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Character of Crop Beports ii Infill
; eating Grain Market
VtMt Cm Hlaher Wbri It Ap
r mn Thaacf Ike Market I
Ovrrbeaaht Snorts faaae
The action of tbe wheal market Is MuS
Ine entirely on the character of crop
reporte coming In daily. Aa the winter
killing over the soft wheat, stale east
or tne Jiiaaiwippl are fairly well estab
lished, report from Kanaaa and Ne
braska will be watched closely. Added
to tbeae conditions, the trade ia veiy
bullisli. enconraKed on th- iuy!nc side
by the active rash dctnanti. This ebarcer
vt buying uiignt easily, put valuta ull
riain day snows nore plainly th con
gestion In the com market. Tse advance
today wan due to the scare among the
snort although reports from tne country
advise shelters working and railroads pre
paring lor a heavier movement. There
u a renewal of cash corn demand and
cn va.ues arc strong.
Wheat values reached the high points
made a week ago early In the session.
While tha market showed good strengtn.
It acta overbought for the moment. Cash
wheat was He higher.
Hhorta caused the sharp upturn In corn
and new high prices were made. The
market la contested and unless tha bull
leadere turn sellers prices arc apt to go
still higher. The cash corn waa excep
tionally strong at ltrac higher.
Primary Wheat reel pis were Xo.0M
bushels and shipments 733.0") bushels,
against receipts last year of lUOuu bush
els and shipments of rTJ.KJO bushels.
Primary corn receipts were bush
els and shipment acM.Ucl bushels, against
receipts Last year of lOT.Ouu bushel and
Shipments of l,0St.9 bushels.
Clearance were 4.009 bushel of corn,
J 0UJ busnels of oats, and wheat and flour
. equal to 1JT.0 bushels.
Liverpool closed VtiM higher on wheat
and Hd higher on oorn.
The following cash sales were reported:
Wheat-No. i hard: 1 car, ll.tfci,; cars,
Sir. No. I hard: 1 car. S1.07V No. I
mixed: t car, tl.tWIt, No. 4 mixed: 1 car,
Sl.tsy. Rejected: 1 car, 104t. Corn-No.
1 while: I cars. 7',c; No. t
whit, a ears, 110: I ears. 71c;
No. I color, t car, TCc: No. I
yellow: 13 ears. 7tyr; 1 car, lac. No. I
yellow: I cars, "lc; 1 car, 77Vc; 1 car, no.
No. 4 yellow: 1 car. J4c; No. 4 flint. I rar,
74c; No 3 mixed: 1 cars, T7c; 1 car, 77 V:
Jo t mixed. cars. 77V; 4 cara. 774c. t
cars. Tic: 1 car, 7A,c. No. 4 mixed: 1 car,
7r; I cara. Tic; I car, 7SVjc. No grade: 1
car, c; 1 car. 40c; 1 car, Ko; 1 car. Mr.
Osis No. 1 whits: 13 ears. Mc. No. 4
white: 1 rar, Mc; 7 cars, so,c. No. I yel
low: 1 car, SoVrf. No. 1 mixed: 1 car, Kc.
Usaaka Cask Fnees,
WHEAT Na I hard, Sl.f7H4.M1: No. I
bard, 41 WStJi.14. No. 4 hard, il.KHtf
CORN No. I whits. 7M4". No. I white,
7M:sc;- No. 4 white. 7iff7IV: No. I
yellow, JWHc: No. I yellow. VVIte: No.
4 yellow, Us7tc; No. 3. TTSrT7c; No. a
7077Hc: No. 4, 7S'sc: no grade, canrtAe.
OATH No. 1 white. Mi44MWc; standard.
Mwtc: No. I white, SMtOMe; No. I
whits, UMc; No. I yellow, Httftohc;
' No. 4 yeUow. KneHc.
BARLEY Mnltlng. SIAMMS3; Na. I
feed, Sea; heavier than feed, Strait
IIVE-Jso. a mvMc; No. I. Homo.
Carle Recelpta
Wheat Corn. Oats
Chicago II is M
Minneapolis It7
Omaha 41 U S
Dujuth M
reatares af lha Trad las aad t loalag
Prtc-ee aa Board af Trade.
CHK'AOO. April JS.-Corn sold her to
day at (lc a bushel. May delivery, the
Mgheet price In Chicago, for a number
af years. It was also the first time this
season that the option had gon abov
tha afe level. Hhort sellers wera In
alarm aver th small amount of tha cereal
not already under contract to he shipped
away. Tha close, which waa firm, showed
a advance of 4lV lo Mk net. Other
leading staples, too. , all scored a gain
wheat tlo to SnHc. oats, a shad to
W and provision 7V to 3c.
Violent action In tha corn trad re
volted chiefly from stop-loss orders - on
tha part of short who were confronted
by tha beginning of lake shipment and
by the fact that recelpta here, though
somewhat larger had proved relatively
rant, out of all proportion to the needs
of dealers active on the bear side. .At
times the pit waa la such a turmoil that
price) varied as much as a full cent be
tween transactions made at tha same
Instant In different Parts oc tha crowd.
N evert heleas, even at tha height of the
flurry there was no heavy selling of any
af tha future. The bulge, nowever. was
aald to have brought from the country
a avalanche of requests for bids. Bales
to arrive here war reported to aggregate
7t. bushel.
Tha scare regarding the m eagerness of
the corn supply did not appear to be
connne to uoicago. Valuta averaged
about lc higher In nearly all outside
marketa. During the session May prices
here fluctuated from 7vtic and In the
and wera at Ws, a rise of I4c compared
with yesterday.
I'nloadlng of a great deal of wheat by
tonga took out soma of tne ardor of tha
bulla In that grain. Crop reports were
conflicting, especially from Kansas. The
main Influence against tha hears re me
from tbe strength of corn. July ranged
between ll.usH&l on, and U.I, with the
cke nervous, but S,tjSc up at II. ns,
Sentiment regarding nata reanoeitxl If.
tha main on the course of corn. Vpper
' and lower limit for July wera MSot
440 and My. Tha close. eeSfsMW;.
represented a net gain of a shade.
Provisions ranged sharply higher. The
causa of the advance was on account of
fash Quotation were as follow:
Article! Open, High. Low. Close ! Yes y.
I lf', l lt4 l tua,, i , u
July.,. WttW 1 Kil 4HS,1 1 Re,
Corn"! " 1 ! 1 T
U h '-Si&lll n 1 mi,! '
s! 754
Kepci7i,'l it's
Oat-) I
Mav.S!SW4( ti,
Julr.,M'rHS MS.i
8ept.;44S 4,l
M 440 1
'44( MVs
e ora l
IS m
uins um
July.iM 47 Vl
H 7
H 77 it-
U 77H; 1 IC
Lard I
h as lhsa
. May.
1 7
571, I
i TV I JSitj M 74 i 10 W
May.l lit
14 S
July.! M S
S S9 I M l
l JO
aepciie 4IS-1
I'tsh quotations were aa foilowa
ruui K-nrm, winter patents. Kite
a: winter straights. SJaejiai: sprlna
patents, best herd. x.:Mii.j; suaigbu.
K"oS; bakers. ti.iwtf4.2B.
RYE No. t. K4TMC.
UARLEY-Feed or mixing, isctill 45
lair to choice malting, si.eeji jj, ,
l?:iTl,,,',,r' ."""i clover.
, PTUmsioNB-Mea, pork. IW aOols 42
Total clearances of wheat and flout
were equal to 13;,0 bu. Primary r
cep ts were Mt.000 bu . compared with
2U.WXI bu. the correspond! na day a year
ago. Estimated recelpta for tomorrow.
Wheat, a ears: corn, si cars; oats, a
cara: bogs, 14 tW head.
Chicago cash Prices-Wheat: No t red.
ll.USl.iiV No. I red. Il.us9i.u4
1 bard. H.UtJl.t; No. 1 hmri I a ul
l.UH; Na 1 northern. 1.17i.tiW: No 2
aortbem, tl.lisjl.Xr: N. l northern, b' u
41 ttv. No. apnag. . Latm .M N, ' ,
v .iva.i. i u. a spring, 9crli at
velvet chaff, ll.40Si.ii; gurum, tl.aisji.ii
vara. ie- s. i'roonsc; .-o. white, list
rtc: Xo. yellow. 7H4jae: No. 4,
c: K. 4 white, TsftaSc; Na. 4 yellow
77e. Oats No, white. SV4fSsi.e:
St. t white. 7,fISe- No. 4 whru Eva
sac: standard. 4V4eV- Rye: No. ?
Barley. lss-l.a. Timothy seed!
i tll.e. Clover seed, lli.svti J i.
VEAL-tesdy at Uc.
MK9-Heady; receiots, J4,07e
at mark, cases Included, ITeJITTie; ordi
nary firsts. 174c: firsts. 1SV
BITTER Steady; creameries, 8431c;
dallies. UVOc
CHEESfeSteady: daisies. W4J1c:
twins, ls'.tiitV; young America. lVsc
lHc: long horns. U'ilSrC.
POTATOES Steady; receipt. J4 cars:
Wisconsin. 1 IKiLK; Michigan and Min
nesota. SI 471.39.
POI'LTRY Alive, dull; turkeys, 14c;
chicken. 13H&
Qaetatloaa .t the Day aa Varieaa
NEW TORK, April S.-rIjOl"R-Flrm:
spring patenta. K.iatii.); winter stralghta.
S4.i'34.8: winter patents. J4fi).
spring ctesrs, S4.50lj4.l0: winter extra
KO I. ft.nui4.n; winter extra .o. t, .is
61.. Kansas straights. Raufie.eS. Rye
flour, steady: fair to good, S4.Mr4 l.
enoice to tancy. S&.054.3u.
CORNMKAL Firm: fine white ard
yellow, I1.7L41.A); coarse, 11 TOtjl.Ti; kiln
aneo. n itx.
RYE steady; Na t, tc. c t t Buf
falo. BARI.ET Quiet: malUng. 1.SL. c
I. f. Buffalo.
WHEAT Soot market: firm: No. S red.
II. elevator, export basts, and II II f.
0. b. afloat: No. 1 northern Dulutb. I 2Mi
i. -o. d. arioat opening navigation, r u
tures market wss firm early on reports
of reduced acreage and dust storms in
the spring wheat states, but lost the gain
under profit-taking prompted . by more
favorable advices from Nebraska and
Kansas, but closed firm at net uncnansed
to Vtc net higher. May closed at II. i';
July, U.I4MU.1M,; closed at fl.h.; Hep-
t ember closed at II.HV Keceipu. ii.joj
bu.; shipments, ion bu.
CORN-ipet market strong: export, 7c,
nominal, f. o, b. afloat. Futures market
nominal. No receipts: shipments, 1 171 bu.
OAT8 Spot market, steady, futures
market was nominal. Reosri'ts. , bu.
HAY rlrmer; prime. t tutt.m: no. 1,
II. U: No. :. l.4Mil.s: No. i. II .
FEE1 Kasv: western snrtng bran. lUr
pound sacks, 13 00; standard middlings,
ion-pound sacks, $3 00.
HiOEtiMteaay; central Aroenca, jinc;
Bogota. S,t'.'Sc
LEATHER Firm: Hemlock firsts, B
627c; seconds, 24t2c; thirds, MrH'nc; rs
iecta, Iftc.
PHOVIKION8-Pork. firm; mesa, W0
fl.J: family, tw.uotra.w; short clear.
tll.lMfa.OO. Cut meat, steady; pickled
bellies, 1 to 14 pounds, lovttsilc; pickled
hams. fi2i!.ft. Lard, firm; mlddis
west prime. 110 70, I0.o. refined, steady;
continent 111 W- Kouth America. 111.10.
compound. 9x.2a4ia.lo.
tallow urm: prim city nooa.
I l-lc: special, effc; country, 'iC-.
BITTER Bteady: receipts. 5.1(1 tub;
creamery specials, 13c; ciesmery extras,
aatfcc; creamery firsts, Ii433r; creamery
seconds. !4tjJlc; state dairy, finest, SUttKc.
crlKr.rtK Firm: receiDts. l.s ooxea
"tats whole milk, current make, average
tancy, lbc; under grade, lJ7?to.
kirn. 4tUc.
iuu-meany: receipts. i,avi cases;
fresh gathered extras. IZrrZlHct first (tor-
ge packed. Iltfiic; first regular packed.
o:ii-; seconds, m01tv.
POULTRY Alive, steady: western
fowls, 14c; turkeys, lie. Dressed, steady;
western fowls, H HO 17c; turkey, lMjBc.
Cam aa'd Wheal Reglaa BalUHa.
United Htata Department of Agricul
ture Weather bureau' report for tha
twenty-four hour ending at a. m., TMk
meridian time, Thursdsy, April 26, 1112;
itstlons. High.
. Rain-
Low. fall. ky.
M .00 Cloudy
44 . Cloudy
W .00 Clear
41 .00 Pt. cloudy
.00 Cloudy
M .0 Pt. cloudy
41 .at Pt. cloudy
14 . pt. cloudy
4i . .M Pt. cloudy
41 ,0 Clear
41 .00 Clear
17 .SO Clear
41 .0 Pt. cloudy
II . Clear
47 .00 Cloudy
M .00 Pt. cloudy
fid .01 Pt. cloudy
44 , .oo Pt. cloudy
,.' Cloudy
17 .00 Cloudy
17 .01 Cloudy
U .10 Pt. cloudy
Ashland, Neb.. 74
Auburn, Neb... 7s
Broken Bow .. 71
Columbus, Neb. 74
CulbsrtsiM), Nb. a
Fairbury, Neb . it
Fairmont. Neb. 71
Or. Island, Nb. 74
Hsrtlngton, Nb 7
Hastings, Neb. 74
Holdrege, Neb. 71
Lincoln. Nab... 74
No. Platte. Nb 7
Oakrlale. Nab.. 74
Omaha, Neb.... 74
Tekamah, Neb. 71
Valentin, Nb. 71
Alia. la. 71
Carroll, la 71
Clartnda, la.... n
Hlblsy, la 1
HI0111 City. la. 71
Minimum temperature for twtlve-hour
period ending at I a. m.
No. Temp. Rain-
central. stations, mio. ms,
Columbus, O..... 17 tsl
Louisville. xv.,.B it
Inrlia'polla. Ind. II to
Chicago, ill 14 4
8t. Louis. Mo... II 7
lea Moines, Is, U . , .10
Mlnneapoll .... 44 .
Kan. City. Mo. 71 9 . .
Omaha. Neb 17 74 41 .00
The weather at much warmer in 'the
western portion of the corn and wheal
region, but continues cool In tha eastern
portion, and temperatures at or below
freesing occurred In the Chicago,. In
dlanspolls and Columbu districts Light
showers wera scattered aver the western
districts. U A. WKI.MH.
' Local Forecastsr, Weather bureau.
f. l.oaU (leaeal Market.
ST. LOU1U, April .-WH EAT-Firm;
track No, I red. I1.174JLU; No. J hard,
U.llerl It.
COHN-Hlgher. track No. I, aOOaHc;
No. I white, stVKPee.
OATS- Higher, track No, t RUc; No.
t white, M4ie
WHEAT-steady; May,; July,
llOfMM.te't. Heptsmber, ll.W. --
CUKN-Hlgher; May, ttVic: July. 7Tc.
OATH Steady; July. Mc; May, 47SC
RTE-l.'nchanxed, Mc.
FIt'R Steady: red winter patents.
St.PHI6.40: extra fancy and straight, MM
tji .; hard winter clear. H ioajt l'i.
BEKIv-Timothy, S14.00.
HHA.N-FIrm; sacked, east track, U
HAT-Weak; timothy, ClOOtMO.W; prat
rle ,K1 0Ott.00.
PROVIBIONS-Pork, unchanged: job
bing, liasa. Mrd, unchanged; prim
steam, v.assnv.u. ury as it meets, un
changed: boxed extra shorts, 114.7V clear
rlha, IW.71; short clears. III SV Karon, un
changed: boxed extra ehorta. 111.71; clear
ribs. 111.74: short clears. II!. J.
rKil'LTHY-iiull: chickens, UHe;
spring, lsc; turkeys, ic; ducks, 11c,
geese. Sc.
BI'TTER Firm: creamery. rc
EUUB-Oteady at ITVe.
Recelnts. Bhlpments.
Flour, bbls... Hwnt ii.ixs)
Wheat, bu . KOW
Corn, bu 74 'V ( (.
Oats, bu w J4.0J 41,i
Kaaaas City Orala aad Freetsleaa.
taan, uncnangea to we nigner: a.
hard. SI OMl.14; No. X. ll 7an.lSi No. I
red. 11 U44I.U: No. t IMOpl IS.
voHN-ltrJc nigher; No. I mixed, xiHe
aHBc; No. a Tuuc; No. 1 white, HOSw
uc; o. , svc.
oath uncnangea; no i white, hj
B4c: no, M mlxea, MC ' c.
Closlngjprlcea of futures: -WHfcAT
Msy, ILIkS; July. (l.
, 8e-
trmber. WShsirtsc.
CORN May, svso; July. WS-STiVc; Bep.
temper. 72c no.
OATH-Jniy, arte; September. 2a.
HAY Cnchanged to me higher: choice
timothy, t.4tA.vt; cholc prairie, kl 44
BITTER Oeamery. V: first. tc:
aeconaa. r; pacKing nocg. DC.
EUa Extras. SOVc: flrsta. l.c.
Receipts. Shipments.
Wheat, bu .) i,a)
Corn, bu igsTB) .,
Oata, bu .t4,M - 4.0)
' Mllwaakee Mrwla Market.
1 northern, Sl.la4Tt.i4; No. S northern, 11.14
41.17; No. S hard winter, SLh)4l.u. .May,
i.iee cho ; atuiy, si-res.
CtiKN-No. S yellow. 1s453c: No.
white. Jar; No. I UtfUc; May. 411e; July.
77Sc asked.
OATct-dtandard. tMnWtc.
BARLEY-Malting. S1.3s4rlJa
Lt-rerpjal ctrala Market.
firm; No. S red western winter, S ind;
future, firm:. May, la d; July. 7 keSd.
October. 7s ld- . ,
CORN Spot, steady: Atnertcaa mixed,
nw, A SMI; American mixed, old, 4
Usd; Amerlcaa mixed, new kiln dried.
4s PSAr future, firm. Msy. 4s rd: Beo-
w, aa asso.
Pf.ORIA, I1L. April !l CORX-H'gher:
trek, x. S white. TMsc; No. S yellow,
Tse Na 1 mixed. 7c: No 4 mixed, 7c.
4 ATS-No. S white, track, sic. nominal.
Wndard. track. ;c; No. i white, track.
3.Vt aomioaL
Leading Issue Backward with Spe
cialties Hon ActiTe.
High rrleed Caal lasaea Make Calm
.When l Learaesl I naerstaaa
; lag la Reacked la Strike
NBW TORK. April iS.-Tradlng on the
BtocU exchange today waa characterised
by relative backwardness In the leading
Issue, hut this waa Isrgvly offset by fur
ther activity and higher prices for many
. Reading was a boat the only one of the
speculative favorites to show more than
a fair degree of strength and animation,
selling up to lTO4, It highest price since
llv. ana leaving all other stocks far be
hind In volume of dealings, buying of
this stock seemed to be of an accumu
lative character and was doubtless
founded on something more substantial
than the virtual settlement of the anthra-
elie strike
Over a score of Issues, embracing the
Industrial equipment and metal or cop
per share, took part In today's move
ment, foremost of these being American
Can common, which rose to 294. aa
against 71 In the early part of tha month.
There has been an unuaual amount of
bullish Information circulated in con
nection wtlh thla stock and the move
ment has attracted widespread attention,
but (hero la little reason to assume that
anything like dividend returns in Can
common are likely for a long time.
When It became known that the sub
committee of the anthracite presidents
had arrived at what promised to be an
understanding the higher priced coal
shares were taken up and on moderate
dealings rose from a point to 6 points.
The rise of 4 point In People a Uaa was
explained by a decision of the Illinois
appellate court favoring the company.
The final hour was marked by a revival
of activity In which Heading. Lehlga
Valley and American Can common were
carried to higher prkes ami increased
strength was shown by sach real market
factors as Union I'ac.i.c and United
Ststes Rtcel. I
Profit taking msde Irss than the usual
Impression on prices and the closing
waa mainly wltbln fractions of the top.
The Baltimore A Ohio road for March
reported a handsome Increase In net re
gardless of very heavy expenses charged
to operations snd equipment purchssee.
Although Atchison managed to effect a
considerable caving In operation. Us
gross returns were so far under those
of the corresponding month last year as
to result In a net l of liv.u.
Bonds were Irregulsr, that department
falling to keep pact wtlh the movement
In stocks. Total aalea. par value,
amounted to fc, I ;.). I'nlted Mtate gov.
ernmenl bonds were unchanged on call.
ftumoer of sales snd leading quotation
a bond today were:
aim Milk. Las. Class.
llhCkalawrs sM .
asmisssmisS Lpesr ...
Astemss Asrh'Siivral ,.
ABMrirss swst sagsr
ll.vsa HH
a. set ii
I.M atisj
e h
as US
l.M la
sas t
Lew at.
let IM
l,m it 'a
l.m itiit
".'Hi 'X
nsa tea
Aissrlraa C. A F
AmerUaa Cetloa Oil....
Aiaarlraa H AL SI4...
Am. lea Serarlllsa
Anerlesa Usseet
ASMrlcaa Lacemetlea ...
Astertcaa I. A k
144 S
s A R. r
An. steal rnaa4rlsa.,.
Am. Sugar Meflslsi
rn-ss t. a T ,
Aissrksa Toserc s4...
Amsrleaa Keiiisa
Assesses Mis is Ce...
Ati klssa pM
Alleatle Cos a Use......
Uslllssoea A Okie
DriMekeai St set
a,4w iss
14 m m
m mi hi
l.m io ion,
l.m js M
1.40 U', UH
I.SM IMtt t
Braeair IUSI4 Tr
Csastliaa esrltls
rsl Leather
Osslral Lsstksr sf4
tstral st Nssr israay...
CTiesasaska A Ohis......
Chicago A Altea...
Chlcass O. W.. see.....
t'klesss O. W. St4
rlwso A N. W
Cklsaaa, M. A St. P....
C. ('., C. A M. L.
nshesile t. A I
tslarsee A mitseea
ObnsslisatsO Uaa
tVrs Pnslurts
ma m
M 111
l.m it
41 H
' 4H
14 S
last ut.
l.1oa ITsi
uelsesrs A Hadsea...M.
Uanver A Hie Onaee..,.
nil mis
"ii" "ii"
44 US,
Illstlllaia' SersritMs ....
Kris 1st Sf4
Itrls H pfd
tleaeral Ktertrts
a 114 IT
as iitvi in
SM 41 ,,,
HO IrMi 1;
lee tit us
ana u w
l.m ins in
TS ass W'i
m ii 14s
m its
'rina 'sis'
i.m ws ' us
t.m isis 1M14
i.m isss iu
Orsat Nerihsra Sf4......
rjeesl Northers Or Pill.
Illlsel tsstrsl
talsrharsush Met. .......
lalse. Ms pht
Intsrnstinaal Harvester ..
liter. Maris s4
intsrsaiieasi rsssr
Istsrnsilntial Psai ,
Iowa letitral
Kaaaas Otr eslhsra....
k. a. as. N
Ms Uas
Lealsvllle A Nltksilla..
las A It Leals
St.. St. P. A . . St..
MlaraH. K A T
st . K A T. are....
4S 141
i. m M
ii. ioi 's
l IM
res its
sllisseH Pacltta
Ktttoeel klsrsli
Naltaeal Lss4
R R st at M f4
Ksw Ysrk Coetral
N Y.. O. A W
NereMk A Wsstara....
Nnetfc Ajseelrsa
Nsrtksrs Paeuia
m ins
Parlfl Usll v
Psspls'a Oss
fles ls SI
I.SM 114 IMS
m leas im yss S
" i it" tit'
la MS MS
Ml .Tea r jars
sa fast Ts
as Ts 1S
4.s KS MS
tea ms ms
M a sa
ev r.. a ax. 1.....
PlllssaesS real .......;
Pn l steel "'
SNUlassa raises Csr...,
Vitiwsr kissi Ssrls.
. M
Resettle steel
Remslle St est M ....
Rssk IsUsa O
a or isisM re km ...
at. I. a T M sM.
. Laals a W
s. u w r4
lee. SseffteM S f
SssiHera ssein.
setssea esliee
I""e a-H in tH
wi MS MU "SS
ana .aaaa Ts
l.ISS M e't
' m MS MS 'S
.m 1TIH l"S HM
M 41 S l S 1
I SM sa. aai4 sst
m m n ns
4. Sea MS 4a 4 ssav
tm i is as
m ns ns its
Ma us sis ms
. 1 ea MH M M
m is nt rs
, r e fas 1U Ms
, lass MS MS m
. km ns us iss
S'wusets k
Tsiaa Panne
T . M. L a w
T , M L W pf4...
raise Paclrts
Vslss Psriei p4
rstte SlslaS "Mltf...
rsias Mates Rssear...
Vsliaa Malea Most....
n a ,ae sf
tlak Oe.w
Ya kesllaa CVeatcat
Wskssk S44 .
W'sMsea Mairlsa4 ....
Weaier rakM
wwim a Lake an
"klsh Vsllev
CSISe fSseee
Use CseselUats
ASMre-aa Te'-rre IM MIS MIS H
Tsui as lea Tm tea ear. BM.MS saaraa.
' leaetalew ataeV vlarliel.
rnNtlON. Anrll Jt.-Amer'een
tile ooened ateade tnrtav. ytret
were about "ncheneed. hut later the -market
advanced under the lead of ranacaen
Padrle. At r-oon prices ranged feorn un.
ehamred to tSe higher than yeaterdaS
New vor ciosine.
Asnalgainatsd Ccamse waa In demand
in the sfternoon snd the rest of the Hat
hardened an additional fraction. The
dcMMnr waa steadv.
taradon rloMng stocks:
Cwassia, sssasy TIsLosla.Ule a N H4
a seaeaM Sli.. K. A T u
AMal Cec S Y Com rsl ut
Asaeaasla a Norfolk a w ill
Airlines IMS 4s a M
s pea ....laasOMaris A w n '
BaitlsMea A 04S
t-aaaAMa PsetfV ...Ml,Kt MlnM s
Oaoassaka A A.... UsHssAin 17
CslaSBS 0. W M SnntSera R IMS
Csl . Mil A St. P.. 114 s st ,
Da Assra. MsSeMlesrs
Datnar A RM O ... Mst'assa PatTM. 17?s
as fA MS 4 ... ..MS
Brio MSl' A Meet . rS
An IM M 47S s . IKS
As a) pel asiWssaak
vrsan iraaa . ws aon.............. js
llllscaa Cseteal IM
SILVER Bar. etsady at ST U-Hd par oa.
MONET-tMJA per cent.
The rate of discount in ike open market
for snort aad three aontkar bill la Ss9
I a-i par coo.
. CoMdlrlans at TveMewry.
WA8HINOTON, April Sk-At the bearis
nlnAT of buslnaea today the rasndttton of
the United atatea treesury wsa: Workln
balance In treasury, pa. 75 jm. In banks
and Fhlll prune treasury. ACiTI.21. Total
bslaacw la general fund was S19.4W Ilk
Ordinary receipts yesterday. SLl-SsaTS.
Ordinary dlscsirsernents. Pefleii.
to. data tM fiscal year La fl 4,144, ML aa
agalnat a deficit of C 71 at this time
last year. These figures exclude Panama
canal and public debt transactions.
tcw fork Money Market.
NEW TORK. April 3.-MONs!Y-On
call, steady; twtjS V" crM- ruling rale.
1 per cent: dosing bid. per cent; of
fered at V, per cent. Time loans, easy,
ixty days Ii, per cent; ninety day. 3S
JV per cent: ix months, J'.Tes1 per cenL
per cent, riterllng eichanue:
steady with actual business In bankers
bills at J4 for sixty day kill and
HTM 'or demand. Commercial bills.
SILVr-K Mexican oaiiars, sic.
BONUS Uovernment. steady; railroad.
Cloeipg quota tl una on bona today wen
at a:
, t nt I, reg....tStstsr. k. St. ISs... lata
4s ceesoe lw Japss M US
X. S. 2a. rag UUS as 4Ss' KS
s eessos KSIt, C. Do. 1 Is.... 71
B. A 4s. rs 114 L. A aaa. M 111... US
s cesses 1I4SU A N. ual. M... M
Allla-Cast IM M... MSM. K. 4 T. Ut M. MS
Asm. A. M tl Sa 4HS ITS
A T AT. cr. Ss-.Hsls. fsrinc M S
AM Tosscos M.... ssx. R h.etM.4SaM
a. 4a Ubsn. Y. C . IS-...
Arsvesr A Ca. 4Sa-. se esk. M MS
Af klsss tea. .M. ... MSN. Y . K. H. A H.
ca. is. 'MS cv. M IS
as c. M !'). A sr. 1st e. 4. n
A C. U 1st M IS ee ea. M IITS
Bsl A Okla M MSNe Psellts M-...... .
4s ISs as la w MS
as a W. IS"- 41 O A L. rls. M... Ms
Break. Tr. C M. . TS Peas. Sa I4U. ITS
l ea. at na la IMS 4s to. M KUS
ISe. lastssr Is.... M Readln res as.... MS
-. af M J. f U .ISISS. L. A A F. fg. M S
iliss. A Okie ISa. laS 'an sea. M ITS
e rat. la. US at L S. w. c m.. MS
rsiraas A A. ISs. MS s IM (oil as.... IIS
C. B a U J- M... MS8. A. U M M
4a tes 4a M lo- Pae. est. 4.... 1S
C. M. A . r. i M . ra. M MS
c n. i. i r. t k ns rar ta u
as rfa. M Sa. Rsllesr as. UTS
Cble l4. la 7S as es. M Tl
rats. Mi A M ta tlalse FacttM M....MIS
II til 4Sa. M 4s es. ss. ISIS
A H. ca. M MS k lit I rat. 4a... MS
A R. O. M M l s. Rakber M....IMS
lo rat M I7SI'. A Sleet 14 4s IsTS
Dtsttllsrs' M 74l,vs.'sr. iSsn. M. . S
Ens p. L. M-
MS-W'staak IM i
7S as 1 A si
.... sss
As T. la. Mr. A.. MU Waetera M4.
Ma serha TSWaM Rise. n. i. MS
nss. Kite. av. ll..1sjsWla tsstrsl 4s.... MS
III res 1st rsf. M 4Mo. Par. cv. I M
latM. MM. ISs.... fcltPeeeau. Is lllk
P.I4. !
Bestea Cloaleg Maetatloas.
BOSTON. April SS.-Cloing quotation
on stock were as follows:
AllesM 44 Mohawk 41
Amal. Co soar : MSNsasSa Con 13 1
A. I. L A g NllMlnf Mlara .. . TS
Art ions Can tSNsrtfc BMta IIS
B C. C. A t. . 7SNsrtk Use IS
rsl. A Arlten 73sOI4 PoMtalan ...... II
Cal. A Herla 4M osreola IITS
raaleBslal MSQalarr Its
Cap. Rsnss C. C... 41SHhcnBns 14S
Rsst B.itts C. M.... 14 Superior MV)
r rank in lf.duperler A A M .. I
Olraas I "ob IS Tamarack 44
Oranhr Cos ITSP A R. A M... M
arsons (Saanea .... 4 So pti 4TS
lale llorsla Copper.. TIM'tak Cos It
Kara Uks tSI'tsk Copper Co..... 4S
Iko Copper M Wtnoos IS
lA sails Copper t WMaerlse Ill
MISMl Coppar 4
Sew Vara vllalag Stock.
NEW YORK. April a.-cioslng quota
tlons on mining stocks were:
Alles m'Uttle Cklsf '. ,
BrsMelrk Cba IMcitraa Ml
sM. Tsnnsl stack... 10 Ontario .,
4a ban da ISOphtr
.. M
rsa. Cal. A Ya k! 0ta.n4tr4 .....
Irss stlrar 1 Vallosj, Jacket
Um4IIIs Caa I
Bank Clearings. .
OMAHA. April M.-Rank clearings for
torlav were 12.911.934.44 and for the corre
sponding day last year !.4t),B.4.
BITTKR No. 1, 1-lb. cartons, S5c; No.
1 In 40-lb. tubs, 21c; No. 1 lie: packing.
( HFESE-Imported Sari, SSc; Ameri
can Mwlaa, W,-; block Swiss, 24c; twins,
21c; dalaica, 22c; triplets, 22u; young
Americas, 22c; blue lahel brick, 22c; llm
berser, 2-lb. 2te; 1-lh. 12 c.
rfsil (fresh froteni Pkke-al, Sc; white,
lit" pike, lac; trout. Sic; large crapples,
12Klbc: Spanish mackrel, lkc; eel, lee,
haddocks, 14c; flounders. 13c: green cat
fish, Inc; roe shad, 1 each; ahad roe, per
pair, Use; salmon. 10c; halibut lie; yel
low perch, Sc; buffalo, Sc; bullheads, 110.
POULTRY-rollers, K.OOsO.Ou per dw;
apr.ngs, 3uc; hens, 16trl7c; cocks. He,
ducks, I Mi 30c; gee, SSc: turkey. Oc;
pigeon, per do., 31.30. Alive: hens, 13c:
old roosters, 4c; stags, 10c; old ducks, full
feathered. 14c; gee as, full feathered, te;
turkeys, 14c; pigeon, per do . eye, horn
era per doa. S2.E0; aquaba, Na 1, SI M;
No. I 40c.
1OULTRT-Brollers, SS.0fttf7.M per do;
springs, 20c; hens, lnc; oocks, 11c. ducka
IkqAW; geese, 16c; turkeys, 23c; pigeons,
per do., 11. LD; All: hens, Me; old roost
er, Sc; Msgs. 10c; old ducks, full feath
ered. 16c; (eees, full feathered, to; tur
key, 14c; pigeon, par doa, 0c; homera
per do., I2.H; aquabs, No, L UJ0; Na i
Rlba-No, L lTwe; Na a 1414c; Na a
Use. Loin-No. L lo; Na a o; Na
1 Use. Cbucks-No. 1, Sc; Na i IVo: Na
a 7a Rounds-No. 1, 11140; Na 3. lOso;
Na 10c. IMsies-Na I. 4o; Na ,
eko; Ko. a t40.
XoiNS-Na X Uc; Ma v UHc; Ma a
CHUCKa-No. L Sa: Na a 7Ao: No. a
FKL1T8. ETC. Apples: Extra fancy
urn LBvis, per vei.,; v mass pa, pr
bbl.; 16; fancy Mlseouii Pippins, per bbi..
M m; inano jonatnan, extra fancy, oar
box. KM; Washington Spttseoberg, per
box, K 5tl; wasnington it. Beauty, par
00 X, 3.; avaaungtoB otyman wineaspa,
per box, $2-40- Bananas: Fancy salccb
per bunch, 11 SMJl sO; Jumbo, per bunch,
el.letM .K. Liatee: Ancnor brand, new,
a 1-lb. Pkgs. In box. per box. brom-
edary brand, new, a) 1-lb. peg In box,
oar box. 13. Figs: California. Der case
01 13 Na u pxg., sue; per case 01 M no.
II oka . H as: per case oc so r.a ( okas-
12: bulk. In Ss and 40-lb. boxes, oar 1,.
mm: new Turkish. 6-crown In sV-lb. boss.
per lbs., lsc; (-crown In av-10. boxes, pur
10., lsc; 7-crown in sv-iu box, per ia.
17c. drape fruit: Florida, 3t sis, per
crate, M. Mas, per crate, .; sv-d4-4
ilea, per crate, Ss.SOl Qrapea: Malaga
in kbia, f tasa,.ui. iemons: umoniera
ctelected brand, extra fancy, JOu-k) aisea.
per box. Sa; Loma LimonMra, lancy, a
Mae, per box, M.av; sw-sjv aisea. SVC
per box tea; cauiornua Mtnons, sso-ssjt',
sisea, per box, M-Jlvso-O. Oranges: Cali
fornia camellia niana, itevei, extra
fancy. M-U'-lio-17S-ju-214-2SO si sea, per
1 - as M- Ktrm eSnaen ell alb. aue k,.M
Is, kiepbant brand. lSs-ls-17s-Jvs-Jl a sss.
per box, H su, ivv-na-u sis, per Box.
U is. Pineapples SV-M-24 Maea, per cralo,
I. Straw barn: Louisiana, par case of
M pints, n an,
VKUkrTABLES Baets, old crop, par lb.,
Ko. Cabbage, Wisconsin, per lb., 4c;
new Calilornia, par lb., 4c Celery, Cal
ifornia Jumbo, per dux. 11.44; Florida, la
tlie rough. 4vac doa, per caa. S3-3s. Cu
cumbers hot house, par box. roa. Egg
Plant, fancy Honue, per dox.. 32.4. ciar
Uc extia fancy, wulte, per doa.. Us.
Lettuce, extra fancy leaf, par doa., Mc
unions, Calilornia whits, boiling, par to.
lc; Wisconsin, yellow Globe, per lb, Sc;
red Globe, per lb., le; Suanlab. per crate.
Aa. Panley. fancy aoutbem, par dot.,
buncbsa 6o7sc. Parsnips, fancy aouth
era, per doa bunch se 4otf74o; Paranlpa
per lb., 2c. Potatoes. Mlnnesma Red
Rlvar tarty Ohio need, per bu, l.74;
Minnesota kvarly Kuaa aeod. per bu.. 11. at.
Bila Triumph seed, per bu., SI -40; Wu
eonaia while atock. per bu.. Sis. Ruta
bagas, In sacks, par lo. lc Tomatoes.
FHvda. per a-baa. crata 43.74; Cuban,
per e-kak. carrier, rkj. Turnipa, par lo,
MISCELLANEOUS Almonds, tarra
gooa. per lb, las: ta sack lota, lc lam
Cocoaauta, per sack. SAOA Filbert, par
lb., 14c: In sack iota.' lc leas. Peanuts,
coasted, la aack lot, per lb, Is: roasted
lea than sack lots, per lb, Sc; raw, per
lb, 4c Parana large, per 10, i.e; in sac
lota lc lea. Walnuts, new crop. UU.
California, per lb, l.c; In aack lota lc
lens. Cider, new Nehawaka. per IS-gai.
S bbl . el; per Sv-gal bb, S&J: New
York Mott a per nVgai. kbL. ti-a; per
34-gal. bet, Hooey, new. 34 rrajno.
33.74. KreuL Par ns-gaL ksg. SJ.7I, s(
4-jsl. keg. SL3.
No. 2 ilbs. lasc; No. S liba u4o; Na 1
chucks. u; Na S chucks. sc. Na S
chuck, TSc; Na I sren. Sac; Na S narts.
17c: Na 3 loin. 14Ws. Na 1 rounds use:
Na 2 rounds. Use; No. 3 round, lie; Na
1 plate. 7sc; Na X p-atee. c; Na S
piatsa sc.
Cattail Market.
NEW TORX. April Sl-WITO! Spot,
closed quiet: rotating uplands, lufsc; nud
dllng gulf. 12 Mc; sale 74 bale.
Futures closed steady; April. U tie:
May, 11.41c; June, Il.a2c: July. 11 43c: Au
gust. 11 ale. September. 1 1 tne: October,
II He; November, 11.74c: iMcember.,
January. 11. 74c: February. 11. 77c: MaxcuY
26, 1912.
Cattle Beseipta Koderate and Val
ues Steady , to Strong-.
Parkers and Skippers Bid for All
Stork on Market Laaabe Arc
Twenty-Five ta Thirty-Five
Hlgker m sheep.
Recelpta were:
Cattle. Hogs. Sheep-
Official .Monday
Official Tuesday ...
Official Wednesday.
Letimate Thursday..
138 S.12) H.SM
. 4.7M
. .ji3
Four days this week. 14.170 ft Mi K.sfl
ame days last 54.171 -A.7K
Sam days 3 w'k axo.u.53i K.iii 52.141
same day 1 w'k ago. l.m 22.S6 1I.S3
Same oaya 4 w'ka ago.31.SJ 47. 1W 54.830
tame d last year.. 13.44 :i'2
The foiluwlng table show the receipts
of cattle, hog and sheep at South Omaha
fur the year to data as compared with year: 1SU. 111 Inc. Dec.
tattle S1I.K1 SM.7U1 ....... &S31
liogs l.n.90S S14.718 4U7.US
Sheep 73S.JS7 SW7.747 152.440 .......
Tha following table show the range of
prices paid for hogs at South Omaha for
the last few days, with comparison:
liate. D12. iil.ji?i.iie.a.lW.lis).
April A 7 evsi 4 tai S 9lH l S M I M 42
April ll I 6 38i I S 1 i 42 I I 4J
April 22! 7 15't 4 SOj S 01 1 S 9HI I 34 I 35f
April 33i 7 42Vi S (61 7 01, Jl 4 3S 4 34
April Ss 7 4Jl S 7 ; 7 t S ! 4 34 S 24
April Si I S 74j S 12 S 3 4 31 t 24
'Bumtay.' '
Receipts and disposition of live stack
at the Union Stock Yards, South Omaha
Neb., for tne twenty-four hours ending at
3 o clock p. m. yesterday.
. Cattle. Hog. 8h p. HT'a
C, M. ft St. P 1
Wabash 1
Missouri Pacific.-... ,. 1
Union Pacific a J7
C. A N. W., east.... 7 S
C. A N. W., west... 17 17
C, 8t P.. M. A O.. 4 4
C, a As Q.. east.... i 2
C, B. 4k Q.. west.... SS
C, R L A P., ea.4t.. I 4
C. R. 1. At P., west .. 1
Illinois Central 1 1
C. O. W 1 1
April 14. 7 0 , II 66, 4 W, t J7 4 43, 4 4
April 17 7 71, I 04 aH S td S 41 I U
April Hi 7 7K: S OS II 141 1 4 62 4 J3 4 61
Aunl ui I SSIel t 9k I 89 it Ml 14 All 51
Total receipts.... M 111 Si S
Cattle. Hogs Sheep.
Omaha Packing Co 170 1.484 1.S08
Swift and Company 44 1.42 J,l
Cudahy Packing Co.... 437 1.407 US
Armour Co S M 1.141
Schwaru A Co 1 IM '
Murphy TVS
Morrell S ;
Mlnclalr la .... ' ....
Krey Packing Co 21
W. B. Vansant Co....... S3 ....
Hill rion S4 ....
Huston A Co 10
J. B. Root A Co 14 ....
J. H. Bulla !1
L. Wolf 3
McCreary A Kellogg.... 17 .... ' ....
H. F. Hamilton X .
Mo. ft Ksns.-I'alf. Co.. 7
Clin ft Christie t
Other buyers SM .... 1.174
Total 2. 270 S.J04 7.04S
CA'ii'l.E There waa a vary moderate
run of cattle today but the quality of the
offerings continues to show Improvement
rikht along and buyers nave no occas-
slon to complain on that score. Oemand
Irom both dressed beef men and shipping
buyera was quite activa and1 tit market
ruled ateady to strong for the . mora de
sirable beeves, both heavy and light. On
tne snorttea and warmed up cattle sell
ing from $t.5tj7.50, trade has been more
or less uneven thla week, and the feeling
was rather bearish this morning, al
though prices could hardly be quoted any
lower, in tact, vaiuea in general are not
materially different from the close of last
week, the best grades being possibly a
little lower, and the medium and common
ktnua possibly a little lower.
Ilemand for cows and heifer continues
food from a II source and the moderate
flesh supply generally changed hands
readily at fully steady prices. Outside
competition for the good helfry grades
has mad a very strong market lor any
tiilnr of this kind, but the Increasing
proportion of medium and common cows
and the competition from southwestern
graasers made a rather uneven market
tor ordinary canner and cutters. Com
pared with a week ago however, the
general market for butcher and fanners
how no material change: Outlet la
broad aad the undertone fairly healthy.
Situation ' In stocker and feeder I
very unsatisfactory. While supplies hats
been aocumuiating in yard trader' hand
tha country demand has been disappoint
ingly throughout, value have worked
teadlly lower and the ordinary run of
lock cattle and feeding steer a Is any
where from Butdfioc lower than fen davs
or two weeks ago. Inquiry for stock heif
ers and cows continues quite brisk and
there has been very little declfn on thla
class or stock.
Quotation en cattl: Uoot) to choiCA
beef steers, n.aOtM.Sa; fair 10 good beet
steers, 17 or-tr .ErD; aommun to fair be!
tesra 34.0007 ; good to choice half era
84007.60; good ta choice cow. R. lout. 71.
ilr to good cows, 14.i54IP.SV; common to
fair oowa. B.7!4.7t; good to e bo tee stock
er and feedera, K.Tttfi.OO; fair to good
mocker aad feedera, 46.04. 74; com man
to fall Blockers and feeders. M.40ta4.2i;
stock halters, S3 S0kj.v; veal calvea si.A)
l.a: nulla, ataga. ate, eA-vu.wu
Representative salsa: ,
i . ..
ii. ,.
m ,.
i ...
73 ....
I ...
A. PT.
Av. pr.
4s 4 M
Ml 7 M
1M1 7 li
1M4 7 M
lit! 7
1M1 I M
..... TM t M
114 7 M
134 1 M
1W1 I M
114i 1 U
till I M
a ...
....... 14J4 I M
...... .lira 1 m
171 1
MT 7 M
lilt 7 T4
IIM I 74
IIM 7 74
111 7 74
117 7
1774 7 It
lUi 7 M
1344 I H
1411 I 21
1444 4
1411 M -
till I M
MH 4 M
m 4 a
1144 4 a
ii:- 4 ii
171 It
isii 4 a
Mil 2 Is
M. ..
' U ...
M ...
...,.111 1 M
..1111 1 II
co.t a.
..mi 4 m t
.. MS I 74 4
.. u 4 It II
,.M I M W
.. 11 14 I
..140 a I,...
.. Ill a a 14
,m 4 75 n
' HtlFtKS.
IT ( M
Ml I
un t a
,.M 4
.. TM 4 M
sas s ac
BULLA 4 4 1.
mm la
TM 4 M
. IM 4 M
..las IM
. .11M I M
,um 4 a
..Ik 1
..lit 1
,74 I a
, m t m
..111 IX
111 4 11 1
ism 4 a 1
m la t
ci ia 3.,,
m 4 m 1,,.
at 4 n 4
Mi I 74 I
S3 I Ti
a a 4 a a iiu 4 a
u. 47 s a 4 M77 IS'
HOGtV-Paeker and shipper vied with
each other In buying up offerings in the
hog yards, brisk competition producing
a higher grade and an early clearance.
The session waa short and active, prov
ing entirely satisfactory to selling inter
ests. Bulk of a nvederate run sold at
figure fully A dime higher, tight and
mixed grades frequently showing ad
vance of hstylAe. while sale of weighty
stuff oeldem reflected the larger gains.
Popularity of bacon and light mixed
classes was generally ascribed to the
picssncs of good-Meed order, (or under
weiguts originating on the coast. Regu
lar shippers purchased over 16 par cant
of the total aupply.
Recelpta were estimated at SM head,
and most shipments carried fair weight
and quality, the same aa on all day re
cently. 8vread between heatnas, butch
er and light (bowed a tendency to nar
row and til range in value sMared ta
he augntly a mauler than oauai.
The beat heavy hog on aol brought
37... as compared with yeatarday top
of 37.4. while bulk moved wiibla the
7.4ar7A spread, bacon atufx brought
37.4B07. and leas, but aaiaa below 17 g
were few and acaltered.
Ke, A aa. Pr Xe gp. SB. Tr.
c v,.m a is tr a ia
ia m t a . aa im ib .
.1st ... I a . aJ. Ml )k
M ITJ 44 t M 44 4 ... I 54
M 1 ... 1 M M 14T 134 I ii
M IM M J M 7! ... ! 54
St IT! M 7 44 71 217 14 7 ii
M 175 ... 7 i M tti a 7 ia
M 12 : 4Jij a; ... I
M Mi 11 J Ii 44 IS! ... 7 i'S
M Ui 4 14 71 Ml M I ITS
M IM 1!4 t 45 44 MS M 7 M
71 til 11 1 44 71 13 M 7 4e
14 IM 44 t li 47 174 ... 7 M
M IM ... 1 IS 47 MS M 2 M
M Ill ... 7 44 44 m W 14
U MI ... I 4s M Ill IM 1 M
i IM ... 1 41 M 2: 44 7 M
51 IM IS 7 44 17 SI ... 7 M
il Ill 131 I47S 7 iJ4 ... 7 M
C 7 M 7 41 S 41 SI M I M
17 IM ... IS 7 Ml M T M
1 m 1 111 li Si IM I M
T4. ...... lit M 7 5 42 771 M TM -
71 177 13 7 M J3 MI ... I
II IM ... IM M 75 M 7 iS
TS. Ill 44 7 &S 7 lit U I OS
77... Ut IM 7 4 74 ,241 M I IA
0 IM 4 7 M SS ... I
71 UI ... 1 54 41 171 M 7 ii
ill ... 7 M 4 M4 M 7 Is
M tn M 7 a ft 51 ... I S
St il 20 7 44. M 741 M 7 15
4! 2M H Ik 44 2Ti M 1 44
14 241 ... TM II Mi ... 71
71 IN MTU M M3 IM I 74
13 244 I 7 14 47 714 ... 7 74
M IM 44 7 44 44 TM ... 7 74
M Ill ... 7 U M 271 44 7 7 '
24 IM 7 M M IK ... 7 M
M 211 ... 7 5 M 171 ... 7 I
Ill 14 7 ie II Ill M I li
!t IM 7 S 72 II M I 44
Tl....... IM 7 US 74 77 ... T 45
M 2M U tils' 41 1W) ... TIS
Tl 25 MTU Ii -IS IM 7 44
..,....! H Til U Ol ... Ii
71 M ... 7 it 7 31 IM 7 Si
71.: 231 M 7 ii 32 17 T ii
M , Ill MTU 44 HI 44 7 ii
41 211 ... 7 ii 44 241 M T Si
77 Ill ... 7 H 1 I3 M 7 54
47 723 IS 7 U 42 Ill ... I U
71 134 14 7 54 II 112 ... t ii
4T M 7 IS TP 131 ... 7 Si
M I 2M 7 ii 4 Bt M I 4
M 211 ... 7 ii 41 25i M 7 40
71 Ill' 4 7 ii 44 2M IM 7 44
, . .2Si IM 7 Si
SHEEP Lamb prices went upward by
lean and bounds, the market ruling 254
35c higher on an apparently heavy sup
ply. Receipts were -estimated at fifty-
five loads, but the run Included twenty-
seven loads that were consigned through
eastern feeding stations and actual
offerings were by no means excessive.
Packer bought recklessly ATrom the (tart.
tne excited condition 01 trade being due
directly to supply figures In tiie east and
supply prospects In general. Esstern
values are on the boom and as soon a
tha remainder of the winter-fed crop Is
out of the way the volume of marketing
probably will become very small.
Bulk 01 today run consisted of lamb.
the same as recently, and plenty of Mexi
cans arrived to give the display an extra
good appearance. Killer were Inclined
to favor this class of stock, but, every
thing moved off quickly, the S otock
clearance proving practically complete.
ine Belmont Mexicans reached xs .an
the highest price paid since Mevv of 1M0,
and other classy strlnirs cnanged hands
at SS.70ne.7e. t-horn western lamb found
an outlet at 17. 7017. 76 and less. There
were no fat ewes, fat wether or feeder
nock of consequence on sale, and very
little stuff sold to shearers. Three days'
buy on country account amounts to 3,700
head, mostly fat shearing lambs.
compared with last week a close lamb
show net sdvance of fully tnsrtfnc and
sheep are also relatively higher, although
tne amount or improvement in ewes and
wethers Is doubtful. Hardly enough sheep
have been coming lately to make a teat
of value.
Quotations on sheen and lamb: Good
to choice lambs, 3x.eMio.H0; fair to good
lambs, I7.7Mi8.S6: shorn lamb, l7.tXsSi.7i;
fat shearing lambs. 37.50uS.00: handy
yearlings, 7.00S7.5O: heavy yearlings. S6.eo
trT.w; good to choice wetners, xe.auOT.w;
fair to good wether. K.lotitj.sO: good to
choice ewe, 360(J4.0; fair to good wes,
Representative aalea:
No. Av.
7 25
S 70
S 80
4 00
7 26
5 10
I 0
S 15
S 44)
i 70
293 shorn lamb 47
2S3 fed lambs , 85
ail shorn lambs 87
43 Mexican lambs
101 fat lambs, cull t
54 shorn lambs 43
424 shorn weather at
20 shorn wethers, culls 78
543 fed lambs 71
34 fed lambs, culls 64
120 shorn yearling... HO
261 fed lamb 76
St. Loals Live Atoek Market,
' ST. LOl'IB. April 26. CATTLE Re
ceipts. 1,300 head: market strong: nstlve
shipping snd export steers, S7.6tsSiv00;
dressed knd butcher steers, lc.;
steers under 1,000 pounds, St.5oni6.76;
stocker and feeders, S3.0Mi7.7S; cows and
heifers. 33.7514.26; canners, S3.ko5.ta;
bulla, ll.3Wr4.ii; calves. IS.'-Oue-Ofl; Texans
and Indian steer, S.6Otf;,50; cows and
heifers. S3 SftJjsi&O.
HOOB-Recelpt. S.W0 head; market 69
HY higher; pigs and light. K.254T7.86;
mixed and hutchera, 7.rOtt.0O; heavy,
8HBKP AND I.AM RS Receipt. 2.900
head; market 250 one higher; native mut
tons. 35.75437. 50; lambs. S7.00iiv.50: culls
and bucks, HOsou.26: stockers, S71.OOij4.1je.
Kanaaa City Lie Slock Market.
Recelpta t.OOS hend. Including 300 south
ems; market strong to 16c higher;
dressed beef and export steer. l7.7iUH.50;
fair to good, W.4(njr7.46; western steers.
Think of the Hot Summer Coming
Comfort then means much to the
employer as well as the employe.
More and better work can be accomplished
in a cool, well ventilated office such as is
afforded by The Bee Building. . .
The spaciousness ot
tbe building U
made prominent
through the large
court and good
sized offices,direct
ly connected with
- 0 u t s ide exposure,
which aids in form
ing air passages
through the whole
structure. Other
conveniences of
Bee buildine ten
ants are assured through attentive janitor service
and speedy elevators. Kow is the time to move into
A few vacant offices are listed:
1 AaVS asA AJ Adjoining roam caa b ranted sin-!a or rv
suit. At present both room are divided by teaporary wood
and (las partition: have an east axpoaur on sevaQtaeotk
treat and are very dealrabl rooma
ItA I liUxlStyj feat In !: has two north window and a
private office partitioned off lnalde thla space Thla room
would be particularly wall uii4 (or aa area tact or studio.
36a i"Yonta on Faroaan a treat and la almost In front of ale
vator laodln. Slie tyxl!M. or 144 aQuar feet. Partlu4
ta affoi-a privaU vtflc and racepUoa room.
SM Reception Room, private offlcs, two larsa closets. lar-
workroom with two nartk windows ldsaU offica tor anclaaar.
Vsctor or other
11-rxlS la aisa
IKnt. thus hat ins azcallaat natural light. Tha apaca could
la olvlOul so aa to tnak two very pisaaaat maa. Prta
par sBosjia , wiju
ISO Office th the northwest corner, neelng fonr isrrs win.
4m A fireproof vault for tha profession of valuable neonrs
Is much In demand and ia afforded In .Uils room. TberV tTn
tatal 0t S3 souars feet at noor apae and soms would kZ
uppaa with paxUtlona to aatlafy coad tenant. Ta raits?
area la per t - 4 -.--a-SSi,
The Bee
Bee Businesu Office
Stiooets-M: stockers and feeders, iJJj;
Asp TJaAn f - aaaratlt fk AS Vl! fDtlS.
outnern steers. . iT--Vnva.
Ha; "tv. cows.
heifers. 4&3nlii.a: euim. c--
'Recelpts. . Ldm"kJ?,i!!5
higher: bulk of sales. heavy:
T 8047 : packers and buienera "
;.: lights, r. 4017.75: PUT it
cHEKP AND LAMBReceipts. .59
head: market 50c higher: Colorado
lambs. SS.10: lambs. K-iiv-: ""-JS.
SS.ifSe.10; wethers, 3SO.m7.00; ewes Si.
ASi; stockers and feeders, Si.oJtJo..
Draaaad for Cattle Stroaaer
Flraa Skeep stieanB-
cur.nn inoi catti.E Re
celpta. 3.510 head; market strong to 150
higher; calves, 3c up: beeves, lo. ,.-r8.;
Texas steers. S5.30437.S: western eera.
S5.4547.46; stockers and feedera S4.Soe.S0;
cows and heifers, fcSj7.50; calvea. S5.0A
Cr. 1 .
HOGS Recelpta. is. neao. niounyi
1 li.iuf- iih CT Jnt-j , v
Iirrn bin .v '"
mixed, S7.45b7.S0; heavy. 7.464iT.Ss.; rough.
r. 45(17.45; plga, pt., ouia oa
s'msEP AND LAMBS-Reeeipts. M.M
head; market steady. i'oOc higher; na
tive, S4.'5r-: western, aa.w-i,..Tv. ..e-,
lings, S6.26fe o: lambs, native, SS.0OS9.4C;
western. .264j4
St. Joae LIT. Stack Market.
m iacvdu kfA . nrll PA CATTLE
Receipts.'l.MA) head; market steady: steers.
Sa.i5ia9.ov; cows ana neuwa,,.,,
calves. S4
HOGS-Recelpts. 6. 0(0 head: market
strong to 6c higher; top, 37.90; bulk of
sales. r.X9!M. .
SHEEP AND LAMBS Receipt, .toll
head; market iO&85c higher; lamba, T-M .
. . stork In Sight.
Receipt of live Mock at the five prin
cipal western markets yesterday:
Cattle. Hogs. 8heep.
8.h Omaha 2.2W S.500 13.500
St. Joseph l.Jt 00
Kansas City t"
. 1.1. 1.3H0 .
3,5(0 19.0UI 10.00
,.10.0110 62.909 34,100
' - Metal Mnrket.
NEW YORK, April 35. MKT AL 8.
Standard copper, dull; spot and AprIL
$15. :?i 15.75; Slav. 315 55116.76; June, 315.574
il6.75; July, ll5.K-ai5.75. London market
ateady; spot, :70 5s; futures, i;;i 2 tid.
London market steady: spot. 900 10s;
Arrivals reported at New York today
were 76 tona Custom house returns show
exports of 14,349 ton so far this month.
Lake copper, 16.12'itiI6,Ji; electrolytic,
114 O091S.12H: casting. iA.2ujis.87Sk. Tin,
quiet; spot and April, 3-14.5044.75; May,
344.45; June. 44.16f4.s); July.
futures. 199 15s. Lead, easy; S4-10t4.20.
New York: S4 0064.10. Eaat St. Lou!.
London market quoted at 14 12 tVl.
riot. firm; Sti.oOn7.00, New Ypjrk; M.60J
4.90. East St. Loula liale. 100.000 pennda,
St. Louis, at S4.80, and 60.000 pounds at
pj.SCip, Ixindon. 25 15s. Antimony,
quieu Cookson's, SkOO. Iron, C leva I anil
warrant. (4s Ittd In London. Locally
Iron was steady; Na S foundry, northern,
115.254515.74; Na 3, I16.ul5.i0; No. 1
southern knd No. 1 southern, soft, Ili tHJ
ST. LOl'18. AprU a.-METALS-sed,
firm at, Spelter, firm At A7
Minneapolis firala Market
May. ll.U'4: July, LU'l.lJSi; Septam
ber, 11.05. Cash: No. 1 hard, 11.141; Na
1 northmern. (1.144; Na 1 northern,
11.12V No. S. Sl.lOSk. N-
RYE Na 1 She,
BRAN In 100-lb. sac'ts, 324.04.60.
FLOUR Flrt patents, .10(6.40; sec
ond patents, 34.764,0.110: first clear, S.60ij
3.; ceond clears, 12. 402.)).
Coffe Market.
NEW TORK, April 26-COFFEE-Fu-turea
market closed 4 points pet lower to
9 points higher: sales, 5.'"JU hags; April,
13 45c; May, 13.41H-; June, I3.6sc; July,
11.72c; August, 13.79c; September, 13.85c;
October, 13.82c; November, 13 Sic; Decem
ber, January and February, 13.7nc; March,
IS.Kla Spot coffee, quiet; Rio, Na 7,
14V; Santos, No. 4, l,c. Mild, quleK
Cordova, liny lSHc, nominal.
Onaakn Hay Market.
OMAHA, April 7S.-HAY-N0. 1, IJO 0OTI
31.09; Na & SI7.0O41 19.00; No. 3, 140f,17.0;
No. 1 middling, S30MI21.0O; No. 1 low
land, fl8.0ttil9.ta; alfalfa, choice third and
fourth cutting, t21.00r2l 00; first knd sec
ond cutting, S2O.4MT21.00; Na 1 SI&.0O44
30.00; No. i. ll6.0oyi8.OS.
Sasjnr Market.
quiet; muacavado 89 teat, l4to; centri
fugal M teat. S.9c; molaa 4k test, ASc:
refined, quiet.
' Wool Market.
ST. IADITIS, April 26. -WOOL Steady
territory and -western mediums. 14ttl7c'
fin medium. Iatji7c; Una lufclSc
profsa1nl maa
aaoial per
located on the court close .v.
Buildihg Co.
17th anl Farnam Sta
o sarftsxfta. --
1, . " " , -If
112 : .
4 '