelletto Provee Effeorlve
la the Ptaeheo.
SIOI'X CITY. la.. Anrll K-rhelletfa
waa affective In tha plnchee today, 8t
joeepn winning over Bloug city by the
core of I to I. An error, wild pitch and
ZwIIHng'f double cave Itt. Joeeph enough
runa to win in tna opening round. Boore:
i AH. R tr n a m
smith. a 1
Andreaa, 3Ix 4114
Frre!l, cf. !
nciiiy, io,. 4 1 1
Myera, If 4 I
Hrooka, lb I 10 1
Hrxen. rf 4 1 1
Caximati, e I 1 t
Ilrown, p.,..., I 4
Cor hi a l
Total B 1 4 17 M I
Alt. ft w o. a. at
Kelly, . 1111
Powell. If i 1 a t
Wataon. rf I I t I 1
Zwllllng. cf 4 111
Borton, lb 14) 9
Melnke, aa 4 I 1
Mi:Clellnd. tb 4 I 1
Caatle. o.... 4111
wneuette, p..... 4 1
Totala M " 1 5 II 1
Batted for Brown Is ninth.
aioug City... ll
bt. Joaeph I 1 1 -(
Two-baee hlta: Smith Zwwllrur bfeinka
(I). Bacrlflc hit: Zwiling. tttoien baaea:
Melnke. Wataon, Kelly. Double play:
Wataon and Borton. Lrt on haana- aiAue
City, 1; tit. Joaeph. t Hlta: Off Brown.
: off Cbellette, 4. Baaea on baJla: Off
Brown, ti off Cbelleua. a. Struck out:
By Brown, i. by Chellette, 1 Wild pitch:
Brown. Hit by pitched ball: Wauon,
Time: 1:0. Umpire: llaakaU,
Omaha Cricket Club i
Elects New Officers
Tha Omaha Cricket erub bald an aauhna.
lartlo meeting laat Bight at Jaaob'a hall.
17th aad Dodge, flnt general meeting tor
tna coming aeaaoa.
Offloera elected aa follow:
Draa Taneock. nr eat riant and eantalat
John Doug aa. vie prealdantl Otto Bridge.
tnaaurer and aecretary: ground commit
tee: Thomaa Ranwarthv. J. Rraokahanb
Oeorg Peacock. AJ A. H ornate. Herbert
tnmg. ,
Tha arrounda at Millar' a nark la an
belna nreoarad for tha flrat nraaMoa
match on Saturday. May 1 Tha Best
general moating wll be held at Jacob'a
halt ITth aad Dodaa next Wedneadav
vaning. May L at I o'clock.
Tennis Prelims Are
Played at Creighton
The preliminary round la tha Cretghtoa
rmvaralty tennle tournament waa fin
lahed Wedneaday aftaraooa, Adama and
Buarhman of kMt year Taralty team
woa their matchea aad bid fair ta agala
make tb team. Tha matchea wera hard
fought and eome fine tennle waa dla
played lor ao early la tha aeaaoa. Tb
reeult of the prelunlaartaa ware:
Adama beat O. Salltvan-t-1. 4-t. '
Neleon beat WaUere 4 t, 4-4. 4-4.
Hertnett beat H. Sullivan A -L
Feetner beat BenderDefaulL
Kaetnar beat R ilamlltoev-4-t. S-L
Lonta bent Harrtnctaa-4-1, -L
Cenroy beat Cahill-Datault.
Ia Port beat Matthewe-Default.
Bueremaa beat MuhnhlU-t-t, t-t
WeUa beat i -trnaisthaja Default.
RUey boat PfaTf 4-4, -.
Oraaey beat Uana-a-t t-S.
acanaor beat Peaere Dafanlt
IOUX CITY, taw Apr! aV-Oatft
Howard Marahaa and W. H
farmed by SMnt City WeXera laagwa
team to ta Mabraaka City, MiBiaeha
Nh hi the Mmk laagwa, i
Copyright, VX Interntion New 6errlee
i-iLAJ v i i r . i
toOKT Too
Seftton Ontpitches Xathewion Bat
Tititon Come Oat AWd.
Doole, Kaetbo aad Deolaa Are Oat
f PhUadelphlav'a Llmeap aad
Tom Doeraor Maauasoa
the Taaam.
Pitched Chrtaty Mathewaoa today, but
Mow York won, I to L Tom Downey
managed tha Phlllle tola afternoon.
Doom. Knabe and Doelan being out of
tha game, tksore:
.TTi'S. . PHUADrLtnnA
AB.K-O.A.a. AB.H.OA.h.
5!!TI-i i!S '. hi 1 1 i t
J 'Tltua if ... 4
t",.-! ! ! i l"". -
Mwkla, tk.,4 I I tunm, lb M I
Hatjoa. tk.,1 Brlaew. Ik. 4 I I I I
JJier, aa... 1111 Do-ner. a.. I I I 1
Herwa, e... 11 lonhaa. .... I I 4 I I
hl'la-we-a, ,11 I 4 aaue7p...l I
Tetah.....! I IV 17 1 Totala II mi"i
Devora eat hit by batted ball.
New York 1 I -t
Philadelphia ... I 4-1
Two-haao bit: etembronnor. Bacrlflca
hit: Chafer. Btolea baaea: Murray,
Doyla. Haraog. Double playa Dtetn
brenner to Ludarua to Downey, Doyle to
Merkle. Left on baaea: Philadelphia. I:
New York 4 Flrat on ball: Off Mathew
on. I, off Beaton, a. Flrat on error.
New York, t Hit by pitched ball: By
boaton. Myara. Struck out: By Mathew.
on. 4; by Beaton, I Wild pttchea: hVaton.
Matbewaon. Tim: 1:00. Umpire: Klgler
and Flnnoran.
Rode One Ran Eaaart,
PrTTBBUROH, April SClnclnnatl de
feated Plltaburch today, I to A Both
Bugga and OTool wera affective, eepe-
-"j - - j mute etruca
out ten hatamen. Boor a:
""nn' i. 1 1 awwifl.
AS B.OA.B. Ail. M O. A I.
eaekar, ..1414 erna, lb... 4 "
Buem, at.... I It 4m. K. ...4 I a
Hnblltiel, 111 III I 4leek. at.... 4 I 1 a a
hlllokell. til I I I 4Wa(iiar. aa. 4 4 1 a
keaa. Ib ... 4 I I Miliar, lb... 4 II
pa., 4 I iwiim. ri.. 4 a
Baaan. ea.. 411 IMtnut'i, at 4 I I 4
"eLeaa. e.. 4 I I Oltjana. a... I 4 II I I
.,.! to-Taale, p.. I 4 I 4
--i-a ....
U Teuue....) I an fHrett 1 4
' Teuua.....! tit t
Rln for McCarthy In ninth.
Railed ftw I ll Unn I. H.,k
PltlaKtiMk . ..... .....
ClnctnnaU l-i
Two-baaa hit: Hoblltaal. Btolen ban:
nvrnjL I r, mm w . n.. . . .
r ' - mmi. ntiMnjini, a:
tlnclnnatL t Flrat baaa on balla: Off
Toola. t Flrat baaa oa error: Pitta-
- Time: 1.14. (Jmptraa: Jobnatona
BROOKLYN, April S.-BoMon won a
aoTI4 -n-lnnlng game today. I
to . Both team hit fraaly, tha home
- - im newt nu a, out arrore by
(St- to rSK. icoc?: """"
BuarruM. )Rookltk.
M.a.j.a AA. M 0 A H.
"W. 14 I I t ttinru. r... ii,1,
" ! ! ! ib hi
.., n.... a a vuaeoart, la. g
Jaceaam, It. 4 1 I tb... 1 I I 1
Onlla. la... a I ta a mxi.w1- J . . . . .
frmtt. aa... 114 Dal. If I 1 I
Mrt-WA tb I t tMee. .. ,
kiiaa. a.... 4 4 I iTMar. ea... 4 1114
haneea, .. ,. T" I I I I
aw P...4 41 W ..
M. . 1 ........ p.. . W , .
T"A- 17 M II obaiai, ..!
Barter .... 1
Pbana, a.... t 1
Tetala.....l It m at 1
Ran for Erwla ta aoventh.
IIJ.Mt . .- i. .- . .L
m Kwsi ia lenm.
g010" 1 I 1 1 -T
Brooklyn 1 lt-t
Lft oa baaea: Boaton. t: Brooklyn, a.
Jhree-baao hlta: Sweeney, Morthen.
Saerlflca hlta: Campbell, Devlin. Tooley
flrat oa arrora: Boaton, 1 Stolen baaea:
-weeney, ismpoen, jackaon. Devlin.
Downa. Double playa: Campbell to
w awa- naaaa oa naiu:
I Iff Biuiltu . b.w a. ...
I Struck out: By Rucker, 4: by Perdue,
i. H1UL D Rucker. I In aeven Innlnga.
Time: MM. Umptrea: Kleta and Buah.
LMiCAtXA April V Ttnkera daring
ba running, coupled with bunched hlta.
gave Chicago a victory over St. Loulg la
the flrat of tha aerie. Score:
-i-aw. IT. LOU!.
b-k-et, 114 4 tHoarlan, n.1 4 i ,
fckuna, if.. 4 I t I IkMlii, II..... i I I
Honaaa. at. Ill aKoeltkr. 14 111
bm lb.... 4 111 i Mrr, ibl I I
m . - - tMiiia, am.M a e I
a-. e. 111 tanm. a... I 4 I
av a e eeaiiaa. p.M, a i a t
J-'e- Itt 1 TelAle...B M 11
Chtcaao- 1 Bat a a a a a a
St. Lamia. 4) 1 a a a a-i
iwwM... nlla: B,ina, Hcnuite, Archer,
Even. Three-baaa hit:. Kvajia. Btolen
' " ' . aiuMc, a. vvuna piajre: pcuiutl
.. Am-Wu L . - I-. 1
n.uM, , ,.v.a 11, IHIKBT. laiei mm
belle: off Mclntlre, ; off Bailee. 4.
Struck out: By Mclntlra. . by SaUe. I.
Tim: 1:4. Umptrea: Owoaa and Braa-
Six that matchea were played off Wat
aeaday. afternooa hi the prelim! nary and
flrat roande of the annual bora aprlntr
teaala tournament af tha Omaha High
arhooL leaving hut a few ana tehee now
nntll the beginning of tha aeoond roand.
Harold Thomaa. and Morton Rhode pulled
off the clonal cowteet af tha aftaraooa.
the flrat set going U-N be for tha for
mer OOOjd WlB OUt
Summary of yestarday'a play:
Maarloe Lootnla defeated Harold Naff.
-. -.
Herbert Davis 4eeatd Harry Menotd.
4-1. 4-L
HaraM " " i
M-16, 4-t
Normaa Porter, defeated Herald HndV
peth. -!. 4-4
H. t-4.
SwOor, -, 4-L
' IZ i i l0ST!
I T-'X : I what wiu,
ucnwscrnni titon.l
iuuini.i lit
Defeat Hew York in Thirteeii-Iii-ning
Pitchers' Battle.'
la Twelfth Martin OrmM om ladlaa
with Trtyle hat la I ankle to
Seore Barry Sta-ala Heaae
la r earth.
NETW YORK, AprU SL-Phlladelphla
defeated Now York la the laat gama of
the eeiiea bar today la a pltchertf battle
between Ruaaell Ford and Cttknt Bender,
hurting thirteen Inning. In tha twelfth
Martin opened oa aBader with a triple,
but could aot acora. Barry stoat home la
tha fourth. Score: .
A H.O.A.B. A M O. A S
Mreak. If... I 4 I traaMc HIIIIII
Ollrt.l r.. I t I 4 ColM-aa, tb. I I I I t
Olllaa, Sa. I I t I rbaea, lb... t 4 ft 4
Baker. p... 4 I I t Mi run. a..ll I I I
at.rpkr. rf.. I 4 4 1 Hartaau. rf.
atflaaaa, Ib 4 I 14 1 IKaeaa, rl-ae I t 4
Barrr. aa.... 4 114 Xlaa. K I I I
Tbomat, e. I 1 I Oaraer. h, I I I t t
Baeear. ... I 4 HUM. a.. it I t 1
"WalTarlMa . 1 1
ToUla at M) M a I'tMaa .....
P-r. 11
UaltweH ... I t
TMala 41 at M tl 4
Batted for "treat In thtrtaonth.
Ran for Wolverton In thirteenth,
Batted for Ford In thirteenth.
Philadelphia 0 fllt4l-
New York llll-t
blrat on error: Philadelphia, 1 Two
baaa hlta: Thomaa, Colllna. Barry. Throo
beae hit: Martin. Sacrifice hlta: Barry,
Ford, Colllna. Stolen baaea: Colllna (S).
Barry. Left oa baaea: New York. 1:
Philadelphia, 1 Double play: Colllna to
M'lnnea. Baaea on balla: Off Ford, 1;
off Bender, L Struck out: By Ford, I:
by Bender. 4. Wild pitch: Ford. Paaaed
bulla: street, t Time: I B). Umptrea:
O'Loughlln and Weetarvelt.
Three Straight far Sa.
CLEVELAND, O.. April SL -Chicago
made It three (freight from Cleveland
today, Ben pitching a ahutout gam
and allowing but five hlta. three of which
were made, by Lajola. Manager Davla
made hla deput aa a Cleveland flayer, hut
bowed lack of practice. Score:
Bath. tb....4 I I 0aBey, If... I 4 14 4
Lere. ....! It toiaaa. ei....f tiki
Callaaaa. Kill (iaokiea. et. 4
nodie, at ... I It uioh, tb... 4 III)
OMIIaa, rf.,4 I aaterly, 1.1 t I II
Zaiaar. lb... I at 1 IHraa. rf.... t I
Weaiar, aa. I I I I Iala, Ik.... I II I I
Bleak. I Itt 4 are-lie (k. I 4 4 I
Baal. a...... I 1 Hraae. .... t I
. I"!" -teaa, t 1
ivaa,,..a waa a
Tatata 11 I It I
Cleveland -
Chicago t 1 I -l
Two-baa hkta: Lajde, Weaver, Lord.
Three-base hit: Block. Saonflca hit:
Ben. Stolen baaa: Lord, Colllna, Double
plan: Davla to Rath to Zeider; Krapp
to Olaon to Bronkle; Davla to Lalolei
Zeider to Weaver to Solder; Oleoo t
Lajole; Weaver to tMdar. HIU: Oft
Krapp, t In aeven Innlnga; off Hteen. I
In two Inning. Flrn baaa on balla: Off
Krapp, 1; off Bena, L Struck out: By
Krapp, U by Bona, a Wild pltohae:
Krapptl). Flrat baao on orrora: Cleve
land, I; Chicago, t Left on baaea: Clove,
land, I; Chicago, a Tuna: 1M. Umpire:
Parrino and Dlneea.-
' Tlgere Wla Short Gaaae.
ST. LOUIS, April B.-Raln atopped tb
gam between Detroit and St Loul la
tha firth. Tha locale' lone tally cam oa
a triple and an out Cobb'' home run
with two on baaea waa a feature. Score:
DSTHonr. bt. low,
a o a a ab.h.o.a a
aak. aa.... I abet tee, ef.. I 1
VltU It 1 AaaUa. tk .. I 11
Cekb. et I 11 a aural 1. lb. I I 1
Oa-tara, it I t 1 Laaaete, rt.. I I
De-keatr. Mat t 1 4 Heaaa, H... I I
Oalaar. Ik... 14 Prall. ta ... I 4 1
iMNKlaa, tb., I 4WalVM a.l 1 1 I I
tanaee, a... I 14 4(apk-ae. a. I I
Sallla. p... 1 Haaillua, p I I I
ttattaa .... 1
TMaia.....a ai .
' Teteb) n a f t
Hotted ror Hamilton la tna fifth.
Oame oajiada rain.
St Louta . 1 S-t
Detroit . I I 4
Two-baaa hllat Crawford. Delehantr.
Thraa-baa bit: Wallace. Home run:
Cobb. Hit by pitched bell: By Mullln.
Shot ten. Baaea on balla: Off Mullln. 1:
off Hamilton, L Struck out: By Mullln.
1; by Hamilton. L Time: IJa Nmpirea:
Evan and Edaa,
Beetea'e Hlta Timely.
BORTON. April aV-Boeton hit Hughe
opportunely today and, aided by oocar
lonal error, woa from Washing ion, 4 to
A ocore:
BO7rnN. WAHT07rw. .
Kea-ar. it.. 4 1 1 1 Maaller. .. I I 1
eraae. lb.. 4 114 4ro-ua, aa... 4 I I
aaber, af.. I I aMllaa. ef.... I I I
BraJlar. Ib. I I 1 1 a(caaafer It 4 4 I
OanlDar, ak. 4 ayiiaa. lb... 4 4 11
Lewu. a.... 4 I I I kv.i 4 t I
waraar. aa. a e a i i MfMriea. aa. a t 1
Sa'Bakar, it M I Hen re. 4 t
Hall, a. 11 Uii(kaa. . ( I t
TaUte At k M 1 TMala W I M tl I
Boetoa SlltS 4
Washington 1 1
Two-base hlta Terkea. Leeia. Three-
base hlta: Speaker, Hooper. Sacrifice
nita: Hail. Hooper, stolen base: Milan
Left on baaea: Boston. ; Washington, 4.
Base aa balla: Off Hall. I: off Hnghoa.
A Baaea oa errors : Buatoa. L Hit by
pitched bail: HalL "truck out: By Hall.
T: by Hughes, a Tim: lAt. Umptrea:
Connolly and Hart.
CiniBERTaOM. Nab, April M-t Spe
cial For the flrat time la two yean
McCook High school and tha Culbertsoa
High aehoole met oa tha baaa hall dta
moad. McCook hieing a loosely play ad
game to the score of II to a McCook
aad Ciilberteoa High schools are both
aiaiuhei ofr the aowthweatora leobraafta
High School baa bail kaague and the
gaoa waa tha flrat ef the eerlee ta -termin
tha champronahfp of thta (actloa
of tb Mat. Soora by Innings:
McCook .....1 MMIII4-I1I
Cwbartaoa ,J I I I 1 I -l S i
Battortaa: McCook. Dorwart. Amwden
asd Sehmldti Cuihartaoa. Metaar aad
The aest game of tha Chamr4iwawl1y
art will he with Treataa. whs kaat
Saturday defeated frcrattoav
I f J A- w ir fig V J
imiu ri sat i r r r i i
Drawn for The Bee by Winsor McCay
Gun Club Events
to Conclude Today
The Omaha Oun otub's tournament
will b conotuded today at tha range oa
tha opposite axle of the lilaaoioi rlvsr.
Ia a rpedal event yea terday Aylaaworth
broke fifty attralfht, Scorea for tha day Pratt ......
,..1M Huacb ni
, .Ml Harris
.Is Frew
....JatEvaaa ....
H..l Thurston
....IN Copeey ....
,...14 carter
.1HH. atagrUaTkeoa
.us Robaruoa
Oammoa .aM...lglSmlta
Ayleeworts, M in Boyd ,
Groat ..-.-U) Rsvghmaa
Free ,'.... .lHOHeJker ........J
Southard ..171 Christ eneq ....t
Call .17 Neville ........147
Hutchinson ......IT Armeat 17
Mlttoa 171 Carlton .1M
M. R. Smith ....mCoata Itt
Abramaoa ........lTiOllmpee 11
Bill .............. IT! Mereo 1M
Whitney 177 Allen 11
F. Weathorlioad. .177 Valtmeror JM
McKlnney ........17
Jack Johnson Hurt
In Auto Collision
PITTSBUROH. April M.-Jsck Johnson
chaaiplon pugilist, was Injured severely.
It to believed, her lata today when a
large automobile truck ran Into tha rear
of hla machine. Tha champion had sev
eral tendon la hi back apralnad, while
hi clothe were tern and h wa cov
ered with mud. Johnson' valet wa
lightly hurt.
Johnson waa proceeding down Wylle
avenue la hla maohlna, havinc loft hi
hotel bat a few minute before. The auto
mobile track belonging to a wholesale
liquor firm followed. Without warning
tha big truck collided with Johnson
automobile, Johnson wa slUd to a
nearby hotel and given medical attentloa
by a polio surgeon.
Johnson oa the ad vie of a physician.
ha cancelled hla engagements for two
week ta which time hi Injures are at'
pasted to
Junior Girls Win
rrom oopnomores
Tb junior gtrhr quintet trounced tb
sophomore baktw laaata of tb Omaha
High school by a acora ef M to I In the
echoot gymnasium yeeterday aJtarnooo.
This giro th second year eauad runner
up honors la tb annual aerhf aprmg
basket hall tournament, th senior win
ning flrat taurela bt th finals hurt weak
France Bollard, right forward and cap
tain of th ophomoraa, ihowad clever-
noaj la tossing baskets and waa reepon-
bl for moot of her team' points. Sum
ouvy of th game:
riaima Bollam....S T
UUle Samaataoa
aanut Halaas C.
tela ckaaaal L.O.
. jumoB.
R.r. Nettle MstT
UF....Oanaallu Jeaklaa
..Laare Maraia
A-ar Taekaa. R 0.
.Autt caait
Mlsa kiary Herbert
Time of
at Bunutoa.
NEW YORK. April Controversy
over th choio of a referee for tha bout
between Faekey KcFartand of Chicago
and Matt Walla, lightweight champion of
England, at Madlsoa Square Garden on
th Bight of April at, wa Battled tonight
by comnromlaa. Tha managers of th
iwe piiglllata agreed upon Samuel C. Aus
tin, wall known aeaapaper aava and on
of the forty-three licensed referees la
New York.
Agreement aa Austta a third man hi
th ring came after tha state athleti
eommliaton had refused to grant a neoaee
to Jack MoOulgan of Philadelphia. ' la
view of the fact that there war a many
llcenaed referees la this city, and after
Merer land had declared that an less Billy
Joh war referee ha would forfeit the
SUN which ha had posted, declare th
fight off and ge hack to Chicago,
Tiaih Meet aa Haattaa.
HASTINGS. Neb. April - Special.)
Fifteen high aohools in central Nebraska
bare aent antnea tor tno muuwcnoiasue
track tournament to be held hare May
MX At least that many mors are as
Bected to be represented. The touma
men! aa aa annual ovont was lnauguraud
laat year.
teertt Walker aelaaeed.
LINCOLN. April B. Scott Walker.
shortstop oa the looai Weetern leagu
team, waa tonight eerred with notice
of hie arasondMional release. Tha Lin-
cola managesnent eawnupoad th signing
of cstener carney, a mem oar at tne
Chicago Americas league squad.
rblaee Ball Phayeve Leaps,
CHICAOO. April x-Tbs rnivwrairr of
ctucago baa ball team today oerrated
the Chinese players of the University of
Hawaii, t to a The Chinese players are
oa thetr way seat to jaay other ooilege
Madtsoa K. Ish. who led tha flight e
Mexico acmes
further atroeltlee,
lldeoce ta Omasa
for k bunt twoaty years, thoagh ha has
f hh) time her. Mr
who hi attending
th Omaha High ethosi. resade at Its
Swath TesuO saisalh etraet Mr. lab.
who M
Maxtoa ahewt a
aa aattsta ha has wrtttaa ta hh) wtfa he
r m
CV Dmm
Tborpa .-
... J7I
m ....I7B
Brown ....aa..
Van Oott ....
Scbroedar .....
.1 i.i.
lltl 60 WITH
90.000.40 CHECK
Commistioiitr Vfylie Says Tariffs
' Will lot be Increatei
Plana oa Fowt far Raaatac Speolal
Train Thrwatth Iowa la Eacear
age BuUaiaaT at I a parlor Boat
(From a Staff Correspondent)
DBS MOINES. April J&-Specia).)-Comirusatonar
Wylle of tha Do Molnea
Commas cut! club declares that tha fight
of tha western shippers to prevent on In
crease In the freight rates under western
classification No. U has hem won. Clif
ford Thorn of th Iowa oommimlon, aa
chalrmaa of a committee representing
eighteen different tats commissions,
fully presented th matter to th Inter
tats Commerce oommuurion at Waahlng
toa tha last twa week. Copla of hla
brief ia th case have just baaa received
her. Ha make tha 177 railroads that
are doing buatnaas la th territory de
fendants, for the new elasclflcatioa wa
filed by th agent of each and every on
of th road. Ha ha mad aa especially
atrong point against tha arbitrary rale
of raise by showing that a oommittee of
th National Association of Railway Com
mlaslonsrs, which Include th Interstate
Commerce commission, requested that
whan tb committee considered Increase
of rata a representative of the Inter
Mat Commerce commission, one for tha
railroad commissions and one for th
shipper be present, but that tbla request
wa never granted.
Nov? Ceas sates lea Werke Well.
The now city commlsaion for Dea
Moines, which include! only on former
member, th mayor, has mad what
everyone agree la an excellent atart to
ward doing good work. The appointment
of the eomnilaatoa war fairly good ones
aad la some instance better than th
publlo had expected la view of th char,
aetar of tha fight made. Tha fact that
th so-called liberal elements of th city
wars much disappointed over th ap
pointment of chief of polio causes corre
sponding Joy In other eirclem. Th coun
cil ha got along thua tar without any
trouble, though vary little publl improve
ment work has baaa started. .
Ta Maa ateef Trains,
Plans for running special train through
Iowa to anoouraga th raising of the beat
beat cattle or being worked out by tb
nearly formed state Assoc tatioa engaged
la that work. Aa appropriation by the
ledalatur gar th work Its atart. Aa
agent. ha been secured, who la devoting
his entire time to making tha plana for
th prall mlnry work, seeurine; leoturea.
forming local assochuiona, etc Tha
breeder of beef cattle have aot hitherto
bean well organised la th state, hut un
dar th atlaulua of this appropriation are
getting together ta make aa effort to
have aft Iowa bt eodei of cattle adopt
tha boat breeds. They will be prepared
to show that tha output of tha Iowa
farm would ho lmtneneely Increased It
only good Mock was grown. ' Tna state
ooilege will bo depended on for moat of
the tectum work oa the apeouU train
whlehwin be atartad la th fall.
caevl Prices Will bo Higher.
Mine i operators to Iowa say that next
year th price of ooal will be higher than
at present Th average price to eon
aumara for Iowa coal near tha mine la
from Sa. to ia7t a ton. Aa Increase In
th wages of coal miner of t per cent
will add at least k cents a ton to tha otwt
of coal to1 the oonsumer. Tb price here
tofore paid for ooal waa 11 a ton, and
lOOO.OM ton war mined annually. With
th other wage paid tha amount received
for labor waa mora than fc. 000, 000, ao that
tha increase which has lust been agreed
upon will not tha workers la and about
the mines an Increase of over IMaoM a
year. This 4 th largest Increase aver
granted them at any ana time.
Busy Week Put in
by Citizens' Union
After tha ward meetings Wedneaday
night, two laat night, two ocbeduled tor
tonight and three for Friday Bight, tha
Cttiaena union candidates tor city coen-
iBlaahinera think they are entitled to a
rest Saturday) night and are going to
take tt.
All tha candidates will apeak tonight at
meetings at Polish hall. Twenty -sixth and
Martha, and at Hlbblefa hall. Forty
fourth and Leavenworth. C J. Smyth
also will apeak at Pollah hall aad Fran
cis A. Brogan lat Hlbbler' balL
Th prise contests held annually by tha
Federated Woman's Christian Temper
anes unions of Omaha M oa la tha public
as. In tha eon test of high school
ataatenta. prises go for the heat assays
on) The Value af Total Abstinence to a
Lkfa- There la a local aria of C of
fered by Dr. W. O. Henry; a elate prise
of a, known ah tha -Gladys A. Patoa"
arias, aad a aafJooal prtee of ssa
aa subject tar essays la tha grade
ool eaateat Is , "What ta tha Harm In a
Otaa ef Bear. Wtoe ar Cider?" with a
special aabjaet IOe the fifth grade. -What
I Know About Narwotlca aad Stlraaiants."
re to Ma a 1 teachers' eaateat. the
subject being "The B-st Methods of
Teaching the Nattur aad arffeeta ef Nar-
eotiee rTobaoea aad Cltsrettea).-
eomtesta dose May at Paper ar
I I -ruiNS'S
I IV 111 II
(n- TOO fJA
VAi you HAve
Gossip in Washington Says Woold
Engage I. B. Again.
ooaevelt Charaeterlaea Report That '
Prrsldeat Will Make Sever At
tack oa Him Today as
WASHINGTON. April S. Tha visit of 1
William Jennings Bryan to Washington
yeeterday and hla conferences with tha
various party leaders hers, particularly
In tha senate, was followed today by
widespread discussion of th possibility
that th distinguished Nebraskan might
again be the democratic candidate for
Mr. Bryan frankly said to Interview
ers that ha was not a candidate for tha
nomination la any sense of ths word,
and that It wa difficult for blm to con.
calve of any circumstances In which
h might be a candidate. Ha said there
ware plenty of other progressives In tha
party from whom a (election could be
Despite the publlo utterance, some
democratic senators today. In discussing
their Informal talk with Mr. Bryan,
wera Inclined to the belief that under
certain conditions Mr. Bryan would not
decline th nomination. In abort, tha
impression wa left that should Colonel
Roosevelt be the republican nominee, Mr,
Bryan would Ilka one mora to make th
fight against him.
Famous McClellan ,
Estate May Go
to South Dakota
SIOUX FALLS, S. D.. April J4.-(Spe-daj.)
Th famous ''McClellan case. In
volving property worth between MO.DOO
and BXXOOO, which has been In tha court
for about twelve years, and which baa
several time reached tha state auprem
court, promise to have a new lean of
II fs as the resell of a decision Just ren.
dared by County Judge Motrin, who hold
In u balance that none of th claimant
ar tha legal heir. If this decision. Ia
sustained by the higher oourta the estate
will go to th itate of South Dakota..
Tha estate Is that of John McClellan, a
wealthy pioneer resident of Sioux Fall,
who In lis waa killed by th elevator In'
th building where he had hla apartment.
It wa late at night aad he operated tha
elevator himself, a he previously had
dona, and wa crushed to death.
Thar have been several sets of elal ro
an ta contesting tor possession of the ee
tate, among them what ar known aa tb
Irish claimant, th Canadian claimant ;
and tha Arkansas claimants. Tha tetter t
were th principal plaintiff in that I
phase of th legal contest which has just
been decided by th county Judge.
It 1 believed that tha Arkansas claim,
ante mill now take an appeal from the
decision of Judge Medln to tha stats cir
cuit court. I
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